Dynasty (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Private as a Circus

1 Previously on Dynasty That is no way to talk to your new boss.
He offered me the COO position.
FALLON: With Jeff's backing, I will be chief executive officer of Carrington Windbriar.
Your new competition.
Matthew coming by today, was that some sort of test? BLAKE: Someone spotted you two last night.
STANSFIELD: There was a malfunction with the thumper truck.
STEVEN: What if the issue is murder? You trying to honor the dead or yourself, Blake? Wife, mistress Widow? Or will you leave Claudia that scrap? AGENT: You have the right to remain silent.
BLAKE: He's accusing you of murder.
I had nothing to do with Matthew's death.
I can't go and tell him that my entire past is one big lie.
Who would do this to you? Hey! - SAM: You're cool.
I got the money.
- CRISTAL: What'd you do? Who do you think set up tonight's little robbery? BLAKE: It's missing.
If what's on that phone gets out, it will ruin the Carrington name.
I've been thinking we're meant to be But I don't know how to show you the best of me Yeah, I want you, do you want me, too Come on, let's go! Do you want me, too? Showing up in your beat-up truck And now I'm sure it's more than a stroke of luck Yeah, I love you, do you love me, too? Did you break a nail back there? Let's go, Steven! - Hyah! Hyah! - Do you love me, too? Clap your hands if it feels good Clap your hands (whoops) You're off your game, Steven.
Murder charge will do that to you.
Well, this is supposed to cheer you up.
The only thing my brother should ever be accused of is his poor taste in men.
Maybe you should screw one of Dad's lawyers.
Pretty sure they're screwing us with their astronomical fees.
Well, if they can get you off Innuendo unintended.
Without an airtight alibi to prove that I didn't kill Matthew, the FBI are saying we need to provide them with a credible alternative suspect.
I'm not just gonna let them throw someone else under the bus.
Well, why not? Daddy would.
As juvenile as it sounds, I wish Mom were here.
Why? The only thing she's good for is the occasional birthday card that her secretary writes.
She spelled your name wrong last time.
Lots of people think it's "ph.
" I just wish I could ask her advice.
Hey, the best thing Mom ever taught us is what we learned when she left: you can only rely on yourself.
And me.
Some kinda wonderful.
Timing's a bit obvious, don't you think? Getting out of Dodge the day after the house was robbed.
Don't forget to pack the silver.
Thanks for the bags, Anders.
Where are you going? Away.
Done with the Carringtons so soon? I'm just about done with you, Sam.
I'm not exactly over the fact that you staged a robbery in my home.
It'll be fine.
My mom's got her money, and you can get a less tacky ring, something that doesn't belong in a gumball machine.
Right now, Blake is meeting with Stansfield.
If the cops find out that it was your friends, that you were involved, that I'm lying to my husband Add it to the list.
This is different.
You pick and choose your lies like you do your men.
Okay, enough.
All I've done is jump from one crisis to the next.
Matthew, a murder investigation, now my nephew's felony.
It's no way to start a marriage.
So you're running away? I'm going on my honeymoon.
Why pack anything at all? Yeah, put that away.
I don't need to see how Blake's sausage is made.
And this whole thing will blow over before you get back.
For your sake, I hope so.
And Anders is sniffing around, so you need to lay low.
I always do.
If the diamond was registered, we have some hope of tracing it.
Forget about the ring.
That's what insurance is for.
I need that phone back.
If anybody finds out that I had it, or what's on it, the FBI's gonna be all over me.
At the moment, they're busy investigating your son.
Who thinks that I gave it back to you.
You told him.
Well, he knew something was going on.
And if he finds out I lied I'm not the only one with something to lose here.
If anybody else finds out that I had that phone, they're gonna ask where I got it from.
If they find out that you stole it from evidence The entire robbery division is on this, working around the clock.
I don't care what you have to do.
You find the people that took that phone before they realize what they have.
Not just for my sake or yours.
My family's, too.
Can I help you? Just looking for the bathroom.
It's easy to get lost in this place.
Not easy enough.
FALLON: Sorry I'm late.
I thought I'd squeeze in a little morning ride.
- Mm.
Anyone I know? - (chuckles) A handsome warm-blood palomino named Butterscotch.
He was a gift for my 16th birthday from Daddy.
Speaking of, what happened to the dirt you were looking for? Nothing from the driver? Don't worry about the lawsuit.
Your dad's gonna drop it? No.
We are.
We don't need the Carrington name.
This company represents a new start for me.
We need a new name.
My name.
So what? Like Fallon Co.
? (scoffs) This isn't amateur hour.
Morell Green Energy Corporation? My middle name.
A reminder that I can only count on myself.
What about the guy backing you? As you said, you're backing me.
I'm the one who needs to prove my value in this market, and I know how.
The city utility contract is up for renewal this year.
It's worth a billion at least.
You want to poach the city of Atlanta? Hasn't C.
had that contract for, like, 60 years? Well, imagine the headline: "The home of Carrington Atlantic powered by Morell Corp.
" That's ambitious.
You don't hit a home run without a big swing.
This would put us on the map.
It would show people that clean energy could scale up in a big way.
And screw over your dad.
(chuckles) It's a win-win.
His new COO can pick up the pieces.
So how exactly are we gonna pull this off? Oh, not "we," me.
Chris Pfeiffer runs point on these things over at the city council, and he and I go back to my C.
He loves me.
Enough to cross Blake Carrington? Oh, please.
He would leave his wife for me.
And his side piece.
Not that I'm offering.
I'm just saying.
It won't take much to get him eating out of my hand.
- (door closes) - Hey, sweetheart.
Anders said you wanted to see me.
What's going on? With everything that happened, we missed Bora Bora.
So, plan B.
I've taken care of the arrangements, packed you a suitcase.
I'm even handling the transportation.
Where are we going? It's a surprise.
But I can give you a preview of the itinerary.
(chuckles) Just so much going on here.
Steven's charges and now the robbery.
It's just not the best time to go away.
And after this weekend, we go back to work.
If we don't go away now, we will be celebrating our first anniversary before we take our honeymoon.
I don't know.
You're not Steven's lawyer.
You've told Stansfield everything you can about the robbery, and we'll only be a phone call away.
You make a very firm point.
SAM: So when you robbed the place, did you find some kind of cell phone? (chuckles) You know, I was wondering when you'd come for it.
- So you have it.
- Yeah.
It was in one of the drawers in the bedroom.
I was just grabbing things.
Figured we'd look through it when it was time to sell.
You didn't sell it, did you? Not yet.
(chuckles) Relax, man.
I'm gonna cut you in.
No, man, I don't need a cut.
I need the phone.
They're looking for it and for you, and I think they'll stop if they have it back.
I'll give you cash.
Can't be worth more than a couple hundred.
You mean a couple hundred grand, right? I saw the video, man.
And since it is your aunt, I'll even give you a little bit extra.
What video? The one with your aunt and the dead guy.
Let's just say I didn't realize they knew each other that well.
Or that she was so hot.
A sex tape? You can't sell that.
Are you kidding me? That's Kardashian-level filmmaking right there.
We're gonna have a bidding war for it.
Unless the Carringtons want to pay fair market value.
I just got you a huge payday.
Now you're getting greedy.
I mean, that's easy to say when you're living in their mansion, isn't it? Give me the phone.
Get my money by 5:00.
There you are.
Been trying Cristal, but she's not picking up.
Whoa, slow down.
What happened? Remember when I told you I have some sketchy friends? Stupid kid stuff, I think you said.
Well, it was one of those stupid kids who bling-ringed your house the other night.
- What? Did you know? - No.
I mean, I told him about the gala, but I thought he was just coming for the free food.
And the free jewelry.
Sounds like a great friend.
I'll call Stansfield.
No, no.
It wasn't just jewelry.
There was a phone in your dad's room Matthew's phone, with a video of him and my aunt.
He told me he gave that phone back.
We need to come up with $200,000 in the next few hours, or my aunt's sex tape will be all over the Internet.
Cristal didn't do anything, and she's the one who's gonna get hurt here.
AUTOMATED VOICE: You have reached the cell phone of Blake Carrington.
Press one I don't even know where my dad is.
Well what would he do? BLAKE: The hunting cabin.
Can't believe you chose this place.
Of all the Carrington properties, this seemed the most low-key.
I'm surprised you didn't figure it out sooner.
Oh, I've always come in by helicopter.
Well, just so you know, we won't be killing any animals on this trip.
But I thought it would be nice to get out of the city.
Just you and me and these trees.
Yeah, not one of them a cell tower.
If you're good, I might let you get on the Wi-Fi.
There is no Wi-Fi.
My grandfather built this place to get away from it all.
We never put in Internet.
Even better! More time for us.
(phones ringing) No wonder people choose the private sector.
- KORI: Fallon? - (sighs) Thank God.
There's no receptionist.
Kori Rucks.
I work with Councilman Pfeiffer.
You wouldn't happen to have a real cup of coffee, would you? (coin clinks) Oh.
That's a little too real.
I'm sorry, I don't work for Chris.
I'm on the council district ten.
I'm told that you're here - to discuss the utility contracts.
- Yes.
I know that Councilman Pfeiffer is in charge of all that, so Actually, I'm taking over.
So, if you're here to talk energy, let's talk.
(chuckles) Anders.
Join me for a time trial.
That would require sweat.
(laughs) Come on, man.
You know Blake is out of town for the weekend.
You could lose a button or two.
Live a little.
As you know, Mr.
Carrington's very upset - about this robbery.
- Yeah.
I could imagine.
That was a pretty nasty bump on his head.
Finding out who's responsible is a high priority for him, as it is for me.
So, if you saw anything, anything that you thought might be a bit amiss Well, like I told the cops, I wasn't really watching.
I imagine you had your head in other matters.
Like Ms.
I take it she didn't see much, either.
You'll have to ask Ms.
Very well.
But if you should think of something or hear anything, let me know.
I don't have to remind you that this incident doesn't reflect well on those of us who are employed here.
What does that mean? It's just that we all have a stake in putting this to bed, especially those of us with families that depend on our salaries.
Anything specific I should be listening out for? Just the personal effects.
Carrington's ring, some watches, and a phone of particular value to Mr.
All right.
I'll keep my ear to the ground.
And your mouth off Fallon.
Morell Corp represents the next generation of energy, and Atlanta has a chance to become a national model for a green city.
We plan to take clean power and spread it up and down the coast, take it national and then beyond.
So Atlanta's just the first step.
I wish you the best of luck with your new company, but Atlanta is not a means to an end.
This is my home, my city, and now my responsibility, not some pawn in the Carrington family feud.
Well, I understand the connotations with the Carrington name, but Morell Corp.
is an entirely different company.
Well, whatever you call it, you're still you, and you haven't changed since high school.
You went to Penley.
Oh, my God.
(chuckles) Of course.
You look so different.
Did you change your hair? Come on, Fallon.
You can't expect me to buy this "new year, new me" bit, can you? Maybe you can.
You seem to have the whole world bowing at your feet.
I'm sure you'll be fine without Atlanta.
See you at the ten-year reunion.
STEVEN: I didn't know who else to call.
You did the right thing.
This guy is a friend of Sam's.
I don't know if you can call that a friend, but he used Sam to get into the house.
And he has the phone with this video on it? He's trying to extort my father, but Dad is M.
, and we don't have that much time.
How much does this guy want? $200,000.
That's easy.
But what if I get the phone back and he's already - copied the video? - Right.
Why settle for one payday if you can have two? And, uh, the nephew? No, Sam didn't have anything to do with this.
He's tied up with some bad people.
The best shot at stopping this is putting cuffs on both of them.
Arresting Blake Carrington's new nephew would only invite questions.
Questions you don't want, since you stole the phone first.
From evidence.
Look, I just want all this to be over.
So I'll go in and buy the phone, you come in and get this guy.
Silver spoon's first sting.
Your dad would be proud.
Let's just call this what it is.
This is you cleaning up your own corruption.
You tampered with a murder investigation when you should have been actually figuring out who did it so that I don't go to prison for a crime I didn't commit.
What exactly do you want me to do? Do your job.
Find out who really killed Matthew.
Make it right.
JEFF: How could you not remember Kori? Well, I do now.
Didn't she have some weird Hello Kitty obsession? You still don't.
Maybe I should have been your wingman, after all.
I'm glad you find this funny, but I am not losing this contract, Jeff, especially not over a few hurt feelings.
You really think it's just about high school? Obviously.
Why don't you let me try? Maybe I can smooth things over.
Remind Kori that you're not the whole company.
Kori Rucks? Seriously? You, too? Fallon had a meeting with her today.
Didn't know who she was.
(sighs) I might have also asked her to get me a cup of coffee.
- What? - What? I know.
I thought she was an assistant.
- I'm fixing it.
- No, actually, I am.
I'm gonna call her.
Good luck with that.
You know Kori does not roll over easily.
Present tense? - You're still friends? - Yeah.
We went to MJQ last weekend.
I invited you.
Do you listen to anything I say? Don't take it personally.
Actually, Monica, what if you invited her out tonight, and I just happened to be there? She might be a bit more receptive.
Well, with all due respect, I'm the one who knows energy.
Yeah, let me butter her up, okay? Set the stage, then you come in.
And do all the heavy lifting.
Not that your part isn't heavy, too.
I got to say, I do not mind not having an office yet.
We swimming or what? Looks like the Carringtons came through.
It's all here.
Where's the phone? How do I know that's it? Show me the contacts or something.
(moaning) Okay, turn it off.
You swear this is the only copy? Even I have a code, okay? Deal's a deal.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Back at you.
I'm sure Carrington's errand boy pays pretty well.
You're the one with 200 grand now.
I'm Robin Hood.
Everything okay? Got it.
And the video? - He swears it's the only copy.
- Do you believe him? Look, screwed up as it sounds, he's not a bad dude.
Why are you freaking out? I got it.
We're good.
Yeah, you can go in.
Yeah, I'll get you the phone after you get my 200 grand back.
Who was that? Stansfield.
What? (vehicles approaching) - You didn't say anything about cops.
- Don't worry.
STEVEN: I told him you didn't have anything to do with that.
Hey, if anything, you were the one that solved it.
Let's get out of here.
OFFICER: Go, go, go! So, I know I said no dead animals, but since this one's already here, I thought I'd slip into something a little more comfortable.
Blake? (sighs) Damn it! What are you doing? I missed a call from the office.
My damn phone won't even ring out here.
Can't even call them back.
I can't even get voice mail.
So, I'm standing here naked, wrapped in an animal that probably died before I was born, and you're calling the office? Well, if you'd have told me we were gonna be off the grid, I would have planned things differently.
I thought the surprise would be romantic.
These are the first few days we've had just to be husband and wife, and they might be the last ones we have for a while.
Just want to enjoy them.
Don't you? - Of course, I do.
- Good.
If I remember correctly, there's a waterfall - (gasps) - a couple of miles from here.
It's not a hot tub, but you can't beat it for stargazing.
- (squeals) - So, if you're up for an adventure - Always.
I'll go change.
- Hang on.
One minute.
Well, can we try for two? SAM: Why didn't you tell me you had gone to Stansfield? What kind of a friend robs your aunt's house, then tries to blackmail her with a sex tape? I'm not saying that what he did was okay.
No, it was technically illegal.
Have you ever broken a law? I've never extorted anyone.
Because you haven't had to.
You don't know what it is like to worry about making rent or what you're gonna do if your car breaks down.
Are you seriously suggesting we should've just let him get away with it? Taken him at his word that he's gonna stick to the deal? - He's a-a criminal.
- Why didn't you tell me your plan? Look, I didn't want to make you lie in there.
I was trying to protect you.
And who does that sound like? I thought you were the different one, but now I see the family resemblance.
- You got two seconds for me? - (sighs) I'm already late.
Wait, what does this dress say to you? Bold? Demure? Loud enough to command a room yet still whisper "top of the class at Wharton"? Is that? Matthew's phone.
- What, you took it? - No.
Sam's friend did when he robbed our house.
It's a long story.
But Dad told me he'd given this back to Stansfield.
- Hmm.
So, how'd you get it back? - Sam.
And 200 grand.
But you remember the photo of Cristal and Matthew in the car? (laughs) Yeah.
Well, there's a video on here of them doing way more than sitting.
Have you seen it? I can't unsee it.
I don't even want to know why Dad had it.
(laughs) Oh.
Well, at least it's grainy.
Though she almost looks hot upside down.
(Cristal giggles over video) STEVEN: Well, I got the phone back, and I led Stansfield to the robber.
You helped Stansfield? I helped everyone Dad, Cristal, Sammy Jo.
- Well, what do you get? - What do you mean? Well, you're on the hook for a murder you didn't commit.
You should negotiate.
You give Stansfield the phone, and he gives you the alternate suspect the lawyers think you need.
I mean, as long as you're complicit in police corruption, - you might as well work it.
- I can't do that.
So if you simply hand over the phone to Stansfield, - where does that leave you? - Back to square one.
No closer to figuring out who killed Matthew, and the FBI still thinks I did it.
Yeah, especially if you're the last one holding onto this.
It is a spectacularly bad time for Dad to be out of town.
What did I just tell you this morning? We don't need anybody but us.
Use what you've got, Steven.
The sooner this is all over, the sooner you can get back to saving the world, and I can get back to taking it over.
BBSR BBSR - Be good in there.
- I'll try.
Hey, why don't you come with? I need somebody to keep me company before I meet up with Jeff.
Ah, I didn't really dress for the club.
You're with me.
No one'll be looking at you.
When they can't buy the bar Swag out of this world, come kick it with a star And I might let you ride it like a car Like a car Lambo Like a Lamborghini - Do you see Jeff? - VIP's over there.
Lambo, let me see you get lower I don't want Kori to see me yet.
Not until Jeff fluffs her, gets her feeling a little bit more generous.
- Let's get a drink at the bar.
- Okay.
Ugh! How do people live like this waiting in line? Uh, your Carrington's showing.
Southside? No.
Club soda.
I'm working.
Fallon Carrington.
What a surprise.
Kori Rucks texted me and told me to come out.
You remember Kori, right? - I didn't know you'd be here tonight.
- (sighs) It's been a while, hasn't it? Like, seven and a half months, yeah.
- Oh, wow.
We're keeping track.
- You know, I've been texting you, and I know you've been getting them.
- About St.
Barths? - I thought that already happened.
It did, but I can always go back.
- What's your schedule like? - Um Robby, this is my boyfriend, Michael.
Robby and I went to school together.
It's like a reunion up in here.
Did you go to, uh, Penley, too? Decatur.
Uh, good for you, man.
And, uh, good to see you, Fallon.
FALLON: You, too.
(laughs) MICHAEL: Boyfriend? Let's dance.
And, baby, you can count on me There's no place I'd rather be And, baby, you should roll with me, yeah yeah Baby, if I catch you, it's a three and one Can you tell that you're dealing with a real one? They don't have a life, tell them to get one And I don't have a girl, well, maybe I should get one Baby, it's true And everything I've been planning just for you Hey, all these dreams, baby, let's make 'em true Yeah, yeah, baby, I have plans for you - (phone chiming, vibrating) - Baby, you can count on me There's no place I'd rather be - (phone chiming) - And, baby, you should roll with me (chuckles) I am blowing up.
(phone chimes, vibrates) "Cristal Carrington Sex Tape"? Is that real? Oh, it's real.
How do you know? Educated guess.
Excuse me.
I have to make some calls.
Glad this is behind us.
Now, it's best that doesn't make it back to police headquarters.
Shouldn't make it back to my father, either.
This is between us.
What are you doing? You have your money back, your friend is safe But I'm not.
I want to make sure there's no misunderstanding here.
By giving you this, I'm giving you a second chance.
It's an opportunity to make things right.
Not just for me.
The Blaisdel family deserves closure.
Matthew deserves justice.
That's your responsibility now.
You want me to find the real killer, but I already told you, it's the FBI's case now.
And I'm telling you, I don't care.
Do your job.
Close the case.
Yeah, she's ready to go Have you seen this? Oh, more than seen it.
Honestly, I did not expect the landing strip.
Okay, don't be a perv.
Speaking of pervs, did you see Robby Reid? On his way out.
He said he met your boyfriend.
And here I was thinking that you're not dating because you're a workaholic, but you're just multitasking by screwing your driver.
God, no.
I just told him that so he'd get off my back.
- What? It worked.
- (phone chiming) (chuckles) I'm sorry.
It just won't stop.
And what about Kori and Jeff? Aren't you supposed to swoop in there and close that deal? I know.
I know.
I'll be right back.
I know Fallon has her blind spots.
I hadn't noticed.
But I'm telling you, if there's one thing she does know, it's energy.
It's in her blood.
Of course.
She's a Carrington.
But that's the problem.
The city of Atlanta is not gonna be a pawn in their family feud.
This contract will determine whether people can keep their lights on, and I don't trust Fallon Carrington to think of them when it counts.
Do you trust me? You went into business with her.
That means it's my business, too.
You know I'll do right by you and by this city.
If you'll at least hear her out, I promise I'll hold her to her word.
I will, for you.
(laughs) You know, I think my sister invited her out tonight.
I'll get us another bottle.
Where's Fallon? And why are you drinking? I thought you were her ride.
- Not anymore.
- Just tell your girlfriend I'm looking for her, okay? - She's not my girlfriend.
- Sure looked like she was the other night at the gala.
Talk to Fallon, okay? I've never gotten a straight answer out of her.
Maybe you will.
Hey, wait up.
Why don't you join us for a drink? Okay.
Kori, this is Michael Culhane.
He's a friend.
A single friend? I believe he is.
Can you just admit that we're lost? Well, I will admit that I should've paid for street lamps out here, 'cause I can't see a damn thing.
Maybe I should look at the map.
Good luck.
So, the sun set that way, which means we've been going north this whole time.
Blake, I told you we were going in the wrong direction.
Look, we're probably all the way over here now.
By this ranger station.
Well, maybe they can help us.
I'd be willing to ask directions.
Do you seriously expect me to believe that you accidentally led us straight to the ranger station? Are you actually that desperate to check your messages? I told you it wasn't a good time, but you insisted.
So you admit it.
You did bring us here on purpose.
(laughs): God! I can't believe I thought we could have one whole day together without the world pressing in.
(phone chiming) Oh.
And there it is.
(chiming continues) Well, you came all this way for service.
You might as well have a look.
Oh, hell.
Oh, my God.
Did they find the robber? Oh, my God.
What is this? Looks like it's you and Matthew.
- All over the Internet.
- (sighs) CRISTAL: Are you filming me? (giggles) (moans softly) (kissing) (giggles) (moaning continues) CRISTAL: Stop.
Let me film you.
(reporters clamoring) I want my lawyers here, now.
Waiting in the study, sir.
Perhaps we suggest they move in.
I'm sorry, what?! Your "friend" did that to me? - Ow.
- How could you let this happen, Sam? I don't know.
I guess he had a fail-safe.
Or he lied and he had already sold it.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
Steven didn't tell me he was gonna get the cops involved.
(whispering): You told Steven about this? About the robbery? Well, I had to.
I didn't have the money.
And I might have fudged some of the details.
I told Steven I didn't know they were gonna rob the house.
So that's how you didn't get arrested.
Well, I did it to protect you, too.
If I told him I did it and about my mom, then he'd ask what you knew.
And if he told Blake I-I thought I fixed it, Cristal.
I'm sorry.
What are they saying about me? Cristal Just rip the Band-Aid off, Sam.
(sighs) "Million-Dollar Tramp.
" "Naked Ambition.
" And, uh, this one's kind of clever: "Private Relations.
" Like, they crossed out "public.
" It's charming.
I'm Atlanta's biggest slut.
Well, I can't speak to that, but looks like Fallon can.
WOMAN: Fallon, Fallon! Can you comment on the sex tape that's just surfaced? Uh, well, I know about as much as you do.
You know, I can't comment on somebody else's proclivities.
I think those are questions for the movie star.
That bitch.
(phone vibrating) Willy.
WILLY: Uh, I wasn't sure you'd pick up.
I've tried everyone.
Stansfield hung up on me.
The FBI won't even call me back.
The FBI? What's going on? You've seen this tape of Matthew and Cristal, haven't you? Unfortunately.
Has Claudia? Yeah, she's seen it.
I just got back from her house.
She's a mess.
She may not be able to fight for herself, but you can be damn sure I'm gonna fight for her.
This tape i-it's motive.
Blake didn't want his new wife's old boyfriend hanging around.
You still think my dad killed Matthew? It wasn't you.
You were Matthew's friend.
Maybe the only good one left in that house.
Where are you right now? I'm coming to meet you.
- (saw buzzing) - As I've told everyone else, this is between my father and his surprisingly flexible new bride.
It's a private family matter.
About as private as a circus.
What happened to you last night? I came to find you.
You were gone.
Well, I had every newspaper in Atlanta calling me about Cristal's porno.
I texted you.
That's why you bailed on our plan? To give interviews about your stepmother's sex tape? You took your eye off the prize to take a swipe at Cristal.
You really can't help yourself, can you? Well, she's not just my stepmother.
She's also the new COO of our main competition of this new deal we're trying to strike.
That's right.
And I was there for you, Fallon.
I put myself on the line for a deal you had to have.
But you made me look like an idiot, because you're only out for yourself.
Must be genetic.
And speaking of our main competition, congratulations.
Carrington Atlantic lost the contract.
Kori just called me.
- Wait, we got it? - No.
Southern Power did.
The Morell Corp presentation wasn't concrete enough for the city council.
That was all you, remember? I'm guessing you didn't play team sports as a kid.
But we're supposed to be in this together.
You're no longer the only one who pays for your mistakes.
Willy? It's Steven.
(ringtone playing, vibrating) (ringtone and vibrating stop) Hello? CRISTAL: I just can't believe it.
Toxicology will confirm his death looks like a suicide.
He had a bottle of sleeping pills next to him.
And there was a note claiming responsibility for the Windbriar explosion.
That doesn't make sense.
Willy called me, and I didn't see a note.
One of my detectives discovered it in the bedroom.
And it seems Willy was angry at Carrington Atlantic for twice denying him a promotion.
So he killed Matthew? Apparently he didn't intend to.
He was trying to sabotage the operation and damage Carrington Atlantic equipment.
His friend Matthew was collateral damage, it seems.
And then seeing his name dragged through the mud these last 24 hours it was too much.
Does the FBI know about this? They've already been alerted.
And, um, they're confirming his story, but it's just a formality.
And once the toxicology comes out, charges against you will be dropped.
The Horse Whisperer rides again.
BLAKE: What about Claudia? Has anyone spoken to her? We're sending someone over now.
Oh, my God.
It's not how we expected this to end, but at least she'll finally have some closure.
I don't understand.
It's been a rough day, hasn't it? While I'm here I believe you have something for me.
You okay? No.
I was there.
I saw Willy, and I didn't see a note.
And what, then Stansfield's guy just happens to find one? That lets us all off the hook? If anything, shouldn't I be more of a suspect? I was the one that found him.
What are you trying to say, Steven? Just It seems off.
A week ago, Willy was in this house, accusing you of killing Matthew.
Why would he suddenly admit it now? Guilt is an unpredictable animal.
Or Stansfield is.
I know you're shaken right now.
We've all been through the wringer.
But Stansfield is not a bad guy.
He's only helped this family.
(chuckles): Whoa.
Did someone go a little too hard at the club last night? No, I'm just beat.
Me, too.
And if I have to take one more call to comment on this video It's not even news anymore.
Even I'm over it.
- Are you? - Sorry? Well, you took that phone, didn't you? You leaked the video.
I didn't take the phone.
(scoffs) You're like a human bulldozer.
- And you'll crush anyone.
- Please.
Cristal's a big girl, Michael.
She doesn't need you defending her.
Maybe someone should defend the world from Fallon Carrington.
The way you treat her, the way you treated Kori Kori? You just don't see other people.
Kori just hates me because I was a bitch in high school.
And I was a bitch because when your mom leaves in the middle of sophomore year, it kind of messes with your head.
I mean, if I didn't defend myself, who would've? That is heartbreaking.
But it was almost ten years ago.
Maybe you should stop blaming your mom and try to figure out why you're so screwed up now.
(door opens) Hey.
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to congratulate you.
I was actually coming to apologize to you.
What you said yesterday, about my privilege you were right.
I should have been honest.
I was trying to protect you, but I just ended up hurting more people.
Don't feel too bad.
You were right about that guy.
I shouldn't have trusted him.
But the thing is I should've been arrested, too.
What? Why? Because I set it up.
I told him to steal my aunt's ring.
Are you kidding me? I know.
But my mom needed money, fast, and I panicked.
You're the reason that all of this has happened? It got out of control.
And I needed you to help me, and I didn't think you would if I told you the truth.
- You're damn right I wouldn't.
- I know how much you hate being lied to; that's why I wanted to come clean.
What, you think that fixes this? I did all of this help you, and now you're telling me that it's all your fault? I know.
I'm sorry.
Well, I don't accept that.
And I get now why your aunt didn't want you here.
The press isn't going away.
I think I need to make a statement.
I'm not gonna make you do that again.
Let the FBI tell them about Willy.
It's not about Willy.
I didn't get a say in this thing getting out.
I should have told you about the phone.
I should have told you about the robbery.
After the fact, Sam told me that it was his friend and that he was involved.
And I should have told you, but he's a good kid, Blake.
He made a mistake.
Well, on any other day, I would probably be upset, but I made a mistake, too.
Do you remember the day we took our engagement photos and Matthew came to the house? Of course.
And I told you we didn't argue.
Well, he threatened me with blackmail.
He said that you would not marry me if you knew what kind of man I was.
Blackmail you with what? Steven.
Look, you know that before Steven ran off to dig wells in Haiti that he was with the company.
He didn't want the job, and I pushed him up the ladder too fast.
Out in the field one day, he missed a faulty pressure valve, and he signed off on the inspection.
Oh, my God.
Later, when they put it online, the pressure shook the rig, a man fell off and snapped his neck.
How come I never heard about this? Matthew was the field engineer on site.
I asked him to write it off as a structural defect.
You covered it up.
And Matthew claimed to have a record of it on his phone.
So, I knew if Steven ever found out he had something to do with the man's death, he would never have stopped blaming himself.
NEWSWOMAN: But the victim is described as BLAKE: I was trying to protect him.
I-I ended up sacrificing you.
I'm-I'm so sorry, Cristal.
I understand.
I was just trying to protect Sam.
That's what family does.
No matter how hard or how much it hurts.
We stand by them.
But you and I I don't want us to have secrets.
I want to trust you, and I want you to trust me.
Can we start again? Clean slate? No more lies.
No more lies.