Dutch Wheels (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Well, these are obviously very nice toys.
Oh my God.
I'm Tavi Castro,
entrepreneur, bodybuilder.
Cool, man.
I went to a turnover of four million.
Jesus, awesome.
Their car is one
of their most beautiful builds.
So if it's up to me,
this will be entirely full
with beautiful cars.
Roof open, convertible, lovely.
- Ciao, mate.
- White leather.
- There is no roof.
- Never mind, dude.
- Tasty, isn't it?
- It's a crazy racing magnet.
A lot of people say:
'Do you need such an expensive car?'
No, I don't need to, but I really want to.
Frans Duijts, McLaren? Popular singer,
exclusive car? That is not a match.
No. You know, we like several things.
And it's the same with my cars. Because
I should really be driving a Mercedes.
I have one of those too, but that's
because that's where dad's love lies.
He dreamt of owning a Mercedes SL 500.
He dreamt of it all his life
and finally, he had it.
Then he became ill and couldn't drive it.
When my father died,
that was the moment when I said:
I'm going to enjoy myself
and not hide the fact
that I'm rewarding myself
for the hard work that I do.
It's just nice
when the car starts roaring.
It's as if you open the cage
and the lion comes at you.
You know, that feeling of adrenaline
when you think: wahaa.
Moments in your bedroom
and moments in the car
they do come close, sometimes.
You almost
Those moment. Delightful.
We are Absolute Motors,
the hottest car company in Rotterdam.
Absolute Motors is a company
for high-end cars
and everything under the hood.
Anyone with a passion for cars
can have their car modified
and personalised here.
I'm Rowan, sales manager
at Absolute Motors.
As such I'm responsible for sales.
Of course you experience things here
that you wouldn't at any other employer.
That's the beauty of our jobs.
You get to know such diverse people
in so many different businesses.
- Quite a lot of stuff.
- Yes.
- Morning.
- How is it?
Good, man. Come on in.
- Jesus, nice place.
- Welcome to beautiful Tiel.
There he is, Frans.
Look. This is my daughter's pride.
- Awesome.
- Cool, right?
Disc brakes, sports rims,
leather with stitching.
- Dare I ask?
- May I?
You anticipated it.
- Yes, come on.
- It suits you, Pat.
Watch this.
Solid, right?
Here we go.
- Why do you need a McLaren with this?
- Fun, isn't it?
There it is.
What I would love for the boot
is those air vents.
And I would love a different exhaust
that makes it sound just a bit creamier.
Do you have exhaust systems with carbon?
Nice that you like carbon too.
They always call me Patrick Carboni.
I think it's beautiful.
Open the lid, Frans.
- You're afraid of having too little space?
- Are you going to lose space in this?
How much space do you actually use?
- I'd like to you
- Pack a suitcase?
Drive to Spain in it with two carry-ons.
And what about water?
What water? That remains in
and you get fish with it.
Frans, give me a break.
If you do that and the exhaust
We'll see after that.
My father always said: 'Don't show off.
Just act normal, that's crazy enough.'
He abstained a lot, because he thought:
'what will the others think?'
I have a different approach.
What we're going to do
- Is take your child off you.
- Really?
Press down on it.
Nice, right? There are sunglasses
in the glove box if you need them.
I'm Tavi Castro.
To some I'm an entrepreneur,
fitness influencer and bodybuilder.
I was born in Guadalajara.
At age four I went to Canada
with my family.
We were very poor. I became a
talented soccer player there, actually.
I finally ended up in the Netherlands
when I was 15 years old.
My papers were not in order, so I couldn't
benefit from all opportunities.
I chose to go to university
and I studied Aerospace Engineering.
I went to train with friends from school.
You can imagine:
seven or eight super nerds,
running around TU Delft
at Aerospace Engineering
attaining incredible shape.
I started to coach people.
That led to Body Engineers.
Bodybuilding is one
of my greatest passions.
I have millions of followers
on social media.
In time people started asking me
about the clothes.
I wore them in my photos. My
clients who achieved transformations
wore them in their photos on social media.
We went from a turnover of 400,000
to four million in one year.
It's crazy. You have all the money
you need and the fame,
and yet you become super unhappy.
At that time I didn't exactly know why.
I had to focus on myself.
Because of a suicidal depression
I crashed my first Maserati.
I didn't sleep for three months.
I eventually taught one of my best friends
to take on my tasks as CEO.
That ultimately led to more
financial success and more growth.
And on top of that, and more importantly,
I have my peace.
We will be building Airbnb villas
in the jungle there.
I arranged a party for employees
and close friends
to celebrate going to Tulum.
If you don't come from a background
with lots of opportunities,
then you go back to where you came from.
That makes me super fulfilled and happy.
- It sounds good.
- The most beautiful sound, I think.
- Okay, so what is the idea?
- We are going to Mexico, to Tulum.
You can't drive cars like this down there.
- The roads are bad.
- I would think so.
I would like a Mad Max buggy.
Something to transport me
from my villa to the beach.
Something with four seats
and a proper sound system.
Maybe something to have a party with
out there in the jungle.
We're going for a buggy.
It must not get stuck,
it must have a good sound system.
Mad Max, it must be cool and tough.
Right. What's the budget?
- The car? Seriously?
- That's the budget.
All right, nice. The Maserati is worth
quite a bit, so it should be all right.
- We're going to make something awesome.
- Great.
No doubt.
I'm looking for Tavi Castro
and his family.
I have the right model here.
These are very nice toys.
It would be nice if we could find
a good track to go with it.
To test it.
Tavi came to us looking
for a four-seater buggy.
Those are seriously hard to find.
I've had one delivered
and we're testing it today.
I'm doing it with Lilla.
You didn't have one with a windscreen?
- That can be arranged.
- You're covered in dirt.
I think we're on to something,
but we have to test it.
We'll have to give it a try,
but it does look sick.
This is really great.
Are you ready for it?
- It feels sick already.
- Oh my god.
I think I'll put on a helmet.
- That's insane.
- What an animal, right?
I have never experienced this before.
I think this is just the one
we need for Tavi.
- Let's do it.
- Great.
It seems
that they don't have showers here,
so I'm going to rinse off in the water.
That's alright, isn't it?
On the one hand it's fantastic
that we have free rein,
but it complicates matters
at the same time.
So far, it's always gone super well.
But this one is unique in its kind.
For us it's possibly even more exclusive
than a Bugatti.
Our most extreme project, I think,
is the one for Tavi Castro.
It's a project that we haven't actually
done before,
but it does contain the elements
of speed, distinctness
and toughness,
which really fits Absolute Motors.
That windscreen is really important.
My eyes needed three days to recover.
It was bizarre.
And then there are
the all important loudspeakers.
We'll put those in.
Conclusion, next step?
Disassembly, I think.
- Good morning, guys.
- Morning.
It's nice to be here. I'm curious.
- Curious about what?
- How that one drives, and that one.
And about how my car turned out.
Shall we reveal it right away?
It's behind number seven.
Here it comes.
It's heavy, this door.
There it is. That's cool, man.
- Exactly what you said.
- Yes, great.
The carbon stands out more
and it breaks up the front.
Is it all carbon or just that bit?
- It's all carbon.
- Faster.
He is lighter. It will be a good race
on the track in a minute.
This is not the only visible element.
- The exhaust.
- Exactly. Fire it up.
- Are you ready for it?
- Yes, show me.
- Much better.
- A heavier sound.
Cool. Come on.
This is nice.
Really cool. I'm extremely happy with it.
I'm going to give you the keys.
We're going to drive a qualification lap.
Take it easy, then I can win.
- We're going to drive.
- Nice.
The first Absolute Motors Grand Prix
was held today at Zolder racetrack.
The system is simple:
We drive one lap with our supercar.
That determines what we will ride in
next, but that's still a surprise.
- You're going first, right?
- I'll start and set the fastest time.
- What time do you think you'll set?
- Under two minutes.
- I should hope so.
- I have no idea.
- What's normal here?
- How should I know?
I think the fastest here is 33 something.
- In Formula one.
- Yes.
We're not going for 33.
I'm going to set the fastest time.
Try to go under that.
- Try getting into that car first.
- I'll manage.
- He's very close to the wheel.
- Very close. Look at those arms.
You have to, otherwise he won't fit.
- Go and get ready.
- Do it yourself.
That's his advantage:
He has four-wheel drive.
Those corners are just a bit easier.
Drifting, why not.
Yes, yes, yes.
I'm curious. What do you think?
- I think I'll have to do my best.
- I think so too.
- Under two minutes.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
- I went to the bathroom twice already.
That's true.
- Frans, you're next.
- I must admit I'm getting a bit tense.
You should be.
- That was a quick start.
- Nice exhaust.
Shit, I'm starting to worry.
Well, well, well.
- There's not much in it.
- That's going to be tough.
- And?
- 1:36.
- We don't believe that.
- It's true.
We'll check that in a moment.
I did see that you were fast.
It went well. A few times it was close.
The rear slid out underneath me.
- If only you'd gone a little too far.
- No. Why?
- Now it gets exciting.
- You want to sell me a new car.
I don't care if I'm third,
I'm enjoying it.
I'm having fun,
but I would like to be first.
I understand.
Nice corner.
That was close.
The interior is falling out.
- Look at this.
- At what?
- The interior fell out on the way.
- No, stop it.
I did my best.
- What is that?
- The back panel.
Get out and we'll check the times.
I'm starting to get curious.
Are you kidding?
This one's from my family.
They're show people.
I'd like to drive this, actually.
We're taking the tractor, boy.
I think I'll manage.
- I used to have a Solex.
- Good, then it's yours.
- It doesn't really matter.
- I don't want this one.
No way, I don't want to be on this.
That's uncool. It's just a bicycle.
So, first, third
and second takes the tractor.
Alright, boys.
You have got to be kidding.
- Rowan.
- Yes.
You took one minute 54,72.
Frans did it in one minute 57,97.
- That's close.
- Alright.
Kenneth did it in one minute 49,22.
- He cheated.
- Yes, he didn't hold back.
That means I take the big boy and you can
wear the old leather jacket.
- I want to drive right now.
- Do you need any help?
- Let's take a look.
- Do you know how to get on?
- I'm ready for it.
- You look like an old Nazi.
Oh, my boy.
This is bad.
Where are you?
You're disqualified.
- Out of my way.
- No way.
- I'm not stopping.
- Take your best shot.
You dirty
That's fun.
You, third.
Disqualified twice, you.
- You lost.
- Yes, whatever.
You guys aren't normal.
- Why?
- You cut the corners.
First you drive on the grass
and then where you're not allowed.
- You think you can win?
- Not in this way, no.
The worst is my arse hurts.
There's no suspension.
- Yes, it's under there.
- The suspension was working in 1948.
If you had played it fair, neither of you
would have stood a chance.
So, what's the score?
I'm first because you two were cheating.
- The first at the back.
- I get the trophy?
Ladies and gentlemen, cheers.
I had a great day.
Yes, cheers.
I won't drink with you.
After all that squirting
- We still have an hour.
- We do, right?
- De track is empty and dry.
- Let's step on it.
Let's go for it.
If you follow my line
you'll have a good time as well.
Let's go for it.
- Memphis has a fat Wraith.
- A fat ass?
I'm speechless, man.
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