Dynasty (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Nothing But Trouble

1 - Previously on Dynasty - JEFF: The Carringtons are the reason Dad's in prison, Monica.
Blake framed him with those drug charges.
Ted Dinard's here to see you.
Last time I saw him I assumed would be the last time I saw him.
I'm writing a major exposé on Senator Daniels.
One of the people that Daniels took bribes from was Blake.
I protected you from the scandal.
But I also had to protect my integrity.
And that meant ending Daniels' campaign one way or another.
After listening to Daniels spin his web of discrimination and arrogance, I got to thinking.
It's time to bet on myself.
I'm running for office.
MONICA: Culhane was watching your every move.
So I had to sell a different story.
- Damn, Monica.
- They are the reason that we were raised without a father.
And now you want to make them pay for what they've done? Well, so do I.
Every time I think of you, I feel You know, I'm glad we're friends again, but I do not miss you dragging me to Pilates at 7:00 a.
I think I pulled something.
That just means it's working.
Well, can we bond over something normal next time? Like booze and bad decisions.
Well, what kind of bad decisions are you talking? Not like vomiting whiskey sours in the halls of Ivy House bad.
- Ugh.
I remember that night.
- (laughs) Was that the same time - you pretended to be French? - Uh, no! You pretended to be poor, so you could bum clove cigarettes.
Oh, I'm gonna miss that place.
It was an era.
What do you mean, "miss"? Oh, you didn't hear? Ivy House is closing next week, like, forever.
Oh, my God! Well, we have to go.
Come on.
One last girls' night before it's gone.
What are you doing tonight? Picking you up at 9:00 and staying away from whiskey sours.
say the words that I can't say.
FALLON: Please tell me - one of those is for me.
- It was, - but I don't know how hot it is anymore.
- Well, I just spent an hour and a half on a medieval torture device called a reformer, thanks to your sister.
You don't have aspirin, do you? Maybe this will make you feel better.
My counteroffer.
Wait, you're actually gonna let me buy you out? It may have been my money, but this company has your soul.
Took me some time to realize it, but Morell should be yours.
Our lawyers can figure out the rest.
Well, what made you change your mind? Monica may have nudged me in the right direction.
Well, whatever she said, thank you, Jeff.
You have no idea how much this means to me.
- I do.
- (chuckles) If you're lucky, I'll throw in some aspirin.
(chuckles) What do you think? You're asking the wrong person.
- You're 45 minutes late.
- I thought 9:00 - was more of a suggestion.
- (cell phone vibrates, desk phone rings) Okay.
Can you get that? Just take a message.
Steven's about to tell Daddy that he's running for office, and he needs me there for emotional support.
Good morning.
Morell Green Energy Corp.
, a subsidiary of Colby Co.
, Fallon Carrington's office.
Samuel Josiah Jones speaking.
How can I help you? Should I call myself Mr.
Jones? No, not you.
Who's this? Are you happy with your phone and Internet service? Okay, all right.
You know what, we'll work on that later.
For now, let's play to your strengths.
Lunch? No.
Girls' night.
Monica and I are going out for one last hurrah before Ivy House closes.
And now, we can celebrate my impending sole proprietorship.
So I need you to get us a table.
I won't let you down.
Did you bring your laundry, too? Just the whites.
I'll leave a doggy bag by the dryer.
Did I miss it? Miss what? Thanks for coming.
I wanted to talk to you guys about something.
Fallon already knows.
Well, you're not gay, are you? Worse.
I've decided to run for city council.
Oh, why would you want to do that? Pamela Hu isn't running again in District 13.
And I want to do something constructive, positive, helpful.
You sound like a Democrat.
At least he's not a criminal.
Personally, I think we could use more good people in politics.
And we could certainly use more Democrats.
If you want to give back, volunteer at a soup kitchen.
Politics is a full-contact sport.
I know that.
Your entire past becomes fair game.
You don't exactly have a great track record.
A month ago, you were snorting half of Manhattan up your nose.
- Blake.
- FALLON: Daddy.
Don't be so old-fashioned.
A couple more felonies, and he could be president.
(chuckles) I have to get to the office.
The puppies won't kill themselves, you know.
Well, that went well.
JEFF: Girls' night, huh? You asked me to help you get Fallon back, didn't you? She already thinks I'm on her side with this Morell Corp.
A few drinks, some hoes-before-bros crap, and she'll be hanging on to my every word.
Including every word about what an amazing guy you are.
Kind of guy who'd walk away from a billion dollar potential just to make her happy.
She needs to feel like she doesn't have to choose between you and her independence.
She needs to feel like you know her.
And if it doesn't work, at least you got your money back from Morell.
That's not the point.
Blake Carrington took everything from Dad.
Now we're taking everything from him.
First his daughter, then his empire.
Eyes on the prize.
You ready? CRISTAL: For what it's worth, I think you're doing the right thing.
Don't let your dad discourage you.
Don't worry.
I'm too fired up about this.
For the first time in a long time, I actually feel proactive.
Besides, I don't want his money anyway.
If I'd listened to him, I'd have an MBA and a better golf swing.
(chuckles) Well, he is right about one thing.
- Tax cuts? - Putting yourself out there in the public eye.
People are gonna be looking for any mistake.
And I've made a lot, I know.
But I can't change what happened with Dominic Ortega.
Or Stansfield.
- Or Ted - Stansfield? I mean, we all know he didn't retire that early on a government pension.
On the bright side, I don't think we'll be seeing his face around here anytime soon.
Much to my father's dismay.
(chuckles) Well, take it from me, you can't count on your skeletons staying in the closet.
The best thing you can do right now is own it all.
Beat everyone else to the punch.
You might be right.
Don't tell your dad.
(chuckles) (lock buzzes) (indistinct chatter) Hey, Dad.
(chuckles softly) I can't believe it.
It's been Eight and a half years.
I am so sorry.
No, you didn't do anything.
I didn't believe you.
I spent all this time thinking that you had turned your back on us.
I thought you were selfish.
I had no idea what they did to you.
And I didn't give you the benefit of the doubt.
But I know now.
And I'm here now.
Thank you.
And after your parole hearing tomorrow, you'll be out of here.
Yeah, I thought that before.
Three times I've been up in front of the parole board.
His influence is eroding.
And without that, you've been a model inmate.
Not a single disciplinary action on your record.
Carringtons always find a way.
When you walk out those gates, Blake will see he's not invincible.
He'll feel the walls closing in on him, like you've felt the last 11 years.
But we're not gonna stop there.
I'm gonna finish what I started.
We are.
And nothing is gonna stop us.
(door opens) I had to move your car to let Steven out.
I'm leaving anyway.
I have to go meet with my lawyers.
Is everything okay? Oh, it's more than okay.
Jeff finally agreed to let me buy him out of Morell Corp.
Con gratulations.
(scoffs) You could muster a little more enthusiasm.
I'm happy for you.
I'm just surprised.
Last I heard, he wasn't too interested in selling.
He came around.
Come on.
You're Blake Carrington's daughter.
You know that nobody just comes around for no reason.
Well, I can think of 100 million reasons off the top of my head.
I mean, it's not like he's giving me the company for free.
Plus, I think Monica talked some sense into him.
When she slapped him in the face the other night at the casino party? Well, I don't care how she did it.
All I care is that it's happening.
- (phone vibrates) - (sighs) My God, if there's anyone I'm worried about, it's Sam.
Burning the place down.
I was going over the numbers in our European portfolio, and I think we should have a conversation about our UK operations, depending on Brexit.
Well, that sounds good.
Why don't you leave your notes, and we will discuss after I've read through.
I have to call D.
in five minutes.
After the Daniels debacle, there's still some damage control to be done.
Is that why you're so against Steven running for city council? Is that why you're so gung ho for it? Trying to punish me for Daniels? You didn't tell me about Stansfield either.
- Who said anything about Stansfield? - Who cares? Steven has no idea what he's walking into.
His name alone will put a target on his back.
- On his or on yours? - He doesn't know how much I've protected him.
The hits that I have taken for him, hits that he couldn't take.
Maybe because you haven't given him a chance.
Steven is passionate about this, Blake.
And he's going into it with his eyes wide open, owning his mistakes, instead of hiding them.
And what happens when it backfires? Who's gonna clean up the mess? Again? This is not just his problem.
It's gonna expose the entire family.
Just don't encourage him! Please.
That's all I ask.
(phone vibrates) - Hello? - MICHAEL: Sam.
It's Culhane.
Steven told me that you're working for Fallon.
First day.
Congratulations, man.
Are you at the office right now? Yeah.
Uh, is Jeff around? No.
I need to ask you a favor.
Says the man who never lets me drive the Bentley.
(laughs) Well, I could always tell Fallon what happened to her favorite Gucci sweater.
What favor? I need you to take a look around Jeff's computer.
See if you find any information related to the Morell buyout.
E-mails, calls, paperwork.
What? Why? 'Cause something's not adding up, and I have a feeling that Jeff Colby can't be taken at his word.
Well, it sounds like this is between you and Jeff and definitely not me.
This is about Fallon.
If Jeff's up to something, she's the one who's going to get hurt.
And since she's the one cutting your checks Why don't you just ask her? I tried, but she's so excited about getting her company back, I'm afraid she's not gonna do her usual due diligence.
I trust I didn't keep you waiting too long.
- Not too long.
- (train horn blows) Well, I know you need to get to work, so I won't waste your time.
We need this to happen today.
And of course, we need this whole arrangement to remain thoroughly discreet.
This is for your trouble.
Just let us know if there are any other expenses.
I take it that your daughter is liking her new school? Yes, sir.
We'll be in touch.
I was glad that you called.
There were so many times that I thought about reaching out over the past month to thank you for bailing me out.
But I wanted to stay focused, and put in the work to get clean.
I'm really proud of you, Ted.
Honestly, I've been trying to do the same thing myself.
Really look in the mirror, and try to figure out how I can do better.
I think I've found it.
- I've decided to run for city council.
- (laughs) Oh, I'm sorry.
No, no.
(stammers) I didn't mean it like that.
I ju well, I mean, what about? The partying? That's actually why I called you.
With my name, my entire biography is gonna be scrutinized, and if my father has taught me anything, it's that I can't hide from my past, even if I tried to.
So I'm not gonna try.
I want to be honest about the mistakes that I've made, and that includes the mistakes we made together.
Like New York? Yeah.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I'm not trying to drag your name into any of this.
But if someone starts sniffing around, you're in those pictures, too.
I just wouldn't want you to be blindsided.
Is that why you called me over here? Well, more than that.
I wouldn't want to do this without your blessing.
Means a lot to know that you're thinking of me.
- What the hell are you doing? - Hey! I was, um looking for the coffee maker instructions.
That thing is like a spaceship.
Did you check the drawer under the coffee maker? That would make sense.
Sam! - Culhane made me do it.
- Do what? He told me to look through Jeff's e-mails and files and stuff.
What the hell would Culhane want with Jeff's e-mails? I think he thinks Jeff is trying to screw you over on the buyout.
(scoffs) You have got to be kidding me.
Please don't fire me.
This job's really important for my self-esteem.
So, do you want me to keep going with the girls' night? Okay, I'll keep going.
(man speaks over P.
indistinctly) Head count.
Let's go.
Head count now? What happened? You heard me.
Let's go.
- What the hell?! - (screaming) I need backup! I need help! - He's got a weapon! - (woman speaks over P.
indistinctly) I need help! (groaning) I didn't do anything! (alarm blaring) (grunting) - Get off me, man! - Get him out of here! I didn't do anything! (alarm blaring) I don't know where that knife came from, but it wasn't mine! He stabbed himself in his own leg! I know.
I believe you.
But the parole board won't.
No, they're not just gonna deny parole for this.
They're gonna add time.
- I'm gonna fix it.
- How? My hearing's tomorrow.
I told you, Carringtons always find a way.
So do I.
Just sit tight.
Okay? I wanted to tell you that I took your advice about getting ahead of my skeletons.
I just met with Ted.
You didn't waste any time.
I didn't want to lose my nerve.
But Ted seemed to understand that this is something I needed to do.
It was pretty liberating, actually.
Of course, the real test will be when I announce.
You know, I have an old friend at the Atlanta Mirror.
He covers politics.
It might be a good idea for you to sit down with him and lay everything out on the table right from the get-go.
I can reach out if you're ready.
Thank you.
You know, you would make a pretty good campaign manager if you're interested in a pay cut.
(laughs) I'm just happy I can help.
What the hell happened? Is Dad okay? He's fine.
I mean, he's not hurt.
The whole thing was staged.
Okay, look, I've been doing some research, and I think we need help from someone higher up the food chain.
What about Bobbi? Yeah, I called her on the way home, asked her to vouch for Dad to the parole board.
- And? - And maybe Blake had the right idea, keeping Stansfield in his pocket.
She said she got the job 'cause she's on the up-and-up.
She's not gonna compromise that now, not even for Dad.
All right, I'm calling Fallon.
There's no way I'm going out tonight.
You have to.
I'm not gonna drink cosmos and talk about boys while Dad's whole future hangs in the balance, Jeff.
This is a setback a temporary one, if I have anything to say about it and I'm not gonna let it bring down everything we're working for.
- Fallon can wait.
- If you cancel now, it'll only make her think something's up.
You said you were on the team, didn't you? Well, this is what the team needs right now, so suck it up, smile and drink some Dom.
I'll handle Dad.
(blender whirring) What is wrong with you?! I have a feeling you're about to tell me.
I just caught Snoopy Jo pawing through my desk drawers, apparently on your behalf, and thank God I did.
Can you imagine if Jeff had found him first, - or if he thought that I had put him up to it? - Fallon We're in the middle of buyout negotiations.
If I lose Jeff's trust, I could lose my company.
- Fallon, listen - You know, I never took you for the jealous type, but Jeff sure does bring out your Norman Bates, doesn't he? - Why can't you just let it go? - Damn it, Fallon.
You think this is about Jeff?! I was trying to protect you! How many men do I need to say this to? I don't need your protection! You're right.
You're no damsel in distress, but you're still human! And I love you way too much to just stand by and watch you get hurt.
You what? I love you.
(sighs) Michael, how could you say that? You're with Monica.
And she's gonna be here soon.
I have to go.
CRISTAL: You're early.
Well, it's not every day that Cristal Flores oh, I'm so sorry Cristal Carrington summons you to her corner office.
It's not a corner.
And it's not every day I have a scoop worth discussing.
But I owe you, so I'm gonna bring it to you first.
"Heir "to Carrington Atlantic fortune rejects the family business for public service.
" Well, I know you're not talking about Fallon.
Steven is running for city council on a grassroots, for-the-people platform.
Steven Carrington has hugged his share of trees, but last I checked, he was still living in Daddy's house.
Check again.
Steven wants to make a difference here in Atlanta, and it has nothing to do with Blake.
Look, I appreciate the exclusive, but you know I built my career sniffing out corruption, right? Not lobbing softball questions at trust fund kids.
From what you told me last week, you've made your career on page views and unique visitor counts.
Plus, Steven can handle a few hardballs.
What, are you his campaign manager now? Just an enthusiastic volunteer.
(chuckles) Well, you took a chance on me when nobody else would.
So if you say there's something to this kid, I'll take a chance, too.
You've always had good instincts.
You know, if you wanted to pitch me a story, all you had to do was call.
Yeah, but I knew I'd have to convince you, and I thought that would be easier in person.
Good instinct.
Let me know about that interview.
(door opens) (siren wailing in distance) (ship horn blowing) (footfalls approaching) This really necessary? Dark alley, I mean? If you're trying to creep me out, it's working.
This can't be your first dark alley in your line of work.
Honestly, investigative journalism has led to a lot fewer shadowy meetings than All the President's Men would have me to believe.
More texting, though.
There are some things I'd rather not put in writing.
Apparently, you felt the same way about Blake Carrington bribing judges.
What happened to the story I gave you? The story evolved.
Either way, it brought Daniels down.
But it didn't touch Blake, and now he's coming after my father again.
What are you talking about? A guard at North State Correctional shanked himself today, and said my dad did it, the day before his parole hearing.
My father's been there 11 years, never had a problem with anyone.
And you think Blake paid this guy? Blake Carrington sent my father to prison in the first place, and he's been pulling strings to keep him in there ever since.
I know he's behind this.
Look, I'm no friend of Blake Carrington's, but you don't have any proof.
Isn't that your job? The guard's name is Randall Oakley.
(sighs) I'll see what I can find.
But even if you're right, even if I could prove it, it's not gonna be before tomorrow.
I walk in when the mood strikes I do what a boss likes Slowpokes, they look twice Cold I'm a Boys get curved tough When a girl gang, gang roll up Make a beeline for the green room I get money to show up I'm speaking at grad night I'm living that rap life I'm sleeping like a baby I work hard and I act right Come for me, get your facts straight Ladies.
If you'll follow me.
Smoke paper plates Pull bad boys on my lunch break Break, break, break, break Break, break, break, break Break, break, break, break Break, break, break, break.
Your private room.
Your personal dancers.
MONICA: Is that sushi? HOSTESS: And your own full bar.
Anything else you need, any one of them will be more than happy to help you.
Okay, I've been here before, but this is next level.
Sam did good.
So what are we drinking? (ringtone playing) (phone vibrates) I fell in love with you last night Wish I could take you home tonight Oh Okay, this might be the sake talking, but do you think this is what heaven looks like? Oh, I'll never know what heaven looks like, but this is the best girls' night I can remember.
I fell in love with you last night To girls' night.
To the girl boss.
I'll drink to that.
I mean, Jeff's great, obviously.
But I've always wanted to own my own company.
I mean, while other kids were drawing rainbows and unicorns, I was workshopping my letterhead.
I know.
I'm proud of you, Fallon.
And a little jealous.
I mean, not of your warped childhood, - obviously.
- Obviously.
And don't get me wrong, I love my brother.
I'm super grateful for everything he's done for our whole family, but sometimes I feel like I owe him everything.
Like I don't have anything that's just mine.
You could have this place.
- Seriously.
- Okay, you're drunk.
I bought it for you.
No strings.
It's not mine, it's not Jeff's.
- Fallon, you can't.
- Why not? You've been saying you want to own your own club since high school.
I know you always think I'm not listening, but I'm listening.
Do you want to go downstairs and hang with the real people? For old times' sake? Bien sur.
Je m'appelle Monique.
(laughs) Good timing.
Oakley is in stable condition in Northeast Georgia Medical Center.
Expected to make a full recovery.
That's good news.
You need some.
(knocking on door) Can I talk to you? Who is Randall Oakley? What are you talking about? A prison guard at North State Correctional Facility, who was apparently stabbed by Cecil Colby today.
Where is this coming from? So you do know what I'm talking about.
Paul Daniels was the judge in Cecil Colby's case.
Stansfield made a point to recommend against parole every time Colby came up.
Cecil Colby should be in prison.
That's what courts are for, Blake.
- You can't just be judge and jury.
- You sound like Steven.
That's why I'm supporting him.
Cecil tried to kill me, Cristal.
- What? When? - 11 years ago.
He accused me of having an affair with his wife.
- Did you? - Of course not.
The man was crazy.
He still is.
Who knows what he'd do if he got out.
NELL: There's nothing I can do for you, Mr.
So you're just gonna sit back, knowing my father was framed? I don't know that.
You don't know that.
I understand it's hard for a child to see their parent go through this.
You were hoping that he was gonna be released, that he'd change.
He has changed.
Like I said, nothing I can do.
I've got to get back to work.
What does our fine government pay you, anyway? Hmm? I'm sure I could triple it.
You'd never have to work again.
Are you trying to bribe me? That's a felony.
I'm trying to save my father.
(scoffs) Everyone has a price.
Are you coming or what? Popcorn's getting cold.
(knocking on door) Did you order food? - Ted.
- Sam.
Wait, what-what are you doing here? I live here.
Aren't you supposed to be in rehab? STEVEN: Ted.
- Uh, is everything okay? - Oh.
(scoffs) Yeah, I, uh You know, I-I just couldn't find my wallet, - and I thought maybe I left it here earlier.
- (scoffs) Well, that's a classic.
Sam, is something burning in the kitchen? I think it's popcorn.
I told you I hate that microwave popcorn.
Okay, I'll check.
I don't think I've seen your wallet, but I can Ah, don't worry about it.
I'm sure that it's gonna pop up.
I am so sorry to bother you.
I didn't realize that you two were Oh, no, no.
We're just roommates.
Cable ain't cheap.
You know? I'm a drug addict, Steven, not an idiot.
Look, when you asked me to come over today, and, uh, you know, you were talking about turning over a new leaf.
And you were asking me to-to help out on your campaign.
I mean, something was there.
Ted, I think we've had a misunderstanding.
All those things I said today are true.
I care about you.
I really do.
But I think right now, we both need to focus on turning over our own leaves.
You know? Yeah.
No, of course.
Hey, my mistake.
Enjoy your movie.
FALLON: You see? Isn't this so much better than being mortal enemies? Hmm, I don't know.
I kind of miss you drowning me in the sprinklers.
- I'm sorry about that.
- You know you don't play - with a girl's hair.
- (laughs) To be honest, I had kind of written you off until last night.
Well, nothing like a little sexual harassment to bring women together.
Actually, it was Jeff.
He asked me to make up with you.
What? Well, he knew how upset you were about what happened between us, and he just wants you to be happy.
Why do you think he's letting you buy him out of the company? He bought you a ring, Fallon.
He's in love with you.
He always has been.
We've been away too long.
I got your text.
Is everything okay? Where's Monica? Why are you letting me buy you out of Morell Corp.
? I thought that's what you wanted.
Well, it is.
But it's not what you want.
You've been tying it up for weeks with your lawyers, dragging your feet.
So why did you say yes? What changed? Oh, God.
Uh What did Monica say to you? Well she said you were in love with me, which is insane, obviously.
Is it? Every time I get involved with you, I end up in nothing but trouble.
- Well, you also end up with money.
- (laughs) Lots and lots of money.
I remember the first time I ever saw you.
At one of my Penley basketball games with Monica.
All white sunglasses, high-waisted jeans, red lipstick.
My Chloe Sevigny period.
(laughs) I knew I had to get your attention.
I have been trying to get your attention ever since.
And when you said you wanted to buy me out, I was afraid I was gonna lose you.
Well, you have my attention now.
But I finally realized you can't make someone love you back.
You can't will it into existence.
If it's meant to be, it'll be.
Did Monica tell you about this? She did, actually.
There should be a law against my sister drinking and talking.
Though in my defense, I tried to tell you first.
I tried to give this to you right before you broke up with me.
But as long as we're laying it all out there, here it is.
And it's still yours if you want it.
J-Jeff, I c No, you-you don't have to decide right now.
In fact, I don't want you to.
I heard you when you said you needed to figure things out for yourself.
And I'll wait for you.
As long as you need.
You came to me Just like a storm through the trees Dirt on my feet Sorry about that.
Got a little tied up.
I can't do without But I'm all yours now.
You No one else does it better Than you How do you do, do, do it? You know what, Susan? Let's lose the flowers.
We're trying to project more "grassroots," less "in-house florist.
" Lady of the Manor, huh? I remember when we thought IMAX was a splurge.
(chuckles) Steven.
Right on time.
- I wanted you to meet Rick Morales.
- Good to meet you, Steven.
Cristal speaks the world of you, which means a lot to me.
- Well, thank you for doing this.
- Of course.
So, I'd love to just jump right in, so it doesn't feel too rehearsed.
And, uh, looks like they're ready to go.
RICK: So, we'll be live-streaming this on the Mirror's website and social media.
Which means no way to edit my questions or your answers.
Guess I'd better not screw up, then.
It's feeding.
Rick Morales here with Atlanta's newest candidate for city council, Steven Carrington.
Steven, thank you for joining us.
- Thanks for having me.
- Steven, I think many Atlanta voters may have a preconceived idea of what a Carrington candidacy looks like.
What are you hoping to achieve by running - for local government? - I can imagine what people might think when they hear my last name.
Oil money.
And don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I've also never hesitated to call out Carrington Atlantic when I disagree with their policies.
And I'm serious about making sure that everyone gets to enjoy our beautiful city.
You also have a history of substance abuse, including a stint in rehab in 2013.
What would you say to Atlantans concerned you're not up to the job? I think Oscar Wilde said it better than I could.
"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
" I made mine, early and often, and I can't change my past, but I can learn from it.
And I have.
The parole board hearing of Cecil Baldwin Colby is back in order.
This is the fourth hearing for prisoner number 2F529.
Colby, you organized a crime in which you were in possession of narcotics with the intent to distribute.
You have been incarcerated for almost 11 years.
And, for almost 11 years, you have maintained exemplary behavior.
However, in light of the ongoing investigation to the serious injury of a guard yesterday, this board cannot in good conscience recommend your release to the commissioner.
Therefore, at this time, the board votes unanimously against parole.
Thank you.
Means a lot to me.
Thank you for doing this.
Of course.
Oh, I thought you'd gone into the office.
No, I was working here.
I heard some of Steven's, uh, interview.
And? He may not share my politics, but he handled himself like a Carrington today.
You should tell him that.
I will.
I owe you an apology.
For the way I reacted.
I was just surprised, I guess.
We all know you hate surprises.
There have been a lot of them lately.
I've always had my world under control.
It can be scary to lose control.
It can also be liberating.
Well I can't afford to find out.
Of course you can You of all people can.
I thought the same thing, too, once, and I had to learn the hard way.
It's not the same thing, Cristal.
And I'm glad that Steven has you in his corner, politics or otherwise.
And I'm glad that I have you in mine.
Who died? As expected, in light of the incident with Mr.
Oakley, the board voted to deny parole.
I don't understand That sounds like good news.
The commissioner overruled that decision.
Cecil Colby's being released.
I'm never the first one here.
Where have you been? Didn't get much sleep last night.
I tried calling you, but I think something's up with your phone.
Sam tried forwarding my calls or something.
Turns out he has zero actual office skills, but he does have great taste in male models.
And I didn't sleep much, either.
Because of the male models? Because of you and how totally stupid it is to let your emotions influence your business decisions.
I mean, that's, like, introductory business strategy.
But the point is you caught me off guard last night.
Yeah, I wasn't, uh, exactly planning for it to happen that way.
Me, either.
But I thought about it.
About the fact that you came into this company for me, that you'd walk away for me, and how you helped save my life and how you wanted to marry me, even with bangs.
I know you told me that I could take all the time I needed, but I don't need it.
Let's do this.
(laughs softly) I kind of thought you might kiss me or something, but Great, Sam Late for work again.
Morning, sunshine.
(sighs) What are you doing here? Where's Steven? (clicks tongue) He's at his interview.
I, uh, watched a few minutes online while you were in the shower.
He's pretty good, actually.
But I wanted to talk to you.
Trying to sneak out? (chuckles): Um honestly, this place is so big, - I forgot where I came in.
- (chuckles) Well, I'm glad I caught you.
I wanted to thank you for today.
You took a leap of faith on Steven.
Well, it's not much of a leap when I trust your judgment.
You know I did it for you, Cristal.
I know.
I have to admit, I didn't expect much, - but the guy won me over.
- He even impressed Blake.
Don't tell anyone I told you that, especially not my husband.
I can keep a secret.
- Got a minute? - Are you genetically incapable of knocking, or is that more of a nurture thing? WOMAN (recorded): Mr.
Colby, I'm calling from Township First Bank regarding an exciting new offer - (line beeps) - MAN: Hey, Jeff.
It's Andrew.
- Just confirming our session for Wednesday.
- What is this? MONICA: Hey, where are you? I've been trying you all night.
Anyway, I pulled out all the stops, and I think she fell for it.
I still hate lying to her, but I trust you.
So go get a rock on that finger.
I looked through his files, I tried getting into his e-mail, but the guy doesn't exactly leave passwords lying around.
He's a tech genius, after all.
Sam, on the other hand, is not.
He tried forwarding the phones to his cell, but ended up forwarding all of Jeff's messages to me.
You were right.
Jeff's playing me.
And Monica, too.
Why? I'm gonna find out.
And once I do Jeff Colby is going down.
(lock buzzes) (woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) SAM: Ted are you high? (scoffs) Don't tell anybody.
I told Steven that I was back on the wagon.
Look, I'm sorry that you're having issues.
And I can call someone if you need me to, but right now, I need to go to work, and you need to leave.
Come on, you don't need a job when you have a Carrington.
We're not together.
If Steven doesn't want you back, it's not because of me, it's because of you.
You think I'm so pathetic don't you? No, I think you need help.
And I'm calling the police.
So you can get me out of the way? I'm sure that would make both you and Steven very happy.
Yeah, go ahead, just call the cops.
And you can tell them that there is a crazy man in your apartment, and you had to do what you had to do.
(yells) What are you doing?! Aah! - What the hell?! - My life may be over, but I am not going down alone.
I'm taking you and Steven down with me.
Ted? Ted! Ted! (woman screams in distance) What's going on? Sam? Sam?