Dynasty (2017) s01e17 Episode Script

Enter Alexis

1 Previously on Dynasty Dad always made me believe my mom was the bad one.
You destroyed our family.
I was protecting our family.
When Alexis left, she wanted full custody of my children.
I just let Steven and Fallon think that she had abandoned them.
I love you, Michael.
Is that what you wanted to hear? It was, but not like this.
- Are you in the market? - For what? The biggest payday of your life.
This is Liam, my husband.
Carrington Atlantic's chairman of the board died without warning 48 hours ago.
So did your father.
As for Alexis You never thought you'd hear me say this: I wish she were here.
That's my mother.
Sorry I'm late.
Traffic was a bitch.
- Crashing through that ceiling - What a feeling, feeling that vibe Smashing all that glitters Like a match And watch it ignite Bang, bang Bang, bang Bang, bang Bang, bang Bang, bang Bang, bang.
(organ music plays) (crying) STEVEN: Did you invite her? Why would I invite her? - She's still up there.
- Doing what? Shedding more tears than the crocodile killed to make her bag.
Did you invite her? Why does everyone keep asking me that? I divorced her.
The pallbearers are ready to carry the casket.
And here you all are.
BLAKE: I don't know if you've noticed, Alexis; this isn't a good time.
No, it's a devastating time.
I am so sorry for your loss, Blake.
I came to pay my respects.
You know Thomas was like a father to me.
Hi, Mom.
- It's been a minute.
- It has.
I can't believe it.
Steven, you look so handsome.
Though you do look a little pale.
Have you had - your vitamin D tested? - FALLON: Never mind the years of therapy for abandonment issues.
- How is your vitamin D? - Fallon.
I'm glad to see that your father had your teeth fixed.
- If not your tongue.
- Alexis.
You must be a friend of Fallon's.
- (laughs softly) - FALLON: Actually, no.
She's the new Mrs.
You'd hate her, and that's my favorite thing about her.
Also, I'm married now, but don't worry.
You have a year for your secretary to send a gift.
Fallon, stop engaging.
We're going.
Go home, Alexis.
As you wish.
FALLON: Can you believe her? I mean, she barely even looked at me, after waltzing in there like she'd only been away on a Mediterranean holiday.
- I haven't seen her in 11 years.
- I mean, maybe she was nervous.
- She really hasn't seen you - No, no, no, no, no.
I was talking to him.
I mean, you should've seen the way she looked at Steven.
Then she embarrasses him about his complexion? I mean, she's not wrong, but (sighs) Come on, Michael.
I know you're still mad at me, but you can't be.
Not today.
He's on your payroll now.
Talk to Liam.
LIAM: I was fully prepared to hate my mother-in-law, so no worries here.
Speaking of our little charade, I was thinking you should stay with me until the end of our contract.
It's our honeymoon phase.
You shouldn't be seen roaming around solo.
You want me to stay with you? Relax.
We have 16 bedrooms.
And it'll be less crazy than dealing with the paparazzi at your place.
Will it? J'attends la marée céleste (exhales) You could've introduced me to her.
After all, we are engaged.
I didn't introduce you because I want my family to celebrate our engagement.
Not forever associate it with my mother.
They think she's the devil.
What about you? I think anyone who put up with my father for that long deserves the benefit of the doubt.
Let's just hold off on telling people, okay? Until after she's gone? (drink pours) CRISTAL: She seems like a textbook narcissist.
Are you okay? Sure.
My ex-wife just crashed into my life, and my current one is walking out.
I didn't want to fight with you before the funeral, but I didn't call that lawyer because I wanted a divorce.
It was the opposite.
I called her to change the prenup so that you keep everything.
All I want to keep is you.
Why the hell is she back? Stella à qui Stella, stella chérie.
Oh! All of this wasn't necessary.
This is everything you asked for.
What are you doing here? How'd you even get past the guard at the gate? You mean Frank? I was the one who hired him, dear.
We're old friends.
I do hope it was a lovely service.
You've sure made yourself comfortable.
I've been catching up with the staff.
The place hasn't changed much, has it? It still feels like home.
BLAKE: Well, it isn't.
Not yours.
Anders, please see her out.
The lawyers will be here any moment now for the reading - of the will.
- ALEXIS: That's exactly it, Blake.
Didn't Anders tell you? You saying she's a beneficiary? - I'm afraid so, sir.
- Oh ANDERS: She didn't return my calls, so I had no idea.
ALEXIS: It was a surprise to me, too.
Although Thomas did promise me that whimsical red painting in the den.
- The Chagall? - (Fallon scoffs) - Unbelievable.
- Well, at least we know why you're back.
Let's get this over with.
ANDERS: This is the reading of the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Fitzsimmons Carrington.
As executor, Thomas asked me to gather you all together for the distribution of his estate.
As Blake knows, his father left his shares in C.
to him, and to the grandchildren, to be divided into their trusts.
A few items fall outside those trusts.
Fallon, you'll receive your grandmother's - jewelry collection.
- ALEXIS: I never understood why you didn't receive it when she died.
Maybe she knew you'd take it.
Thomas's watches and personal jewelry go to Steven.
ALEXIS: He never had very good taste, but you can always melt it down.
- Must you comment on everything? - Blake, let's just get through this.
Anders, continue.
His art collection is bequeathed to the High Museum, with the exception of one Chagall, left to Alexis, entitled Maternity.
Grandpa always had a good sense of humor.
ANDERS: He left me a generous sum of money, and his antique gun collection.
Hmm, I hope he left something for Fallon's friend.
I'd feel terrible if she didn't get anything.
ANDERS: As for real estate, parcels 1 through 178 are bequeathed to Blake; however, there is a codicil that bequeaths parcel 132 to Alexis.
He left her property? - FALLON: Where? New York? - Vienna, I think? The villa in Florence? Are you kidding me? ANDERS: Actually, no.
I'm afraid we're sitting in it.
- Oh, my God.
- Carrington Estate? He left her our home? All 341 acres.
ALEXIS: Oh, my God.
How generous.
Looks like you can go home again.
What the Do you think Alexis knew she was gonna get the house? FALLON: Of course she knew.
Why else show up after all these years? Maybe she just wanted to pay her respects to Grandpa.
So she waited until after he died? BLAKE: I'm with Fallon.
She got to my father somehow.
He was a fool for her charms.
Yeah, or her suspiciously buoyant breasts.
SAM: Still, she's your mom.
She wouldn't kick you out of your own home.
CRISTAL: I didn't realize your father owned all of this land.
He gifted it to me, but he kept his name on the deed for tax purposes.
Okay, let's just say, worst case scenario, this whole thing's legit, and she gets the house.
You guys can move into one of your others.
Perhaps there's a petit chateau somewhere? I will die before I move to the house in Switzerland.
I'm not gonna live in a place where nobody picks sides and everybody eats chocolate all day.
It's the epitome of weak.
No one is going anywhere.
This is our home.
You children were born and raised here, it represents our family, and she is not going to destroy that again.
My lawyers will find a way to overturn that will.
Wha that could take weeks, months.
I've got it handled.
As for you two, let's see some wedded bliss, huh? Come on, honey.
(clears throat) Hi, honey.
What my father meant is that my mother might sniff out this sham like the truffle pig that she is, and find a way to use it against us.
So, it's time for us to get acquainted.
I'm looking forward to it.
Sam can brief you.
As my assistant, he knows things not all things but what married man does? (door closes) BLAKE: What is happening? How did you get past the gate? I fired Frank.
Billy was there.
He and I have always had an understanding.
I'll bet.
And which of these three is your guard dog? Blake, please.
This is Mickey, my driver.
And Douglas, my tax assessor.
Assessor? You realize you can't sell a place you don't own yet.
Oh, I don't want to sell.
When I move in, I need to assess the estate, and all of the expenses that come with it.
Oh, go ahead, get started.
All you need to know is that I'm filing a restraining order until we get that will overturned.
Oh, Blake, don't be like that.
(door opens, closes) Well, surely, you can understand why he's upset.
Oh, I take everything he does with a bucket of salt.
We have a tempestuous, passionate dynamic.
(dog barking) Hmm.
And who is this? He's adorable.
What's his name? Krystle.
Oh, my God.
I didn't realize the coincidence until I said it out loud.
Can you believe it? No, I can't.
It's an interesting name for a male dog.
Sometimes a name just screams out at you.
He was a rescue.
Trashy little thing.
- (chuckles softly) - Desperate.
Practically ate garbage out of my hand.
Stinky little freeloader, aren't you, Krystle? Yes, you are.
Ooh, yes, you are.
Oh, yes, you are.
I do so love the opera.
Well, then you're at the wrong venue.
But we can't just sit here waiting for lucha libre to start.
We need to Hardy Boys the situation.
- "We"? - You're right, I meant you.
While Daddy may be taking the legal approach, if I can find some real leverage, we can kick her out sooner.
I mean, when was the last time Alexis saw my addled grandfather? Was it the day the codicil was drawn up? Just where she's been, who she's been with.
I'll take whatever you can find.
And why not you? It's always a very special day in a young lady's life when she goes behind her mother's back to find dirt to use against her.
I know.
And it does kill me to miss out.
But Daddy doesn't want me getting any closer.
He thinks I'll get emotional.
Even the most powerful men have their misconceptions.
Anyway, if I can't get her out of here, you can.
So, whatever it takes.
Are you sure that's what you want? Well, I don't say things I don't mean.
Unless it's "sorry.
" Let me know what you find.
I mean, does no one else think it's suspicious that she just shows up after all these years? I mean, I guess I would show up, too, if my estranged father-in-law left me the entire estate.
You don't think they were boning? No way, right? I mean, I know she's a lot, but she does have some standards.
I mean, you know, no offense, Grandpa.
Rest in peace, et cetera.
- I don't think they were boning, no.
- (sighs) Well, thank you for clearing that up.
Fallon, I don't even know why you're here right now.
I'm pouring my heart out to you.
- We're bonding.
- (phone vibrates) I'm only indulging you because it's your mother.
I know it's got to be rough on you.
But instead of sending Anders off to dig up her dirt, and coming here and venting to me, be a grown-up for a change.
Ask her to her face.
(ringtone playing) This is Alexis Carrington.
- FALLON: Hey, it's me.
- Who's calling? It's your daughter! (quietly): Bitch.
Listen, it's possible I was a bit unwelcoming, and, um, I was thinking, I do have a standing mani-pedi appointment tomorrow.
Couldn't help but notice when your claws were out earlier that you could use a little TLC.
You there? I was waiting for something that resembled a an invitation.
Oh, well, that was it.
Do you want to come? I mean, we could catch up.
I'd love that, Fallon.
Thank you.
FALLON: So, that's where you've been living then, with Rupert.
Well, sadly, he passed away last summer.
How much did you get out of that will? Mm, you know, I've really just been on my own.
Traveling Europe, Christmases in Acapulco.
The current murder capital of Mexico.
Well, I haven't been there recently.
Too bad.
Why don't you just ask me what you'd really like to ask me, instead of plying me with alcohol to loosen my tongue? (laughs) Aw.
You know, I'm the one who taught you that trick in eighth grade.
We're good.
If there's something you want to know, I have nothing to hide.
Why now? - What do you mean? - Well, you've missed 11 birthdays; my high school, college, and biz-school graduations; my first company; my wedding, which was complicated, but whatever.
And yet, you come back for Grandpa's funeral? For the painting or what? Did you know you were getting the house? I mean, why show up after all these years? First of all, this house means nothing to me without family in it.
And I do not want to displace anyone.
Are you delusional? You make it sound like I had a choice.
Do you really think that I left you behind willingly? Yes.
Fallon, your father practically banished me.
And the truth? He bribed a judge to take you out of my custody, and then paid me off to stay away.
And let me guess you took the money.
I did, yes, because I had nothing else.
But you don't know your father like I do.
If I hadn't taken it, God only knows what he would've done.
And what choice did you have then? He was a monster, right? Exactly.
Raising two kids on his own while you slept your way across Europe trying to survive? That must've been real tough for a psychopathic liar like yourself.
What the hell? She invited me, Blake.
I cannot believe you.
In my own home, turning my children against me.
You mean my home.
And you're the one who's been turning them against me, according to everything that Fallon said.
Well, I have a team of lawyers working 24/7 to reverse that codicil.
So, if I were you, I would just go before my guards have to drag you out of here by your extensions.
Oh, Blake, you shouldn't get yourself so riled up.
So many frown lines since the last time I saw you, mm.
Laugh lines.
Not that you would recognize them.
No one is falling for your act, Alexis.
If memory serves, you used to fall quite hard for me.
I mean, of course, we'd argue, but then we'd fall again and again.
And sometimes fall all over this desk.
Do you remember? Or that chair.
Didn't we conceive Fallon right there on the rug? In front of the fireplace.
It was down by the lake.
(clicks tongue) Oh, mm, after that strip croquet game.
Mmm, you sure knew how to swing a mallet.
You remember the first time we did it down at the stables, and dear Daddy caught us? And he chased me off with a shotgun.
- I never should have gone back.
- (chuckling) Aw, but you did, with a ring.
And then your father bought my family's farm and all of the land surrounding it.
And then he gave it to us for our wedding gift.
Now he's willed it all to me.
But you know, Thomas never did approve of our getting a divorce.
So, maybe it was his way of - getting us back together.
- Alexis Well, it's not the craziest idea.
You, me, our children.
And, oh, we could make new memories.
Hmm? Even if you were to get the house, it will be as cold and empty as your heart when you walked away from it.
- Hmm.
- I made a binder of Fallon's favorite things.
And I'll need to sign you up on social media as "Mr.
" Actually, "the real Mr.
Fallon," - so we don't risk dealing with impersonators.
- Yeah.
We wouldn't want someone else pretending to be Fallon's husband.
Look, I appreciate all the help, but I'm actually pretty good at reading people.
Enough to put on a temporary show.
Look, maybe this is ridiculous to you, but Fallon made this my job, and I don't want to get fired.
So work with me? - Okay.
- Okay.
We'll need rings, too.
Something modest, yet Fallon-worthy.
Three month's salary should do it.
Blake will pay.
Now, based on your size, you're, like, a mix in between Steven and Blake, which is well, something Fallon should work on in therapy.
But try that on.
- I'll turn around.
- Okay.
No, you're right, you should turn around.
Just, like a little bit.
Don't mind me, I'm just reminiscing.
I have more memories here than anywhere else in the world.
Blake's chauffeur lives here now.
This was my art studio.
I was never a very good artist, was I? (chuckles) I was never a critic.
You know, I always kicked myself after I left here for not fighting for this place.
This was my family's land.
But as a girl, nobody taught me to look out for me.
Accounts on the side, deeds in your name.
And now look it's all coming back to you tenfold.
Come on, you really think Blake's gonna let any of this go? If he can take two children from a mother, how hard can a house be? I need your help.
If I could get Fallon on my side, I'd have a fighting chance against him.
I don't know whether you've noticed, but your daughter's not too keen on that idea.
That's because she thinks I don't care.
And I have always cared.
You say that she wants to know more about me.
If you could give her these things, maybe it would help her see the truth.
I'm sorry, we both know where my allegiance lies.
Yes, I-I know.
You have always been here for our family.
But I need you to help get us back together.
For the children's sake.
(footfalls approaching) Oh, Anders, you always come through.
Please tell me there's something in there I can use against my mother.
Well, I'm afraid I may disappoint.
There's nothing in there that contradicts anything she told you.
A few clippings.
A string of relationships moved her around Europe Paris, Prague.
Kenyan safari, Courchevel ski trips.
I get the picture.
Gold digger 101.
Well, I couldn't comment on that.
These are some things I dug up from her last time here.
Stuff that she gave me to give to you when you started asking questions about her.
But you've had this for that long, and I've never You didn't ask.
(knock on door) CRISTAL: Hey.
How are you holding up? Don't you want to wait 11 years to ask me that? Apparently, that's what this family does.
It's a good thing you don't consider me family then.
You've been putting up with her marvelously.
I'm very impressed.
You should've heard the lies she was spouting, saying that she would've come back, but my dad banished her, that he paid off a judge to win custody.
I mean, complete insanity.
Well What? I mean, there are two sides to every story, but Spit it out.
It's true.
I found out when I squashed that exposé on Judge Daniels.
What? Wait.
But if my dad paid off a judge, that means that my mom should've had custody.
I can't speak to that.
But I know Blake can.
Ah, you can take those through here.
Um, wine through the kitchens.
- Have you seen what is this? - Tuesday.
Oh, and the day we celebrate all of the birthdays that Mom missed.
Evidently, something you said yesterday got to her and so now she's throwing us 11 birthday parties - all at once.
- She's doing it here? I know.
Strong move.
But at least she's trying.
Maybe instead of fighting her, we give her a chance? I know it sounds crazy, but It doesn't sound that crazy.
I do like presents and Dad will lose his mind, which is a gift all unto itself.
What's all this? A visual representation of all the joy you robbed from us.
Can you just tell me what's going on? I can't believe all these years you made us think she was the enemy when really, you rigged her exit.
I assume you're talking about your mother.
I don't think she meant Hillary Clinton.
I know you paid off Judge Daniels for custody.
- Who told you that? - Mom did.
I didn't need to pay anyone for them to see the truth.
If I'd been forced to share custody, your mother would've left the country with the two of you the first chance she got.
Don't you see what she's doing? She's pitting us against each other.
ALEXIS: Oh, good, you're all here.
How the hell did you get back in? - I fired Billy.
- Oh, you're adorable.
When are you gonna realize that I am the one who hired all of the staff? I'm throwing a party for my children.
You think you can just throw some glitter in their face and all will be forgiven? No.
This ends now.
What's the problem, Daddy? You really want to prove that you didn't send her away before? Well, don't send her away now.
Give Mom a chance to prove herself.
Go ahead.
See for yourself what kind of person she really is.
Thank you, darling.
(smooches) (sighs) My daughter's first husband.
You can call me Liam.
It's perfect running into you.
Perhaps you can help me with the menu for this evening.
I'm sure that Fallon's palate has refined over the years, but does she still like foie gras? I'm pretty sure that's not PC to eat anymore which is exactly why Fallon loves it.
She tried to go vegan for me, but who is she kidding? The things we do for love.
Right? Thank you.
You've been so helpful.
Chapter nine, Liam.
Fallon Carrington has no sympathy for protein.
Put this on.
- It's a bit much.
- So is this family.
Driver/bodyguard/eye candy.
- Name's Mickey.
- Uh-huh.
Listen, Mick, why don't you take the afternoon off? Go lift weights or drink light beer or something.
I'll drive my mother back to the hotel.
I got to run that past Mrs.
C first.
That's cute and I won't bore you with sentiment, but Mrs.
C and I could use some quality time.
So, which hotel am I taking her to? Um, I'm not totally sure what it's called.
Uh you know, I think she mentioned the Fairbank in Druid Hills.
Yeah, that-that's right.
It's the Fairbank.
That's not even a real hotel.
And you're not my mother's driver, you're her Uber.
Try cleaning your windshield once in a while.
Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where has my mother been staying? The address he gave me is an hour outside Atlanta.
I mean, what if I go to it and find some other husband she's been gold-digging or another freak-show family? Like, literal freaks.
There is civilization beyond the city, Fallon.
- It's not hill people out there.
- See? You're making me feel better already.
Please come with me.
- No.
- Culhane.
I know I've called on you for a lot of things lately, but my mother showing up suddenly and taking the house away? I mean, this is uncharted territory.
Put that down.
You are my rock.
You are my bridge over troubled waters, the wind beneath my wings.
- (phone vibrates) - I'm running out of classic ballads, but I really need you right now, Michael.
(sighs) You're the only person I can count on.
Let's go see what your mother's been up to.
You must've gotten the wrong address.
FALLON: I don't believe this.
She told me she spends her time traveling all over Europe.
Well, judging from the outside of this thing, it hasn't left Georgia in months.
Didn't she get a chunk of change from Blake in the divorce? Yeah.
And she claims he paid her off to keep her away.
Then where's all the money? There isn't any more.
She's not here for family.
She's back because the money ran out.
Well, check this out.
Looks like she got her hands on a wedding announcement.
I may or may not have done the same thing.
(exhales) Well, that's weird.
How did she get? Hey, is that her with Steven? That picture looks like it It was taken six months ago.
And this one is from last summer.
That's why Steven's been acting so weird since she arrived.
She's been in contact with him the whole time.
I guess the question is who hasn't been lying to me? CRISTAL: Why are we doing this? Why are we welcoming this woman into our house? We're not welcoming her.
It's just Alexis, she insinuates herself wherever she pleases.
It's part of her game.
Well, I am not playing anymore.
Don't you get it? She is manipulating everyone, especially you.
Me? - Oh, you're being ridiculous.
- Am I? Then why don't we just give her the house and we move out? I am not giving her my home.
It's four walls, Blake.
We can buy another one.
Technically, it's 182 walls, give or take.
This is my family's legacy.
You don't just walk away from that.
Is that what you're afraid of walking away from? Or is it her? What is that supposed to mean? It means she clearly has some kind of hold over you.
You like being engaged in a war with her.
Otherwise, why would you be putting up with this? Blake, was it Steven or Fallon whose first baby food was white truffles? Both.
Keep these coming.
Wasn't expecting a party like this for two grown adults.
Nothing like the guilt of divorced parents with billions of dollars, am I right? Mom, what's with all the gifts? This is too much.
I have missed 11 birthdays.
That's 11 presents, not to mention Christmases.
There's a lot to make up for.
I forgot a wedding gift.
Uh, though I could get you rings.
I noticed that you weren't wearing one.
Thanks, ma'am, but we're all set.
That's miss to you.
I do find it odd that I never noticed that before.
I do have a keen sense of jewelry.
- You do.
- Mm.
Because you're right, I-I wasn't wearing one before.
It's, uh, it's my fault, really.
We were getting them resized 'cause they're, uh, they're my grandparents' rings.
- Oh.
- LIAM: You see, my grandfather, he fell madly in love with a girl, but she was rich and he was poor.
And her parents forbade them from seeing each other.
He nearly died in the war and she nearly married someone else, but they found each other - ten years later.
- Aw.
They even died the same night, holding each other's hands.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I-I know it sounds crazy, but, uh, I guess that's the kind of crazy I feel about your daughter.
How sweet.
Well, that was impressive.
Was any of it true? - Might've plagiarized The Notebook.
- (laughs) Uh, Mrs.
Gunnerson just informed me that you're putting all of this on the household account.
For convenience sake.
We'll untangle it later.
Uh, and the cost of the carpet cleaning? Oh, Krystle.
Looks like somebody needs a little walk.
Naughty little boy.
Come on.
Outside we go.
(door opens) Where the hell is she?! What's the matter? Why are you so? She's taken Krystle for a piddle.
The dog, not You lying bitch! What in God's name? Steven, what happened? I have a feeling we're about to find out.
FALLON: Was any of it true? Or has it all been a lie since the day you arrived? What on earth are you talking about? Where have you been the last ten years? The last five? Hell, the last month? I told you I was all over Europe, Dubai You couldn't afford to send a postcard to Dubai.
I know all about your Duck Dynasty trailer.
You went there? Well, that's just a temporary situation.
Oh, as in temporary insanity? I'm in the process of developing that land for a summer home.
Casa Morell.
The architects are doing the plans as we speak.
FALLON: What is wrong with you? You are unbelievable.
I have caught you red-handed, and you're doubling down on more lies.
How dare you call your mother a liar.
You don't even know me.
How could I? I'm not the child you chose to stay in touch with.
Well, I Steven at least bothers.
(laughs) Oh.
There it is.
Now we get to see what it looks like when Alexis Carrington runs out of lies.
You know, for a second for a split second you actually had me believing that you cared, but you don't care about anybody but yourself.
What kind of horrible woman abandons their daughter? That's not true.
My feelings for my children are completely genuine.
Nothing about you is genuine.
- (screams) - (grunts) You spiteful little brat! (both grunting) (both shriek) (Krystle barking) (gasping) You bitch! Okay, I better break this up before someone drowns.
- Don't you dare.
- (screaming) (muffled screaming) You were never a mother to us! As if anyone could mother you.
You were born an egomaniac! Like mother, like daughter! Obviously, we should've spanked you more as a child.
I always told you she needed to see a specialist, and now she's gone and lost her mind.
Actually, that was rather subdued behavior - for Fallon.
- I guess your lies finally caught up with you, Alexis.
You're the one who poisoned her against me.
- You poisoned yourself.
- (gunshot) - (shrieks) - Fallon, what are you doing? That's more typical.
You may remember this.
A little gift Mommy Dearest sent to me for my sweet 16.
You know, to show me how much she cared.
- Fallon, put that away.
- Listen to him, Fallon.
Just sit down and let's talk about this.
Why? So you can feed me more of your lies? You want the house? Fine, take it.
But if you think we're gonna be one big happy family here, I have news for you.
Bang, bang I will never ever live under the same roof as you again.
Bang, bang Bang, bang Bang, bang Bang, bang.
Thank you.
Why didn't you ask me for money when you reached out last year? I didn't want you to think that's why I was reaching out.
And true, my finances aren't ideal, but it's nothing to worry about, truly.
Well, you should've given me a heads-up you were coming.
Might've helped me keep the peace with Fallon.
I doubt it.
You know your sister.
You were always my son, and she was always her father's daughter.
I just don't want her mad at me.
You have no idea what that's like.
Pool fights and bullet sprays aside.
You know, most children of divorce are forced to choose between their parents.
I just don't want Fallon to make you choose between mother and sister.
Family's complicated, isn't it? You'll really understand it once you start a family of your own.
I actually I wanted to tell you I'm engaged.
(chuckles) Well, that's fantastic.
Do I know him? You've met him.
Cristal's nephew? Oh, that is wonderful.
Oh, Steven, congratulations.
Michael, - where have you been? - Sorry I've been M.
I got roped into the Fallon side of this whole mother-daughter thing.
And you know how she expects me to put my life on hold - if she so much as chips a nail.
- Yeah.
Not that I'm blaming her.
It's me.
If I don't set boundaries, learn to say no Trust me, I understand, but that's not what this is about.
Evidently, your mother has been trying to reach you, and your sister called the house.
I-I'm sorry they bothered you with that.
I've been meaning to call them back, but that's exactly what - I'm talking - Michael, what I'm trying to tell you is your father's been admitted to hospital.
You need to talk to your family.
Your door was unlocked.
That's a little unsafe.
Then again, you probably keep your valuables in your summer home.
What is that, a convertible? (chuckles) What do you want? Where's my dog? Krystle? (kissing) Krystle? - Krystle? - Your charade is over, Alexis.
My lawyers discovered the codicil is invalid.
Turns out, it was drawn up a few years ago, when my father had open heart surgery, and you coerced him to sign it while he was still under heavy sedation.
That is not true and you know it.
I have an injunction against you stepping foot on my property until the courts officially overrule the codicil, which they will.
Of course they will, once you pay them to.
You can't do this to me.
I will fight you harder this time because I have nothing to lose.
Well, now that is the first true thing you've said.
I'm sorry about your dog.
He ran right out when I opened the door.
I hope the coyotes don't get him.
You son of a bitch! You're not gonna get away with this, Blake Carrington.
I am gonna get everything back that you took from me my money, my house, my children! And you, you're the one who's gonna end up living here until you rot in hell! Krystle! So what do you have planned for today? Another wedding? Funeral? Good gunfight outside a saloon? I guess you haven't exactly gotten to see my best side yet.
My mother really brings out the awful in me.
Honestly, I'm kind of enjoying the free entertainment that, uh, came with our arrangement.
You're not gonna move out? Not yet.
I'll keep you posted.
Well, I'll tell you what, why don't you let me make up for everything by taking you shopping.
Not exactly a reward for a straight guy.
Besides, Sammy Jo gave me the once-over.
Who said we were talking about clothes? Let's go buy some cars.
Anders, perfect timing.
Will you tell Culhane to bring the car around? We're going out.
I'd be happy to take you.
Well, that's okay.
Culhane can drive us if he's available.
Well, actually, um, Michael tendered his resignation this morning.
He no longer works for the family.
Uh, if you're heading for the loft, I have additional bad news.
What part of "injunction" don't you understand? Are you off your meds? You realize I've had time to reload.
There's that wicked sense of humor again.
Uh, Joseph, would you be a love and bring me some fresh linens? And maybe some pantry items? Fresh pâté, tins of Beluga, and a case of champagne to celebrate.
What are you doing? This is Culhane's place.
Not anymore.
Well, it never really was.
You know, Fallon, you might remember through old photos in dusty albums that this stable was built on my family's farm.
When Daddy and I were married, his father bought the deed from my father.
Which means we own it, along with the house you tried to take from us.
Actually, when I heard there was a vacancy, I looked into the land rights.
And as it turns out, Thomas deeded this to me.
Which means that the land around the stables belongs to you, but this is mine.
- Well, that can't be true.
- Anders.
I'm afraid she's right, sir.
I confirmed ownership this morning.
(softly): Thank you.
You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
I'll invite them, as well as you, to the housewarming party.
He'll come around.
And after all, it's the least I deserve, considering he stole the rest of the estate.
He didn't take anything from you.
I did.
I paid off some anesthesiologist to change the time of Grandpa's surgery to when the codicil was signed.
I'm only telling you now because we both know you're too poor to prove it.
You are your father all over again.
But Daddy was wrong, banishing you from our lives.
Someone like you needs to be destroyed.
And you, my dear, need to be smothered.
With love.
For the first time in your life, I'm gonna make you care about other people.
And I am going to prove to you just how much you really are loved, even if it kills you, Fallon.
Because I am your damn mother.