Dutch Wheels (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Now you're on my turf.
What are they planning to do?
- I'd like to have it altered.
- A fresher look.
- Great.
- No problem.
- If you win, you decide. If I win
- Okay, guys. Buckle up.
I decide what I'm going to do with it.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Douche.
- I can see you.
You're dead, Ric.
Oh my God. No way.
I'm Rico Verhoeven,
kickboxing world champion.
I have a McLaren 720S.
When you're a boy and you see
those doors go up, you think:
That's my dream.
When I grow up, I want to have one.
I wasn't predestined to be successful.
I grew up with my Mom.
We didn't have a big budget.
Then I went to live with my Dad.
He really worked hard
to, each time, get a nicer car.
Every time the next step.
That's why I set goals for myself.
Ten years ago, I said: "In the future
I'll buy a car at Louwman's."
When you get to do that ten years later
You can't describe that feeling.
Such a special moment
to have your dream fulfilled.
You just need to work hard
and keep believing in it.
And don't think that it'll just happen
within a year or two.
Nothing was thrown in my lap.
I had to fight for it, literally as well.
When I get into my car
or when I see my car, I think: wow.
It's almost like a chameleon.
Wherever it is,
it adjusts to its environment.
There's a match coming up.
I'd like the Mc, apart from myself,
to be prepared and fresh
and ready for the match.
My God.
It's kind of bizarre.
You experience things
you never get to experience
working for a normal employer.
It won't get better than this.
I'm Dionne. You might know me
as OnneDi on YouTube.
I've been making YouTube videos
for eleven years.
I started out with toy videos.
Now I focus more on true crime,
since my viewers are a bit older.
Hello, and welcome to my new video.
It's time for new crime and makeup.
Of course Dolly is joining me.
This is my car.
A Mini Cooper Countryman.
It was love at first sight. I've been
driving it for two and a half years.
I'm still happy with it,
but I've lost that spark a bit.
I got my driving license really late.
I started taking lessons eleven years ago.
I took two driving exams,
which I both failed.
Then I was out of money,
until two years ago.
Then, finally,
the third try I finally passed.
But my God, what a nightmare.
The thing I'm most passionate
about right now, is my music.
I've been wanting this for so long.
Singing really is my way of escaping.
You come home with a demo,
something that's really yours,
something that didn't exist yet
and that is all mine.
That's something
that truly makes me happy.
And of course a car that fits that.
A car that really feels my own.
That would be awesome.
- Hey, Dionne.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Great. And you?
- There it is.
- Yes, indeed.
Tell me, why would you want this nice
car It actually looks brand-new.
- It's a bit of a shit color, isn't it?
- Yes, you could say that.
I like a bit of color.
It has to have a happy vibe.
- I'd like a fresher look.
- Freshen it up.
- That's what we'll do.
- Let's start. Right?
- I'm so excited.
- Exciting.
Rico called me.
He has an awesome idea for his car.
I thought I'd go the extra mile this time.
Rico always wins. I used to be
in the Army, so that's why I thought:
Let's contact those guys to see if my
experience can help me beat Rico.
So I have a challenge for him.
You're still smiling.
- You're on my turf now.
- Not a real warm welcome.
Normally I'm very warm,
but this time it's different.
The Lieutenant will take over.
- Rico, welcome.
- Thanks.
Today you'll face a special army unit,
Our motto is: "See without being seen."
We collect information
and carefully eliminate the enemy
and their communication.
Today, you have to try and leave
this training ground in your nice car.
This is the plan:
Rico has to try and leave this ground
by passing through this gate.
To open it, he needs a code.
To find it, he needs to go to this bunker.
But first he has to retrieve
an item from this box.
To make it a bit harder, we can only
hit him using special laser technology.
It's on his vest.
When he's hit, he'll hear this sound.
You're also being watched.
From the air
And we have a special vehicle.
Today we're both visible and invisible.
What will they do to me?
Are they going to kill me?
Serious shit.
- You're taking on the challenge?
- Of course. I always do.
This is the plan. If you win, you
decide what we'll do to your car.
If I win,
I decide what we'll do to your car.
- Watch this.
- Oh my God.
If I win,
you'll be driving a pink McLaren.
The car can pull it of.
I don't know if my ego can, though.
Believe me, everyone will know I won.
This is the color pink, my friend.
No way. It'll stay the way it is.
The only thing left for me,
is wishing you good luck.
I don't need it.
Get in your green box,
then I'll get in that green tractor.
Okay, guys. Buckle up.
I'll allow him to get hit four times,
but after the fifth, I win.
And then I'll make his car pink.
Are you accepting
that it'll be pink already?
It'll remain like this.
Are you ready?
Three, two, one, drive.
I can see the box.
I'm at the first explosives box.
I know for sure you're in the bushes
with that fucking sniper.
I don't get that you're still alive.
I've paid those guys more than enough.
Wait, I'm going to get that thing.
Just wait.
I'm watching you, you know that.
So look out, my friend.
Fuck, I'm hit.
Too bad, my friend.
They're being very sneaky.
But just wait. I'm sneaky too.
I'll try to use my doors as a shield.
Target hit two times.
Step on it. Drive.
Watch out, Rico.
The place is boobytrapped.
This is Romeo. When target
is visible, permission to fire.
Oh, shit.
I don't see anything.
They'll shoot my head off.
I see a sign.
14020. Yes.
I'll just go through the window.
I see smoke. Smoke at location two.
Watch out, Rico. We're on our way.
Social media are so important.
You can't go without.
This is
I'm in the middle of an interview.
He hung up. Jeroen.
It's a great way to show what we do.
So we decided to build our own media team.
Of me?
I'm Lilla.
I'm 29 and I work as a photographer
for Absolute Motors.
When we post something on Instagram,
we're DMed by people all over the world
who'd like to have their cars altered
to look like the car we worked on.
They immediately see what the car they
have could look like. That's really great.
Here I come.
Yeah, man.
You're such a dirty player.
A road block.
I can see you.
This is Romeo.
The target is moving towards the bridge.
There he comes.
Standby, sniper team.
Three, two, one. Permission to fire.
This is Romeo. Target eliminated?
Negative. Over.
Where are you,
with your big green monster?
Shit, I can see you.
You're dead, Ric.
We're behind you. Look.
This is Romeo.
Target is moving towards the bridge.
Target is moving that way, over.
Step on it.
I'll never make it.
Step on it.
We'll make it.
Shit, there he is again.
You're dead, Ric.
Look, look.
I can see the gate.
Step on it. Drive.
Alright, my shield's ready, my friend.
- This feels great.
- Yeah.
Oh, man.
It was a matter of one point.
It was close. But you can hardly
see them, especially in the beginning.
They're very good at their jobs.
They're in the grass. You can't see them.
Then you hear them shoot. Oh, shit.
It was really awesome.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks, my friend.
I lost the bet. The color stays.
But I think I'm going to go
the extra mile.
- Thanks. Let's go.
- Great.
Such a shame.
Rico's car got kind of dirty. They
drove it on the military training ground.
Of course this is my chance to teach
Becky and Lilla how to clean a car.
I'll teach them very seriously. No jokes.
Here we are.
- Ready?
- I'm so excited. I can't wait.
- Let's start, then.
- Really?
- Follow me?
- Sure.
- Also nice.
- Are you ready?
Cover your eyes. You can only look
when it's all the way open, okay?
- How will I know?
- I'll tell you.
- There we go.
- Oh my God, this is so exciting.
Oh my God.
Open your eyes.
Oh my God.
- No way.
- Nice, right?
Oh my God.
I expected a lot, but I didn't
expect this. This is really Wow.
I'm so happy.
- Great. I'll give you your keys.
- Yes.
- It's like I have a new car.
- That's what makes our job so great.
Even the interior smells like berries.
- It smells sweet.
- Yeah, nice.
- Enjoy it.
- No problem.
- How are you?
- Great.
Just to be clear, I only just lost.
But because you won, I had to let you
decide what we should do to your car.
You know me.
I always want to go big, so
- I'm excited. I can't wait.
- As you always say: Let's go.
Really crazy.
Forged carbon, Novitec.
- This is carbon
- Yes, it's pressed.
That's why you
can get this kind of camo pattern.
The effect is really tight.
The colors go well together.
It's just insane.
- Nice, right?
- For sure.
- Awesome wheels.
- Crazy.
Those gills are really tight.
Those little changes
really make it a tight car.
The keys.
Please, give them to me.
Enjoy it. I had a good time.
- I really missed this.
- Beautiful. See you.
- Thanks, man.
- Take it easy.
Yo, man.
How's it going?
- Awesome.
- Good.
There you go. Great, man.
People might think: He won't do it.
But he does.
Get it off. I want to see.
Wow. It's almost like:
where are my sunglasses?
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