Dynasty (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

A Well-Dressed Tarantula

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Why don't you tell everyone? I killed your father.
(Iris screaming) I believe that you are willing to do whatever it takes to put your past behind you.
I just don't know that I am.
I want you to get the help you need.
What, like rehab? Yes, I will go.
What are you doing? Making my own choices.
Diego Calastana, I am sorry to keep you waiting.
Blake Carrington, what a pleasure it is to meet you.
Been looking forward to this for quite some time.
IRIS: No! (Alejandro shouting in Spanish) No! (door opens) Blake? I'm afraid not.
Pardon the intrusion.
Carrington needs his racing cuff links.
And he sent you to get them? I guess sleeping in separate wings isn't separate enough for him.
A man needs his space.
Especially after he discovers his wife's a congenital liar and murderer.
Do you want these curtains drawn or open? You can leave them closed.
(groans) Where's Blake and Steven? Daddy's avoiding you, and Steven's avoiding Daddy, and life, for that matter.
Don't touch that! That's edible 24-karat leaf, so keep your gold-digging paws off of it.
It's a sample for my birthday party tomorrow.
The theme is "The Midas Touch," since everything I touch turns to bank.
Do you even know who Midas was? He destroyed his whole family out of greed.
Oh, God, Cristal, that's just a myth.
The only one destroying our family is you.
But not even you can spoil my special day, because not only am I turning 25, but I am finally getting control of my trust.
And thanks to your gripping confession the other night, now the entire family knows the truth about you that you're a lying, cheating stabber of men.
This is shaping up to be the best birthday yet.
Maybe when I blow out my candles, you'll be gone.
So what's going on with Steven? I've barely seen him since New Year's.
Are you talking to me? I would like to be.
Steven's due at rehab today.
After he tried to run off with Ted, Blake froze his accounts and said he wouldn't get a dime unless he goes.
Oh, my God.
I had no idea.
That's what happens when you screw over your entire family.
I wish you'd let me explain.
You did.
You killed my father and let me believe he abandoned me.
I was protecting your mom.
He wasn't a good man.
You lied to me for ten years.
That your idea of being good? (phone vibrating) (sighs) I lost my appetite.
Didn't think that was possible.
ANDERS: Culhane will bring the car 'round shortly.
This new rehab center is excellent I vetted it myself.
- Beachfront property? - Of course.
- Michelin-rated cuisine? - Naturally.
Filled with second-chance, second-tier celebrities? Unquestionably.
Still doesn't mean it's right for me.
You've been despondent for weeks.
Given your history, it would be naive to think that you're not going to revert to old habits.
I've done rehab.
I'm all for it.
I just don't think my problem right now is addiction.
It's my father thinking he can control my life.
That's how he cares.
Now who's being naive? You know as well as I do we can't force your hand on this.
You have to make the decision.
Where the hell is Culhane? He's been late every morning this week.
I could have driven you myself by now.
MONICA: Don't go.
You know you'd rather give me a ride than Fallon.
- Well another ride.
- Mm I'm supposed to be driving Steven today, and I'm already late for work, thanks to you.
But there'll be more of this waiting for you tonight - when you get home.
- Mm.
I gotta go.
You should watch out.
You've been visiting so often, you'd think you'd know the pattern by now.
You sure know mine.
I see you watching me from your window, tracking when I come and go.
Oh, I'm just watching the sprinklers scare the pests away deer, raccoon, skanks on their walks of shame.
I'm sure it was shameful when you walked it, but I actually respect Michael.
Your mouth is saying respect, but your dress says 5:00 a.
stripper on a Wednesday.
You'll learn.
(crying out) You're still angry, I get it.
I should have told you everything.
But you can't ignore me forever.
You're right, we need to move forward.
For the good of the company.
Especially with this Unido Caracas Oil deal on the table.
I read the proposal.
Have you worked with them before? My father has, back in the day.
They want to license our refinery technology so they can make U.
-grade gasoline.
It could be a good partnership, but we haven't dealt with them in a while.
With everything that's going on in Venezuela, are you sure this is a good idea? That's what I need you for.
You speak the language.
You know the political landscape better than anyone on our team.
So you do still trust me.
Your professional instincts, yes.
I'm on it.
- Do you think now we could talk about us? - (phone vibrating) I'm on my way in.
No, I'm completely free.
Who's on my call sheet? JEFF: We just got through the holidays.
- You planning your next vacation? - I don't want to visit an island, I want to buy one.
Now that I'm getting control of my trust, I can reinvest the hundred million the way I want, and buy myself a little birthday gift.
JEFF: Looks kind of remote.
Well, that's why I'm getting a yacht, to get to the island.
And a helicopter to get to the yacht.
You got it all figured out, don't you? - Mm-hmm.
- But I have a better idea of what you could do with your assets.
Sit them on your face? - Invest in Morell Corp.
- What? The best way to raise more capital for our company is to invest our own money.
It projects confidence in our future.
I put up all the funds so far 'cause you were rich, just not venture-capitalist- baller rich.
But now that you're joining the club, maybe it's time we were equal partners.
- Well - Hmm? I'm not exactly a passive partner.
Besides, I can't invest that big of a chunk of my trust into one company, even if it's ours.
I need to stay diversified.
- That is the safer Carrington way.
- Mm-hmm.
But you started this company to blaze your own way.
And I didn't go from nothing to everything by playing it safe.
That's why you and I are the apex power couple.
In the board room? (chuckling) Or on the board room table? Mmm both.
- (giggles) - Mmm.
I think it's time we take our company and us to the next level.
Maybe one day we'll have our own dynasty.
Oh Mr.
Calastana, with Unido Caracas.
- Hola, Celia.
- Alejandro.
Would you rather I talk like you? Or do words not matter if spoken by a ghost? When you left me for dead, I'm sure you thought that was the end of me.
What are you doing here? I've been looking for you for a long time.
And then, a miracle.
I saw your face on the news.
An ordinary Venezuelan girl, Cristal Flores, engaged to billionaire Blake Carrington.
I realized I was thinking too small, chasing after you and your sister for revenge.
No, you coming back into my life was an opportunity.
The people I work for in Venezuela now have powerful ties in government, commerce, energy.
You see, like you, I've reinvented myself.
Your new suit doesn't fool me.
You're just a well-dressed tarantula.
A criminal, like your bosses.
Blake would never do business with you.
There, mi querida, is where you come in.
That's Davis, our senior counsel.
Living evidence of this company's sins.
Your husband's father used him to pay bribes to government officials in Caracas back in the day.
And all this, thanks to your sister.
What? Iris is a part of this? She found the contact for Davis when she stayed with you.
Get Blake to sign the deal, and I'll let Davis go.
If you don't, your husband ends up in prison and you what is the phrase Except I won't make the mistake you did.
I'll stay with you until your very last breath.
Any real housewife can serve magnums of champagne.
I want the jeroboam or the Salmanazar.
And they'll be poured by Okay.
Just make sure it's hypoallergenic.
I can't have them breaking out in a rash like the last one so mortal.
(sighs) What happened to you? Shia LaBeouf double-book your room at rehab? I couldn't miss your Lady Goldfinger party and the 24-karat boy toys.
That's a fitting way to celebrate coming into your money.
Well, I've wanted control of my trust ever since I found out what private equity investments were.
- You were seven.
- Exactly.
While other girls were crushing on Chad Michael Murray, I was fantasizing about rebalancing my portfolio.
And I had a solid plan until this morning.
So, what changed? Jeff wants me to invest my trust in Morell Corp.
Your business instincts are usually right.
Unless we're not just talking about business anymore.
With Jeff, there is no line between our company and us.
And he wants to invest big in both.
But what if us doesn't work out? I mean, I'm not exactly a relationship kind of gal.
You've also never tried.
We're children of divorce, Steven.
Every relationship I know is garbage.
Dad and Cristal, Monica and Culhane, you and Cokehead-y Teddy.
I'm sorry.
How is Ted doing? Since Dad had him arrested? I bailed him out, but he's ignoring my calls.
- Can't really blame him.
- Well, I'm glad you'll be here for my birthday.
But are you sure you're okay? I mean, I don't want you snorting icing off my cake.
I'm fine.
I know Dad's pissed about it, but what's wrong with me can't be cured by a 12-step program.
Well, moping around here isn't gonna fix it, either.
You need to think of yourself as a corporation.
Without a mandate and clear goals, the entire company stagnates.
You need to find the root cause and implement a corrective strategy.
You're scary, but I love you.
(chuckles) SAM: Mami Sorry.
How could you show your face here? Don't worry.
I didn't come to steal the crumbs from the Carrington table.
You knew Alejandro was alive.
You're helping him to extort Blake.
How could you bring that monster back into our lives? You're talking about my husband and Sammy Jo's father.
He hurt you, or did you forget? That was a long time ago.
He still loves me.
He wants us to be a family.
Sam and I are Are you listening to yourself? Look, you can still get out of this.
I just need to get you and Sam safe before I call the police, but we can stop him.
I didn't come here for your help.
Okay? I came to tell you to do what Alejandro says or you will lose this big, beautiful house and your rich, handsome husband.
Whose only flaw was marrying you.
You betrayed me for someone who almost killed you? He made mistakes.
So did I.
But I never asked you to hurt him, to tear my family apart.
- I saved you.
- No, you saved yourself.
And ever since then, when I wanted to come here and have a taste of the life you had, you found some reason to keep me in Caracas, begging you for every dollar.
Well, I'm done asking, hermanita.
Can you turn the lights low? Lights low I got you a tie.
Like it? Yeah, I saw that move on Pretty Woman.
Looks a whole lot better on you.
Light, light, light I ran into Fallon today.
Oh, yeah? Seeing me around here is making her crazy.
She acts like she is so into my brother, but I can tell she's jealous.
She got no respect She onto the next What? Is that why you're here? 'Cause you're pissed at Fallon? We making the money, we doing it big Tell me I'm wrong.
The first night I came over, that might've been true.
I was pissed at Fallon and I knew that coming here - would mess with her.
- (sighs) And you let me in because part of you knew that, too.
But since then, I've been having a good time.
Haven't you? So what? We just keep using each other to feel good? To feel very good.
Turn the lights low People like Jeff and Fallon don't care about the damage they do to me or you or anyone else.
They just want to take over the world.
First Atlanta, and now they're going international with some Venezuelan deal.
I swear, they would I get it.
Let the world be all about them, just not in here.
You're right.
Light, light.
Hey, I got your messages.
Sorry I couldn't get back to you.
I think I know why.
He reached out, didn't he? - Your father? - I can't talk about that.
You have to stay away from him and your mom, Sam.
It's not safe for you.
You lied to me and now you want me to turn my back on my parents? Your father is a dangerous man.
You were the one that tried to kill him.
What is he doing now that is so bad? I can't tell you for your own protection, but you have to trust me.
Trust you? (scoffs) I am tired of everyone in this family lying to me and keeping things from me.
If you love someone, you tell them the truth.
What are you doing? Implementing a corrective strategy.
Since I blew off rehab, my father has frozen all of my accounts, but I need to get my hands on some cash.
Should I be worried? Do you know a good pawn person? Or, what do you call 'em, a fence? Okay, I'm definitely worried now.
Don't be.
I know what I'm doing.
My father thinks he can control me by taking away my money.
I'm sick of being controlled.
So, what, you're in? I'll drive.
I'll give you $12,000.
Uh, I don't think so.
These are premium brand timepieces.
The Jaeger-LaCoultre is all over Robert Downey Jr.
's Insta.
That's worth 80% of market value.
At least.
Here where I stand I'll give you 20.
We'll take it.
Cash, por favor.
I can't believe some of the stuff people pawn, like engagement rings, vintage porn? Do you think that's jade or serpentine? That's made in China.
For a lot of people, pawnshops are a part of life.
Growing up, that's how my mom put food on the table some days.
Can't imagine.
Well, it's not all that bad.
A pawnshop is also a doorway to opportunity, like when I pawned my neighbor's bike for Coachella tickets.
Here you go.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Actually, that's exactly the plan.
Hey, watch it.
Watch it.
You almost scratched my face.
A bit much, don't you think? Well, I hope so.
I mean, it's not all narcissistic vanity.
Lots of top bankers and tycoons throw themselves ridiculous parties all the time.
You know why? Because one in five are psychopaths? Or because spending money distracts them from deeper personal issues? Wealth shaming is for the working class, and they're not on the guest list, except for you.
Okay, a little to the right.
No, no, no, right.
Right, like the hand you grab your discount beers with.
Fallon, what is going on with you? Monica told me you drenched her with the sprinkler.
Well, I figured after you were done with her, she needed a shower.
I'm surprised you found time to be jealous, considering how busy you've been with Jeff.
Monica told me.
How's that going? Well, it started as late-night workplace grab-ass, - which is, you know, my comfort zone.
- I'm familiar.
Then I agreed to take it to the next level, and now it's starting to feel a lot like - Commitment.
- Ugh.
The real "C" word.
(laughs) Look, it's none of my business, but maybe he could be good for you.
Yeah, maybe what you need is someone who's at your level.
There's not a lot of guys like that.
Now, you two have done good with your company.
Just a couple of months ago, you were struggling to stay afloat.
Now you're taking things international and making deals with Venezuela.
You two make a good team.
What deals with Venezuela? The terms are good.
I don't understand why Unido Caracas has to pay us through these smaller subsidiaries.
It makes it harder to account where the money's coming from.
Our corporation has a complex family structure, but I assure you, these are companies in good standing.
Well, I need more than your assurances.
I reached out to my contacts in Venezuela and vetted every subsidiary on the list with the FTC.
They check out.
We should do this.
We'll need an answer soon.
If not, there are other bids we can consider.
Well, if Cristal's done due diligence, I don't see any reason we shouldn't move forward.
I'll have the contracts drawn up.
They'll be ready first thing in the morning.
- Perfect.
- BLAKE: Oh, no.
I have a meeting in the mayor's office.
Those things always run long.
Come by the house tomorrow night.
Well, tomorrow night's Fallon's birthday party.
This won't take long.
We'll sign papers and then raise a glass.
To welcome Unido Caracas into the Carrington Atlantic family.
I feel like family already.
I got your message.
What's so important we had to meet right now? Why didn't you tell me about Unido Caracas? And why am I hearing about it from Culhane, who heard about it from your sister? That's why you're so worked up? What other side deals are you not telling me about? After our whole talk about us, and me sinking my trust into our company? You done? I look for business opportunities all the time.
I only tell you about the ones with potential.
When I heard Unido Caracas was in town, I thought we could meet, explore Morell Corp.
bringing green energy to Venezuela.
But after looking into it, I realized it was a nonstarter.
Unido was founded by Bolichicos.
Mafia men, basically.
And they have this sketchy contract with the Venezuelan government.
Whole thing couldn't be more corrupt.
And they're closing a deal with Carrington Atlantic.
What? Bad news for Blake.
Unless he knows what he's getting into.
I'm sorry, Jeff.
- I shouldn't have assumed - That I'd let you down somehow? And now I've let you down.
I just think you're so afraid of being in a relationship, you'll look for any excuse to blow it up.
When you should be investing in it.
Like this company.
(dog barking in distance) MAN: Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, this is crazy.
I admit, I came along because I was worried you were going on another bender.
I won't let you blow your money on coke or meth or moon rocks.
Which sounds fun, but it's just another word for molly.
That's her.
- That's your drug dealer? - She's not a dealer.
That's Dominic Ortega's wife.
So she's the beard of one of your hookups? Dominic was a Carrington Atlantic employee who died in a pipeline accident.
Because I signed off on a faulty inspection.
- Oh, my God.
- Ever since I found out, the guilt has just been I felt paralyzed.
Like I couldn't do anything about it.
But I can.
If I hadn't already slept with you, I totally would right now.
(laughs softly) It's my way of saying this is a really good thing you're doing.
Shouldn't you be getting ready for your party? Shouldn't you have fired your wife by now? Or divorced your COO? You take your pick.
- This is not the time.
- It's been almost two weeks since Cristal confessed that her entire identity is a lie, and, oh, yeah, she knifed a dude to death.
The only reason she confessed is because her sister would have ratted her out anyway.
Who knows what else she's keeping from you? Why is this coming out now? You are closing a deal with Unido Caracas, which is essentially run by a Venezuelan Mafia.
Doing business with them could sink Carrington Atlantic and you.
It only took Jeff one day to find this out.
Cristal's your COO.
The question is, why didn't she? (laughs softly) What? I couldn't help myself.
He looked all ripped and shiny.
I get it.
Think I saw my reflection in his abs.
Thanks for coming last night.
Meant a lot.
You're not missing that 20 grand, just a little bit? I am.
In the pawnshop, I was thinking about how easy it would be to blow that money on a lost weekend, flights to New York, a few eight-balls.
I'm glad you didn't.
Thanks to you.
What you said about the sacrifices your mother made to put food on the table.
I was thinking: she was a widow.
Just like Ortega's wife.
Imagine if those kids had your appetite.
You may have to pawn more watches.
What's screwed up is I used to blame my mom for my dad leaving us.
Learning your aunt killed him isn't much of an improvement.
Maybe if I had a stable family, I wouldn't feel the need to lick gold paint off a stranger's pecs.
Thank you for reminding me it's not too late to change.
It's like a sauna up in here - (indistinct chatter) - Uh Ooh, baby, baby That's right, ooh, ooh Ooh, baby, baby Ooh, ooh, ooh, baby, baby (laughter) Check it, I gets it like, ooh, baby, baby This new outfit, I know it really drives you crazy Like a lighter, I'm on fire And I'm here to take the roof off, let's get it We the business, ooh, baby, knock your shoes off Good to see you.
Thank you so much for coming.
You look amazing.
Don't you ever try to hide it I'll let Blake know you're here.
Tell 'em that we run it and we here to get up And if you turnin' down, you better turn the up What are you doing here? I've come for Sammy Jo.
As soon as Alejandro closes this deal, we're taking our son home.
Iris, there is still time for you to walk away from all of this.
You can't trust Alejandro.
Stop trying to tear my husband down.
Just because you can't keep hold of yours.
You're not taking Sammy Jo.
Leave, or I will have security remove you.
I'd like to see them try.
Ladies, you are making a scene.
It's you.
The Ghost of Christmas Drama.
Iris was just leaving.
Actually, I'm glad you're here.
I've been meaning to thank you.
If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have discovered Cristal's colorful past.
Please, stay.
You can have all the champagne you can drink, if you'll tell me more stories about stepmommy dearest.
Thank you.
I think I will stay.
My whole crew, we too fly Yo We get up Ooh, baby, baby.
CRISTAL: We've been looking for you.
Calastana is here.
I have the contracts.
Copies were sent to your lawyers earlier.
I trust everything is in order? Not a damn thing about this situation is in order.
What are you doing? Some interesting details about Unido Caracas have come to my attention.
Ties to organized crime, corruption, money laundering? That's completely crazy.
So I did some digging into Diego Calastana.
I know who he is.
Blake, I can explain.
You're Alejandro Raya.
And my wife claims that she killed you, but here you are, alive and well.
And trying to extort me.
What is this, a Machado family conspiracy to take me down? It's not what it looks like.
I didn't tell you to protect you.
How much of a fool do you think I am? People warned me that you were using me, that you were just after my money, but I ignored them.
And then you made me believe that you loved me.
And the whole time, you were just whoring yourself out.
- You don't mean that.
- You're right.
At least a whore gives you your money's worth.
Carrington, I understand your anger, but right now you need to think about saving yourself.
What are you talking about? We have your senior counsel, Davis.
He is ready to testify that Carrington Atlantic paid bribes to a foreign government at your father's bidding.
It's true.
ALEJANDRO: Sign the deal, and I'll let Davis go.
Don't, and I will sink you and everything you've built.
You come into my house, and you use my own wife against me, and you threaten me? I will Blake, don't! (screams) - (people gasping) - Hey! - Get out of my way.
- No.
I won't let you hurt my father.
Of course, you're in on this, too.
Don't bother, Daddy.
I already called security.
You were right.
I've let Cristal and her family of snakes get away with too much for too long.
- Blake, I'm warning you - I am warning you.
You call your associates, and you tell them to come at me with Davis or whatever you think you've got.
You take your best shot, because I'm gonna rain hellfire down on you.
And you.
I want you and Sammy Jo out of the house tonight.
I'm done.
Just to say it, I'm not thrilled about my sister spending time in your barn.
(laughs) Well, it's a loft.
And she seems to like it just fine.
Watch yourself with her.
Monica's not as tough as she looks.
Fallon mentioned.
You and her? You got something to say about that? Nope.
Fallon can take care of herself.
Please, join us.
I don't know what's going on here, but my associates have taken Davis to the authorities right now.
And I'm giving you one last chance - to sign this deal.
- CRISTAL: I don't think so.
You see, that deal was never gonna happen.
You tried to play us against each other.
That was a mistake.
I told Blake about you before he pretended to agree to your deal.
Calastana and his team are here.
It was part of our plan.
Blake told Fallon.
It took Jeff one day to find this out.
Cristal's your COO.
The question is, why didn't she? Actually, she did.
And we're gonna need your help.
I generously provided the location for tonight.
As well as the champagne.
You're welcome.
CRISTAL: I wasn't counting on you showing up, though.
You threatened to pull Sammy Jo out and make a scene.
- I couldn't have that.
- You're not taking Sammy Jo.
Thank God Fallon was there.
Please, stay.
Thank you.
I think I will stay.
CRISTAL: You see, I needed to make sure that the show we put on for Alejandro went off without a hitch.
At least a whore gives you your money's worth.
(screams) That's right.
That whole fight was just for you.
We needed you to believe that the deal had fallen through so that you would call your associates.
(speaks Spanish) Hijo.
Sam? You were in on this, too.
CRISTAL: Sam played the most important part.
You see, Sam took your phone and called them back Not hard, considering he sounds so much like his father.
CRISTAL: He got the location of where your accomplices are hiding Davis.
Our armed security team arrived five minutes ago? That's Davis.
Safely in their custody.
Your accomplices are getting a separate ride to the airport.
My men will escort you off my property, and you'll catch the next flight out to Venezuela.
I think we're done here.
No, you made a mistake by messing with me.
And my family.
(door opens) I gave you your last chance.
Nice get-together.
Can you believe she's 25? If we can survive a quarter century of Fallon, we can do anything.
I can't believe you're talking to me.
Well, I just wanted to say I'm done blaming you for everything.
Sounds like you checked into rehab after all.
No, not rehab.
But I did reach out to Dominic Ortega's widow.
And I'm sorry if it comes back to bite you or the company.
But I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest.
I'm proud of you.
You're taking responsibility for yourself, Steven.
The first step is getting out of here.
From now on, I want to make my own way.
Well, the real world can be pretty unforgiving.
You don't realize how hard it'll be on your own.
I'm amazed your insane plan actually worked.
For the record, this doesn't change anything between us.
Also, Cher's drag queen impersonator called.
She wants her dress back.
I'm happy you made it.
I wasn't sure you would.
It's your birthday.
I wouldn't have missed it.
Thank you for the information on Unido Caracas and my dad.
You could've tried to use it against him, but you didn't.
I know how important your dad is to you.
And our relationship is more important to me than any Colby-Carrington feud.
I should warn you: I'm terrible at those.
I get that.
And I'm sorry if I pushed too hard.
I just get excited about the possibilities.
Well, that's why I'm going to invest a major part of my trust into Morell Corp.
I want to give our company and our relationship my best shot.
Oh, what changed your mind? Just you.
Being here.
Even when I don't make it easy.
But could we take it slow? I want to do this right, and my dad would have a heart attack if he knew.
We can do it any way you want.
Your birthday present.
Parked out front.
So you can drive your ass to my place any time you want.
Without your driver.
(chuckles softly) Starting tonight? I do love an after-party.
(exhales) (whooping, applause) (lock buzzes, latch clicks) JEFF (over phone): It's all under control.
You said you had information on Blake that would help bring him and his family down.
What happened? Fallon was on to me, so I had to pivot.
But I've been shortsighted.
Instead of taking down Carrington Atlantic, better to keep it intact.
For when we take it over.
You sure you know what you're doing? Don't underestimate Blake.
(scoffs) He's the one who's underestimating me.
I'm making moves on his kingdom one step at a time.
Still sounds like you're reaching.
It's not reaching if I have Fallon Carrington in my pocket.
Everything she owns, her assets, her stake in Carrington Atlantic, could all be mine, when I marry her.
"At least a whore gives you your money's worth"? Well, I-I got caught up in the moment.
I had to sell the fight.
Thank you.
You put yourself on the line by being honest, and you saved the company from Alejandro.
You saved me.
Well, I'm the reason that Alejandro showed up in the first place, so it's the least I could do.
I know it doesn't come close to fixing things between us, but I hope it's a start.
It's a start.
Jeff bought you a car? Well, I'd say I'm worth it, but technically, I'm now worth a thousand of those.
You sure I can't give you a ride? My first steps to self-sufficiency probably shouldn't be in a six-figure car.
Plus, I need to pack.
I'll go in the morning.
Where to? I don't know yet.
But you can always come visit.
I almost forgot.
It's your birthday present.
(stifled laugh) A lighter? I found it in a pawnshop.
It reminded me of the one that Mom used to have.
Oh, my God.
You're right.
When I was upset, she'd always let me light her cigarettes.
And drink her martinis.
I love it.
Happy birthday, baby sister.
- (muffled scream) - Let me help you.