Dynasty (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Spit It Out

1 Previously on Dynasty NARRATOR: If you drove a car today, charged your cell phone, or made breakfast, chances are Carrington Atlantic had something to do with it.
- FALLON: Oh, my God.
- (gasps) - Hi, Daddy.
- This is Cristal, my fiancé.
My dad said "get to know her" so that's what I need you to do.
- MATTHEW: Just tell me what you want me to say.
- Good-bye.
- CRISTAL: Steven, this is my nephew, Sammy Jo.
- Sam.
CRISTAL: Your father offered me the COO position.
That was supposed to be mine.
- Are you the black sheep of your family, too? - No.
She is.
I know everything.
I have another investment opportunity for you.
With Jeff's backing, I will be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar, your new competition.
Bill Prather has a massive site for sale.
You heard of it? I thought you guys were interested in what's above ground, not under it.
If Carrington's gonna buy the land, he's gonna cover his bases.
It was no accident! You killed my husband! (siren whoops) You own the money You control the witness I hear you're lonely Don't monkey with my business You pay the profits To justify the reasons I heard your promise But I don't believe it That's why I'll do it again - Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh - Hi.
- Hey.
Oohoh Notorious Nice to see you again.
If I recall, you take your sugar - with just a spot of coffee.
- (chuckles) I'll get that started.
Stansfield? I haven't see him since he helped clear you of your What was it? A DUI charge? That was you.
The week after he got you off for indecent exposure.
When have I ever looked indecent? Maybe Dad will actually make his honeymoon now.
Where is he? In with his lawyers.
OFFICER REED: So you accused Blake Carrington of killing your husband, but you refuse to back that up or elaborate on it.
- I just know it wasn't an accident.
- Okay.
Steven worked with Matthew.
While I was still at the company.
He knows what his father is capable of.
Blake will keep people quiet one way or another.
That's why he's holding me here.
(scoffs) We were concerned about her driving home, given her condition.
I'm not sure what she said, but last year Claudia had a car accident.
It left her with impaired memory, paranoia, delusions.
Sounds like you're telling me to disregard her allegations.
Just want your notes to reflect the full story.
Also the fact that she's popping benzos like breath mints.
Well, you're very calm.
So you either don't think your father did it, or my aunt married into an entire family of psychopaths.
Stick around to find out.
Need a place to stay tonight? Your butler put me in a room, but I'm happy to come to yours.
Don't call Anders a butler; he prefers majordomo.
And don't come to my room.
I'll find you.
MONICA: So what are they saying about the accident? I know it's gauche in the wake of a man's death, but I feel like one little decapitation shouldn't blow the whole deal.
Hold on.
You two actually bought that wind farm before the explosion? We started negotiations.
Maybe I shouldn't have quit my job and told my dad to go shove it.
It's the smartest thing you've ever done.
(clears throat) - You need me? - Culhane, can you bring Jeff's car around and escort them out? The estate is crawling with paparazzi.
Let's get you out of here.
FALLON: Thank you for coming.
Are you kidding? Come for a marriage and get a murder mystery.
It's like the escape room of weddings.
- Except it wasn't a murder.
- Mm-hmm.
Colby, what are you still doing at my house? - Trying to leave.
- I warned you you were getting in over your head buying that little wind farm.
Now look what you dragged my daughter into.
For the record, I dragged him.
But thanks for the advice, Blake.
You did warn us about making that purchase, didn't you? Almost as if you knew something was going to happen.
Let's get in the office.
There she is.
Atlanta Police Chief Aaron Stansfield, this is Cristal Flores.
"Carrington" now, isn't it? I can hardly keep up.
Chief Stansfield's gonna help us sort through all this.
I see.
Most brides worry about rain on their wedding day.
Shall we? We are gonna get through this together.
And I know that you know this, but the less that you say about Matthew, the better.
(quietly): All right.
STANSFIELD: Here's what I can tell you.
Detectives at the scene think there was a malfunction with the thumper truck.
The blast seriously injured Blaisdel, and a shard struck the wind turbine that sealed the deal.
But the faulty truck was Carrington Atlantic owned and operated.
Legal has assured me I'm covered.
- This is what we have insurance for.
- CRISTAL: Insurance? Blake, a man died.
BLAKE: Yeah.
And if I don't put my emotions aside, this family will bleed billions.
BLAKE: Now, I have a responsibility - to our investors - FALLON: You also have a horde of press outside waiting for a statement.
Luckily, your head of PR is sitting right here.
Who better to announce the victim? I'll handle the statement.
That's a terrible idea.
I agree.
PR should handle.
Can I get a minute with my family, please? (whispering): Cristal.
I feel for you.
Honestly, I do.
I mean, you must be exhausted, having to take on so many roles in one day COO, wife, mistress, widow? Or will you leave Claudia that scrap? That's enough.
I'm sorry, have I missed something? Oh, just that Cristal was screwing the dead guy.
His wife is right outside.
Didn't stop you before.
STEVEN: When was this? It was before we were together.
I assume Claudia doesn't know? Surely she would have led with that.
FALLON: Congratulations, Cristal.
BLAKE: Fallon That means you got away with it.
- (broken glass tinkling) - WOMAN: Oh.
- MAN: My word.
Aw, Daddy, you missed.
We are not doing this right now.
Everyone will be pulling us apart over this, so we need to come together to protect our family.
You mean our business.
BLAKE and FALLON: Same thing.
You wanted her to be your COO.
Let's see what she's made of.
(overlapping chatter) (flashes, camera shutters clicking) On behalf of Carrington Atlantic, it is with great sadness we announce that today, in a tragic accident still being investigated, we lost our top geologist and respected field engineer, Matthew Blaisdel.
(giggles) I love you.
Our entire company mourns this loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Claudia.
So, even though we're hearing that this is a murder investigation MAN: My source is also saying that police were treating this as a homicide.
(overlapping chatter) I love you, Cristal Flores.
- (reporters shouting) - MAN: Mrs.
Carrington! - Mrs.
- Mrs.
Any idea why someone would want to kill Mr.
Blaisdel? Is it true? Murdered? (onlookers gasping) Morning, starshine.
You're chipper today.
Oh, just catching up on news.
"Head Over Heels at Carrington Manor".
"Down Goes the Bride".
"Carrington PR Flop".
Quick question: is there a cactus where your heart should be? What's up your ass this morning? - Hey - Mm.
Never mind.
Oh, I didn't realize you had a sleepover, Steven.
You know what they say nothing like murder to get you in the mood.
Fallon, this is Sam.
Cristal's nephew.
I assumed you two met yesterday.
Quick work, Steve.
Well done.
Well, let us know when to expect the rest of your family so the kitchen can be prepared.
BLAKE: Have you seen Cristal this morning? - STEVEN: Not yet.
- Only in the news.
Don't worry, I'm leaving.
Jeff's expecting me.
I need to talk to you first both of you.
Oh, I'm just gonna get one more croissant.
BLAKE: Did you think it appropriate - to have a guest over? - That's Cristal's nephew.
She mentioned that.
Look, I'm expecting to hear from Stansfield today about the investigation I want to make sure we're all on the same page.
What page is that, exactly? Mine.
Meet me in the green room.
You have to eat something.
When you said things were complicated here, I had no idea.
(chuckles) You loved him, didn't you? Not like I love Blake.
But Matthew was the one you told me about.
Listen, Sam, you can stay here, but you can't do this.
Do what? Thank God I'm here is what you should be saying.
Who can you talk to here? Huh? Who else knows you? Well, no one, obviously, or else they wouldn't have sent you out to announce your ex-lover's death.
They knew.
Cristal, can you join us? Come, Bo.
BLAKE: Last night was a fiasco.
But we got through it.
All right, the photos weren't bad.
Unconscious is a good look for you.
BLAKE: Not today.
All right? I've been thinking about it, and we need to present a united front to the police and the press.
Which means eliminating anything that might undermine that, starting with that photo you sent me, Fallon, of Cristal and Matthew.
Because it proves that Cristal killed him? Because it risks damaging her reputation.
Erasing anything makes it look like we're destroying evidence.
It's not evidence.
It's sensitive family information.
I'm with Cristal on this one.
I mean, why should I have to cover up the fact that she's a homewrecker? And who's to say she didn't kill Matthew? CRISTAL: Fallon, you had someone spying on him two days before his death.
STEVEN: Plus, they think that someone rigged the thumper truck to cause the explosion, and you have access to Carrington Atlantic vehicles.
And what motive? To tank the value of the wind farm so that you and Jeff could buy it out from under Dad as revenge for him promoting Cristal to COO instead of you.
That's fair.
BLAKE: Now, whoever you got to take that photo I don't want to know just erase your tracks.
We need to eliminate any traces of Matthew beyond his employment at Carrington Atlantic.
What you saw last night that is the downside of being a Carrington.
The upside is that we will go to the ends of the earth to protect each other.
'Cause you can only trust family.
- Oh, God! - Oh! God, I'm s Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
- Take this.
- What? No, I can't take your sweater.
- MATTHEW: Are you kidding me? - So sweet.
I'm Matthew.
Matthew Blaisdel.
(door opens) Hairspray's a more effective weapon when it's set aflame.
Good to know.
What are you doing here? Blake felt you should have some support during this delicate task.
Support or enforcement? Anything that needs to be removed, I can take it off your hands.
As you know, you're not good at covering your own tracks.
If you have something to say to me, you should just say it.
'Cause I'm starting to think that you're just bluffing.
Otherwise, why not tell Blake? It would break his heart.
And, for now, I think you could be quite good for us.
You spin scandal for a living.
That's a valuable skill set for a Carrington.
If only you could master it.
(door opens) (phone buzzes) (door closes) FALLON: Knock, knock.
I need you to do something for me.
Name the position.
Business first.
It seems I am stuck cleaning up Cristal's mess.
What mess? Remember that little photo of her you sent me the other day? With Matthew? You mean when you had me follow her.
Well, in light of yesterday's events, I think it's best that none of us are caught hanging on to that photo.
My dad is meeting with the police today, and I'm just not sure they'll understand how innocent it is.
You deleted it, right? Of course.
I never doubted you.
I used a disposable phone.
And I trashed it right after I sent it to your encrypted account.
What did you do with it? Well, I didn't realize there was gonna be a murder investigation.
So I deleted the e-mail, just after I sent it to my dad.
You forwarded the e-mail.
E-mails leave trails, Fallon.
You know that.
Well, how do I erase it? I don't know.
I'm the driver.
Not I.
Where are you going? I.
I owe you one.
WILLY: Thanks for coming.
Wasn't even sure you'd remember me.
Of course I remember you, Willy.
You were Matthew's partner.
I heard you were with him when Yeah.
I'm, uh pretty torn up.
You? Look, I know Matthew cared about you.
Before he died, he, uh he called out your name.
I didn't tell Claudia, obviously, but I think Matthew would've wanted me to tell you.
And to, uh to warn you.
The kind of family you're getting cozied up to, - you know they're not like us.
- What? They're just people, Willy.
We're just people.
We play by the rules.
Carringtons, especially Blake? The day before Matthew was killed, Blake tried to transfer him to this post in China.
Matthew was sure that Blake must've found out about you two and wanted him out of the picture.
He turned down the offer, gave Blake his notice and that that's when things got heated.
Blake's used to getting what he wants.
Sometimes he comes off strong, but he You've known him how long? Four months? Matthew knew him 18 years.
That's long enough to know where the bodies are buried.
Willy, are you accusing my husband of killing Matthew? I wouldn't put it past him.
And neither should you.
I don't know why someone would do this.
Matthew's been a member of the CA family for nearly two decades.
But what if it wasn't even him they were after? Now, can you think of anyone who might've had a grudge? BLAKE: Against Matthew? STANSFIELD: Or the company.
BLAKE: I've got a lot of enemies if I'm doing my job right.
You know, now that you mention it, there is someone that comes to mind: Jeff Colby.
Maybe he did it to damage CA's reputation.
Maybe he did it to tank the value of Windbriar so he could buy it out from underneath me.
Either way, he had access to CA thumper trucks, thanks to my daughter.
(exhales) All right, I'll talk to him.
I'm just saying, hypothetically, if someone wanted to make a little digital something disappear, how would they do that? Like what? Like photos, e-mail, whatever.
Sent from a private server.
I guess I'd need more details.
How big are the files? How nosey are the people looking for it? - Doesn't matter.
- Seems to me it does.
Or else you'd be saying more.
What, don't you trust me? Oh.
It's Stansfield, my dad's pocket cop.
Your father told me you were here.
Should I get us a private room? I'm here to speak to Mr.
BLAKE: Company Christmas present.
About six years ago, I think.
Little sporty for my taste.
Thought you were with Stansfield.
No, he left.
What are you looking for? Those cufflinks I gave you.
I was gonna let Sammy Jo borrow them.
Oh, I didn't realize tank tops required cufflinks.
Matthew had that same watch.
Is that why you recognized it? I'm sorry, I should've asked you.
No, no apology necessary.
Everything mine is yours, always.
I have to go see Claudia Blaisdel.
She's spouting lies about about some hostile confrontation I had with Matthew.
What do you mean "hostile"? Who knows? It didn't happen.
I just want to make it clear to her that we are not the enemy.
I'm coming with you.
All right.
There's quite a bit of magic In the way that you look The way you look at me When you're sad Hey, there.
I was gonna do some laps.
Like minds? I see you dust Can I ask you something? Yeah.
The day of the wedding you said that Cristal was the black sheep of your family.
What did you mean exactly? Uh, just that no one in her family moves more than a mile away, much less to another country.
Look, I didn't mean to throw shade on her, okay? Last thing I need is for her to kick me out of here.
How long are you staying? I'm still figuring out my long-term goals.
Short-term, I'm thinking hot tub.
Want to join? I was thinking we should press pause.
Your aunt, my dad we're practically family.
Yeah, we were friends first.
And what's a little incest between friends, huh? (both laugh) It it's funny in Spanish.
But fine.
Whatever you want.
Want to borrow a swim suit next time, you can ask me.
Tell me all the dreams you are having Are you ready? (knock at door) (Blake knocks) BLAKE: Claudia.
We're sorry to disturb you.
We were hoping we could talk.
Sure, Carrington.
Let's talk.
BLAKE: Carrington Atlantic is doing everything we can to cooperate.
The police are gonna find whoever did this to your husband.
Tell them to look no further.
He's sitting right across from me.
Why are you here? My lawyers would ask the same question.
They advised me to keep my distance, but I couldn't do that to Matthew.
I couldn't let you be alone.
She's not.
It is good of you to be here, Willy.
And I want you to know you can take as much time off work as you need.
Now let me cut to the chase.
Carrington Atlantic wants to help in any way we can.
Along with keeping you on the company health care plan, we would we would like to pay for Matthew's funeral and host the wake.
CRISTAL: We just don't want you to worry about anything.
Filthy rich and squeaky clean.
That's what Matthew used to say about you.
You pay people to keep them quiet.
This is what I promised Matthew if he agreed to relocate to China.
It seems only right that I give it to you.
Uh I don't remember him mentioning China.
I wasn't aware that he had accepted.
Oh, no, he didn't.
Uh, he said the money didn't matter to him.
Not when it meant risking the life that he'd built and losing the woman he loved.
He kept some things in the office.
Um, I'm I'm sure they have sentimental value to both of you.
It still smells like him.
How could you give her those things? My things? Do you have any idea how that made me feel? Heartbroken? Manipulated? Disgusted? Because that's how I felt when I saw what you held onto.
I gave everything to Anders the minute you said it could threaten the family.
I did everything you asked me to do.
I didn't want the police to find Matthew's things in our possession.
I was protecting you.
Is that why you didn't tell the cops that you threatened to send Matthew to China? - To protect me? - Who told you I threatened him? I just know you.
Well, if you knew me, you wouldn't question my intentions, because everything I do, I do for you and my family.
Yet every time tears well up in your eyes, I can't tell if you're mourning Matthew or that fact that you married me.
(phone buzzes) I've been trying to call you.
Finally finished up with that cop.
Apparently, Blake sold him on this whole CSI: Atlanta episode about me orchestrating the explosion to strike a better deal.
Well, I orchestrated the deal, not that it's about credit.
This isn't a joke, Fallon.
It's a homicide investigation.
Prather, the guy who owns Windbriar, got a call from Stansfield saying I was a suspect.
Now he's pressing pause on the entire deal.
Blake's screwing us.
I can't believe your own father would do this to you.
Look, I'm sorry.
We'll fix it, okay? You were questioned by the cops? It's no big deal.
I didn't do anything.
Cops are always a big deal when mixed with Carringtons.
It's fine, okay? Fallon's on my side.
Is she? Because as long as I've known her, the only side Fallon Carrington's been on is Fallon Carrington's.
Wherever this obsession you have with Fallon comes from, it's a little cliché.
Recent billionaire brother chasing after a white chick? It's not like that.
Whatever it is, it's dangerous.
Don't you trust her? I don't have to.
I'm not in business or in bed with her.
Hey, it's a crazy line tonight.
When did you get a license to hate? Don't be mad because she calling Told me your lifestyle is boring I got European whips, pardon my language She told me you do not speak foreign.
- I take it we're even? - Yeah.
More than even.
Don't ever let it be said that the Carringtons don't pay their debts, in full.
Yeah, I think I might actually owe you now.
Oh Later.
I may soon be unemployed, with nothing else to do.
My father sent the cops after Jeff, which left a major wrinkle in our negotiations.
Have you ever considered maybe your dad is right about Colby? (laughs softly) No.
My dad's a terrible judge of character.
Look at Cristal.
She's got some nice qualities.
Yeah, so does a Cocker Spaniel, but I wouldn't want my father to marry one.
(chuckles) Shouldn't you be getting out there? FALLON: Eh.
I barely knew the guy.
MINISTER: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.
For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.
Matthew Blaisdel enjoyed the simplicities of life, but he was by no means a simple man.
- He was a man of passion - You leave in the morning - With everything - (soft laughter) CRISTAL: You didn't think to tell me you were married? MATTHEW: I didn't tell you about her because I'm leaving her.
Why would you lie to me? MATTHEW: Life's complicated.
Lying is Lying's easy.
You just spit it out and kick sand over it.
MINISTER: Matthew Blaisdel is one of those whose life was taken too early.
And yet, we stand here in the same spirit of love Run away, turn away, run away - ones who leave a legacy - Turn away, run away of stories to tell.
Ones so extraordinary that heaven feels - as if it needs to summon them home - Cry, boy, cry, boy, cry.
even before we expect them to.
(crying) Oh.
There's the grieving widow.
(sniffling) I came to pay my respects.
(grunts) You do know you're not the star of this Lifetime movie, right? The role belongs to his actual wife.
Back off, Fallon.
With her condition, do you think we'll have to remind her every day that Matthew died? Maybe it's best we don't.
So she can forget about her pathetic husband.
He was a good man.
We both know it's easy to confuse "good" with "good in bed".
You're so sheltered, Fallon.
You have no idea what life's really like.
How hard it is to be stuck in a loveless marriage.
Even before Claudia's accident, they weren't a happy couple.
Well, that must've been really hard when you learn that he chose brain damage over damaged goods.
I get now why you were crying.
You bitch! You're gonna wish you buried me! (indistinct chatter) Welcome.
Uh, these are MARLA: Cristal? Marla? I didn't know you knew Matthew.
Did the magazine ask you to come? Blake did.
Fallon really is her mother's daughter, isn't she? BLAKE: What are you wearing? Bold choice.
I didn't die.
No, but Cristal might kill you.
Oh, she tried.
Why do you think I had to change? Looks like your new bride missed your whole "protect family" memo.
But apparently, so did you.
What are you talking about? While I was trying to delete that photo to protect her reputation, you sic the cops on Jeff? Colby isn't family.
Neither was she until about two minutes ago.
Now we're in the middle of a murder investigation.
BLAKE: How is that her fault? Everything is her fault.
Just get on board.
Look, I get it.
You're pissed Jeff and I went after Windbriar.
- It's more than that.
- But the reason I left the company is because you didn't believe in me.
You didn't trust me.
If you're trying to teach me a lesson, the only thing I'm learning is that I never should've trusted you.
We need to get you on that honeymoon.
Yeah, and this is a long ways away from French Polynesia.
Well, you should be free to go soon.
Team up in Floyd County are honing in on a new suspect, a third party unaffiliated with CA.
I hear the FBI is getting involved.
What are you doing up here? CRISTAL: Just needed some space.
You? Well, it's not particularly fun down there.
Sam, it's a funeral.
I just thought it would be different with the Carringtons.
More like a fun-eral.
Shouldn't you be with Blake? He has plenty of company.
He turned this whole thing into a PR event to control the narrative.
The lengths he'll go to and the lies he'll tell to protect his own family.
It's like the rest of the world doesn't matter.
Isn't that why you love him? You have a lot in common.
I mean, you've done questionable things for family, too.
Crossed lines for them.
That's different.
Is it? All I know is that I was very lucky to have you on my side growing up.
And this family is very lucky to have you now.
This wake is lit.
Oh, it's definitely not.
And if you're here to confront my dad, it's the worst possible time, so clearly, I'm all for it.
This isn't about him.
It's about you.
I understand you have trust issues.
With a family like yours, I'm not surprised.
I don't have trust issues.
I just know better.
Well, if we're gonna work together, I need you to know me better.
What's on here? Your sugarpics? (laughs) You wish.
I've written a virus to wipe whatever file path you point it to on your e-mail server.
No one will suspect the missing data.
You're not even gonna ask me what I'm erasing? I trust you, even if you don't trust me yet.
Got to start somewhere.
Want me to show you how it works? Who are all these people? 'Cause they're not friends of Matthew's.
You trying to honor the dead or yourself, Blake? You've had too much to drink, Willy.
- Let's see if we can get you some water.
- Water?! That's what you're offering to shut me up? What happened? You exhaust all your funds on Claudia? - That's enough.
- You really are a great salesman, Carrington.
You tell Claudia what she wanted to hear and she fell for it.
Willy, don't do this.
You said Matthew didn't want to move because of the woman he loved? Is that not true? I think we all know who that woman was.
Let's call you a cab, Willy.
Speak of the devil.
Now, I can't say that I'm surprised to know where you stand.
You really slept your way to the top, didn't you? You want to know the truth, Willy? Matthew was in love with me.
What are you doing? But what I'm sure he was too proud to tell you was that it was completely one-sided.
How can you say that about him at his own funeral? The truth's not hard to say.
You just spit it out and kick sand over it.
You ride along on the Carrington's coattails, somehow thinking you're morally superior, when really you're just a pathetic drunk who loves to trash the boss, but lacks the nerve to actually quit.
So, let me give you a push, Willy.
As the new COO, you're fired.
I was wrong about you.
You are one of them.
Get out of my house.
What's going on? Are you okay? No, I'm not okay.
Do you have any idea how hard that was for me? How hard any of this is? Willy was Matthew's friend and I lied to him.
Why did you? To protect this family.
To protect you.
The press you invited here to sell your story, now they're gonna write about how Willy got drunk and fired.
And not how you threatened Matthew's life because I slept with him.
Like I said, I didn't threaten Matthew.
I just told him I was never letting you go.
And why would I? I know how hard it is to be part of my family, my life.
But I can't imagine it without you.
It's my life, too, now.
(Chopin's "Funeral March" playing) A little on the nose.
Isn't it? Do you play? More of a synths kind of guy.
- You play synths? - No.
I'll leave you to it, assuming we're still on a break.
We are.
(plays piano notes) I'm not the guy you think I am.
Ever since I met you in that bar, I gave you the wrong impression.
I came across as some sex-addled sexaholic.
You are literally the most buttoned-up person I know.
See? That's my point.
You don't know me.
You had no idea I was a Carrington trying to escape being a Carrington.
Well, actually I did.
And as long as we're telling the truth, I didn't just run into you the day before the wedding.
I targeted you.
I know I said Cristal is the black sheep of our family, but actually we both are, and I thought that if I showed up here uninvited, she would kick me out, so So you used me for your foot in the door.
I'm glad it worked.
Honestly I didn't know if it was going to.
(laughing): Wait.
You knew? It was a pretty big coincidence.
So, we're cool? You're not mad? Do you have any idea how many people use me for my name and don't confess to it? What about the whole thing about it being too complicated? Well, in case you haven't noticed this family thrives on complicated.
How will you sign the guest book? So many choices.
Flores? Mrs.
Carrington? Or did he know you best as Ms.
Celia Machado? But what's in a name? Did you know Colby's car was parked outside? And Tony said he saw him come in here.
What the hell is he doing here? Helping me solve a problem.
In fact, he's helping you, too.
Call if you have issues, Fallon.
What is that? He gave it to me to erase our digital tracks.
I didn't tell him anything.
I didn't have to.
Turns out there are people in this world who don't always operate from a place of distrust.
He's the one that can't be trusted.
Tell me you didn't Put his stick in? Relax, Daddy, we didn't run it yet.
But this is perfect.
You can run it yourself after you call Stansfield and explain to him why you mistakenly sent the cops after Jeff.
I know you hate to admit when you're wrong, but I think you should start getting used to it.
Excuse me.
We have a situation.
How can we be of help? We're here for Mr.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford an attorney - FALLON: Steven.
- one will be provided for you.
You can exercise any of these rights by not responding to my questions or making any statements.
Do you understand the rights I'm reading to you?