Durarara!! (2010) s01e15 Episode Script

Dumb Like a Fox

1 DURARARA!! The gloomy cloudy sky looks like a tearful face Nakidashi sou na kao de ureu hikui sora I spit out saliva mixed with frustration Iradachi majiri no tsuba wo haku As I fear tomorrow, embracing an anxiety Nanimo kamo ga koware sou na That everything is about to fall apart Fuan daite asu ni obie I know I'll never get any answers Asatte bakka mite tatte By looking only to the day after that Kotae wa denai koto datte wakatte What will I paint on the limitless pure-white tomorrow? Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku What will reality paint Genjitsu ga someyuku On the pure-black tomorrow it stains? Makkura na ashita ni nani wo egaku In my struggle, I shine Mogaki kagayaku Some students from Raira Academy were attacked by the Slasher! Instead, you should get the others caught up in fighting over her body.
Haruna, did you eat? What? The toughest in Ikebukuro? Yeah, the toughest.
If I weren't headless, I would've died then.
I'll kill them.
I'll kill them dead! I'll kill them deader than dead! Shizuo! What will I paint on the limitless pure-white tomorrow? Kagirinaku hirogaru masshiro na ashita ni nani wo egaku What will reality paint Genjitsu ga someyuku On the pure-black tomorrow it stains? Makkura na ashita ni nani wo egaku In my struggle, I shine Mogaki kagayaku I flew.
Flew? All that I wanted was to know DUMB LIKE A FOX DUMB LIKE A FOX Ikebukuro The source of this junktown's energy.
The truth about its greed, growing greater by the day.
It's mine! It's mine! And the toughest man in the city And the toughest man in the city About six months ago, when I was doing an article on the toughest man in Ikebukuro for a "Tokyo Incident Review" article, I met him.
The air Everything around this guy changed.
That was the only way to put it.
You bastard You made me violent! You think you're God? Do you think you're God, huh? Hey, Shizuo, let's go.
What's the next place? The teacher who can't keep his hands off his students.
W-Wow He brought back the purity that I felt when I was young, back before I started spending my days writing for third-rate gossip magazines.
Curiosity Yes, a strong sense of curiosity was what made me want to know everything about the toughest man.
But the mess afterward made me postpone my article.
"Slasher in Ikebukuro" But the mess afterward made me postpone my article.
I don't know the incident's details, but the whole town felt like it was haunted by little demons.
Something was about to happen here in this town.
And in one way or another this town's toughest guy must have something to do with it.
When I restarted my article on 'bukuro, I decided to gather information from the people around him.
Oh, Shizuo! Yes of course, me and him buddies.
Want some salmon roe? I didn't order it.
Shizuo is friend! He is friends with me.
Thank you very much! Is he talking like this deliberately? "My conversation with Russia Sushi Employee, Simon.
" Toughest? I don't know what you talk about.
Shizuo good guy.
Have you ever seen him fighting? Fighting is bad! Peace is good! Observe, don't clam up.
Oh, clam sounds nice.
One order of clam! Um, well Come on, mister.
Simon's a pacifist, so you can't talk with him about fighting.
No, I just wanted to know who the toughest is.
Then you should ask a specialist.
If you really want to know "My conversation with Shiki, the Awakusu Executive" The toughest guy in Ikebukuro? Yes.
I was told you might know something about it.
You know the age of street- fighting is over, don't you? We use our heads now, not our bodies.
That's right.
We work clean.
Clean, huh? Of course, if you let them screw with you, it's over.
So if someone screws with us or threatens our families, even if they're not professionals (yakuza), or they pull a knife or a gun, we'll erase 'em completely.
But you know, the ones who fight in this town aren't pros like us.
They're a buncha amateur kids.
Yeah, like the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves.
Well, as long as they don't screw with our business, we leave them alone.
Lately, there's been some weird urban legend shit out there, like the Slasher and the Headless Rider Lemme see The toughest in Ikebukuro would probably be Shizuo Heiwajima.
You think so, too, huh? I'm told he fights straight.
Either way, there's an information broker who knows more than we do.
Really? Would you introduce me? I'll do it but On one condition.
If anyone asks who told you this You know how it is.
So, who told you about me? "My conversation with Shinjuku information broker, Izaya Orihara.
" Well, um I can't really reveal my sources Whatever.
"Tokyo Incident Review," right? You guys do reports on weird crimes and gangs, and your next issue's on Ikebukuro.
If you know that much already, then that makes this easier.
Actually, I'm planning on writing about the toughest person in Ikebukuro.
The toughest, huh? There are a bunch of tough people in that town.
Simon at the sushi-bar would be the toughest in a hand-to-hand fight.
But if you include any fighting style, the toughest guy would be Shizu-chan.
Sh-Shizu-chan?! Shizuo Heiwajima.
You came to ask about him, right? Yes.
Well, this Shizuo I don't like it.
I'm the only one who needs to know about him.
I try to know about him 'cause he's trouble for me.
And that bugs me, and I don't like to talk about him.
Is there any way By the way, Mr.
Niekawa, how's your daughter? As a parent, you must be worried that she transferred over such a thing.
Wha- Six months ago, you talked to Shizuo and ended up flying through the air with an innocent lamppost.
You sniff around too much, and it might cause problems with my work.
What are you I'm sure you know this, but right now, a lot of dangerous stuff's going down in Ikebukuro.
Like the war between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves.
There's that, and then there are the Slasher attacks that brought it on.
The Slasher There's an uncontrollable urban legend out there that I don't need anymore Oh, I know.
Talking about Shizuo Heiwajima I'll introduce you to a friend of his.
The information broker, Orihara, introduced me to a surprising person.
Oh, and here's a warning for you.
The information broker, Orihara, introduced me to a surprising person.
Oh, and here's a warning for you.
Don't talk about Shizuo's brother in front of him.
Wish you'd told me that six months ago.
His mention of my daughter caught me off-guard.
I have a daughter who's in her second year of high school.
I've lived with her since my wife ran off.
To be honest, I don't believe she thinks much of me.
She's the reason I started writing articles just for the money.
Hello, I'm the transporter, Celty.
"My conversation with Transporter Celty.
" Um Yes, Shizuo is a good friend of mine.
But he'd be scary if you got him mad.
Actually, I'm researching who'd be the town's toughest in a fight.
Your magazine seems to like that kind of thing.
Ranking biker gangs and stuff.
Ah, I am honored.
Anyway, there are some people who say you're the toughest She seems to be laughing.
No way.
Shizuo's way stronger than I am.
It's pretty scary how dangerous he is.
I dunno.
It's not really any kind of skill.
I wouldn't be surprised if they say he's a demon or werewolf or something.
Well, if he's an alien No, I don't like it.
Oh, no I have a trauma of "Little Greys," you know.
Anyhow, it's like the way that, no matter how good the martial artist, a shot to the head and it's over.
He's like that handgun.
It's impossible to compare him to anything.
It's impossible to compare him to anything.
I was moved.
It's impossible to compare him to anything.
This urban legend put what I'd felt, meeting Shizuo Heiwajima, into words perfectly.
That's right.
His strength is on another level.
The adrenaline in his brain probably brings out incredible power.
For a single instant, his power surpasses human limits.
It's truly incredible.
I understand.
By the way, this is just me being curious What's up? Could you show me what's under your helmet? Um, you don't really have to No, that's impossible.
That's right.
Celty must be some kind of an illusionist.
Once I got my nerves together, I continued my interviews.
All I heard about was the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves.
The Dollars continued to ignore the Yellow Scarves.
Because of this, they say that the Yellow Scarves' leader, the "General," might make a move.
Who is he, I wonder.
We dunno.
I doubt even the young turks of the Yellow Scarves know.
The rumors say that only the veterans have seen him.
The rumors say that only the veterans have seen him.
The leader of the Yellow Scarves gave his men strict orders to do one thing, to stay away from Izaya Orihara.
Could he be the toughest man? The Yellow Scarves seemed to attribute the Slasher attacks to the Dollars.
A few days ago, these high school girls were attacked by the Slasher and one girl among them was unharmed.
She made me think of my own daughter.
A father, protecting his daughter from the Slasher, risking his life But For me, my daughter is like an alien whom I cannot understand.
Today, I'll face my beloved daughter Kanra Did you hear? Kanra The guy the Slasher attacked Kanra was a reporter writing a "Tokyo Incident Review" article for Tokyo Warrior.
Taro Tanaka A magazine writer? Setton Really? Kanra Have I ever lied to you? Setton Is he okay? Taro Tanaka Setton, do you know him? Setton No Setton I'm a fan of his articles.
Taro Tanaka Really? I'll check them out.
Taro Tanaka Scary, though.
Setton The cops need to do their job.
Saika has joined the chat room.
Kanra They're here!! Tarou Tanaka Hu Setton h? Saika Cut Saika Saika Kanra Cut! Saika Cut today Kanra I'm the one who wants to cut you.
Saika But, no, not yet I love strong people Setton How ya doing, Saika? Kanra It's useless, Setton.
Saika won't respond to us.
Saika I'm sure I have to cut.
Taro Tanaka Creepy.
Taro Tanaka Talking about cutting people and stuff Taro Tanaka Taro Tanaka Maybe she's the Slasher! Kanra That's funny.
Saika Strong people Saika I want to love them Saika I found it.
Saika My goal Saika To love Saika I found it Saika Saika Shizuo.
Setton What? Saika Shizuo Heiwajima.
Taro Tanaka What? Taro Tanaka Are you an acquaintance of Shizuo? Saika Heiwajima.
Saika Shizuo.
Saika Love Saika Shizuo Saika Cut Saika I and Shizuo Saika Cut Shizuo Saika Love Saika Mother's wish, Heiwajima Saika Heiwajima, mother's wish, cut Saika Love, Heiwajima Saika Love, Shizuo, mother's wish Saika Shizuo Saika has left the chat room "Happy Birthday, Anri" Eat up, Anri.
You'll get fat, Anri.
It's fine.
I'll exercise.
I'm kidding.
Eat all you want.
Now we'll be together forever, mother, father Every night, the girl had a dream.
A happy family, a perfect family.
But it was a failed illusion.
Five years ago, her parents died in a horrible incident.
But even now, alone, she still dreams Of the happy family she'll never have.
Of the tragedy in which she lost her family.
It was the first time the Slasher appeared in this town.
Anri, I see you're preparing for the sport festival, but are you okay now? Y-Yeah.
I've been worried! Why were you with the students who were attacked? She thought of herself as a cunning person.
She knew exactly what the teacher was up to, but she didn't stand up to him.
Were they bullying you again? I'm worried.
She simply withdrew and waited for it to pass.
The Slasher might come after you again.
It's dangerous to go alone! Sexually harassing a student again? She knew that she was a parasite, feeding off them.
Masaomi!! Anri! She knew that she was a parasite, feeding off them.
Speak of the coward.
Sorry, you guys wait long? I thought we were gonna fossilize! You get the square root of three points.
Root? What the heck? Say "minus 20 points", or something I can understand! Next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed.
It's okay.
If you stay still for a while, you'll be fine.
You need about a week in the hospital, so please fill out these forms later.
I couldn't remember things.
You need about a week in the hospital, so please fill out these forms later.
You need about a week in the hospital, so please fill out these forms later.
No, you can't get up yet! I don't have time.
Niekawa! I don't have time.
Later! See you tomorrow! See you tomorrow.
I would watch her.
The voice inside me said to.
Niekawa, in room five, isn't back yet! What a problem I hope his wounds don't reopen.
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill Shizuo, I appreciate it, but you don't have to come with me.
This is my problem.
There's no guarantee the Slasher will show up tonight, at all.
Man, I hate that goddamn Slasher! Who cares if it's a cursed blade or whatever If it's a sword, it'll die if I snap it in two.
I'll kill it, whether it dies or not.
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill Calm down, Shizuo There's no need to deal with these guys right now.
You need something, pill bug? It's the cockroach over there that we want to greet.
Listen, looks can kill.
Huh? There's at least a 0.
0000000000000000000675% chance that a curse or a stare can kill someone.
The hell you say? Huh, bartender? Bartender No way.
No way.
So if you glare at someone, you can't complain if they kill you! So if you glare at someone, you can't complain if they kill you! Haruna Niekawa Why did he respond that way Hey, you.
It's eleven o'clock.
You're a student, so go home.
I'm sorry.
I'll go straight home.
You okay? Want us to take you home? Um, well Uh 110 call, reporting several youths involved in a fight, in East Ikebukuro Central Park.
Head straight to the scene.
Responding now.
Kuzuhara, let's go.
Sorry, miss.
If you want, you can wait at the police box, and I'll take you home.
Stop it! Stop replacing the word flash with moment and thinking it's cooler!! You're at the age when you want to look at things differently than others, aren't you, Yumatchi? And stop thinking that if you negate ordinary adults' opinions, kids in their rebellious phase will like it! It's so silly how people try to look cool by criticizing society or ideologies.
You don't often say bad things about books.
Whatcha reading? Well, um A book he once published on his own.
I was asleep, so I shouldn't talk, but one of our guys was taken down.
Pay attention and gather information.
But this time, unlike with Kazutawno, it was someone we don't know, even if it was someone from the Dollars.
You should have some empathy, damn it.
I want to cry, but I closed myself to that emotion.
I want to hate the Slasher, but I closed myself to that emotion.
You remember why we joined the Dollars? You want a rather quiet life instead? I'm going to adopt a cute green-haired foreign girl as my daughter and then come back and live happily, next to three beautiful sisters.
I would be happy if I can live such a modest life.
Yotsubato?! Yotsubato?! Come to think of it, this is where the Slasher showed up.
She's being careless.
Girls like that will get attacked.
Yeah, might be bad.
What's wrong? That guy had red eyes.
What's wrong? No, it's nothing.
Just a bit of trauma coming back.
What am I doing? Saburo! Yeah! Ram 'em.
What's wrong? Where are you going, Celty? He dead? You're awful, Kyohei! I just said I wanted a peaceful life! It was our only choice.
Self-defense, anyway.
Run! The Headless Rider And Shizuo? Dotachin, look! Is he a monster? You're Shizuo Heiwajima? I've wanted to meet you, Shizuo.
Shizuo Heiwajima.
I love you so, so, so much, Shizuo! Fine.
I'll kill you.
That's right, Shizuo Heiwajima.
I'll interview him and write this article, and everything will be fine.
My wife will come back, and the dysfunctional relationship with my daughter will be fine, too.
Just like they used to- Are there any dreams left in this age? Konna jidai ni wa yume ga aru no ka na? I'm just sick of saying that Sonna kuchiguse wa iiakita kedo And I thought about acting tough Zutto warubutte kita tsumori dakedo But lately, I just don't see the point Saikin sore sae mo munashiku naru n da And "I miss you" "Aitai" to ka Is just as jarring and pointless a phrase in this town Yoku nita machi ni karamawaru zatsuon no phrase I won't be fooled by that (Not by that) Sonna mono de (Sonna mono ja nee) damasarenai My own feelings are all I need to understand Jibun no omoi nara wakatteru n da We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Somewhere, you're praying that your dreams will come true Kanawanu yume nante nai to dokoka negau n da Because everyone does that Daremo sou yatte Find them yourself, keep running and looking for them Jibun sagashiteru n da hashiri tsuzukete mieta mono ga That's the answer you get Sore ga kotae datte We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the light, like butterflies Hikari wo motomeru tatoeba chou no you Our wings shining Hane kagayakase Even if our hearts lose their freedom in the strong winds in the sky Kokoro wa oozora tsuyoi kaze de jiyuu ushinattemo We don't want any regrets Koukai wa shitaku nai We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the light Hikari wo motomeru We're free Bokura wa jiyuu da Seeking the highest point Takami wo motomeru This program is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to people, parties, or situations is purely coincidental.
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Next Time on Durarara!! MUTUAL LOVE But they weren't over.
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