DuckTales (2017) s01e19 Episode Script

The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!

1 [SNORING] [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] Could you stop? That's really annoying.
You're really annoying! I give you one simple task.
Simple? What about this is simple? All you had to do is pose as the pink one's friend, gain her trust, get invited to a series of sleepovers, forge a Vesuvian diamond dagger that can cut through anything, sneak into Scrooge's room while he sleeps to enact my grim revenge, and Cut loose Scrooge's Number One Dime without him waking up while you yell at me the whole time! [MUMBLES, SIGHS] I'm not yelling, I'm whispering harshly! You want your freedom? You do as I order.
I'm not your puppet.
You really want to hurt Scrooge, be my guest.
I would love to, but - [GROANS] I miss carnage.
- [WOLF HOWLS] Quickly! The lunar eclipse is coming.
With it my power grows, but it's futile without the dime.
Would you just quiet down? We don't want to get caught! Lena, what are you doing? Uhh Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, airplanes It's a duck-blur We might solve a mystery Or rewrite history Ducktales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh D-d-danger lurks behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some Ducktales Whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of daring bad and good Not ponytails or cottontails - No, Ducktales! - Whoo-ooh! [LENA] Uhh - Get your filthy chimney hands - [GASPS] off my hard-earned milk and cookies, you [EXCLAIMS] [GROANS] What were you doing in Scrooge's room? - What were you doing there? - Oh, nothing.
Definitely not collecting drool samples while he sleeps.
You'd think it's silly.
What? Well, it's just, Mr.
McDuck's pretty cool.
I may have caught a bit of the obsession bug from you.
Oh, no! Sorry you caught the greatest disease ever! Ooh! Ooh! Let's start a fan club! Ooh! The fan club should start a blood oath! Oh! Let's take a blood oath! Or we could start by checking out Scrooge's Number One Dime.
Oh, I wish.
He keeps it to himself, that selfishly lovable genius.
But I do have an exhaustively researched presentation - on the life and times of Scrooge McDuck! - Oh, no.
Scotland, 1867.
A duckling is hatched to humble beginnings.
[BOTH GROAN] [GRUNTING] - And time! - [GASPS] Did I do it? Did I break the world record for doing-slash-folding laundry? According to this very real almanac, you missed the record by two seconds.
Aw, man! I'm never gonna get a world record in anything.
Hey, winning the world record in literally anything is your dream, and I will always be there to support that dream with piles of dirty clothes.
Oh! - What? - Do you realize how mad Dewey will be when he finds out you've been taking advantage of him? Do you realize Dewey ruined my favorite hoodie in the wash? So who's the real victim here? [EXCLAIMING] Hey! No problem.
How 'bout I darn it and rewash it for you? 'Kay, bye! until Scrooge realized his worst nightmare was being caused by the mythical dreamcatcher he found back on January 8th 1977! - What?! On January 9, 1977 - [SNORING] [SCROOGE] I'm telling you, something is off in the mansion.
McDuck, I assure you, nothing strange is going on here.
Then how do you explain this? My Number One Dime has been tampered with.
But the filament is made from un-cuttable enchanted quadriamond.
Anything that could cut it would Would have to be supernatural.
There's something afoot in this house, - and I'm gonna find out what.
- [GASPS] Until I get to the bottom of this, I'm putting the dime in the other bin for safekeeping.
- [GASPS] - making Scrooge McDuck the finest venture capitalist the world will ever see.
Now on to the slideshow! I'm gonna get the projector.
[GROANS] Well, you messed up.
I literally haven't moved.
You didn't move fast enough before, and now our arch-nemesis is onto us.
Scrooge went and hid the dime in something called "the other bin.
" This is all your fault! Okay.
You're mad.
But at least the dime isn't on him anymore.
We just got to find this mysterious "other bin" thingy.
You're welcome.
You just had to waste your time with Lecture Girl instead of sticking to the plan.
Using her was part of the plan.
Then use her already! Okay, most of these are an artist's rendering of the facts.
But I drew them, so they're amazing.
Uh, real quick, what's "the other bin"? - [GASPS] - Good.
You've heard of it.
Let's go! Oh, no-no-no.
The money bin is where the money goes.
The other bin is for the other.
- The bad things! - [CLAPS HANDS] Where Scrooge puts all his most dangerous finds and artifacts to keep them from prying hands.
Why would you want to go there? 'Cause I just heard Scrooge say he put his Number One Dime in there.
[GASPS] He almost never takes off the dime.
Then we better go check it out before he takes it back.
Uh, I don't know.
[SIGHS] You're telling me there's a mystical room in your own home that you've never been to that contains Scrooge's greatest secrets, and you don't want to go there? Uhh [SIGHS, MUMBLES] Aah! Okay, fine! To adventure! What? No.
I didn't do anything.
Nothing is going on.
[AWKWARD CHUCKLE] So this isn't your Bigfoot? [GREETING GROWL] Wha-a-a-t? I can explain.
- I was in the woods bird-watching.
- [WHIMPERS] Little did I know, something was watching me.
[GROANS] Easy, fella.
[GROANS, GASPS] [GASPS, EXCLAIMS] [BOTH LAUGH] Seems like your heart is as tender as your feet.
I shall call you Tenderfeet! What started as an anthropological find became a friendship for the ages! Hey! He's stretching out my hoodies! Hey No, hey.
That's my That's my [WHIMPERS, SOBBING] Look what you did! He's so sensitive.
- You are family now.
- Oh, come on! We got to keep him a secret.
Uncle Scrooge is on the hunt! Which is why we should hand him over.
The last thing I need is Scrooge snooping around and finding any number of my devious yet delightful schemes.
You mean all those schemes we know about? Sure would be a shame if Uncle Donald found out about that charity he's been donating to for the past three years.
Hey, "Louie's Kids" takes Uncle Donald's donations for children in need.
Children like me.
Children exactly like me.
It's for me.
- [PLEADING GRUNT] - I promise I'll fix your hoodie.
I'll do it for the children.
The dime is secure.
Now the hunt is on.
Based on Duckworth's old cleaning schedule, the entrance to the other bin is somewhere in here.
- [CLATTERING] - [GASPS] Don't worry.
It's just some assorted zombie parts.
Scrooge sure seems to be good at hunting monsters.
He's never met a mystical foe he couldn't defeat.
Right, Zombie Hand? Well, that's comforting.
According to this, to find the bin, we must see through Scrooge's eyes and get into his head.
Looks like someone already got to his head.
"Through his eyes"? [GASPS] I see a painting! This must be it, but how do we get into his head? [WEBBY] What's he looking at? - [CLICKS] - [GASPS] Hey, let me see that.
Wow! For a forbidden danger chamber, this has been pretty easy.
We should find the dime in no time.
- [VOICE ECHOES] - [LENA] You were saying? Maybe we should do some more research before we're, you know, lost in here forever.
[NERVOUS CHUCKLE] So it's a little bigger than we thought.
It's still worth it to find the dime.
Fine, but we need to take some time to figure out which door to open.
[GASPS] Why is Scrooge hiding a frilly unicorn? [GASPS] Sword horse! - [ANGRY SNORT, WHINNIES] - [SCREAMING] [SIGHS] I need something to calm my nerves.
Where's my Pep Select? [CLATTERING] [MUNCHING] [CAN TOP OPENS] - [GULPS] - Hey! What are you doing? Tenderfeet! There you are! - How do you keep getting out, buddy? - [QUIZZICAL GRUNT] Quit drinking and eating the best snacks! That's my thing! - [EXCLAIMING] - Hey! [WHIMPERS] - Not cool, Louie.
- Relax, Louie.
Tenderfeet doesn't know any better.
He's just a lovable, simpleminded beast.
Simpleminded? He's making a sandwich on a Panini press! Huh? [CHUCKLES] Eh We gotta get him out of here before Scrooge sees him.
Here, boy.
Delicious bologna! [SNIFFS] Ugh! [GROANS] How about some fancy cheese? [EXCITED GRUNT] [ALL GASP] Hmm.
Still warm.
Dill pickles and salted ham.
An excellent pairing of flavors.
Clever girl.
- [UNICORN WHINNIES] - [GASPS, EXCLAIMS] This is so dangerous.
Whee! Someone's wearing her crazy pants today.
- [WHINNIES] - Let's ditch her and find the dime.
- We can't.
- Hmm.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you valued your little sidekick over your own freedom.
Oh, believe me, I would do anything to get you off my back.
But without Webby, I could be lost forever.
Oh, no! Webby! Catch! [GASPS] [WHINNIES] - [PANTING] - Okay.
That was intense.
We should go back, develop a system, figure out where to look safely.
A system? That could take months.
We gotta find the dime now, before Scrooge decides to take it back! Why? What's the hurry? Follow-up question: Where'd you get a diamond dagger from anyway? Uh, hey, look! Mysteries! 6-4-5-6.
[GASPS] Or 6/4/56! Yes.
They're dates! June 4, 1956, the day Scrooge captured the sword horse.
And, as you'll recall from today's lecture, the date Scrooge earned his Number One Dime was [INCOHERENT MUMBLING] 1877! Come on! Tenderfeet! Here, Tenderfeet! How do you keep losing a giant monster? Just because we like him better than you doesn't mean you have to hate him.
Wait, what? I am your brother! You met this thing, like, a day ago! Well, he never tricked me into doing his laundry.
Yeah, I know about that.
We gotta split up to find him.
- [CAN TOP OPENS, SLURPING] - [TENDERFEET] Whoo-hoo! Dudes, I'm telling you, this mansion is sick! Check it! Bro, there's so much mahogany.
Right? This con is killer.
I'm all like, "Ruh, ruh, ruh," and these dummies let me do whatever I want.
Dude! You're the man, Gavin! Uh, yeah.
Guess who has two opposable thumbs and is inviting you all over for a massive party? - Uh, this guy! - [ALL EXCLAIMING] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Anyway, I'll group-text you the deets.
- Gavin out.
- Gavin out, indeed.
Huh? Oh, I mean [CLEARS THROAT, QUIZZICAL GRUNT] Can't out-con a con, bro.
Oh, Uncle Scrooge! So, you figured out the Bigfoot in your house is scamming you.
Problem is, the Bigfoot in your house is scamming you.
- [KNUCKLES CRACK] - And, yeah, bro, he lifts! [GRUNTING] [CHUCKLES, GASPS] What? Did you see something, lad? Uh, well Oh.
Oh, my.
Uh no.
Wasting my time.
And pick up that trash! - [CHUCKLES, GASPS] - Tenderfeet! - [BOTH GASP] - [FEARFUL GRUNTS] Aw.
Was mean ol' Louie mean again? - Mm-hmm.
- [GRUNTS] Oh, it's okay, boy.
Oh Bigfoot, you just poked the bear.
Here we go.
Scrooge's Number One Dime.
This is it! Hey, Lena, I think you locked me out accidentally.
[MANIACAL LAUGHING] Yes! The time is at hand.
Closer, fool.
Closer! What are you waiting for? An invitation? Take the dime! - Yes! - [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [GASPING, SCREAMS] Finally! The power! Oh, that felt good.
With the dime in my hands, nothing can stand in my way! [MANIACAL LAUGHING] [GASPING] Wait.
- [WHIMPERS] - You deserve a hug.
- [SAWING] - Huh? Diamond dagger cuts through anything! Wait, what's going on? Is that Yep.
The harbinger of your doom.
Oh, no! The dime! Give it back! Lena, run! Why? She's been working for me.
- Scrooge! - Ha! Webby! No! She keeps barging in.
We've gotta put a bell on her or something.
What are you doing? Exactly what you've been doing the whole time.
Using her, Pulling her strings.
Allow me to demonstrate the delightful irony.
[IMITATING WEBBY] Scrooge this.
Scrooge that.
Pink stuff.
Hi, I'm Webster!" Or whatever.
- Her name is Webby! - [MAGICA] Who cares? I mean, you don't.
You were just using her, right? Like a tool.
What's the matter? Do you miss your friend, the slide ruler? [IMITATING WEBBY] Good one, Magica.
Thanks, dummy.
Ha! Little prop humor for you there.
[LAUGHS] Good times.
Now, give me the dime.
I'm not doing anything until you turn Webby back.
I'm sorry.
I must have misheard you.
Are you telling your master what to do? Because that doesn't sound like someone who wants her freedom, does it, Wendy? Let's try this again.
The dime! No! I'm not your puppet anymore! Is that so? Luckily, I have a spare.
[GASPS] [MAGICA IMITATING WEBBY] You're not my friend! You're a coward! A traitor! - [PULSATING] - No! Webby, this isn't you! [MAGICA IMITATING WEBBY] I know who you really are: a monster, just like your aunt! [SCREAMING] Whoops.
She gone.
No-o-o! Lena! Wake up, you snoring angel.
Webby? Where's the dime? Where There is no dime.
There never was.
The dreamcatcher.
From the lecture? It sucked you into - My worst nightmare - Aw, you were listening.
I got the code wrong.
This one is 1/8/77.
We need 1877.
Come on! No.
I'm done.
Let's get out of here before anything else bad happens.
What? No! No! No! No! [SNORING] [ELECTRIC SHAVER WHIRRING] - Huey! Dewey! Come quick! - [GASPS] [GASPS] Tenderfeet! What's wrong? What the I mean [CONFUSED GRUNT] - [GRUNTING] - [MIRROR SHATTERS] He's losing his hair.
[GASPS] Without the majestic power of the woods, Tenderfeet he's dying.
- [GROWLS] - Stupid majestic woods! - [GRUNTING GASP] - We must take him back where he belongs before it's too late.
[GRUNTING, EXCLAIMING] Aha! A Bigfoot! I knew there was something strange afoot.
No, please don't! He's our friend.
His name is Tenderfeet, but his soul is tender too.
We brought him out of the woods into the mansion and right into our hearts.
We thought we were saving him, but in a way, he was saving us.
You know what that's like, right? Maybe Tenderfeet is someone's nephew.
And he must return home to his own uncle.
Go ahead.
[SIGHS] When we first met, there was a thorn in your paw, but now - It's in here.
Now, go back from whence you came! This is for your own good.
Go on.
- Get out here.
Go! - [GRUNTING] Go! Go! Bye, Tenderfeet.
I love you.
Have fun living in the gross woods and not our awesome mansion anymore! Stupid duck with a hoodie.
You did a good thing, Louie.
That's what Louie's Kids is all about.
You know, this was fun, but I'm kind of glad we stopped.
I was a little nervous about the whole thing.
I know.
And I'm sorry I forced you to do something you didn't want to do.
- What the blazes are you two doing in here? - [BOTH GASP] Oh, of course! The Number One Dime was in the number one chamber.
No one thinks to check the first one.
But you shouldn't be checking at all! The other bin is far too dangerous.
It's on me.
We wanted to see your dime, and we overheard you were keeping it in here and Sorry, Uncle Scrooge.
You should know by now that if you want to know something, all you have to do is ask.
Be straight with me lassie.
What if you were lost or hurt or eaten by the dragon? Aw, man! There's a dragon in here? Blech.
Now, listen to your aunt and grab the dime, grab the dime, grab the dime! No! Family is supposed to help you, not hold you hostage.
They'll turn on you.
Call you a monster.
You're the monster here.
And I know just the hunter to take you down.
McDuck, there's something I need to tell you.
My aunt is ma ma ma-a-ad that I haven't checked in with her.
I got to go.
Well, come on then, lass.
Let's get you home to your family.
I didn't know I could do that.
As the eclipse nears, my powers grow.
Guess I'll just have to get the dime myself.
Hey, where do you guys keep your sharp knives?