Dutch Wheels (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

We do 1200 cars a year.
Man, I'm just speechless.
All custom made, to the tiniest details.
I almost have to wear my sunglasses.
We go to extremes to get everything done.
Even if it means crossing the world.
It's all about the experience.
A nice car needs a little bit of a party
when you're doing things like this.
- And we try to create that.
- One, go.
I got hit.
Are you serious?
There you go.
You like this, don't you?
You can use the steering wheel.
Oh my God.
Kenneth, you shouldn't have.
I'm Kenneth De Pruijssenaere
De La Woestijne.
Creator of Absolute Motors.
We started four and a half years ago
and now we're here.
With all these beautiful projects.
I am Patrick Meijer, 48 years old.
And I'm like a jack-of-all-trades.
We make the best cars even better.
Everything a normal manufacturer can't do.
Or what a car dealer isn't allowed to do.
We do it all.
And it goes pretty far.
The people that work here,
mean a lot to me.
They're really people
who have a passion for cars.
They just about drink the fuel.
It may sound arrogant
and I'm not like that at all
but we just want to be the best.
The goal is to, like,
make this business grow.
And to conquer the world.
Last week we got a call from DJ R3HAB.
He's the third best paid
Dutch entertainer ever.
It's really special to get a call
from someone of that stature.
He's on a different continent
and reached out to us
to work on his car.
DJ R3HAB bought a Lamborghini
Aventador SVJ Roadster.
He hasn't seen or driven the car yet.
So we'll install the parts
and deliver the car here, in Dubai.
My name is Fadil El Ghoul, 35 years old,
born in the Netherlands, in Den Bosch.
Raised in Breda. My DJ name is R3HAB.
I mostly tour in the Middle East,
Asia and North America.
I do have to give credit to Afrojack.
He took me on tour in America.
And that gave me a tremendous boost.
At my high school
there was also another DJ.
Hardwell. He lived nearby
so we started producing together.
Gave me a lot of support and love.
I called Marek to ask him
if we could use his shop
and he reserved a spot for us.
I thought, this is the moment to buy it.
I'm 35 now, I'm still young,
I can still get into this car.
So I called my mother to ask her
if I should buy it.
And my mother is very conservative
and very frugal.
And she said:
"You should, it's your dream."
So that was kind of the moment
I went like "okay".
I'm doing it. For me, this is
the most beautiful car in the world.
I've never driven an SVJ before.
I didn't even get to do a test drive
when I bought it.
But you know,
I did read every review online
so I believe in it.
However, I did want to
customize it a little.
And I said: "You know what?
See what you can do
as long as it's subtle and nice."
I am Jessie Désirée Bosch,
also known as Jessie Maya online.
Hi, I'm Jessie. Nice to have you here
with a new video today.
I thought, I'm like
on my period for 24 hours
so I'm not wearing make-up
or doing my hair.
When I was 18, I discovered
that this wasn't it, that it wasn't right.
I really felt like I was a woman.
This video is about my experience
as a transgender so far.
And not because I'm that popular
on YouTube, because I'm not.
So I thought: Hey, I'm starting
the whole transgender process.
I'll record it,
because I can't find anything.
So I started all that and now
seven years later, this is me.
Same person, different packaging.
It's a pretty flashy car.
Of course people always have an opinion
about extreme things.
They have an opinion when they see me,
because I'm very much me.
I'm not ashamed for who I am or what I am.
I'm not ashamed for how I look.
A lot of people respond to that
in a positive or negative way
and the same goes for my car.
Like 99 percent is so positive, you see
them light up when they see my car.
It's a fun moment, when you see a car
that's hot pink.
People smile, either because they like it
or because they think it's funny.
I don't show a lot of emotion because
of Botox. But when I'm angry, it's like
This car gives me the chance
to tell people
to be themselves and not be ashamed.
The car is really cute, but also bad-ass
because it has a lot of black in it.
It kind of represents me.
Me, with the make-up and the dark tattoos.
But I think it could be a bit more bad-ass
by getting more extreme tires and rims.
But adding a pink brake pad.
I'm Jeroen Van Den Berg
and I have a huge passion for cars.
It's been like that my whole life.
The Bugatti is definitely
the crown jewel of my business.
I dreamt about cars
and what's the best car there is?
I have it. When I was
about 14, 15 years old
I sometimes slept in the streets.
Then at one point I started cleaning cars.
Then I got to give people coffee
and flyers in the showroom.
It's five-thirty, I like an early start.
At one point a man came in
when I was selling cars for Saab.
I called the factory and they said
they wouldn't do it.
So that man said: "Great, I'm a lawyer.
According to European law
you have to deliver this car."
And he showed me he saved 40 percent
on the car.
So I thought,
I need to do something with that.
In 1999, I started my company Carlink.
And it exploded.
In the first year I sold
thousands of cars. I went from nothing
to a millionaire in a few months.
That's Tintin's rocket, so it's really
appropriate, because I'm doing great.
I had thousands of Volkswagen Golf's
in the harbor
with a straight steering wheel
and it went sideways.
I sold everything and moved
into a mobile home.
I did still have a Ferrari,
it wasn't that bad.
And then I started over.
I started doing more things from there.
It did teach me not to put all my eggs
in one basket.
I'm starting a new company, which
has something to do with Absolute Motors.
And we're going to do
a lot of fun, new things.
I have a big inventory of cars
and they have
a lot of knowledge
on how to make cars prettier.
With very small details.
And then we can just sell it like that.
We just need to start somewhere
and go from there.
The bridge is not powerful enough
to lift this car.
The hydraulic system needs some room
to be able to lift it.
But the car is too heavy,
so it can't build up enough power.
Just like an airplane.
We thought we could start right away.
We expected to sleep tonight,
but we might skip that.
- Everything okay?
- Yes, and you?
Nice, nice.
It feels good.
I do have to get used to it.
When something is new,
you just need some time to adjust.
There's a lot of information happening.
Just the dashboard alone
has so much information.
Exactly. So to make it clear
for the viewers
we blocked part of the road
so we can do some fun stuff.
I just got a ticket, fuck.
First time I accelerated
and I got a ticket.
It's really nice to see the surroundings
through the roof.
Yes man, you're on my turf now.
What are they going to do to me?
Oh my God.
If you win, you decide. If I win,
I decide what I'm going to do to your car.
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