Dynasty (2017) s01e19 Episode Script

Use or Be Used

1 - Previously on Dynasty - FALLON: My marriage to Liam is completely legal, which means ours isn't.
And neither is my contract.
Read the fine print.
Morell Corp.
and 25% of Colby Co.
are still mine.
Michael tendered his resignation this morning.
I have additional bad news.
- This is Culhane's place.
- Not anymore.
There's something you don't know about Culhane's father.
He's quite ill, sir.
If Culhane realizes the connection between his father's disease and what C.
covered up, it might not be so easy to handle this time.
You're not the firstborn Carrington, Steven.
There was a baby boy.
He was Adam.
He was kidnapped.
A P.
had tracked him to El Paso.
So we can't even be friends? I don't think you qualify for that position, Fallon.
I've been told I'm a terrible friend.
See, that's not true.
I see you, Fallon Carrington.
(”Jump (For My Love)” by The Pointer Sisters playing) Jump Jump in, if you want to taste my kisses In the night, then Jump, jump, jump If you want to taste my kisses in the night She fit.
Flashing back to my earliest childhood memories, and I have definitely lost my appetite.
(moaning) (grunting) (moans) Can't she do that anywhere else? You know, Gustav said that these floors are more shock absorbent than the ones in the loft.
There isn't enough padding in the world to absorb you.
I thought this was Steven's going-away breakfast, not a retirement home revival of Flashdance.
Going away? Going to D.
to meet with our federal reps about getting more technology education in schools.
As part of my campaign, I want to make sure that Atlanta's students stay competitive.
FALLON: Relax, Steven, no one's recording.
Well, I, for one, am so proud of you.
And I'm doubly glad to join you for breakfast.
Oh, for the love of God.
Too late.
Could you pass the orange juice, Celia? Rude.
Oh, sorry.
A little birdie told me that you used to go by Celia.
I see why you changed it.
It sounds like that disease when people pretend they can't eat bread.
I'll take my breakfast upstairs.
What? Lots of people go by other names, nicknames, middle names.
Hmm, this is a fun icebreaker.
Liam, what's your middle name? - Well, it's - Doesn't have one.
You sure about that, Fallon? It takes longer to adopt a dog than it took my daughter to marry you.
We're tapping out, too.
But if Liam and I need any advice on how to grow old alone, we'll be sure to ping you.
Steven, - I'll miss you at the La Perla party.
- Buy me something - Dad would never wear.
- Well, it's their women's line, but okay.
Sure you don't want me to come with you? I just bought a pair of Italian leather oxfords that would look so good strolling down the National Mall.
It's not the kind of mall you think it is.
Maybe next time.
Call me when you get there.
(whispers): I hope you find what we're looking for.
(moaning): Oh! (grunts) Where's all the help? Wow.
Breakfast in your house is a contact sport.
Oh, well, breakfast is just the undercard.
Dinner is the most dangerous game.
Look, speaking of I wanted to ask you a question.
It's nothing bad, I hope.
It's just awkward because, well, we're already married.
HPV? I'm vaccinated.
Our fake marriage contract ends soon.
So before I turn back into a frog, I thought we could have a date.
Say, tomorrow night? Oh.
I mean, I can't, because of the La Perla thing.
Right, right, that.
That's not a thing that requires my attendance, is it? It's not in your contract, no.
- Okay.
- But maybe I could spare some time tonight for my spouse.
Where to? The Optimist? Aria? Actually, I thought I'd cook for us.
Wouldn't it be funny, if, just as our contract was ending, - we actually - Shh.
Don't jinx it.
See you at 8:00.
I need a dress, I need shoes, I need a hero.
Yes, yes and hell yes.
You are what dreams are made of I look like Hillary Clinton dipped in Elton John.
(sighs) It's a dinner date, not the Republican Convention.
(sighs) You are what dreams are made of I mean, if you're trying to get preggers.
Well, at least I have a belt to hold my pride together.
I already wore half these things for he who shall not be named.
Culhane? I get it now.
What we need is something that says, "I'm not wearing this for you, I'm wearing it for me, "but I might let you unzip it if I think you're worthy of consent.
" Sounds like someone has the first date jitters.
What? We both know this isn't just about keeping up appearances anymore.
You like your husband, and it's obvious that he likes you, too.
Get back to work.
What about this? Done.
Dress, shoes, jewelry.
My work here is finished.
I actually need one more favor.
I was supposed to go to the Colby Co.
board meeting with my lawyers to make Jeff an offer to sell him back my 25% of his company.
What? Technically, you still work for me.
Yeah, but you lost me at percentages.
Well, all you have to do is go with my gaggle of lawyer nerds and be my eyes and ears.
You have my proxy, go make me proud.
And wear a suit.
You're a professional.
We don't all get to look fabulous.
Put this in the care package we're sending to the Culhane family.
At a time like this, I don't want them worrying about money.
Very generous, sir.
How is Culhane's father doing? Is the clinical trial we got him into helping? Anders? Door, please? (door closes) Culhane still doesn't want Fallon to know.
I understand they're not in a good place right now, but Culhane can't keep this from her forever.
Well, we have to respect his wishes, given everything he's dealing with.
Or maybe you don't want Fallon to know the truth? Blake, the only reason that I agreed not to say anything to Culhane in the hospital is because you promised we'd talk about this.
Culhane's father is the 16th adult in Clarke County to be diagnosed with cancer.
I'm aware.
So maybe you also remember that when I started working in PR, I ran interference on a story about our power plant in Clarke County.
You were just doing your job, and doing it well.
The science linking our chemical waste to those patients is weak.
Because C.
made it look weak.
It's an epidemic.
We have to come forward with this.
That could trigger a class action lawsuit that would cripple the company.
So could a cover-up if this got out.
Why do I get the feeling that this is about more than just C.
? Because it is.
Will you at least think about doing the right thing? I don't have to think about it.
I'm in.
Let's just figure out a smart way to move forward.
(insects chirping) ALEXIS: Oh, Liam, I didn't see you there, sharpening that rather large knife, alone, in this dark basement.
Yes, this is where I come every night to prepare my weapons for the massacre I'm planning.
I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.
But since it's a massacre, you were gonna die anyway, so I'm cooking dinner for Fallon tonight.
I needed a good fillet knife for the fish.
Of course you do.
You sure know how to handle that thing.
A few summers ago, I was almost sous chef at Le Chateaubriand in Paris.
The massacre story somehow sounds more convincing.
Well everybody tells little white lies.
Some more readily than others.
C'est la vie.
(clicks tongue) A curious boy, isn't he? You need to find a hobby.
I have a hobby.
I mean, apart from interfering with your children's love lives.
Anders, how long have they known each other? The other night, I overheard them when I was Eavesdropping? Did you learn nothing from Hamlet? Who is this Liam Ridley? The name's cherry-picked out of a romance novel.
I can't read his face.
Not because of Botox, 'cause he's too young.
Or is he? I have a sixth sense when it comes to con artists.
I hate to resort to grade school idioms, but it takes one to know one.
Look, I know you've sworn off helping me, but it is a mother's job to protect her daughter.
Is it, now? I admire your midlife career change.
I am happy that Fallon's happy.
And you should be, too.
Her breakup with Culhane was particularly painful.
I'm pleased to see that she seems to be moving on.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find some red ribbon.
(sighs) You look absolutely stunning.
I know.
Are you lurking in the foyer to tell me that my skirt's too short? I never did that.
I would have told you to hike it shorter.
Fallon, I want to talk to you about Liam.
Are you sure his name is Liam? I mean, have you called it out in a crowd to see if he turns around? - Mother.
- I hear he's cooking you dinner tonight, so there is a chance he might be trying to poison you, but I think it's good that you're taking your mind off Culhane.
You know, it's okay to enjoy life.
Nice try.
But Culhane and I are over.
It's old news.
I heard.
But I meant because Culhane's father's so sick.
- What? - He's on his deathbed.
You didn't know? Oh, my, of course you didn't, or you wouldn't be going on a date.
LIAM: Dinner is served.
Smells delicious.
You two lovebirds have fun tonight.
Shall we? Wow.
So, it is a six-course tasting menu, each course representing a different geographical region - with wine pairings.
- Oh, that's actually for the grilled lamb chop.
Well never get between a Carrington and her Cabernet.
- (chuckles) - Oh, okay.
You know what, it's fine.
Why don't I just serve the first course? So, this is sea bream, two ways.
Little yuzu, - little bergamot jelly.
Try it.
- Okay.
It's meant to be chewed, but you do you.
I'm the kind of girl who's good with a quick handful of bacon.
Uh, okay.
We can start on the lobster ravioli if you like.
Oh, man.
I'm already pretty full.
Fallon, are you okay? I'm sorry.
I just got some bad news about Culhane.
You mean the guy you actually wanted to marry before you married me.
His father is dying.
And I just feel like I need to go make sure that Michael's all right.
It's okay.
I get it.
And I really am sorry.
ANDERS: Shall I release the kitchen staff? I don't know.
Are you hungry? I generally take my meals downstairs.
Please, this isn't Downton Abbey.
Is that braised lamb chops? (sniffs) Grass-fed on the Coromandel Peninsula.
I thought I smelled home.
Paired with a Chilean Cabernet.
Well done, young man.
- Dinner over so soon? - FALLON: I need to talk to Culhane.
Do you know which hospital his father is in? I do.
I can see that you're upset.
How about I drive? BLAKE: I hate to drag you out so late, Jim, but this is a urgent and sensitive issue.
That's no problem.
I always have time for the boss and COO, of course.
Uh, you don't mind if we record this, do you? No, not at all.
Cristal and I have talked.
And we think it's time for Carrington Atlantic to take full responsibility for the environmental impact we've had on Clarke County.
Chemical waste from our plant has, unfortunately, come in contact with the groundwater supply there and people are getting sick.
And how long have you two known about this? Too long.
When I first started working at Carrington Atlantic in 2013, I killed a story about the Clarke County health crisis.
Even though you knew C.
was responsible for making people sick? - I was just trying to do my job.
- Of course.
Look, the point is, we're gonna make it right.
Come on.
It's not like we're Big Tobacco.
Mm, right.
People choose to smoke.
Whatever it takes, we're gonna fix this.
Yes, we are.
ALEXIS: You know, there is something off about him.
Do you know anything about his past? And did you know he could cook an egg, let alone cook a six-course meal? So he surprised me with an unexpected skill.
I mean, things could be worse.
That's what I'm afraid of.
And Liam could be the one.
But I haven't seen that sparkle in your eye when you talk about him.
How would you know what I look like when I'm in love? Hmm.
When I told you that Culhane's father was ill, I thought I saw it.
And for a moment, you seemed warm? Very unlike you, and here we are, racing to see Culhane.
You're about as transparent as a hooker's negligee.
First you tried to get rid of Sam, now Liam.
I don't need love advice from a woman who thinks that "as long as we both shall live" means until happy hour.
Fine, I'm done.
But in my defense, my mother didn't give a rat's ass who I wanted to marry.
All she cared about were dollar signs.
You almost married someone else? No wonder you hated being married to Dad.
I didn't.
He gave me you.
Just stay in the car.
- Good talk.
- Uh-huh.
(siren wailing) (snoring) (Sam clears throat) What the hell do you want? We're here for the board meeting.
I'm Fallon's proxy.
(clattering) She sent her errand boys? Senior executive assistant and I think you've met her lawyer, Mr.
Hirshey and his associates.
Colby, is there a board meeting tonight? I canceled it.
Must've forgot to call the bitch.
Carrington has a proposal for you, board meeting or not.
She's offering to sell you back her portion of Colby Co.
The portion she stole? That's nice.
I have a counteroffer.
One dollar.
So, that's a hard no? Fallon Carrington didn't just steal 25% of my company.
She stole my family, my pride.
I'm not letting her play me ever again.
My offer stands at one dollar.
That's what you want me to tell Fallon? Yeah, that's what I want you to tell Fallon.
And if she wants to discuss it further, she can meet me tomorrow night for drinks.
Yeah, I don't think drinks are a good idea.
Why not? I'll be thirsty.
(burps) Michael.
It's Alexis.
Carrington? Fallon's mother.
Could we talk? Fallon.
Culhane, hi.
How are you? We're getting through it, thanks to your family in no small way.
My family? Your father and Cristal.
Oh, well, I only just found out.
I would have been here sooner.
Michael wanted to keep it private.
Is he here? Now isn't a good time, dear.
Well, I just want to let him know that I'm here for him.
Well, that's what you want, but it isn't what Michael needs.
He needs to spend these last precious moments with his father.
And I'm not here to disturb any of that.
You won't mean to, but you will.
I can see how hurt you are that you weren't the first to know.
But it isn't about you right now.
It's about our family.
I hope you know how much I care about your son.
And I know how much he cares about you.
And that's why I need you to let go of him.
Be with your husband.
I'm so sorry about your father.
Carrington, why are you here? Fallon found out about your dad.
I'm not sure how, but she's been trying to reach you all day and when she couldn't Is Fallon upstairs? Yeah.
You just missed her.
Well, maybe that's for the best.
Fallon loves you.
I mean, I believe that she does.
Last time I checked, Fallon was married to Liam.
She doesn't love him.
She loves you.
We built a house in a tree Where the summer ends There is a hole in the roof Where the light gets in It's too late.
Stay young Stay young.
Let's go home.
So, dish.
Did the dress slay? I torpedoed the whole night by rushing off to see Culhane because I found out his dad is dying.
That's awful.
But you can't blame yourself for caring about an ex.
Why not? I'm sure Liam does.
If you're into Liam, and we both know you are, just ask him out again.
Every couple deserves a second first date.
(sighs) How did the board meeting with Jeff go? It didn't.
He canceled it and forgot to let you know.
Um, "forgot"? Jeff's a Dumpster fire.
He's partying way too hard.
Well, what did he say about my offer? He, uh, first ripped it up and then he said he'd pay you a dollar.
It was honestly kind of sad.
(scoffs) Of course it was.
Have you never heard of faking a death spiral to lower the takeover value of a company? Sounds like a one percent problem.
Jeff didn't forget to tell me that he canceled the board meeting.
He wants us to think that he's leaving Las Vegas so I agree to lower my asking price.
And you fell for it, hook, line, sinker.
Mm, I don't know.
You never trust anyone.
Why do people keep saying that? I am right about Jeff.
And I'm right about Liam.
You know, this leftover ravioli isn't half bad.
Is that your way of saying sorry? It's fine.
Anders ended up dining with me.
He's no Fallon, but he's a good conversationalist and an excellent spooner.
You're telling me.
Look, last night, I was holding onto the past.
And, if you twist my arm, I might even say that this Whatever this is.
might have some potential.
So, what do you think? Second attempt at a first date? Give a girl a do-over? Okay.
We're going to the La Perla party.
Fallon (scoffs) I don't even know what La Perla is.
Well, I'm not taking no for an answer.
Get suited and booted.
We leave in an hour.
Jim, I'm glad you're here.
I wanted to run the language of our big announcement by the two of you.
Unfortunately, it might be a bit premature for an announcement.
And why is that? Because, before we announce anything, I'm recommending C.
undertake a private environmental study of Clarke County.
To determine exactly which chemicals are responsible for making people sick.
And how long they've been present.
And how long will that take? Uh, a study like that? Couple years, minimum.
There's thousands of soil samples, historical data.
Well, we don't have years, Jim.
This is too important.
Well, I-I understand, but it's irresponsible to our shareholders, and the people affected, to go public with a major announcement like this when we still don't know exactly what's making people sick.
As much as I hate to say it, I think Jim has a point.
We need all the facts.
The longer we wait, the more people die.
We need to do the right thing.
And we will.
Just as soon as the study is concluded.
Until then we wait.
Blake, yesterday you admitted to me and Jim, on the record Unfortunately, Cristal, you admitted it, too.
On the record.
You're both on the hook for this.
You were never gonna go public, were you? You just wanted me to go on the record with you so you could blackmail me into silence.
Now you're being paranoid.
Go to hell.
What are you doing here? A word of advice, dear.
Leave the business to Blake.
Get the hell out of my house.
Blake's house.
I was just leaving.
I have a trunk show to attend.
(phone ringing) How's D.
? Well, it looks an awful lot like El Paso.
I did talk to that P.
Well, the reason that he thought Adam might be in El Paso is because he tracked one of the suspected kidnappers here.
A guy named John Miller.
Well, did you find him? Well, not exactly.
John Miller is a pretty common name.
I found about 200 listings here, but I eliminated anyone that was too young, too old, or didn't fit the profile, and I got it down to about 25.
I don't know.
It's too risky.
I'll be careful.
Oh, I mean I don't want you to be disappointed.
I ran out of money, but I also ran out of hope.
Do you know how many people took advantage of me, a grieving mother? Don't worry, that's why I'm here now.
Thank you, Steven.
I'm sure if anyone can find your brother, it's you.
Your hands brush past mine in electric light You're dancing like you're mine (camera shutters clicking) Can't keep this inside Don't pretend you're blind WOMAN: Ms.
- MAN: Fallon, over here.
- Ms.
MAN: Give us a good shot.
MAN 2: Fallon, wonderful.
Carrington Fallon, you're looking gorgeous.
Fashion events may not be in your contract, but red carpets are.
Paragraph three.
It helps with my business.
That's why you don't want me stealing your spotlight.
How cute that you think you could.
- WOMAN: Ms.
- MAN: Ms.
Yes, we're very excited to see what Julia has in store MAN: There she is! (excited shouting) WOMAN: Who are you wearing? ALEXIS: La Perla, of course.
My dear friend Julia Haart dressed me herself.
Wait, is that true? Or is your mother spying on us? Both, I'm afraid.
- Julia.
Oh - Been so long.
Let's go get a drink.
Better Love me better Better, better I don't know if I have the right ALEXIS: Thank you.
Take me where home is tonight (gasps) Oh, my God, I knew this would be your color.
You should have totally been one of my models.
Look at you.
I'm a fool for losing touch with you.
My ego suffered for it.
Didn't I read in Quest that you were spotted with Blake? You two aren't back together, are you? Oh, no, no, no.
Blake's still with Cristal.
Sweet thing that he'll discard once he sours on her.
No, I'm back for my children.
Ah, and Fallon is such a doll.
And, literally, the perfect face for my brand.
Sexy, savvy, no-nonsense businesswoman.
I thought that was me.
- She is you.
- (chuckles) And I heard Fallon got married.
When can I meet the lucky man? He's no one you'd know, unfortunately.
Shall we sit down? Come on, let's go sit down.
Where home is tonight And love me better Better, better I thought we were just stopping in for a second.
(women laughing) Hey, let me get a drink.
This isn't exactly Jeff's fashion scene.
Well, I might have told him you were going to be here.
Oh, so he wanted me to see a public performance of his Colby Co.
death spiral? Well, he's really selling it with Tart One and Tart Two.
Doesn't look like he's faking anything.
- That's what I said.
- Oh, please.
We're getting two shows for the price of one tonight.
(applause) I can see what you mean - When you're looking at me - (applause) What's your deal? Is your ex-girlfriend here, or are you always this shady in public? Sorry, I was just reading about all the fabrics.
There are so many.
(cheers and applause) That you're feeling all right When you come down to my level Fallon.
You lied.
You stole from me.
That's extortion.
I'm not buying this little rock-bottom performance.
My asking price stands.
Now, scooch, you're blocking my view.
(cheers and applause) Whoa, easy.
Well, if it isn't #TheRealMrFallon.
Is that Jeff Colby? And that's Jack Lowden.
JULIA: Standing in front of Fallon.
ALEXIS: Fallon's husband? She married Jack Lowden, the writer? He did a piece on my company last year.
FALLON: Okay, enough, you two! Liam, sit.
(scoffs) Sit, stay.
How does it feel to be another one of Fallon's pets? LIAM: That's funny.
I was about to ask you the same question.
Jeff (retches) Come on, man, my shoes! (disgusted gasps) (alarmed shouting, gasping) (cameras clicking rapidly) (music playing) Well, it's clearly time to get out of the Jeff Colby business.
I'll lean on my lawyers, lower the price to a place where even he can't say no.
I should have listened to you, Sam.
Apologies don't get vomit out of bedazzled rhinestones.
But I'm glad you've seen the light.
Oh, and you The hot-headed husband of my adolescent dreams.
You're welcome.
Now, we should get going.
FALLON: Just let me say my good-byes first.
But the night is young.
Follow up on the Colby Co.
deal, and whatever you do, don't you dare take those shoes home with you.
I'll have them pull the car around.
Okay? (shredders grinding) What do you think you're doing? Recycling, ma'am.
My name is Cristal Carrington.
I'm COO of Carrington Atlantic, and those are my files.
So I need you to stop whatever you're doing right now.
We can't do that.
Strict orders.
Who sent you? Was it Blake? That's above my pay grade.
And yours.
Are we done here? FALLON: Julia I'm so sorry.
I feel like I ruined the whole night.
Silver lining? Someone caught the whole debacle on video, and it's already gone viral.
La Perla is trending, and everyone's going crazy over my clothes.
And by the way, kudos on landing Jack.
- Quite the catch.
- I'm sorry, who? Jack Lowden, your husband.
Oh, no, my husband is Liam Ridley.
Julia, could I have a word with my daughter alone, please? - Of course.
- Thanks.
It was so good to see you.
What's going on? It turns out that Julia knows Liam.
Well, Jack Lowden.
He's a journalist.
He profiled her company just last year for Vanity Fair.
So? Jack is probably Liam's pen name.
I was hoping so, too, but I just got off the phone with my dear friend at HarperCollins.
Jack Lowden just received a seven-figure advance for a tell-all book about a wealthy, dysfunctional American family.
Well, that doesn't mean it's our family.
I mean, I can name at least ten others on Bravo alone.
Did you really never stop to question why he married you so quickly? It's not like he was taking notes this whole time, he was Enjoying himself? Falling in love? I'm so sorry, Fallon.
He's using you to make millions off the Carrington name.
- Here are the keys, sir.
- Thanks, man.
Have a good evening.
Hey, good timing.
Car just got here.
Tell me it's not true.
Tell me you haven't been lying to me since the day you met me.
Whoa, Fallon, what's going on? Tell me you aren't a journalist named Jack Lowden.
Because if you are, that means my mom is right, and I really don't want her to be right, for so many reasons.
- I'm also Liam Ridley.
- (groans) I can't believe this.
My full name is Jack Liam Ridley Lowden.
Okay? "Liam Ridley" gave me a clean slate, but professionally, everyone still knows me as Jack.
Why did you need a clean slate? My family's a tremendous mess.
And I changed my name to get away from that.
Haven't you ever wanted to be free of your family? Look, I have used my family as an excuse for plenty of bad decisions, but I never pretended to be someone I'm not.
Did you know who I was when we met? Did you target me? No.
Look, I mean, I knew who you were.
You're Fallon Carrington.
Look, I don't know what your mother told you, but I'm still me.
All right? We can still be us.
How? It was all a lie.
It was all a lie anyway, Fallon! What, our fake marriage, the contract? If you ever publish a word about me or my family, I will bankrupt you, Harper and Collins with lawsuits for libel and defamation.
Oh, Fallon.
I can explain the book.
If it weren't for you leeching on us for your stupid story Distracting me, when I could have been there for Culhane.
I was just a distraction.
You were a mistake, Liam.
Or Jack or whatever your name is.
But at least our contract is over.
Now you can get the hell out of my life.
(drink pouring) You're usually a champagne girl.
I'm not exactly feeling bubbly.
You hired those men to destroy everything related to Clarke County, didn't you? That's obstruction of justice.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You think you're so clever.
So much smarter than everyone else.
But tonight, when you had those men destroy every shred of incriminating evidence you made a big mistake.
Now there's no record of you and I admitting personal culpability.
Which means there's nothing stopping me from going public with the epidemic.
Then, it's a good thing (glass thuds) that I kept this.
CRISTAL (over recording): When I first started working at Carrington Atlantic in 2013, I killed a story about the Clarke County health crisis.
JIM: Even though you knew C.
was responsible for making people sick? CRISTAL: I was just trying to do my job.
So if you ever do decide to make trouble for C.
A you will be the first one they fit for an orange jumpsuit.
Do you hear the way that you're talking to me? I'm your wife.
And I love you.
But don't pretend that you're innocent.
You were the one waiting in the dark, drinking my Scotch.
You're not the man I married.
I'm exactly the man you married.
And you came into this relationship eyes wide open; don't try to shut them now.
Ever since Alexis invaded this house Don't put this on Alexis.
For all her faults, at least she understands the concept of family loyalty.
The anger will pass.
I'm not angry, Blake.
I'm scared.
Scared of you.
Well you should be.
(TV playing in distance) Yeah? - John Miller? - Nope.
Mr Mr.
Miller, it's important that we talk.
Thank you.
Uh, I just have a few questions.
I'm not Miller.
He was the tenant before me.
How long ago was that? I've been here five years, so Do you know what happened to him? Did he leave anything behind? Nope.
Thanks for your trouble.
He did have a sister.
I used to forward his mail there.
Where? (insects chirping) What's going on? You said Fallon was gonna be here.
Turns out, she doesn't want to see you.
(laughs softly) Here's the annulment papers.
Fallon and I never got around to filing them.
Well, it's high time they were.
A few rubber stamps, and it'll be as if you never happened.
Fallon doesn't think you deserve this check, but a deal is a deal.
You can keep it.
It'll make for a good bookmark.
It's my manuscript.
Are you a speedy typist? I wrote it before I even came here.
I don't understand.
My book's not about your family.
(laughs softly) It's about mine.
I should've told Fallon.
I take full responsibility for that.
But give her that book for me, maybe she'll understand why I didn't.
When does the book actually come out? It doesn't.
Not anymore.
My family's dysfunctional and has certainly caused their share of drama.
(chuckles) But you know what? I think the Carringtons might be worse.
And Fallon lived through that, and she made herself the woman that she is today.
Fallon wants to give you a second chance.
You know, it got me thinking, maybe I should reconsider my family, too.
I don't know, maybe someday Fallon will give me another shot.
I am a big believer in second chances.
Good news.
Jeff agreed to your reduced asking price.
And he's already wired the money.
What? Isn't that what you wanted? Yep.
What's wrong? And why are you snuggling Bo and not Liam? His name's not Liam.
What do you mean? Liam Ridley's real name is Jack Lowden, and he is a journalist who got a huge advance to write a book about the Carringtons.
He Roman Holidayed you? - Well, I hate to say it, but - Yeah.
I know.
My mom was right.
And I really liked Liam.
Or Jack.
He had really nice hands.
You know, my mother never taught me how to tie my shoes or use a tampon, and she certainly never taught me how to like a boy in a normal fashion.
Or maintain a relationship to save my life, but I thought the upside of not really being raised by her is that I wouldn't become her.
Well, you're not.
And we're not supposed to see our mothers in the mirror until we're middle-aged.
But I already do.
Up all night, I can pretend Try to fight, but in the end Nothing's making any sense I started something I can't quit Can't talk myself out of it How do I get over this? You know I need you forever Mr.
The jet's fueled and waiting, per your instructions.
Where to? Let's go home.
But tell me that it hurts To be that lonely girl - We must be together - We must be together.
FALLON: When I was a little girl, my mother told me a woman begins her young adult life being soft, loving and giving.
Fallon? (sighs) Alexis.
And then, what it all comes down to, finally, is: use or be used.
Let's get you back on your feet.
We have work to do.