Dynasty (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Guilt Is for Insecure People

1 Previously on Dynasty FALLON: That company Dad values most in the world, he should be giving it to me.
Fallon, that is no way to talk to your new boss.
He offered me the COO position.
Please, call me Mom.
Company called Windbriar.
Heard of it? With Jeff's backing, I will be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar.
My own company.
- My name.
- Actually, it's my name.
I know I said Cristal's the black sheep of our family, but we both are.
ANDERS: Just know that I know everything.
Celia Machado.
SAM: You've done questionable things for family, too.
CLAUDIA: It was no accident! You killed my husband! We're here for Mr.
You have the right to remain silent.
Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like a virgin With your heartbeat (laughs) You like it when I pretend to be someone else, don't you? I don't care who you are, as long as I get to help you - pick the costume.
- Well, maybe we should get you some red leather pants.
- That's '80s, right? - (laughs): Yeah.
Except I've never been invited - to the Carrington Foundation Gala.
- I know.
I just think you'd look hot in red leather pants.
And now that you've tried this on, how about I help you take it off? (phone chimes) There was definitely no texting in the '80s.
I know.
I'm just waiting to find out what's happening with Steven's bail.
Oh, it's from Colby.
He says he has a surprise for me.
(sighs) Somebody sure does move fast - for Jeff Colby.
- I move fast - for business.
- That's it? Just business? (groans) Why do men always have to ruin everything by talking about their feelings? Hey.
There is nothing going on between me and Colby except for work, - Michael.
- Hmm Work.
Which I have to get to.
Carrington Windbriar is about to sign their first client.
You sure do move fast, baby.
(sputters) "Baby"? - Who do you think I am? - REPORTERS: Carrington! Carrington! - (reporters shouting questions) - MAN: Why'd you do it, Steven? WOMAN: What was the nature of your relationship with the victim? Dad, these charges are a joke.
Oh, I heard a joke.
My son gives millions of dollars to an ecoterrorist group that kills my best field engineer.
The DA didn't find it funny.
He's accusing you of murder.
He's saying that you had the means and motive to tamper with that equipment.
Are they right? Were you at that site that morning? How can you even ask me that? I had nothing to do with Matthew's death.
Honestly, I doubt the Last Earth Coalition did, either.
Well, I think they're just using this to get free publicy off the Carrington name.
Yeah, my name.
And it was my money you used to fund these tree-hugging snowflakes in the first place.
Just trying to do something good in the world, Dad.
Something you wouldn't understand.
You know what, Steven? You know everything.
I don't think you need my help, or my lawyers.
Why don't you find your own way out of this? - Here, let me.
- Yes, sir.
¿Quieres unos huevos revueltos, Celia? (chuckles): Ah, sorry.
- My Spanish isn't very good.
- Anders, I've already told you, I've done nothing illegal.
I changed my name so that some of my less desirable family members couldn't find me.
Buenas días.
Seems you were unsuccessful.
That's a great tie, Anders.
Is that a different shade of black than yesterday? That robe traditionally is worn by a female guest.
Maybe you can wear it to the gala.
CRISTAL: Anders, I've been thinking about it, and, considering everything that's happened with Matthew's death and with Steven's arrest, do we really think now is the best time to have a charity gala? From a PR standpoint, it could be considered trivial.
I think we should postpone it.
Most idiotic idea since Daddy proposed to you.
You can't postpone the annual Carrington Foundation Gala.
It's just bad timing, that's all I'm saying.
Well, you know what else is bad? Underprivileged kids' educations getting ruined because you were too stressed to get yourself a blowout.
Great PR move, Crissie.
And you are such a charitable person, Fallon.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with you wanting to mingle with your father's business contacts.
I have known those people for years.
The Carrington name is not only my father's, it is also mine.
And as much as it disgusts me, it is yours now which means you have responsibilities, whether you like it or not.
You can't just wash away the name at your convenience, like you do your heavy foundation.
ANDERS: Welcome home, sirs.
Are you okay? - May I get you anything? - BLAKE: Yeah.
How about some gratitude? Good to have you home, big brother.
ANDERS: Just in time for the gala.
The latest Mrs.
Carrington wanted to cancel, but I'm concerned it will reflect poorly on you, sir.
BLAKE: Right.
If we cancel now, it would look bad.
We should proceed as planned.
That gala is one of the few things I'm actually proud the Carrington name is attached to.
I'll be sorry to miss it.
You can't.
Why would you? Fallon, I'm being charged with murder.
I can't go to an '80s dance party.
Well, I'll be there to represent you, Steven.
And I'm looking forward to my first hostessing duties as Mrs.
Blake Carrington.
Still gives me a thrill when I hear you say that.
(lively Latin pop song plays) Hey.
Care to join me? Maybe later.
There is something - you can do, though.
- Oh, no.
There's many things I can do.
Yeah, and I want them all.
But right now, I need to prove where I was the morning of Matthew's murder.
And, since we were together, I need you to go on record as my alibi.
I'm trying to avoid - the whole prison thing, so - Yes.
Of course.
Um I just (exhales) I might not be very helpful.
You see, I haven't always been the stand-up citizen you see before you today.
Me and my friends, we got in trouble when I was younger.
All stupid kid stuff.
I want to help you, but - But what? - But if I testify it'll only hurt you.
With my track record, no jury will believe anything I have to say.
I get it.
If I thought it'd be helpful, and not harmful, I'd do it.
Thanks for being so honest.
It's kind of rare around this house.
(phone ringing) We need to talk.
- Calm down.
What's wrong? - Mi mamá.
She was hysterical.
She called me from Puerto Ordaz.
Her place got tossed.
She was robbed.
What if they come back? What if they find her? Tía, she was so scared.
She needs to lay low and hide.
I'll get her the money to relocate.
If anything happens to her, - it's your fault.
- Nothing is gonna happen to her.
It's easy for you to say that from the safety of your mansion, isn't it? I won't let anything happen to my sister.
Trust me, Sam.
I'm gonna need new eyelash extensions after all this build-up.
Better be worth it.
Oh, it will.
Check it out.
Why have you brought me here? To show you - (electronic chime) - your new office.
What do you think? You hate it? (takes deep breath) - Pencils? - Well, because you always say, nothing is in pen until it's first vetted by your attorneys.
Treadmill desk? Because, as you say, sharks die if they stop swimming.
And a fully stocked champagne fridge.
Because anything worth celebrating happens in the office.
(takes deep breath) I can't believe how well you know me.
I've been studying you for a long time, Fallon Carrington.
(exhales softly) I think you're great, Jeff.
- I think you're great, too.
- And it's not like the thought hasn't crossed my mind a few times.
The thought? I just think we need to keep our professional boundaries in place.
You thought Uh, I'm flattered, obviously, but your greatest asset is your brain.
Wouldn't want to ruin anything we got going here businesswise 'cause you couldn't keep it in your pants, right? - (phone chimes) - Mm.
Good news.
Looks like the Kwan brothers are backing us from now on.
I thought they were investors in your dad's company.
Oh, they were, until about one second ago.
I'm the one who found them, I nurtured them, so I decided to poach them.
You've got your priorities straight.
At least it's not virtual champagne.
Fallon Carrington.
Yeah? You've been served.
A cease and desist? The Carrington name is trademarked? - It sure is.
- Since when? Since your mother tried to use it to start a line of lip-plumping kits.
Should I have Anders set another place for lunch? You're trying to take my own name from me? Well, I gave it to you.
I can certainly take it away.
You are pushing me into litigation so my investors will get spooked and back off.
You figured out my strategy.
I guess you learned at the feet of the master.
If you think that this is going to stop us, then you have seriously underestimated me.
You wanted to play with the big boys, little girl.
Let the games begin.
- Hola, Vera.
- Hola, mami.
No, gracias.
If the Whitneys are coming, make sure you've got plenty of Ostatrova.
- They slurp it down like Pellegrino.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay? Mrs.
Since you were so particular about the last event that I planned, I thought I should pretend to consult you - about this one.
- That can wait, Anders.
I just got off the phone with my bank.
And your checking account has been closed.
I took the liberty of merging your pennies with Mr.
Carrington's millions.
- You're welcome.
- I didn't authorize that.
It's in your prenup.
But why bother reading the fine print when you, like every other woman who lies about her name, her age or her IQ marries for love.
The key to the castle.
But I would think twice before spending any large sums.
I bring all red flags to the attention of Mr.
BLAKE: What about Mr.
Carrington? Oh, I see you got your black card.
Fun, right? If you have any further issues, don't hesitate.
What issues? No issues.
Everything's great.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I know you want your financial independence, but I want total transparency in all things, even something silly as money.
- Sweetheart, sweetheart.
- Blake, I I don't want there to be any secrets between us.
Secrets are what killed things between me and Alexis.
Go buy anything you want from boots to boats.
I love you.
FALLON: Dammit.
The Kwan brothers just pushed us from tomorrow.
They didn't even bother to reschedule.
They must have heard about the cease and desist.
No one wants to tie their business to a giant ball of legal red tape.
Two more, extra dirty.
WAITER: Two extra dirty.
Right away, sir.
Extra dirty.
Another move from Blake Carrington's art of the deal.
We find something to use as leverage over my dad so that he'll drop the case.
So where do we find this dirt? Well, if I don't know exactly where my father's bodies are buried, I can probably guess who dug the holes.
Like maybe his chauffeur? Seems like he's wrapped around your finger.
Or are you wrapped around his? Culhane just likes to do me the occasional favor.
I think he's got a little crush.
I bet.
- Hey.
- WAITER: Your drinks.
You want to come with me to an '80s gala to benefit the Carrington Foundation? - Oh, you asking me out on a date? - A professional date.
The Kwan brothers will be there and so will Daddy.
He wanted a war let's make sure he's the casualty.
(speaking Spanish) Listen, Millie, Anders wants me to taste-test this caviar, but I can't tell the difference, so can you try it for me and just tell him which one I choose? Of course.
- Did you take care of things? - I tried.
It's complicated.
Anders is watching me like a hawk.
Plus, somehow he found out my real name.
- What? - So I can't just go and ask them for money.
Secrets are what destroyed Blake's first marriage.
I can't go and tell him that my entire past is one big lie.
It'll kill him.
Oh, better hope it doesn't kill your sister.
Stop it, Sammy Jo.
I'm figuring it out.
It's mi mamá, we have to do something.
What about this? I have some friends who could fence it.
What kind of friends do you have? And besides, the jewelry's all fake.
They just use it to try on with the gowns.
Do something, Tía, or I will.
Tranquilo, mi amor.
I'll figure it out.
I always do.
- (man speaking in Spanish) - (announcer speaking in Spanish on TV) Madonna has one name.
You could be cool like that.
Just "Fallon".
I need him to know that it was a huge mistake for him to choose Cristal over me as COO.
I know you feel like work is everything, but you are Blake Carrington's daughter.
You will never lose your place in his heart.
What kind of new honey vape are you smoking? I don't care about his heart.
I care about his name.
I need something that's gonna make him back off that lawsuit.
How about some front seat intel? Oh, what? All of a sudden you have ethical professional boundaries? (sighs) You know something.
Come on, Fallon.
L-Last week it was obstruction of justice, this week it's corporate espionage? Your little favors are gonna land me in jail.
You know what? Why don't you ask Jeff Colby for help? He's your partner, right? (scoffs) Wait.
You won't give me dirt on my dad because you're jealous? (scoffs) My advice has nothing to do with jealousy.
Don't waste your time going after your father or his name.
Make your own.
It's traditionally the privilege of the lady of the house to choose the auction item.
CRISTAL: I can't even imagine how much these cost.
Guess these are literally rich people problems.
Make a choice, Mrs.
(footsteps approaching) STEVEN: I need a favor.
A ride into town? An alibi.
The morning of Matthew's murder, I passed you at the front gates.
I was driving in.
I think you were driving the Aston out? Sorry, man.
I mean, you know, I move these cars all the time.
But if you say you saw me, I'm happy to back you up.
No, no.
I don't want you to lie.
(car door opening) It's been a crazy few days.
Does any of this craziness have to do with you and Cristal's nephew? It seems pretty complicated, considering everything that's going on.
Look, out of anyone, I understand complicated, secret relationships, so How long have you been hanging out with my sister, now? Is it three years? Four.
(exhales) Wow.
I'll always keep your secret.
You always have.
Of course.
Practically one of the family.
(chuckles) Which means, you'll have to come visit me when I'm in jail.
Hey, Steven.
Hold up.
Look, I know something that might help you with your case.
How'd you like some front seat intel? (door closes) Steven.
How's your innocence project going? You ready for my lawyers yet? Just the truth, Dad.
You remember how we agreed to protect Cristal and the family? We erased every trace of any connection to Matthew Blaisdel from our lives.
Well, I gave the order.
It wasn't about protecting Cristal, or the family, was it? (sighs) It was about protecting you.
Is the pressure getting to you? Have a scotch, do some yoga, but leave my study.
I know you have Matthew Blaisdel's phone.
Who would give you such a crazy idea? Doesn't matter who.
But it should have been in evidence, which means you got it from Stansfield.
But why? The only reason that makes any sense is because there's something on it that incriminates you.
Son, why don't you let my lawyers take this over? - They'll have you off in less than a week.
- No.
I think they're gonna be too busy defending you.
How dare you question me? I have done all of this for you.
I am protecting you! And this is the thanks I get.
There it is.
There's that Carrington temper again.
You know, you think your name means that you can give everything with one fist, and then smash it with the other.
That's why I don't answer your calls.
That's why I left.
And as soon as I'm exonerated, I'm gone for good.
Thank you, Millie, but I don't think this is the one.
I'm feeling taffeta - with even puffier sleeves.
- Mm-hmm.
Can't believe you're supporting Dad's gala after the way he's treated you.
I'm not going to support him.
I'm going to support the underprivileged children.
You don't do anything if it doesn't benefit you in some way.
Everyone who is anyone in the south is going to be there.
It's good for business, plus it's a perfect venue to remind Blake that I'm every inch a Carrington, despite what he and his lawyers believe.
Are you sure you even want to be associated with the Carrington name right now? Considering my charges, not to mention whatever mess Dad's involved in.
(laughing): What did Blake do now? Pop one of his sleeping pills and tweet again? What did he do? Oh, come on, Steven.
You know no one shares your daddy issues but me.
What if the issue is murder? Matthew? I know Dad's a Cristal addict, but you really think he'd go that far? Fallon, he has Matthew's phone.
What? He stole it from him? He had it stolen from evidence.
How do you know this? You don't know anything.
You wear a belt with jeans.
Who told you this? Doesn't matter.
All I'm saying is there must be something on there that makes Dad look guilty.
Something he doesn't want the rest of the world to know.
If I can find out where he's hidden it, maybe it would leverage him and I can get my name back.
And clear mine? Of course.
I would never let you go to jail.
You look tragic in orange.
Where do you think he would hide something like that? Oh, please.
You know how Dad thinks better than anyone.
If you don't know where that phone is, no one does.
(intro to Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself" playing) On the floors of Tokyo-o Or down in London town to go, go With the record selection and the mirror's reflection I'm dancing with myself When there's no one else in sight In the crowded, lonely night I've been told to give this to Ms.
FALLON and CRISTAL: That's me.
What do you think you're doing? I always model the auction jewelry.
Not this year.
This year it'll be worn by an adult.
Well, it's true, you are the oldest woman - my father's ever dated.
- We're married.
Okay? For better or worse.
This is the better part.
(laughs) I think you might have misunderstood when they said this necklace is for charity.
They didn't mean you, Crissie.
You keep trying to push me away like I'm temporary, like your Botox or any other woman that's ever been in your life, but I'm not going anywhere.
Let her have it.
Everyone here knows I was born into diamonds.
The only way you could get any was by spreading your legs.
If only diamonds could buy you class.
You are breathtaking.
CRISTAL: Thank you.
Help me? The most beautiful woman in the room.
Oh, Fallon.
Good, you're here.
Dancing with myself, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Oh! You're fired.
Oh, oh, oh What? What's the matter? Nothing.
No, I'm-I'm just nervous to be responsible for something so precious.
You are precious.
This is a necklace, and it's insured.
Now, come on.
There's so many people just dying to meet you.
("Don't You Want Me" by the Human League begins) Wow.
You look gnarly.
- (chuckles) - Pretty sure, in the '80s, "gnarly" meant brainy and gorgeous.
Aw, the '80s.
Where greed was good.
I wasn't born yet, but I do miss it.
You, uh, manage to get any dirt on Blake from that chauffeur of yours? No, but I got a great tip.
Turned you around, turned you And a plan in motion as we speak.
Now five years later on You've got the world at your feet Success has been so easy for you Don't Don't you want me? I've been looking for you.
- And how may I be of help? - Don't worry, I won't make you violate your ethical professional boundaries again.
My skirt tore.
I need the seamstress.
I'm pretty sure that's within your job description.
Right away, Ms.
It's much too late to find You think you've changed your mind You'd better change it back or we will both be sorry Don't you want me, baby? Ah, there are the Kwan brothers.
I'd love to introduce them to my new partner.
Don't you want me, baby? Don't you want me, oh? There you are.
Come with me.
Right here.
(chuckles) No peeking.
No, no.
Right here.
Ready? Yeah.
SAM: Ta-da.
You can't go to the party, so I made you your own.
I can't remember the last time anyone did something so nice for me.
You are so nice.
(cheering and applause) Now, the winning bidder will go home with this stunning diamond necklace, modeled by the beautiful and brilliant Mrs.
And, remember, all proceeds go to the foundation, so your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Now, do I hear an opening bid? MAN: $100,000.
MAN 2: $500,000.
We're already up to half a million dollars.
It's gonna be a great night for the kids.
JEFF: $1 million.
(gasping, applause) - $2 million.
- (gasping) - Three.
- Three and a half.
Seven million.
(gasping) You know what? I'll go ten large.
- (gasping, applause) - That's $10 million.
Going once, going twice.
Sold to Mr.
Jeff Colby! (applause) ("Searching" by Infatuation begins) Quite a show, Jeff.
What can I say? I like winning.
(chuckling): Oh, no.
I was baiting you.
You bid way over value.
I won.
You overpaid.
Can't overpay charity, Blake.
That's money for the kids.
I know you were one of those kids.
And I paid for your education and your success with the Carrington Foundation.
Success that you just keep throwing away.
What do you want with a necklace, anyway? I'm gonna give it to your daughter.
Oh, God.
Haven't you taken enough from my family? I gave you the opportunity to be one of us, and you stole tech from my company, like a thief.
Judge said it was mine, so Thanks for the education, Blake.
Now, here's yours: I don't want to be one of you.
Neither does Fallon.
Your daughter came to me.
She wanted to get in bed with me.
You stay away from my daughter.
You stay away from my family.
And get out of my house.
Don't ever touch me.
BLAKE: You son of a bitch.
- Hey! - What are you doing? (bystanders gasping) - (glass shatters) - I'm looking for you Oh, girl, I need your love Very much.
STEVEN: I could be about to go to prison for the next 20 years.
That's not gonna happen.
Innocent men go to jail every day.
They don't have the Carrington name.
That name doesn't mean much to me right now.
My father lied to me.
I mean, he thinks I had something to do with Matthew's death.
My own father doesn't trust me.
I know I haven't lived here very long, but maybe I can see what you can't.
The way your dad reacted the night you got arrested, - he was so worried.
- Really? Mm-hmm.
And I watched him at my aunt's wedding.
And when he looked over at you, man, he was so proud you were there.
I guess I didn't notice.
Maybe he doesn't say it much, but his actions say he loves you.
You don't think he trusts you, but maybe you don't trust him.
MICHAEL: Can I help you find something? Where is it? Where's what? Matthew's phone.
I know you have it.
- And why would I have that? - Because you are my father's plausible deniability.
Anything he doesn't want, he hides here, or at least you'd know where it is.
Not this time.
You may think you know him, but I know you.
I knew you were up to something.
I knew that little seamstress errand was made-up.
I even knew that I'd find you out here doing this.
Well, if you know me so well, then you know how badly I need that phone.
You are so worried about finding an advantage over your father, and you already have it.
It's you.
(exhales) Shut up and give me that phone.
You are smarter than anyone on Blake's contact list.
Anyone at that company.
You never let anything get in your way.
You are unstoppable.
And that's what I love about you, Fallon.
("Temptation" by New Order playing) I'm gonna finish what you started.
Heaven A gateway A hope Just like a feeling I need It's no joke And though it hurts me To treat you this way Betrayed by words (crickets chirping) - (siren wailing) - (speaking indistinctly) - (panting) - (officer shouting) Betrayed by words I've never heard Too hard to say Up, down, turn around Please don't let me hit the ground ANDERS: Tempting, isn't it? Excuse me? I've been watching you with that necklace all evening, grasping it like Gollum.
You look very guilty for someone who hasn't stolen anything.
Guilt is an emotion that I don't suffer from.
Guilt is for insecure people.
Well, what about desperation? 'Cause that's what I saw when you realized that your accounts had been cut off.
Look, Anders, whatever you know about my past, you don't know me now.
I learned a long time ago that solving one problem by creating another gets you nowhere.
It got you here, though, didn't it? Each way I turn I know I'll always try I believe this belongs to you.
To break this circle That's been placed Around me 10 million bucks never felt so light.
Have you, uh - you seen Fallon? - I know the general location of every true Carrington at all times.
Cool, man.
Can you just point? Up, down, turn around Please don't let me hit the ground Tonight, I think I'll walk alone I'll find my soul as I go home Up, down, turn around Please don't let me hit the ground Tonight, I think I'll walk alone I'll find my soul as I go home.
Hey! (grunting) (glass breaks) Hey! (both grunting) Dad.
Are you okay? Dad? I'm worried about you, Blake.
No, don't be.
This scar is only gonna add to my allure.
I just don't understand who would do this to you, or how they got away.
Well, the police are completely useless.
You know who wasn't? - My son.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, it's nice of the kid to save me, for a change.
Blake, you need to stop waiting for them to come to you.
If tonight had gone differently If something had happened to you or Steven You're right.
I'll talk to him.
And Fallon.
You're a good father, Blake.
And a sweet man.
Really, best-case scenario for a robbery I'm fine, everyone's fine.
You know me, I'm happy to leave a party early.
Plus, nothing major was taken.
Oh, I was wearing my gloves all night, so I didn't have it on! (sighs) My engagement ring.
- Blake, they took my ring.
- Well Hey, hey.
It's okay.
Hey, it's only money.
I'll buy you a new one.
Nobody can take anything from us that really matters because, besides my kids it's all right here, in my arms, right now.
This tainted love you've given (woman giggles) I gave you all a girl could give you - (line ringing) - Take my tears - (phone ringing) - And that's not nearly all Tainted love Oh - Tainted love - FALLON: I cornered the Kwan brothers as they were leaving the party, and I turned them around.
Wanted you to know.
Run away, I've got to - Get away - (playing "Tainted Love") (stops playing) Don't stop, please.
(continues playing) You know, your mother made you take piano.
I never saw the point in it.
It's not like you were gonna be another Van Cliburn.
I wanted you to take boxing lessons.
- (stops playing) - Now those, they they came in handy.
(chuckles softly) I was coming to find you earlier because I wanted to apologize.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you said you didn't have Matthew's phone.
Well your source wasn't entirely inaccurate.
I lied to you.
I bent the truth and the law.
When Matthew died, I accessed my source at the police department and had him borrow Matthew's phone from evidence.
Dad why would you do that? Uh Jealousy? Morbid curiosity about Cristal's affair? I wanted to see what was on there.
- Can I see it? - No.
I returned it to evidence.
Well, that part was true.
But if there had been anything on there that could have helped exonerate you, I would not have hesitated to admit what I'd done.
I'm not proud.
But I am proud of who I am as a father.
There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect you.
The thing I admire most about you how much you care about other people.
How you love.
It's always been your finest asset.
I want you to stay here.
At home, in Atlanta.
And if it's charity work that you want to do, then do it for me.
Once my lawyers get these bogus charges dropped I want you to run the Carrington Foundation.
(knocking) We alone? What happened? Is your mom okay? She will be.
I can't do this anymore, Sammy Jo.
I mean, life's hard enough as it is without everything else I'm hiding.
Tomorrow I'm gonna go to Blake and I'm gonna tell him I need the money.
Even if it means losing everything.
There's no need to go and do something stupid like tell a man the truth.
I handled it.
You're cool.
I got the money.
What'd you do? Who do you think set up tonight's little robbery? What? Your ring's insured.
I invite you into my home, and this is what you pull? My husband got hurt.
He got in the way.
And a little cut is nothing compared to what could have happened to my mom.
My friends will sell the stuff.
She'll have the cash in the morning.
Do you have any idea what kind of blowback this could bring? I was handling things.
Not fast enough.
Anyway, everyone knows you can't run away from your past.
It'll always come back and bite you in the ass.
(exhales) Ah.
Drinking so late? It's not for me.
I do appreciate you being at the fundraiser tonight.
I know this week was tough.
I'm glad you're okay.
I was worried about you.
I was on the golf course.
I was three under par, I had just birdied again, when Anders phoned me to tell me that your mother's water broke.
- So you finished the round? - Well, it was the 17th hole What's a few more minutes? No, of course I didn't finish the round.
It was a game.
And your being born was one of the greatest days of my life.
You know I wanted to name you Ellen, after my mother? But Alexis said she'd read in one of those crazy feminist books of hers that the name Fallon meant "descended from a ruler".
Alexis being the ruler, of course.
But I knew that my brand-new baby girl would have my name, too.
The Carrington name.
Fallon, I never considered that one day you would be my business rival.
And a formidable one, too.
But your name is your birthright.
And I won't take that away from you.
Thank you, Daddy.
Well, it's settled, then.
Good night, sweetheart.
Not settled.
I've decided I don't want the Carrington name.
I've got Carrington blood.
That's all I need to take over the world.
(footsteps approaching) (sighs) I'm just cross-referencing the missing items with our catalog.
Unfortunately, the current Mrs.
Carrington's ring is not the only thing that was stolen.
Anders, I have an actual headache.
Maybe your inventory can wait? The gold cigar cutter, from your father, the Harry Winston emerald cuff links those lovely ones that Alexis got you for Guy Fawkes and several of your lesser Rolexes.
They took the watches from my drawer? It's missing.
What's missing, sir? I had Matthew's phone taken from evidence, and that man stole it.
If what's on that phone gets out, it will ruin the Carrington name.