Dynasty (2017) s01e20 Episode Script

A Line from the Past

1 Previously on Dynasty You're not the firstborn Carrington, Steven.
There was a baby boy.
He was Adam.
He was kidnapped.
I have hired investigators, psychics, anything, anything to find a-a trace.
STEVEN: Well, the reason that he thought Adam might be in El Paso is because he tracked one of the suspected kidnappers here, a guy named John Miller.
ANDERS: If Culhane realizes the connection between his father's disease and what C.
covered up, it might not be so easy to handle this time.
When I first started working at Carrington Atlantic, I killed a story about the Clarke County health crisis.
JIM: Even though you knew C.
was responsible for making people sick? CRISTAL: I was just trying to do my job.
CRISTAL: You just wanted me to go on the record with you so you could blackmail me into silence.
Let's get you back on your feet.
We have work to do.
("Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John plays) What happened to your vegetarian diet, Fallon? - That was so 2005.
- Fallon, you're up early.
- And suspiciously peppy.
- Morning.
Jeff's picking me up.
- Colby? - The very.
And he'll be taking me to the Winter Dance on Friday night.
What? It's just so last-minute.
Obviously, we'll have to get you the perfect dress.
Anders, would you be a dear and call the seamstress? I'll have her come tomorrow, ma'am.
- (cell phone chimes) - Got to go.
Jeff's here.
- JEFF: You're still here? - Back, actually, with sustenance.
You still like honey on your biscuits, don't you? Look, I told you, I don't need your pity or your help.
You can't just come in here, acting like you know me.
I've known you since you were 13 years old, sweetheart.
And you haven't seen me in 11.
Does Fallon even know you're here? No.
That wouldn't be helpful to anyone.
And despite your scene at the trunk show the other night, I know you weren't trying to hurt her.
You care about her.
You always have.
With all due respect, you think this is about Fallon? You think I'm trying to get back with her? I've lost my family.
And I want to help you get them back.
I just want to see you happy again.
All I know is that after everything that's happened, I don't need to see another Carrington as long as I live.
And that includes you.
You can see yourself out now.
SAM: Okay, be completely honest.
What says "forever" better: eggshell or ivory? Forever is a fantasy.
Unlike your wedding, ours is real.
And I want it to be perfect.
It would just be a lot easier if Steven was here right now.
Well, he's only in D.
for a few days.
I'm sure when he's back, he'll be dying to talk about napkins and place settings and all the other tedious things you think will ensure your eternal happiness.
Hey, I haven't tasted those yet.
I'm saving you from yourself.
You don't want to pop a button on your skinny suit.
Gunnerson has been busy.
I said I wanted the crepe cake that Oprah likes.
I'd be quite happy to, um, sort out your wedding arrangements.
I've been planning events for this house since before you were born.
Why doesn't anyone get it, Anders? I want this to be different from anything before.
And yet you pick the cake recommended by the most influential woman in the world.
What else did you have in mind? Oh, I completely forgot, would you pop out and pick up some tea sandwiches from Henri's? For that Colby guy? - We're going back there again? - No, no.
If I play my cards right, he'll come to me.
What are you doing behind enemy lines? - Is that your breakfast? - Don't judge me.
You could have Mrs.
Gunnerson pack it up and you could take it over to the hospital.
Why would I? Culhane's mother was pretty clear I stay away.
I doubt tiny confections would change her mind.
Mothers usually know best, but we're not always right.
And I admit that my record's better than most.
I did have a sixth sense about Liam.
I knew you'd slip that in there.
And I have a sense about Michael, too.
The good kind.
Don't push it.
I just want to see you happy again, and if that means being with Culhane, then don't let anything stop you.
What are you doing here? Well, I thought you could use a break from hospital food, so I had Mrs.
Gunnerson make your favorite.
Chocolate ganache.
You could've had it delivered.
I wanted to know how you were doing.
- Don't look so surprised.
- Surprise is one word for it.
Look, I know I haven't always been a traditional friend, but I want to make it up to you.
Let me be here for you.
(sighs) I appreciate the food and everything Cristal's done for my dad, but I didn't bring you into this for a reason.
I just need to focus on my family right now.
- Cristal? - Yeah.
I don't know what strings she pulled, but she got my father into this clinical trial and doctors are optimistic.
Well, that's great.
Yeah, the best news we've got since he got sick.
Um, anyway, I should probably get back inside.
Thank Mrs.
Gunnerson for me? CRISTAL: So I want to follow up with legal - on that contract language.
- Absolutely.
Yes, ma'am.
This is a surprise.
So was the fact that you were meddling with Culhane's family.
You got his dad into a clinical trial? I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
Culhane's father is not the only person that's sick in Clarke County.
has a power plant there.
There have been some waste disposal issues, potential contamination of the groundwater.
- My dad knew? - For years.
We did this to Culhane's father? We didn't know.
And when I put it together, I told him he had to fix it.
Clean up the power plant, pay for medical care, but he won't.
Well, that would be admitting guilt.
Fallon, he arranged a deposition.
He has a recording of me admitting fault.
He threatened to blackmail me if I came forward, but I'm going public, even if it blows up my marriage.
We're finally on the same page.
I'm kidding.
Well, we need to shut down the Clarke County plant, yesterday, and deal with Daddy, of course.
- How? - He was in that deposition, too? Then we get that recording, and we'll have leverage over him.
We force him to do the right thing, but we're gonna have to do this my way.
- Do you trust me? - Honestly? Let me restate that, you're going to have to trust me.
Here's what I'm thinking: if we work together and we're able to get our hands on that recorder, then we can go to him and present One major problem, I've looked for that recorder.
I scoured Blake's study at the house, I couldn't find it.
Well, of course he's not gonna leave it where you could snoop.
My money's on - the other side of this wall.
- In his office? He keeps a safe in one of his desk drawers.
I found it looking for chocolate when I was seven.
Wouldn't it just be easier for me to go to the press? How can I stay silent about a potential Erin Brockovich-level situation? If you go kamikaze, there's no pulling back.
Hopefully the threat of mutually assured destruction is enough to turn this around.
Do you know the code to the safe? One of them.
It's my birthday, obvi, but there's a second "rolling" code, a random number that generates every five minutes on his phone.
Now if you can get that, I can get into the safe.
We're barely speaking.
I don't see how I'm gonna be able to scroll through his phone.
Oh, well, I'm sure you can find a way.
I just don't want to picture how.
I like what you've done with the place.
The last time I was here Well, it wasn't for tea.
To be honest, I'm a little surprised they let me onto the property.
Don't be silly.
You've always been a part of this family.
You're practically a daughter to me.
And you have really grown out of your awkward stage, haven't you? Have you ever thought of modeling? - No.
- Hm.
Well, it seems like you've done so well for yourself.
Wish I could say the same for your brother.
You saw Jeff? To be honest with you, that's why I called you here.
I'm worried about him.
He brought this on himself.
And my father and I have been fine without him.
Dad finishes house arrest this week.
He'll finally be free.
Well, maybe that's even more reason to reach out to Jeff.
I know he's made a lot of mistakes, but he's paying for them now.
He's hurting, Monica.
He wants to make it right.
You missed a lot while you were gone.
And the things that Jeff's said and done, trying to get revenge on Blake, it's turning him into exactly the man he hates.
Everyone has their version of the story, but I don't know who to believe, or what started this war between our families.
JEFF: It's just a dance.
And Fallon wants to go with me.
I'm sure she does, sweetheart.
I'll have her home by 11:30 if you're worried.
You know I think very highly of you, Jeff.
It's not that.
Then what's the problem? The Carrington Foundation scholarship can't have it look like we're playing favorites.
It wouldn't reflect well on the foundation, or you.
I'm almost done at Penley, and I've already been accepted to M.
Well, we wouldn't want to jeopardize that, would we? Or your sister's scholarship.
- Is that a threat? - No, it's just a reality.
I'm trying to help you, Jeff.
You understand? I got it.
ALEXIS: All I know is your brother isn't Blake.
Blake's always wanted to tear your family apart, and now he's gone and done exactly that.
We can't let him win.
Gunnerson said you were looking for me? - (salsa music plays) - They do classics in English and in Spanish.
And instead of a traditional wedding cake, a custom crepe bar with signature his-and-his combinations.
And for cocktail hour, we'll fly in Jiro himself from Tokyo for a selection of sushi to be passed around by these fine gentlemen.
Uh, that's a little gay stereotype What was that? - (music stops) - Thank you.
I said, I (sighs) I really appreciate what you're trying to do, but this just isn't what I imagined.
You don't like sushi? Steven does.
No, I mean, I'm supposed to be doing this with Steven.
Is this what happens when you marry a rich guy? Does he just assume that you're gonna be his house-husband? Him away on business trips while I'm stuck with the twins' runny noses and gossipy private school moms, until eventually, I get my real estate license just to feel some sort of purpose.
(chuckles) To be fair, you've only been engaged for two weeks, so slow down.
Forget about the wedding for a while.
You should be together.
So be together.
Go to D.
? It's not exactly a romantic getaway.
There's nothing more romantic than a surprise.
I don't know where he's staying.
I will take care of the details.
You go and pack a bag.
Two, three, four (salsa music plays) VALERIE: No soliciting.
I said, not interested! I'm sorry to disturb you.
I'm-I'm trying to get in touch with your brother.
John Miller? (baby crying) You just woke up my baby.
You happy? I'm really sorry.
I'm looking for my brother, and I think yours might know where he is.
How did you get my address? I went to John's last apartment, and the tenant who lived there said that he used to forward mail here.
That was a long time ago.
- So he doesn't live here? - If he did, I'd have sent him to the store to get formula, and maybe I'd be at the damn spa, getting my toenails painted.
This isn't his address anymore, and I don't have time for this crap.
Okay, well, if I could just If I could just get a phone number? Oh.
I thought you were out.
I just need some clothes.
Can we talk? I'm a little busy.
Quarterly investors meeting tomorrow.
Besides, I said everything I needed to yesterday.
I didn't appreciate your tone but you were right.
We don't know exactly what's going on in Clarke County yet.
It would be irresponsible to jump to conclusions.
Not just for your sake, or the family's, but for all the people who could get hurt if this thing got out of control.
And that's what I was trying to say.
I know.
I just got scared and I overreacted.
I'm sorry.
We're in this together.
We should be a team.
I don't want this space between us.
Neither do I.
Can we start over? What did you have in mind? Hmm Well, I was just about to run a long, hot bath.
It's a big tub.
I'll run it.
I'll get some candles.
(faucet squeaks, water running) BLAKE: Coming? (phone buzzes) ("North Cack" by G.
Yamazawa playing) (phone buzzing) Hey.
Did you get my text? We only have five minutes before the code expires.
Um, slight hiccup, we didn't factor in for my dad's annoyingly off-key janitor.
What? He's there? Well, can you distract him, or something? With what, cleavage? I don't tramp out like you, Crissy.
I'll just wait till he leaves.
We don't have time.
Blake's gonna start wondering why it's taking me so long to get candles.
Okay, TMI.
I don't want to know what 50 Shades of Gross - you're doing to my dad.
- Believe me I'm not exactly thrilled about this, either.
- Who are you talking to? - (laughs softly) Telemarketer.
Look, you got three minutes.
- Three minutes? - Of my time and that is more than enough.
(phone beeps) (exhales) (song continues playing) Come on.
I don't want the water to get cold.
All these singing now, I don't feel is, bruh And it's 12 till they stop killing us Look, we Yamazawa, we rhyme and promise the town is ours We body cowards and cover graves with my mama's flowers Off a flight from Osaka, she checked the mileage Find me at Yamazushi, I toast with the finest sake I promise, you don't want problems You'd be nothing to handle You should know I'm from Durham Since 13, I've been punishing samples Rappers flip-flop quick, like they running in sandals Ah, you are witnessing the one yes Heavy, and my Uzi weigh a ton yes I ain't Petey Pab', but I walk inside the spot Like, who am I? It's the North Cack, baby I'm a boss Carolina barbecue sauce, with the slaw I'm the safe, the cellar and the vault (birds chirping) ALEXIS: Hey.
Before you try to toss me out again, I brought you a surprise.
I don't need more grits.
(exhales) If you're here to say "I told you so," you can just leave, okay? You said he was dying to see me.
Look at him.
I'm right here, and I'm doing just fine.
Don't you have your own children to meddle with? Something better to do with your time? MONICA: Right.
Like you're living your best life? My life is none of her business.
He's right, this isn't about me.
I'm just happy to see the two of you in the same room again.
Yeah, I remember when I first met you both at the interview for the C.
Foundation scholarship.
You two were so close.
I can't imagine what your mother would say about this rift.
Well, that would imply that our mother thinks about us at all.
She's in New York.
Doing her own thing.
Dad's ankle monitor comes off today.
We're going to Rathbun's for lobster and steak.
I'm buying.
Is that supposed to be an invite? If you sober up.
Jeff would love to go.
He's too smart to let something as silly as pride get in the way of something that he wants so very much.
Isn't that right? Of course I'll be there.
With bells on.
See you tonight.
See? You'll be one big happy family again in no time.
Or one small, slightly less messed up family.
(laughs softly) (knocking on door) JEFF: Mrs.
- Jeff, what are you doing here? - Taking Fallon to the winter formal.
We talked about this.
Here's the thing.
I care about your daughter.
I'm not gonna bail on her just because of her dad's old white guy politics.
If Blake wants to take our scholarships just because I'm going to a dance with his daughter, that's on him.
I'll work as many jobs as it takes to get us through school.
So bring it.
I'm not scared.
(exhales) Jeff, I'm sorry, but Fallon just left for the dance with Robbie Reid.
Guess I should've known.
I stupidly sprung for a limo, and everything.
Was that Jeff? No, a delivery.
What, no catty remark on how the dress makes me look pear-shaped, or that the color washes me out? You look divine.
Let's hope Jeff gets here before I turn into a pumpkin.
JEFF: Thanks for looking out, Alexis.
You've done so much for us.
I just want good things for you, Jeff.
And your sister.
You both mean so much to me.
I've been googling D.
styles, and the options seem limited to black, white, or "I'd rather be caught dead" khaki, but I've narrowed it down to either a Hyannis Port-era Kennedy look, or an Obama post-presidency relaxed vibe.
We have a bigger problem.
I just called Steven's hotel of choice, the Hay-Adams.
- He's not a guest there.
- What? What does that mean? He's staying under an alias? Y-You don't think he's cheating on me, do you? Because in my head, the gossipy school moms have already discussed this behind my back, but I've defended him, so Sam, stop.
I don't think Steven's in D.
Wherever this John Miller is, his sister didn't want to tell me.
I did catch her at a bad time, I guess.
Or perhaps she's scared to talk about it.
If his own sister's spooked, maybe this is a bad idea.
Oh, I'm okay.
I just I understand now how hard it's been for you.
The darkness, and disappointments.
But this Valerie woman, she might know something.
It's more of a lead than anything else I've found.
And I can't be this close to Adam's possible kidnapper and just walk away.
(phone beeping) (beeps) Sam's calling me.
- Have you told him? - Not yet.
He's just too close to Fallon, and if Fallon finds out, then Dad might.
I don't want to give them false expectations, you know? More than anyone.
Promise me you'll be careful.
I will.
(beeps) (TV playing indistinctly) I brought you some entertainment.
You are serious about this friend thing.
Well, I figured I'd put my money where my mouth is.
Or, I could just put my mouth where my money is.
I don't even know what that means, but since my dad is sleeping, right there, maybe we should just play Jenga.
As long as you're prepared to be decimated by my fine motor skills.
(laughs) I'm just impressed that you're here.
I-I know you have a busy schedule, so Less busy, now that I'm divorced.
My faux husband turned out to be even more faux than I signed up for.
So, Jack or Liam or whatever his name is gone.
I'm sorry, Fallon.
I'm not.
REPORTER (over TV): We're reporting live from Clarke County, where a source close to Carrington Atlantic revealed that the chemical waste from the company's power plants has been seeping into the groundwater.
The contamination may be linked to a rise in cancer rates, - specifically a rare form - Oh, my God.
Clarke County.
But if that's the same thing that my dad has, then, it could be related.
Did you know anything about this? No.
Of course not.
I would've told you.
Is this why Cristal and Blake have been so involved? If Carrington Atlantic put my dad here, Fallon Let me handle it.
I'll talk to my father.
- I don't trust him.
- He'll tell me the truth.
And, Michael, if this is C.
's fault, I will make sure he does right by you.
I promise.
What the hell happened? The Clarke County contamination - story is all over the news.
- What? How'd anyone find out? Wait, you think I had something to do with it? We had an agreement.
You're the one who wanted to go public.
Look, I'm not upset that the truth is out there people deserve to know but you know that I wouldn't do that to you.
Well, I never thought I'd utter these three words to your face, but I believe you.
Uh-oh, incoming.
Stay strong and resist.
I will see you at the office.
Really? You decide to go rogue just before our quarterly investors meeting.
I didn't do it.
I looked in the office safe.
The deposition's gone.
I'm guessing your plan was to blow the whistle, and then use the recording to throw me under the bus.
I'll admit I took the recording.
But I never spoke to the press.
Who helped you break in? No one.
I took your phone when you weren't looking, and I snuck into your office when you were in a meeting.
Well, you got nothing on me.
You must have listened to the recording by now, so you know I deleted my portion of the confession.
And you have nothing on me.
I destroyed the recording.
Blackmail shouldn't be the foundation of a working relationship.
We're supposed to be partners.
This is supposed to be a marriage.
Or what's left of one.
- Sam, hi.
- SAM (on phone): I've been trying to reach you.
Sorry, it's been crazy in the former capital of the free world.
Really? I was gonna come surprise you in D.
You're in D.
now? No.
Because I figured out pretty quickly that you've been spouting fake news.
Where are you, Steven? Look, it's complicated.
I promise I'll explain everything as soon as I get back.
But right now, I'm sorry, I really need to go.
No, Steven STEVEN: Just trust me.
Please? I love you.
Valerie? Look, I'm sorry I bothered you.
I brought you some formula and just a little something.
You don't owe me anything.
I hope this helps.
I heard on the radio this morning that you killed some people.
Is the dog to protect you from angry villagers wielding pitchforks? We got Bo for the kids after you left, as a replacement.
Except, unlike you, he's loyal.
And sheds a lot less.
What do you want, Alexis? Well, I've come to ask a small favor, and I'm not gonna take no for an answer.
especially not from you.
Well, that sounds like a line from the past.
Our past.
I'm guessing it has to do with money.
As you can see, I've had to bring my bodyguard, Mickey, back on staff.
You mean your ex-Uber driver? And it's only fitting that you pay his salary, since you're the reason why I need a bodyguard in the first place.
- What? - Jeff.
He made a spectacle of himself at the La Perla party.
Would have gotten violent, if he hadn't have vomited so thoroughly.
But clearly, that family still has it out for us.
I'm worried about my safety.
I'm not worried about Jeff.
Shouldn't you be? You and Fallon pushed that boy over the edge.
And it's not the first time you've done that.
Our daughter is in tears because she thinks that Jeff stood her up.
You made me humiliate that poor child.
I didn't make you do that.
You know, it all comes down to money.
You would frame innocent men, threaten children, destroy families.
It's poisoning ours.
Don't you sit on your high horse.
You spend money faster than any of us.
That's your fault.
I am becoming you, and I am sick of it.
You know, ever since we lost Adam, you don't care about anyone.
Screw you, Alexis.
One day, all of this is gonna come back, and it's gonna bite you in the ass! You have been striking at that family for over a decade.
They're not gonna take it lying down.
Jeff's not coming at us again anytime soon.
Not after we handed his ass to him.
So the answer's no.
I'm not gonna pay your bodyguard to play Kevin Costner to your Whitney.
It's not just Jeff I'm worried about.
It's Cecil.
(whines) You took your sweet time getting in.
The water contamination story's starting to spin out of control.
Our lawyers and PR team are in full damage-control mode.
They sent out cease and desist letters, and they are working on a counterattack.
Well, maybe going on the defensive isn't what C.
needs right now.
Big corporations face scandals all the time.
You can't go a day without hearing about exploding phones, Ponzi schemes, some CEO's hooker habit.
We just need to handle the crisis in the right way.
And I suppose you know what that is.
This is an opportunity to revamp C.
's image to one that's modern and socially conscious.
My God, did Steven put you up to this? In return for covering medical expenses and distributing industrial-grade water filters, residents agree to sign a binding arbitration clause that caps our liability.
In addition, we move the company towards 100% clean energy, and start by closing down all the Clarke County power plants.
And what's next? Do I start driving a hybrid and pay higher taxes? This will make us seem honest, like we care about people.
And the positive image will actually help us get business.
There's no real evidence that C.
caused this water problem! Culhane's father is dying.
I mean, do you even care? We have an opportunity to do the right thing here.
I guarantee you C.
will recover and come out stronger than ever.
This isn't just about C.
Do you really think the government's not gonna start breathing down my neck the second we admit that we made a mistake? I could wind up in prison.
You, Steven, the whole family could be under investigation.
I promised Michael.
He'll never speak to me again.
I strongly urge you to consider whether your feelings for Culhane are worth jeopardizing our family's future.
We're bringing in the falconers to take care of the gopher problem.
Steven wouldn't tell me where he is.
All he would say is that it's complicated and to trust him.
So I was thinking maybe you could work your spy magic to track him down.
It's a little early in your relationship to be resorting to espionage.
I come from a family of secrets and lies.
"It's complicated" and "trust me" are my trigger words.
Marriage is a complicated journey.
Sometimes we just have to have faith in our partners.
Did you get that off an Instagram feed? Actually, I got it off my own marriage.
You were married? I'd always pictured you like a nun.
But instead of Jesus, you've sworn yourself - to the Carringtons.
- Ah.
Then, uh, you might be even more shocked to know - that I have a daughter.
- Oh, my God.
What is happening? You've never mentioned a daughter.
We haven't spoken in years.
Her name's Kirby.
She lives in Australia with her mother.
So you're just giving up on her? Well, it's not exactly my choice.
Then you can't let her miss out.
Anders, you're a great parent.
Look at how well Steven turned out.
And you've been much better to me than my murder-y, dead-again dad.
Thanks I think.
But let me do my fatherly bit by telling you what I wish I knew back then.
A little more faith might have saved my marriage, and I might still be a part of Kirby's life.
I've known Steven since he was born.
He's a good one.
He's worth your faith.
(indistinct chatter) - Did you get it? - Yeah I thought this was supposed to be the quarterly investors meeting.
FALLON: Yeah, but it sure looks like a surprise press conference instead.
This has gotta be about the Clarke County scandal.
Blake knows that we stole the depositions.
Don't worry, I covered for you.
I told him I took it myself.
But he thinks that I leaked the story.
Well, I'm not gonna let him scapegoat you.
Or deny C.
's mistakes.
I made a promise to you and I made a promise to Culhane.
So, my dad tries anything, I'll grab the mic and Kanye him.
I'll back you up, too.
I'm his daughter.
I can afford to take a hit.
- Your marriage, on the other hand - (sighs) Okay, I guess it's time to start.
As CEO of Carrington Atlantic, I am here to set the record straight.
Clarke County (on TV): has always played an important role here at C.
, and it saddens me to hear that some of its residents have fallen ill.
However, we have seen no quantitative proof linking C.
's operations to water contamination.
And we have always taken stringent precautions to protect our local communities.
But this media storm offers us a chance to address an exciting change that we're making here at C.
Carrington Atlantic is moving full speed towards clean energy.
In fact, I shut down work in Clarke County today to accommodate this shift.
I'm appointing my daughter, Fallon Carrington, who started her own clean energy company last year, to spearhead this initiative.
Fallon? (exhales) Come on, Fallon.
Moving forward, her company, Morell Corp.
, will be fully absorbed into C.
as she steps into her role as Carrington Atlantic's new COO.
My wife, Cristal, is stepping down from day-to-day operations indefinitely to focus on family.
We are in agreement that Fallon is the perfect replacement.
Carrington, how do you feel about your new role? Um Come on.
FALLON: It, uh Well, it's all happening so fast.
(chuckles) I'm, of course, thrilled to be working with my dad again.
Well, she means for her dad.
But in all seriousness, this has been a dream of hers since she was a little girl.
Congratulations, honey.
REPORTER: Just one more question! (reporters shouting questions) - Michael.
- What's going on? You should call the rest of your family.
Something's happened.
(knocking at door) (door opens) I came as soon as I got your message.
Why aren't you at the celebration dinner with Monica - and your father? - Celebration's off.
My father's house arrest was extended for six months.
What? Why? (exhales) The parole judge suddenly seems to think my dad's an ongoing threat to society.
That's ridiculous Cecil wouldn't hurt a fly.
Yet Blake got judges to deny my dad's parole over and over again.
So you think Blake's behind this.
Doesn't this sound just like him? It's what he did to me plucked a judge out of his vast network of cronies and sicced him on me.
I'm not gonna let him get away with this.
I'm gonna make him pay.
I'm already working on that.
Well, how do you think the Clarke County situation ended up in the headlines? You leaked it? Damn.
(knocking at door) Mrs.
Carrington? What are you doing here? Can I come in? (quietly): Sure.
I lied to you earlier.
Fallon didn't go to the dance with Robbie Reid.
- What? - No, she was always planning on going with you.
I had to fabricate a story to make you go away so that I could protect you from Blake.
I am so sorry.
- I had to come here to tell you the truth.
- Wait.
So Fallon thinks I stood her up? If she knew I'd lied to her, she'd never forgive me.
But that's my fault.
You never deserved any of this.
It's all too much your father's in jail, your mother leaves you with your grandmother, you practically raise your sister.
What does all that have to do with anything? (groans softly) I should have never come here.
What have I ever done? Huh? Why do you and your husband hate me so much? I could never hate you, Jeff.
But you don't want me to be with Fallon.
If you pursue her, Blake will take away so much more than your scholarship.
You're no match for him.
Promise me you'll let her go.
I have made mistakes, and I wanted to tell you years ago, but now you deserve to know the truth.
You can't even wait for me to pack up my things, can you? I didn't know he was gonna fire you.
Oh, please.
Spare me another lie.
I can't believe I was naive enough to believe you.
To think that you would actually stand up to your father.
I'm sorry, what did you want me to do, scream bloody murder in the middle of a press conference? - Why not? - So I could be written off as a lunatic and some yes-man could take this office? I can do more good from the inside.
That's what I thought, too.
Just because you failed doesn't mean I will.
You're right.
Maybe you already succeeded.
I mean, we never really had a deal, did we? - What does that mean? - You accused me of leaking the story to the press, but how do I know you didn't? Why would I do that? I'm the one who told you not to go public.
To force your father's hand, to be the hero that cleaned up my mess, to get the COO job that you wanted from the moment I met you.
Do you really think that I want to give up my company that I built from the ground up to go back to working for my dad? At first I thought maybe it was for Culhane, but that was my mistake, because now I see that it's not about him, or even your dad.
At the end of the day, you only care about you.
Like father, like daughter.
Tell me Your story Takes place Before me I've got time If you've got time I'll be yours If you'll be mine Don't walk Back to me (line ringing) KIRBY: Hello? Hello? It all gets (ends call) Back to me Don't know What's wrong with me Don't know How to be Don't walk Michael, are you okay? No.
Look, I know you must have seen what happened today, but I want you to know there is no way I'm letting your dad miss that clinical trial.
My dad passed away.
What? They said he had a weak immune system 'cause of the drugs.
He got an infection.
Oh, Michael, I am so sorry.
(sniffles) I didn't even get to say good-bye.
(phone buzzing) Do you want to get that? Mm-mm.
It's just Fallon.
She won't stop calling.
(sniffles) Does she know? I don't want her to.
I don't want to hear another word from her.
Or from any of them.
I gave them everything, and all they did was just keep taking, from the whole damn world.
When is it gonna stop? Who is gonna stop them? Fallon claims she took the job to keep Blake in check.
(scoffs) And you believe her? I wish I could.
But whether or not Fallon has the right intentions, she has the right idea.
The only way to make a difference is from the inside.
- I tried - Well, he's not gonna shut me down.
Now that I know I have to do something.
Maybe I can help.
Blake might have fired me, but technically, this is still my last day as COO, with hiring powers.
A way in.
STEVEN: Sam, hey.
I just, um wanted to say I'm sorry that I kind of freaked out earlier I do trust you, and whatever you're doing, you do you, and you'll tell me all about it when you get back.
Thanks for understanding.
I can't wait to get back.
(knock at door) Hold on, Sam.
There's someone here.
- Can I help you? - Valerie called me.
- SAM: Is everything okay? Who is it? - Sam, I'll call you back.
Is it a guy? Wait, are you cheating on me, Steven? She told me what you did.
That you gave her money.
Look, if I overstepped, I'm sorry.
- She said you were looking for me.
- Are you her brother? John? John was my dad.
Adoptive dad, apparently.
I'm your brother.
Adam? You must have wondered why I came to you that night.
You know, in some misguided way, I was trying to protect you.
From what? I thought if I could keep you away from Fallon, I could push you out of Blake's crosshairs.
Well, that didn't exactly work.
It did for a while.
I was practically a child.
How the hell could Blake hate me so much that I actually needed protection? Was he really that racist? - His father was.
- Thomas? - He didn't even know me.
- I wanted to tell you that night, but I was afraid of what Blake would do.
I'm not afraid of him anymore.
The reason that I couldn't let you be with Fallon, it's because I knew what Blake was keeping from you.
And just how deep the greed goes.
What was he keeping from me? The fact that you're one of them.
You're a Carrington, Jeff.
What have I ever done? Is that a threat? It's just a reality.
ALEXIS: I am so sorry.
You never deserved any of this.
I'm trying to help you, Jeff.