Dynasty (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

A Taste of Your Own Medicine

1 - Previously on Dynasty - What I did was wrong.
Not just my relationship with Matthew, but continuing the lie after he died.
CLAUDIA: It was no accident! You killed my husband! I know everything.
Celia Machado.
(screams) DANZETTE: Baby's fine.
- Baby? - She's pregnant? CRISTAL: We'll take her home to the manor.
They ran some tests, and Claudia's pills aren't right.
Someone switched the pills.
- (screams) - Claudia.
What are you doing? What the hell's going on? - Get out! - I'm sorry! - Get out! - (screams) She needs more help than we can provide.
Wouldn't want to ruin anything we got going here business-wise 'cause you couldn't keep it in your pants, right? FALLON: You finally got a chance to seduce me.
(salsa music playing) (music stops) Anders.
Happy Thanksgiving.
It's 7:00 a.
I know.
Who wakes up this early, right? But I was so excited.
What I mean is it's 7:00 a.
and my cooks are behind schedule because you are in the way.
The Carringtons are expecting guests for Thanksgiving, not to mention my staff, who are working hard to get home to their own family.
And I am trying to help.
This is a Venezuelan dish my mom makes for the holidays: pan de jamón.
I'm almost done.
It'll be worth all the trouble, I promise.
Even Julia Child couldn't create a dish worth the trouble you cause.
40 minutes at 350 degrees.
Ready for the big day? Why did you summon me here at the crack of dawn? This is the first time you've been home for Thanksgiving in years, and I've got big plans.
I didn't get the memo.
You should have.
I asked the Anders to e-mail the itinerary.
How about we warm up before the family versus staff pigskin toss.
You're my secret weapon today.
- What about Fallon? - Well, she can't do that since she tore her ACL.
With you home, we stand a real chance of winning.
Hate to say, but I prefer boxing.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that athletic club.
I've been looking at the books, and their grant seems bloated.
I admire your tenacity, but let's take the day off work.
I'm just trying to clean things up.
Do the most good that we can.
And that extra funding could be spread to other deserving organizations.
Don't you touch a cent of that donation.
Those kids count on us.
Now, no more work talk.
Today's about family and winning this football game.
Let's see how far that arm of yours can throw.
Our first Thanksgiving.
And I've never had more to be grateful for.
(alarm ringing) Oh, time for Claudia's meds.
Of course.
(clears throat) I was hoping to spend today with just family.
Tell me about it.
I was all ready to send her home until this medication mix-up.
Isn't her nurse the best person to sort that out? Unless her nurse is the one screwing it up.
No, it's a holiday.
Claudia can't take care of herself.
After all the hell she's been through, the hell we've put her through, I just want to make sure she doesn't suffer anymore.
And you know I love your big heart.
I just don't want Carrington Manor turned into a loony bin.
Wouldn't take much.
- You two are traveling light.
- It's the Bahamas.
What else do I need besides swimsuits and sarongs? (sighs) While you're on a beach eating conch fritters, I'll be stuck with the traditional football and skeet shooting.
Is skeet shooting traditional? Also, aren't you in exile? Well, going home for a big holiday is the perfect way to get back on Daddy's good side.
Honestly, he'll probably be begging me to move back in before the pecan pie is served.
Well, if you change your mind, you know where we'll be.
(engine starts) If she changes her mind? And how would that work? I knew she'd never say yes.
Let's hit the road.
- I'm not going.
- Monica.
You know we're only gonna be let down.
So, what are you gonna do? So we're not both liars, I'm actually going to the Bahamas.
If you were smart, you'd come with me.
CLAUDIA: I don't understand how the pills got in the wrong bottles.
Neither do I, but I do think that the fact that you were on the wrong medication accounts for some of your mood swings.
I didn't mean to take a bath with your husband.
All I want is for you to get better.
We'll figure it out.
- I'm gonna call your nurse later today.
- Why? Well, she was the one handling your medications, wasn't she? Oh.
Um What is it? Matthew, he he never trusted her.
He thought she might be stealing from us.
But maybe I'm I'm not remembering it right.
(sighs) Was she stealing from us? I don't know, but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
We should head outside.
Is that where the TV is? I thought we were - watching football.
- We are.
Carrington style.
- I come in peace - (sighs) with a literal peace offering: my dad's playbook.
I pinched it from his study.
You really think you can just hand me that and we're good? Well, I think you want to win.
I win every year.
And that crap you pulled at Jeff's? It took me all night to get out of the doghouse with Kori.
- All night, huh? - Does your father - even know you're here? - Unlike you, my dad can't hold a grudge.
Not today, at least.
He needs me on his team.
Look, can we just talk? If not now, after the game? I can't.
I have my own traditions.
I'm only here because I have to be.
For some reason your father thinks we actually enjoy this.
Yeah Tag Team music in full effect That's me DC the Brain Supreme And my man Steve Roll'n We're kicking the flow Thank God you're here.
Dad's decided I'm Tom Brady.
(chuckles) I'm sorry I'm late.
I wasn't expecting you at all.
You know I'd never miss this.
Steven can't just waltz back in here expecting to be QB.
Then I assume you're ready to apologize? Well, you can't just waltz back in here and expect everything to be forgotten.
I'm sorry.
Not to me.
Whoomp, there it is Whoomp, there it is Here? Now? I'm sorry.
What? Sorry for I'm sorry for having ever seen your sex tape.
And for leaking it.
Well, I appreciate your apology, Fallon.
- I really hope that we can - Hines Ward.
HINES: Hey, Fallon.
- How are you? - (chuckles) Oh, I'm so happy you're on my team this year.
- You know I'm always on your team.
- Aw.
- Hines.
- Oh, Jamal.
So good to see you again.
Oh! (chuckles) Dirty bird.
- Whoomp, there it is - Come on, y'all Whoomp, there it is FALLON: Hey, Joe.
- There she is.
- Aw.
- Good to see you.
- You, too.
Shaka-laka-shaka-laka Shaka-laka-shaka - Whoomp - Shaka-laka-shaka-laka - Shaka-laka-shaka - Whoomp Whole team.
And yet not one sex tape.
All right, that's it.
If you can't respect this family everyone in this family then you can spend Thanksgiving with another one.
- It was a joke.
- Take the jersey off.
Dad, let her play.
Take it off.
(scoffs) - Sam? - What? - You're in.
- But I don't know anything about American football.
You'll do fine.
Maybe you can join us next year, after you figure out the meaning of family.
Let's get this game going.
(marching band playing) (spectators cheering) (marching band playing) Yeah.
Set, hut! Hut! (spectators cheering) (whistle blows) - (sighs) - What are you doing? Well, since I'll be gone for a while, I might as well bring my winter closet now.
You're giving up without a fight? You really think I care about Dad's stupid football game? We always lose, anyway.
Why don't I come with you? - We can do our own thing.
- No, no, stay.
You and Dad are in a better place than you've been in years.
Same place, different issue.
I'm pretty sure Dad's been using Foundation money to pay off Stansfield.
At the least, we know he tampered with evidence.
Oh, my God, are you still hung up on this Willy thing? It's no coincidence that I made a deal with Stansfield right before Willy turned up dead with a written confession to Matthew's murder.
Steven, don't go there.
Don't poke the bear.
It's a Pandora's box with a can of worms inside.
- So you think I should - Let sleeping dogs lie.
You really want to bring the FBI around here again? Who looks after you when I'm gone? So stay.
I can't.
I have other plans.
(whistle blows) (phone rings) Hey, you.
You good? Well, I'd be better on a white beach with a Dark 'n' Stormy.
Oh, Blake didn't welcome you back with open arms, huh? Shocker.
No, actually, I decided to bail.
Do you think I can still grab a seat on the jet? Oh, uh Monica and I are just pulling up to the plane.
We're wheels up any second.
But let's plan another trip.
Maybe New Years? Yeah.
ALL: Let's go! Set! Hike! (Bosco and Speakerfoxxx's "Shooter" playing) Do-dudu bang bang Do-dudu bang bang Do-dudu bang bang I'm bad to the bone Do-dudu bang bang Do-dudu bang bang Do-dudu bang bang I'm bad to the bone Get on out You come out the way Please get out my face And give me some space Get on out No one asked you to stay For you to stay You crowdin' my space I thought you'd be my shooter Shooter, shooter You thought I'd be into ya Come on, bring it in, bring it in.
ANDERS: Time is running out.
Staff lead 36 to 32.
Okay, okay, this is our last chance.
Steven, it's time for that pass play we worked on this morning.
- Got it.
- Hines, Hines'll buy you enough time.
Break! To ya, to ya Boy, I ain't afraid Gold 19! Gold eight! Ready! Set! Hike! They be jealous of my status I got Gold up in my palace Even diamonds in my chocolates To be honest, they can have this Coming on smooth as silk Coming mask your face Knocking on my door, boy I'm-a make it rain.
Okay, all right.
So, staff wins for the who knows how many years - in a row? - MICHAEL: Uh, six.
For the record.
BLAKE: No, truly, thank you for keeping this place together.
Our family appreciates your dedication.
And even though you won take the rest of the weekend off.
(cheering, whooping) Oh.
And don't forget there's pie! (cheering) MAN: Go and buy some pie.
Culhane's actually really good.
He almost played for the Falcons.
I hired him to drive after he was injured, almost ten years ago.
Sam is not good.
(laughs): Well, at least he warned you.
Look, now that it's over, I really think you should call Fallon.
You didn't need to send her away for my sake.
I did it for hers.
She has to learn.
Yeah, but it's Thanksgiving Even I can make room for her today.
Of course you can because kind people like you find it hard to stick up for themselves, which is why you need people like me.
(exhales) Claudia seems better today.
Well, she's on the right meds, at least.
(sighs) But I have a call in to her nurse.
Apparently, Matthew was worried that she was stealing from them.
How much could they have to steal? Well, I don't know, but the nurse controlled everything for Claudia.
Maybe she wanted to keep it that way by making Claudia sick.
- (timer dings) - Ooh, yeah.
Belford, tell me you didn't get roped into the science experiment.
I can't believe you threw my first one away.
It's a surprise for my aunt.
That will appear on the Thanksgiving table over my dead body.
Blaisdel? Can I help you? Just the wine cellar and storage down there.
Oh, I'm so sorry, I thought I thought it led upstairs.
Well, it can be confusing such a big house.
I have the perfect solution Mr.
Jones here can escort you, now that he's done making his ham pockets.
Thank you so much.
Whatever you do, don't be stingy with those mashed potatoes.
Well, if there's anything that can unite rich and poor, it's carbs.
What on earth are you doing here? You don't think I know what you do every Thanksgiving? I pay attention.
What, you think I'm too stuck up to sling rehydrated potatoes? I think you've ostracized everyone else in your life.
Okay, well, maybe I wanted to give back, you know, help out at a homeless shelter.
This is a church.
Well, it's the same thing.
Okay, you know what? Fallon, please, just go.
Michael, stop talking to the beautiful lady.
- We got a dozen more trays to bring out.
- Got it.
Who do we have here? Hi.
I'm Fallon.
Fallon Carrington? You work with Michael? Uh I do.
I'm Luella Culhane.
And this is my husband, James.
We're Michael's Oh, you're Michael's parents.
Wow, what a pleasure to meet you.
You, too.
We couldn't be prouder of our boy, - moving up so quickly.
- Aw, now, Luella, don't go embarrassing him in front of his colleagues.
I mean, he is the first vice president in the family, though.
Is he? Well, that really is something.
Okay, well, thank you for your time.
- Have you seen Claudia? - I walked her up to her room a little while ago.
What's going on? This pill thing is getting weirder and weirder.
When I talked to her this morning, she seemed to think - her nurse was trying to take advantage of her.
- Well, that's awful.
Well, it would be, except I just talked to her nurse, and she said that Claudia fired her last week.
SAM: 'Cause she thought - she was stealing from her? - That's what I thought, but she said she caught Claudia skipping her meds and taking benzos instead, and when she said something, Claudia told her not to come back.
I told you, you never should have brought Claudia here.
It's like my mom used to say CRISTAL: You bring in a stray, you're gonna get fleas.
I know.
- Please, just help me look for her.
- Mm.
I was worried you were gonna make me shoot our dinner.
Well, of course not.
The turkey hunt was last week.
No, I'm good, thanks.
You know this is just a gun.
Not good, not evil.
Just a tool.
Not a very peaceful tool.
I respect your ideals, Steven.
I do.
I just I wish they didn't make us butt heads all the time.
Everything's an issue with you.
I appreciate our father-son bonding time.
Football with the pros, skeet shooting it's like a billionaire's biathlon.
There's always fencing if you want to make it a triathlon.
I got to be honest.
I feel you're only buddying up to me because And you think since I'm mad at Fallon that I'm trying to somehow replace her with you.
- Well, I'm not.
- No.
I think you're actually buttering me up because you don't want me to look any deeper into what you're doing with the Foundation money.
- Ah.
- I've seen the books.
I know that donation isn't all going where you're saying it does.
- Mm.
- And I want you to know that I'm stopping it.
(sighs) Would you agree that we occupy a unique position in the world? Of course, but I don't see And all our wealth and power gives us the privilege of doing a lot of good.
We could do more good if we weren't wasting our money to finance police corruption.
The world is way more complex than it is black and white.
In order for us to give back, we first have to protect what we have.
(laughs) That's a really convenient way to ignore right and wrong.
I've been in this game a lot longer than you, Son.
Now, you're just gonna have to accept that the rules are different at this level.
Well, I'm not sure exactly what your son told you, but the truth is Michael and I don't work together.
We used to.
I left my dad's company to start my own.
Michael was such a talented executive that I tried to poach him, but your son's got some pretty strong morals.
Well, that's how we raised him.
Yeah, but I do miss being around him.
And I wish things were different.
Well, that's very nice of you to say.
LUELLA: So, Fallon, are you the mystery girl that's coming to dinner tonight? Oh, Lu makes a mean sweet potato pie.
Uh, no.
You guys must be thinking of Michael's girlfriend, Kori.
I'm sure you'll love her.
- There you are.
- (gasps) - Oh, Sam.
You scared me.
- No, you scared me.
I've been all over this house looking for you.
Cristal needs to talk to you.
What are you doing down here? I woke up with the worst headache, and I went looking for aspirin.
I keep opening up all the wrong doors.
Come on, the aspirin's in the kitchen next to the mugs.
- I'll show you.
- Okay.
Of course they have a gun room.
Wait, did you get in here? - (clears throat) - That girl's come back four times for straws.
Should I buy her some real toys? Maybe her own dispenser? Well, maybe there's a straw shortage and she's driving up stock prices.
You don't know.
No, you're right.
You don't know people.
Like when you discover that your friend is pretending to be an executive at your dad's company.
Thank you for covering for me.
I'm sure you've got your reasons.
I mean, you saw how proud they are.
I've always been their great hope.
Football scholarship, pro contract.
Even after I got hurt and lost the money, they were determined that I'd be something, made me promise I'd graduate.
Well, didn't you? Damn right I did.
But it cost them.
A second mortgage on the house, Dad working two jobs.
They went without a lot so I could be someone.
How am I supposed to tell them they that just so their son could drive some rich white guy around all day? So you lie because you're ashamed? No.
It's because I know they would be.
Sorry they thought you were Kori.
Well, at least now I know why I never got an invite to meet the parents.
I'm still glad it happened though.
So, you and Kori you're a couple.
Couples do Thanksgiving.
- That's the grown-up thing to say, right? - Yes.
Yes, it is.
You know what else would be grown-up of you? Just go home to your family.
Well, my dad told me to find a new family.
As anyone here can tell you, you only get one.
I got to go.
You should, too.
Go home.
Thank you for staying to see it through.
Have a lovely weekend.
We need wine.
(laughs softly) I've chosen a bottle.
1976 Chateau Lafitte.
Doesn't mean much to me.
- (laughs) - It is so beautiful.
- Such a deep red.
- Please be careful.
That wine is older than you are.
(laughs) Yeah.
Oh! Oh, my God! I am so sorry! Oh, not to worry.
There's a second bottle in the cellar.
I'll clean this up.
(footsteps approaching) Finished already? Perhaps I should offer you a job on my staff.
(door locks) Ms.
Blaisdel? The-the door handle seems to have fallen off in here.
Could you open the door for me, please? Hello? Ms.
Blaisdel?! Hello? Ms.
Blaisdel? Open the door immediately.
Open the door! What is going on? What on earth are you doing? I thought you'd be Sam.
- Have you seen him? - No.
Well, I asked him to find Claudia a while ago, and tried calling him.
Is everything all right? Claudia fired her nurse a week ago.
She lied to me about it.
Why would she do that? I think Claudia is intentionally taking the wrong pills.
What, like Munchausen's? Maybe she's trying to hurt the baby? She said she didn't think she'd make a good mother, and that she was scared.
You haven't said any of this to Claudia, have you? I wouldn't.
Let's just keep a close eye on her until she's under professional care tomorrow.
We can make it one more day.
Thank you so much for helping out today.
No, thank you.
I needed a reminder that even poor people can be happy.
Here rich bitch tax.
Hopefully, this will help with next year.
Oh, my.
Are you sure about this? Hey, what'd you make? - A catapult.
- Wow.
Where'd you learn to make that? YouTube.
I'm going to be an architect.
Well, that's the work of an engineer, which is way cooler than an architect.
It's what I wanted to be when I was a kid.
Are you one? Oh, God, no.
Because you're a girl? No.
Because my dad told me that engineers always work for someone else.
The point is, you can be anything you want to be.
There are plenty of girl engineers.
Claudia? - Yeah? - Where have you been? I've been getting ready for dinner.
Well, you look nice.
- Thank you.
- Have you seen Sam? I thought he was with you.
I mean, you were together earlier, weren't you, talking about my pills? I thought you were napping.
Did you figure it out, at least what happened with the pills? Why don't we talk about that later? It's almost time for dinner.
You're a smart woman, Cristal.
And surely you figured it out by now.
I mean, really, who else could have done it? I guess you shouldn't have brought me here.
I guess this is what you get when you bring home strays.
You're not sick, are you? (laughs) Just sick of you.
But no, I haven't needed those pills in a long time.
Well, except the benzos.
They keep me just numb enough to tolerate you people.
I'm getting Blake.
Sit down.
You warn anyone, and your new family dies.
Claudia please, give me the gun.
Like you said, it's almost time for dinner.
And I'm gonna give you all something to be grateful for.
(door rattling) (groans softly) Hello? Anyone out there? - Hello? - Yes, hello, I'm here.
Who's that? It's Sam.
Of course it is.
I'm in the wine cellar.
I'm in the gun room.
Can you let me out? Well, of course I can't let you out.
I'm Did Claudia trap you, too? She clocked me in the head with a gun.
She has a gun? Sam, we need to get out of here.
Well, what am I supposed to do? Well, grab a pistol and shoot the lock off.
Hey, don't stereotype me, Anders.
I'm not some kind of gangster.
I don't know how to use a gun.
I'm pretty good at picking locks, though, if I had a card, but my wallet's upstairs.
Hang on.
Here, try this.
(whoops) Nice picture.
And your hair? You used to have all the hair.
Get on with it! Anyone seen Sam? Not for a while.
I'm sure he'll be here soon.
Well, doesn't this table look amazing? We just need Anders to pour the wine.
Anders? And, of course, I'll take my seat, darling.
Honey, it's 2017.
A woman can sit at the head of the table, can't she? Of course.
But that seat is where my father sat and carved the turkey every Thanksgiving, and where I've done the same.
And what's Thanksgiving without tradition? Football and pumpkin pie and sitting in my seat.
Blake, sit down.
You picked a fine day to ride your feminist high horse.
STEVEN: Live a little, Dad.
Or are you so set in your ways that you have to control every little detail Oh, okay, idealist, what's the clear right and wrong here? Pretty clear I should have gone to dinner with Fallon.
Well, maybe you should have.
Blake, just sit down.
CLAUDIA: I think you should listen to the lady at the head of the table, Blake.
Oh, uh Claudia easy now What's going on? Whatever it is, we can talk about it.
That's a great idea.
And since we're all about tradition, why don't we go around and say what we're grateful for? No takers? I'll go.
I'm grateful for my husband.
Oh, no, wait, he's dead.
I'm grateful for my friends, like Willy.
Oh, no, he's dead, too.
I'm grateful for my baby, whose father is dead.
So now I'm just repeating myself.
- Claudia - Turns out that I only have one thing to be grateful for, and that's being here in the home of the people responsible for ruining my life, so I can ruin yours.
Now, sit the hell down.
ANDERS: Will you please move it along? SAM: Shh! Be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate.
Well, I can understand why your gang of thieves kicked you out You're terrible at this! Hey, you keep nagging, old man, and I'm gonna tell the whole staff your middle name is Winifred.
How did you know that? Your license.
Now, quiet, Winnie.
(lock rattling) FALLON: I know I didn't get an invite, but I'm here whether you like it or not.
- And we need to talk.
- Get the hell out.
- Go away, Fallon.
- Go away, Fallon! - Don't come in here.
Screw you.
I'm not going anywhere.
I need to talk to you about the C-R-A-Z Why does the crazy lady have a gun? She's not crazy.
She's been faking her brain injury.
Why fake such a miserable life? Actually, that's a rhetorical question.
I think I know exactly why.
- I think you've been faking lots of things.
- Sit down.
You never had a brain injury, did you, Claudia? - Of course I did.
I almost died.
- It's true.
She and Matthew were in a terrible car accident.
I remember it.
I bet.
That was the night that I found out that he was cheating on me.
I just didn't know who the other woman was.
All you knew is that one minute your husband was cheating, the next, he wasn't going anywhere because he had to take care of you.
And then, when you got better You lied.
You pretended to be sick so that he would stay.
You know, there's a thin line between true love and truly psycho.
Fallon You realize she has a loaded gun? And I have the loaded question.
Why keep faking it after Matthew's death? Because it's the perfect alibi.
- What are you saying? - No one suspects a brain-injured widow.
They only look at people like Willy.
- Willy confessed.
- Unless he didn't.
BLAKE: The thumper truck was rigged by an engineer.
Brain injury or no, how could Girls can be engineers, too, Dad.
When I was a kid, I told you I wanted to be one, so you introduced me to Matthew, who told me his wife was an engineer.
That was before your accident, of course.
You killed him.
You killed Matthew.
No, I loved him.
You killed him.
He told me he was leaving me even though I was sick.
Even though you were faking it.
He didn't know that.
You took him from me.
And once this snake ran me over, I saw my chance to do something about it to insinuate myself inside this home Claudia, if you hurt her Oh, no, no, no.
I'm not gonna shoot her, Blake.
No, I want her to suffer the same pain that she caused me.
I wanted to seduce her husband, just like she did mine.
That was only part of the plan.
- The kicker was when I kill him.
- No.
Oh, oh, oh, oh! You finally are getting a taste of your own medicine.
When the loss is so bitter that you cough and choke on it, just remember that you did it to me, too.
FALLON: Don't worry, Daddy.
That's the gun that Mom got me for my 16th birthday.
The firing pin hasn't worked in years.
I think we're done now.
(screams) Got it! Good Lord, took you long enough.
Oh, you must be joking.
I guess the gun does work.
Anders had it fixed.
Where is Anders? - Where's Sam? - Everyone sit down! I'm sorry.
- What? - I'm sorry my family is so screwed up.
I mean, if my dad had believed Steven about the whole Willy thing, if Participation Trophy Wife over here had been honest about Matthew, maybe this Norman Rockwell holiday wouldn't have turned so Norman Bates.
But I was born into this dysfunction.
You didn't have a choice.
Matthew chose Carrington Atlantic.
He chose Cristal.
What choice did you have? I didn't want to kill Matthew.
- I just wanted to hurt him.
- I know.
But if you pull that trigger, another life ends.
Not just one of ours; yours, too.
And the baby's.
If you walk away now, all you shot is a dead bird.
How do I know I can trust any of you? A fair question.
- Claudia, don't! - (gunshot) - (yelps) - (gasps) (all grunting) I got it.
Just in time.
The turkey's done.
Call me after you get her checked in.
I'll tell Stansfield - to meet you there.
- You can't just cart me out of here.
Believe me, you would rather go to a sanitarium than death row.
And you should be thanking us, after everything you put my family through.
What about what you've done? What about Willy? For all we know, you killed him, too, and planted that note as cover.
CLAUDIA: (scoffs) You Carringtons really believe you can get away with anything.
Get her out of here.
What are you doing? Her fate isn't up to us.
You can't make a plea deal in the living room.
I'm going to my study to call Stansfield, and he'll handle it.
Like he handled Willy? You know I'm right now.
Willy didn't kill himself.
And Claudia didn't do it.
So who else could've planted that confession note except Stansfield? I didn't have anything to do with it.
I'm not saying you did.
I'm the one who made a deal with the devil.
Stop with the good and evil, Steven.
No, that's exactly what this is.
A choice between right and wrong.
And if you call Stansfield, you're forcing me to choose between right and you.
(door closes) Staying for dinner? I'd say I've earned it.
Well, I'd say so, too, Fallon.
I hope you know that I wanted you here today, that I never needed an apology.
You'd take a bullet for your dad, and so would I.
Call it even? Even is strong.
(whispers): We just made up.
I think.
Now it's your turn.
(exhales) (soft music playing) Not exactly traditional.
Well, the turkey's still in the kitchen.
Could probably eat around the bullet.
On the other hand, maybe a few new traditions wouldn't exactly hurt us.
"Us"? Am I back in the family? I might've said a few things this morning that were a little harsh.
Well, I guess I did, too.
Like father, like daughter.
And for the record, there's nothing that you could ever say or do that could jeopardize your place in this family.
Okay, you don't have to threaten me.
We missed you, Fallon.
You belong here.
Please, come home.
(exhales) Hey, Jeff, it's Steven.
Sorry to interrupt your holiday, but I'm about to right a wrong, and your skills and resources could help.
You know hacking isn't my game anymore, right? I'm going after the police chief, Stansfield.
Blake's pocket cop? (scoffs) Same guy who interrogated me? I'm down to hear more.
We'll connect when you're back from the Bahamas.
You got it.
(phone beeps) (phone ringing) I'm here to see my father.
Prisoner 2F529.
(lock buzzes) Cecil Colby.
(door closes) Didn't stay at the parents'? Or at Kori's? Well, I heard about all the fun that was going on here, so I'm glad everyone's okay.
Mom's famous sweet potato pie.
She was glad to meet one of my coworkers, - finally.
- (chuckles) You know, I figured you had the perfect relationship with your parents, like normal people.
Yeah, I wish that were true.
Yeah, me, too.
But the other part, you know, supporting them and how you feel about it all, it's heavy.
And it bothers me that I didn't know.
And it's my fault, because, you know well, I'm mostly about me.
No, this one's not on you, Fallon.
This one's on me.
I should've never lied to you, and used your family like that.
It's okay.
I forgive you.
So dinner with Kori but maybe dessert back here? Mm not like that.
But I'll never turn down another bite of that sweet potato pie.
(chuckles) Sounds good.
I was looking for you.
It's a powerful thing, staring down the barrel of a gun.
Kind of adjusts your perspective.
Makes us appreciate what we have.
Makes me want more of what we have.
Let's not get greedy.
I mean family.
I think we should have a kid.
Do you think it's the right time for that? Is there a better time? All this tragedy with Matthew, Willy, Claudia it's all over.
This is our chance to put everything behind us, start something new.
What do you think? You're right.
Let's put the past behind us.
(engine turns off) (crickets chirping) (truck door opens, closes) (engine starts) Hi, it's Cristal.
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