Dynasty (2017) s01e18 Episode Script

Don't Con a Con Artist

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Hi, Mom.
I can't believe it.
You look so handsome.
- This is Liam, my husband.
- It's Ridley.
Liam Ridley.
STEVEN: I'm engaged.
- It's Sam.
- Cristal's nephew? Bequeaths parcel 132 to Alexis.
He left her our home? She is manipulating everyone.
Especially you.
Your father's been admitted to hospital.
ANDERS: Michael tendered his resignation this morning.
You little brat! (screams) Good thing Where have you gone? - Good, good - My good thing - You've been gone too long - Good thing Good, good, good Good God, girl Good, good Good God, girl Good God, girl FALLON: I'm sorry.
Is today some sort of labor holiday that I don't celebrate? Where the hell is breakfast? I was just explaining that the former Mrs.
Carrington has invited you to dine in the loft.
Well, not all of you.
Blake and Fallon.
Ever the gracious hostess.
Only way I'm stepping foot in that loft again is to burn it down.
Just have Mrs.
Gunnerson whip up something small for the rest of us.
Unfortunately, Alexis has commandeered the kitchen staff as well.
She's not Grandpa.
She can't just waltz in there and start ordering people around.
Apparently, she can do whatever she wants around here.
BLAKE: Anders? Assemble the staff.
And what about her? She's a child playing a child's game.
Best just to ignore her.
Well she's not taking my bacon without a fight.
(classical music playing) (whimpers) And I thought Bo was the only one who begged for scraps.
ALEXIS: Well, hello.
I was hoping you'd join us.
Oh, I'm not joining you.
I'm taking back breakfast.
And my dog.
Well, well, well.
Benedict Carrington and Benedict Jo.
Of course you both are here.
So I like eggs Benedict.
You don't have to be nasty about it.
We're just having a meal together, Fallon.
Is that such a crime? Everything she does is criminal.
From her eye shadow to her patented brand of neglect.
- Blame me for the past if you must.
- Okay.
But please join us for brunch.
We're celebrating Steven's engagement.
Engagement? - Mom - She didn't know? I was gonna tell you.
When? On your honeymoon? The other day.
Before you slapped me.
He was gonna ask you to be his maid of honor.
Been thinking of a ceremony in Sicily, and then spend the next few years traveling.
Steven mentioned that.
How fun.
FALLON: Well, I won't ruin your little celebration.
Fallon, I want to celebrate with the people I love, all of them.
We're planning a proper engagement party at the house.
- Not with her.
- Where everyone can feel welcome.
That's a wonderful idea.
And a perfect excuse to get a new outfit.
With what money? Sam, you should come with me.
I'll take you to L.
Luft Boutique.
Oh, it'll be a great getting to know you.
First thing you should know is I look good in everything.
From black tie to community theater production of Hair.
Thank you.
Come on, Fallon.
What do you say? Bo.
(tongue clicking) (grumbles, whimpers) FALLON: How does he not see it? She walks out on us for over ten years, and now he just wants to pick up like she just ran to the corner for a pack of cigarettes? I guess everyone has a different way of dealing with trauma.
By causing more? She says she's here for us, but she's here for her money because she's broke, and now she's luring the family back to her one by one.
First Steven, and now she's got her sights set on Sammy Jo.
I mean, it's like the zombie apocalypse.
Soon, I'll be the only one left with a brain.
Who served you that? I'm starving.
It was in the bowl.
She's out there eating my bacon, while I am reduced to decorative fruit? She may have weaseled her way into that loft, but she is not making it into Steven's engagement photos.
We need to get her out of here.
BLAKE: Thanks for coming.
I believe you all know my wife, Mrs.
Carrington? What? Of course they do, Blake.
Then, they need reminding.
There's an imposter living in the stable house, going by the same name.
You answer to me.
And to Cristal.
Not Alexis.
Are we clear? Well, perhaps we need reintroductions.
This is Tony, our gardener, who cuts as much grass as he smokes.
Jeanette, our best housekeeper, can't remember instructions.
Gunnerson, head of the kitchen, whose several family members eat well at my expense.
However, they all do good work, and that outweighs their small deficiencies.
But they are not indispensable.
Blake, can we please not do this? Mrs.
Gunnerson, how long have you been with me? 16 years.
And did you have a conversation with Mrs.
Carrington about moving breakfast to the loft? Yes, sir.
- Alexis asked if - Wrong.
You did not have a conversation with Mrs.
You had a conversation with the imposter.
And if I catch any of you talking to, talking about, or in any way aiding that succubus out in the stable house, you are done here.
And you, Mrs.
Gunnerson, can pack your things.
Back to work.
(sighs) Well, the upside of having an absentee mother, her not knowing I'd have the keys to Culhane's place.
(keys clatter) So you and the driver were a couple.
I was trying to figure out what was going on there for the longest time.
Yeah, well, join the club.
But instead of worrying about my love life, why don't you be my lookout? My mother just moved all of her priceless trailer trash into this loft, so if she's hiding something Wait.
You don't even know what you're looking for? Well, I know my mom, and if she's not slinging mud, then she's probably rolling around in it, so there's got to be some kind of dirt around here somewhere.
Well, considering she's had people here, - it has to be hidden, right? - Mm-hmm.
I'd say check behind the paintings, under window jambs.
Uh, an air vent is always a good hiding spot, if you ask me.
The Talented Mr.
This isn't where you tell me you're on the FBI's Most Wanted list, is it? Because this family does have a type.
Not a criminal.
I just like mystery novels.
And, besides, I used to, uh, build houses.
- Oh.
- I took a crash course on you.
But did it never cross your mind to ask anything about me? Don't take it personally.
How would you know if I did? Okay.
So how did you end up building houses? I, uh, I went to Japan to volunteer after the tsunami.
(laughs softly) My dad always joked that I would marry a Democrat.
Just didn't realize he would be a socialist, too.
(floor creaks) Oh, wait, stop.
Did you hear that? That spot made a different sound.
This is sad.
Hiding her valuables like a paranoid, underprivileged squirrel.
What is all this? Cell phone records, immigration docs.
Mug shot.
Well, we definitely found dirt on someone.
FALLON: Oh, my God.
Sammy Jo.
(sighs) What the hell are you up to, Alexis? Pick out anything your big, sloppy heart desires.
It's on me.
You know, if you're trying to buy my love, I'm totally okay with that.
(chuckles) We have a big day ahead of us, so, um, champagne, please.
- (sighs) You know me so well already.
- (chuckles) You have no idea, darling.
Look at this.
It's-it's a rap sheet on Sam.
LIAM: Eight shoplifting charges? Geez, at some point he's got to realize he's not very good at it.
At least they have something in common.
In sixth grade, my mother used to shove fancy lingerie in my backpack after my dad cut up her credit cards.
Well, those two definitely shouldn't be shopping together, then.
Oh, my God.
Hmm? I know what she's doing.
She's not suddenly being nice to Sam because he's marrying Steven; she's trying to stop it from happening.
(sighs) He's not picking up, and his voice mail is in Spanish.
- I have no idea what he's saying.
- Where are you going? To pry Sam from my mother's manicured talons.
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh How did you meet Steven? Hotel lobby.
So they say I'm trouble A prolific storyteller, I see.
The story worth telling was when he proposed.
We were at Thomas' funeral, which is kind of dark and twisted, but I loved it.
And it was all in Spanish.
I heard about that.
I was thrilled to bits.
So, Steven says that you're from Venezuela? We've actually talked about moving to South America.
He would love it there.
What about you? Any grand love story worth telling? Like a lord in England or a duke in France? My grand love story is between me and Blake.
I suppose everything happens for a reason.
If we were still together, you might never have met Steven.
- Well, now I feel bad.
- Oh, don't.
A marriage might not last, but an ex-wife is forever.
(scoffs) Ooh.
I open my eyes - Only come out at night - Hey, hey Only come out at night I love it.
Only come out at night.
You didn't have to fire her, Blake.
You do realize that some of these people have families to support.
They all needed the reminder about where their loyalties lie.
Anders will come to me later today and he'll say, "Mrs.
Gunnerson apologizes and she'd like her job back.
" And I will give her her job back, and the others will say, "Oh, Mr.
Carrington, he's a hard man, but he's a fair man.
" And what did Culhane do? Didn't fire Culhane, he quit without explanation, I might add.
It's a shame, too.
He was one of my favorites.
First employee I hired after Alexis.
Goes to show you, you can't count on anyone.
(machines beeping) Mrs.
Carrington, what are you doing here? I hope you don't mind.
Anders told me where you were.
I'm so sorry about your father.
Is there anything I can do? What happened? My dad came in for a simple checkup and they found something, but they haven't been able to diagnose it yet.
That's why you left so abruptly.
Part of it.
And have you called the other part yet? I know she's worried about you.
Please do not tell her.
Right now, I just just really need some space.
Well, to be honest, I came here to try to convince you to come back.
But, obviously, what is happening here is important.
LUELLA: Michael? Who's this? Oh, this is, um, Mrs.
I just came to make sure that you and your family have everything that you need.
Michael means so much to us.
Truly, he's more than a chauffeur, he's family.
Chauffeur? You must have him confused with someone else.
Michael's a vice president at Carrington Atlantic.
You lied to your father and me? Ma, I can explain.
Why would you do that, Michael? I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Tried to warn you.
Fallon? What are you doing here? I came to pay for whatever junk you picked out, since I know she can't afford it.
I wouldn't want my dear brother's fiancé to walk off empty-handed.
Don't be ridiculous.
I always have "special occasion" cash.
And what's that? Two-for-one coupons at the dollar store? Wow.
Thought you said your personal space was non-negotiable.
I'm just waiting to see if her credit card gets declined.
- No such luck.
- CASHIER: Just a signature.
Thank you, Mommy.
All right, come on, let's go.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna have to ask you to show me your bags.
One of our silent alarms went off.
I've often been told I fit the profile.
You're good.
Excuse me? FALLON: Oh.
Old habits do die hard.
I did not take that watch.
Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me.
I have no idea how that watch got in there.
This is unacceptable.
I am a Carrington.
Oh, my God, what are we gonna do? They're going to arrest your mom.
You're welcome.
Now you can afford to buy yourself something pretty from the vending machine.
Thank God.
What a nightmare.
I can't tell you what it means that you're here for me, Fallon.
Where'd she go? You just posted bail.
Oh, that wasn't bail.
Well, then Sam didn't do it.
You put that watch in my bag.
Don't con a con artist, darling.
Now, if you want out of here, you'll have to agree to my terms.
Terms? (chuckles) - What terms? - Simply that you leave.
Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be easier the second time around.
But I just got back here, and my babies need me.
Especially you, Fallon.
Yes, and I've really been enjoying the mother-daughter bail-bonding time, but I think we both know you didn't take Sam shopping just to bond.
Explain this.
You didn't seem to have a problem with him at your little Brady Brunch.
Steven is sensitive, and I didn't want him to feel judged.
Well, it's nice to see you're concerned about one of your kids' feelings.
I care about both of you.
Your good-bye note to me was a Post-it that said, "Carbs are for losers.
" That bit was motivational, and it worked, for the most part.
This bus ticket is nonrefundable, and it has your name on it.
If you agree to use it, then I will get you out.
If not, if you want to rot here, it's fine.
It's totally up to you.
You made bail.
Thank you, baby.
What? I'm sorry I told you I was an executive.
But I just didn't want you and Dad to be disappointed that I was only a driver.
You've been hanging around those people too long if you think your job has anything to do with why we're proud.
It would break your father's heart to know you've forgotten what's important.
(knock on door) I'm sorry for saying too much earlier, and I want to make it up to you.
I found a doctor who can help.
You don't have to do that.
Hold on.
Let her finish.
Fair or not and it's not the Carringtons have access to the best medical care.
Better doctors, better hospitals.
Our family wants to help yours.
Please let us.
Don't know about Michael, but I say hell yes.
Okay, good.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I reached out to the head of the hospital.
She was at a conference in New York.
But I sent C.
's jet for her, and she reviewed your father's records on the way back.
This is Dr.
I was just speaking to the techs about your father's tests, and my hunch is that he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
It's more prevalent in children, but I've been seeing the numbers rise here in adults the past few years.
Why is that? It's been linked to viral infections, environmental factors.
Regardless of the cause, we have a clinical trial that's showing great promise.
I'll make sure that your father's included.
The one percent is good for some things at least one percent of the time.
Thank you for this.
And you're part of our family, Michael.
No matter where you work.
Gunnerson? What are you doing? I told you to pack your suitcase.
So unless you've been living out of a tea cart all these years No, sir, I haven't.
Is that for Alexis? Did she hire you back?! No, I did.
(quietly): Thank you.
A word.
Respectfully, sir, Mrs.
Gunnerson has worked for this family for 16 years.
And you love her beef Wellington.
Well, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
I drew a line.
I told them that I would fire anyone that helped that witch.
Then you'd have to fire me, too, sir.
We need to talk.
You don't just bail Cruella out.
I had a plan.
Your plan was to let our own mother rot in jail.
Well, that was her plan for your fiancé until I intervened to save Sam's ass.
Why would I believe anything you have to say right now? Not only did you want to leave her in jail, you admitted you put her there in the Children.
It hurts me to see you two fighting.
I'm fine.
I mean, it was dirty and morally degrading.
I am famished.
Stop clutching your plastic pearls, Mother.
You did all of this to yourself.
What's that? FALLON: I found this in her loft.
She hired a P.
to investigate your fiancé.
She's trying to liposuck Sam out of your life.
I have supported their engagement since day one.
- You mean yesterday.
- You, on the other hand, have tried to ruin Cristal and her family since the beginning.
Steven told me.
We know what you're doing, Fallon.
But the fact that you'd go to such lengths Wait, this is your research on Sam? What? No.
Trying to pin it on me.
Clever, I'll give you that.
(scoffs) You don't actually believe her? You are so desperately clinging to the idea of having one big happy family that you can't even see what she's doing.
She doesn't care about your future with Sam.
Probably because she knows there's no other way for her to sink her claws into your part of the Carrington fortune if he's there.
Then why hasn't she asked me for a single penny the whole time we've been in contact? I would've given her anything, but she hasn't had her hand out once.
You will go so far to prove a point that sometimes you just miss it completely.
So don't involve my fiancé in your insanity again, or you won't be invited to the wedding.
Eh, you and Alexis always were thick as thieves.
She'd like to think so.
I have never gone against the best interests of this family.
Did you force Culhane out so that wretched beast could move in? Not at all.
Although, once Culhane had expressed a desire to leave, I may have mentioned the vacancy.
And I may have delivered the photo albums to Fallon, an attempted detente.
And you were the one that contacted Alexis in the first place.
As executor of your father's will.
This is not about the pull she has over me, which, I admit, she does.
It's about the effect she has on you.
And the truth is, she's a big part of your life.
At your father's house, you said you missed her.
Now, while you work out what that means There's nothing to work out! While you work out what that means, I have to protect you and this family from your feud.
I don't need protection.
Not from my ex-wife and certainly not from a member of my staff.
I will handle this myself.
I'm a grown man.
I'm aware of that.
I raised you.
And now you're done.
You're fired.
(door opens) (door shuts) Well, that was a nightmare.
They were a nightmare.
- The inmates? - No.
My mother and sister.
Fallon says that my mother is trying to set you up, and my mother says that Fallon's trying to set you up.
So, any idea who's telling the truth? I know better than to get in between a gay boy and his mother.
- But you think she's lying? - Look, I didn't see anything, but why would Fallon all of a sudden turn on me like this? I just hate the "she said, she said.
" It's like junior high all over again.
I get it.
Even after all the bad things my mom did, part of me was just happy she was back in my life.
It's not really the same.
Your mom kidnapped my sister.
Well, if your sister's right, your mom tried to put me in jail.
It's never easy to realize your parents are just people.
Especially when they're not the people you want them to be.
I was never the person my father wanted me to be.
Or Fallon, for that matter.
But my mom never had a problem with who I was.
She never doubted me.
I just want to give her the same chance.
So now you fired Anders? Why? What happened, did he hire himself back? What are you thinking, Blake? Anders is your right-hand man.
Your father hired him.
Is this some sort of reaction to Thomas' death? Please don't.
We're not in therapy yet.
This is not a reaction, it's a business decision.
Well, it's a poor one.
Years of loyalty and service aside, what about the simple fact that your son's engagement party - is tomorrow night? - It's a dinner.
Skeleton staff can handle it.
(exhales) It scares me that you can be so unfeeling towards people who have been a vital part of your life and family.
Culhane left.
And you haven't even asked why.
This is our home but it's also a business, and there's no room for sentimentality.
All those years I thought Anders was by my side, it turns out his loyalties still lie with Alexis.
So that's what this is about her.
Are you still in love with her, Blake? How can you ask me that? You've seen how miserable I have been since the moment she walked back into this house.
- How can Steven not see through her lies? - Well, in his defense, it is plausible you created that entire file yourself.
That would be next-level diabolical and take a ton of effort.
You mean like framing someone for shoplifting? Framing? I simply shifted the blame onto the guilty party.
I mean, some would say I did the right thing, - you know, took the high road.
- You were literally just sending him memes of your mom as the Wicked Witch.
Well, some people are visual learners.
You think I'm being harsh, but you really don't get the stakes here.
I mean, my whole life, I could never really count on either one of my parents.
Steven was the only one.
He was always in my corner, no matter what, right or wrong, thick or thin.
That's what brothers are for.
Yeah, but now, with Alexis' loving-mother routine pulling the wool over his eyes, I'm afraid I might really lose him to her, forever.
And then who would I have? Well, you'll always have me.
Until our contract expires.
Have you ever considered therapy? Just you, your mom, and a highly educated and courageous shrink? Not enough drugs in the world.
Funny you say that.
My parents' hippie therapist had them do a session while candy-flipping.
They got so high, all their truths came out, along with a lot of involuntary teeth-clenching.
But afterwards, they were stronger than ever.
After they both slept with the therapist and Well, as far as Steven is concerned, it's still my word against hers, so unless I can get her to tell the truth, which is hard without a lie detector or truth serum SAM: The one time I rolled, it was a total disaster.
I spent three hours in the subway, telling complete strangers my life story.
They thought I was some sort of art installation, and I actually made, like, 20 bucks.
But I told them everything.
And I mean everything.
Now, I'm not saying I could get the drugs for you, but if I could, it might expose your mother for what she really is.
- She's not gonna dose her mom.
- You don't know her, then.
I've never seen you this desperate.
I don't think you would be if you weren't trying to prove the truth.
So let's prove it.
(jazz piano playing) Thank you.
I told them three times, but they still couldn't find the right grenache.
- How is it? - It's missing something.
Maybe a dash of Mrs.
It can't be that bad.
Have you ever hosted a party without Anders before? This is gonna be interesting.
Are you sure you want to drug your mother in front of Steven's closest friends? Oh, relax.
We're only spilling tea, not blood.
I'd feel a lot more comfortable if we had a plan B.
And I'd feel more comfortable if we could rewind two weeks to when my mother was living her best Grey Gardens life in her trailer miles away, but we can't.
As long as we expose her as a fraud, I don't care if we give her a horse tranquilizer and she talks for a month straight.
One night'll be more than enough.
Looks like our mark has arrived.
Let's go over the plan again.
It's not Ocean's Eleven, Sam.
We're gonna slip some Molly into her drink, I'm gonna take her into the study and record her confession about how she tried to set you up.
Don't overcomplicate it.
Well, there's one complication.
I couldn't get Molly.
My dealer gave me Dolly.
Apparently the same thing.
(sighs) Well, I guess if her designer handbags are knockoffs, her designer drugs should be, too.
Here we are.
Parents of the groom.
We should share a toast.
Well, surely we could put aside our long, national nightmare for the time it takes to clink a glass.
To Steven, who's getting married despite our best efforts to prove the institution is a sham.
(chuckles) Curious soiree.
Bit more eclectic than I expected.
Are we trying to be modern? I get the subtext.
I fired Anders.
Ah, that's why the pâté tastes like cat food.
Have you been eating cat food in that trailer? How could you fire Anders? He's family.
He's been here for every milestone in Steven's life.
And yours.
Do you remember that story when you found out that Anders was the Tooth Fairy? You were sick of silver dollars, and you wanted a Lego set.
He spent hours and hours putting that thing together, and then he stepped on it and woke you up.
And that's when he became a Lego fan.
He has the Sydney Opera House in his room now.
He's a gem.
Always trying to uphold tradition in the face of chaos.
He certainly kept our children safe in the eye of our hurricane.
Give us a little credit.
Wasn't always stormy.
Well, I have a party to tend to.
Short-staffed and whatnot.
(chuckles) Hi.
ALEXIS: How do you do? It's a pleasure.
I've heard wonderful things about you.
You look amazing.
But you need to warn us when you let the cougar out of the cage.
Now, how beautiful is this, huh? Thank the staff for packing up my stuff.
I've got a pretty long drive ahead of me, so I should probably get going.
Why don't you stay for a moment? - The hospital's not far.
- No, but my family's house is way out in Clarke County.
Clarke County? How long have they lived there? That's where I grew up.
Really? You've been ignoring my texts for two weeks, but you can come up here to talk to Cristal? I'm gonna give you two some space.
I mean, you couldn't even send a "talk to the hand" emoji? - You just left without saying good-bye? - Pretty sure boyfriends aren't required to give exit interviews.
If I'd have told you, you'd have just tried to convince me to stay.
And I can't be in heavy rotation for you anymore.
Not to mention you've got a fake marriage to uphold.
- So that's what this is about? - No.
This is about years of you putting yourself first and me putting my life on hold for you.
So we can't even be friends? What exactly would us being friends look like? Just out of curiosity.
When you need me, I'd be there for you, like when you were there for me.
That's all I mean.
Being there for you was my job.
Then pay me.
- (chuckles softly) - You know? - Just as a friend.
- I don't think you're qualified for that position, Fallon.
And you know we could never be friends.
You wanted to do this before they serve dinner.
It's time.
Mom, do you think we could put our war on hold? At least for tonight.
You know, let Steven and Sam have a little peace, and then we can get back to the backstabbing and the name-calling.
- Aren't you the sweetest.
- (chuckles) - To love that never dies.
- And a night we'll never forget.
So, how does that work? Sam being such a connoisseur of champagne in public.
What do you mean? Well, just that you've announced to the world that you're in recovery, and you are trying to build up a campaign.
Well, I'll have some PR to do once the engagement goes public, considering the story with Ted, but Exactly.
You just don't need another issue.
He's not much of a first lady.
But if it's a project you want, I will be right here to help you whip him into shape.
I mean, she seems totally normal.
Maybe she's got some insane tolerance built up.
I doubt it.
She doesn't seem the Coachella type.
He does, though.
It's really it's really good.
Oh, my God.
Did I mix up the glasses? Oh, God, Culhane threw me off my game.
And Steven told me to leave Sam out of this.
Now she's gonna win.
I would get him out of here if I were you.
(exhales) I think I got the wrong glass.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- No, but it's okay.
It's okay.
I mean, I think we should all be high.
You know? Screw family feuding.
We're celebrating love.
I want to give a speech.
- No.
- A toast.
(clears throat) I got life Mother I got laughs Sister I got freedom - Brother - Sam, what are you doing? I got good times Man Was this planned? I got crazy ways, daughter I got million-dollar charm Cousin I got headaches And toothaches And bad times, too Like you I got my hair, I got my head I got my brains, I got my ears I got my eyes, I got my nose I got my mouth I got my teeth I got life, life, life Li - Oh, my God.
Sam! - (groaning) Are you okay? I think he's overdosing on something.
Oh, my God.
Am I? Just roll with it.
Is there a doctor here? Oh, my God.
- His heart is racing.
- (exhales) I think someone slipped something in his drink.
Oh, Mom.
Tell me you didn't.
What? What are you talking about? Somebody call an ambulance! Tell us what you put in his drink.
You don't want him to die, do you? I didn't give him anything.
Just like you didn't try to frame him for shoplifting? There is a big difference between lacing a drink and slipping a watch in a bag.
And there it is.
- I think I'm good.
- I'm not.
You tried to have my fiancé arrested? No.
Well (sighs) I'll explain later.
Don't bother.
- Thank you.
- I guess we should wait a beat before jumping into your wedding plans.
You're kidding, right? I mean, I thought it was a solid joke, but fine.
Hire a professional planner.
What do I care? I warned you not to put Sam in the middle, and that is exactly what you did.
Not to mention you embarrassed me in front of our friends.
And I'm gonna have some major damage control to do because you brought hug drugs to a sober politician's engagement party.
I brought it.
It was my bad idea, based off of my parents' weird therapist.
It's a long story.
Sam had nothing to do with it.
We were actually supposed to give it to Mom.
It's okay, all right? It was kind of fun.
Baby, shh.
What kind of a person drugs their own mother? What kind of person frames her son's fiancé? The same kind.
You're just like her, Fallon.
You both would go to the ends of the earth to prove a point without caring who you hurt in the process.
This party was to celebrate our engagement, and you turned it into the-the battleground for a family war that I've been trying to end from the beginning.
Well, maybe that's on you for not picking a side.
I did pick a side.
For once in my life, but you just weren't having it.
Come on, babe.
Just relax.
Are you okay? Wish I could cheer you up.
I'd offer you the rest of Sam's supply, but, uh, it's probably not a good idea.
Yeah, not a good idea.
Why did you do that? What? Oh, take the blame.
I figured I have no skin in this.
You do.
I was just trying to protect your relationship with your brother.
But why? Since you got here, you've done nothing but help me.
At the courthouse, when my grandfather died, ever since Cersei returned to reign.
It's not a part of your contract, you know.
Being nice.
Yeah, I know.
Well, I don't get that, but I've also been told I'm a terrible friend.
See, that's not true.
Or else you wouldn't have protected Sam.
I see you, Fallon Carrington.
(chuckles softly) (chuckles) I've been wanting to do that since the day I met you.
But then marriage got in the way? Something always does, doesn't it? Get some sleep.
I hope you know how sorry I am about all of this.
I didn't come here to forgive you.
I came to ask you to leave.
I'm a screwed up person, Steven.
That's part of why I stayed away.
I Then why'd you come back? Was it really about us, or did you just miss being rich? It was never about money.
I finally have you fully back, and then there's this boy that I don't know, and you met him because that floozy aunt of his married Don't talk that way about Cristal.
I was afraid that Sam would take you away from me.
All this talk about traveling and moving to South America.
I know that a mother should be able to let go at my age, but I have lost so many years with you, and I don't want to lose another son.
What? You're not the firstborn Carrington, Steven.
(sniffles) There was a baby boy named Adam.
He was kidnapped.
- Mom.
- Your father and I did everything the police wanted us to do.
(voice breaking): But And we didn't get our son back, and we lost our marriage.
And when your father took you and Fallon away from me, I started looking for Adam again.
That's where my money went.
I have hired investigators, psychics, anything, anything to find a a trace.
And it consumed me.
How do you even know he's alive? 'Cause I don't know that he's dead.
There there's always a trail.
And when I ran out of money, there was a-a P.
in-in D.
, and he had tracked him all the way to El Paso.
Was there proof that Adam was there? And if money's the reason that you stopped, well, I can help with that.
You don't think I should give up? How could we? It's my brother.
(sighs deeply) You wanted to see me? Yes.
Uh I regret my decision.
Your absence throws the staff off course.
Party last night was a disaster I'm sure you could have prevented.
And I need you, too.
You are invaluable to this family.
Well fortunately, I haven't made any other plans.
- So you're available, then? - I'm sure I could find some time.
A-And I'll make a point of avoiding Alexis.
The staff will, too.
You know, the truth is I've been a hypocrite.
Blaming you for being swayed by her when you were right.
I am, too.
I trusted her with everything.
The mother of my children.
And even after all these years, I just find it hard to get over what she did.
And yet, it's She still has a pull.
You know me, Anders, better than anyone.
And I need you to steady me here.
In this and everything.
For all the icebergs ahead.
Unfortunately, there may be a rather large one on its way.
I've been overprotective in general.
I didn't tell you about Culhane's family.
I thought it was best for the company if you remained in the dark.
What does Culhane's family have to do with Carrington Atlantic? Well, there's something you don't know about Culhane's father.
He's quite ill, sir, with a certain diagnosis that may ring a bell.
He has acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
It's been linked with environmental factors.
My family's house is way out in Clarke County.
ANDERS: As you surely recall, C.
faced a certain scandal in Northeastern Georgia a few years back.
If Culhane realizes the connection between his father's disease and what C.
covered up, it might not be so easy to handle this time.
Sorry to drop by so early, but I really need to talk to you.
BLAKE: Honey? Thank you for being here.