Dynasty (2017) s01e14 Episode Script

The Gospel According to Blake Carrington

1 Previously on Dynasty When you walk out those gates, Blake will see he's not invincible.
- Cecil tried to kill me.
- What? The man was crazy.
Who knows what he'd do if he got out? Blake Carrington sent my father to prison in the first place, and he's been pulling strings to keep him in there ever since.
The commissioner overruled that decision.
Cecil Colby's being released.
Jeff's playing me.
And Monica, too.
FALLON: Jeff Colby is going down.
I can keep a secret.
My life may be over, but I am not going down alone.
I'm taking you and Steven down with me.
Ted? Ted! Ted! Could've followed me Follow me in the darkness Follow me till the world ends SAM: Ted? Ted! (screams) We could live for forever WOMAN: Oh, my God! We could learn how to fly What do you mean you don't know what happened? - You were with him.
- The guy is crazy, Steven.
(exhales) Was crazy.
I'm calling 911.
Maybe someone already did? What? I can't talk to the police.
Why not? You didn't do anything wrong.
That's not what it looks like.
He ripped my earring out and took it with him when he jumped.
I think he was trying to frame me for his murder.
Well, as screwed up as that is, the best thing you can do is just tell the police what happened.
And if, for some miraculous reason, they believe me, I'm still screwed.
I'm not here legally, Steven.
My papers are not valid anymore.
Really? Just get back to the manor before anyone else sees you.
You were never here, okay? I'll handle it.
Just go.
All the way.
Let's back it up.
Why on earth would Jeff want to marry me so badly that he'd have Monica manipulate me into it? Well, marriage is the ultimate merger.
Yeah, but everybody knows, Carringtons don't marry without a prenup.
Well, then, maybe this is all just to spite your father.
When you wanted to leave Blake's company, Jeff sure was quick to back you, and smug, every chance he got to rub it in your dad's face.
Not as smug as you are right now.
You're loving that you were right about Jeff, aren't you? I don't mind it.
I do mind you wearing his ring, though.
Well, I had to make him believe that I was into him, not onto him.
I mean, the closer I stay, the better chance I have at figuring out what the hell is going on.
I mean, what if he's been using me this whole time? And I let him? This is exactly why I don't trust people, but he was always so Oh, my God.
I trust you.
Even if you don't trust me yet.
Do you remember that program that Jeff gave me when we were trying to erase Cristal's affair with Matthew? Well, he told me to run it on the manor's private server.
And you said it worked.
Well, it did, but what if it also gave him access? I always wondered how he knew so much about the Venezuelan deal Dad was doing with Alejandro.
I mean, what if he's been reading all of our e-mails? All of our texts? What are you doing? I'm testing my theory.
I am gonna write you an e-mail professing my undying love for Jeff.
I can't wait to read that one.
And I'm gonna say how happy I am that you and I didn't work out, so I didn't have to get married in a church.
Priests make me break out in hives.
Is that true? It's bait.
And we're gonna see if Jeff takes it.
JEFF: Welcome home, Dad.
Your boy did pretty good, right? (beeping) Whenever I was having a bad day in prison, I'd try to picture this place the way you described it.
But this is better than anything I could have imagined.
So I set it to the property lines.
Rules are here if you forget them.
But I wouldn't forget them.
CECIL: Thank you, Officer.
Well, this beats the hell out of my last prison.
This is paradise.
It's a long way from that Lakewood Heights shack we lived in.
But it's a proud day when a son outstrips his father's wildest dreams.
You'll be even prouder when you see my plan at work.
You know, I had my doubts about your methods, but, uh, you did make me a free man.
Well (chuckles) mostly.
- - (chuckles) Today, we celebrate the Colbys.
Reunited at last.
(line ringing) Blake, where are you? I don't want you to worry, but I just met with our security team.
Cecil Colby's out on parole.
Well, you don't think he'd still want revenge after 11 years, do you? Just wanted you to know there will be extra security.
No need to worry about anything.
Blake, you didn't.
- Didn't what? - Aw.
You know I love white hyacinth.
That's so sweet of you to think of me (phone rings and buzzes) - Well, those aren't from me.
- Oh.
They're from Ramona.
From the Atlanta Digest.
I gave her a tip for the story she's doing on C.
's clean coal experiment.
That's a nice arrangement.
Are you sure you didn't give her the whole story? No, just the tip.
Listen, I should get to work.
Bye, hon.
POLICEMAN: I am so sorry for your loss.
Feel free to call your lawyer.
No, it's okay.
I've got nothing to hide.
He was by the window, and I turned my back, so I don't know if he lost his balance or jumped or Hey! This man still has a pulse.
Take this.
Let's go, let's go.
POLICEMAN: Looks like your friend might make it after all.
EMT: Strap him in there.
(siren wailing) (knocking on glass) What were you thinking? Sending flowers to my office? Thought it was a gentlemanly thing to do.
Kissing a married woman is not gentlemanly.
You kissed me.
Look, whatever happened, it was a mistake.
And it can't happen again.
Is that all you have to say? - Well, what did you expect to hear? - Something like, "We shouldn't have done that, Rick.
"But you know I'm impulsive, and I love that you're impulsive, too.
" I love my husband.
But you also love your freedom, and maybe you're afraid you were wrong to give that up.
I'm not afraid of anything.
Then why are you trembling? We have to stay away from each other.
(phone ringing) Always causing trouble, aren't you? Me? What did I do? Well, you nearly caused an accident in the parking lot.
The valet said he was blinded by the bling on my finger.
Well, go big or kill somebody trying.
That's the Carrington way, right? You sure do know a lot about my family.
Speaking of family Uh, you heard my father got out on parole? - Mm-hmm.
- I know.
It's all over the Internet.
He's staying with me.
I thought we could all have dinner tomorrow.
Introduce him to my fiancée.
Well, I've already met your dad in prison.
He has quite the temper.
Yeah, that was a misunderstanding.
He still hates your dad for putting me through that lawsuit and trying to take my tech.
But don't worry.
I'll tell him to use his inside voice this time.
So, about Blake.
What did he say? Or did you not tell him about our engagement? We both know that isn't going to go well.
Even if it did, Anders would start making us discuss reception venues, book a church.
Meet with planners.
Too much, too soon.
No offense, but I can't see Fallon Carrington getting married in a church.
Uh, not without burning it down.
I mean, I'll do whatever you want.
No, I'm impressed.
You know me so well.
What exactly did you say to the cops? Huh? Nothing that wouldn't have made sense if Ted had simply stuck to his plan and died.
I had to think quick.
All I knew is what Sam told me.
That Ted wanted it to look like Sam pushed him.
Sam didn't push him? No.
Sam didn't do anything.
But Ted might still have Sam's blood on him.
And I couldn't find the earring.
Plus, if Ted wakes up from the coma, this is gonna look ten times worse, because I lied to that cop.
Well, that can't happen.
You have to get into his room before anyone else does.
To wipe off the blood, not kill him.
I already tried, but the nurse won't let in anyone who's not family.
- (door buzzes) - What are you doing? What, so just because you're a same-sex partner, you're not considered family? NURSE: Sir, you need to keep your voice down, or you'll be asked to leave.
What is this, 1952? My son can't comfort a dying man, the love of his life, because of his sexual orientation? This is inexcusable.
Not to mention disrespectful to all the gays.
The whole LTBZ community.
- Close enough.
- NURSE: Sir, I-I didn't know he was Mr.
Dinard's partner.
- He didn't mention that before - Well, you weren't listening.
Because he's gay.
Follow me.
And I'll waive visiting hours.
He took the bait.
So he is spying on you.
Well, that makes it easy.
That's illegal, we go to the police.
His cousin is the chief of police.
Well, then, we start with your dad.
No, if anybody's gonna nail Jeff, it'll be me.
Blake has resources.
And we don't know what type of serious blackmail Jeff may have on you or your family.
You think I don't know that? This is all my fault.
And my dad warned me again and again not to get involved with Jeff, and I didn't listen.
Instead, I helped his enemy plant spyware in our house.
You didn't know.
That doesn't matter.
My dad once blamed me for losing a deal because he got stuck in traffic on the way back from my dance recital.
He'll never respect me again.
So, then, we keep it between us.
We need to find out what Jeff knows - and where he's been storing it.
- Ironically, the only I.
genius I know is Jeff.
Actually, I may know someone who can help us out.
The nurse had already cleaned it, to avoid any possible infections.
They said it's basic procedure.
What about the earring? It's somewhere in the alley, I assume.
But without an investigation, there's no reason for anyone to know it ever existed.
We need to find that earring.
Carrington, can you tell us about your relationship with Mr.
Dinard? Do you think your partner's gonna make it? How did they even know that we're here? These things leak.
You leaked this.
You saw how Nurse Ratched turned into Florence Nightingale at the mention of you being a grieving partner.
She ate that story up.
You are a public figure now that you're running for city council.
If we can garner public sympathy and spin this story in our favor, you come out on top and no one even thinks to ask about Sam.
Except that the whole world thinks I'm dating Ted Dinard.
Well, that seems like a small price to pay for your future and Sam's.
Okay, fine.
I would like to ask for everyone's respect at this time.
My son is going through an extremely traumatic event.
And I can, uh, only take a few questions right now.
Carrington, do you plan on suspending your campaign? My priority right now is the health and well-being of my partner, Ted Dinard.
Uh, so you're suspending it to be with your partner? I can't answer that right now.
Not during such an emotional moment.
Politics should never come before human compassion.
(clamoring) the health and well-being of my partner - Partner? - That's one way to put it.
Well someone's developed a case of post-traumatic stress eating disorder.
It's hard to have an appetite when you might be dragged away in cuffs any second.
I wouldn't last a day in prison.
This face has "make me your bitch" written all over it.
Hey, Blake is handling it.
All you need to do is lay low and stay out of trouble.
Yeah, that's the problem.
It always finds me ever since I moved here.
The robbery that almost killed Blake, my parents kidnapping Fallon, and now the tragic triangle with Ted.
Really, I'm the trouble, aren't I? Well, you do come with a 747's worth of baggage.
What? He asked.
You and I are the same, Sam.
We both left Venezuela in search of something better.
You with fake papers, me with stolen ones.
We both worked our asses off in a country where the cards always seemed to be stacked against us.
You worked your ass off.
I took a sketchier path.
Paved by the kindness I stole from strangers.
This isn't stealing.
This is what people who love each other do.
I don't want them to do it for me.
I don't deserve it.
And I especially don't want to be a strain on your marriage.
Oh, trust me, there are bigger strains on my marriage than you.
(knock on door) - Am I interrupting? - Not at all.
He's all yours.
How you feeling? Well, I mean, you are pretending to be lovers with a dying man after he tried to frame me for his murder.
It's not your typical Wednesday.
How's your Ted-inflicted wound? Hmm it's fine.
Honestly, what hurts is that my grandmother gave me that earring when I was leaving Venezuela to come here.
She said it was a way for God to be looking after me every step of the way.
Well, maybe losing it is God's way of saying you don't need it anymore.
You got me to protect you now.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Why did we stop seeing each other, anyway? Because I slept with Ted.
(both chuckling) Yeah, well We all make mistakes, I guess.
Doesn't mean we should stop trying.
(phone ringing) The Atlanta Mirror wants to do a follow-up interview.
A couple of other outlets are asking me to comment on health benefits for same-sex couples.
What has my father started? I Can we talk later? Hey, spare no expense.
My dad deserves the best.
So does my son.
You know, I like this.
You know good quality.
Well, if we're choosing for the wedding, we should stick with navy.
Blake usually prefers gray.
Navy, then.
And I'll be the father shackled by the ankle bracelet.
That'll be off soon.
The important thing is my dad gets to be at my wedding.
It's not a real wedding.
You're marrying a godforsaken Carrington.
Uh Go buy yourself some needle and thread, huh? - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Not usually the father of the groom that gets cold feel.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
I've faced Blake and lost.
I've been facing him for years and winning.
First, my lawsuit, then his daughter, next his company.
I control everything, including Fallon.
You'll see when she comes for dinner tomorrow.
She dies for me.
I have no interest in dining with the Devil's spawn.
Well, get interested because you need to apologize for losing your cool when you two first met.
Now, why the hell will I apologize? Because I said so.
I know, when you left, I was just some confused, naive kid, but this is my house.
You play your part in it, and everything will be just fine.
(horse neighs) Found it.
Nice to meet you.
You're adorable.
I don't want to cry nepotism, but are you sure your little sister can crack Jeff Colby's spyware? EVIE: I may be 17, but I'm a senior at Emory.
My thesis project is developing behavioral based software for advanced robotics.
- And what were you doing at that age? - Robby Reid.
Whoever programmed the virus found a way to duplicate your e-mails and send them to wow, 17 different I.
- What does that mean? - I don't know yet.
Stop yelling.
So The other day, I uttered the four-letter "L" word, - and you kind of just L-E-F-T - Well, I had to go deal with Monica, and did you, did you dump her? I thought maybe keeping her around for a while could be helpful.
- But you're not gonna still - No.
Been trying to avoid her for the last couple days, and it doesn't seem too obvious.
You and Jeff gonna? Oh, God, no.
I told him I was saving it for our wedding night.
EVIE: If you two are done being gross, looks like the most consistent downloads are to this I.
FALLON: Nancy Creek.
That's where Jeff lives.
Yeah, it's probably his private server.
MICHAEL: Thanks, Evie.
I owe you one.
(chuckles) You owe me one Benjamin.
Your girl can afford it.
Or else I'll just have to tell Mom and Dad you're a chauffeur.
You should send me your résumé.
You're gonna work for me one day.
All right, so to erase what Jeff has on your family, we need to destroy his laptop, probably his phone, and find the private secure server in his house.
Okay, well, one step at a time.
First, we just need to know where he keeps it.
And in an unfortunate, yet fortunate, turn of events, I'm having dinner at Jeff's tonight.
To meet his father? Well, Monica invited me, too.
Maybe I could help create a distraction so that you can snoop.
Why are you here? Well, your butler asked me to wait.
Hey, Rick.
Thank you for agreeing to a follow-up interview, especially during such a difficult time.
This has become a human interest story.
People want to know more about you and your partner.
Or is it husband, maybe? BLAKE: Ted wasn't able to make an honest man out of Steven.
Not yet.
Maybe not ever.
A terrible situation.
Blake Carrington.
Nice to finally shake the hand of the man smart enough to marry Cristal Flores.
It's Carrington now.
Well, it's nice to meet the man who's done so much for my son's campaign.
Your first interview went over so well.
When you're done with the follow-up, Rick, why don't you join Cristal and me for dinner? Steven'll have to get back to Ted's side, of course.
That would be fantastic.
Steven Carrington.
What the hell happened to my son? I know this is a lot to take in, but please believe me, - I cared about your son.
- Cared? My son is still alive.
Only time he ever mentioned your name was when he was defending you.
The person that drove him away from me, away from the church.
And when he finally reached out again, it was to tell me that it was you that left him rotting in jail.
No, sir, I bailed him out.
He Look, Ted and I had our ups and downs, just like any other couple, but we were trying to make it work again.
I've been through war.
Much tougher men have tried to lie to me.
I know what you're doing.
Taking my son's situation and milking the public for sympathy with your little press conference.
Well, you listen to me.
God already knows your sins, but as for me, I will do everything in my power to expose them to the police and to the press.
Now get out of my son's room! NURSE: Mr.
We have your son's belongings.
(sighs) Thank you.
He's been talking about meeting you all day.
- He's very excited.
- Monica tells me you drive for the Carringtons.
Well, I'm excited for our rematch.
Think I'll need protective headgear this time? Fallon, he'd been in prison for 11 years when he met you.
He's happy for us, trust me.
(sighs) Cecil.
Colby? Should I call you Dad? It's probably too soon.
Fallon, we meet again under better circumstances.
I apologize for my behavior the last time we met.
Oh, no worries.
I can only imagine what years of tiny televisions, toilet wine, and bologna sandwiches can do to the human spirit.
I watch Locked Up Abroad.
CECIL: Well, at the time, I only knew you as the daughter of the man that tried to steal my son's invention.
FALLON: Well, don't worry.
I'm used to being considered a d-bag by relation.
Although, you know, it's funny, my dad always claimed that Jeff tried to steal tech from him.
But why would he want to steal anything? My fiancé is a genius.
(chuckles) (sighs) And you're a genius, too.
Thank you.
- I got your back.
- Don't forget to keep an eye out for my signal.
Dinner's ready.
Shall we? Excuse me, Doctor, how much do you want for your earrings? FALLON: So, tell me, Mr.
Colby, what were you doing before your you know.
- Incarceration? - Yeah.
Well, before that I was working in a chem lab.
Didn't pay much, but I had a gift for making things out of nothing.
Like my son.
Michael, Monica tells me you drive for the Carringtons.
Culhane is so much more to us than a driver.
His last name is practically Carrington.
Well, look at that.
Sure seems like the Colbys can't resist the Carringtons, huh? Well, the feeling is mutual.
Your daughter is an amazing woman, and I'm glad to finally get to meet her father.
I look forward to meeting Mrs.
Colby one day.
Too bad Mrs.
Colby left me when I ended up in the slammer.
(clears throat) You know, Jeff and I agreed to a fall wedding, which is a mere six months away.
If we plan on rivaling George and Amal's Venetian opus, we really should start planning ASAP.
Don't tell me you're turning into Bridezilla already.
(both chuckle) Do we need to get that resized? No.
I prefer it a little loose.
- MONICA: Just like you.
- Hmm.
- Well, not anymore.
- Yes.
Oh, my God! Culhane! This is silk velvet.
Some poor worker went blind hand-sewing these feathers.
I have to get this cleaned up before it's ruined.
It's fine! I got it.
(sighs) Charming.
RICK: I've always believed there's an art to covering politics, and the Mirror gets that.
BLAKE: It's a great newspaper.
Big part of the reason I'm there is Cristal.
I may have pointed you in the right direction, but Your wife's a modest and incredible woman.
I would have done the same for any other colleague with potential.
Well generosity it's the Carrington way.
In fact, why don't I float your name for a contributor gig at CNN? Didn't they just fire one of their people for inappropriate conduct? Honey, Rick's a journalist, not a TV personality.
He's handsome enough to be one.
And apparently all he needs to do is keep it in his pants.
(nervous laughter) You just let me know, Rick.
I owe you.
Not just for the Steven interviews, but for squashing the Senator Daniels bribery story.
I hope that my wife did a proper job of thanking you.
JEFF: What are you doing? I was just looking for your laundry room.
But, to be honest, I barely know what one looks like.
That's a closet.
Well what do you think? Do you think it needs stain remover? Silk velvet? Already a goner.
But I'll buy you three more if you come back to dinner.
You really are too good to be true.
(sighs) (winces, chuckles) Holy hell! Ah.
(whispering): Please, Jesus.
(knock on door) I just came to say that I'm sorry for everything you're going through.
My prayers are with you and Is that Oh, my God.
I can't believe Ted held onto this.
What are you talking about? I get why your son didn't tell you about us, given our history, but I want you to know that his recovery has always been my priority.
I pushed him to go back to church, t-to rebuild his faith, not just in God but in himself.
I gave him my cross earring as a, a symbol that someone would always be watching over him, even when I couldn't.
You You helped my boy find God again? He helped me, too, Gerry.
The key to recovery is faith in a higher power.
Would you pray with me? (groans) Dad? Steven? - TED: I don't - GERRY: It's all right.
- TED: Sam.
- His vitals are stabilizing, but based on his MRI, after severe brain trauma like his, in the temporal lobe, it may be a while before he'd make sense of his thoughts, if ever.
Sammy Jo Son, wha what are you trying to say? - S-Steven - Listen to me, Ted, you had a terrible fall.
You came to me, and you were high again You weren't yourself, but you're okay now.
Just tell me you understand that.
No not you.
No, son, listen to him.
Steven's been right here, every second, right beside you.
He truly cares for you.
And I care enough to know that this moment can't be about me.
What's happened here is a miracle.
This is Ted's second chance at life.
This is your second chance to reconnect.
I'll stay in touch, but right now he needs his father.
Thank you, Steven, for all you've done.
Uh, everything okay? Yeah.
Let's just say, uh Fallon's not used to doing her own laundry.
FALLON: Well, I have help for that, and a fully-staffed kitchen.
You do not want to let me near a kitchen.
So, have you two set a date? We haven't, really, but you know what? You're eager for this to happen, so am I.
Why are we waiting? Why not two weeks from now? The venue's available.
Well, I can hardly plan the event of the season in two weeks.
Throw enough money at a problem, you can make anything work.
Your father and Cristal did it in a couple days.
Two weeks is plenty of time.
Unless you have a reason to delay.
MICHAEL: Maybe Fallon just wants to enjoy the engagement, you know, do things right.
Is it your commitment issues again? Fallon, just rip off the Band-Aid before you ruin the best thing that's ever happened to you.
- Aside from me, of course.
- No, no, it's it's not that.
Then, what is it? Um You know what? You're right.
I don't need to be Amal, I can be Britney, (sighs) without the shaved head and the Vegas chapel.
Oh, my God, I just realized that this will make us sisters.
- Ah.
- How crazy would that be? I can't watch this anymore.
You all make me sick.
- I don't recognize my own children.
- Dad, what are you talking about? My only son cozying up to the daughter of the very man that put me in prison.
- Dad - What?! Yeah.
I wasn't a drug addict as your father claimed to the rest of the world.
Your father framed me.
That's insane.
Ask your fiancé.
Your best friend.
He'll tell you he framed me.
Right after he screwed my wife.
And when I threatened to kill him for taking her away, he took everything else away from me.
He took my children, he took my freedom.
He planted blow in my car and had his dirty cop friend arrest me.
Had his dirty judge lock me away.
No, that can't be true.
Go on, deny it, when you know it sounds like your daddy's M.
No, I will not stand by and watch my only son marry that bastard's dirty daughter.
Just like the sun let down at night You know Love doesn't shine on me Anymore I lie amongst the things we shared The one that I've been thinking of all along Are you okay? Holding on Dad always made me believe my mom was the bad one.
What do you mean? Somewhere I He said that she was the one who cheated.
(sighs) That she was an awful person who left us, who left me and left him.
All I lost is lost A shrink might even say that sometimes I thought it was my fault.
When this whole time Frightened of Aren't you the one That I've been thinking of all along? All along Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah I didn't think you could get all of your thongs into one suitcase.
Of all the stupid things you've ever done, this has got to be the most idiotic.
How do you know what I just got a call from the front gate.
There was a Lyft driver there to take you to the airport.
So I sent him away.
Dude, they charge a cancellation fee.
Why are you doing this? Because I'm tired of being a strain on this family.
If I'm not here, I can't drag Steven or anyone else down with me.
I have to say, I wasn't expecting you to pull a full Sammy Jo and run away.
I was hoping you might do something different this time.
This family's invested a lot of energy and money in payoffs, blackmail and carbs to keep you around.
They obviously value you.
It would be silly to walk away from all that and have it wasted.
Well, you don't understand.
It's not just because I'm a burden.
I can't stay.
I'm not here legally.
Of course I understand.
I've been through it.
Or did you think this Kiwi accent was just for show? Now this is the number of an immigration lawyer.
I've already set up an appointment.
Tomorrow we'll start work on your case together.
(chuckles softly) This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
Well, aside from keeping me out of a murder investigation.
Don't screw it up.
You'll break more than one heart if you do.
(chuckles softly) RICK: Dinner was excellent.
BLAKE: We'll see you again soon.
Well, Steven's poll numbers are any indication, I'll be around a lot.
Great guy.
So, why did he send you the flowers? I saw the way he looked at you.
We had a thing, a brief thing, before I came to C.
Brief enough to lie about the flowers? It didn't mean anything and it was a long time ago.
Men don't just send gifts to reminisce about old times.
Something else happen between you two recently? We were working late together on Steven's interview, and I think he got the wrong impression and he kissed me.
But it's a harmless crush and I shut him down.
He doesn't care about you.
He's using you to get to me.
I've had a tail on Jeff Colby since the parole hearing.
And Anders caught Rick meeting with Jeff.
- I don't understand.
- Well, I do.
Even the most pure idealists have a price, and Colby's found Rick's.
But now we're gonna beat it.
When are you seeing him again? I'm not.
I told him that can't happen again and that he has to stay away.
Oh, no, I don't want him to get away.
I want you to get as close to him as you possibly can.
Are you seriously telling me to keep seeing Rick? Well, it's the perfect opportunity.
He has no idea that you know about his ties to the Colbys, and I need to find out what Jeff is up to.
Are you listening to yourself? Yes, I am.
Are you? You did whatever it took to protect your family.
What about the rest of us? So what if you have to take advantage of a harmless crush? Unless it isn't harmless.
I shouldn't be surprised.
I mean, you whored your son out to the press.
Why not do the same to your wife? You may think that you can buy everyone, Blake Carrington, but I am sure as hell not letting you put a price tag on me.
Going somewhere? Not anymore.
Good, because you're officially in the clear.
Admiral Gerard Dinard even sang my praises to the press before taking Ted to rehab in Indiana, which means that my campaign base has now broadened to include the fine men and women of the U.
Wait, the guy's name is Gerard Dinard? (laughing): Yeah.
Just when you thought that family couldn't get any more screwed up.
What's that? I mean, it's it's more Hall & Oates than George Michael, but I can get used to it.
Anyway, I just wanted to give you this.
(sighs) You got it back.
Well, not that I need it.
You said it yourself, I have you now.
Sam after everything I said about Ted, I can't turn 180 and suddenly be with you now.
I'm in the spotlight now, and the more you're seen with me, the bigger the chance that someone'll uncover your undocumented status.
That's not gonna be an issue anymore.
Also, I I have a real chance at winning of finally making a difference, of showing my dad that I can be more than just his son.
But I have to keep up the ruse for that to happen.
I'm just so close to succeeding at something, Sam.
Y-You have to understand that.
So go on, go on I do now.
You know, I have to hand it to Ted.
He got what he wanted after all.
Too high, too high Beat goes on, beat goes on Too high, too high.
(indistinct chatter over television) What the hell, Dad? We are so close.
You might have just gone and destroyed everything.
You've put my relationship with Fallon in jeopardy, a relationship I have been working on for months.
You know, sometimes you make me almost ashamed of being a Colby.
Then change your name.
I don't mind.
In fact, maybe you should change it to Carrington.
(scoffs) Yeah, I see how you look at her.
You're getting close to that family, son.
While I was behind bars for 11 years, you were being showered in scholarships, jobs, a fiancée by our very enemy.
You're gonna blink, son.
That is ridiculous.
I feel nothing but ice for the Carringtons.
How can you? How you tell it, Carrington practically raised you.
He robbed me of being a real father to you for all these years.
But better late than never.
I'm gonna step up now, starting with that plan of yours.
What are you talking about? I have done all of this for you.
A son should not have to pay for his father's sins.
I was wrong to get you twisted up in this war, my war.
But now the only way to end it is for me to end it myself.
You're done, Jeff.
I'm taking over.
Daddy's home.
I was wondering when you were gonna get back.
What the hell were you doing at Jeff Colby's house? You had me followed? I had Jeff followed.
You've been spending an awful lot of time with that family.
Well, evidently, spending time with them is the only way for me to learn the truth about mine, - like how you had an affair with Jeff's mom? - Did Cecil tell you that? And how you framed him and locked him away.
Not long after that, your own marriage started falling apart.
Did he also happen to mention that he tried to kill me? - The man is unstable.
- It all makes sense now.
This whole time you made me think that Mom was the whore that destroyed your marriage when really you were the monster who pushed her away.
You destroyed our family.
I was protecting our family.
And I never slept with Cecil's wife.
I can't believe I have been drowning in guilt that I didn't listen to you (sighs) that I let Jeff bug our server.
You what? Back when I was trying to help Cristal, the actual whore you married.
I screwed up, but I was trying to fix it.
I even got engaged to Jeff so that he wouldn't suspect - that I was onto him.
- Engaged? The two of you were dating? Seriously? That is what you care about right now? Screw you, Dad.
And screw the Colbys for letting you rile them into this ridiculous family feud.
I am done with all of you.
Honey you did screw up.
More than you know.
But you got us into this mess deeper, so now you're gonna dig us out.
Don't tell me what to do.
I don't arrange my life to suit the gospel according to Blake Carrington.
Not anymore.
I am done with you.
And I'm done with Jeff.
No, you're not.
You're gonna marry that son of a bitch.