DuckTales (2017) s01e18 Episode Script

Who is Gizmoduck?!

1 [DONALD] What?! What do you mean no?! Unh! [QUACKING] I'll do the talking.
I understand my uncle is a financial risk, but his houseboat is also his workplace, so fixing it qualifies him for a small business loan.
Are there any loans you can offer to the "accident prone"? Now, the free polo shirt that comes with an account, are they actually suitable for playing polo? Also, how much money do I need for an account? Is "no money" acceptable? - [LOUD THUD] - [GASPS] This is a robbery! [SIGHS] Other way.
Why're we wearin' masks over our other masks again? Oof! Gimme all your money! [SOFTLY] Ohh.
Just had to stop here on my way to work.
Keep calm, slide out stealthily.
[STRAINING] What?! Hi, Huey.
You?! Stay away! - Oof! - [HUEY SIGHS] [STRAINING] Yike! [MENACING LAUGH] Oh, blathering blatherskite.
- Ohh! - What the? Whoa! Aah aah! [GIZMODUCK] Whoa! Come on! Aah! That's mine! Sorry! That's mine! Everyone stay down.
I'm wearing an unstable nuclear acceletron.
So we may have a tiny situation here.
- [WHIMPERING] - Stay back, robo-nerd, or the normal nerd gets it! Oh.
Well, then, um engage combat mode.
Uh [BANG] [WHIRRING] [EXPLOSIONS AND LASER BLASTS] Oh-whoa! He's out of control! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Hey! Looks like your Processor Core is overloading.
Would you like to vent excess energy? Yes.
Do that thing! That sounds helpful! Great! Initiating self-detonation.
What?! No! Stop! Reboot! Cancel! [BULBY] Okay.
Canceling and extricating.
I guess this is happening now.
Byyyyyyye! [GLASS SHATTERS] [MANAGER] Aah! The money's on fire! All the money's on fire! Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, airplanes It's a duck-blur We might solve a mystery Or rewrite history Ducktales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh D-d-danger lurks behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some Ducktales Whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of daring bad and good Not phony tales or cottontails - No, Ducktales! - Whoo-ooh! [ANNOUNCER] Breaking news with Roxanne Featherly.
We're live at Duckburg National Bank, where a robotic menace tore up the building, leaving patrons traumatized.
You were there, young man.
Could you see the pure evil in his cold, robot eyes? What? He was wearing a visor.
I see.
So what's he trying to hide? No! He saved me.
He was smart and noble and made of metal! Everything I've always wanted to be almost.
Where did he come from? Will I see him again? Will he sign this commemorative dollar bill? Ha-yah! Buff out.
Buff! This is disastrous.
No, calamitous.
No, cataclysmic! Note to self: Don't overload the processor.
[ROXANNE] Be sure to vote in our online poll.
Robo-crook: Incompetently dangerous or dangerously incompetent? [HUEY] Neither.
He's a hero! Hero? Me? Huh.
That's Ridículo! Dumbest day ever.
[GRUNTING] M'Ma!? Uh, hi! Some lunatic in a refrigerator tore up the bank.
Uh! - Huh Ugh! - [CLANK] Calla, Fenton.
What are you doing? Wasting your time on your computer? - A real job never occurred to you? - Aah! [WHIRRING] M'Ma, I have a job at McDuck Enterprises under the best scientist in the city.
For free.
Yes, it is an unpaid internship.
- But believe me, big things are happening.
- [TV PLAYING] Claro, pollito.
I do believe in you.
It's just getting a lot harder is all.
You wanna do so much, you have all the right intentions, but you can't do everything at once.
What do you actually want to be? Well, Dr.
Gearloose is working on this Cállate.
"Patos" is on.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Soy, Diego Your lost triplete.
[GASPS] Espera, to which of us? Both.
Eres un monstruo, Diego! [BLOWING NOSE] [INTERCOM BEEPS] [FEMALE VOICE] Uh, Mr.
Beaks, you've been cooped up in your office for days, sir.
Do you still want your 7:00 p.
take-out pad Thai? No.
I want him.
And the spring rolls.
Bring me the spring rolls.
Gearloose, don't you think we could be doing more than just these reflex tests? Are you asking for a lunch break? I'm saying, look at all the amazing things this suit can do! Uh! Huh! Aah! Ohh! - Oh! Ohh! Sorry! - [GASPS] [BEEPING] Where do these keep coming from? Are you crazy? The core processor is still unstable.
It can't handle multiple actions.
McDuck said he'd cut my funding if another quote "cockamamie invention goes haywire.
" [GASPS] The Gearloose Haywire: Glowing hay to allow farmers to work after dark so - [SLAP] - Aah! Right.
Play it safe.
This suit is a prototype.
I'm not gonna risk all my hard work because you want to [GASPS] Wait! Is this a dent? Did you say lunch? I heard lunch.
That's lunch everybody! If I can figure out how the suit works, then I can show them what Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera can do.
First tool: Ball Point Pointer.
This'll be easy! [CLUNK] Don't you start with me today.
- Dr.
Gearloose! - Some kid? As a Junior Woodchuck Robotics Badge Candidate, I was able to trace the wheel tread at the bank robbery to one of your patents.
Huh-wait-buh-bah-dah dah bah.
What bank robbery? The armored avenger who stopped the bank robbery? You created a superhero for Duckburg, didn't you? I had some ideas that could I did what? Ohh! That sub-human, interning piece of gah! - [BEEPING] - I'll show him not to meddle with my darlings.
Extendo-arms! Come on.
Retract! [SIGHS] "Arm retraction is buggy.
" Elbow grease! Uh! Aah! Rhubarb.
Boston Cream.
Ha ha, finger gun lasers! Hmm.
He's somewhere close by.
- But where? - Hip-flexor extendo-abs! [BOTH] Oh, my gosh! It's him! Oh, uh.
Hi, Dr.
[AIR HORN BLARES] Get down here this instant! That extendo-abs are for putting boxes on high shelves, not for whatever it is you're doing! Hey! Remember me? Huey, from the bank? You saved me, I cherished it.
I have some questions about your gear! Possibly some upgrades! You're gonna overload the core processor and kill us all! Oh.
I'd say that's overkill.
[BULBY] Initiating overkill.
[PARTY HORNS] Whoa! Oh, sure.
That couldn't be a pie?! So what O.
are you running? Is there a core processor, or are all your applications running through you? Interesting hypothesis.
An organic processor could Focus! We'll catch up later! [GRUNTING] C'mon come on! [GASPS] [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING IN HEADPHONES] [DIALOGUE INAUDIBLE] Hey, buddy.
Let's go! [CRYING] Are you hurt? You appear to be crying.
Just some wind in my eyes.
Wonderful, wonderful wind.
Huh? Yayyyy! Mr.
Beaks, I am so sorry, I Sorry? You saved me! But the missile actually came from Pff.
Come on! I have an island where I blow up helicopters for fun! It happens! Anyway, I am your biggest fan.
[CLICK] Been looking everywhere for you.
You remember me? Totally awesome robot duck that can't help but stand out? That's quality Beaks-bait.
Tell me, what is your deal? Well, I have a ton of untapped potential? I completely agree! With my help, you could help all of Duckburg.
Help all of Duckburg? That's right.
And I have the money, resources, and positive buzz you need.
See, right now, you're a bad meme.
- [ZAP] - [MEOW] [MUSIC PLAYING] I wanna make you a good meme.
"Break-dancing toddler!" "Turtle eats a pancake!" - Ya feel me? - Uh, not really.
Listen, I can give you access to the Waddlephone network.
Imagine responding to calls from across the city, a hero for everyone.
You can see it, can't you? Join us at Team Waddle.
Your destiny awaits.
Whoa! [SIGHS] I already have a propeller.
And a boss who gave me this suit.
Thanks, but I gotta fly.
Seed planted.
You will be mine.
[TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, I'm stuck on the roof.
Gonna need you to send up another helicopter.
Stairs?! [ALARM BUZZING] - [POWERING DOWN] - Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Nooo! [CRASH] [GROANING] You're fired.
Gearloose? What happened? Uh-uh! If Mr.
McDuck finds out about this, I'm finished.
I'm scrapping the project.
I saved a man from an exploding helicopter! Which you exploded! Next armor, I'm losing all the gizmos.
But then it's not Gizmoduck! There is no Gizmoduck.
You are an intern.
And you're not even that anymore.
Go away.
- Manny, incinerate the armor.
- Huh? We don't need it falling into the wrong hands.
[CLOMP CLOMP] Blathering blatherskite! Mr.
Gizmoduck! I've been going over your suit's design, and I think you could be doing so much more! Yup yup! I agree! Off to save Duckburg! Mr.
Beaks, I accept your offer.
Hero guy, you're back! What a crazy random surprise.
[BEEPS] Welcome to Waddle.
The only company capable of saving our fair Duckburg.
Let me introduce you to Waddleduck! - [CAT MEOWS] - Waddleduck, you're my hewo! [CLANK] Commemorative selfie! [ALARM BUZZING] - [HUMMING] - [KETTLE WHISTLING] Pollito? My son, working at Waddle.
Finally, a real job.
I've never been more proud in my life! Um.
Gracias, M'Ma.
Gizmodu Uh, I mean, Waddleduck reporting for duty, sir.
Reporting to me? No, no, no, no.
You report to them, the Waddle consumer.
Thanks to our brand new Hero on Demand app! We're gonna be huge! When Waddlers are in need, - you'll get a ring-a-ding - [RINGS] then you'll zip-zing right over to do your thing.
Okay, but what if people without the app need help? What about bigger crimes? Oh, you glorious fool.
Nothing is bigger than the needs of Waddle customers.
But if you do refuse a call, your system will be overridden.
What?! You wanted to help people, right? [GROANING] Get to it, hero! Ha ha! [GROWLING] - [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] - [RINGING] [GROWLING] - [BARKING] - [GROANS] Aah! [RINGING] Well, relationships are built on communication.
Waddleduck When your life's in a mess The remote.
Yeah, that Pep can.
And a grape.
No, two grapes.
Eh, you know what, an even three.
Waddleduck [RINGING] Waddleduck [RINGING] [SONG ENDS] You? What do you need? I need you to toss that in the trash.
[GIZMODUCK] "My faith in you.
" I don't understand.
Waddleduck? Really? You're not a hero.
You're a sellout.
So go ahead.
Throw away my faith in you.
In the recycling! You monster.
[SIGHS] - I - [RINGING] Easy, I just got this puppy detailed.
[GIZMODUCK, MUTTERING] Ugh, so stupid.
I'm gonna need room to pull out here.
Just a few more inches up front? - Help! - Huh? Pardon me, duty calls.
[GROANING] [STRUGGLING] You need to download the app.
Sign up.
Choose a password.
Verify account.
Check spam filter.
[BEAGLE BOYS LAUGHING] Not so tough this time, eh, microwave? - Aggh! - [CAR ALARM SOUNDING] WD, what's the word, man? I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews on the app.
Talk quick, got my daily press conference in a few I need control.
A person plummeting to their untimely death doesn't have time to open an app! Oh, it's possible.
The WaddlePhone is super fast.
Allow me to I quit.
[BEAKS] Oh, cool.
It's just, thing is, you belong to me.
So don't be ungrateful.
I made you the most buzz-worthy guy in town! Come to think of it, I can't have you being more popular than me.
In fact No! Wait! What're you No! Sorry, you don't deserve the armor, chico.
[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Behold, Waddleduck 2.
0! Guards! But you don't know how it works! Activating too many gizmos will overload the core processor! Meh, I got it.
Hey-hey ho-ho, Waddleduck has got to go! Hey-hey ho-ho, Waddleduck has got to go! [FENTON] No! You have to listen to me! Beaks has no idea what he's doing! - He'll kill us all! - Pollito? - [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] - Welcome to Waddle.
- I am Waddleduck! - [LASER BLASTS] Or should I say Mark Be-eaks! Your favorite billionaire is now your favorite superhero, ya'll! Boo! No way! You're not a hero! - Say what now? - I mean, how could you be him? You were rescued by Gizmoduck.
And did you really think we wouldn't notice that your whole faces are different? So you'll be responding personally to all help requests? Eh, for the sake of efficiency, I'm placing myself in charge of who gets saved and who doesn't.
For I am Waddleduck! [ALL GASPING] Beaks, stop! Somebody stop him! Pew pew pew pew pew! Pewpewpewpew! Pew pew! Pewpew! Pew! - [SCREAMING] - Ha ha! Ohh Huh? Oh oh oh whoa! - Aah aah aah! - [CROWD SCREAMING] Bulby here.
Looks like there is core overload.
Get it offa me! Get it offa me! [BULBY] Would you like to vent excess energy with self-detonation? Yes, yes, yes, whatever! Great! Initiating self-detonation.
[BEAKS] What?! Unh! Oh! Oh, no! Cancel the order! It'll explode! [BEAKS] Too panicked! Can't process! Save me, amigo! I am not your amigo.
[PANTING] Oh! [LASER BLASTS] I'm not a mascot or an intern or a fancy tool! - Whoa! - Blathering blatherskite! Ohh! - [GASP] - Huh? I.
Gizmoduuuuuuck! Ha ha! Faith restored! - [ALARM BUZZING] - Huh? Heads up! Venting excess energy with processor core detonation.
Just rip out the processor core! I can't, it'll explode! I need the suit to get rid of the processor, but the suit won't run without the processor! You don't need it! Where am I gonna find a complex system that can handle many things at once?! Right here.
Your brain is the perfect processor! It's like I've been trying to tell you, you can do more.
You're right.
You've been right! Easy.
Ow! Ah! That's my brain! [GRUNTING] Whoa! [HUEY GROANS] Aah! Ohh The suit is not Gizmoduck.
You are.
That's a Robotics badge and a Philosophy Badge right there.
It's all me.
I'm in control.
Core meltdown in ten nine - eight - Oh, no, I'm in control! Scatter! This thing is gonna blow! [BULBY] Goodbye.
[HUEY] Tonight we watched someone make the ultimate sacrifice for this city.
Despite the fact that we doubted him, he was our hero.
Hey! Get away from my camera! [SIRENS] [GROANS] [GROANING] [HEART MONITOR BEEPING] M'Ma? Pollito! I think I was fired.
I was definitely fired.
Just rest right now.
Someone sprung for the VIP hospital suite.
[SCROOGE] Need a word with you.
McDuck?! Scrooge McDuck? Oh! I'll leave you two alone.
See if you can get money out of it.
He's loaded.
[NERVOUS LAUGH] You know, I spend a lot of time abroad.
I won't always be here for Duckburg.
I need someone to make sure this place is still standing when I get back.
Gyro? Mr.
McDuck was very impressed by my hero armor.
And he feels that, despite literally every conceivable piece of evidence to the contrary, you are the right person to test the new model.
The armor's self-contained, using your brain as the core processor.
[SIGHS] Go ahead.
Blathering blatherskite? Ha ha ha! Ow ow! Too early! Ow ow! I think I need a new cast.
Looking good, lad.
You work for me now.
I just need a name to write on the paychecks.
Call me Gizmoduck! No-no-no-no-nooo! Nooo! Waddleduck When your life's in a mess And you're down on your luck And you've just done your best But it's still not enough You need Waddleduck Waddleduck Waddleduck