Dynasty (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Company Slut

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Your father offered me - the COO position.
- That was supposed to be mine.
With Jeff's backing, I will be your new competition.
And Robby, this is my boyfriend.
Did you see Robby Reid? - He said he met your boyfriend.
- God, no.
I just told him that so he'd get off my back.
Kori, this is Michael Culhane.
SAM: Who do you think set up tonight's little robbery? I did all of this to help you, and now you're telling me that it's all your fault? - I'm sorry.
- Well, I don't accept that.
We would like to pay for Matthew's funeral.
We just don't want you to worry about anything.
"Cristal Carrington sex tape"? Is that real? Oh, it's real.
BLAKE: It's you and Matthew, all over the Internet.
Oh, my God.
BLAKE: And what about Claudia? Has anyone spoken to her? (”Everybody Wants to Rule the World” playing) Welcome to your life There's no turning back Even while we sleep We will find you Acting on your best behavior Turn your back on Mother Nature Everybody wants to rule the world Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure Nothing ever lasts forever Everybody wants to rule the world Mr.
Carrington wanted you to have this, - with his compliments.
- (chuckles softly) Where is he? He said he'd meet you at the office.
His way of saying, "Don't be late".
- Lasts forever - Yvette! Everybody Wants to rule the world.
Where are you off to, Cristal? Church? Lord knows you love to get down on your knees.
Actually, Fallon, I'm headed to the same place you are, work.
Well, not the same place, 'cause I'm heading in for my first day as COO of Carrington Atlantic, and you're Do you even have an office yet? Ballsy of you, showing your face while your sex tape with Matthew is still blowing up on YouTube.
We both know most of those hits were from you.
But I wanted to thank you for your kind words to the paparazzi on my behalf.
Oh, please.
I barely said anything.
I figured, with your background in PR, you could handle your affair all on your own.
- As deftly as you handled Matthew's rock-hard - Excuse me.
I didn't know that tape still existed, but I owned up to my part in it.
Blake and I agreed that it's best that I put out a statement.
And now it's time to move on.
You think that scandal is going away? Not until Melania files for divorce or a Kardashian gets pregnant with triplets.
At least I have some permanence in my life.
How is your little company going? More "wind-down" than "start-up", I hear.
Must be hard not having the global reach of Carrington Atlantic, or any reach at all.
Are you still looking for that first client? What the hell are you doing? Good morning, Mrs.
Uh, no.
Culhane drives me to work.
Is that true, Culhane? Well, not today.
I'll be driving Mrs.
(engine starts) SAM: Someone's looking sharp.
I start at the foundation today.
Boy gets exonerated of murder charges, boy runs his father's billion-dollar charity to help rebuild his image.
Classic American story.
I've apologized a hundred times for the robbery thing, Steven.
I feel terrible.
I don't know what else you want me to do.
That's your specialty around here, isn't it? (scoffs) You're being a little harsh.
You want harsh? Ever since you rolled in here, my family has given you the world.
And you took it.
But that wasn't enough for you.
So you stole from us.
You lied to me.
And you're so myopic, you don't even see the hell that your actions have set in motion.
It was my friend who got arrested, not yours.
I'm not talking about your f You know what, forget it.
Come on, Steven, I am sorry.
Cristal and Blake already forgave me.
That's their mistake.
I'm not making the same one.
(door opens) (door shuts) FALLON: I'm sorry I'm late.
Some douche in a Caddy cut me off.
You drove yourself here? Glad I wasn't on the road.
- Don't start, okay? I've had a morning.
- Then I got good news for you.
Guess who made the list of Atlanta Digest's upcoming "Top Women in Business" issue? - What? - PR guy sent me the list this morning.
- Congratulations, partner.
- But how? I didn't even submit myself.
You did this for me? For us.
Could be great PR for the company.
I just figured, after I lost us the Atlanta utility contract Losing a billion-dollar client was punishment enough.
Besides, you deserve to be recognized.
Well, you son of a bitch.
You know, I've been trying to get on this list for three years.
And if you land Woman of the Year, you get the cover.
Businessmen at every newsstand will thank me.
You're right.
I mean, this kind of exposure could help us land clients and really expand into something legit.
I mean, as you said, we're in this together, right? Right.
Now you just have to beat out your wicked stepmother.
Are you kidding me? Cristal "Check Out My Crotch" Carrington made the list, too? I'm sure she was submitted before the deadline last week.
That sex tape just hit the Web a few days ago.
Hey, don't worry.
I think you got a leg up on her this time.
Well, she's the one with her legs up.
That's why I'm gonna win.
BLAKE: Today begins a new era at Carrington Atlantic.
Cristal will be transitioning into her role as COO starting today.
(scattered clapping) And I'm sure that you all give her your complete support.
Of course.
Congratulations, Cristal.
Well deserved, - indeed.
- Thank you, Deirdre.
Appreciate your kind words.
Kylie, I think a press release is in order.
Uh, yes.
Yes, of course, Mr.
I will get that out right away.
And be sure to also add something about Cristal making Atlanta's "Top Women in Business" list.
The magazine will be hosting a luncheon tomorrow to announce Woman of the Year.
CRISTAL: It's an honor to be nominated.
But the biggest honor is my new role here.
And I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you.
That went as well as I could've hoped.
Well, we knew today was gonna be tough.
But you held your head high, and you acted like a pro.
I just want to put this scandal behind me.
If I can't prove that I'm worthy of this job, then I can't be effective.
I'm sure that was the worst of it.
What are you doing here? I'm picking up Matthew's death benefit.
I imagine Willy's family will come by soon for his.
It's a tacky term, isn't it? Since the only one benefiting from their deaths is you.
We were upset to hear about Willy.
But at least it brought you some closure, considering his confession.
(scoffs) Please.
Willy did not kill Matthew.
You're the common denominator in both of these tragedies.
Oh, Cristal, you're awfully quiet.
I wonder why.
How are you feeling, Claudia? Don't patronize me.
You didn't seem to care about my feelings when you taped yourself screwing my husband.
- We should go.
- I'm so sorry, Claudia.
I wish you nothing but the best.
You don't want to know what I wish for you, Cristal.
You ruined our lives, you hear me? Okay.
We're done here.
Get back to work, you company tramp.
Or is it company slut? Which do you prefer? You know, you may have married into money, but you are still nothing more than a well-paid whore! Gustav, those fingers are magical.
Don't be afraid to go deeper.
- My pleasure.
- Can I help you? "May I help you".
And it seems that you're quite busy helping yourself.
(sighs) Be a doll and go get more lube.
What do you want, Alfred? Anders.
Or Joseph, if we were on a first name basis, which we're not.
Like half of my name.
We're Jo and Jo.
(short chuckle) I take it you and Steven are no longer having relations? Hit the seven day itch, no doubt? Just because two gay guys are living in the same house, you automatically assume we're having sex? The housekeeper reported that your bed linen remained unmussed for the first several days of your stay here.
Steven's, on the other hand, were quite mussed.
What's your point? You helped engineer a robbery in this home.
And now that you no longer have the protection of Steven's caring arms, I would have thought you might have changed your leisurely ways around here.
(knocking) Kylie, come in.
I need your help.
I know when I headed PR you handled print media.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, still do.
Well, my interview and photo shoot for Atlanta Digest is this afternoon, and I've been reading over their potential questions.
I'm sure they're gonna ask about my personal life, so I just want to sound thoughtful yet personable.
Yeah, you know, I really wouldn't worry about it so much.
I mean, they only publish the answers for the person who lands Woman of the Year.
Well, I don't expect that.
I mean, of course, it would be nice.
Of course.
Of course, but, um you know, maybe this year There's been a lot of whispering behind my back.
Why don't you tell me how you really feel? Go ahead.
Free pass.
Who you bang that's your business.
But you know the conversations happening about women in the workplace.
And we can't even get mentors because guys like Mike Pence are too afraid to have dinner with us, so when you sleep with the boss and when your wedding ring comes with a promotion it kind of feels like you proved them right.
This job was offered to me long before any ring.
Yeah, but that's not what people are talking about, is it? They're talking about your ass, and that just makes it harder for all of us.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but at least if Fallon had gotten the job no one would have accused her of sleeping her way there.
So you're down with nepotism? Not at all.
But at least that only reflects badly on Blake.
Not an entire gender.
Thank you for your honesty.
(door closes) Thanks for coming in.
We'll be in touch about the grant.
Your next appointment is here, - from the Sky Conservancy organization.
- Great, I'm ready.
- Mr.
Carrington, this is - Ted Dinard? Hi.
I, uh, I didn't know that We're good, Garrett, thanks.
I-I thought that you left the company a while ago.
I'm a, uh, recent rehire.
Lucky me.
So, you have a proposal for us? Yeah.
Uh, I've been working with Sky Conservancy in New York.
We heard you're offering grants to organizations trying - to improve air quality.
- We are.
Our goal is to work directly with companies still operating coal fuel plants, in an effort to reduce emissions.
- We've outlined - Well, this looks like a very detailed proposal, and I will review it later.
But I'm, um, late for another meeting right now.
I thought I was your meeting.
Uh, my assistant double-booked.
I understand.
It was nice seeing you, Steven.
- A moment, Blake.
- Only one, Deirdre.
I've got a call with our Daqing - field office.
- I'm concerned about Cristal.
She's green, Blake.
Sure, she's filled with energy and spirit, but are you certain she's ready for the COO position? Of course I am.
That's why I promoted her.
Unfortunately, our clients aren't as confident as you.
The Talbertson Group.
Our oil fields provide their refineries with a steady supply.
Sales exceeded $100 million last year.
They're concerned about your judgment as of late.
Exactly how concerned are they? They're threatening to pull their account.
They're based in Katy, Texas.
It's a very conservative region.
Cristal's personal life may have played a role in their decision.
And what are you suggesting we do? If it helps, I'm happy to step in as interim COO, until things settle down for Cristal.
I realize this puts you in an uncomfortable position.
But just think about it.
(indistinct conversations) Beautiful.
Looking great, Fallon.
Oh, it's gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- Oh, yeah.
It's so great, right? That's so beautiful.
One of those should make for a great cover, don't - you agree, Cristal? - Mmm Stilettos are a little much, don't you think? I mean, this isn't Vogue.
This is about women in business.
Well, I just figured since you were here, this must be Penthouse.
My bad.
You know you don't have a chance at this, right? I believe any one of us could end up on the cover.
Oh, anyone but you.
They're not going to showcase a woman whose sexual promiscuity sets the rest of us back a decade.
They're trying to sell magazines.
If you were a real businesswoman you'd know that.
You might have a point, Fallon.
- Diana.
- Ah, Cristal, dear.
Have you had a chance to sit for your interview? Yes, I just finished.
I wanted to tell you how flattered I am to be included among so many powerful women.
It is an important issue, isn't it? Yes.
And I was thinking, you know what would be even more amazing than having one powerful woman on the cover? Ten.
I hear you.
But it's a tradition.
We've been doing this since we first ran in 1968.
Right, with men.
But you've only been featuring women the last nine years.
So maybe this anniversary issue could be time for a change.
Plus, you know I headed PR at a Fortune 500 company for years.
Doing a big cover spread featuring multiple influencers tends to sell more magazines.
And that's the name of the game, right? I like it.
And I like you.
It takes guts to stand tall in the face of adversity.
Ladies, can I have you all gather together? We're going to do something a little different this year.
We're going to try a group photo.
Oh, uh, Fallon, just Just Yeah.
Fallon, those shoes give you a bit of height.
Best you move to the back.
We want to see everyone's faces and, uh, Cristal, why don't you come forward? - Let's see how that works.
- Oh.
Well, whatever you think's best, Diana.
I think you spoke too soon.
Looks like we both still have a shot - at Woman of the Year.
- PHOTOGRAPHER: Ladies, right here.
Oh, let's break those colors up.
Fallon, you Yeah.
Get Just move to the end.
To the end.
Yes, there you go.
Okay, I need everyone to squeeze in.
With what I need And one, two What I want.
Steven, Ted Dinard's here to see you.
Last time I saw him I assumed would be the last time I saw him.
I need to talk to you, and the office didn't feel like the right place.
I've said I'll review your proposal.
I have nothing else to discuss.
I can't go back to New York until I say what I'm gonna say.
- Two minutes? - I don't have two minutes.
Hey, I know I screwed up in the past.
But believe me, Steven, I get it.
You don't trust me.
But I've changed.
(chuckles) Well, that's the same song you used to sing to me every day.
I didn't want to contact you until I'd been clean for two years.
So this is what 736 continuous days of sobriety looks like.
And not a day has passed that I haven't thought of you, or us, and I am just so so sorry.
My dad told me everything, you know? That he offered you a-a quick payoff to go away, and you took it? What kind of person does that? What kind of man offers an addict that kind of money? If I was in my right mind, I never would have taken it.
It's my single biggest regret, and I am just so happy that I didn't bring you down with me.
So, with all your sobriety, you still lied to me.
Your visit had nothing to do with getting a grant.
We need the money for new hires.
But I did know that you were getting a promotion.
And I was looking for an excuse to see you.
I am finally in a really good place in my life.
I'm on decent terms with my father - for the first - I don't want to mess that up.
I'm happy for you.
I really am.
I'm at the St.
James if you want to talk.
CRISTAL: Diana is so inspiring.
She's a strong female leader, but she's really open to collaboration.
A great afternoon, - wouldn't you say, Fallon? - Oh, it's hard to believe it topped your morning.
Word on the street is that Claudia Blaisdel stopped by the office for a little rant-and-rave session.
- That's none of your concern, Fallon.
- I didn't say I was concerned, Daddy.
Well, everything in moderation, especially family bonding.
I have work to do.
Steven, you've been quiet.
How was your first day at the foundation? (classical music playing) What? Oh.
I'm sorry.
It went well, yeah.
Have a lot on my mind.
Like the St.
James Hotel? I have a lot of proposals to review, so, should probably get back to it.
Does anyone know what's for dessert? You two kids probably want to dine alone.
How old is he again? I'm sorry about Fallon.
She shouldn't have said anything about Claudia.
She didn't say anything I haven't already said to myself.
I've been thinking a lot about this morning.
Claudia has every right to be upset with me.
I lied to her.
She's not well, Cristal.
And considering her condition and her erratic behavior, I've asked for more security at the office.
And it might not be a bad idea for you to take a step back out of the public eye until things settle.
Well, it's kind of hard to take a step back when you're COO of a major company.
Well, maybe you should take a step back from that, as well.
We'll get PR to help rebuild your image.
And then you can resume your role with less distractions.
- So now you're losing faith in me, too? - No, of course not.
It's just that the kind of business we're in optics are important.
I see.
Well, I'm sorry I'm not keeping up appearances for you.
(sighs) - (door opens) - FALLON: There you are.
I've been texting you non-stop for, like, 20 minutes.
I'm off the clock.
Well, I'm late for a meeting, and I lost my keys.
I need to borrow the spare set.
It's in a bowl over there, silver tag.
- That's it? - You want me to start the car for you? You don't have anything you'd like to say to me? Like an apology, maybe? - For what? - For sleeping with the enemy.
Kori Rucks screwed me out of a billion dollar contract.
If you want me to apologize for Kori, you're gonna be waiting for a long time.
As a matter of fact, you owe me an apology for a lot of things, but we can start with that little game that you played at the club the other night.
- Excuse me? - When you told that Ivy League douche - that I was your boyfriend.
- Well, yeah, but I just said that To get away from that douche.
I know.
I heard you tell Monica.
Well, is that why you slept with Kori to get back at me? Well, I don't use people to hurt others, Fallon.
That's you.
Culhane, look, I had no idea That the chauffeur has feelings? Don't worry.
That's what you pay me for to keep things strictly professional.
And right now, I'm off the clock.
What's been going on? Twice in one day? What a coincidence, not that I'm complaining.
Fallon, dear, what a pleasant surprise.
Again, I just want to tell you how thankful I am to be included in your magazine.
You never pull punches when it comes to reporting, and that's what I respect most about you.
Enjoy your evening.
Although, if I'm being totally honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the whole Kum-Bah-Yah group photo.
I mean, it's Woman of the Year, after all, not Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit.
(laughs) Well, there is always next year.
Yes, yes, and it is your magazine.
- Indeed.
- Well, I mean, not technically.
Technically, it's owned by Channing-Martin Publishing.
Bob Channing's daughter Pepper is actually a close friend of mine.
It's funny.
Uncle Bob was just asking me the other day what I thought of the magazine.
You know, in light of the whole "death to print" media trend.
We have an online presence, as well.
No, right.
But traditional brands don't really mean as much to online readers.
You know, they'd rather discover fresh voices.
Where did I hear that again? Oh.
Uncle Bob.
Anyway, I'll be sure to tell him you're trying your best.
Even though your freshest idea today came from somebody else.
But there's always next year.
If you're still around.
- MAN (on screen): Yeah! - Thanks.
(swords clanking, dramatic music playing) (turns movie off) What are you doing? Watching Aladdin.
You've seen it? I'm watching it now.
Spoiled thief enters a kingdom pretending to be something he's not.
Only in this version, I'm afraid you're running out of wishes.
- Yet I'm still here.
- For now.
Well, I got to enjoy it while I can.
- Right? - Or perhaps there's a way to enjoy it for longer.
If you mean, like, vacuuming, I think I'll pass.
You might be surprised to hear this, but I see something of my younger self in you.
The rock hard abs, the tight ass? Your aimlessness, your irreverence.
Your life has been hard, so you think you deserve an advantage.
There's nothing wrong with taking something if someone's offering.
No, but there is something wrong with never having earned anything yourself.
When I was your age, I didn't have a plan for the future because I didn't think I'd have the luxury of having one.
And then, I met Mr.
And so began your love story with Blake.
Thomas, Blake's father.
He caught me stealing his wallet.
What? Instead of calling the authorities, he handed me the money and said I had two choices.
Either I could enjoy it as long as it lasted, or I could choose to turn my life around and accept his job offer.
That job was here, at the manor.
I learned to be useful.
And earned more money than I could have taken from Mr.
Carrington that day.
So you do want me to vacuum? No, but, seriously, why are you telling me all this? So that you can find your purpose, from one Jo to another.
(classical music playing, lively crowd chatter) (Cristal laughs) We're late.
They're about to announce the winners.
I'm gonna go check in with the PR team.
You're already a winner in my book, darling.
Are you sure about that? Lady trouble? Must be tough wife and daughter vying for the same title? How do you split your allegiance? Either way, a Carrington's on the cover.
Look, I wanted to apologize for my behavior at the foundation gala.
It's beneath both of us.
You want to make amends? Stop taking things that belong to me.
I don't think you'll be needing those.
I like to be prepared.
Oh, let me guess, you were a Girl Scout? You won't be getting the merit badge today.
Best of luck to you, Fallon.
Oh, I don't believe in luck; I believe in opportunity.
And this is one I had no intention of letting slip by.
Good afternoon, everyone.
I'm Diana Davis, editor-in-chief of Atlanta Digest.
Thank you all for being here today.
It's an honor to bring you our annual Women in Business issue, honoring so many remarkable women.
Please join me in congratulating all of them on their outstanding achievements in business.
(applause) However, at the end of the day, only one woman can be Woman of the Year.
And this year, that honor goes to someone who has redefined herself in business, a true up-and-comer: Fallon Carrington.
(applause and cheering) Yeah! FALLON: Oh, wow.
It came true.
(laughs) Well, first, I'd like to congratulate all of the women being honored here today.
Honestly, I wish we could all be on the cover together.
I mean that.
Thank you for this amazing award.
You know, I had to sacrifice a lot to get where I am.
Nothing was ever handed to me.
I worked my way from the ground up.
I made things happen.
I didn't just stumble into a COO job.
I created opportunities for myself.
You have to be a visionary if you want to succeed in business.
That's why I've recently started my own company, Morell Green Energy Corp, which I am building from the ground up on my own.
So a heartfelt thank you to Diana Davis, to Atlanta Digest, and thank you all.
(applause) Your accolades are coming, my dear.
Just be patient.
Thank you, Diana.
I suppose Fallon is a worthy winner.
She's quite the little bitch, isn't she? Beautiful, Fallon.
Smile with your eyes.
(gasps) Carrington, I am so proud of you.
Pepper, I can't believe you made it.
Of course.
Anything for you, Fal-pal.
Besides, I had a good feeling about your chances.
Oh, I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.
(both laugh) Honestly, I'm just glad the award didn't go to that cyber slut stepmother of yours.
I'd hate to see my name associated with hers.
Well, now you know how I feel on a daily basis.
PS: You and the rest of the world only say half of that tape.
If you saw the whole thing you'd know that "cyber slut" was underselling it.
Sounds like we just landed on our next movie night.
- (laughing): You're on.
- Bye.
It was you.
You leaked the tape to the press.
What are you talking about? As usual, you're making zero sense.
The only way you could have seen the entire video was if you had the video.
That tape wasn't leaked to the press, it was poured right into their hands by my darling stepdaughter.
Well, I did you a favor.
Now people will think you failed as COO because of the tape, not because you're useless at your job.
You're a miserable, pathetic little girl.
Oh, sour grapes from the woman who didn't get the cover.
Not at all.
In fact, let me be the first to toast Fallon Carrington on her big achievement.
You know, this isn't some cheap off-the-rack thing like Cristal wears.
She basically assaulted me.
You should press charges.
The woman has hidden rage issues.
Yeah, attempt to do bodily harm by drowning in Dom.
Might be tough to find a jury of sympathetic peers.
Okay, what's going on? You were quiet the whole ride back.
- Oh, so you noticed I was there.
- What's that supposed to mean? It means I thought we were building this together.
It's not gonna be just one person, Fallon, it's a company.
A company.
Got it.
See, the way I work, I build ideas with the people around me.
That's what I thought we were gonna do at Morell Corp, work as a team.
Well, we are, that's why I went out and got us that magazine cover, to help with our expansion plan.
Are you forgetting I'm the one who submitted your name for consideration in the first place? No one does anything alone.
We have a company together.
Company actually means "more than one".
Maybe I need to rethink if Morell Corp is the type of company I want to be a part of.
I want to thank you all for coming on such short notice.
I've gone ov (clears throat) I've gone over the financials of every department, and as Carrington Atlantic's new COO, I feel like it's time we made some changes.
Someone here has been cost efficient, accomplished growth, and promoted brand awareness.
And it's time that person was recognized and rewarded.
Congratulations, Kylie.
I'm promoting you to head of PR effective immediately.
I may be new to the COO position, full of energy and spirit, but I know a qualified candidate when I meet one.
Thank you.
It's a big company.
People talk.
And women will never break through the glass ceiling if they're always looking for a shard to stab each other in the back.
Now, if you'll all please turn to page 18, we need to go over the Q3 forecast.
Why promote Kylie? Thought you hated her, you talk about it all the time.
Because I refuse to work with backstabbers like Deirdre.
At least Kyle front stabbed me.
Is that a thing? I don't think that's a thing.
Whatever Kylie did, she did it honestly, to my face.
Deirdre went to you, my boss, and talked smack about me behind my back.
You heard about our conversation.
And the worst part is, you believed her.
- I didn't think - You started doubting me, Blake and I need you to double down on me.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, get your ass out of my chair.
Yes, ma'am.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
People already think I got this job because I was sleeping with the boss.
That is not happening here anymore.
But you're still gonna sleep with the boss, right? You didn't get this position because you're my wife, Cristal, you got it because you earned it.
- I know.
- And for the record, I never doubted you.
I doubted myself.
I would never admit this to Fallon, but my father handed me the CEO position, and part of me never thought I deserved it.
That it was just sort of time.
How can you still feel that way after all these years of running a successful company? You haven't met my father.
I live in a very large, cold shadow.
If it were me, I would have done the exact same thing in that boardroom.
I would have fired Deirdre.
Smiling to your face and lying behind your back.
You can't trust a person like that.
What's wrong? I did that to Claudia, I lied to her face about Matthew.
I went with you to her house on that condolence call.
I looked her in the eye and I told her her husband loved her, after he'd been intimate with me.
What kind of a person does that? Cristal, it's done.
You need to forgive yourself.
I'm not sure it's my forgiveness I need.
I don't want to bother you.
Steven, now isn't a good time.
Look, I just came here because I always talk about forgiveness, but then, when you came to me apologizing for MAN: Is that room service? Did they remember the chocolate cake? Crap.
(chuckles) So, now you're staining dresses as well as the family reputation.
Your ability to multitask is unparalleled.
Well, I don't know what your wife told you, but we both know it's Cristal, not me, who's responsible for the real dirty deeds, Daddy.
- Excuse me? - I may have leaked the sex tape, but I didn't star in one.
It was you? You leaked the tape? Cristal didn't mention Mention that her own stepdaughter was behind something so cruel? No, she didn't.
And I'm guessing that she was trying to protect you from the inevitable fallout with me.
Daddy, I I don't want to hear it.
I have been patient with you through your endless attacks on Carrington Atlantic, but that was business.
Now you have made this personal.
Well, if you would just let me explain She may be a joke to you, but to me, Cristal is my wife whom I love.
Well, I just wanted to show you how wrong you were, that she's not right for the company or you.
Your concern is very touching.
But did you not think about how this would hurt me, too? No, of course you didn't.
For a newly crowned visionary, you are terribly shortsighted.
I've always known that you were tough and determined, but now I see that you are heartless, too.
Just like your mother.
And I won't stand for it.
Not anymore.
I want you out of this house.
(door closes) Come out of the woodwork like a rat whenever you smell food.
Have at it.
Don't go.
Steven, I can explain.
Let me guess.
It wasn't what it looked like? I didn't go there for that.
It was for a job.
Not that kind of job.
When Ted was here, I overheard him say that he was looking to hire people for his charity thing.
And I was thinking that it wouldn't hurt me to have a little purpose in my life.
Something you might respect.
So you filled out the application in bed.
- Very respectable, Sam.
- I screwed up.
Okay? That's what I do.
I don't know what my purpose is, and I don't know where to find it.
And I can't say no when things are offered to me because because I don't know when it's going to stop.
But I know it will.
That explains a lot.
Doesn't explain this.
But it does.
Ted offered me a job and to spend the night.
And I was afraid if I said no, then I would lose the one thing I had done right.
Look, Steven, I swear I wasn't trying to hurt you.
The sad thing is I wasn't even thinking of you at all.
I'm sorry I called you myopic before.
I don't even know what that means.
I was saying you only care about yourself.
And maybe that's because no one's ever cared about you.
I know that hurt people hurt people, and I don't want to hurt you anymore.
I don't want to see you every day around this house and be filled with hate.
So you're kicking me out.
I'm forgiving you.
Thank you, Anders.
How'd it go? You were right about Ted Dinard.
His resolve is no stronger than it was three years ago.
A nudge to Sam in the right direction, and our problem practically resolved itself.
Clever capture.
Your father taught me well.
He always has been able to see multiple moves ahead.
I thought I had inherited that skill set.
But lately At least with Fallon You'll right the ship, sir.
You always do.
But my next move's gonna have to wait till tomorrow.
Has Cristal already gone to bed? Bed? No, no.
She's paying Mrs.
Blaisdel a visit.
- I thought you knew.
- She went to Claudia's? - Yes.
- Alone? Damn it.
Why'd she go? I'll have Culhane bring the car around.
No time.
I'll drive myself.
Can we talk? I don't have anything else to say.
But I do.
I shouldn't have used you that night at the club.
It was wrong, and I'm sorry.
I care about you a lot, and I really want to make it right.
In fact, I've been thinking and maybe I'm ready to call you my boyfriend, after all.
I've heard your apologies before, Fallon.
They mean nothing.
But but I do mean it.
I-I'm ready to take the next step in whatever this is.
You're not even sorry for what you've done.
You're just sorry you got caught.
- That's not true.
- As a matter of fact, the only reason you're even here tonight is because you don't have any place to sleep.
Your father called and asked if I would assist you with your luggage if you needed help.
But we both know you can help yourself.
What are you doing here? Claudia, can I please speak with you? I don't want to hear anything that you have to say.
I know I don't deserve it, but please, can I just have a minute of your time? I'm begging you.
What I did was wrong.
Not just my relationship with Matthew, but continuing the lie after he died.
You hosted his wake.
You told me you cared and that you didn't want me to worry about anything.
The whole time you were making a fool out of me, everyone knew but me.
I know that I have hurt a lot of people.
Not just you, but my husband and Matthew, as well.
And that is something that I will always have to live with.
Poor Cristal.
- I hope you suffer the way that I have.
- Look, I know that I'm the last person that you want to speak to right now.
I just couldn't live without telling you how sorry I am.
And I wanted to say it to your face because you deserve that respect.
It's a little late for respect, don't you think? And you want me to forgive you now? - Is that it? - No.
- I don't expect - But you show up here trying to make nice, trying to rid yourself of your own guilt.
But guess what? I am not gonna help you out - from under that rock.
- I was just trying to do the right thing.
I didn't mean to make you upset.
I'll go now.
Thank you for hearing me out.
My husband is dead.
You don't get to feel better about yourself now, Cristal Carrington.
You are gonna pay for the pain that you caused! (screams)