Dynasty (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

The Best Things in Life

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Among my responsibilities is running background checks.
I know everything.
Kori, this is Michael Culhane.
FALLON: Is that why you slept with Kori? To get back at me? MICHAEL: I don't use people to hurt others, Fallon.
That's you.
PHIL: Chief Aaron? He's the best.
Convinced your dad to give the club 250K per year.
I thought it was a million.
I'm about to right a wrong.
You know, hacking isn't my game anymore, right? I'm going after the police chief Stansfield.
Dinner with Kori, but - maybe dessert back here.
- Mm, no.
But I'll never turn down another bite of that sweet potato pie.
(chuckles) Sounds good.
I think we should have a kid.
All this tragedy with Matthew, Willy, Claudia, it's all over.
This is our chance to start something new.
Let's put the past behind us.
She only comes out at night The lean and hungry type Oh, oh, here she comes Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up Oh, oh, here she comes She's a maneater She's a maneater - That was the one.
- Mm.
She's a maneater - Where's my coffee? - Fallon.
Good to have you back.
- I think.
- Mm.
Jeff had way better coffee at his house.
Perhaps you should have stayed there.
Come on, Steven.
What, no witty repartee? You're not still in a lather about Stansfield, are you? No.
Just been slammed with foundation stuff.
And I'm late.
- Morning.
- Good morning, sir.
The Carrington Atlantic gift strategists are on their way Should I set them up - in the study? - Please.
- Gift strategists? - Holiday gifts for our clients.
's sponsoring the Tree Lighting Ceremony in midtown this year.
I thought I'd hand out the gifts then.
Don't tell me.
You forgot your year-end business presents.
What do you take me for? No.
Of course.
Morell Corp.
has something in the works.
- Do I get one of these gifts, too? - No.
Your life's been one big Christmas morning since you arrived.
So, what are you gonna do? About the client gifts you don't have.
- Like I said, it's in the works.
- Your dad might fall for your act, but he gives you more credit than you deserve.
We all know that you have a blind spot when it comes to thinking about other people.
I have no blind spots.
I see all spots, just like I see you, eating your croissants while you may, trying desperately to claim a seat at this table.
But unless you're a Carrington, or work for a Carrington, no one cares what you think.
Especially not me.
I need a shopping partner, and a ride.
Looks like someone - already got one.
- Have you ever heard of knocking? Oh, you mean I can't just waltz in here like I own the place? Because I do.
(chuckles) So, how's the city job? The only job I want to talk about is the faux-job you gave my boyfriend.
(laughs): "Faux-job"? Wow, that's pretty great.
You know, you could argue that me pretending to blow Culhane was a good thing.
You two came out stronger than ever.
Are you trippin'? What is going on? (chuckles softly) (kissing) Maybe you should change your locks.
(scoffs) I'd say she wasn't getting enough sugar, but knowing you Fallon.
You can't just barge in here with no respect for boundaries.
Boundaries? But we shared pie.
Okay, well, Kori doesn't want to share pie.
And she doesn't want to be reminded that you and I shared pie.
I think that you're using pie as a metaphor, but I mean actual pie.
You can't expect Kori to be cool with you after what you put her through.
You got to give us space.
The doctor will be right with you.
Thank you.
(door opens) So, everything looks good.
Are you sure? Were you worried you're pregnant? Don't be.
Your IUD is still effective.
It should protect you from pregnancies for at least two more years.
ANDERS: Sir, the gift strategists are at the gate.
But you have another guest Chief Stansfield.
Coffee, sir? Or scotch and cigars, perhaps? This isn't a social call.
(door closes) I know why you're here.
You'll have it soon.
I don't doubt you're good for the money.
I'm more concerned about your son.
Steven didn't know what he was doing when he moved those foundation funds.
Seems to me he did.
(sighs): He's a kid on some dumb moral crusade, but it's harmless.
He just doesn't understand the value you bring to this family.
I'll talk some sense into him.
You don't need to worry.
You're right, I don't.
You do.
- (door opens) - ANDERS: Sorry, sir.
Uh, the gift strategists.
That's right, Christmas is coming.
What good's all the money, Blake, if you don't have the freedom to spend it? Or the family to spend it on.
- What is all this? - 'Tis the season to show our clients how much we appreciate them.
And to show our competitors' clients how much they're missing out.
Aren't we doing a holiday party? People forget parties as soon as the hangover fades.
If we can butter up C.
's clients by giving them a memorable present, then maybe some of them will be swayed to meet with us.
Let me show you what I've got.
MAN: An entry-level Patek Philippe for $20,000.
A watch meant to be passed from generation to generation.
A private island available for client use.
It comes with its own designer villa, butler and staff.
- And a yacht, of course.
- Speyside single malt from 1946.
One pour is worth nearly $1,000.
Your typical blinged-out power bank, with real bling.
Clubs - and caviar.
- Gold, diamonds and electricity never lose their value.
Presented with Petrossian caviar, valued at $1,000 per tin.
BLAKE: A little something for everyone.
I need to get on with my day.
Anything else? And who doesn't love puppies? Especially ones that have been genetically engineered to fit in stockings.
I think we need to dial it back.
We're a start-up.
Keep it to three figures per client.
Three figures? My haircut costs more than that.
Monica can help.
She handles gifts for Colby Co.
, and gets the brand.
My father hands his out at the tree lighting, so I figure we'll messenger ours out next week.
So, you're going to the lighting ceremony.
- You want to go together? - Well, I usually go with Culhane, but I figure his girlfriend wouldn't be down with that.
You know what? I just realized what I'm giving Culhane for Christmas this year.
- Space? - No.
- I'm going to make a new friend.
- Who? - Don't say Kori.
- Kori.
BLAKE: That's right.
I need to talk to the security team.
What are you doing in here? I just wanted to drop this off.
It's my résumé.
And a little powdered sugar.
It just so happens that I have a PhD in shopping and a master's in how to be memorable.
I can find you a gift that'll keep you at the top of your clients' minds.
And you know nothing about my clients.
But I know your competition.
Fallon's desperate to top you and to send her gift to your entire client list.
(phone vibrates) Please, Sam, I don't have the bandwidth to deal with this right now.
I'll deal with it for you.
Those are seven high-profile cases that Stanfield's been involved in.
If you pull those police records, I bet we'll find something incriminating.
But hacking into Atlanta PD records? That's illegal.
It was also illegal for Stansfield to question you as a murder suspect just because my father told him to.
No one should be able to buy the law like that.
Say I'm game.
I don't see Blake's name in here.
He would lawyer up so hard, Stansfield might end up slipping away as well.
Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with Blake's lawyers.
Not to mention, any strike on him would blow back on all of us.
You're in business with my sister now.
For our family, that means more than marriage.
KORI: I mean, I don't even know what else to cut.
With this budget, we'd have to power down every public library the last two weeks of December.
I don't mean to intrude, but I got you a ticket to the Annual Carrington Tree Lighting Ceremony.
The tree lighting may be sponsored by Carrington Atlantic, but it's a city event.
In front of City Hall, where I work.
Why would I need your invitation? Why are you really here, Fallon? Culhane is my friend and you're his girlfriend, so it stands to reason that you and I are gonna run into each other a lot.
Is that a threat? No.
I'm just saying you and I should be friends, - for all of our sakes.
- So, basically, you want me to make it more convenient for you to spend time with my man.
It's not just about Culhane.
I mean I will be the first to admit - I don't have many girlfriends.
- How can that be? Come on, Kori, you're making this harder than it needs to be.
Look, it's not like Culhane and I were even in love.
It was just booty calls and limo sex.
Tell that to him.
Wait, he said it was more than that? And that is exactly why we aren't hanging out.
MONICA: Why are you still barking up that poor girl? I thought that if I tried to make friends with her, - I could - Let him go, Fallon.
Close the door.
Can we focus? Morell is super innovative, right? So what if we give a tech gift? Like one of those little waterproof cameras? - Or an e-reader? - I'm sorry, I just fell asleep and woke up in 2010.
If we do tech, it has to be cutting-edge, something everyone wants.
Is that a pic from the Bahamas? Just one of the thousands of selfies I took.
Rum and coconuts are not that fun when you're by yourself.
Wasn't Jeff with you? Yeah, but he's my brother, - so it doesn't count.
- Oh, my God, you are so lying.
If Jeff wasn't with you, who was he with? Nobody special, okay? Let's just get back to the gifts.
SAM: Here's a pitch.
You can never go wrong with tequila.
Yeah, tell that to your parents.
Look, Sam, this is a work zone, for people with jobs.
Jobs where you can wear pajamas all day? Sign me up.
- Gigi Hadid wore these last week.
- In fact, I have a business proposition.
With the, uh, proper financial incentive, I can tell you what your dad's giving.
Wow, what a great idea.
Or I could just walk into his study for free and find out for myself.
I know what we can give.
Jeff knows a guy who can get the Google Pixel.
That phone's selling out all over.
What if we can get him to hook us up with a shipment? Something everyone wants, cutting-edge tech.
I think it's perfect.
I'll call Jeff.
(shrieks) JEFF: I'll let you know if I find anything useful in those cases.
I owe you.
(engine revs) I knew you had a fishy past, but real fish? It's a bit on the nose.
I kept your secret because I thought I was dealing with a harmless gold digger, but when the gold digger has gold diggers I think it's time to come clean.
You can't tell Blake.
He'll never look at me the same way again.
Says here they want $300,000.
- Let's hope it's in bolivares.
- It isn't.
Back in Caracas, my sister and I stole from some bad people.
- Fishermen, by chance? - That was just their cover.
We didn't know how dangerous they were.
We needed the cash.
It was a medical emergency, we had no other choice.
Now these men have followed me here.
Not hard, considering you're in the headlines every other week.
I don't know who else to turn to.
You manage the accounts.
You could access those kind of funds.
Keeping your secret is one thing.
Participating is another.
I'm sure you'll find a way.
By hook or by crook.
STEVEN: What do you want? Money? I can call my father.
Please, we can work this out.
What the hell? You did this? You had me kidnapped by our own security guys.
You are lucky it's me; next time it is going to be Stansfield.
- Are you completely insane? - You have been going on and on about Stansfield for weeks.
I have tried talking to you.
I have tried distracting you.
How else am I supposed to get you to understand how serious this is? - You have to stop messing with him.
- How can I? He killed someone.
How can you be so unconcerned that your puppet took an innocent life? I am very concerned for your life, Steven.
- You think he'd turn on us? - I don't know how far he'll go, but I do know what he's capable of, and I know that he can get away with it.
We are not invincible.
Just rich.
If you care about this family, you will leave this alone.
(crickets chirping) What are you doing up here? Well, you don't seem to understand boundaries, so why should I? Why'd you go see Kori? I was adulting.
I asked her if she wanted to hang out at the tree lighting, and she completely stonewalled me.
I told you to give us space, and you try to poach my date? Wait, you're taking her to the tree lighting? But that's our thing.
I mean, we've always gone together.
- That's our spot.
- Fallon, these boundaries aren't just for Kori.
They're for me.
I can't do this every day.
I think about you when I shouldn't.
And I need to get you out of my head.
Or we'll just fall right back into what we had.
Would that be so wrong? Yes.
It would.
I'm trying to move on.
(phone vibrates) JEFF: Hey.
I just got a text from my contact.
Apparently, he got another inquiry about those client gifts you're after.
- From who? - That's what I'm waiting to hear.
I thought you might know something.
I'll check in with you tomorrow.
Hey do you still want to go to that tree lighting together? (chuckles softly) JEFF: I looked into those cases.
Stansfield's a cop who's good at making his own rules and covering his tracks.
Do you remember Willy Miller? The guy who killed Blaisdel? The truth is he was set up.
I'm sure that Stansfield murdered Willy and made it look like a suicide.
How do you know this? Because Stansfield did it to keep suspicion off me and my dad.
Neither of us had anything to do with Matthew's death.
Stansfield went rogue.
But that means we can use Willy's murder to take him down.
But shining a light on Willy could blow back on you and Blake.
I've never seen my father the way he was last night.
He was scared.
Now that tells me he's lost control of Stansfield.
What if Stansfield scrubbed those records, too? Then we'll have to get him to incriminate himself somehow.
SAM: I'm working on behalf of Blake Carrington.
If you could rush it, we'd really appreciate it.
Uh, money's no object.
No, happy holidays to you.
Hey, slow down.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Like hell.
I know that walk.
Have you spoken to Iris recently? Um, the day before yesterday.
I think.
What's up? Nothing.
I was sending her money every month through a transfer service, and they shut down.
So I just need to find a new solution is all.
Or maybe it's time to bring her here.
It's actually the worst time.
Why? You know how bad things are in Venezuela.
It doesn't matter how much money you have.
There's no medicine, there's no food.
I know things are complicated between you two.
But if you really cared, whatever money you're planning on sending her, you'd use it to get her out of there.
(man speaking Spanish) - (hand slaps) - WOMAN: Aah! ANDERS: Did you make a decision? Are the holiday gifts all set? I think it's just gonna be the classic.
Scotch and cigars.
That's what your father sent out every year, and he built quite an empire.
Well, he didn't have a daughter working against him.
Or a son working against himself.
And yet you're trying to secure the Carrington legacy with the aid a woman of questionable history and suspect moral character.
Cristal? What do you mean? Well, do you really want to know? Your opinion? The staff's? Everybody has something to say about Cristal her affair, her sex tape.
But what no one's talking about is just how far she's come.
No one handed her her fortune.
(chuckles) No, she snatched it for herself.
You know my own father didn't come to our wedding because he didn't approve of her pedigree? I didn't choose her because of where she came from, just like she didn't marry me for my baggage.
We're just trying to move on.
As for a baby, don't worry.
We won't make you change diapers.
(holiday bells ringing) Ding, dong, merrily on high In heav'n the bells are ringing Ding, dong, verily the sky Is riv'n with angel singing I can't believe I've lived in Atlanta all my life and never done this.
Here's to new traditions.
Just so you know, I may have to bow out early.
Long-standing plans.
So, where do you watch from? I know the perfect spot.
What did I tell you? Best view in town.
You're right.
Pretty girl, drink in hand, the city at our feet.
(woman giggles, moans nearby) Oh, my God, - are you kidding me? - (gasps) What happened to setting boundaries? I didn't bring her up here.
She brought me.
And I'm supposed to believe that? Well, considering that she works downstairs, yes.
- What was I supposed to say? - Wait what are you telling me? That you two used to do what we were just doing up here? Every year before the tree lighting.
I've marked my territory all over this roof.
Is that why you brought him up here? - No.
- W-Why do you care? Uh, Kori, it doesn't mean anything.
Your new bae's right.
It doesn't mean anything.
Clearly nothing is sacred.
I was wrong to come up here.
Monica told me to close the door on you.
Fallon! So I'm closing the door! (doorknob rattles) You can't punish the guy for trying to move on.
You weren't even interested in Culhane when you had him wrapped around your finger.
That's why I introduced him to Kori.
Wait, you introduced them? That night at the club.
So this is all your fault.
If you have to blame someone, then yeah.
I was just trying to push him away.
What do you have against Culhane? I'm talking about you, Fallon.
I like you.
But you're seeing someone.
Monica told me you lied about the Bahamas because you were with someone.
Since being unavailable seems to be the only thing that gets your attention, then yeah.
I was with someone.
And she was hot.
But she wasn't you.
I have a vendor who's requested advanced payment.
I'm sure accounting is swamped, but how long would it take to get $300,000? In cash.
That is a while.
Uh, never mind.
I'll figure it out.
I was just about to come get you.
We were supposed to leave for the tree lighting - 20 minutes ago.
- City can wait.
Our progeny, on the other hand (sighs) Actually I'm not really feeling up to it.
Do you think you could be pregnant? No.
That would be fast.
Yeah, fast, but not impossible.
Either way, we should make sure that you're all right.
Our family doctor's the best.
He brought both of my kids into the world.
We'll have Anders set up the details.
Let's talk about it later.
We're so late.
Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Excuse me.
Hey, have you seen Blake? - Excuse me.
- Sure.
What the hell are you doing here? - This area's for business clients.
- And I'm here to deliver C.
's Christmas presents.
Call me Sammy Claus.
I have already handled the presents.
No, no, no, no.
You mean that old white dude care package you and your dad have been giving out for centuries? I have something better than scotch and cigars.
The Google Pixel.
Morell Corp.
was very interested, so I poached their idea on behalf of Carrington Atlantic.
- Not bad, Sammy.
- (chuckles) Oh, what fun it is to ride I procured the money.
For the fish.
You're gonna help me? Oh, my God, Anders.
I could hug you right now.
Oh, that won't be necessary.
Not ever.
But I will accompany you to the drop-off, though.
It is my duty to protect this family and those that I can no longer pretend aren't part of the family.
SAM: These are amazing.
Just for you.
Handpicked by Santa.
Santa's going down.
- What you got there, Sam? - Oh, it's, uh, Carrington Atlantic's client gift: the new Google Pixel.
Something everyone wants.
Great idea.
I wish I'd thought of it.
I hope you're not too upset I snatched them out from under you.
But I doubt anyone will mind you forgot to get them anything.
Don't beat yourself up about it.
Oh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Those are from me.
No, they're from Blake.
I had them add a personalized note to each bag.
- Did you? - Mm-hmm.
Well, read it.
(sighs) "Wishing you a Morell Christmas"? This is not right.
I put in the order myself.
See, my contact called me after you called them, so I had them adjust the order.
Same "To", different "From".
But thank you for handing them out for me.
Ho ho ho.
Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh.
BLAKE: I hope you all are having a wonderful evening.
On behalf of Carrington Atlantic, it is an honor to be hosting the lighting of this city's beautiful Christmas tree.
Of course, none of this could happen if it wasn't for Atlanta's terrific city council.
I'd like to introduce council members Maya Anshiri, District 6; Sarah Belson, - District 2; - Isn't Kori supposed to be up there? - Chris Pfeiffer, District 13; - She's not gonna make it tonight.
And Kori Rucks, District 10.
What are you getting ready to do? I know you, and I know you get off on destruction, but that girl is not the problem here.
Councilwoman Kori Rucks? I know.
I am.
I'm not proud, but I am ready to let him go.
Uh, so Kori couldn't be here tonight.
I know she really wanted to be, but while I was visiting Kori at work, I heard that there was an energy budget crisis, and so all the public libraries will be shutting down for the holidays.
Wanting to help out my friend, I convinced my dad to sponsor the lighting of the libraries not just for the month of December, but for the next five years.
So, on behalf of Kori and the Carrington Atlantic clients, let's give him a big hand.
This is going to put a serious dent in company finances.
Being nice hurts, doesn't it? All right, let's get this tree lit, shall we? Merry Christmas, ATL.
O Christmas tree O Christmas tree You stand in verdant beauty O Christmas tree O Christmas tree So, I could be wrong, but there are two people stuck up on the roof, and those may or may not be their clothes in the bushes.
So maybe you can help them out - if you're feeling in the holiday spirit.
- Hmm.
I know I am.
Your candles shine so brightly.
Where's your father? Actually, I'm the one who called you here.
And what do you want? To apologize.
I've restored the Carrington Foundation funding to your favorite charity.
I can't imagine you called me all the way here to say that I'm back on the payroll.
I need to know that we're good.
My father reminded me how much I've taken for granted and how much we owe you.
Willy Miller, for example.
When I was being investigated, I knew I didn't do it, but that doesn't always matter.
You delivered the perfect suspect and buried everything along with Willy.
And then when Claudia came out as the real killer, you locked her in an institution to protect the cover-up.
I don't know anything about that.
But it does remind me of another cover-up.
This particular case had to do with, uh, an oil rig worker who died in the field.
Nothing too unusual, except that the faulty rig had just been inspected.
Signed off on by some inexperienced, unqualified kid.
What? When was this? A few years back, I think.
I mean, surely you heard about it.
The guy fell and snapped his neck and died instantly.
Now, luckily for Carrington Atlantic, the idiotic inspector was the boss's son.
Now, I guess you can guess what happened next.
His daddy paid his best field engineer, Blaisdel, to bury the truth.
All so you could keep living in your sanctimonious bubble.
I don't I don't believe you.
Why do you think your father wanted Blaisdel's phone from evidence? Because he had proof of what you did.
Your daddy was covering up your mess.
Blake He didn't want me to tell you.
But I did warn him there'd be ramifications.
What can I say? Not my first rodeo.
I heard everything.
You okay? Don't worry.
We'll find another way.
No, we won't.
Just delete that recording.
Come on, Kori.
I don't know what else to do.
Neither do I.
Your ex-booty call just went psycho on us.
Building security saw me naked.
She did solve your budget crisis.
Are you defending her right now? Why didn't you tell me that was your spot, anyway? Because it didn't matter.
I thought it was a good view.
- I wasn't thinking.
- Or you were thinking about her.
That's not - I've apologized a thousand times.
- Apologies don't mean much if you can't change what you're sorry for.
I'm crazy about you, Michael.
But I am not crazy enough to put up with your ex or your feelings for her.
I'm done.
(train whistle blows) Do you think that's necessary? I like to be prepared.
I wasn't always a majordomo.
The price of your freedom.
(tires screeching) - (siren chirps) - Morning, Chief.
What are you doing here? STANSFIELD: Why do you think your father wanted Blaisdel Just listening to the news.
Some cop talking about taking bribes and mishandling evidence.
(chuckles) Blake would be implicated, too.
He won't let that recording go public.
And that's what I love about my relationship with the Carringtons: mutually assured destruction.
Not a very healthy relationship.
I own a place in the Bahamas.
White sand, turquoise waters.
It's a damn tropical paradise.
I'll give you the house, and throw in $5 million.
Are you trying to buy me over to your side? Trying to buy your freedom.
Clearly, you've forgotten the value of it, or you wouldn't have taken a gig as an errand boy for some corrupt and unremarkable white man.
Don't talk to me like that.
You don't know what it's like.
We can't all be overnight billionaires.
Before I was rich, I was just a kid who looked up to you.
I'd see you on the news, taking down bad guys, taking care of people.
My daddy couldn't get it together, but you showed me it was possible to, in a world where we have to work twice as hard to get half as far.
I'm giving you a chance to get it together again.
So what's in it for you? You leave Atlanta without hurting anybody else.
Take an early retirement.
And name Bobbi Colby as your replacement.
My cousin, a good cop.
Someone who deserves the job.
Someone Blake can't get to.
FALLON: You made the front page with your charitable move last night, the donation to the libraries.
You mean your charitable move? And you didn't have to do a thing.
It's true what they say, the best things in life are free.
Or some other such misguided phrase designed to placate those who are not rich.
I've tried biting my tongue lately, letting you make your mark with Morell Corp.
But the longer you're around Jeff Colby, the more I worry about you.
You never used to be so selfish.
Come on.
You can't skip breakfast.
I think I'll keep a safe distance from you, thanks.
You've finally learned you can't mess with Fallon Carrington.
You've got game, I'll give you that.
If you want to be on my level, though, you have to put your back into it.
I could teach you a few things.
(phone vibrates) Dr.
Yes, I'm just following up on that appointment of Mrs.
Yeah, fertility counseling.
I'm glad that her records transferred so promptly.
That's right.
What? You're absolutely sure? Thank you.
Sir, we need to talk about your wife.
Anders, I've been trying to find a moment alone to thank you for your help.
I really didn't expect it.
Well, what can I say? My judgment failed me.
You see, I had your medical records sent to the family doctor.
He just called.
About your IUD.
What did you tell Blake? I've told you my position, and I mean what I say: I will protect the secrets of your past.
But I won't lie if it affects his future.
Anders, I'm sorry.
Blake's waiting for you.
You lied to me.
You and Anders accessed my medical records.
That's a violation of my trust.
You lied about being ready to start a family.
Do you even want to have kids? I don't know if I'm ready.
What, because of your career? You could have just told me.
Because I was pregnant once.
It was back in Venezuela.
I was living with my sister at the time and her boyfriend.
After the strike, he lost his job, and the last thing he wanted was another child to take care of, especially one that wasn't his.
- I found him taking it out on Iris.
- - (screaming) - So I tried to stop him.
(crying and grunting) The baby didn't make it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Cristal.
I'm so sorry.
I love you, no matter what you've been through.
After the miscarriage, I needed a doctor.
We didn't have any money.
Her boyfriend was working with some shady people, but they had cash.
You stole their money? We didn't know what else to do.
If I had any idea that they would keep coming after me, - after all this time - Whoa, what do you mean? Are you in danger? Not anymore.
Anders helped me take care of it.
But please don't blame him.
Why didn't you come to me? I didn't want to risk losing you over somebody that I'm not anymore.
Blake, I want this future with you.
I want to be the mother of your children.
I just didn't think that I would have kids after that experience.
And I didn't feel that I could tell you.
I thought that if I pulled one thread from my past, that it would all start to unravel.
Emotionally, I mean.
- I'm sorry.
- (sniffs) About everything you've gone through; I had no idea.
(sighs) Where's you sister now? She's still in Venezuela.
She stayed on the run.
That's why I send her money.
That's why Sam had the house robbed.
But now that I settled the debt, maybe it'll be over.
We should bring her here.
Oh, Blake, that's very kind, but I No.
I I'd like to meet her.
You're sisters.
After everything you've been through, both of you, you should be together for the holidays.
JEFF: It's done.
Stansfield is on a private plane to the Bahamas with his family, and the recording is erased.
Nobody will ever know what happened.
I know.
None of this changes the fact that I'm responsible for a man's death.
You know Dominic Ortega was with C.
for 15 years? He had a wife, two kids.
JEFF: You can't change the past.
All you can do is do better.
And you are.
I'm not sure I am.
But thank you, Jeff.
TED: Steven? Ted.
I'm, uh, surprised to hear from you.
I've been thinking about you We are young a lot.
Me, too.
I'd love to see you.
I'll be in New York in three hours.
We stand No promises No demands - You wanted to see me, sir.
- Yeah.
I'm sure Mrs.
Carrington told you everything.
I'm not.
No one can tell us I need you to find out all you can about her sister, Iris Machado.
And then let's bring her here for Christmas, so we can ask her ourselves.
Both of us knowing (door closes) FALLON: I thought you'd be here burning the midnight oil.
Have to if I'm gonna keep up with you.
Love is a battlefield What do you need, Fallon? Just to say I'm sorry.
I don't know why I brought you up to that roof, and I don't know why I had to lie about it.
I do.
You were trying to get over Culhane, and it was harder than you thought.
So you were using me.
So use me.
What? You were with him 'cause it was easy for you, convenient.
You don't have time for a real relationship.
You're too busy conquering the world.
Where else are you gonna find someone with your same schedule? I could fit you in.
If you could fit me.
I'm sorry.
You want to be my rebound? (scoffs) Isn't that why you're here so late? And didn't you say that we should keep this strictly business? We're at work, aren't we? We are strong No one can tell us We're wrong Searching our hearts For so long Both of us knowing Love is a battlefield.