Durham County (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Divide and Conquer

I'm just waiting for the coroner before we roll her.
I know her.
My daughter's teacher.
The teacher, Lacroix, look kid, she was murdered.
Hey, want a ride? I am hysterical.
And I am leaving.
No, you've never been on your own, Traci.
Thanks for the CD.
Don't forget to stop and smell the rose too, huh? 'Kay, bye.
You two have a whole life together.
C'mon, he's a nice guy.
Will you keep this? I'm losing everything.
Principal said she was very involved in the students' lives.
On the phone to the parents all the time.
It's gonna be hell checking all that out.
Let's hope for a lead here.
Hey guys.
Cause of death is strangulation by hand.
There's no evidence of ligature.
Facial contusions: he hit her.
And bruising in her legs, dragged maybe.
Here's the report.
What about the fingernail scrapings? Oh, I wouldn't hold out on hope for that.
A rock fractured the skull here and here.
Motor response after that would've been erratic.
So he had her under control good and fast.
It's either he knows what he's doing or he's lucky.
Body was in the water, evidence is washed away.
I think he knows what he's doing.
- We got the pen.
- If she sliced him with it.
- May I? - Please, be my guest.
- Sexual assault? - Nope.
No tearing, no trauma.
And she's clean, no seminal fluid or saliva.
What's this, cribriform hymen? It's kind of like a spiderweb.
She's a virgin.
How's anyone a virgin anymore? Tom Her hair's been cut.
At the side here.
I was getting to that- Killer who takes a souvenir.
We've got a profile.
Usually a sexual predator.
She wasn't assaulted.
Maybe he was interrupted.
It's not much, but it's a lead.
"September 19th, "Mike Sweeney, dinner " Yeah, Mom, I'll talk to you later.
Okay, bye.
Raymond! Raymond! What? You're You talking to your mother? I need to know how the washing machine works.
Yeah well, what'd she say? That I should use cold watercycle so that the colors don't run.
No, fuckhead, what'd she say about me? She didn't.
Did you sleep at all? A depressant and some beers What do you think You always tell me to care, I care.
This is your This is your fault.
It is not my fault.
You want me to wash this? Gimme that.
Gimme that.
Fuck you.
Boy, you got a hurry on? Yeah, I pulled the list of sexual predators, here and Toronto.
I saw your name in Ms.
Lacroix's phone records.
Tom said you knew her? Yeah.
She was a big help getting my daughter's classes together, you know? You don't know Sadie, but I get her into the book club, she wants to get into the karate club.
I get her on that and she's moved on to the next thing.
Kids, they drive you crazy.
Murder book looks great.
I like that.
Keep it up, I'll buy you a beer.
Yeah, Simone.
Thanks, that's a big help.
Nathalie's sister.
Said that Nathalie mentioned a possible boyfriend.
Did you get a name? Not that she knew.
Listening, that's the skill.
Listen and learn and love.
The three "L's" Listen and learn and love Hi, hey it's me.
I've been a, um, deaf man.
And I want us to talk, you know, I wanna listen and I wanna learn and and love.
I love you.
Call me, okay? Sorry, I'll get out of your parking lot- It's okay.
- Here.
- Thanks.
I would've given you a room for free.
Look, you want, you can you can come in, help yourself to the breakfast bar.
Thank you.
Mug's complimentary.
Underwear, bra.
Green sweater.
Size six.
What's next? Forensics go through this stuff! There's nothing.
There's not a goddamn hair! Water.
Next best thing to bleach and fire.
We need a crime scene.
Which, if it's outdoors, is pretty much gone by now.
We need a chronology.
We gotta go back, we gotta talk to those neighbours, we gotta nail them down to Sunday.
You got the super's number? Why hasn't the boyfriend come forward? Maybe he's married.
FYI we sent an infotech guy over to the school to hack into their network, fish around.
Maybe he'll hook the boyfriend.
We should go pick up the computer back at her house, too.
OK, OK, I gotta go back there anyway, I gotta look around.
Come on, Jake.
Take a break from that investigation of yours C'mon.
Hey look, they got a new dancer.
She looks about 14 Too bad OK, look, you think I can't find somebody to drink with? Fuck you, sweetheart.
Help me You're beautiful, the fairest one of all.
Got a nice suit.
I like your, uh, I like your suit.
Is that, uh, Hugo Boss? You a fag? No, no, man, hey, no, I'm not a I'm just a guy looking for a suit man.
Hey, hey man, I'm not, I'm not a fag.
She caught herself gold with that guy.
Give her my card and a bottle of bubbles.
Single glass.
Oh this guy.
Went from hotshot hockey wannabe to plumber.
Straight down the drain.
That was really sweet of you, Ray, but I'm having a business lunch.
Real estate.
Right, yeah, no, I think I've seen your picture around.
I'm in the market.
So you know, play your cards right- I gotta go, darling.
No offense, but I got a big client over there - he's a developer.
If you're ever looking for a country property, you call me.
Nice meeting you.
Hey girl, you go! And go.
And go.
Hey Dean? It's your baby.
You want to touch it? Cribriform hymen? Like a spiderweb, what? Isn't that special.
Sister said there was a boyfriend.
Boyfriend? 26 year old virgin, could be she was making him up.
Hey, I mean, you've gotta be crazy to keep it that long, huh? Think about it - the condom, the candles, the champagne in the fridge.
Something tells me she was planning to divest.
We're going back to the apartment, we're gonna talk to the neighbours.
What about this support group at the hospital? I checked it out, there's nothing there.
How'd we get it? The school principal.
She took She took a leave a while back.
Her mom was dying.
Maybe that bears a second look, you know.
I'll do it.
That it? This IT guy, did he come up with anything from the school computer? You'll be the first to know.
What the hell are you doing here? Yeah, listen I'm sorry I followed you.
I just, I thought that that guy back there, he kinda looked like trouble, you know? You got that right - he wanted to tie me up.
Ah, Jesus.
You all right? Virgin English teacher obsessed with sex.
One book on her desk and the only underlining is the sex scene.
It's a pretty cool scene though.
"She's pushed him into this little room, "his back up against the wall so he can't move.
" Now why would that be important? It's interesting.
Why did she need to be in control? Real interesting.
Mike! Let's go ask the super about the other tenants.
It's about six acres.
You could put a nice big house on this lot.
So this guy, is he for real? Like, did ya check him out? Yeah, he did this gated development in the States.
He's got money.
You okay? 'Cause that's a, that's a bad experience.
I'm a big girl.
I can take care of myself.
Did you get his name? Well you're interested.
Yeah, I got his card.
Look Jayson with a "y.
" Jayson.
Yeah, he's like the hockey mask guy in the movies.
You got something in common, Hockeyman.
So what do you think? Well you know what, I think I could be persuaded.
Yeah, it's a dump, it's got, it's a teardown.
Yeah, but it's, you know, this is nice.
It's You know, it's country.
It's like, real, it's got a real country vibe.
We get a lot of squatters though.
So the sooner you tear it down, the sooner you get rid of the losers and the assholes.
And where are they supposed to go? Who gives a shit? They're low lives.
- Fuck you - What? I said fuck you.
My kid said that he saw her Sunday night when he was waiting for his mom, my ex.
Nathalie said she was going out for an early dinner.
This café, down on Greengrove.
That's great, thanks.
Oh, we forgot the computer.
Let's just go to the café, I'll pick it up later.
Can't you handle it? Okay No, I'll be right there.
I got a family emergency, I need you to drop me off at the high school.
She absolutely refuses to apologize, Mrs.
Sweeney, and I'm concerned about that.
Well that boy attacked her, as far as I'm concerned, that's an attack.
How did it start? That's a question.
She's sexually involved with one of the young men, Dean Bolsch.
- He says.
- She's admitted it.
She skipped school the other day.
Spent the rest of the afternoon with a dozen of the boys up on a place up on the concession road, an abandoned farm.
What? - You know it? - Yeah, I know it.
Well, they go there to fight.
Sweeney, I have to tell you that as far as I can ascertain, she was the only girl there.
Honey? You okay? Dad? Mike! Jesus Just wait a second, Sadie.
Mike! Mike! What was that? I don't know what to say- How about 'hey kid I'm on your side'? This Dean, he's her first lover and he treats her like shit.
And you're her father and you do the same.
Okay, you have to handle this, okay? You have to handle this.
Because I can't.
- So, you suspended? - Yep.
Yeah, my mom's waiting for me.
Are you okay? What is it with the stuffed animals? She's like three years old? Nope - it's cause she's a girl.
You know, she's supposed to like that sort of crap.
Did you see them today? Crying? Stupid monkeys.
It's like it happened to them, not her.
I hate them.
I hate everybody.
I know.
You are so fucking sweet Oh, Sadie Won't be long.
Coffee here's great.
So what happened? What did the doctor say? Audrey's going in for a second surgery.
I don't know what I'm going to do if she dies - - I'm gonna be a fucking basket case- - No! Okay? You won't be.
I used to live out here.
Really? I was going to get one of those those big country houses, that was the dream.
That's a nice dream.
You know, I want to I wanted to ask you There's a house over on Greenboro.
I'm thinking of putting an offer in.
And I just wanted to know if you would come over and look at the house with me? What are you asking me? I just um, I just want you to come over and look at the house, you know, just a second opinion.
I mean, that's all.
Night in question, she was here.
However, the manager said she called in for takeout.
Dinner for two.
Didn't pick it up.
You get a time? Six-ish.
Yeah? Okay, we'll be right there.
Found the Travis girls.
Yeah, a certified cheque, yeah.
Thanks, Millie.
I'll be there and pick it up.
Half an hour.
Honey? What do you want, Ray? How about a call back? How many messages did I leave you? How about a little respect, Traci.
I'm not coming back.
I want a divorce.
You don't look too sure about that.
Where are you going to live, huh? You think about that? Where are you going to live? Traci, how are you going to manage? How are you going to manage, Traci? - Stop it.
- Stop it, huh? Look at you.
Where are you going to shop? Traci, where are you going to shop? Traci, how are you going to manage without me, huh? Traci! Hey, hey Mike.
We're trying to keep a tight scene, so stay by the road, we'll bring you the photos- Their hair cut? - What are you doin'? - Nathalie Lacroix's hair was cut.
You've been here for two hours Jake, - Did you check that? - This is my crime scene- Hair's cut.
Both of them.
Excuse me, what part of 'this is my crime scene' don't you understand? It's the same guy, this is mine.
- This is bullshit.
- Jake This is bullshit! All right, Mike, this is yours.
How'd you know? That's a good question.
I don't know if I want to answer it.
Kid I was talking to said he saw a guy in a black Corvette turn into the driveway.
They took off, cut through the field, found the girls.
The old farm's over there, the fight club.
That's where they came from.
They're not supposed to be up there.
Lucky for us they were.
The guy in the Corvette was with a woman.
You think that's our guy? Two sets of tire tracks.
Whoever it was, he's been up here more than once.
He's feathering his nest.
If it's him, where's his girlfriend? Maybe she's down at the station identifying the bastard.
Or maybe not.
In which case, we're looking for her too.
Let's get a crew up here, fan out and check the area.
We have a suspect might be a serial killer.
before we come out and broadcast that, let's make sure there's a connect, all right? Mike.
Okay, hair's one.
All three of the victims had a good chunk of their hair cut.
Suspect took it with him.
Method's two.
They were all subdued with a blow to the head.
Three, violent sexual assault of the teenage victims.
They were bound, ligature marks on their wrists and ankles.
No sexual assault on Lacroix- It's possible he was interrupted, somebody came along, he got scared.
Time of death puts her after the girls.
We keep her out of the ground while we sort this out.
Notify the coroner's office, and her sister.
We got witnesses who saw a black Corvette at the scene.
Said he was with someone.
We didn't find her.
Witnesses from the fight club? Did you check that out? I cleared them.
- You're sure? - Yeah.
They're boys, Mike.
Having a good time.
Lighten up.
Boys should learn to play bridge.
Keep out of trouble.
Surveillance video picks up a black Corvette in the mall parking lot, the day the girls went missing.
We need a blow-up, we need to pull the plates.
I got a list coming from Motor Vehicles.
Someone Jake, you check that list when it gets in.
Yeah, check VICLAS too, see if the M.
flags anybody, right? He's hitting on young girls.
Let's get the word out to the schools.
You get anything back yet from Ms.
Lacroix's school computer? Guy said he's done, he'd drop it off.
- When? - Anytime, I guess.
Are you tensing up, man? - No, I'm fine.
- And your kid? - Yeah.
- Hope everything's all right.
Thank you.
She's fine.
I brought you those returns I told you about.
You know, top-of-the-line.
His and hers.
Wow, Ray.
They're They're gorgeous! So I should bring 'em in? Well, not in that lovely suit.
Oh, you, uh, you like the suit? Yeah.
It's really, really nice.
So what do I owe you? Oh god, nothing, don't worry about it.
You're doing me a favour - lettin' me write them off.
- Really? Well, Mike'll be happy.
He can put more money into Claire.
Claire? Yeah, his baby.
She just got a new starter.
Hey, uh, Audrey, Traci and I, were wondering if you and Mike would like to join us for dinner tonight? She's gonna make quail.
Organic, hand-raised.
From Quebec so it's uh, it's bilingual.
We'd love to.
report Told you it'd be huge.
There's a list at the front, alphabetical, e- mail addresses.
You got the list of names from the support group? It's not in the book.
No, no, it's not in the book.
Listen, uh let's take a walk.
You were in that group? That's how I met her, okay? Nathalie was there because of her mother.
I was there because Audrey was in the ICU.
Audrey's my wife.
She had breast cancer.
The group met every Tuesday night.
They were solid, supportive people.
And she was more than just an acquaintance, she was a good friend.
Tom, I lied I lied because I don't want to be taken off this case.
- I want to get this guy.
- How good a friend? A good friend.
Okay, but Roxy should be brought in on- Roxy will take me off the case.
Maybe not.
It's not like we're overstaffed.
Tom, please.
I can't.
But honey, I said that we would go.
Can't you just eat, and then, and then go.
I have to go to work.
You go.
Take the girls.
I can't just take the girls.
I don't want them in the house alone at night.
What's wrong? Sadie.
She's been in her room all afternoon.
And she just won't talk to me.
I'll talk to her.
Later, I promise.
What, like you did this afternoon? Sometimes I just feel like I dropped in on this family.
Like I'm not even here.
Audrey, that's not true.
Isn't it? I'll talk to her Found the Travis girls.
How do you know that? I read it in your book.
Sadie Well what, you left it in your jacket.
I mean, aren't you supposed to keep things like that away from me? "Female.
17 years.
"Anal, vaginal tearing and mutilation.
"Severe trauma to head and face"- Sadie.
You want to tell me what happened today? Well I, I found the clipboard on my locker and I lost my temper.
You lose yours all the time.
You were with that guy? Does that bug you? Yeah, well, yeah.
You were up at the farm- It wasn't a gangbang.
How do you even know that word? T.
Look, I I was a jerk at school today, and I'm sorry.
Why'd the guy kill them? - The book says- - No, c'mon, not the book.
You know.
Hate's all wrapped up in love.
Sadie, you learned that all on your own today.
I wish I killed him.
Blunt force trauma.
Manslaughter max.
Well, you're underage, you might just get away with it.
You two have a nice chat? Sadie, you need to get ready, we're going to the Pragers' for dinner.
What? Dad! Dad, Sweenys are here.
Sadie, Maddie, come on, let's eat outside.
Hey, guys.
Hey, come on in.
Ray, Ray, I can't make it.
- Hey Audrey, you look nice.
- Thank you.
- Where's Trace? - Oh, she's on her way.
Hey, Jake said you found two more girls - That's like, three now, what's going on? Ray, I can't, I can't- I know.
You're not a talker.
I'll get it out of Audrey here.
- You get the keys of the car? - I left them in the house.
Hey, don't work yourself into an early grave, Mikey.
How do you like it? I like it.
It's really nice - it's got a lot of potential.
What do you think? There's hardwood under the shitty carpeting.
You like hardwood, don't you? Nathalie - I thought she was joining us? - Who? Traci? No, I called, she's going to be late.
We don't need candles, Ray.
How come? Well, it's weird.
We have candles every night, Traci and me.
So I'm not gonna change for you, Audrey.
Well, maybe we should see whether the kids would like to join us.
Thank you.
Sadie has a dollhouse.
Oh yeah? It's full of dead girls.
Maddie, get out of the rain.
- Come on.
- I'm gonna go lie down.
More women die in their home than anywhere else.
You want a piece? No, thanks.
This will delete all the files in the temporary internet files.
Are you sure you want to delete internet files? So what was he like in high school? He was generally the smartest guy.
You know, the only one smarter was me.
He's a sweetheart.
He's uh, decent.
And he's honest.
And he's full of integrity.
He's the best man I ever met.
To your husband, my friend Mike.
To Mike.
Not as good as hockey player, though.
I heard you were something.
Well, I think I'm still something.
We're county champions, you know, we killed everybody last year.
Actually, I'd be retiring now if I was playing NHL.
Hey, you know, that's all water under the bridge.
Mike and I have settled up.
What do you mean? The accident.
What accident? What, he didn't Really, he didn't, he didn't tell you? Oh God, he uh, Mike ran me down for like, for stealing his girlfriend.
- What? - Claire, yeah, Claire.
Beautiful, beautiful Claire.
God, I forgive myself everything for the way she looked.
Claire? Yeah, Claire.
Claire What was it? Biss Bissett Claire Bissett.
Yeah, I mean I actually thought Mike was going to marry her.
Hey, you know what happened here? He caught me kissing her outside the arena, 'cause I was something in that department too.
Is she still? She still lives here.
I mean, really he didn't tell you? No.
Frankly, I'm a little, I'm a little shocked.
Well, I'm sorry, I feel Hey, you know, that was, that was a long time ago.
It's not like he's cheating on you, right? It's not right.
Waiting for her to die.
I love you.
You don't know what you're feeling right now The worst part is The worst part is I want to believe you.
I'm gonna go.
Mike? Can I tell you something? What? That you want to have sex with me? No, look, I really like you.
And I'm really sorry that I tried to jump you this afternoon.
Oh cry me a river.
You sound just like Dean.
Dean's a jerk.
Let's not talk about him.
No problem there.
We can be friends, okay? I mean, completely non-sexual.
Fine? Good.
And if I'm overwhelmed by your body - and your extreme beauty- - What? and your mind.
your mind which is brilliant and fucked up in an interesting way, if I'm driven to lust by the simple fact of my hormones which I have had not a lot of practice controlling, if I ever lay a hand on you when you don't want me to, please, feel free to knock me out with your fist.
I can, you know.
I know.
And that's one of the things that's so exciting about you, Sadie.
You're dangerous.
Well, everybody's dangerous.
Be warned.
Just like the book.
We got mixed up in each other, sewn together, and we can't come apart, even now.
You're a virgin.
Safer that way.
Ask them.
When are you planning on coming home? What time is it? Audrey? Audrey? Hello? Trace? Traci? Bitch.
Anything you can do, I can do better, Jayson.