Dynasty (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

I Exist Only for Me

1 - Previously on Dynasty - CRISTAL: Your father offered me - the COO position.
- That was supposed to be mine.
With Jeff's backing, I will be chief strategy officer of Carrington Windbriar.
I've recently started my own company, which I am building from the ground up, on my own.
JEFF: I thought we were building this together.
Maybe I need to rethink if Morell Corp.
is the type of company I want to be a part of.
MICHAEL: Cristal Carrington's sex tape, is that real? FALLON: Oh, it's real.
You leaked the tape.
Let me be the first to toast Fallon Carrington.
(gasps) I want you out of this house.
Kori, this is Michael Culhane.
He's a friend.
A single friend? Kori just hates me because I was a bitch in high school.
You're like a human bulldozer.
You'll crush anyone.
What I did was wrong.
Not just my relationship with Matthew, but continuing the lie after he died.
CLAUDIA: It was no accident! You killed my husband! Has Cristal already gone to bed? She's paying Mrs.
Blaisdel a visit.
Oh, I have to get over there.
What are you doing here? Claudia, can I please speak with you? My husband is dead! You are gonna pay for the pain that you caused! (tires screeching) (screams) (phone ringing) ANDERS: Carrington residence.
Oh, that is encouraging, sir.
No, just me a-and the man-child.
Of course.
I don't know if you can hear me over the sound of your digestive tract.
You'll be relieved to know that Mr.
Carrington and your aunt will be home soon.
Claudia Blaisdel's condition is stable.
(exhales) What a nightmare.
I'll light a candle at church.
Did Cristal say if she was gonna be home in time to take me shopping for my interview suit? She failed to mention that.
Ah, I see you've taken my advice to heart.
Is that a résumé? In progress.
" I suppose you are.
I'm not sure about "drug or disease free.
" You're supposed to add little flourishes to your résumé.
Well, perhaps you should add "wizard of lies.
" That wouldn't be a flourish.
- Good morning to you, too.
- Supposed to go over the Foundation grant proposals with Dad.
Is he still at the hospital? Home soon.
Uh, you should wait 30 minutes after eating before you challenge your father.
You might get a cramp.
Or thrown out, like your sister.
I know you told me that you weren't going to hate me, but you might want to tell your face.
There's a hell of a lot of distance between hate and friendship.
You've got some miles to go.
Well, party's over.
I've been kicked out for less.
No, your protests cost Dad hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention legal fees.
What I did was just a prank.
Kids pull pranks.
You weaponized a sex tape of Dad's wife.
You're lucky they're not suing you.
Lucky? I have to go live at The Ritz, Steven.
Before you get your martyr status verified with a little blue check mark, you might want to remember it wasn't just Cristal you betrayed when you leaked that tape.
What, you're siding with Daddy? You were so focused on yourself and hurting Cristal, you didn't stop to think about how it might affect our relationship? One thing I'll say, being out on my own really helped me grow up.
And yet, now you're back at the same company you criticized for years? The company takes, the Foundation gives.
I've got a chance to course-correct our legacy.
But I wouldn't expect you to understand the concept of greater good.
Can someone please help me with my bags? Surprised you still came in.
I didn't think our cover girl had time to spare from her self-promotion tour.
And I didn't realize you held grudges so hard.
Look, we were just leaving.
I'm busy scouting new investments.
Well, don't you think assets should take priority? Is that what you think you are to me, Fallon? 'Cause Morell Corp.
feels more like a liability.
Could you excuse us for a minute, please? Of course.
I realize that we aren't profitable yet.
But we will be very soon.
You keep saying that.
But beyond profits, I'm worried about us.
W-What do you mean, "us"? Exactly.
With that attitude, I'm not sure I should be in business with you at all.
Well, obviously, the answer is yes.
Let's talk later.
Okay? Have LaNique try and fit you in my schedule.
I just hope it won't make the launch party awkward.
- What launch party? - The one I'm planning, to introduce us to the energy community.
Government regulators, strategic partners, international buyers.
People we need to be in business with.
" And did you just come up with this idea? God, no.
I've been thinking about it for the last two minutes.
Look, Jeff.
This is the only thing going right in my life, okay? That's why I've taken so much ownership.
But I want this for you, too.
I'm committed to you.
Just let me prove it.
Last shot.
Thank you.
And one last thing, the party's at your house 'cause I got kicked out of mine.
Yeah, it's been over 12 hours.
Besides donating a kidney, I don't think there's anything more we can do for her.
Maybe give her a friendly face to look at when she wakes up? We already saved her from that Obamacare waiting room nightmare downstairs.
I think we're covered.
Blake, a check isn't gonna be enough this time.
We have to be by Claudia's side.
The only thing we need to do is make sure this woman, who has already proven herself to be highly volatile, doesn't sue us for half of Carrington Atlantic, or put me in jail for attempted vehicular homicide.
(heart monitor beeping) If the Carringtons are here, this must be my funeral.
You're in a suite at the hospital, Claudia.
How are you feeling? Like someone hit me with 3,000 pounds of European metal.
We can get you some pain medication.
Maybe a morphine drip? No, I can't have morphine.
Did they not tell you? (door opens) Ah, Danzette.
- Thank you for coming in.
- Ah.
Any friend of yours.
Uh, we should be able to get you out by this afternoon, Mrs.
Well, that-that seems so fast.
Well, her, uh, injuries are minor.
The bone bruises will take a little while to heal, but, uh, most importantly, the baby's fine.
(sighs) - Baby? - She's pregnant? Why didn't you tell us? With Matthew's death, I wasn't rushing to put out birth announcements.
I'll, uh get the discharge papers started.
Do you have someone to drive you home? We'll take her home.
To the manor.
What? No, she has help.
It's not the same as a house full of people to care for her.
Just until you recuperate.
Our histories aside, you have someone else to think about now.
It's settled.
You're staying with us.
Anything ours is yours, and whatever else you may need, these are the people that can get it for you.
- I don't think this is a good idea.
- Nonsense.
Can we please put her in the east wing, with us? MAN: Yes, ma'am.
We'll be right down the hall.
- Burn this.
- Anders.
We can find her another sweater, dip it in oatmeal.
It's quite an array of strays you're collecting.
The responsible thing would be to spay and neuter them.
(quietly): Anders.
Claudia is pregnant.
Oh, God.
Well, I hope she doesn't stay till the birth.
I am long past my diapering days.
For the record, I'm with Claudia.
This was a terrible idea.
You've only mentioned it five times now.
Because I thought we had closed the door on all things Matthew and Claudia, so we could move on.
And then you went and ran her over.
Claudia is pregnant, Blake.
Does that mean nothing to you? Not unless it's mine.
Look, I am just concerned.
This woman is unwell.
Not to mention a liability.
Even more reason why we should look after her.
Have you considered why she would agree to move in? After everything we've put her through? If it were me, I'd be looking for any hint of dirt that I could use against us.
That's because you're enterprising.
Claudia is alone.
We owe her.
I want to do this.
Well, I don't know how you can.
I can't spare my COO to become a full-time caregiver.
I am a modern woman, Blake.
I can handle it all.
MONICA: Your office is coming together.
Only you would plan a party in 24 hours just to prove a point.
Well, it's a launch party.
It's supposed to be fast.
We're blasting off.
Why are you really doing it? To give the company the attention it deserves, to woo new clients.
Why are you always mm-hmming me? I just think it's a strange coincidence that you flake out on my brother more than once, but then Kori hooks up with this driver who you were "totally not having sex with", and suddenly you're refocused on Jeff with a vengeance.
You go where the attention is.
- That's so off.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you gonna help me plan this or no? (laughing): Okay.
Where's Caroline Corpuz? And Marc Hidoko? Or any of Jeff's contacts? Well, I need to control the vibe, introduce him to bigwigs we need to be in business with.
Jeff took a lot of losses in the startup space, which makes a lot of his former clients losers.
And you could be one of them if you don't play things right.
And plus, this is tech.
Losers turn into winners with one idea.
Fine, I'll invite Jeff's contacts.
See? You can be a team player.
Next week, we'll work on tact.
(laughs) You might want to be sober for this one.
Well, I see your Haitian wells and your carbon eaters, but where are my more conservative charities? I want to take the Foundation in a new direction.
Why am I not surprised? You know, we were already doing a lot of good.
But you probably couldn't see that through the fake news swirling around your liberal bubble.
There's nothing fake about homelessness, uh, climate change, police brutality.
There's no cure for laziness, propaganda and ignorance.
That may be the worst thing I've ever heard you say.
I don't know what kind of monster you think I am or maybe I do but the Foundation was actually growing while you were off on your little socialist Rumspringa.
Just because I was out in the world with a different political agenda to yours doesn't mean I was playing games.
And there's no reason for you to start now.
If your charities do all this great work, pitch them to me.
Be their advocate.
Let's hear all about where your money goes.
If you even know.
I've been in sales the past 30 years.
I've been managing this charity since before you were born.
And now you want to challenge me on both? I'll show you I'm right.
What are you gonna do? Make me a diorama? No, I'm gonna let you see with your own eyes how these charities work.
Then you can judge.
There you are.
I called into the office and I had them clear my schedule so I could show you around.
You can give me a tour of the Ming dynasty.
So are all these urns filled with other people that Blake has run over? So what can I show you? It took me a while to get my bearings here.
The first week, I got lost in the wine cellar and ended up on the shooting range.
Champagne problems, I guess.
Mine are a lot less complicated.
I'm here because it makes sense for my recovery.
Not to make you feel better.
(Bo barking) Oh, hi, Bo.
I wasn't really a dog person before, but Bo has stolen my heart.
He follows me everywhere.
It must be nice to have a dog that you don't have to clean up after.
I'm sure you have people for that, with your army of staff.
Yeah, that's another thing that took a second to get used to.
Especially when you grow up working class, like us.
We have so much in common.
(phone buzzes) Uh, I got to get this.
It's work.
Excuse me.
Cristal Carrington.
SAM: Can't.
- I'm busy.
- CRISTAL: Sam, I got to go in.
There was a leak on an offshore rig.
I need to coordinate the environmental response, reroute supply, manage the press So take the crazy lady with you.
I can't do that.
Look, I told Blake that I'd be responsible for her, but I wouldn't shirk my job.
So you're asking me to babysit? I need a real job.
And I have a better chance at getting one in something couture.
Right now this is your job.
Keep Claudia company, make her comfortable, and give her whatever she wants.
So how much does crazy-sitting pay? Damn it, Sam.
- Nothing's free, Tía.
- Right.
I mean, just the roof over your head and an all-you-can-eat buffet, but fine Consider this your expense account.
Do not tell Blake.
Here's her pill schedule.
You have to really keep an eye on her, okay? She is a handful.
Best cure for crazy is crazy money.
Do not get carried away, Sam.
Me? Never.
(sighing): Ay.
(sighs) What? Is it too much? All of it's too much.
They're getting paid, sweetie.
They do not mind.
And how often do you get to see how the one percent lives? Or how they live with themselves? No, I can't.
Babies are such a drag.
Listen: if anyone should be taking advantage of all this, it's you.
They hit you with their rich people car.
Take what you deserve.
It's payback.
(Spanish music playing) (laughing) Ah I don't remember the last time I had actual fun.
My head is spinning.
I think I forgot to give you your pills.
But you can see how people get addicted to this lifestyle.
I mean, imagine living like this every day.
I can't even imagine.
Your aunt must have a fabulous closet.
Oh, it's bigger than the apartment I grew up in.
Want to see it? (bell clangs) Should've figured the Foundation would support a boxing club.
I know, I know, you thought you were headed to an NRA youth self-defense course.
Also in your wheelhouse.
We have been helping the Meadowlark Athletic Club for over ten years and donated over a million dollars.
You know I have mixed feelings about children boxing It's a miracle I didn't end up with brain damage.
Well, maybe that explains how you ended up a liberal.
I'm serious.
Which is why we never make contact without headgear.
I'm Phil, I'm the director here.
Blake's got me up to speed on your big decision, Steven, so be prepared for me to lay it on thick.
No need.
I can see the value in a place like this, but the sport It's changing lives for the better.
Yeah, a prime example is, uh, Rudy over here.
Before she came here, she was bullied so bad she wasn't eating.
Luckily, she landed here and learned how to box not to knock out her bullies, but to take back the power she felt they stole from her.
Hey, Rudy.
Rudy, I want to introduce you to two of our club's biggest donors: Blake and Steven Carrington.
That's some impressive footwork, young lady.
You think the feet are nice? You should see me throw these hands.
PHIL: She's got a fight tomorrow.
You guys should come out.
Yeah, watch me whoop up on this little girl.
Count me in.
You got to love a girl with confidence.
(laughs) You think going a few rounds with me would be tough? I should stick you in the ring with her.
This is Cristal's closet? Coco Chanel said, look at yourself in the mirror and take at least one thing off before you leave the house.
I say, add five more.
How about a hat? CLAUDIA: Yes.
We wear the same size shoes.
Let's see.
Final touch.
Work! Where's Cristal? - Uh - Uh, Cristal told me to give Claudia anything she wants, and I was just following her to make sure Is that my watch? Relax, I wasn't going to steal it.
CLAUDIA: I'm sorry, this was my idea.
I shouldn't have gone into your wife's things.
It's just it's been such a long time since I've dressed up, and It was silly, really, like kids in a closet.
I forgot about the rest of the world for a moment.
It was nice to forget.
- It's okay.
- (exhales) I'm sorry.
No, it-it's all right.
You-You've been through a lot.
Let's get you back to your room.
No, no, you you keep it.
You're beautiful.
(quietly): Okay.
JEFF: I've been getting texts all day.
People are excited to come out.
Well, here's the menu; the chef's a friend of mine.
And I got the mixologist from Establishment.
And the guest list? You know who we should add? Johnny Davis and Brayden Webb.
I just heard they were in town.
- They founded the - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know who they are.
I tried to poach them when I was at C.
I took them to Staplehouse's opening night, and then, in the middle of dinner, they turned me down.
I went ballistic.
I'm surprised you didn't hear about it.
They might have mentioned it in the cover story Fast Company did on them.
Something about you threatening to eat one of them alive and crush the other into "nerd sauce".
Okay, well, I'm not wrong.
I mean, these guys think pocket protectors are high fashion.
All I know is, they developed a super efficient battery we need desperately for energy storage at Windbriar.
Well, I try not to operate from desperation.
Yeah, well, I want them there.
It's on you.
What's more important? Your pride or this company? (insects trilling) (knock at door, door opens) CRISTAL: Claudia.
Was just checking to see how you're settling in.
Uh, well as can be, given the circumstances.
Life is so strange.
To have you, of all people, taking care of me.
Well, we're all happy to be in a position to help.
A year ago, we didn't know each other.
A few days ago, I would've been at your throat.
Life can turn on a dime.
Change your entire world.
Especially getting pregnant.
I can only imagine.
(scoffs) You live in a mansion, with a staff of servants to help.
I'm all alone at this now.
You're not alone, Claudia.
Y-You're not my friend or my family.
I'm so sorry.
I know Matthew would've been an amazing Father? Right.
I bet you don't even think that this is his baby.
Well, you know what? There's no need to call Maury, because even though we lived our separate lives, we still came home to the same bed.
And we never stopped sleeping together.
Oh, does that surprise you? Or does it just drive you a little crazy knowing that there is a little piece of him still inside me? A piece you can't steal.
Claudia, it was never my intention What, to take him away from me? How can you say that? You almost did.
He told me he was leaving me, and now I know it was for you.
When did he say that? You have everything.
I have nothing.
I don't have a husband Okay, Claudia, I know you're emotional Wasn't it enough that you had all of this? You had to have Matthew, too? - I'm sorry - Just get out (both shouting) Just get out now! Maybe you were right and Claudia shouldn't be staying with us.
I mean, clearly, she needs more help than we can give her.
Go ahead and say, "I told you so.
" Actually, after seeing Claudia this afternoon when she was with Sam, I think your initial instinct was right.
I think she needs more than a caregiver.
She needs connection.
You didn't see what she just did.
No, but to be fair, you did mention Matthew.
I'm guessing she didn't need a reminder that you were sleeping with her dead husband.
I didn't mean to upset her.
Considering her fragility, physical and emotional Wow.
I can't believe you're the one spouting emotional truths.
Neither can I.
Look at you.
You got me talking empathy and compassion and Claudia staying here.
Stop rubbing off on me.
If you touch me, human, love me, human First thing in the morning No need for warning All up in your makeup Makeup when you wake up, you have a confession I got a question for you - (bell dings) - Rudy wins the match.
- Great fight, Rudy.
How are you feeling? - Hungry.
A little bird told me that the winner buys pizza for the loser.
Do you mind if we break with tradition this time and I buy? - Sounds good to me.
- All right.
Hey, girl, hey How about you? Hey, girl, hey How about you? Stansfield? Every major player under 40 in energy is in this room right now.
Table is certainly set.
You even manned up and got me my tech twins.
They look like they could use an apology.
Oh, I wouldn't wait for that.
It would be rude not to greet the guests first.
Hello, everybody.
Now, I would like to be the first to welcome you to Jeff Colby's house.
(people whooping, applauding) I have a very important announcement to make.
Jeff and I are having a baby.
Well, technically, we already did.
The Morell Green Energy Corporation.
And while it's not a literal baby, this new venture means just as much to me.
I am proud as hell to introduce you to my new family, starting with my brilliant partner, a man who trusted me with his money, with his brand, the only man I would trust with my baby, Jeff Colby.
Come on up here.
(people whistle, whoop) Now, let's make one thing clear.
This is not your daddy's energy company.
- (laughter) - We're fueled by life.
Water, wind, sun, the natural, unfiltered elements of this planet, and we will use those elements to power your very futures if you let us.
The next generation.
At Morell Corp.
we're all about new energy, and that's our theme for today.
So let's get this party charged up.
(applause) Smashing a crystal vase? No confusing the message there.
Obviously, there's still some friction between the missus and the mistress, and maybe I can smooth things over.
I'm quite a gracious host.
Oh, I know.
I saw the receipts.
Hey, forgiveness ain't cheap, and you're lucky that's all it cost.
Just how did you max out an unmaxable credit card? Oh, we can find out again tomorrow if you want me to keep playing nice with crazy.
CLAUDIA: No, Bo! Stop! No! Bo, stop! I accidentally dropped my pills and Bo started eating them - before I could pick them up.
- Oh, my God.
Who knows what those pills will do to him.
- Okay, Sam, help me take Bo to the car.
- Yeah, let's go, Bo.
What on earth happened? Take Claudia upstairs.
We're taking Bo to the vet.
So, you're telling me you're not upset that Kori showed up? That she rode in on that stallion that you are not having sex with? I'm fine they're here.
- I didn't even notice them coming in.
- Mm-hmm.
- Just drop it, okay? - Okay.
This house is freaking amazing, Jeff.
That's an original, right? Better be for what I paid for it.
I'm more of an abstract expressionism man myself, but even I like that.
Then you've got good taste.
Of course bae's got good taste.
He's with me.
Fall, you might want to slow down.
Not unless I speed up on something stronger.
Do you want anything from the bar? No, I'm good.
- MAN: Hey, Fallon.
- Hello.
Oh, you made it.
Yup, and we brought a bottle to celebrate.
Our stock's over ten dollars a share.
DAVIS: You said we'd never get over $6.
50 without Carrington Atlantic behind us.
Yeah, I remember what I said, Webb or Davis or whichever one of you is which.
But I don't have time to reminisce about the past.
Today is about the future.
There you go.
(sighs) Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Your nose looks great.
(rap song playing) Nice party, Fallon.
Surprised I got an invite.
And I'm surprised you brought a date.
Cling much? Obsess much? Or could you just feel the vibe? Oh, I'm not super concerned about your relationship.
But since you asked, Michael is taking me on a little vacation.
Said it would be nice to get away from his boss.
We're going to Miami this weekend.
Well, if you last that long.
Don't be bitter.
You must have known your chauffeur-with-benefits situation had no future.
And you think this is true love? I doubt he'd recognize you if you weren't on all fours.
Look who's talking, Little Miss Thot-A-Lot.
Did you ever think that you never went out in public with Michael because he didn't want to be seen with you? You know, normally, I like to get the last word, but tonight's not about personal baggage it's about business.
And I hope that, despite all of this, you and I can still do business in the future.
Excuse me.
No need to put that away just yet.
What are you doing in here? I could ask you the same question.
I didn't think you had it in you to be this petty, coming to my launch party with Kori.
But you did a great job of making me jealous.
I'm on a date with my girlfriend.
This has nothing to do with you.
No, you did this to get a rise out of me.
Now I'm gonna get a rise out of you.
Fallon, stop.
You're being ridiculous, all right? Sex isn't gonna get you out of this one.
Well, your mouth says no, but your friend seems pretty interested.
You may not have any respect for yourself, but I've got respect for me and for Kori.
So whatever you came here to do, get it through your head it's not happening.
You never asked me to go to Miami with you.
You never introduced me to Blake as your boyfriend.
Because he'd fire you.
Maybe I'd get another job.
Don't pretend you care now, Fallon.
You didn't catch feelings overnight.
You seriously think I never cared? (scoffs) (door opens) Stole my heart like a thief in the night Stopped in the tracks in the middle of a fight To make it right, let the brimstones burn I'll let you live yours, now let me have my turn But you wrong, thinking you could stop time A few hours ahead, baby girl, not mine.
(indistinct chatter) What the hell were you doing in the bathroom with Fallon? - Nothing.
- If that was an act, that was the most convincing faux-job - I've ever seen.
- Kori, please Obviously, you two are used to playing games, and I'm not.
And I won't.
I know.
Things are moving fast between us, but I know who you are.
And I know that I'm lucky to be with you.
There's no way that I'd throw that away for two minutes in a bathroom with Fallon Carrington.
She was just putting on a show.
Let's get out of here.
I want to show you how much trouble you can get into in my bathroom.
Our nerds are looking lonely.
You boys ready for that drink? I see someone's unwinding from a rough day at the office.
I told you, COO and babysitting would be difficult to juggle.
But you handled yourself impeccably.
Everything you've done for Claudia.
You really are Wonder Woman.
(moaning softly) - (yelps) - Claudia.
What are you doing? Why are you in my bathtub? I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so embarrassed.
I don't remember getting in here.
Please don't be mad at me.
I'm not mad, I'm just surprised.
Why didn't you say something? I don't know.
Thank you.
You're so kind.
Cristal's so lucky.
Blake? Blake? What the hell's going on? (music playing) For you finally giving us the time of day.
Not that one shot's gonna rebuild the bridge you burned at Staplehouse.
Oh, men and their emotions.
All I want to know is what do I have to do to get you guys to say yes to sharing your tech with Morell Corp.
? Ugh, that's vile.
Maybe it would taste better with some nerd sauce.
This is where you apologize.
Oh, well, that's not gonna happen.
You guys are like the Kanyes of Silicon Valley.
You're great at tech, everything else, not so much.
I mean, marketing, you didn't pivot when the company did.
Design, clumsy at best.
PR, you're too busy focusing on that hunk of metal, not your sweet, adorable faces.
You get all that straight, you might actually be able to make some real money.
Okay, I think we've had enough.
No, no, no, no, no.
If they've had enough, we're just getting started.
Okay, let's go.
I'm-a show you how to take one bag Triple up and make it three bags.
- How did it even happen, Blake? - I thought it was you.
Well, it wasn't.
While you were making out with Claudia, I was getting her crazy pills pumped out of your bloodhound's stomach.
Come on, Cristal, even I'm not stupid enough to sleep with a houseguest when my wife could walk in at any minute or ever.
You were right.
And I was right the first time, before I got swept up in emotion.
And I will never let that happen again.
This woman is unhinged, and she keeps proving it more every day.
Look, the fact is, she needs more help than we can provide.
And I'm sorry, but we just can't protect every broken bird that lands on our windowsill.
She's not a bird, she's a woman whose life I've ruined.
She is sick, and she needs to be somewhere where there's 24-hour medical care provided by a professional, not her dead husband's ex-mistress.
I just wanted to help.
But are you sure this crusade to help Claudia and her baby doesn't have more to do with your feelings for Matthew? A part of Matthew is gonna live on in this child.
The child the two of you never had.
Blake I'm sure at some point you thought about it.
And that's okay.
But it's not okay for you to keep this woman in our lives because you're clinging to memories.
I'll tell her it's time to move on.
It's the best thing for all of us.
Drink this.
This is water, it's not vodka.
(sighs) I know.
Put this on.
Oh (chuckling) you think you're slick.
You finally got a chance to seduce me.
(giggles) Hey where'd you get these bugles? I mean bulges.
Fallon, no.
You're drunk.
So? Okay, fine.
Just leave me here like everyone else.
Just walk away, like my dad, like my stupid mom, like Culhane.
What ever happened to Fallon "I exist only for me" Carrington? Is that what people think? Am I really that unlovable? Of course not.
But then why does everyone always abandon me? I'm still here.
Sorry I've been avoiding you.
I just don't know what to say anymore.
No, I-I'm the one who's sorry.
I should have said something the second that Blake came in.
I didn't realize - No need to discuss it.
- Just know that everything you're doing is appreciated.
And I know it is no excuse for what happened last night, but part of having traumatic brain injury, it's not just confusion, but loss of inhibition and impulse control.
I just want what's best for you, Claudia.
And at this point I think the best thing for you is not staying here at the Carrington Manor but living someplace where they can fully take care of you.
You want me to leave? No, no, I can't.
I'm afraid to be alone.
I'm afraid that my condition is getting worse.
I'm bringing a baby into this world.
A baby I-I don't feel capable of raising.
But you will have nurses and your family.
And I know you will love this baby.
Finding the love isn't the question.
I mean, it never is for women, right? We give and we give and we give un-until it breaks us.
I don't want all that giving to break me.
You're stronger than you know, Claudia.
We all are.
What if I'm not? This is an amazing life that you have, one that I could never provide for my child.
And I know it is a huge ask, and I probably sound super crazy right now, but would you consider raising this baby with me? Hey, we don't have any fights on the schedule today, so you back for some lessons? Not exactly.
I'm actually interested in one of your other donors.
- Yeah, which one? - Chief Stansfield? I saw his photo on the wall over there.
Chief Aaron? He's the best.
He's on the board, treasurer the last couple of years.
Donates so much of his time.
He's a really great guy.
He's the one who got Blake involved in the first place.
Convinced your dad to give the club $250K per year.
I thought it was a million.
(chuckles) Well, I guess it's all incremental when you're a billionaire, but I can't imagine what we'd do with a million bucks.
- I'd probably take a vacation.
- (fighters grunting) Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, come on, fellas, break it up.
Come on, bring it in.
Hey, it's Steven.
When you get into the office tomorrow, can you pull the books for last year? Yeah.
There's just a couple of numbers I want to check.
I brought you a little something to, uh, - speed up your recovery.
- (sighs) You seem pretty chipper.
Did we? Oh, if we did, you'd remember.
Well, I was pretty wasted.
The last thing I remember was railing on those two douche-nerds.
The liquor just wouldn't let me stop.
I guess I can't blame you for dissolving Morell Corp.
Are you kidding? Davis asked for an autograph, and Webb wanted to propose; they love you.
Really? But I thought I called them "two geeky Puff Daddies".
"Kanyes", but they loved your advice.
Thought it would add so much value to their company, they want to license their battery tech to us for under market value.
You brought it home.
They were sold the minute they saw your name on that invite.
Your reputation is what saved this company.
It was all you.
It was us.
I mean, you are pretty lovable.
And we're family now.
I'm not gonna leave you.
At least not until we make my money back.
Oh, by that time you'll love me too much to let me go.
By the way, you're, uh, welcome to stay as long as you need to figure out your living situation.
It's not the Ritz, but the place is so big, we can be on opposite wings and never even see each other.
Unless we want to.
SAM: Booty, bubbles and nothing else.
Sounds more like Single White Female than Hand That Rocks the Cradle.
And then she asked me to raise Matthew's baby with her.
I mean, how crazy is that? Well, tell me some part of you didn't immediately start decorating a nursery.
Oh, please.
I would need a serious brain injury to agree to that.
No, it is full steam ahead for her moving out.
(whispers): Vet.
- Yeah.
- Well, I hope it's good news.
You seem okay to me.
Are you sure? Okay, thanks.
So he said that the medicine Bo ate won't cause any long-term side effects.
(sighing): Oh, thank God.
But they ran some tests, and Claudia's pills aren't right.
What do you mean? I mean, that the label on the bottle doesn't match the pills.
She's supposed to be taking phen-a-something, he said, but she's actually just been taking benzos.
So did the doctor screw up or the pharmacist? Or it wasn't a screwup at all.
Maybe I was wrong, and this isn't a '90s stalker-girl thriller.
Maybe it's more Hitchcock.
What if someone switched the pills? Someone who? And why? Someone who wanted to make sure Claudia didn't get better.
Th-The pills are supposed to help her think clearly, right? Help her memory? So maybe there's something they'd rather she forget.