Dutch Wheels (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

The 812. To me it's
the most brutal Ferrari there is.
And I want it to be more brutal.
I started at Ajax
when I was eight years old
and now I'm here
in the beautiful South of France.
But I also like a very flashy
musclecar, you know.
Three, two, one, go.
My name is Andreas Hadjitofi.
I was born and raised in The Hague
and I'm 31 years old.
To me the 812 is the most brutal Ferrari.
That's because it has
the Ferrari V12 front mid engine
with the F1 transmission
and dual-clutch gearbox.
And I want it even more brutal.
My father was born in England. He
comes from a family of guest workers.
My mother is a refugee from Cyprus.
Eventually they came to
the Netherlands, 40 years ago.
We had our challenges,
because my mother went through war.
I think that that feeling, how we grew up
like "Tomorrow you could have
nothing," that stayed with us.
I've always lived in a sort of
No matter where you're from,
it's about what you do with it
and who you are.
What's important is I've always felt
a very strong love for my parents.
Because as a rule they gave me everything.
And my parents live abroad now
because I was able to give them
financial freedom.
In the past eight years I've worked
hard for that in the HR sector.
But when I actually
arrived in the Ferrari
You see your Mom smiling and your Dad too.
And then of course they tell you
they're very proud of you.
In the end it's really nice to know
that you can go from having nothing
to having a Ferrari one day later,
if you know what I mean.
It may be just a car but to me it's a sign
of what I went through
and what my family went through.
And I'll always cherish this experience
and later on I'll give it back
to my family.
I'm Ferano Sharman,
owner of True Sneakerz.
True Sneakerz has evolved from a
hobby, the love for sneakers, in 2015.
Through the years I got to know
Patrick, then a client of mine
and a client of Kenneth,
owner of Absolute Motors.
He introduced us.
Together we built this.
Clients who can afford these cars
can also afford the shoes.
But clients who come and buy my shoes
are often the people with nice cars,
who can have their cars done.
So this interaction only reinforces
both companies.
I've played soccer for years
and Amsterdam is really small.
If you play soccer
you'll meet most people.
Like Justin Kluivert,
Steven Bergwijn, Kenny Tete.
Those are all my customers.
They're friends, too
aside from business. They're having
their cars done by Absolute as well.
- Kenny, bro.
- How are you?
I'm Kenny Tete. I'm 26,
I was born in Amsterdam.
Right now I live in London.
I play for Fulham.
When I signed my first
serious contract with Ajax
I knew what I would buy first.
It's great to think of it now.
I'd never do that now.
I just went on AutoScout and bought a car.
- You bought a new car, I understand.
- Tell us, what have you got?
I bought a GLE. But actually
I want something extra.
You want to add something.
A bit more brutal, a bit more aggressive.
Just nice and flashy.
Look, you can enjoy a very nice car
but I just like a very flashy
Just a flashy musclecar
is great to see as well, see.
Just one thing comes to mind.
I saw it this week,
that's when it came out. Brabus.
- I think you had it in mind too.
- I saw it, yeah.
Yes, super brutal. I saw it on a dark
one. But the lighter one I think is
- It's got something, right?
- Yes, I do like it better.
- With the carbon it's
- It accentuates it more.
Details? Or do you want us
I say "go right ahead."
You'll do a good job.
- Well-balanced.
- Right?
When I was very young I actually
started learning all car brands.
From a very young age I could say
"That's a BMW, that's a Mercedes."
If kids come up to me, as they often
do and say: "gas, gas.
I recognize myself in them.
It doesn't give me goosebumps
but I do remember
how I was looking at those cars.
"Sir, sir. Gas, gas."
So I'll give some extra gas for them.
We'll arrange that for you.
When I'm driving through
the mountains with that blue sky
and some music in the background,
it's just great.
I feel lucky that this
has all crossed my path.
The lessons he learned
he's now teaching me
and when I listen to him
it's like this was meant to be
I'm Justin Kluivert, 22 years old,
and I play for OGC Nice.
One, two No.
You think that's funny, right?
I started at Ajax when I was eight years
old, all the way up to the first team.
Then I went to Italy for two years,
and now I'm here
in the beautiful South of France.
Of course people always
compared me with my Dad.
I don't feel like that's ever bothered me,
because it would always motivate me.
You've got to work very hard
for it, which I certainly did
to be where I'm now.
And still I work hard every day.
When I'm doing well on the field
I have more fun outside the field.
And you do drive better.
My ride is a G63 AMG, Nardo Grey.
The way the G class looks
is just mind-blowing.
It emanates class. If it makes
the right sound and looks good
with a special colour,
I like that very much.
My man. Everything alright?
- Good to see you.
- The feeling is mutual.
I'm Patrick Meijer. I'm really
a jack-of-all-trades at Absolute.
We're not just a tuning shop.
We don't just add a spoiler to your car.
We do very unique things, every day.
We'll take it to extremes.
- We couldn't come empty-handed.
- Personalized, right?
Burgundy on the inside, like your car.
Nice of you to invite us
to come and collect your car.
I'd like something unique, like I said.
Especially nice carbon,
and everything around it is nice.
The interior is burgundy.
- My brake disc is now red.
- Yes, standard red.
If it's burgundy too,
with "JK99" engraved in it
that'll be beautiful.
A red belt and stars in the roof.
- On the inside.
- Starry night.
That's something unique. Yeah, sure.
- Shall we walk up there?
- Sure.
- There it is.
- In the sun, the colour
I didn't tell you. When I came
out of the parking garage
- You've got to be kidding.
- Those garages are so narrow.
It takes some getting used to.
We'll solve it.
- I'll hand you the key.
- I think Fer is driving.
- You're going to chill?
- He can chauffeur me.
- You're so right.
- Thanks, mate. We'll be in touch.
- Mate.
- Take it easy.
- Good to see you.
- Certainly.
I'll be jogging back, I think.
I tried to manoeuvre
out of my garage quickly,
and I went a bit too fast.
But we're here now, so. Shit happens.
- Here we are.
- Great.
I'm Jeroen van den Berg
and I've got a passion for cars.
I've got a large supply of cars.
And Patrick knows how to make those
a bit nicer still, with minor details.
- This one just came in.
- The GT.
What a beast this is.
AM Plus. It's important to explain.
That if you're looking for a new car
and you go to a dealer
often they don't have the car in stock.
You'll have to configure it and after that
you need to wait for a long time.
AM Plus. It should look
like a sort of toy store
with rows and rows of nice cars.
If we've got those kinds of cars ready
If you spend 100,000, 200,000
or 300,000 euro on a car,
you don't want to wait.
If those people see it standing there
they want to have it.
At AM Plus that's possible.
That it's in stock. If you go to a dealer
you need to wait for a year.
- Not here.
- Here you can just take it home.
We bought the first five Defenders
and two RSSs,
and three Range Rovers.
That was our first stock.
- Great. Thanks.
- Well, tiger.
I think the 812 is genuinely big.
Especially with the matte finish.
Glossy carbon.
And the sound of a T-Rex.
- That's what they say themselves, right?
- Yes.
But it's a good comparison, I think
because it's a prehistorically big sound.
Yo. Good to see you.
- How are you?
- Very well.
- Andreas.
- God damnit.
- What a great day.
- The moment.
- Are you nervous?
- Very nervous.
- Why am I here?
- Well.
It's a bit of a strange location.
You'll see in a moment. We're going
to do something really spectacular.
Now I'm getting more nervous.
I haven't seen my V12 dinosaur in a while.
- You missed it, right?
- Very much so.
- Are you excited?
- Of course.
We're very excited. Because
we only have great things today.
Yes, this is the moment to see
what it's really like.
We won't wait then.
Oh, my god.
Ah, fuck.
Yes, happy?
I think we should take it out.
- Da shit, man.
- So you can do a walkaround.
You'll go nuts in a moment.
- What a beast.
- Look at those lines.
What a beast.
This feels crazy.
It doesn't feel like my car.
It's like you've never
seen the car before.
Check what it looks like.
Wow, man.
This is crazy, right?
Let's start with the front.
That's one of the biggest
updates, looks-wise.
- Yes.
- The nose is completely different.
Everything comes together now.
As I said, it's perfect.
Is it finished now?
All I need is the remote control and then
Now you've got the remote.
I think on two
This is crazy, right?
This isn't normal.
- It's a real car.
- This is really
Nothing better than this, right?
And now for the surprise effect.
Are you ready?
You've now got 800 horsepower,
due to the modified exhaust.
- We've arranged something with 900 hp.
- A hypercar?
Any moment now, the 900 horsepower
machine will arrive
that we're building. Over water.
- So a boat with 900 horsepower.
- Exactly.
Look, there it comes.
It's fast.
And you want me to race that?
Bizarre. It's going really fast.
So we'll do what the boat does now.
- We'll create a rolling start.
- Yes.
And from the straight part
we'll do the quarter mile,
and see who finishes first.
I love it, but I'm quite nervous though.
- I'll get on board.
- Then I will join you.
Let's hope I keep it in one piece.
Good luck.
- Good luck.
- And you.
I can see it coming. I see you.
There's my baby.
The colour is cool, right?
- Look inside, Jus.
- Crazy, man.
Those seatbelts really take the cake.
This too. This was black.
Crazy. The details are
completely right now.
- It's you. Thanks, man.
- As always.
I must say, there's no better
location to deal a car.
This is it, man. In Monaco,
by the big boats. It's all you need.
- Let's go for a ride.
- Let's go.
Right? Show me Monaco.
Our new company is
in operation now, AM Plus.
Due to lack of space some of
the business we do is fragmented.
Our concept was to have
everything under one roof.
And so AM Plus will be located here.
So take this Defender.
This is a bit of an Urban.
But you might like it as a standard.
We'll have it in stock
so customers can buy the car here.
Our workshop will be located here.
We've got some more nice things,
like our sneaker business.
We'll expand that.
I think in a few months we'll be
standing in a nice building here.
We wanted to realize
a dream of ours in our old building.
We've pulled out all stops to do so.
We've succeeded,
and we want to upscale that here.
I think we'll succeed at that too.
Look at him, there he is.
Welcome, welcome. At last.
- Exciting, right.
- Yes.
- I'm excited.
- Are you?
- Yes, I can't
- You've been waiting for a long time.
- You can take it off now.
- Yes, can we? Alright.
Let's see it.
Here we go.
- It's flashy.
- Plenty flashy.
It's flashy.
- But in a chic way.
- That's what I wanted.
- Chic flashy.
- Beautiful. The colour too.
- Cool, man.
- If you drive up with this
The full Brabus package.
- Those rims jump at you.
- Gnarly. Big wheels.
We've given the brake calipers
the Brabus branding.
Yes, yes. Great big flashy car, man.
- Sure.
- Front lip.
Yes. All logos of course.
I really like the threshold changing
to the colour of the interior lights.
And the flashiest of all may be the back.
- That spoiler. Quite sizeable.
- Yes, a flashy back.
Why don't you get in, have a seat.
Just give it a start.
A step up, sound-wise.
Really. With such a project,
such a car. If you drive up with this
And the fact that
you're the first in Europe
who could have this package on your car.
- Awesome.
- It's the best.
I'm really stoked, man.
I feel like a little kid again.
We're going parallell to the Revolt,
around the bend.
- Yes.
- Then I count to three.
- Yes.
- And then full throttle
until the next pylon
and then we've done the quarter mile.
- And I do hope we'll win.
- I hope so too.
Are you ready? Tyres heated up,
engines heated up?
We're hot. How are you guys?
We're hot too. Nice weather.
We're going around the bend.
Then I'll count to three,
and then I hope you guys have some power.
So you guys get going.
- We'll keep an eye on you.
- Right, will do.
Start counting.
Three, two, one, go.
We won.
- Holy shit.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, yes. We did well, Rowan.
- They did a bit less.
- That was really close.
- What an adventure.
- Well, close.
That's how I experienced it.
That was really unique.
First I came to collect my car which
looks amazing and sounds amazing.
And then I've never done such a thing
- against a 900 horsepower boat.
- More like 950.
This thing is very, very awesome.
A nice car calls for a bit of celebration.
It's all about the experience.
Cooperating with Kenneth we
come up with new ideas every day.
And that may lead
to different things every year.
Ready? Then I'm off, guys.
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