Dutch Wheels (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- We're going to Mexico, to Tulum.
- Okay.
But over there,
you can't drive cars such as these.
I would like a Mad Max buggy.
What's the budget?
The car?
- That's the budget.
- Seriously?
Memphis has a big Wraith.
Sounds like big ass in Dutch.
"Dikke reet."
This is insane, man.
Nice, huh?
My name is Steven Bergwijn.
I am 23 years old.
How I became a football player
My uncles also played football.
My whole family is into sports, really.
I started playing at Waterwijk.
When I was seven, I went to Ajax.
I played there for six years.
And then I transferred to PSV.
And a year later I made my way to Spurs.
That is such a big club.
When they want you, you don't say no.
I grew up in Almere Buiten.
Edgar, here.
He is not
We used to play here,
but back then it was just grass
with wooden posts and
Kind of like that, with divots everywhere.
We've spent many an hour here.
Doing kick-ups
It wasn't particularly easy
for my parents.
It was pretty heavy for them at first.
Getting up really early.
We had to get up around half past five.
My father slept in the car
while I had practice.
And after that back to school.
Every day the same routine.
I wouldn't be here without my parents,
so I want to treat them.
- There.
- He's gonna run.
Run to randma.
If I can make them happy
with beautiful things
Yes, that makes me proud, of course.
I got my love for cars from my father,
I think.
My father drives this G-Wagon.
It used to be mine.
I think he's waiting for his McLaren.
A real car lover.
How much money do you have?
Me? Not that much. I spend it all on cars.
Yeah, the Wraith When that one comes,
I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it.
The standard Rolls-Royce is
The standard model is more
like a grandfather's car.
But if you lower it, bodykit,
and change the interior,
you can make it a lot cooler.
You see a lot of them around nowadays,
so you have to do something special.
- Can you take us for a spin?
- A spin?
- Yeah.
- Yes, to
You guys can sit in it,
but I do have to go soon.
Full throttle.
We've been in Tulum for two months now.
Exactly two months today. Yeah.
It's a very small town
with a gorgeous beach.
There's the nightlife here.
But there's also a spiritual side.
Everything we imagined Tulum to be
is the way it is in real life.
So no complaints there.
Funny things is that in the Netherlands
I almost never rode a bike,
but here I take the bike
to pick up Avia from school,
to get groceries, to go to the beach
But of course,
that's also because of the roads.
I'm incredibly proud.
Every day she learns new Spanish words
in school.
She likes the weather and being outside,
the animals And she loves swimming.
There is no place on Earth
I am Ferano Sharman,
owner of True Sneakerz.
Currently we're located
in the HQ of Absolute Motors.
Absolute wants to get in touch
with football players.
They're already part of our client base.
I played football for years.
So during my childhood,
I came in contact with all these guys
and played football with some of them.
It's nice that we can form
a partnership now.
- Stevie, how's it hanging?
- All cool.
- Nice. Good to see you, man.
- For real.
- Patrick.
- Hey, Steven.
- You good?
- Yeah, man.
- Hey man, how are you?
- Good.
How are you, buddy?
Steve, I heard that you have
a certain wish.
- Yeah.
- A wish with four wheels.
- Yeah.
- Something awesome.
What would you like for me
to get you this time?
A Wraith. A Rolls-Royce.
- Rolls-Royce Wraith.
- Yes.
With a customized interior.
Interior roof lights.
Lower it.
- So everything. Exhaust
- The whole shebang.
- Exhaust, wheels
- Yeah.
And do you have an example
of what you would like?
Yeah, what Memphis has.
He has a big Wraith.
Sounds like big ass in Dutch.
"Dikke reet."
Did I say that? "Reet"?
And you wants this as an addition
to your other cars?
- Yeah, so you can alternate a bit.
- Alternate.
The roads in Tulum are very rough.
With giant potholes, cracks and big rocks.
The risk of damaging your car
is pretty high.
Fortunately I have good contacts
at Absolute Motors that can help me out.
I think that those guys can create
something very special for me.
The best part is that it will be made
special for this place,
so it will really come in handy.
Super cool.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Steven, man. On your birthday.
Yeah, it's perfect.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
You have customized this car
all by yourself,
so we wanted to get a bottle
that matches it.
This one matches it for sure.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
And matching sneakers as well, Steve.
- Wow, man. Perfect.
- Enjoy.
Can I open it?
- Fine by me.
- Of course.
- Wow. These really match well.
- Very classy.
And now for the best gift.
I've been waiting for this for so long.
There we go.
This is insane.
Bro I'm at a loss for words.
I don't know what to say, man.
This is really insane.
It's really awesome.
The best one in the Netherlands?
- Without a doubt
- In Europe?
- Absolutely.
- No doubt.
When I saw the one that Memphis has,
I thought, one day I'll have one of these.
It's exactly what I communicated
to Thomas.
This is a nice birthday gift.
It's a brilliant birthday gift.
- I hadn't even seen this yet.
- Nice, right?
Thanks, man.
- It was a lot of fun to do this for you.
- Buddy.
Pretty, huh?
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
For me,
the 812 is the raddest Ferrari there is.
I started playing at Ajax
when I was eight.
And now I'm here,
in the beautiful south of France.
- Oh, yeah
- Three, two, one. Go.
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