Dutch Wheels (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I'm really excited, guys.
I love making everything my own.
As you can see, it's Tiffany Blue.
Same goes for cars.
- Let's do a race.
- Let's see who wins.
I can put my sunglasses on.
We're Absolute Motors.
What normal car producers won't do
and what dealers can't do, we will do.
We go far.
Two years ago, Patrick started here.
That's when things really sped up.
That led to this version
of Absolute Motors.
Unlike other companies, we focus
on the people and their passion.
We welcome everyone. You never know
who might become a client.
The most bizarre things here
are the stories.
I'm Joel Beukers.
I'm an online fitness coach.
I inspire people about fitness, food
a healthy lifestyle
and going hard on the weekends.
Breaking rules.
Let the weekend begin.
I started rugby when I was six.
I injured my back, so I started to party.
There were drug checks.
They found two substances: MDMA
and performance enhancing DMAA.
Those were put in pre-workout products.
I started making my own formulas.
Unfortunately I didn't sell enough
straight away, so I had to work hard.
I started posting on social media.
It grew into a brand.
Take a scoop.
I really need some protein.
I thought we were racing.
Go on, shoot.
- While he was driving.
- Okay?
- Joel?
- You can stop now.
The nicer the car was,
the more views we got.
And of course, now it's exploded.
A car worth almost a million.
Busting through the garden
in six-wheel drives.
Off-roading, everything.
It's great.
Because most people don't expect it
from me. But we do do it.
We go for gold again. All in.
- Can you get out?
- Yes.
Did you park in front of a G Brabus
so you could be in the shade?
- It makes a difference.
- It is really sick.
It can be better.
I'm Rowan, Sales Manager
at Absolute Motors.
I had a different job before,
but I did do this outside of work.
Even when I was young.
I started adapting my first car.
Then a second and a third.
Engines and everything.
So for me to be able to do this
is amazing. Great.
The fifteenth is my birthday.
The biggest day of the year.
So we need to launch
something spectacular.
This is exactly what I always do:
go for gold.
It will be all gold.
It needs to be finished on time.
I have something spectacular in mind
to launch the car on my birthday.
It needs to be ready on Monday.
- Tight deadline.
- Monday the 13th? Yes.
A good day, right?
I'd wash it well because I
- It is caked in mud.
- That will be fine.
As you can see, there's a lot of sand.
But they want gold,
so we have to remove the mud.
It’s not just famous people.
We also have entrepreneurs
that come here to tell their stories.
They often share our passion for cars.
That leads to amazing projects.
I'm Rendi Aditia.
I'm the main designer and owner
of footwear label Mason Garments.
I started Mason in 2012.
I made a really quick design.
I ordered the first 200 pairs.
And I sold all 200 pairs
from the back of my car.
We now have three factories
that produce shoes all year round.
We keep growing every season.
I love making everything my own.
In my house, I created the interior
down to the smallest details.
I get a real kick out of that.
The same goes for cars.
You put the same kind of energy
in your house and a shoe design.
Same goes for cars.
As far as I know, I have the only Urus
with a 1016 industry kit.
We have Tiffany Blue
in the Mason Garments collection.
This is the pool.
As you can see, it's Tiffany Blue.
I want to see that in the Urus.
The brake calipers will be Tiffany Blue.
And the detailing on the inside
will be Tiffany Blue.
This will be the best built so far.
Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have thought
that I'd have two Lamborghini's
and a nice house. Those are milestones.
I did land on my feet, so to speak.
I'm Alan Mussa.
I'm originally from Iraq.
From the north. I am Kurdish.
We fled Iraq in 1995.
When I was 16,
I would just go and wash the car.
I loved really cleaning it.
When I do that,
I forget everything around me.
I forget what I've been through and
how hectic everyday life is. I love that.
What I find really painful at car washes
is seeing them use the brush like this.
You can't do that, man.
You just can't.
There is sand in it or the brushes
are harder than usual.
I don't do that. Don't push.
This belongs to someone
who worked hard for it.
We can't just muck about.
You always have to enjoy your work.
We use professionals.
They are passionate.
They are the best at what they do.
They have no official training.
It's based on passion and experience.
That is what we all do every day.
We do unique things every day.
This is a million dollar project.
It is really special.
We got a Bugatti Chiron for a video shoot.
It's for Afrojack's new song.
This is a first for us,
creating a blank canvas for an artist.
We need to tape up all the cracks,
windows and rubbers,
so the paint doesn't get in.
The Chiron belongs to another client.
He knows us well,
so he knows we're careful.
But it is a three million euro car
and we're doing unusual things with it.
We often do crazy things, but this is
a bit out of the box. It looks sick.
Is Ren's car ready?
They are doing the finishing touches.
Ren, dude.
Time for the reveal.
Let's go. Bring it up. I want to see.
That's it.
O my god.
O, shit.
I've got goosebumps.
This is beyond my expectations.
It really is. This is wow.
The steering wheel.
The stitching in there.
The exterior can wait.
Let me check the interior.
- This is it, right?
- Yes.
Guys, I have to give you my compliments.
You killed it. It's insane.
I'm speechless.
Thanks, man.
- Go for a drive.
- Let's go.
- Insane.
- Let's drive.
Insane. Let's go.
I cleaned what I could.
The main thing was the top,
that Becky worked on.
The bottom was for Scott.
He is used to it.
Three late nights in Romania.
He can use a scoop.
There he is.
Here goes. Morning.
- Nice day, right?
- For real.
It's big, right?
- Can you picture it?
- I can picture it.
- I'm keen to see it.
- It's time to show it.
I can see that you're nervous.
- Exciting.
- I want to see it.
- There goes.
- Here we go.
I should put my sunglasses back on.
- Morning.
- This is just sick, guys.
Is this for real?
This really is sick.
Go for gold
tear the place down
- And a roof rack.
- You can lie on top.
- And we fixed the exhaust.
- I can see it.
I wonder how it sounds now.
- It sounds dangerous.
- Let's start the car.
O wow. Yes.
Very nice.
It's like a monster truck, man.
No. Kenneth.
You shouldn't have.
Nice. Hey, guys
We have a nice bit of land.
We should use it properly, right?
We also have a great motocross riders:
Kay de Wolf.
- Let's do a race.
- We'll do a race.
- Let's see who wins.
- Yes.
We set a track for Joel Beukers in his 6x6
and for Kay on his bike.
Kay is more flexible and faster,
but he has further to ride.
If Joel gets to this point
before Kay does,
Kay won't be able to get past
the wide 6x6.
The ultimate off-road machine
versus the ultimate off-road bike.
We'll step on it.
First, have a scoop.
Here goes.
Kay. Have a scoop before you start racing.
Here it comes.
A nice scoop.
Let's go. Step on it.
Sixteen years.
Okay. Holy shit.
That was really sick.
- What a machine.
- Are you okay?
- Jesus. Amazing.
- All in one piece?
That Kay can race. Well done, man.
We'll buy this for proper off-roading.
We have to be careful with this.
- Clean it well.
- Should we wash it?
We do need to wash it.
There is a lake.
Are you coming to the lake, Kay?
Go through and see who wins.
Let's do that.
These are fun toys.
O my god.
I'm Tavi Castro.
Entrepreneur bodybuilder.
That is cool.
That is dope.
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