Dynasty (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

I Answer To No Man

1 Previously on Dynasty Hola, Celia.
(screams) Get Blake to sign the deal.
CRISTAL: How could you bring that monster back into our lives? You're talking about my husband and Sammy Jo's father.
Everything she owns could all be mine when I marry her.
No, I won't let you hurt my father.
You take your best shot because I'm gonna rain hellfire down on you.
You see, that deal was never gonna happen.
You tried to play us against each other.
No, you made a mistake by messing with me and my family.
Here, let me help you.
ALEJANDRO: Sleeping Beauty wakes.
What have you done? Where am I? Oh, my God.
Is this Venezuela? Did you two psychopaths take me home with you? We're not in Venezuela.
I can't go back there.
Not empty-handed.
I have to make up for the deal your stepmother screwed me out of.
So I'm paying for Cristal's mistakes? (grunts) How fitting.
ALEJANDRO: Your father will pay.
- Assuming he wants you back.
- I wouldn't.
He'll make you regret you ever heard the name Carrington.
I guarantee, he's already turning Atlanta upside down trying to find me.
I've never been so at peace.
I don't know what's actually being done to me, but it's so relaxing.
She's unlocking your chakras.
FALLON: Not to mention my brother, who I was supposed to be meeting this morning.
And when I don't show up, he'll be sounding the alarms, too.
SAM: Doughnuts? What happened there? I had to eat the gold-dusted bacon cruller before Fallon did.
- (laughs) - Where is she? - No idea.
- More for me.
FALLON: And there's my business partner, Jeff Colby, who I was going to meet last night.
He was expecting me before Bonnie Parker interrupted.
I'm sure Jeff called the cops hours ago.
FALLON: You two are in way over your heads.
You think you have this all under control, but everyone is looking for me.
For God's sakes, I'm Fallon Carrington! Namaste.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Amazing, but you can't tell anyone I did that, whatever "that" was.
Oh, it'll be our little secret.
(laughs) Mmm.
(moans) Do not get me started.
We have a meeting with the new chief of police.
Yeah, I saw that on our schedule.
Given how close this family was to Stansfield, it seemed only right that I reach out to his replacement.
Plus, the police department's endorsement would really help Paul Daniel's campaign.
- The senator? - Yeah, he's up for reelection.
I delivered Stansfield's endorsement last time around, and I'm just hoping that the new chief is as supportive.
Maybe with a sizable donation.
Well, if they need more balloons at the policeman's ball, I am happy to help.
(laughs) You're not taking the Versaces? Gianni died for your sins.
They're all yours.
Thank you.
It feels good walking away from all this.
You know, giving up the safety net.
And the buffet breakfasts prepared by personal chefs, in-house dry-cleaning, afternoon rendezvous with Gustav after poolside massages.
Don't be jealous.
I'll miss you, Sam and my family.
You're moving to Edgewood, not Australia.
And you can never really leave family, even if you want to.
Look at me.
Cristal and I moved to another country and still couldn't cut ties with ours.
ANDERS: No one escapes Hurricane Machado.
My last act of service to you, Master Steven, before you come running home.
Not this time, Anders.
But thank you.
I can feel the love.
Why? Just, uh, checking for a pulse.
(clears throat) BLAKE: Chief Johnson.
So sorry to keep you waiting.
- We were stuck in a meeting.
- I imagine running a multibillion-dollar company keeps you busy.
My COO, Cristal, more importantly, my wife.
Welcome to Carrington Atlantic.
Congratulations on your promotions.
Well deserved, I'm sure.
Please, tell me a little about yourself.
Are you a born and raised Atlantan? I am, just like you.
So I'm sure, - like me, you value your ties - (phone rings and buzzes) to the community.
Uh, I'm sorry.
As I was saying, um, it's our goal, at C.
, - to do what we can to - (phone rings and buzzes) (sighs) That's my daughter.
Would you give me a moment? Sure.
Fallon, this is not a great time.
It never is.
Hello, Blake.
How is? How do you have my daughter's phone? Not just her phone.
I have your precious daughter.
If you want her returned, deliver $15 million in cash and provide us safe passage out of the country for me, Iris, and the money on your private jet.
I'll provide the pilot.
If you contact the police, the deal and your daughter are dead.
- How do I know this isn't a hoax? - ALEJANDRO: I don't have time for jokes.
Neither do you.
You have until 5:00 to gather the money.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Oh, you'll make it happen.
You probably have $15 mil in your bedside table.
Maybe something's getting lost in translation.
It's not the $15 million.
I'm not paying anything.
Maybe I should go see where Blake went.
It's just, I have my own department to run.
We're not global, but we are busy.
I just want you to know that Blake and I are committed to continuing to support your department in any way we can.
- Yeah.
- And in return, Blake was hoping you'd support - Paul Daniels next election.
- Sorry? Well, your department backed him in 2016, and Blake just wanted to convey that That was Stansfield's department.
And Daniels is not my senator.
I-If Blake invited me here, thinking he could buy our endorsement Not buy, of course not.
If you knew us, you'd know that all we want to do is give back to the city that has given us so much.
Can we try this again? Where the hell did you go? You left me in there to drown.
Uh, I just got a call from Alejandro.
He and your sister have Fallon.
What? What does that mean? They want $15 million ransom.
They kidnapped her? Well, we have to tell Chief Johnson.
No police.
We're not involving anyone.
I am doing this my way.
Blake, Alejandro is a dangerous man.
- You don't know what he might - I'm sure he knows that a hostage is only worth anything alive.
Even if this isn't a bluff, we need to be willing to walk away.
Or we just give him what he wants.
Caving into their demands this early would only leave us more vulnerable down the road.
He doesn't take you seriously.
That's why he isn't engaging.
So now you're telling me how to do this? You're not my first hostage.
And you're not the first arrogant douche bag I've seen ruin a deal.
You already admitted you don't know what you're doing by only asking for $15 million.
(laughing): You think that's what I'm worth? I make that much in one quarter.
Honestly, I'm kind of insulted.
Stay here and stay calm.
How? How are you so calm? Because I'm in control.
And as long as it stays that way, we'll be all right.
(phone rings) Hey, Dad.
What's up? BLAKE: Have you seen Fallon today? No.
Guessing she didn't want to get roped in to helping me pack.
Why? Is everything okay? - Are you alone? - I'm with Sam.
Just don't go anywhere until I get home; I'll be there soon.
Uh MICHAEL: Sir? What's going on? We have a situation.
Fallon has been taken by Sam's father, Alejandro.
(sighs) What can I do? I need you to drive, that's what you can do.
It's important that we keep our emotions in check.
I know how much my daughter means to you the last four years.
You knew? - Yeah.
- (clears throat) Sir, I'm sorry.
I'm not.
I've always liked you, Michael.
I consider myself lucky that she's with someone who is so good to her.
(phone rings) Yeah.
Carrington, you wanted to play hardball, so let's play.
Thanks to your hesitation, the price has gone up $25 million.
That's not how a negotiation works.
Like you said, we're not negotiating.
I have no reason to believe you even have my daughter.
Oh, you wanted proof? Why didn't you say so? FALLON: No, no! (screams) You touch one hair on her head, and you get nothing.
ALEJANDRO: I wouldn't waste your breath on idle threats, or you may not recognize your daughter by the time you get her back.
You have less than four hours.
Sir? Just drive.
I've dismissed the staff.
The fewer variables we have to account for, the better.
- Where-Where's Sam? - Do you want me to go find him? No.
I want you to keep an eye on the security camera closest to him.
- Dad.
- We can't forget it's his parents that have your sister.
We can't trust anyone except for the people in this room.
- What about Cristal? - And Cristal.
Whose sister is the reason we're in this situation I don't have time to argue with you, Steven.
ANDERS: So the question still remains, do we engage, or do we play out the gambit? - We engage.
- If we wait, we could force them to pivot.
Getty strung out his son's kidnappers for months.
Kid lost an ear.
He was never the same.
They didn't kill him.
As harsh as it may sound a dead body only gets them the gas chamber.
- This isn't a game.
- No, it's a negotiation, and it's what I do best.
So fall in line, or you can leave.
BLAKE: Where are we with finances? Sam? What is happening? It can't be true.
ANDERS: With everything you have in the safe, your checking accounts and your safety-deposit boxes, you could have just over $11 million cash - by the deadline.
- So even if we wanted to engage, we're still 14 short.
You're just simply not liquid enough, not at such short notice.
I caught up Sammy Jo.
- Of course.
He's family; he should be here.
- SAM: I am so sorry.
I can't believe my parents could do something like this.
- Or at least my mom.
- CRISTAL: No need to apologize, Sam.
This has no reflection on you.
We're all on the same team here.
And we're $14 million short.
The price went up.
You have friends with more money than God.
- Call them.
- It's too dangerous.
The second this leaves our circle, everything changes.
It stays in the family, we're in control, we hold the cards.
Apart from the wild card that is Fallon.
(crying): How am I supposed to live like this? Bangs? My stylist books four months out.
Five for extensions.
ALEJANDRO: You're lucky.
Hair grows back.
Not by summer.
- You should have shot me.
- Keep talking, I'll turn it into a mullet.
God, he's such an ass.
How could you be with a guy like that? I mean, you're cute in an Eileen Fisher way.
You seem smart, when I can understand what you're saying.
You could do better.
I bet none of this was your idea.
When I look at you, I'm not like, "Oh, I bet she has chloroform in her purse.
" Though you do seem like the type of woman who would do anything for a man.
- What does that mean? - You know.
The doe-eyed, insecure, Squeaky Fromme type.
Alejandro and I are partners.
Okay? I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be.
You mean if he didn't want you to be.
He calls the shots, from what I see.
But I also see that you're stronger than you think.
Really? You see me? You're a gold-plated bitch who thinks the world revolves around her.
So if you think you're gonna turn me by preaching some sort of "sisterhood" propaganda you can screw off.
Oh, and if you think that me working with Alejandro means he has control over me what about the men in your life? Where are you pulling that from? I answer to no man.
But you're Daddy's little girl.
I was at your party.
Trust fund baby.
Everything you have is from him.
Not my career.
That's right.
My sister said that you quit his company.
To work for another man.
Jeff just backs the company.
I'm still the boss.
Well technically I'm the boss now.
(takes deep breath) As soon as we get the location, - my friend is meeting me there.
- Friend? I thought we were keeping this in the family.
Gavin is like family, with Israeli military training.
I prefer New Zealand's S.
program Helps one find their way around a firearm - more efficiently.
- BLAKE: And you can be backup, Anders.
(knocking) BLAKE: If you're looking for Fallon, she called off work today.
Little too much fun at her birthday.
Yeah, heck of a hangover.
Save it.
Mike said you needed help.
- Mike? - MICHAEL: I called him.
This is all I could do on short notice.
Eight in cash and jewelry.
BLAKE: Get out of my house.
This is a family matter.
JEFF: Fallon always said business and family are one and the same.
- I assume she learned that from you.
- Look, Fallon's safety's more important than whatever's going on between you two.
Even with his $8 million, it's still less - than Alejandro wanted.
- It could be enough to get Fallon to safety, before he does a final count.
ANDERS: And give our military friend a chance to get a shot off, if he's good enough.
Where's the drop? I'll take it from here.
- The hell you will.
- This is not a debate.
I'm doing this alone.
You should reread your confidentiality agreement before you go making any more unilateral decisions.
- Blake, I'm sorry - I understand.
You were just trying to help.
And since you got Colby involved, you can help by making sure he is not a problem.
Or else we have a problem.
Understand? Yes, sir.
- (knocking) - Can I come in? Everything okay? You didn't hear - from Fallon, did you? - Nah.
I just wanted to thank you for rounding up that money.
- Wish I could do more.
- Same.
Blake froze me out of his rescue mission, too, so I thought maybe I'd stop by her office, see if I could find anything that'll help.
Maybe we form our own operation.
Thought I'd start by tracking her car.
Well, she didn't take one all our vehicles are accounted for.
Maybe yours, but when I was at the manor, I didn't see the Porsche I got Fallon for her birthday.
You got her Of course you did.
So, can you track it? I'm no appraiser, but these are certainly real.
Not that a fisherman from Caracas would know.
It's still less than he wants.
Alejandro may balk - at that alone.
- It's almost 5:00.
- When will he call with the meeting point? - Last minute.
He won't want us getting ahead of him and setting a trap.
All we can do is wait.
Do you kidnap many children on your day off? (doorbell rings) That better not be Colby again.
I'm here for the Carringtons.
CRISTAL: Oh, my God.
Uh, Chief Bobbi Johnson.
CRISTAL: I forgot.
I invited her here when you ditched me at the office.
I was trying to make things less awkward.
- Well, this couldn't be more awkward.
- Cristal invited me for dinner.
Oh, of course.
Yes, come in.
(chuckles) May I take your coat? I'll tell her I have a migraine.
We can't raise any red flags, especially not now.
Besides we still need that endorsement.
Let's start you off with a drink? Oh, my coat.
Thank you.
(exhales) Is there anybody left in the kitchen that can whip something up? - I dismissed everyone.
- Well, it can be cold cuts and string cheese on a plate for all I care.
And that won't look at all suspicious, will it? (sighs) How long have you been with the department? Uh, 15 years.
Started out as a beat cop, graduated to detective.
I worked a lot of different cases.
Robberies, murders, kidnappings.
Steven, you all right? STEVEN: Yeah, just wrong pipe.
(clears throat) Chief Johnson, can I pour you another glass? - Oh, sure.
- Rude of me.
- Ooh! - Oh.
I'm sorry.
Would you get us a towel, please, Anders? - At least it's not red wine.
- (chuckles) Oh.
Um STEVEN: That must have been from last night.
We had a party here for my sister.
BLAKE: There were fake jewels - all over the table.
- Yeah.
It's remarkable how real it looks.
- (ringtone plays) - Excuse me.
It's another work emergency, I'm afraid.
(Cristal clears throat) Welcome to my childhood.
(fake chuckle) I have the money.
Fulton County Airport.
I'll be waiting outside the private terminal.
You have one hour.
(phone beeps twice) It's go time.
Fulton County Airport.
Get your team into position now.
What team? What are you doing? Why aren't you out there with Bobbi? Alejandro told you to go alone.
Single backup's one thing, but if he finds out that you're trying to ambush him, he'll kill her, Blake.
Fallon is my daughter we're doing it my way.
(groans) Where the hell did you get that? What? I Iris gave it to me.
She's lying.
Why the hell would I help her? Shut up! As for you you're lucky your daddy's coming to rescue you, or you'd get it worse.
Time to get out of here.
Let's go.
(clatters) Hey.
Are you okay? Come here.
You know none of this has to do with you, right? (sighs) I know they're awful people, but as much as I can't stand thinking that something might happen to Fallon, I am terrified to think that my parents might not make it out alive.
Have you tried calling your mom? I didn't think I should.
Didn't want to interfere with Blake's plan.
Can I borrow your phone? No.
Uh, thanks for going out there.
My security guy found Fallon's car.
Ditched in an empty parking structure.
Still had the gold bow on it and everything.
I got a bad feeling about this.
- We need real help.
- Alejandro said no cops.
I don't give a damn what some Alejandro said.
- Blake said no cops.
- I sure as hell don't care what he thinks.
I'm saying it, too.
(scoffs) Pick up my damn phone.
(scoffs) Pick up my phone or we got a problem, brah.
You asked for my help.
Had no problems taking my money I'm not gonna let you jeopardize Fallon's life by calling the cops.
I shouldn't have let you get this far.
(scoffs) Let me? Let me? You didn't come to help you came to keep an eye on me.
Carrington sure has your leash pulled tight.
He train you, too? Teach you to stay? I came here for Fallon.
Does Monica know that? 'Cause if you can't let my girlfriend go, the least you could do is stop screwing my sister.
(chuckles softly) (grunts) (grunting) With state funding drying up, you should know the Carrington Foundation handed out a million dollars in law enforcement grants last year.
That was very generous.
Stansfield never hesitated to ask when he needed something.
You shouldn't either.
Excuse me, sir.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, I have a question about the main course.
So, I loaded everything into the Bentley our money, Jeff's duffel.
But there's a problem.
The Bentley's gone.
What do you mean, gone? And so is Cristal.
You're lucky your sister took the call.
You're the lucky one.
You'd be dead if she hadn't.
There's a team of snipers waiting for you at the airport.
I have your money, but I need to see her first.
- What the hell is this? - You didn't give us enough time to get all the cash.
Those will more than cover the balance.
What do I look like, a pawnshop? How do I know these are real? There's $16 million in cash, Alejandro.
That's plenty.
Just let Fallon go.
What I need is more collateral, not less.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Not a bad hook for a tech kid.
Well, I wasn't always a tech kid.
My bad.
Private school kid.
- You and I grew up fighting the same fights.
- Did we? Is this the part where you say that we're not so different - after all? - You and I are nothing alike.
You fight like a guy who has something to prove.
I've already proven it.
Why are you so pretentious? Because I have no one to answer to.
- (scoffs) - (phone ringing and buzzing) And there he is.
Money doesn't buy you freedom.
Michael, I need you to track the Bentley.
- You can do that, right? - Of course.
I'll need a minute.
But why that car? - What's going on? - Cristal went rogue.
I think she went to deliver the ransom herself.
All right, I'm on it.
I'll call you right back.
If Cristal made the drop already, they could've ditched her car like they did Fallon's.
- Well, seeing as how it's our only lead - It isn't.
We should follow the money.
I put a tracking device on one of the watches, with the ransom.
All right, so how do we track it? Who you calling? If you want to do it Blake's way, go do it.
If not, what's he gonna do, fire you? Let him.
Come work with me and Fallon.
(quietly): Dad, I am dying out there.
The longer Chief Johnson is here, the more likely she is to figure out what's going on.
So I think we should just tell her Can no one in this family follow a directive? - What's so hard to understand here? - All of it.
Fallon's been kidnapped, and the chief of police is sitting in our great room eating manchego.
All I need is for you to buy me another hour.
And where is Sam? I thought I told you to keep an eye on him.
It's not outside the realm of possibility that he's in on this with his parents.
That boy is about to lose his entire family in one fell swoop.
His life is falling apart.
The last thing he needs is for us to point an accusing finger at him.
(phone rings and buzzes) Culhane, did you get the address? That's in Union City.
That's only 20 minutes from here.
But if your military contact is at Fulton County Airport Well, I can't wait for them.
I'm on my way.
FALLON: Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.
Did you really have to tie us together? She smells like she took a whore's bath in patchouli.
Get used to it.
Since I didn't get my plane, you two are my insurance to get out of Atlanta safely.
Please don't do anything stupid.
(footsteps departing) There's got to be something here we can use to get free.
Yeah, wow, great idea, original.
They already caught me trying to melt off my zip ties.
- With what? - A lighter.
Then the Demon Barber of Caracas hurled it over there.
Right after he hit Iris.
Your sister's pretty Stockholmed, huh? I can't help thinking that it's my fault.
If I hadn't abandoned her in Venezuela You are far from perfect, but you are not responsible for her crazy.
She's my sister.
But so are you.
- Yeah, well, technically, I'm not - I'm gonna get you out of here, Fallon.
Now, how do these work? Well, they're plastic.
That's more your medium.
Now, if they were a Cartier LOVE bracelet What about that gold hair stick I gave you for your birthday? I think you mean "gold-plated.
" Shut up.
Come on.
Tilt your head.
I'm gonna pull it out.
Come on.
Down this way.
- To the left.
- Okay.
Okay, yeah.
Pull down.
- Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Got it.
- (grunting) Quickly.
(engine revving) - You sure this is the right place? - According to the coordinates.
The money's probably inside.
I don't see any way but through.
I'm gonna do it.
I'll ram the fence.
In the Lambo? Of course.
In the Lambo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Are they inside? - Don't know.
We can't get in.
I understand that you tracked the money.
Thank you for that.
But now we're waiting for my security team.
We can't take any chances.
Turn off the car.
(revs engine) Damn it, who called the cops? Not us.
What's going on? Her men have come to rescue her.
So much for the sisterhood.
What Go! Get out! Hey! (grunting) Are you out of your mind? What the hell are you thinking? You're gonna get your sister killed.
He did the right thing, Mr.
Cristal, it's over.
Let's go.
Did you know she's Jeff's cousin? When I went back in, he was on the phone to her.
She's practically a friend of the family.
Why didn't you tell me you were calling - your cousin? - How did this not come up? BOBBI: I guess you were too busy covering up your daughter's kidnapping to talk family trees.
I said Oh.
That's adorable.
Fallon, run! Burn in hell, Alejandro! (gun cocks) (beeping) - Sir, look.
- OFFICER: Movement! Target! Stand down! Don't shoot! Do not shoot! Oh! It's okay.
You're all right.
You're all right, sweetheart.
- Where's Cristal? Is she all right? - She's still in there.
She didn't make it out.
(Latin pop song playing) Why are you listening to him? Alejandro's been more family to me than you've ever been.
And what about Sammy Jo? Sammy Jo left me years ago.
For you.
He never left you.
Family can't leave.
No matter where we go or how screwed up we get, we are blood.
And that is something Alejandro will never be.
You see how he turns on you.
How he blamed you for letting us go.
It's not a question of whether he'll sacrifice you to save himself, it's a matter of when, and you know that.
You have a chance now, Iris.
You don't have to choose me.
But please don't choose him.
On the concrete ground (loud thud) Like I'm taking to the coming up You're still on the come down, come down, boy Oh, oh, come down Don't let the crowd (fierce yelling, grunting) Don't let the sun unfold ya Don't think that they'll adore ya On the come down, the come down (screams) Don't let the world fight for ya - Don't let their reign exploit ya - (screams) - Don't think that they'll adore ya - (choking) On the come down, the come down Don't know Don't know what you do to me Don't know, don't know what you do to me (gunshots) You're out with the sharks Tired of watching you drown In deep And you're certain Iris Machado wasn't working with Alejandro? The only thing Iris did wrong was marry a bad man.
His family were my neighbors back home, and when he found out that I'd married into the Carringtons, - he decided to make a payday out of it.
- I see.
Iris is as much a victim as Fallon and I were.
She made it out of the warehouse before things got violent.
- And where is Iris now? - Who knows? She was running for her life.
CRISTAL: I doubt I'll ever see her again.
And it was just you and Mr.
Raya in the truck, so the gunshot CRISTAL: I did it.
- On the come down - (siren wailing in distance) Alejandro had a gun to my head.
- Somehow I managed to fight him off.
- And this fight BLAKE: All due respect, Chief, we're forgetting who the real victim is here.
Cristal's telling the truth.
If it wasn't for Iris, neither one of us would have escaped.
I'm just glad that maniac got his karma, and that Iris wasn't harmed.
We weren't all so lucky.
Well, if there is nothing else to add, I'll get started on my report.
(clears throat) - Thank you.
- Yeah.
Thanks for everything, Chief.
Colby, I'm sure that your cousin will see to it that your funds are returned in full.
You're welcome if that's what you're getting at.
And I hear your senator friend needs the Atlanta PD's endorsement.
I'll talk to my cousin.
Can't guarantee anything, of course, but having a direct tie to the chief of police has to be good for something.
Hey, you got a minute? I wanted to talk about what happened earlier.
No need for apologies.
Tensions were high your emotions got the best of you.
- But we worked it out.
- Did we? Guess you're right.
You didn't get fired for going against Blake, so you still have a decision to make.
- Job offer's still on the table.
- Right.
You thought I was actually considering that? The only reason I didn't kick your ass harder after everything you said is because I care about Fallon.
And you knew how to find her.
At least your cousin did.
It's funny, you never mentioned she was the police chief.
I got a lot of cousins.
Didn't know that was a problem.
Just curious timing, considering that she replaced Stansfield, considering his history with the Carringtons.
Maybe it's all coincidence.
Yeah, life's full of them.
- I got nothing to hide.
- Good.
Because I am loyal to this family.
And if you do have anything to hide I will find it.
I look like a toddler that had an unfortunate gum incident.
Well, at least your vanity is still intact.
For what it's worth, I think they're kind of cute.
- I'm glad you're okay.
- Well, I'm just sorry I didn't get to help you pack.
I figured you orchestrated the kidnapping just to get out of it.
Anyway, I'm not going.
After today, no.
I want to stay here, with you.
Don't be insane, Steven.
You have to go.
I've always admired the way you chose your own path.
And after seeing the way Alejandro made Iris his puppet, it makes me never want to be dependent on anyone again.
You? Oh, please.
"Miss Independent" is your anthem.
You've already accomplished - so much on your own.
- Not on my own.
Not like you.
(sighs) You're kind of my hero, Steven.
But if anyone asks You're your own hero.
I know.
Carrington always preferred Scotch, but I thought tequila was more appropriate given the circumstances.
(sighs) I'm sorry about your father.
It's all right.
And it's all right if it's not.
Just because your relationship was fraught doesn't mean you shouldn't take time to mourn him.
If I'm being honest, you've been more of a father to me than he ever was.
(exhales) Thank you.
Just checking for a pulse.
You know you'll always have family here.
I was actually thinking maybe it's time for me to move out, find my own path, like you said, try to make it on my own.
But there's no need to make it on your own.
- That's what family's for.
- Well, yeah.
(sets glass down) That's why I'm moving in with Steven.
(door opens) CRISTAL: Are you okay? I know that I owe you an apology.
I'm sorry this happened to you and that you felt the need to go behind my back.
- Well, you were acting like a maniacal dictator.
- Because I knew you couldn't possibly understand the danger we were in.
And clearly, I was right.
You could have gotten Fallon killed, or yourself.
I was just trying to help.
I can't compartmentalize my feelings like you can, the way you were trying to control everything and everyone.
I wasn't gonna lose another child.
Blake, what are you talking about? Before Steven and Fallon were born Alexis and I had a son.
When he was six months old, someone broke in the house and took him.
Blake, I'm so sorry.
I did everything they tell you to do.
We were compliant Anders can tell you.
I had my doubts, but we did what the police told us.
And then one errant rookie cop with a hero complex got trigger-happy.
The kidnappers fired back; a couple cops were shot.
They got away.
They took my son from me.
I never saw Adam again.
Steven and Fallon don't even know.
I wasn't about to lose another child.
And I wasn't gonna lose you.
When I was lost, you took your time Playing your games Now I got it, and you know it You're calling me What Not even a kidnapping could keep Fallon Carrington from workin' it.
They might have stolen my hair, but they can never steal my hustle.
I am just happy you're safe.
I know it doesn't compare to what you went through, but the thought of you getting hurt, I never want to feel that again.
I've always held a torch for you, Fallon.
But now I realize it's more than that.
Well, yesterday made some things clearer for me, too.
I want to invest my money in our company but I want to use it to buy you out.
And if you're not okay with that, then you can buy me out.
Make me an offer.
And as for us, I know I was only tied up for a day, but it made me realize that I have been tied to somebody my entire life.
I need to see this through on my own.
Under my soul Under my soul.