Dynasty (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Promises You Can't Keep

1 Previously on Dynasty But now I realize it's more than that.
I want to invest my money in our company.
But I want to use it to buy you out.
And if you're not okay with that, then you can buy me out.
I need to see this through.
On my own.
Feels good walking away from all this.
From now on, I want to make my own way.
Well, the real world can be pretty unforgiving.
You don't realize how hard it'll be on your own.
Maybe it's time for me to move out.
There's no need to make it on your own.
That's what family's for.
SAM: That's why I'm moving in with Steven.
Rise and shine, handsome.
Mm, let's sleep in.
It's a perk of owning the company: we can do that.
I would love to, but we have breakfast in bed.
And you know how punctual Anders is.
- Good morning, sir.
- He's worse than an alarm clock.
Some might say better.
No "snooze" button.
You're so cute, with your real newspaper.
ANDERS: God forbid someone choose real journalism over a Twitter feed.
Bob Channing is a friend and still publishes a hell of a paper, which is why I invited him to cover the fundraiser tomorrow night for Senator Daniels.
The guest list is packed with brownnosers and sycophants.
At $10,000 a plate, the senator should be delighted.
Considering we're expecting 200 people.
It's a healthy contribution, but the senator's always been good to C.
Supporting his campaign is the least I could do.
The best part of casino night is you playing Pussy Galore to my 007.
(chuckles softly) - Oh.
- What's wrong? I'm just not a sweets for breakfast kind of guy.
Who are you, then? Someone you need to get to know better, I guess.
Culhane, the Aston's blocking my c Oh.
Good morning.
The silent treatment.
Well, at least you're consistent.
You didn't check on me after I was kidnapped by Bonnie and Clydito.
Or comment on my bangs.
Were those your idea, or your fivehead's? (sighs) My version of PTSD is me realizing I need to work on my relationships.
So let me be the grownup here.
I'm sorry, okay? Everything good here? - Not really.
- Come on, Monica.
We're O.
We've been friends for over a decade.
And I have the scars to prove it.
Look, I broke up with Jeff.
Isn't that what you wanted? Now we can go back to the way we were.
- Being frenemies, you mean? - No.
Being the power couple of besties.
My dad is having a casino party tomorrow night.
It'll be fun.
Like old times.
Come on.
I miss you.
You miss one-sided friendships where you can download all of your crap and not have to show any empathy.
Aren't you sweet? Fallon.
No, don't worry.
I'll move the car myself.
Uh, excuse me, Miss.
Security's asked me to remove you from the building for impersonating the COO.
Rick Morales? Oh Just in time to save me from my budget reports.
This is a pretty sweet upgrade - from your PR associate days.
- Yeah.
We wouldn't have had to sneak into the break room for privacy.
I actually have windows now.
Well, thank God.
Your dungeon cubicle used to reek of Ming's Chinese takeout from all those late nights.
Looks like the hard work's paid off.
Now I have people bring me sushi.
Take a seat.
So how's my favorite cub reporter? Oh, well, I think you mean, your favorite, uh, senior reporter now.
I always knew you'd be on the fast-track to editor in chief.
Look, um, Cristal, I didn't come here just to say hi.
I'm writing a major exposé on Senator Daniels.
Really? We're hosting a fundraiser for him tomorrow night.
I know.
I was assigned to cover the senatorial race, and heard rumors that when Daniels was a judge years ago, he took bribes.
Now I have dozens of sources.
All on the record.
Thank you for telling me.
I'll talk to Blake about canceling.
Thing is that one of the people that Daniels took bribes from was Blake.
He could go to prison for that.
Blake would never bribe a judge.
My sources are really solid, Crystal.
You might not know your husband as well as you think.
- What was that? - What? Were you just checking out my ass, you sicko? - Excuse me? - Oh, wow.
You're collecting material for your spank bank before even finishing your morning coffee.
I was just gonna ask you how you enjoyed your bacon this morning.
Look, the fantasy where you're smart and funny and appealing to women only exists on your laptop.
Uh, I only wanted to - Don't you dare touch me.
- (stammers) I would never have sex with you, you pasty-faced, porn-addicted perv.
I'm not sure how to translate that into douchebag, but suffice it to say, I know self-defense, and I will shove my Louboutins so far up your ass Lady, there's a piece of bacon stuck to the back of your pants.
I will take the stairs.
(elevator bell dings) Everything okay? I've been trying to get ahold of you.
Couldn't even reach your assistant.
I fired Tammy last week.
The woman wore prairie skirts.
I need to find a replacement.
Especially if you're gonna keep avoiding me.
That takes some special scheduling.
I'm giving you your space, but I'm also not going anywhere.
Well, that's sweet, and thank you for not melting into a pool of your own emotions, making this even more awkward, but we're still broken up.
And we need to discuss the buyout of Morell Corp, who's walking away with what.
You haven't even responded to my offer yet.
I got eight companies and two lawyers.
They'll get to it.
But right now, we need to work out our lease with Tim Myers.
He'll be here soon.
He owns the property where 33% of our turbines are situated.
If Tim doesn't agree to renew the lease, he could shut us down.
We'd have to pay to relocate those turbines I'm talking millions, just Stop worrying.
You know I can charm the pants off of anyone.
(chuckles softly) Tim, welcome.
Great to see you.
I'd like you to meet my partner, Fallon Carrington.
JEFF: Most of our properties, we own the land, but for our leases, we have a set percentage we pay per turbine.
Since we're looking to expand our operation on your land, we can offer ten mil a month.
FALLON: And because we're confident in our business model, we're open to signing a five-year lease.
Think we got a deal? Not quite.
Well, our lawyers can finesse the fine print.
Don't bother, unless you can double your offer.
JEFF: Uh, where is this coming from? Our offer's more than generous.
You're not gonna find a better rate.
And we can't set that precedent, nor can we afford to.
Course not.
You spent that money on your Louboutins.
Can we talk a moment? I feel like we might've gotten off on the wrong foot.
No, I'm, uh, late for my next appointment.
Call me if you're still interested.
We need to talk.
- Can it wait? I have a - I heard from a reporter that Senator Daniels took bribes from people when he was a judge.
And you were one of those people.
Who's the reporter? That's your first question? It's a personal friend, and I'm not betraying that trust.
Stop deflecting.
Bribing a judge is a felony.
- It was a long time ago.
- Doesn't make it less of a felony.
What do you want me to say, Cristal? Yes, it happened.
- But I had no other choice.
- Let me guess.
It got Carrington Atlantic out of a couple of jams? - Or better yet - It was for Fallon and Steven.
When Alexis left, she wanted full custody of my children.
Now, God knows I had enough dirt on her to keep that from happening.
But I also knew that if I revealed that in court, it would devastate Fallon and Steven.
If I didn't play my hand, and I-I was forced to share custody, I knew that she would take my children and leave the country the first chance she got.
I couldn't let that happen.
So I turned to Daniels, and he made sure that Alexis was deemed a flight risk, ruled the case in my favor.
I just let Steven and Fallon think that she had abandoned them.
Blake, I didn't realize It was only once, and I did what was best for my children.
Yes, but why still support a man who uses other people's money to control the justice system? That's not who he is anymore.
He's a good man.
And I owe him a lot.
And I don't have to tell you, if this story ever sees the light of day, Steven and Fallon will never forgive me.
I understand.
I'll make sure the story doesn't run.
STEVEN: Perfect.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Third job interview on the books.
Meanwhile, I've sent my résumé everywhere, and have yet to get one response.
Lunch is here, boys.
Thought I'd stop by for a visit, but didn't want to risk being fed ramen or hot dogs, so I B-Y-O-L'ed it.
Ah Bless you.
FALLON: I miss you so much.
How could you? This is your tenth visit.
In ten days.
Well, whose fault is that? Look, you've had your fun with your little Craigslist-decorated co-op, now can you please come home? Sorry.
Bigger picture at stake.
Ugh, you and your ethics.
Well, can you at least promise me you'll come to the casino night fundraiser tomorrow? You know I'm not a gambler.
Well, Kevin Rathbun's doing the food.
- We're going.
- Why can't my life be as simple as his? All his problems are solved with a packed lunch.
Meanwhile, Jeff doesn't want to let me go, Monica doesn't want to be my friend, - and I have a huge business deal that's complet - Fallon.
I love you, but I can't serve as your therapist again.
But I just brought you lunch.
That glass of Dom costs more than my shrink.
Maybe that's the job I should be applying for.
Not your shrink.
Eh, you couldn't pay me enough.
I have job interviews to prepare for.
If you don't mind.
CRISTAL: Thanks for coming.
I fixed you a drink.
Feels like I should sit down for this.
(exhales) Off the record, you were right.
Blake admitted to the bribe, but it was for a good reason.
I'm sure most of them thought they were committing crimes for a good reason.
Blake's not one of them, Rick.
He needed to get custody of his kids.
Yeah, but there's a better way to do that.
It's called the justice system.
I wouldn't be asking you this if I didn't have to, but I need you to scrap the story.
Daniels is as crooked as they come.
I mean, this-this kind of piece could end him.
There will be other stories.
Yeah, but this is why I got into journalism to expose jerks like this, to expose the truth.
You used to care about that, too.
(scoffs) I I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna compromise my integrity or-or my career for for this.
You're right.
I shouldn't be asking you to kill the story.
I should be asking your boss, Bob Channing.
He's a friend of the family, and I could have him end your career just as fast as I started it.
It's not just your husband who's one of them.
It's you, too.
I need a favor, Moni.
A big one.
I'm listening.
Make up with Fallon.
Convince her to give me another chance.
Seriously? Does this girl have some kind of hypnotic yoni or something? - Monica, it's - No.
I'm done with her.
And you should be, too.
Sorry, but I'm not helping you fix a relationship that never should have existed in the first place.
Glad we had this talk.
I don't want a relationship with Fallon.
I need one.
If you reconcile, you can push her back toward me.
I need that help if I'm gonna marry her.
Now you want to marry the bitch? - Have you lost your mind? - It's the only way I'll have influence over her C.
My first step in taking the company away from Blake.
The Carringtons are the reason Dad's in prison, Monica.
Blake framed him with those drug charges.
Had him locked up this whole time.
Why in the hell would Blake want to frame Dad? Blake was having an affair with Mom, and wanted Dad out of the picture.
That family's the reason we grew up without a father.
Why Mom nearly took her own life.
And why I'm finally gonna make them pay for all of it.
This is insane.
How long have you known about this? - And why wouldn't you tell me? - I couldn't tell you.
I'll admit she's as flawed as they come, but making her pay for her father's mistakes? That just means that you and Blake are cut from the same cloth.
I am nothing like Blake Carrington.
If you go through with this, you might be worse.
I like to think of my assistant as a friend that I can scream at without ever having to apologize.
I like to think of my assistant as an automatic "like" to all my Insta posts.
I like to think of my assistant as a smartphone with a built-in medical marijuana card.
What's the hottest club in Buckhead on Wednesday nights? It says here you're fluent in German, Korean and Swahili.
Well, I hope you're fluent in the most important language: Fallon Carrington.
What's your biggest weakness? - Not taking enough breaks.
- How do you feel about prairie skirts? - Oh, I love prairie ski - Next! What diet would be better for me, paleo or macrobiotic? With the right chef, I think that we Wrong.
Your only concern should be getting my order right, body-shamer.
Get out! I'm guessing she's not the winner? Turns out you can't spell "assistant" without an "ass".
What's up? You figure out how to make things right with Myers? We still can't afford the extra ten million a month he wants for that lease.
Well, I can't just call the man and apologize over the phone.
These things must be handled in person.
So, when you meeting with him? Tonight, at Daddy's casino party.
After some light cyber stalking, I got his G7's flight log.
He's in Vegas every other weekend, so I invited him It's perfect.
I'll get him tipsy at the craps table, and he'll be more receptive to my charm.
Okay if I just drop in like this? I know Fallon does it all the time, but she's kind of your landlord, so I didn't know if the same rules apply.
Always happy to see you.
Mm, I think this might be my favorite piece of clothing - that you own.
- Mm.
I do have matching pants.
- Want to see? - Mm-hmm.
- What's wrong? - (sighs) I'm sorry, Michael.
I thought I came here for this, but Maybe you just need a friend.
I get it.
It must be hard for you and Fallon to not be talking.
I mean, she's been your girl for a long time.
I don't know what to do or who to trust.
I don't want you to be late for work.
Let's hang out tonight.
Netflix and chill? Eh, I can't tonight.
Oh, I didn't mean to assume that Oh, no, no, no, I want to.
Trust me.
I just got to go to that Carrington casino thing.
Blake knows I play poker all the time.
He likes me to be there to loosen up the tighter players.
It's cool.
I get it.
I do, however, have a plus-one.
The only reason I didn't tell you earlier is 'cause I knew Fallon was gonna be there.
And I don't want to get in between y'all's thing any more than I already am.
Thank you.
I think I might.
What do you think? Does this say nouveau poor to you? It says there's nothing straight in this room.
That's a little low on the right.
So, let's hear it.
How did the interview go? - I got it.
- What? They offered me director of their philanthropic arm.
Could be a really steady gig.
I'm more than qualified, and I earned it myself.
Okay, so I only heard "qualified" and "steady" in there.
You were born into royalty, with a trust fund to match, and you blow the whole thing off to reinvent yourself for steady? This is your reinvention? What else am I supposed to do? If I dream too big, you dream too small.
All I'm saying is, if you're gonna go all through all this trouble to be poor, the least you can do is be passionate about what the hell it is you want to be when you grow up.
Can't all be dreamers like you, Sam.
- Why not? - Because it's not realistic.
What I need right now is stability, and this job is very stable.
Do me a favor.
Lie to yourself, not to me.
Cristal Carrington for Mr.
No, uh, no message.
He's attending an event at my house tonight.
I'll speak to him then.
Thank you.
Cristal, darling.
I want you to meet Senator Daniels And his lovely wife, Melissa.
Well, how do they say in Mexico? - Muy bonita.
- Very good.
They also say that in Venezuela, where I'm actually from.
- (laughs nervously) - Well done, Carrington.
Paul wants to go over his speech with me for tonight.
Are you two okay? Perfect.
Always perfect.
- Please, come in.
- Thank you.
Can I make you one? Ha.
My husband is also my boss, and he might not approve of his COO day-drinking.
(laughs) Well, you two are just so adorable.
I remember when I used to care what Paul thought of me.
That's what's so nice about the honeymoon period that you and Blake are in.
Well, we've definitely had our ups and downs, but I'm making sure the honeymoon keeps on going.
- You seem very smart, Cristal.
- Hmm.
I'm gonna give you some advice.
Being married to someone as powerful as Blake can wipe out your identity.
It is up to you to be true to yourself.
Well, with all due respect, you and I - are very different that way.
- (sighs) Blake married me for who I am.
Oh, of course.
It's just I didn't notice it at first, either.
I just started making small compromises and looking the other way to support my husband.
The next thing you know, I was in too deep.
But what's integrity when you can have this bracelet? (chuckles) It cost more than the home I grew up in.
Well, I'm never gonna be anything like that.
Well, you probably won't feel that way after my husband's speech tonight.
- Why is that? - Nobody knows this, but Paul is taking a new anti-immigration stance.
Build the wall, SB 1070 kind of stuff.
Surely, for someone like you, that's a hard pill to swallow just to support your husband.
Oh, nani, nani, oh, nani, nani, oh Oh, nani, nani, oh, nani, nani, oh Who's your daddy? What's his name? How much money does the old man make? I like your lipstick Gorgeous.
And on time, as usual.
Before I forget, you killed your friend's story, right? Don't worry, I'm handling it.
What I'm not handling is the fact that we're supporting someone who would have had me deported at the border.
You heard about the speech.
It's meant to fire up the base, not be turned into policy.
Sometimes you have to compromise your values for the greater good.
And what's greater than your values? Well try to put your personal views aside for the night.
The senator and his wife are here.
We'll need to greet them.
I'll let you handle that honor.
You're good enough at compromising for the both of us.
Nani, oh Oh, nani, nani, oh, nani, nani, oh Oh, nani, nani, oh, nani, nani, oh BLAKE: Senator Melissa.
You certainly know how to make an entrance.
- Oh, Blake, thanks again for doing this.
- Of course.
You look radiant.
Well, thank you.
So, where's Cristal? Did you lock her in the wine cellar with the other wife? That was one time.
Same old road Seen the devil with a mouth full of gold Mouth full of gold A mouth full of gold Seen the devil with a mouth full of gold.
And, Jeff, this is Bob Channing.
Uncle Bob publishes Atlanta Digest and a string of other publications.
- Jeff, pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you as well.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
BLAKE: Steven.
I understand congratulations are in order.
Your new job.
The Global Housing Works.
When do you start? Wait, how did you? I explicitly asked you not to get involved this time.
And I didn't.
Greg Anderson and I go way back from our days at Yale.
He called me the second you walked out of his office.
Of course he did.
It's not my fault if Greg loves the idea of a Carrington on the masthead.
And it's not yours either.
Take it as a win.
Oh, nani, nani Oh, nani, nani, oh Looks like your dad's more excited about this job than you are.
What does that tell you? Oh, nani, nani, oh Nani, nani, oh - (cheering) - Blow my whistle with my marching band I done sold my soul for a hundred grand.
Thank you, sir.
It's nice to have a genuine high roller show up for amateur hour.
Well, I never turn down a chance to roll the dice.
Well, that's good.
'Cause I'm hoping you'll roll them one more time with us.
I wanted to apologize for my outburst at the elevator.
I treated you like a grade A perv, and, needless to say, it was uncalled for.
I'm truly sorry.
DANIELS: I didn't give it a second thought.
Neither should you.
So should we just send over our original contract? Yeah, you can send it, but I'm still not gonna sign it.
Look, I-I didn't hike the price because of Fallon.
I hiked it because I got another offer for twice that much.
- (dice rattling) - That's money I can't turn down.
MAN: A one away! These dice are cold.
(crowd cheering) If I didn't know better, I'd say you were thinking again, Crissie.
I've got a few decisions to make.
Well, try not to hurt yourself.
I thought we were past that, Fallon.
(clicks tongue) Guess some children never truly mature.
Just because you technically saved my life doesn't mean we've had some sort of breakthrough, and I'm gonna start calling you Mommy.
(sighs) You looking for someone? You seem a little anxious yourself.
Well, let's just say I have a dilemma of my own.
You know, sometimes it helps to run your problems by someone else.
Well, that is true.
If only there were someone I respected enough to do that with.
I'm surprised to see you here.
I could say the same.
It's just funny considering your past with Blake and your present with Fallon.
She mentioned that she broke things off with you.
Yeah, but we're still in business together.
I guess she still has some respect for me.
Okay, boys, that's enough.
Let's go play at another table.
No, that's okay.
I was just leaving.
Don't forget to return that suit by noon.
Those late fees will put a hurt in your pockets.
MELISSA: Such a lovely party, Cristal.
To second wives everywhere.
(laughs) I hope you and the senator are enjoying yourselves.
Yes, especially Paul.
He's over there getting frisky with one of his regulars.
You know, he bought that tramp a condo in Brookhaven last year.
I guess the hotel bills were just too much.
I'm really sorry, Melissa.
- You deserve so much better.
- Oh, well.
The marriage died years ago.
But the one thing I really miss are the trips to Bora Bora, courtesy of Blake Carrington.
That family villa there is just exquisite.
I mean, he takes the tramp now.
That bitch always has a tan.
- Courtesy of Blake? - Yes, of course.
I mean, paying for trips is a lot less conspicuous than writing out checks with "bribe" in the memo.
Blake said it only happened once.
You really are adorable.
No, their little quid pro bro has been going on for years.
Why do you think you're hosting this fundraiser? Because sometimes the villa just isn't enough.
(chuckles) Yeah, you were right.
Cash separates the kids from the grown-ups.
It definitely gets the blood pumping a lot more than playing for raffle tickets, doesn't it? Sure.
When you're winning, but since I'm down ten stacks, feels more like getting fed to the sharks.
Do you feel sorry for me? (laughter, cheering in distance) I'll tell you what, how about we make things more interesting? Well, it depends on what we're wagering.
Well, you still want that lease for ten million a month, right? Well, you've piqued my interest.
And if I lose, what do you get? I get you.
- You said you like to gamble.
- With money.
I knew you were a perv; I should've put my money on that.
Well, what can I say? You got a great ass.
That bacon was just a lucky cover.
Yeah, well, your luck's running out.
- That mean we have a bet? - That's a hard no.
What are you doing here? You said you weren't gonna come.
You're not seriously considering pimping yourself out - to this lech, are you? - Excuse me? Look, Ben Turner and his brother will be here any minute.
Ditch this loser and come hang out with us.
(roulette wheel spinning) What, all of a sudden, you care about my well-being? You didn't give a crap about yesterday.
I'm not gonna let you play yourself like this, Fallon.
Lucky for me, I don't need your permission.
You're on.
SAM: Come on.
It's casino night.
We didn't come here to sit shiva.
Let's play.
I don't really know how.
I've actually never gambled before.
You're joking, right? No-no cards, no craps, no nothing? No.
Okay, that changes right now.
I don't exactly have cash to burn at the moment.
Well, good thing I swiped these from the drunk guy with the bad toupee.
That narrows it down.
(laughs) All right, come on.
One game won't kill you.
Pick a color.
- Put it all on red.
- Okay.
- Roja.
- Yeah.
Roja! Vamos! Ah.
- See, what did I tell you? - So what? Doesn't mean it wasn't worth playing.
That excitement you felt while the wheel was spinning, that's life screaming, "Everything's possible".
And just because it stops, doesn't mean it's over.
It just means you stand up, spin again.
Pretty sure that's the same voice gambling addicts hear.
All I know is if you bet on yourself, you can never lose.
(roulette wheel spinning) All right, come on, guys.
Hard to entertain guests sequestered in here, isn't it? (door closes) I was just Reading my e-mails? Trying to prove you weren't involving Carrington Atlantic in anything illegal.
But you're too smart to leave a digital trail.
Luckily, I can read between the lines.
You lied about bribing Daniels only once.
Why? Carrington Atlantic is constantly being hit with lawsuits that have to be handled quickly and quietly.
I have to take gambles in order for this business to thrive.
That does not absolve you, Blake.
How could you do that? How could you lie to my face? And now your secrets could bring down this company and our family.
My secrets? And what about your secrets? I mean, where do I start? With the sex tape with Matthew, or your crazy sister, or your real name.
I stood by you no matter what your past brought on this house.
I had hoped that you would do the same.
(slot machines chiming) - Ah, Cristal.
- Hi, Bob.
I, um, hear you've been looking for me.
So, what was it you wanted to ask me? How do I know you won't renege on the deal if I win? You don't.
Yet another reason not to do it.
- Who is she again? - Former friend, current foe.
But she has a point.
I'm gonna need your offer in writing.
Pen? - What, do you expect me to call my lawyer? - No.
No need.
I was prelaw for a semester at Wharton.
You know, I don't know why you're so worried.
Even if you lose, you still win.
Best night of your life, I promise.
My beloved mother used to tell me, "Never make promises you can't keep.
" It's rude and impolite.
You expect me to throw in my box seats for the Falcons, too? Oh, come on, Tim.
Don't tell me you're all hat and no cattle.
I think it's still a fair bet.
Let's play some poker.
DANIELS: Steven.
(laughs): How are you, son? I've been looking for you all night.
I'll take another Scotch, neat.
Oh, no, he's not a waiter, he's family.
This is Cristal's nephew, Sam.
And even if I could vote, it wouldn't be for you.
That's why I need your support now more than ever.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure our politics don't line up.
Listen, Steve, siding with those bleeding hearts is sentencing yourself to a lifetime on a losing team.
Look, they still haven't figured out that people want results nowadays.
You can't take power by playing nice.
You got to be ruthless and grab it.
Your way doesn't work.
Is that what you really believe? This is all just a game? (laughing): Well if you really think that life isn't us versus them, then you and your generation don't stand a chance.
Well Save your scare tactics.
I'm done making bets in a burning house.
Is this your idea of negotiating? Just trust me.
I'm about to win us our land lease at a fair price.
You're gambling with our company? - Not exactly.
- What? Just I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
How about we up the stakes even further? You want to raise me? How about instead of ten million, you give us the land lease for one dollar a month.
TIM: You want me to put $240 million on one hand of poker? How will you match it? You wanted a night with me.
How about a weekend in Vegas? All the bacon you can eat.
(exhales) I guess we both lose tonight, honey.
You can have the lease for ten mil.
Out of curiosity, what did you have? More balls than you, Tim.
That's why I'll always win.
Thanks for bailing me out back there.
- Glad my signal worked.
- It's funny.
I haven't thought about Ben Turner since graduation.
And who is Ben Turner? Homecoming king our freshman year.
He and his twin brother shared the title.
First and only time that happened.
So, when Monica dropped his name, I knew Tim had two kings.
That was the only reason I took the bet.
Thought I could beat him.
Guess it pays to have so much history with one person.
I'm gonna go get another drink.
You're lucky, you know.
That creep could've drawn something to beat you.
And I thought you were gonna fold once I tipped you off.
You must've had one hell of a hand.
I had nothing, but I knew I could bluff my way through it.
Like any successful negotiation, all I had to do was make him believe that I could beat him, even if I didn't stand a chance.
Plus, with the legalese I put in our contract, he'd win a night in my bed, but it doesn't mean I'd have to be in it.
I'm glad you had a change of heart.
Well, I thought a lot about your apology.
I know those don't come easy for you, so it meant a lot.
- You deserve better.
- Well, I've made some bad decisions of my own.
But I've known you for so long, it's like you're my sister.
Well, that would mean me sleeping with Jeff was incest.
Why do you have to ruin every genuine moment? Well, 'cause I'm emotionally scarred.
Yet you can't help but love me.
I know what you've got I know what you've got Thanks for that, Moni.
That wasn't for you.
That was.
Good morning, Mrs.
Can I pour you a cup of tea? Yes.
Thank you, Anders.
Rather chilly in here this morning.
Perhaps I should light the fire.
What's this? Some breaking news I thought you'd want to see.
Thank you.
"Senator Daniels, involved in a string of extramarital affairs, "ends his re-election campaign to spend more time with his family.
" No need to light a fire, Anders.
It looks like my wife has that handled.
Would you give us a moment, please? Look, Cristal, I asked You asked me to stand by you the way you stood by me and that's exactly what I did.
I protected you from the scandal, but I also had to protect my integrity, and that meant ending Daniels' campaign one way or another.
I'm sorry that you felt that I wasn't being supportive.
I will always be there for you.
I just want that you to be the best version of Blake Carrington that you can be.
Yeah, I know that you think I'm set in my ways, but I agree with you.
Smart move.
Feeding your source one story for another.
And I shouldn't expect anything less.
No, you shouldn't.
(knock on door) Oh.
Don't worry.
I'm not here to therapize.
I'm just dropping this off.
Gonna have to start locking the doors.
Oh, yeah.
Someone might want to steal your particleboard shelving.
Now that I'm on the other side of my post-kidnapping stress, I just wanted to thank you for lending an ear.
- I brought you a homemade lunch this time.
- Aw.
Huh, funny, looks like leftovers from last night's party.
Well, by "homemade," I mean I curated an assortment of fine foods at home and a maid provided the basket.
- Just say thank you.
- I don't care who made it, just as long as it makes it to my mouth.
I mean, considering I'm still without an assistant, these kind acts aren't easy for me.
- Wait, you need an assistant? - No.
- As your first step-cousin - Gross.
I may not have a fancy business degree from one of your private, rich people schools, but I know a bit about supply and demand.
Yes, we keep supplying you with room, board, and bubbly and you keep demanding.
You demand assistance from someone who speaks your language and I can provide just that.
For instance, you, uh, skillfully paired the Beluga caviar with French champagne, but you also packed metal flatware.
Now, if I was your assistant, I would've made sure to include mother-of-pearl spoons so as to not ruin the caviar with metal taste.
He does make a good point.
Okay, Mr.
Answer me one question.
Taylor or Katy? Easy.
Real bosses don't insert themselves into fights that don't involve them.
You're hired.
What just happened? (laughs): I just got a job.
FALLON: Oh, speaking of jobs, Daddy said you just took one for Greg Anderson's company? Well, actually, I changed my mind about everything.
- We're going home? - You're coming home? No.
After listening to Daniels spin his web of discrimination and arrogance, I got to thinking.
I'm done fighting a system that's just gonna protect the one percent, anyway.
I'm ready to change it.
It's time to bet on myself.
I'm running for office.
What's all this? Oh, well, I was told that people bring food to you now, so consider it a thank-you.
Looks delicious.
But you shouldn't be thanking me.
I kept you from running a really great piece.
No, you gave me a far more salacious story filled with sex, betrayal.
But Channing loved it and online views are soaring, so Of course they are.
People love a personal scandal way more than a political one.
End of the day, the story stopped Daniels' election campaign in its tracks, so that's all that really mattered to me.
Would've been nice to put him in prison, though.
I just, I couldn't Destroy your family.
I get it.
And I'm sorry I didn't get it sooner.
Thank you for understanding.
And I applaud your stellar reporting.
(chuckles) No, really, I'm not the only one that's come a long way.
I'm so proud of you.
(both chuckle) I'm, uh, I'm gonna get going.
- (clears throat) - You're not gonna stay for lunch? No, you know, I got, uh, stories to crack, bad guys to catch, you know.
The citizens of Atlanta are counting on you.
Stellar reporter, huh? Guess I'll have to keep an eye on Carrington Atlantic.
Meditating on another takeover? Or maybe just envisioning the ousting of a dictator this time.
Come to take another crack at me? What the hell was that, Monica? We're family.
Family doesn't keep secrets from each other.
Well, I thought you'd understand what I was trying to accomplish.
This whole time that Dad was in jail, I was convinced that he had turned his back on me.
I hated him for it.
When Culhane invited me to the Carringtons' fundraiser, I couldn't help but think about what you said, how they are the reason that we were raised without a father; how all these years, they've taken us under their wing, pretending to be our friends, giving us scholarships, inviting us to parties.
And now you want to make them pay for what they've done? Well, so do I.
What? After that slap, I thought Culhane was watching your every move, including how you congratulated me about Fallon.
So I had to sell a different story.
(exhales) Damn, Monica.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
We're just getting started.