Durham County (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Guys and Dolls

We have a suspect might be a serial killer Hair's cut.
Both of them.
She caught herself gold with that guy.
Give her my card and a bottle of bubbles.
I said fuck you.
The pen.
Maybe she hurt him with it.
We might be able to harvest some skin.
She was a good friend, Tom! A good friend He took a souvenir.
We've got a profile.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? Mike ran me down for for stealing his girlfriend.
- Claire? - Claire Bissett.
I want a divorce.
Traci, how are you going to manage? Did you think about that? Where are you going to live? Hello? Traci? Body of a woman near where the Travis girls were found.
- Makes number four.
- Yeah, I can count.
Excuse me? Sorry.
I haven't been to bed yet.
We'll stop for coffee.
You're late.
- I was - Busy? Are you covering your ass? Who is she? Cream and sugar? Mike? Mike? - Cream and sugar? - Yeah, yeah.
Yes, the number for Claire Bissett.
Okay, is that a local number? Okay, yes.
Thank you.
- Can't sleep? - No.
Me neither.
Where's dad? Did somebody else get killed? Did you know dad used to play hockey with Ray Prager? Nope.
Back in high school, before he came to Toronto.
Ray was a draft pick.
Professional hockey.
So? I just thought he might've mentioned something to you.
So if this is really a serial killer, I mean, there'll be a task force, and dad will probably be the head He'll never be home, it'll be 18 hour days, and we'll never get the reno done- It's his job.
I think it's pretty cool.
A serial killer.
Like you don't expect it would happen in your own neighbourhood and then it does.
It's just like T.
Mommy? Honey, what's going on? What are you doing up? Come here.
I keep hearing Mr.
Well who's Mr.
Stephens? Dad made me promise not to tell you Dad made you promise not to tell me what? Mr.
Stephens is the dead guy we bought the house from.
Suicide when his wife left him over the renos and Dad made us promise not to tell.
Any money she's the one the kids saw with Corvette.
Description matches.
Same M.
She's still fresh.
Head trauma.
Travis girls crime scene is right over there, across that field.
You were right.
He's building a nest.
We gotta talk to those kids again.
Jake and Rox can do that.
Okay, let's take a look.
Her hair's been cut.
He's taken his souvenir.
No ligature on the wrists.
What you got? Ray Prager's business card.
'Kay, love you too, mom.
Yeah, I'll meet you there after school.
'Kay, bye.
She calls you but she doesn't call me.
She's just picking me up, Dad, we're going out for dinner, maybe a movie.
I need to talk to her, Raymond, so I can tell her that I want her back, okay? Where is she? She didn't want me to tell you.
Oh so now you're against me.
No, dad, I'm not against you Oh, well you and your mom, you go out on your, uh, your little date.
You wanna know where she's staying? She's at the Hotel Rafael.
She's working there.
You're a good kid.
I should tell you that every day.
I should tell you that.
I'm just, uh, I'm just going through a hard time.
I know you're here for me.
Come here.
I love you.
You know that? Coincidence, I found Ray's cell number at Nathalie Lacroix's apartment last night? Coincidence I found his business card on Sally's body? C'mon.
Stranger things have happened.
Let's go see him, I'll talk to him, see what he says.
- What did his son say? - Hotel Rafael.
Hey Traci! Traci, want your car? Come on! Come get your car! - Hey asshole! - Ray! - People are sleeping - Ray! God damn you! This gonna happen again? I picked up the car at the precinct.
You want to go to the mall with me? I'm not a mall person.
What are you doin'? Some girls wear them like this.
Not high school girls.
No, high school girls, too - They're asking for it.
- Asking for what? What you think they deserve what they get? No, of course not.
Did anybody call? Dad.
There's been another murder.
And I think the hospital called, about your job, or something.
Traci! You guys here on business? 'Cause my husband just stole my car.
Do you know this woman? Sally Morgan, a real estate agent? No, why? Did Ray know her? Maybe.
Ray knew a lot of women.
Did Ray know Nathalie Lacroix? My son was her favourite student.
Ray had an appointment with her the day she was killed.
- She didn't show up.
- An appointment? When? I don't know, in the morning sometime? It was a parent-teacher thing.
Oh come on! Ray couldn't do anything like that.
I mean, he has a temper, but- - But he never hurt you? - No! God, no.
Ray was always telling us how much he loved us.
Look, we're splitting up.
I just, I don't want to talk about it, least of all when you're accusing him.
We're not accusing anyone.
You need anything, you can call me.
Okay? Or you can call Audrey.
Okay? Cops now? You know what's coming, right? I can't have this kind of thing happening around here.
You knew Ray back in high school.
What was he like? Let's say he was the one never got caught.
You wore it, huh? So, what have you heard about him? Ray? He's got major status.
The hockey thing, macho.
Wife who looks like a playmate.
Rumour he's a tomcat, but these guys, that only adds to the status.
- He's a goddam plumber.
- Yeah, but a rich goddam plumber.
That rub you, uh? There's something there.
Maybe Traci, the scar on her arm.
You saw Ray push her into the barbecue? More like a nudge.
Hard to say it was deliberate, but it felt that way.
And then Traci at the motel, swearing up and down that Ray never hurt her, - Ray never hurt anybody.
- She's in denial.
- She'll come out of it.
- Yeah.
I didn't get the job.
They gave it to someone with more fucking seniority.
We go back to the bank, okay? We'll extend the line of credit Thanks for your support.
Look, you didn't want to do the commute anyway.
You know, there's a local hospital What about the reno? Nothing's done.
We need more money.
We'll catch up, catch up.
Okay, I gotta go.
We'll talk about this later.
It's beautiful, isn't it? The set's called 'Provence,' after the lavender in the fields.
Really? How much is it? It's three twenty five for the bra and one twenty five for the panties.
Yeah I could go to Provence for that much money.
Audrey? - Hi.
- Hi.
Can't you just see your wife in this? There's a push-up effect built in so the presentation of the breasts is quite dramatic.
Boy shorts rides the swell of the buttocks.
I'll leave you with it.
So, uh, are you gonna, are you gonna buy it? God, no, it's way too expensive.
I'm gonna look for something for Traci cause I'm kind of in the doghouse.
Expensive always works.
Hey, come here, come here.
Come on, if you like it.
Don't forget you're about to become a very well-paid E.
nurse, right? No, what, you, you didn't get it? Seniority issue.
Well that's bullshit, that's, that's crazy.
They don't know what they're missing.
Oh, god, you gotta, you gotta be devastated, I'm sorry.
You found Ray's business card on her body.
So what? Does he screw around? You're talking about my best friend here.
That's why I'm asking you! Pile of dead bodies, Mike.
You're the maggot that crawls through the assholes.
You got a problem with me? Huh, yeah, your partner wants me to kiss his ass.
I thought that was your job.
Well, take 'em down, Mikey.
Come on, pucker up, yeah.
Hey, mom, it's me.
You're an hour late, I'm just gonna go home.
Well that's about it for the guided tour.
It's a great resume, Mrs.
Job's only bookkeeping.
Oh, that's all I'm interested in.
You understand it's a specific kind of bookkeeping, - more a presentation like.
- I understand.
Well, room for advancement.
Works out, you do some management.
Maybe salary commiserate.
- I'd like that.
- Great.
Um, could I use your phone? - I misplaced my cell.
- Yeah, it's in the front.
And Traci, you want to make a few appointments for yourself, you go ahead.
That's real good money.
Ray, I can't accept this.
I know.
It's not appropriate.
It's just the, uh, the store wouldn't take it back, and uh, Traci wouldn't even look at it.
Listen, Audrey, me and Traci, we're falling apart.
I don't even know what to do about it.
I mean, she's my whole life.
I thought you guys were so happy You know, I think, I think there's another man.
You know, cause I remember when when Claire was screwing around on Mike.
I mean, he was, he was heartbroken.
- Claire Bissett.
- Yeah.
High school romances, you never forget them.
That's what me and Traci were, we were like high school sweethearts.
Sorry, I'm sorry.
I want you to take this - This is a gift from from Traci.
- I can't accept it, Ray - You had a hard day.
You deserve it.
Okay? Thank you.
I'll see you around.
Hey guys.
How you doing? I was just having a coffee with your wife.
She's all broke up about not getting the job.
What's going on? Let's go inside and talk for a minute.
Come on in.
Well, Mikey, it's too bad you couldn't make dinner last night.
It was delicious.
You know a Sally Morgan, Ray? What? I don't, I mean, I don't know her exactly.
I think I saw her the other day at Angel's Maybe yesterday.
- She with anyone? - I don't know.
I mean, I don't recall.
We did talk.
She was, she was looking for a plumber.
She was looking for a plumber at Angel's? Yeah, you know, real estate agent, it was a good connect, so I sent over some champagne, and you know, gave her my card.
- She leave with anyone? - No.
What did you do after that? I bought myself a new suit, Mike.
I mean, how come all the questions - How did you cut your arm? - Pipe.
It was stuck in my arm and, uh it's not a pretty sight, huh? Hey, dad? Mom home? - Car's in the driveway - Not right now, Raymond.
Any other questions, officer? 'Cause I gotta get some food into the kid here.
Yeah, where were you the night Nathalie Lacroix was killed? Excuse me? What are you Are you kidding me? I don't know.
What night was that? Sunday the nineteenth.
Sunday, Sunday We were watching hockey, right? Montreal and Carolina.
- Remember? - Yeah.
You sure? Because you had an appointment to meet Ms.
Lacroix Yeah, I did.
In the morning.
She didn't show up.
I told Jake about this.
Mike, what's the deal here? What are you doin'? So what happened to this Ms.
Morgan? It's part of an ongoing investigation, Ray.
'Cause you know, now that I think about it, I do remember her.
She was with some guy.
You know, some big guy, sharp dresser.
So I tell you what, I'll tell you what, Mike, if you want, I'll come down to the shop with you, I'll help you put together a composite, how's that? We'll see you down there.
Thanks for stopping by, Mike.
What was that about? Database spit back a possible guy, American, the same M.
He's been riding the l-ninety down south, a whole string of killings, Gary, Toledo, Buffalo.
See Ray flinched when I brought up Nathalie? - And that cut on his arm? - I saw that.
That feeling have anything to do with the guy being all over your wife when you're not around? Tom, you got something? Yeah, Ray Prager's name came up.
Ah come on - How? - Chronology on two victims.
You know anything about him? Yeah.
Ray's out for everything, ever charity drive, every fundraiser So was John Wayne Gacy.
It's a bad joke, Mike.
Rox, come on, it's business.
Hey foxy How's the kid? Good.
Good, yeah.
How's Ray Junior? What are we doin' in here, Mike? Privacy.
It's on all the time.
Forget it.
It's just, it's interesting, officer.
Sally was murdered, Ray.
Yeah, I know, I figured as much.
You got a line on the guy? Better.
We got the vehicle.
We got plates.
We just need to talk to the guy, see if there's any remorse.
- Jury's more sympathetic - There's remorse, yeah.
So what can I tell you? He's uh, six feet Plus: six and three maybe.
You know, the one left with her.
You're sure he left with her? Left with her in a big black Corvette.
I am positive.
That's it.
I mean, if you want I can, uh, I can sit down with an artist.
Musta taken a while for the arm to heal, huh? Speaking of remorse, Mikey, I wanna ask you something.
You know, just between friends How come you never told Audrey about the accident? I mean, you run me down, you leave town and then you never even own to it.
I mean, not even your own wife.
I have to tell you that was hurtful, man.
That was, like the defining moment in my life.
I lost my chance on centre ice, right, Mikey, I mean, I had to accept it and I did and I had to move on and I did.
But you, not even an apology from you.
It wasn't deliberate, Ray.
Aw come on, Mikey, fuck that shit.
It wasn't deliberate, come on.
Maybe you wanted to kill Claire? I mean, you were so goddam mad.
Yeah, you got such a short fucking fuse, Mikey, which is the thing I like about you.
What time did Ms.
Morgan leave the bar- You need to make that apology when you're ready, Mikey, that's all I'm saying.
You gotta take responsibility.
Look man, I'm just, look, I just wanna be honest here, that's all.
I just gotta say my piece, right? I mean, I just want us to be friends, that's all I want.
Like we were.
Let's get that composite happening.
Okay, okay.
Listen, I hope it helps, you know? I really, really do.
So I'll see you at hockey practice tomorrow night? Yeah.
I'll see ya around, Mike.
So what is this? Bad blood? No, sir, as a matter of fact, we're playing hockey tomorrow What you've got with Ray Prager, detective, is a corroborating witness, not a suspect.
Yes, sir, you're right.
A corroborating witness who's seen our suspect, who can identify him and his car.
And we're on that.
We got an American, we got a DNA sample at the lab we can match up to evidence the New York State Police are holding.
Jake, you took that evidence to the lab.
When they say it would be ready? Soon.
Why don't you go find out when soon is? This guy, breaking my balls.
So, you're the asshole who's responsible for Ray's accident.
You weren't there, sir, it was an accident You screw up the guy's life you can't even apologize? How are you, Claire? You just waltz in twenty years later? Well, I never learned how to waltz.
And I'm a terrible dancer.
How are you? How am I? You are so fucking oblivious.
You left.
You never even called.
I was a dumb kid You left me.
You made me fall in love with you and then you left.
What's wrong with you? I'm just, I'm tired.
I'm just, I'm seeing things.
Nice hair.
You look good, Claire.
You look good.
What have you been doing? I did a doctorate in philosophy, I write essays.
Left, political, lesbian, feminist agitprop.
So you're a lesbian? I'm a cop.
Oh really? Well you should turn yourself in.
As I recall, you stole a motorcycle Which I took back And a leather jacket.
Yeah, which I kept Poor penniless Mike, wrong side of the tracks, humiliated, always keeping up with the Joneses.
Has that changed? You know, I came to ask you about Ray Prager.
Was I sleeping with him behind your back? No, I was not.
It's not personal.
It's a police matter.
What kind of a police matter? Murder.
I want to know if you think that Ray is capable of violence.
Well, let's put it this way, Ray's not the guy I call when my drain backs up.
So why's my dad shaking down your dad? Shaking down? Asking him about something else.
I thought he was asking about Miss Lacroix He was supposed to meet her that morning, she didn't show up, that's all.
- She died that night - He was with me, okay? We were watching hockey.
I feel kind of guilty, my mom's old car So he just gives it to you? Wow, he must owe you big.
Sadie Sweeney.
She fucks me and she leaves me.
I'm scarred for life.
How about you die now, Dean? You're such a bitch, Sade.
I love it.
Come on.
He was one of the guys who found the Travis girls.
Now his girlfriends dress like them.
Like that's sexy or something.
Well like, what's sexy? She doesn't talk back? It's like that song, 'Dead Girls Don't Say No'.
I wonder what he was doing up there before the cops came.
Oh, he's just fooling around, Sadie.
Everybody's into that stuff these days.
Yeah, me too.
Tie me up and shoot me, right? You want a ride home? No, thanks.
Thanks, babe.
Are you coming home? No.
And I want you to think about coming to live with me.
But Dad talked to you, right, this morning? We didn't talk.
He He um, he just took the car.
He said you screamed at him and told him to take it.
That's not what happened.
Look, he misses you.
Do you want it back, the car? - 'Cause it's yours - No.
I mean, look, I don't want to confuse you.
Did the police come and talk to Ray today? How'd you know that? Because they came to talk to me, too.
Well I guess they're talking to everybody, right? I need some air.
I can't breathe.
She rocks.
Purrs like my cat.
Here you go, you lucky bum.
My last ten grand from my hope chest.
She's worth it.
Sold the mustang.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- I know.
I'm turning over a new leaf.
I wanna be more responsible and mature.
Well, it will be nice to get the toilets installed.
I'm kinda tired of seeing them in the living room.
Okay, I'll do it this weekend, I promise.
I'll rip up that broadloom, sand the floors Why? To get rid of the bloodstains? Mom knows about Mr.
Sadie told her about it.
That's okay, honey.
Why don't you go watch TV? You know, I didn't tell you because I knew you'd be upset Why would I be upset? You got a great price on the house.
You brought in the biohazard guys in here to get rid of the blood, shit and viscera.
You didn't tell about Ray Prager, hitting him with your car either.
That was a nice surprise.
You know, I didn't tell you because I'd like to forget about it.
I'm sure you would.
It was an accident, that's all.
Besides, he said he was over it.
Well, good for him.
What was Ray doing here today? How did you know about that? It's a secret? Already? Please, he was upset about Traci.
And what did you do? Did you offer him comfort? Oh, come on Seriously, Audrey, did he put the moves on you? Look at you, you're blushing! I haven't seen you blush in ten years.
Fuck off! I've got Ray Prager as a person of interest in two murders.
What? That's right.
I don't fucking believe you.
You're jealous, you're trying to nail the guy? Excuse me? What else you haven't told me? Dad? Can I talk to you for a sec? You and Tom talked to Mr.
Prager today, right? Yeah.
How do you know about it? Are you hacking into my e-mails again No, no - I saw you.
Prager wasn't home the night Ms.
Lacroix died.
And how do you know that? Me and Dean snuck out that night.
- What? - Dad, come on.
Sadie, I could just throttle you.
Prager came home at 2 in the morning.
I saw him in his driveway.
His clothes were wet, Dad.
They were wet.
Ray Junior's lying.
Go to bed.
But I could testify that he's lying Doesn't matter.
Why not? Do you know what Jake and those guys are gonna say to you? They're gonna say, 'what were you doing that night' and you're gonna say, 'what, I was out with some guy 'til two in the morning'.
I'm just telling you what they're going to say I hate this place and I hate you.
Sadie Sade.
Drink up, it'll put some muscle on you.
So where were you that night? I was out on a job.
Why don't you just tell the police that then? I might not tell them anything after you confuse the issue.
- What? - "What?" Watching hockey, I didn't ask you to lie for me.
Lie for you? The way you were looking at me, I thought you wanted me to say that.
You know what, Raymond? Don't fucking think.
It's not your strong suit.
Alright, drink your goddamn juice, I wanna win this game.
Got me? Now get the fuck in the car, and shut up.
You finish Catch-22 yet? What did you think? I'm still trying to process it.
Life's a catch-22 when you think about it, right? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
That's what Miss Lacroix said.
Did she? Hey kid, check out the board there's a play up there I want us to try.
Let's talk about that book sometime.
Look No hard feeling about yesterday.
Yeah, sure.
How many gals did I kill, Jake? Four last count.
I'll check in the database.
Probably a couple dozen more cause you're a sick fuck, Ray.
Officer, you did not ask me where I was this morning.
'Cause I swear I was, uh, I was with your wife.
Yeah, she was wearing a, uh, you know, purple bra and panties.
See you out there.
Oh, I'm looking forward to it.
Hey Mikey.
You wanna go? Take it easy! Fuck! Fuck you! Asshole! Nice work, officer.
- That's really impressive.
- Fuck you.
He charges me, knocks the wind outta me He's a prick at the office too.
So, I'll meet you at Angels? No, I can't.
Have to go downtown, to the lab.
- What for? - Lacroix evidence.
The pen she was holding, she might've stabbed the guy with it.
We get DNA from it, we get him.
Well that's, uh, that's cool.
Hey, why didn't you, why didn't you do it before? Jump when that prick tells me to jump? Forget about it.
Hey, uh, Jake, why don't we, uh, we go downtown together? You know, Saturday night in the big city.
Let's get a tall pack for the ride.
Thanks for meeting me.
It's um, it's Ray Junior's short story.
Nathalie said she was going to give it to Ray.
So? So I found it in my car.
And Ray was driving it the night she was killed.
- Where were you that night? - I took an Immovane.
I fell asleep in the guest room.
I mean, I'm sure there's an explanation.
I just, I wanted to Yeah.
You uh, you did the right thing, coming to me.
Are they getting a divorce? I don't know My dad's pretty screwed up about it.
How screwed up? You saw.
That fight? I mean, I know he likes your dad a lot, they were best friends.
He's just screwed up and he shoots his mouth off.
He punched my dad.
Your dad punched him back.
Are you crying? No, no, it's just um, my eye's watering.
It's just allergies or radiation.
Jake, stop the car, right here! I'll pull over here, I'll pull over here.
Watch the evidence! - Sorry.
- Jesus.
What's the matter with you? You know, I'm living in this box with a hotplate, eating shit with crow every goddamn night so she can live in that goddamn house.
The kids, they hate me.
Tell you what, Ray, she turned them against me.
My own mother even, at breakfast last week she says that I'm a bad father? That sucks, man, I'm sorry.
I'll tell you something.
My old man he left to go coach somewhere in the States - my mom's long gone, I'm by myself, you know.
The riot, big house.
One day this real estate lady, she shows up, and she's like, "get out".
House is sold.
You never told me that.
So he's gone.
House is sold.
This cunt's got like ten percent commission, I'm sittin there with jack squat and uh, I say I hate the prick, right? I loved him, Jake.
I thought he was the greatest motherfucker ever walked, you know? I thought he was the king.
Listen to me.
Your kids, buddy, no matter what, no matter what you do to them, they're gonna love you.
No matter what you do to them, you understand? Yeah.
I love you, Ray.
Let's get out of here.
They'll think we're fags or something.
Audrey? I'm in here! It's lavender.
It's called Provence Where did you get it? Traci gave it to me Bullshit, Ray gave it to you.
Well, it was for Traci.
It didn't fit.
Ray gave it to you.
So what? You don't get it What difference does it make? What goddam difference does it make? Just look at me! Just look at me, Mike.
You lied.
You lie all the time.
He did it.
He did it, Ray.
You gave him the story, and he got mad, just like he got mad at Traci when she said she was proud of her son.
And he burned her, and he killed you.
He's jealous of his son, and that's his motive.
I don't have any proof.
It comes from his estranged wife.
It's circumstantial at best.
But there's the pen, and if the DNA matches saliva on the water glass You're talking to me now.
Why do you keep coming here? Because I'm sorry.
And I can't tell you because you're not here.
But Audrey is.
She's alive.
It's okay.
I'm Detective Sweeney.
Oh, god! I'm Simone.
I'm Nathalie's sister.
I'll just, uh, I'll just let myself out.
Look, I caused some trouble for Audrey with that bra and panty thing.
I just, I just want you to know that there's no no harm intended.
What'd you say? Come on, man, we're old friends.
That was just a just a joke.
We're not friends.
Yeah we are.
We're brothers, Mike.
I know what you did.
I can see it in your eyes.
And I'm gonna get ya.
If I have to fucking kill you, Ray, I'm going get ya.