Durarara!! (2010) s01e14 Episode Script

Turmoil Reigns

1 DURARARA!! The gloomy cloudy sky looks like a tearful face Nakidashi sou na kao de ureu hikui sora I spit out saliva mixed with frustration Iradachi majiri no tsuba wo haku As I fear tomorrow, embracing an anxiety Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na That everything is about to fall apart Fuan daite asu ni obie I know I'll never get any answers Asatte bakka mite tatte By looking only to the day after that Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte What will I paint on the limitless pure-white tomorrow? Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku What will reality paint Genjitsu ga someyuku On the pure-black tomorrow it stains? Makkura na ashita ni nani wo egaku In my struggle, I shine Mogaki kagayaku Seems like we see a lot more people wearing yellow recently.
Oh, the Yellow Scarves? By the way, did you hear it? The rumor that the Dollars are the Slasher.
We need you.
How's he doing? He comes by sometimes.
At least, up to there The air in Tokyo is dirty.
Don't you agree? Pinworm! What will I paint on the limitless pure-white tomorrow? Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku What will reality paint Genjitsu ga someyuku On the pure-black tomorrow it stains? Makkura na ashita ni nani wo egaku In my struggle, I shine Mogaki kagayaku Kanra Did you hear? Kanra Some students from Raira Academy were attacked by the Slasher! Taro Tanaka Seriously? Setton Scary.
Kanra I'm serious! Kanra They were freshman girls.
Taro Tanaka Sorry.
Taro Tanaka Gotta make a call.
Kanra Don't worry.
Kanra Apparently, it's not your girlfriend.
But I'm still kinda worried.
Do you know where it happened? Hmm, a little ways from the Higashi-Ikebukuro subway station, near the freeway.
With all the cop cars in the area right now, it should be easy to spot it.
I see.
Oh, sorry.
I'll be right back.
Setton's rubbernecking? Setton has left the chat room.
Ah, geez.
Taro Tanaka Sorry.
I'm out, guys.
Kanra Did your girlfriend pick up? Taro Tanaka She says she's at the police station right now.
She even witnessed it or something.
Taro Tanaka Taro Tanaka I've gotta go see her.
Taro Tanaka has left the chat room.
Kanra Taro Tanaka has left the chat room.
Ah, well.
Guess I'll head out too, then.
Kanra has left the chat room.
Currently, there is nobody in this chat room.
Saika has joined the chat room.
Saika Today.
Saika Cut.
Saika Did cut.
Saika More.
Saika Stronger.
Saika Love.
Saika Wish.
Saika Wish.
The Slasher Saika Want.
The Slasher Saika Human.
The Slasher Saika Who? Listen? The Slasher I had no idea that this bloodthirsty crime would be so tightly entwined with the fate of a single girl, and my own past.
Saika Want, Mom.
Saika Mom.
TURMOIL REIGNS I'm back! It's time to welcome me home! Celty, I'm back! Welcome back.
What's wrong? I have seen the face of hell.
Hell? Don't make me talk about it! I need to forget.
Whew, I feel alive again.
Would you at least take the damn mask off when you shower? Absolutely not! Tokyo's air is so filthy I must never remove it.
By the way, Celty.
Nice job yesterday.
But tell me, who were those yellow fools? They'd be the Yellow Scarves.
They showed up right after you left for the U.
Though I thought they went quiet after fighting some gang called Blue Square or something I hope all those gangs destroy each other and then die in the sewers.
That's absurd.
Anyway, you should pay Celty for escorting you back here safely.
Put it on my tab.
Not happening.
Then I'll just skip out on the debt.
I was just testing you there, Celty.
If you release me now- Ow! Ow! They're poking me! These pointy shadowy things are pricking me a little! Shinra! I am in grave danger here! If you are my son, you should know what you need to do! Of course I do! Pleasure doing business.
I am not leaving you any inheritance.
Remember that.
Fine with me.
I don't need it.
The monster has made you her slave, I see.
I'd have no problems with Celty taking my soul and enslaving me.
Oh my, oh my! Celty! Are you in love with my son? I knew my boy was strangely attached to you But you couldn't possibly be in love with him as well, could you? I am.
Celty! I didn't imagine you'd admit our relationship so honestly! To think what was once a mere unrequited love has developed so profoundly that you would gladly tell others of our bliss! I am overwhelmed with joy - Shut up! You're embarrassing me! Do you think I'll allow this relationship? I beg your pardon? You are an uninvited guest in human society! Don't you realize that people call you a monster? Of course.
"Of course"? What of it? I fail to see the problem.
My plan to take advantage of your inability to adapt to society has failed.
Look who's talking.
Words coming from a weirdo like you don't sound convincing at all.
And Shinra says he likes me exactly as I am! Very well.
I shall allow it.
However! In exchange "Father in law" You are to call me "Father!" "Father in law" Shut up! In any case, without your head, your memories will never return.
Your memories from back when you were a Dullahan in your homeland of Ireland.
There's nothing I can do about that We'll make lots of good memories to replace the ones you lost.
Shinra Let's start planning the wedding.
I'll need your measurements for the dress, so if you'd just take off those shadow clothes- Come to think of it, he always was a weird kid, the way he enjoyed those dissections a tad too much.
A trait he obviously inherited from you! "Father in law" I said call me Father! Goodness I just said it and you forgot already.
That carelessness is why you didn't notice when I stole your head Oh, fiddlesticks! W-W-What did you just say? Whatever shall I do? I have spoken aloud a most important secret! Fear not! Celty's a blunderbuss, she didn't notice what I said.
Careless Celty! Careless Celty! Shut up! Why'd you have to repeat it? The attacks of an angry, clumsy girl are easily avoided! I won't allow you to pick on Celty, Dad.
Fine, fine.
I'll explain.
There's no hiding it now, I suppose.
I was indeed the culprit who stole your head and gave it to the pharmaceutical company! It's not something to be proud of! Very well, come with me! I have something to show you.
What the He took off! That old lech is not going anywhere! She gone? My plan to just push the elevator button and hide has succeeded! I'll come again to retrieve my luggage.
Farewell! Damn it Where is he? Celty? Something wrong? You seem out of it.
I was just thinking About what? You look down.
Something must be bothering you.
It's just this strange Slasher rumor that's all over the net Strange rumor? Yeah, that the Dollars are behind the Slasher attacks.
That can't be Do you believe it? Of course not.
But if the rumor spreads, then I've got this feeling that something terrible might happen, especially now that tensions are mounting between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves.
He's right.
The balance of Ikebukuro is in danger right now.
I'll investigate the Slasher.
Celty? You should go.
If you just sit here spacing out, somebody's bound to mug you.
Good point.
Thank you very much.
The Slasher? No clue, sorry.
I see Listen I don't think you should be bustin' your ass so hard for the Dollars.
It's not just for the Dollars.
I've got a bit of a score to settle, myself.
If I weren't headless, I would've died then.
I'm proving I'm the idiot by saying that, but I already know I'm an idiot, so it's fine by me! Idiot! Why didn't you tell me sooner?! I'll kill them.
I'll kill them for sure.
And I'll kill them dead! I'll kill them deader than dead! Um, well, I'm the Headless Rider, so it's okay.
That's not the issue If they pull a knife on you, you've gotta rip out their spines! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! But aren't you working? Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Are you on a break right now? Who the hell cares? Hey! I won't have you getting fired because of me! Besides, I need information first if I'm going to find them.
I'll get some stuff together, so don't do anything just yet.
But do it quick.
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! There was a reason I left Shizuo alone for a while.
I'm happy you came to see me.
So tell me, did you ever find your head? I'm not here to talk about that.
I'll make this quick.
I want to know about the Slasher.
Three bills.
Man, your wallet and clothes are both shadows, huh? If I shine a spotlight on you, will you end up naked? You wanna see? Not really.
I'm no pervert, unlike certain underworld doctors and their students.
I can't get it up for headless chicks, or just heads, for that matter.
Say what you want about me, but the next time you insult Shinra, you pay.
True love, huh? But you know, if another Dullahan showed up to seduce him, he might be easily swayed.
I'd like to think that wouldn't happen.
But if it did You'd kill Shinra and then off yourself? No, I just wouldn't let any other headless women get close to him.
I love him now, after all.
Wow, didn't see that coming! You've become even more human! Better be careful, though.
The more human you become, the bigger the gap between your head and neck might be when you get it back.
I'll worry about it after I get my head back.
To be honest, lately I've been thinking that I don't even need it.
Anyway, I want info on the Slasher.
Don't take my money and then tell me you don't have any.
Don't fret, my pet.
I've got special info that neither the cops, the media, nor even the net's privy to.
I've actually been waiting for you to come.
What do you mean? This Slasher stuff is supernatural.
Ever heard of a katana called Saika? Saika? It's hard to believe, but Saika was a cursed blade that actually existed here in Shinjuku.
A cursed blade? Like the Muramasa, or something? Yes.
A blade empowered by dark magic.
Something on your mind? Izaya told me about a cursed blade called "Saika.
" According to legend, he says, it has a mind of its own and can possess people.
And he says that all of the Slasher's victims said their attacker's eyes were red.
And he thinks this "Saika" is behind it? Yes.
Every night that there's a Slasher attack, someone with the nickname "Saika" shows up on the net.
But when I was attacked, I didn't sense them approaching me.
If Saika isn't human, I should've felt a presence of some kind.
Because Saika only takes over their minds, it's still a human body that's actually moving.
It's possible that the presence you speak of doesn't actually exist.
You seem to know a lot about Saika.
Well, you told me to look into it, didn't you? Anyway, come to bed, okay? Shinra is hiding something.
That's what I thought.
Hi! Welcome back! When Miss Namie here vanished after the merger with Nebra, I did some investigating and discovered that she occasionally visits you.
So I used this model gun to threaten her and we came here together.
Model gun? Oh, I didn't tell you? Shouldn't we report him to the police? Oh? Wouldn't you be the ones in hot water if you did? If my statement makes them search this room, they'll find the fresh, bloody head of a poor young woman! It would be bigger news than the Slasher.
I guess Shinra gets his twisted personality from you.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
Though to be honest, I have no need to recover the head right now.
My company's executives were quite surprised by Celty's television debut.
They feel we should research the body before the head.
Therefore I told them that I would be searching for the head by myself.
After all, you've taken a very unique approach to it.
Your theory that Dullahans are Valkyries, and that you can awaken the head by involving it in some type of power struggle is unprecedented.
Well, I'm trying to find different ways to use it.
But if all else fails, I'll have to take it to a warzone.
For the moment, I'd like to cooperate with you.
Very well.
I've been interested in you for a while.
Nobody else I know tries to experiment from a mythological standpoint.
Including myself.
Before I go, let me give you one piece of advice.
If you do create an artificial struggle here in Tokyo, one to stimulate Celty's head, or perhaps her soul, it would be best not to involve her in someone else's war.
Instead, you should get the others caught up in fighting over her body.
That's my intention.
Actually, things are progressing in that direction faster than I thought.
Anri! I see you're preparing for the sports festival, but are you okay now? Y-Yeah.
I've been worried! Why were you with the students who were attacked? Were they bullying you again? I'm worried.
The Slasher might strike again It's dangerous to be alone! Sexually harassing a student again? That's naughty, Teach.
I'm just concerned about Anri.
Whoa, first-name basis! Dangerous! Worry too much and she might transfer, like Miss Niekawa! Weren't you her teacher last year? Haruna Niekawa's? What? You know Niekawa? Sure, but just by name.
Well, it's about time we students headed home! Who's Haruna Niekawa? Say, Anri.
Hasn't Mikado asked you out yet? Didn't think so.
But you know he's crazy about you, right? Mikado is a good friend Since my best friend seems genuinely in love with you, I'm going to just bow out for the moment.
After all, girls all over the world need my love! Masaomi! Anri! Speak of the coward.
Sorry, did you guys wait long? I thought we were gonna fossilize! You get the square root of three points.
Root? What the heck? Say "minus 20 points," or something I can understand! Later! See you tomorrow! See you tomorrow.
You finally came.
Celty About Saika My dad had it for a while.
He sold it to an acquaintance of his who was an antiques dealer.
Shingen had it? Why? Saika is said to be able to cut souls No way Yes, he used it to steal your head.
He cut the soul that held your body and head together.
And you You knew that? Yes.
Of course, it was only later that I learned he used it to steal your head.
Since you were finally starting to forget about your head, I thought it was all right not to mention it.
But I need to be alone for a while.
That doesn't surprise me.
Love brings confusion.
It turns out, that night, there was a certain girl Saika was looking to love as well.
A girl who couldn't find her place in reality.
Anri Sonohara.
Are there any dreams left in this age? Konna jidai ni wa yume ga aru no ka na? I'm just sick of saying that Sonna kuchiguse wa iiakita kedo And I thought about acting tough Zutto warubutte kita tsumori dakedo But lately, I just don't see the point Saikin sore sae mo munashiku naru n da And "I miss you" "Aitai" to ka Is just as jarring and pointless a phrase in this town Yoku nita machi ni karamawaru zatsuon no phrase I won't be fooled by that (Not by that) Sonna mono de (Sonna mono ja nee) damasarenai My own feelings are all I need to understand Jibun no omoi nara wakatteru n da We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Somewhere, you're praying that your dreams will come true Kanawanu yume nante nai to dokoka negau n da Because everyone does that Daremo sou yatte Find them yourself, keep running and looking for them Jibun sagashiteru n da hashiri tsuzukete mieta mono ga That's the answer you get Sore ga kotae datte We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the light, like butterflies Hikari wo motomeru tatoeba chou no you Our wings shining Hane kagayakase Even if our hearts lose their freedom in the strong winds in the sky Kokoro wa oozora tsuyoi kaze de jiyuu ushinattemo We don't want any regrets Koukai wa shitaku nai We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the light Hikari wo motomeru We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the highest point Takami wo motomeru This program is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to people, parties, or situations is purely coincidental.
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