DuckTales (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Treasure of the Found Lamp!

1 [HORN BLOWS] All right, Ralph.
Tie it up! Lookin' good! [SAILOR] I love you, too! [GASPS] Um Uncle Scrooge! Someone is here to see you! [THEME SONG PLAYING] Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, airplanes It's a duck-blur Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history Ducktales, whoo-ooh Every day they're out there making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of derring-do Bad and good-luck tales Whoo-ooh D-d-danger lurks behind you There's a stranger out to find you What to do? Just grab on to some Ducktales Whoo-ooh Every day they're out there Making Ducktales Whoo-ooh Tales of daring bad and good Not phony tales or cottontails - No, Ducktales! - Whoo-ooh! [CLOCK TICKING] Uh, so, um Mr.
Djinn, can I get you something while you wait? A a Pep? I am in no mood for Pep.
I seek only the Lamp of the First Genie, a sacred relic of untold value that the last of my line has sworn to protect for all time.
Today, on the Eve of the Ifrit's Dawn, my quest must come to a triumphant conclusion, - or the consequences may be dire.
- [GASPS] How about a Diet Pep? I know that lamp is here somewhere.
I found it years back, shoved in among the Treasure of Collie Baba.
Perhaps if you had told literally anyone about it instead of locking it away There's nothing to tell! It's a cheap bauble, not worth all the hard adventure it took to get it.
Big waste of time! Why would I tell anyone about that? Found it! It's gotta be one of these! It's none of those.
The lamp Djinn's looking for is worthless! I inspected it personally.
No genie, no mystical properties, no No! Ahh! - [GASPS] - The Ferryman's Flame! It lights the way to the land of the dead! But how is anybody supposed to know about anything in here? Because I know.
That's all that matters.
Well, what does the right lamp look like? It's a faded bronze oil lamp with a scalloped pattern on the lid.
Oh, boy.
(SCROOGE ECHOING) What do ya mean, yard sale?! Um, so, did you see last week's episode of "Ottoman Empire"? The Ottoman Empire? You refer to those dread invaders that tried to destroy my ancestors for the lamp? They failed.
I like everything about you! So, funny thing, about the lamp.
Eh uh, you'll love this.
It appears I have misplaced it.
[GASPS] You misplaced the Lamp of the First Genie?! I shall raise this home! [GRUNTS] Strip it to the rafters, brick by brick! And I will not leave! I will not stop until I find it! Did he say "misplaced"? Uncle Scrooge meant to say "stolen"! Yes, the lamp was stolen by a powerful figure! Ohh, uh, uh, ooh, profoundly powerful! Ooh, like a wicked sorcerer? Or a powerful god, like a Sumerian god, or maybe Greek?! Yes, Webby, a Greek god! Do you think it's on Ithaquack?! Yup, sure is! It's way out on Ithaquack.
Oh, so Djinn, I guess you must be going Stolen! - [YELPS] - Then we must go to this Ithaquack - and reclaim the lamp! - Yes! "W-W-We"? Scrooge McDuck, Finder of the Lamp, I swear allegiance to the courage in your veins.
United, we have the power to mete justice.
Definitely Ugh So, I've compiled a list of possible foes: There's Hades, Apollo [GIGGLES] And let's not forget Zeus! Louie accidentally sold the lamp.
This fellow will tear apart our home until we find it.
Yeah, and if we don't, he might tear us apart.
Webby, we need to keep him busy while you boys track it down.
Do you think you could come up with some phony quest or trials to occupy him Wha Are you Are you crying? [WHISPERS] This is my moment.
A legendary quest by Webby Vanderquack! Get ready for the ultimate adventure, - Mr.
Djinn! - [DJINN] Tarry not! The lamp awaits! [SQUEALING] - [PLANE STARTING UP] - Find.
And so, the boys were left to their own devices on an impossible quest to right a careless wrong! Would it bring them closer or tear them apart? What? I like Djinn's dramatic flair! So, you sold off a priceless artifact I didn't sell it! And it was valued at three bucks, tops.
[LOUIE] I put together a little yard sale of junk I found in the garage.
Eh, I got bored after 20 minutes.
[EXCLAIMS] So, I unloaded the yard sale duties.
You made Duckworth do all the work? It's his job! He lives for it! He's a ghost! And who I am to deprive him of a chance to feel alive again, Hubert? With tensions high, the boys were left with no choice but to confront the one soul without a soul! I haven't seen Duckworth in a week.
How are we supposed to find a ghost? I have a very simple solution.
This doesn't feel simple.
So, you seek the lamp, huh? The Gods of Old bring all of the noblest heroes to the Temple as a final test of their merits before rewarding them with the spoils.
Each chamber will be a trial, every trial harder than the last.
[ROARING] Who dare wake me from my infinite slumber?! Uh What poor excuse for a hero - believes he has what it takes - [WEBBY MOUTHING] to contain? Mighty Charybdis! [ROARS] Yea it it is us! Scrooge and Djinn! Have it ye, ya multi-armed monstrosity! - [GRUNTING] - [CHARYBDIS ROARS] Oh! Oh! Ohh! Oh, no! Ohh, ya blasted beast! [ROARING] You have dispatched my most loyal and chivalrous ally! You shall pay! Ow! Hey! I wasn't done with my scene! - For the lamp! - [CHARYBDIS ROARS] [DJINN AND CHARYBDIS GRUNTING] [BOTH SCREAMING] Thanks for letting us borrow your temple, Selene.
We have to keep this persistent paladin busy.
Why have a deadly temple if you're not gonna use it, right? Make it stop, please! This wasn't the scene! No improv! Stick to the script! So, how does this work? Do I just call out to him, or? [EXCLAIMS] [ROARS] [ALL SCREAM] Um, that's not Duckworth.
[ROARING] Francis, they're with me.
How dare you interrupt my long-overdue vacation?! Sorry, sorry, sorry! It was Huey's idea! What?! We need to know who bought the lamp from the garage sale.
I believe I sold it to a rakish gentleman.
Said the lamp would go perfectly with a Persian rug he had recently acquired.
Unfortunately, he had no money, until an errant breeze blew a crisp $20 bill directly into his open wallet.
Quite a stroke of luck.
[DJINN AND CHARYBDIS GRUNTING] [LOUIE] Uncle Gladstone has the lamp! That serendipitous deadbeat.
Call as soon as you get it! [GRUNTS] I give! I give! I thank you, Charybdis, for the journey, and honor your role in the Legend of the Lamp.
We have to keep stalling! What now? We're going to Appendix B! Dewdrop! Greener Pastures! Red Hat! Can I offer you some refreshments, some winning lotto tickets? How about a handful of diamonds I found in a bag of ice? There's no time for that! Where's the lamp? Buh? The ancient oil lamp you bought from our garage sale? We need it to save Uncle Scrooge! Oh, that thing! No idea! [GROANS] I was walking back from your place, cheerfully singing my own praises [TO "ODE TO JOY"] Gladstone Gander Gladstone Gander Gladstone Gander I am he [GLADSTONE] when my melodious musings caught the attention of someone who wanted to buy the lamp.
He wanted to pay me in, get this, sticky nickels?! Uh, no, thank you! So instead, I opted to trade it with him for my brand new home! Wait, who would trade a blimp for an old, beat-up lamp? Some rich kid.
Came out of a giant tree house.
- Rich kid? - Tree house? Sticky nickels?! [ALL] Doofus Drake! [WEBBY] The Impossible Riddle of the Minotaur! It can only be answered by the purest of heart.
[SCROOGE] Shh! He's coming, he's coming! [BOTH GRUNTING] Minotaur, it is I, Djinn.
The Ifrit's Dawn nears, and I seek the lamp that is my birthright.
State your riddle.
[AS MINOTAUR] Djinn, be thee worthy? Aye.
Are you sure? Are you stalling? Okay, okay.
The Minotaur's Riddle! "I'm more powerful than the gods, more evil than the demons.
The poor have me, the rich need me.
If you eat me, you shall die.
What am I?" Take your time! Heroes tougher than you have been stumped by the Myno - Nothing.
- I'm sorry, what? Nothing is more powerful than the gods, nothing more evil than the demons.
The poor have nothing, the rich need nothing, and if you eat nothing, you shall perish.
Now, let me pass! [AS HIMSELF] That is correct.
[STAMMERING AS MINOTAUR] Next question! But I have answered your riddle.
Well, it's it's really more of a quiz.
Um, so a train leaves Duckburg traveling at 60 miles per hour [DEWEY] As they marched to their next trial, a cold chill tickled their spines.
The Mad Boy King of Duckburg could spell their doom! Not helping, Dewey! Some cheap piece of brass isn't worth all this trouble.
Maybe we could get Djinn a replacement lamp? - [GROANS] - Djinn monologued about this lamp and the Ifrit's Dawn for 10 minutes without blinking.
Hmm [PANTING] - [LOUIE GRUNTING] - Scrooge and Webby are counting on us! Scrooge and Webby can take care of themselves! To see time fly.
Now, if there are no further riddles That's the end of the joke book.
Um [BOTH GRUNTING] [SCROOGE GRUNTING] I've got your nose! - [SCROOGE EXCLAIMING] - Monster! Is it not enough to steal the lamp, but now you claim my nose as well?! [SCROOGE POPS LIPS] Ooh, uh, you may pass! You may you may pass.
You may pass.
I thank you, Minotaur, for the journey, and honor your role in the Legend of the Lamp.
- [PHONE RINGING] - Come on, come on.
What's takin' them so long? - [PHONE VIBRATING] - [THEREMIN PLAYING] Um [THEREMIN CONTINUES] I call that Funtime Suntime.
Anyway, you were saying? We weren't.
You've been playing the theremin for an hour.
Um [CHUCKLES] Heya, buddy! Yeah, do ya do you remember purchasing an old lamp recently? Hmm lamp? Lamp.
Lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp.
Lamp, lamp, lamp ahh, ohh! You mean my syrup boat.
Yeah, okay, sure, man, whatever.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] I needed it for my one-man flapjack jamboree.
It was the perfect syrup boat.
Until it ran out.
So I disposed of it.
- Aah! - It's in your trash? Why not just refill it? Oh, I no longer need a boat.
[BLOWS WHISTLE] [ELEVATOR DINGS] May I wash my hands now? - No! - [GARBAGE TRUCK BEEPING] The trash cans! The lamp! Is somewhere on that truck! Cruel irony! One man's treasure is another man's trash, and [GRUNTS] What do we do, Uncle Scrooge? I can't stall that door much longer! If there's no lamp, that marauder will have our hides for using a pointless quest to distract him from his pointless quest! [CELL PHONE RINGING] Yes? Jumpin' jalopinous junkheaps! [DOOR WHUMPS] [PANTING] I have proven myself.
Where is it? [PANTING] You made it.
But, uh, before you completed the Minotaur's Quiz, the nefarious wrote it down here, ah! Ma Beagle stole the lamp and returned to Duckburg! [PANTS] Yeah.
That's why I'm breathing heavy.
[PANTS] I just fought her.
Then we must return to Duckburg! [ALL SIGH] This place is crawling with crooks.
[SNORING] [SCROOGE] Let's wait for some to leave, grab that trinket, and then we never speak of this ever again.
There is no time! The Ifrit's Dawn nears! If by daybreak the lamp is in the wrong hands, the consequences would be devastating! - What?! - Since when?! - It's dangerous? - Really?! But I examined it! The lamp had no powers! Did you examine it on the Ifrit's Dawn? Well, no, but We need to find a way to sneak in without tipping them off, and then - Treacherous Beagles! - [ALL GASP] [ALL MURMURING ANGRILY] Hand over the lamp! What is this garbage distracting me from my garbage? I am Faris Djinn, Seeker of the Lamp! You knew the lamp's worth when you stole it from the Temple of Heroes! I didn't steal no lamp! The ancient token of my fathers.
The Lamp of the First Genie! Genie lamp?! Dibs! Take him out! You got it, Ma! [ALL LAUGHING] It is in my junkyard! Someone threw it away, and that means it belongs to me! [CACKLES] Threw it away? Who would have? And what of our quest and? Has this all been a charade? A false quest to hide the fact that you cast aside the lamp as garbage? I'm sorry! We didn't know the lamp was a big deal! Uncle Scrooge tells us nothing! For the lamp! [GROANS] [DJINN AND BEAGLES EXCLAIM] - [GRUNTS] - This is so much realer than my fake adventure! Come on, lads! Keep 'em busy! I'm gonna get me some genie wishes! [BEAGLES LAUGHING] [BOTH GRUNTING] Djinn, I'm sorry I tricked you.
If I'd known what was at stake Another chapter in the legend.
A final trial before we find the lamp! It's all part of the journey! [SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] [LOUIE SCREAMING] [BOTH SCREAMING] [LAUGHING] [GRUNTS, GROWLS] - [SCREAMING] - [PANTING] [BOTH GRUNTING] Aah! [LAUGHING] Oh! Ech! Bleh! [SPITS] It could be anywhere! Uncle Scrooge! The lamp! There! Misbah.
The lamp.
Come on! [GRUNTS] Go! Get the lamp! Before the Ifrit's Dawn! [BOTH GRUNTING] Argh! No ya don't! [BOTH GRUNTING] - It's mine! - [SCROOGE YELPS, GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] GOT IT! FIRST WISH: better kids! [CACKLES] - I wish you wasn't so mean, Mama.
- Aw, man! What gives? Where's the magic? The genie? The wishes?! [LAUGHING] Is that what you thought? An actual living genie inside the lamp? You took that literally? You said it would be devastating in the wrong hands! Yes, devastating to me personally.
It's a precious family heirloom.
And the "Ifrit's Dawn"? It's my birthday.
And I can think of no finer gift.
So why did we do any of this?! The story of the lamp goes back centuries, back in olden times.
My great-great-great-great-great-great- great-great grandmother discovered the lamp at a bazaar.
After accidentally rubbing it, a genie did, in fact, emerge.
Instead of asking for wishes, my grandmother befriended this lively, impish fellow, and they fell in love.
When it came time to wish, my grandmother made just one to free her love.
Though he no longer had any magic, he granted her every wish as her devoted husband.
Much like this lamp, the true magic was in their journey.
And after centuries of searching, my family has finally reclaimed the totem that started it all.
Enough! Time to trash this piece of junk! Hey! Anyone else wish to test me on my birthday? - Uh-uh.
- Happy birthday, dude! A triumph for the family and their new ally! Having found both the lamp and the greatest treasure of all A cool story to tell! - Aw.
- Boo! So, Djinn, what will you do now? Find a new quest.
And let this lamp be the start of a whole new legend to share with my descendants.
A treasure's greatest value lies in the stories it can tell us.
[BLOWS HORN] Stories, eh? Welcome to the tax deductible Adventurer's Wing of the Duckburg Museum! It was time for a little spring cleaning.
And time to share these tales with you all.
And everyone! What's special about this? That's the famed Candy Stripe Ruby.
A gift from the king of Rippan Taro Island.
Ya see, this was long ago.
I was am ambitious young lad