Dynasty (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

I Hardly Recognized You

1 FALLON: Like it or not, we live in an age of dynasties.
Who else can you trust to run the family business except family? I'm a Carrington.
And our business is literally power.
If you drove a car today, charged your cell phone, or made breakfast, chances are Carrington Atlantic had something to do with it.
For generations, this has been our dynasty.
And today, my father gives it to me.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm young.
I haven't earned words like "finally.
" But don't underestimate me.
Like these mansplainers in Denver did.
It's complicated, but, basically, this company, Windbriar, overexpanded.
We're talking nearly a billion in assets.
FALLON: This is why I deserve that promotion.
Every day, I take one man's dirt and turn it into diamonds.
And digging up insider info is even easier when they assume you work for the airline.
Way to scare away the stewardess.
FALLON: Instead of owning the plane.
Look into what Windbriar wants for an opening bid, not just the operation, the land.
Also, find out who employs the D-bags who leaked it.
They should learn my name before they're fired.
I know a lot about being overlooked.
Our father wanted my brother Steven to follow in his footsteps.
And I wasn't the most obvious candidate at first.
Yo, fellas, you want some? Come and get some Doper than dope rhymes so I can hit some But as it turned out, Steven had his own path to take.
- Lips, hips and thighs.
- Fallon! - FALLON: A rocky trail to the middle of nowhere.
- (phone ringing) - As far as he could get from my father.
- - He started it.
- Dad would beg to differ.
He was literally planning to frack a native burial ground.
Okay? That sounds like a joke.
Okay, well, there was nothing funny about the $600 million your protest cost him.
Face it, you'll never see eye to eye on this, but there's something you'll always be able to agree on, and that is your love for me.
Come home.
- If you haven't figured it out already, - my father's kind of old-school.
He made his fortune doing deals with old white guys at private clubs.
And he refuses to accept the world around him is changing.
Flores, you were a voice of dissent? Ryan said you had thoughts about - about his investor video.
- The presentation should talk about how we're training the engineers of the future by sponsoring STEM classes in public schools.
Or developing worker safety programs Now, this is the part when I say, "Then let's talk about that.
" And then you try to embarrass me in front of the entire room because we don't even have those programs.
What you're really trying to say, Ms.
Flores, is that it's not just this video that's out of touch, it's me.
Not you, the company.
Same thing.
FALLON: As for the idea that the future is female? Well, Daddy likes to say, "The future's not here yet.
" But he's wrong about that.
Welcome home.
How was Denver? I missed the heat.
Trust me, it wasn't as hot without you here.
Straight to the manor? I'm open to a detour.
Flores? Mr.
Carrington asked to see you.
Can't say I'm surprised.
But he already left.
He wants you to meet him at his home office.
Do you think he heard about those accounts I poached in Dallas? Or that Exxon Mobil tried to poach me? I mean, he must know I'm invaluable.
Can we stop talking about your father for a minute? Kind of makes it hard to concentrate.
I'm sorry.
It's just I've spent five years preparing for this.
What if he doesn't give you this job, Fallon? He always disappoints you.
You know what's disappointing? All this talking.
Come in.
He's waiting in the study.
Alice said you wanted to see me? If you're hoping to hear how Ryan and I worked it out, we didn't.
Why would you? I fired him.
Because of me? Because we need new ideas.
I assume you have project proposals for the STEM thing? The worker safety program? I may have something drafted on my laptop.
Two steps ahead.
Have it on my desk first thing Monday.
Is that all? - Not quite.
- (door opens) (dog barking) Oh, Bo! (gasps) Oh, I'm home.
I'm home.
(chuckles) (gasps) And so are you.
I can't believe that old Cessna actually made it over the ocean.
I can't believe you just spent the median household income on jet fuel.
Fresh-baked cookies are worth it.
(chuckles) When the revolution happens, it'll be your head they come for first.
Oh, I'll be sure to get my hair done.
Sooner the better.
How did I beat you back here? Um I took the scenic route.
Thank you for coming home for me.
Actually, Dad called me after you did.
I know.
- Maybe he's dying.
- (chuckles) Fallon, Steven? I didn't know your father was expecting you two.
Especially you.
I come for the hospitality.
Dad asked us.
He said you never responded.
- This is our response.
- Where is he? In a meeting.
- - Fallon, don't Wait.
Hey, guess who's Oh, my God! - (gasps) - What the hell are you doing here? Who the hell are you doing here? I think she works for the company.
Whoa, these are your - Hi, Daddy.
- your children.
- And you are? - Looking for a promotion.
BLAKE: Fallon.
This obviously isn't how I intended for you all to meet, but Why would we be meeting at all? Fallon, Steven, this is Cristal.
My fiancée.
So this is a nice surprise.
I'm usually the one that makes things awkward around here.
- Well, I'm happy to relieve you of that burden.
- Why didn't you call me back? If I had any idea you were coming, I I'm not sure why you're so surprised.
You asked us to come back When was the last time you did anything I asked you to? Oh, Dad.
Stop acting as if you don't bang all of your girlfriends in front of us.
I've heard so much about you two.
And we've heard nothing about you.
Well, that's why I called.
I want you to get to know Cristal before the engagement party this Sunday.
So you've told other people? Other people called me back.
It happened so fast.
Cristal's been an associate in PR for four years now.
But she's only recently caught my attention.
She hasn't let go.
At least now we know what happened to Kim Kardashian's stolen ring.
- Fallon.
- STEVEN: Yeah.
That's ridiculous, they arrested those guys.
BLAKE: You, - not helping.
- You're right, Daddy.
There's no point in getting upset.
It's only an engagement.
Anything can happen.
I'm sorry.
Let me go talk to her.
(chuckles softly) Forgive my sister.
She thought she was getting a promotion, not a stepmother.
And what did you think? That I was getting an apology.
I'm not sure which of us was more wrong.
He really didn't mention we were dating? He stopped bragging about his girlfriends once he realized it wouldn't make me any straighter.
Whose idea was it to call me? I wanted to meet you.
To see how Blake Carrington could spawn a bleeding-heart liberal? No.
I told him family is everything.
And when things get tough, you don't give up, you fight harder.
And you think he actually believes that? Well, he called you, didn't he? Fallon I could only imagine what Mom would say about your child bride.
Your mother forfeited the right to an opinion a long time ago.
If I had called you and told you over the phone, would you have come home? Well, why'd you think I called? (sighs) Oh.
You heard I was hiring a new C.
You were my age when your father handed you the company.
He didn't hand it to me, I earned it.
Did you know Windbriar Energy is going under? Today at the airport, these two guys were bragging about their plan to save it, right in front of me.
They didn't know who you were? They thought I was a flight attendant.
Well, they underestimated you.
I don't, and that's why I made you head of acquisitions last year.
Now can we please stop talking business? This weekend is a new chapter for our family.
And you and Cristal are the two most important women in my life.
- Bet you have a lot more in common than you think.
- Hmm.
I wouldn't take that bet.
You're not gonna scare this one off, Fallon.
We're getting married.
He swore he'd never marry again.
- Eh, people change.
- Not on their own.
He didn't even react to my Windbriar tip.
Because that was your idea and not his.
Did you know he just entered a bidding war for the Braves? He hates baseball.
Not as much as he hates Jeff Colby, who he is bidding against.
You're kidding.
What do you want for that? You're gonna help me and not ask for anything in return? I don't need anything.
You live in a barn.
It's a stable house.
You drive an old white guy around all day.
He pays me $200K a year, and I'm banging his daughter.
Then tell me what else you've learned from the front seat.
Who is Cristal Flores? Other than a woman who drives herself, don't know.
Well, my dad said get to know her, so that's what I need you to do.
("Rebel Rebel" playing) I would say there's no way that's real But except it's Blake effing Carrington.
You guys have only been together for, what, three months? Four.
I didn't even know it was over with Matthew.
I'm not sure Matthew does, either.
You have to tell him.
LIBBY: She doesn't owe him anything.
He was never leaving Claudia.
Well, that's because he didn't want her to be alone which is exactly why I loved him.
Point is, you were in love.
You can't just give up on that.
I'm sure you can.
I did, and let me tell you, there have been wild advances in vibrator tech.
Guys, I love Blake.
Okay? I do.
He's smart, he's worldly, challenging.
He likes that I'm challenging and that I can't be bought.
I have champagne for Cristal.
The note said Mr.
Carrington had it sent over - for your celebration.
- (Libby laughs) There's a crate full of it.
Send it back, please.
Leave it.
She can't be bought.
I can.
(chuckles) Thank you.
You know I just want you to be happy.
If you're sure about Blake, I won't bring up Matthew's name again.
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.
It's good to have you back home.
See how long it takes you to kick me out this time.
I didn't kick you out.
You left.
But that's behind us, and I hope you'll stay as long as you like.
Cristal seems nice.
That wasn't sarcasm.
I really like her.
Me, too.
You know, I have to confess.
I didn't just call you here to meet her.
I came across a lead that I'd like you to pursue.
- Dad, can we not? - What? You said you'd never return to Carrington Atlantic unless we balanced our portfolio with 50% renewable energy.
- And you laughed in my face.
- I shouldn't have.
Bill Prather has a massive site for sale up in Floyd County.
I'd like you to meet with him on my behalf.
Given your common interests, I think you'd be more persuasive.
What's the company called? Windbriar.
You heard of it? All right, guys.
See you tomorrow.
CRISTAL: Matthew.
Can we talk? Why'd you really come down here? You don't owe me this.
I wanted you to hear it from me, so there'd be no confusion.
And being here alone with you, that's not confusing at all.
Just tell me what you want me to say.
(Blake and Cristal moaning) (Cristal giggling) You have the best bed ever.
Oh, it's better with you in it.
(chuckles) You were in late last night.
I always lose track of time when I'm with my girlfriends.
Maybe if you hadn't have sent us that crate of champagne.
Hey, hey, where are you going? Didn't you read that itinerary Anders sent us last night? 10:00 a.
: engagement photos, topiary garden.
- Check your phone.
- (groans lightly) I'm gonna need some coffee.
WOMAN: We have the actual count.
ANDERS: Skip the Baccarat.
If the head count is 190, use the Waterford.
190 people? Blake said this was gonna be a small get-together.
That is small.
Well, at least we'll be outside.
We'll be in the ballroom.
Carrington prefers the ballroom.
Can I talk to you? I know you've been doing this a long time and I don't want to tell you how to do your job.
No, please.
I am so curious.
None of my friends care about stemware, and they'll make fun of me if they know I live in a house with an actual ballroom.
Your friends amount to about one percent of the guest list.
This is for the 99%.
That's ironic.
Listen, can we at least do it outside? And I'll take Bowie on Spotify over string quartet.
And how about some wildflowers? I'll have the gardeners save whatever weeds they dig up.
That should be enough to get you started.
Your new boss seems great.
CLAUDIA: How long have I been inside this house? You went out yesterday.
You mean how long have we lived here? Mm-hmm.
Almost 13 years, I think.
That's unlucky.
(chuckles) Good morning, Claudia.
How we doing? Good, good, yeah, I mean I know what the doctors are saying, but she's been, like, really alert this week.
That's how it goes.
Some days will be better than others.
I got it from here.
(phone ringing and buzzing) Beautiful.
Now let's get a few of Cristal alone.
Can I get a little more fill on her face? Which one? How can you stand this after what I told you? A temper gets you nowhere, Fallon.
You need patience and a strategy.
How is this a strategy? PHOTOGRAPHER: And turn.
Thank you for meeting me.
It's a multitasking kind of day.
You've met my fiancée, Cristal.
Cristal is an associate in PR.
Matthew is my best field engineer.
I I don't believe we have met.
Haven't you? Recently, in fact? You were in a PR video - Cristal's team put together.
- MATTHEW: Oh, right.
(chuckles) - Thought you seemed familiar.
- That's right.
Well, uh, congratulations.
Excuse us a minute, will you, honey? This won't take long.
You've heard about his wife, haven't you? That man must be a saint.
We'll send our lead engineer to survey the plant in case Forgive me.
What exactly is your role at Carrington Atlantic? I'm actually no longer with the company in an official capacity.
You've heard of my father's efforts to bring fracking into Georgia? (laughing): Yeah, the protests against it, yeah.
Which I funded.
All I wanted was a compromise.
My father refused and then he lost a lot of money, his respect within the community, and he'd say his son.
As far as my role, I guess I'm the black sheep looking to come home to greener pastures.
Usually I'd be wary of selling to Carrington, but the idea that I could play a part in the company going green with you Let's do it.
My father will be in touch.
MAN: Not your type? The ones my dad picks never are.
All you ever do is wait And would your dad pick me? Far across the sea The man spent half his life Never.
I'm seeing Jeff Colby tonight.
The tech guru.
He used to work in I.
Daddy hates him.
Hate's a strong word.
While Jeff was at C.
, he developed the music software that would go on to earn him his first billion.
Technically, we should have owned it, but a judge disagreed.
Okay, I guess I do hate him.
Friend of hers' older brother.
Bit of a charity case.
Tried to give the kid a break.
Just goes to show, you never know who's gonna stab you in the back.
(door closes) Hey.
You're missing all the fun, Steven.
I had a date.
A date? I didn't know.
Neither did I.
When you said we had "common interests" I didn't realize you were whoring me out, Dad.
- Can this wait till after dinner? - It's fine.
I'd be more pissed if he hadn't agreed to let us tour Windbriar.
What? - I gave you that tip.
- And you sent Steven? BLAKE: When striking any deal, you send in whoever makes the client feel most comfortable.
Is that so wrong? FALLON: I bet he sent you to Prather with the promise of going solar.
But did he happen to mention that Windbriar's largest site is smack in the middle of a shale field? 800 acres of frackable land.
That's why I brought it to him.
Is that true? There's a lot to work out.
Actually, there's not.
You used us both.
And why? We could've worked together on this.
Steven wouldn't have gone out there, and you would've been jealous that I asked him.
We would've fought either way.
At least, now, we have a deal on the table for Windbriar.
In case you ever wondered why my dad is so successful, it's because he's a genius at making you feel like he's acting in your best interest, when really it's all about him.
- Steven? - (door closes) I'm sorry you had to witness that.
Fallon's right.
About how you manipulate people.
Matthew coming by today? Was that some sort of test? Oh, is that why you've been so quiet? Someone spotted you two last night.
I didn't want to believe it.
You could have asked me.
Well, I wanted to see you together myself.
Because if I had just told you it was over, that wouldn't have been enough? You didn't tell me.
You said you were going out - with your girlfriends.
- I did.
- But then I went to - See him one last time? Yes.
To tell him I loved you.
"Loved"? Like Fallon said, it's not worth getting upset about.
It's only an engagement.
- What is that supposed to mean? - You'll figure it out.
You're Blake effing Carrington.
He saw that photo, and he didn't dump her ass on the spot? We both know my father deals with things in his own screwed up way.
The good news is, too much damage has been done for it not to fall apart.
(car approaching) I want you And when it does, I'll be ready to pick up the pieces.
I want you so badly Wish me luck.
(car door closes) I'll need you FALLON: Jeff Colby.
- Hey.
- I need your air to breathe All right, we have you in our penthouse suite.
Will you be needing one key or two? Two, please.
Is it savage? This feeling inside JEFF: I got to say, I was, uh I was surprised you called.
I always assumed you were friends with my sister because you thought hanging with the financial aid kids made you seem edgy.
And you think a billion dollars later, you've lost your edge? All I know is, no matter how many zeros in my bank account, the hottest girl from high school never loses her mystique.
You have the second highest bid on the Braves.
Right now, Reuther Capital is outbidding both you and my father.
So neither of you will win.
Not alone.
But if Colby Co.
and Carrington Atlantic were to pool their resources, say, my dad gets naming rights to the new stadium and you get the team You know, I should've known you only wanted to talk work.
You don't know any other way to get off, do you? Oh, I know lots of ways.
Then why isn't that what we're negotiating? I'm not crazy Think about it.
I'm just out of my mind.
(children clamoring in distance) (knocking on door) Yeah, I know this is unexpected.
You, outside of Buckhead? Extremely.
I come in peace.
And alone, I promise.
No parade of flowers or crates of champagne, just just a simple apology.
Anders isn't out front with his string quartet? I'll make him wait in the van.
(birds chirping) You're working on Sunday? Well, you wanted those proposals on your desk by tomorrow.
We had a fight.
I didn't think it meant I got fired.
I'm sorry.
I didn't confront you about Matthew because I was afraid of losing you.
You have to trust me.
You know, trust doesn't come easy to Carringtons.
But if I can learn, there's hope for Fallon, too.
If I didn't tell you, she would.
She was the one who saw you.
She was just trying to protect me.
By sabotaging us? All I want is for you and Fallon to get along.
How can we? She'll never see me as anything but the girl you're banging.
She doesn't respect me.
Well, she will.
I would like to make a counterproposal to my proposal.
Ah! Yeah yeah (laughter) I'm gonna hit the shower.
Oh, no I want to lay and braid your hair Under the sheets all day You suckered me inside Your cotton candy surprise I want to keep the lights on And play with you all night All my best friends say You are the worst thing That happened to me All my best friends say You are the worst thing That happened to me - Are you in the city? - Yeah - Are you on the other side? - Yeah - Are you in the city? - Yeah - Are you on the other side? - Yeah - Are you in the city? - Yeah - Are you on the other side? - Yeah - Are you in the city? - Yeah Are you on the other side? All my best friends say You are the worst thing That happened to me All my best friends Say you are the worst thing That happened to me.
You look so elegant, I hardly recognized you.
A moment with the bride, please? Hmm.
It was Blake's idea.
We were already having a party, so he thought, why wait? But something tells me you hate surprises.
Oh, that's not what I hate.
(sighs) You should be having this conversation with your father.
After Matthew, I thought we were done talking about you.
Actually, thanks to your stalking, your dad and I are closer than ever.
We've moved up the wedding day, obviously, but we have another announcement, too.
Now, don't tell me you're pregnant.
What, you let him knock you up, so you could lock him down? Fallon.
That is no way to talk to your new boss.
That's right.
He offered me the C.
That was supposed to be mine.
Which is why I turned it down the first time.
Then I met you.
(shouting, grunting) CRISTAL: Let go, bitch! Get off of me! There will be plenty of time for this after the wedding.
Bite me, Cristal.
Call me "Mom.
" - She isn't family.
- She will be soon.
It's not the same thing.
Look at everyone we know: the Kochs, the Murdochs, the president Dad voted for.
All of those businesses were passed down to the next generation.
Also worth noting: all of those people are evil.
Family dynasties flow through blood, from parent to child.
Wives? (scoffs) They just come and go.
So that's what this is really about, isn't it? Mom.
Ever since the day she took off, you've done whatever you can to fill the hole she left.
You're always trying to be the best and the brightest.
I don't have to try, I just am.
And now you feel like you're being replaced.
Not just at home, but worse: - at the office.
- So says your high-priced therapist.
(chuckles) That company is the thing that Dad values most in the world.
He should be giving it to me.
You know no one can ever replace you, right? Not to me, not to Dad.
He's in love.
I can't compete with that.
Then change the game.
Or don't play at all.
(wind gusting softly) You're Carrington's field guy? Matthew Blaisdel.
Thanks for having us.
I've always been curious about this place.
Let me give you a tour of the facility.
Come on.
(trucks approaching) What's with the thumpers? I thought you guys were interested in what's above ground, not under it.
If Carrington's gonna buy the land, he's gonna cover his bases.
Tests will take a couple hours, tops.
I'll even disclose everything I find, and you can use it to milk Blake for all it's worth.
I got to say, I'm surprised you agreed to run point on this.
Yeah, it's my last job.
Gave Blake my notice yesterday.
Life's too short.
So it's got nothing to do with the fact that he's marrying your girlfriend? They're not married yet.
(classical music playing) Welcome.
If I'd had any idea - what I'd invited you to - What do you mean? Everything looks beautiful.
- Very white, but - (scoffs) Ignore my sister.
I've been thinking about your Braves pitch.
We should talk.
Meet me in the pool house in an hour? BLAKE: Hello! Thank you all for coming.
Everyone's been asking when Cristal and I are getting married.
(laughter) We are thrilled to announce that we have picked a date and a venue.
It's today.
Right here.
- (all gasp) - And you all are invited.
(cheering and applause) Wait a minute, this is a surprise wedding? More like an ambush.
(crowd whooping) Take a peek outside.
("Modern Love" by David Bowie plays) I know when to go out Know when to stay in I can't believe Anders came around.
Pretty sure he didn't.
I catch the paper boy But things don't really change This was all my dad.
I'm standing in the wind But I never wave bye-bye But I try I try There's no sign Of life It's just the power To charm I'm lying in The rain But I never wave bye-bye But I try, I try Well, after last night, I wasn't sure you'd stick around.
Modern love Guess you're here for Cristal.
I'm here for you.
Modern love Gets me to the church Thought there might be an opening for best man.
Church on time Terrifies me Church on time Makes me party Church on time Puts my trust In God and man God and man No confessions God and man No religion God and man Don't believe in Modern love Modern love (cheering and applause) Mrs.
Thank you.
Look how happy you've made him.
That's the happiest I've seen him since The first Mrs.
Carrington? You know, I don't know anything about Alexis.
Your father never talks about her.
(speaking Spanish) (speaking Spanish) You two know each other? Do you? No.
Not really, we crossed paths at the bar near your place yesterday.
How funny.
Well, Steven, this is my nephew - Sammy Jo.
- Nobody calls me that anymore.
Nephew? My big sister's son.
Can we talk? Yeah.
(glasses clink softly) What are you doing here? Uh, you mean why didn't you invite me? It's like you think I'm trouble or something.
So you're telling me that paths are the only thing you and Steven crossed? I love you, but I also know you.
And what do these people know? Please, Sam.
Things are already complicated here.
Sounds like my kind of place.
If your father wants his brand on the stadium, fine, but then he has to walk away.
Forget baseball for a second.
I've spent years studying my father.
Preparing to be his second in command.
But then I look at someone like you.
You've never had a shadow cast over you.
Everybody knows you by your name, not your father's.
That's what I want.
You want your name on the stadium? (chuckles) I said forget baseball.
I have another investment opportunity for you.
And what would that be? Me.
(mechanical whirring) (air hisses loudly, truck powers down) WORKER: Blaisdel, hydraulics are down.
- (device beeping) - Man, I've never seen that before.
I got it.
- (click, hydraulics powering up) - All right, here.
Do it again.
(sniffs) (rattling) (turbine squealing) Look out! So, did you get everything you ever dreamed of? (bells jingling) Now I did.
The kissing bells.
(jingling continues) Is it some family tradition? It's a superstition.
The ringing is supposed to scare away the Devil.
Call an ambulance! No, no, no, call Cristal.
Call Cristal.
Call his wife! Call Claudia.
And then, once the Devil is gone We live happily ever after.
Ready? Three, two, one! (cheering, Cristal laughs) (all laugh and applaud) Jeff.
I didn't know you were here.
Thanks for including me.
I didn't.
(scoffs) Oh, hey.
Moved on that tip.
Just got off the phone with him.
What tip is this? Company called Windbriar.
Heard of it? What the hell have you done? You can't just dabble in energy.
You don't have the experience.
But I do.
With Jeff's backing I will be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar.
My own company, my name Actually, it's my name.
And your new competition.
(phone ringing) (phone beeps) Hello? SAM: So, what kind of a butler are you? More of a Bates or a Belvedere? Your aunt failed to mention how long you'd be staying.
SAM: I'm still working on that.
Just wanted to thank you for not saying anything earlier.
About the money.
What? About the money I took at the hotel? (laughs) You You didn't even notice? Nope.
Why'd you lie? I'm in a tight spot.
No, I mean to Cristal.
About us? Are you the black sheep of your family, too? (sighs) No.
She is.
You're in a better mood than I'd thought you'd be.
You work things out with your dad? Something like that.
Thought we could, uh, run over your game plan before I go.
- You got time? - Uh, sure.
Can I get another bourbon on the rocks, please? Oh, he-he's not a waiter.
Oh, uh man, I'm sorry.
Um this is Michael Culhane.
- He's - The chauffeur.
Uh, well, perfect.
If you can bail early, let's go out for a drink.
You can give us a ride.
Oh, Anders.
You don't have to do that.
I wear many hats around here: valet, party planner.
Although you may have relieved me of that.
I assure you, I am not out for your job.
That must make me the exception.
Excuse me? Should your ambitions change, just know that, among my myriad responsibilities is managing the hiring of staff.
And that includes running background checks.
When I heard about your tryst, I decided to run yours.
I use a very thorough, very private service.
And what they uncovered was riveting.
Samuel Josiah Jones.
Sammy Jo? I've just moved him into the guest wing.
Whatever you found, I can explain.
Oh, there's no need.
As I say, they're very thorough.
I know everything.
BLAKE: Sweetheart.
You ready? Mm-hmm.
(people whooping) (tires screeching) He tried to quit, and you sent him to that place! It was no accident! You killed my husband!