Dynasty (2017) s01e21 Episode Script

Trashy Little Tramp

1 Previously on Dynasty WILLY: Matthew knew where the bodies were buried.
I didn't want to kill Matthew.
Just wanted to hurt him.
ANDERS: If Culhane realizes the connection between his father's disease and what C.
covered up, it might not be so easy to handle this time.
This is C.
's fault.
I will make sure he does right by you.
I'm appointing my daughter COO.
My wife is stepping down.
There was a baby boy.
He was kidnapped.
I have hired investigators, psychics, anything.
Anything to find a trace.
- Can I help you? - I'm your brother.
I knew what Blake was keeping from you.
You're a Carrington, Jeff.
("Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts playing) I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation You're living in the past, it's a new generation A girl can do what she wants to do And that's what I'm gonna do, and I don't - Give a damn 'bout my bad reputation - - Oh, no - No, no, no, no, no, no, no - Not me - ANDERS: There you are.
Seems there's been a delivery for you.
I know who it's from.
Let me be more precise.
Several deliveries.
And I don't really care if you think I'm strange I ain't gonna change And I'm never gonna care 'bout my bad reputation - Not me - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no - Me, me, me, me, me, me - Not me! I hope you've taken your allergy medication.
I assume none of these are from you.
- What do I have to apologize for? - I don't know, - stealing my job? - I told you, I had no idea he was going to offer it to me.
Didn't stop you from taking it.
You would've done the same if you were in my position.
Oh, that's right.
You did.
(sighs) See you in the car, Casanova.
It's not much, but it's all they had left after some fool bought out the rest of the shop.
I'm glad you helped someone else keep their job today.
I plead guilty for all high crimes and misdemeanors of which I stand charged, Your Honor.
Cut the crap, Blake.
This is serious.
If you wanted me out of the company, why not just pull me aside and say so? Your being COO of Carrington Atlantic has been tough on this relationship.
And maybe it was extreme, but firing you was the only way I knew how to save this marriage.
And if you let me, I will explain further.
Maybe at dinner tonight? I can get us a table at Daniel.
- In New York? - Why not? There's a lot that needs fixing before I'm ready to hop on a jet with you, Blake.
But I do want to fix it.
My initial thoughts on overhauling and streamlining.
Well, this is huge.
It's alphabetical.
That's only "A" through "E", because I address going paperless in the Environmental Concerns section.
Now, as you read, I want to talk to Whoa.
Slow down.
We still have a lot of PR to handle.
You were right.
The press conference denying our involvement in the Clarke County scandal didn't exactly put investors at ease.
That's because C.
's statement was fake news.
Which is why we're gonna have to make changes if we're gonna put this nightmare behind us.
At least publicly.
As per your suggestion, I put together a PR team to work on a rebranding campaign.
Rebranding the company now feels like covering up a bullet wound with a Band-Aid.
I set up a day of press interviews and a family photo shoot to remind our investors what we stand for.
is a family company with solid family values.
"Make Carrington Great Again.
" Should we cap off our outfits with a red hat? I'm serious, Fallon.
I am listening to you.
As my COO, I need to know you'll listen to me.
Of course I'll listen.
I have your back, Dad.
You can trust me.
MONICA: How can you trust her? I mean, that's some pretty big 23andMe gossip for Alexis to drop.
You really think Granny - slept with Thomas Carrington? - I don't want to think about it.
But you don't just make something like that up.
If Alexis is right, if Mom is Blake's half sister, that makes us one-quarter Carrington.
That also means that Fallon is our cousin.
- Half cousin.
- I hope you slept with the right half then.
That's why Blake never wanted me to be with her, why he took you and me under his wing when we were kids, the interest he showed in Mom.
And why Dad thought they were having an affair.
If they'd known the truth, maybe our family would still be together.
So why the hell wouldn't Alexis tell us before now? She was scared.
Considering how far Blake and his father went to cover this up, he might've killed her.
Well, that's their problem.
But if it's true, that means our entire life has been twisted around their lies.
If it's true.
Which is why we're going straight to the source.
(knocking) May I come in? Steven! Oh, thank God you're back.
Oh, I missed you.
Oh! Why on earth did I let you go when I just got you back? - Mom - And only you could go to Texas - and not get any sun.
- (chuckles) Mom.
It was the best trip of my life.
I would like to introduce you to Hank Sullivan.
Is this a friend of yours? No, Mom.
He's your son.
(shuddering exhale) This is Adam.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
(crying) How how did you find him? I knocked on about 82 doors in El Paso.
But here he is.
I grew up there with my parents.
Well, adoptive parents.
I always wondered about my biological family.
Never in a million years did I imagine this.
(crying) (chuckles) (exhales) Oh, I'm sorry.
(sniffles) I'm sorry.
I I've dreamed of this moment for as long as I can remember.
Are you are you hungry? Tired? Did-did you have the staff prepare a room for him? Baby steps.
There's still a lot for Adam to take in.
I'm not even sure what I should call you.
Adam? Uh, Hank? Brother? Hank is fine.
Baby steps, right? (chuckles) (dings) Welcome to your first day, boss.
Your temp assistant.
- We spoke on the phone.
- How's the office? Uh, the new furniture's being placed now, white sage has been burned, and most traces of Mrs.
Carrington have been incinerated.
And the hideous turquoise bowl? Left on your desk for you to break, per your request.
I-I'm here for whatever you need.
You're here because my current assistant is too busy choosing between buttercream or fondant for his wedding cake.
So, what do I have today? Uh, operations meeting at 11:00, PR team at 11:20, and the final interviewee for the VP job in our community outreach program is in your office.
Who the hell would want to do an outreach program in the middle of a PR crisis? That would be me.
Culhane? Wait, you're I do have a communications degree, you know.
Uh I mean, I Yes, I-I did.
I do.
I I didn't know you were willing to communicate with me.
Cristal got me the interview before she left.
But I didn't know that it'd be with you.
This was a mistake.
No, no, no.
You don't need an interview.
The job is yours, if you want it.
Look, I appreciate that.
But I'm not here to play whatever game it is that we used to play, Fallon.
I'm here to make sure C.
fixes the Clarke County situation.
Well, me, too.
I'm going to make good on my promise to you.
At the risk of losing the job you've always wanted? What would Daddy say? Blake isn't going to know.
I told him what he wanted to hear, but I took this job for you, Michael.
To make sure you and your family get everything you deserve.
And how are you gonna do that? Like a boss.
Sorry to interrupt your National Gallery moment, but I need you to authorize a corporate check for $100 million to build a new wing for the Northend Memorial Hospital in Clarke County.
Please capture the thing that just happened to his eyes.
That's his essence.
Do you mind telling me why we would do that? Whenever I say "Clarke County" you should just get out your checkbook.
We're gonna name the wing after Culhane's father.
Absolutely not.
That would be an admission of guilt.
And the mouth.
Are you seeing that? Please get that.
- I am not putting James Culhane's name on anything.
- Okay.
Well, if you want to spin it like you're an equal opportunity donor, that's fine.
We can spread the money around.
Let's say over five counties? - $30 million each? - You just went up in price.
Just making sure you were paying attention.
20 each and you honor Culhane without etching a plaque, since you're so unsentimental.
And will that do it? I mean, you've been here all - of two hours and you've already cost me - $100 million.
Like I said.
Had you agreed in the first place, we'd be done by now.
Just think of the buzz at the photo shoot tomorrow.
You're a generous humanitarian, Blake Carrington.
At least, on paper.
And canvas.
Not to mention, I have a pretty smart COO.
Well done.
He threatened me, he blackmailed me, he even fired me from the company on live TV.
I can't live like this.
Did he hit you? No.
No, he would never.
But sometimes I think he wants me to be afraid of him.
Soon, he'll be afraid of us.
Because I can work around this whole prenup situation and get you set for life.
- We'll file as soon as - Well, I don't want him to know just yet.
My nephew is marrying his son next week, and I don't want to hijack their happiness with my divorce.
So, after the wedding? Okay, great.
Well, I suggest you buy a condo.
It's better to start digging your escape tunnel now.
Play it cool around Blake.
He needs to think everything is fine until we press go.
(chuckles) (grunts) I'm so glad you're back.
Thanks for handling the brunt of the wedding stuff.
I'm excited to dive into everything.
But But you met someone.
- Actually - I knew it.
I knew it! I-I just thought I'd have a few grey hairs and a muffin top before you'd leave me for someone else.
I Sam, no.
The someone I met is my brother.
I have a brother.
- What? Wait.
What?! - It's a long story, but he was kidnapped as a child, and my parents presumed he was dead.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I didn't even know until recently, and even then, I wasn't sure it was real.
But it is.
I have a brother.
He's out in the loft, meeting Mom.
Or re-meeting? That's crazy, isn't it? Yeah.
You sure you want to join this family? Of course I am.
And I can't wait to meet my future brother-in-law.
You didn't have to cook, Grandma.
Well, somebody's got to make sure you're eating.
You're looking too skinny.
(sighs) I'm fine.
I was talking to your sister.
You're getting your calories from the liquor.
I saw those pictures in the paper of that fancy fashion show you spoiled.
Things have been a little rough lately.
I lost my start-up.
The one with Fallon Carrington? You remember Fallon, don't you? Monica's friend? Sure.
Speaking of the Carringtons What happened with you and Thomas? What do you mean? Well, you were his assistant, right? Secretary.
(laughs) Women's lib came late to Atlanta.
And that's all you were? Because we heard that Watch your tone, young man.
Yes, ma'am.
There were rumors about me and Thomas as long as I worked for him.
Almost cost me my job, not to mention my reputation.
Thought I'd outlived all of that.
And I thought I taught the two of you better than to listen to rumors.
Sorry, Granny.
You're right.
MICHAEL: What happened? If my math is correct, then Clarke County's only getting 20% of the funding.
Just trying to spread the wealth.
- It's still a lot of money.
- But not what we discussed.
I know, but it's progress.
It's a multi-step plan.
Please, Culhane.
I need you on my side to see this through.
And I'm here.
For now.
But I can't wait forever.
(sighs) ALEXIS: Welcome to Carrington Manor.
Well, your real family's around here somewhere, but for now, this is your father's wife, Celia.
I mean Cristal.
It's confusing.
And this is Sam.
And this is my son.
My first-born, Adam.
But you can call him Hank.
Welcome to the family.
Or welcome back.
How's it going? Oh.
This is Adam? Uh, but how is that possible? Blake said he was Dead? Well, that's what he thought, but Blake gives up too easily.
Case in point: me.
And accepts too little case in point: you.
Nevertheless, I never stopped looking.
Thank you.
Sam is actually my fiancé.
- Really? - Yeah.
The wedding's next week.
- Next week? - Yeah.
Wow, man.
That's huge.
(laughs) Well, as the brother of the groom, I feel like I should do something.
Oh, that's not necessary.
Yeah, I've already planned everything.
Of course it's necessary.
I mean, we've missed enough life events, right? Well, you're not wrong about that.
So how can I chip in? Wedding's already paid for.
I think we're good.
Then, uh how about I throw you guys a bachelor party? Well, we're not really the kind of grooms who do the whole "last hurrah" thing, but thank you.
Well, maybe we should.
Have a guys' night, I mean, with my brother.
We'd love that.
Thank you.
Cool, dude.
I'll get her done.
(laughs) Oh, Anders, would you be a dear and set another place at the dinner table tonight for Adam? - Right beside me.
- (door closes) Yes, of course.
And what do we have here, Mother? A new trainer? Boy toy? Hybrid? Fallon, I tried calling you, but you didn't answer.
And I didn't think it appropriate to text you the news that you have a long-lost brother.
- Long-lost what now? - I know it's a little shocking, but you have an older brother, and his name is Adam.
Actually, my name's Hank.
But you know what? You guys can call me whatever you want.
Do you mean that? Because I don't think I could help it.
Sorry about that.
What did I miss? ALEXIS: It's been a lifetime, but he's here, Blake.
He's alive.
Steven found Adam in Texas.
Can you believe it? Our son's finally home.
You are not my son.
ALEXIS: Couldn't you at least shake your son's hand before you had your little tantrum and stomped out? He's not my son.
He is, and you embarrassed him and this entire family.
Well, if he got that upset from one cold shoulder, he wouldn't last that long in this family anyway.
Dad, you looked at him for five seconds before you made up your mind.
It's not about making up my mind.
It's about the truth.
The truth is, he is our Adam! I can feel it in my bones.
She's been searching for him for years.
She spent every dime she had looking for him.
Yes, I'm sure none of it went to her wig collection.
Blake, I am begging you, don't push him away.
Not after all this time.
- I need him back in my life.
- Alexis, please.
You have to trust me on this.
He's here for money.
So then write him a check before dinner gets cold.
- Classy.
- Speaking of class, I can't believe my real brother hid my fake brother from me.
I swear, this family has more secrets than a Trump mistress.
Can't the two of you just believe it for a minute? We're more of a fact-based operation in the main house.
Which is why I ordered a DNA test, so everyone's protected and convinced.
Can't argue with science, Blake.
Actually, that's his specialty.
For the last time, that man is not our son.
And let that be the end of it.
SAM: Steven, I thought we were working on the seating chart for the wedding this morning.
Sorry, I, um I ran into Hank and wanted to give him the grand tour.
Be sure to put me at a good table.
Oh, you're coming to the wedding? I don't have to eat, or even be at the family table.
I'm sure there's room.
I should finish unpacking.
I'll catch up with you later.
What was that all about? Nothing.
We'll squeeze him in.
But does he have to throw us a bachelor party? I'm not interested in a straight guy's idea of what gay men think is fun.
We'll end up covered in glitter and drag queens.
Oh, because you'd really hate that.
The point is he doesn't even know us, Steven.
Which is why this is a perfect opportunity to change that.
He wants to do something nice.
Let him.
Please? All right.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pretend my family's normal.
Okay, everyone, act natural.
We just want to capture a day in the life of Blake and his family.
Sweetie, I got this.
No low angles.
Okay? Camera needs to be eye-level or above at all times.
FALLON: There you go.
CRISTAL: Good morning.
Hope I'm not late.
There you are.
Well, where else would I be? Perfect.
Cristal, we'll start with you.
Uh, what made you decide that now was the time to focus on family? That's not on the list of pre-approved questions.
No, it's fine.
Look, with both of us giving 100% to work, there wasn't enough time to refuel or give back to the community.
And I wanted to make those things a priority.
Plus, Fallon was born for this job.
And I'm looking forward to seeing where her leadership - takes the company next.
- Exactly.
And this way, it stays in the family.
ANDERS: Looks like they're selling it.
Cristal was publicly fired two days ago, and now she's the doting housewife? I smell a rat.
Or at least a very dirty Chihuahua.
REAL ESTATE AGENT: It's 2,800 square feet, just on the market.
It has incredible flow, a state-of-the-art security system.
Plus, this unit has its own plunge pool.
So, what do you think? I'll take it.
But is there any way to delay cashing the escrow check? I know how the "exit strategy" condo works.
No one need to know yet but you and your divorce lawyer.
(camera shutter clicking) (shutter clicking) BLAKE: Every one of our employees is a member of the Carrington family.
- Joe.
- Mr.
And that extends to our community as well, whom I hold dear to my heart.
We've got to reload, but this is great stuff, Blake.
Let me show you what we're about to do.
You're doing a great job, Daddy.
This should buy us plenty of good will with the investors.
MICHAEL: Are you kidding me? I heard about your little circus, and I just had to stop by.
has got to do way more than put a Band-Aid on their image to make good on their commitment to better people's lives.
There isn't enough lipstick in the world for that pig.
- Culhane, what are you doing? - You promised real change.
And we are changing.
What the devil's going on here? What are you doing here, Culhane? - I work here now.
- You do? Since when? Since Cristal helped him get the job before she left.
And I'm trying to prevent C.
from killing more people.
Well, I hope you enjoyed your first day.
- You're fired.
- What?! It's Culhane.
I mean, he just lost his father.
Which I'm sure he blames us for.
He's a classic whistle-blower.
He's gotta go.
Choose your allegiance Fallon.
It's either him or the company.
Save a horse, ride a cowboy Everybody says Save a horse, ride a cowboy SAM: Dios mío.
Where's the bottle service, where's the VIP? At this point, I'd take the glittery drag queens.
At least he didn't go too gay with it.
This is not how I want to spend one of my last nights on the town as a single man.
I want it bad and bougie, not sad and douchey.
Gentlemen, tonight's gonna be awesome.
I already signed you up to ride the mechanical bull.
I don't want anything out of control in between my legs.
- It's part of the fun.
- Is it? Darts, pool.
A bunch of your boys are already over at the bar.
I'm the ringmaster here.
You two just need to sit back and enjoy the circus.
Well, see? Fun.
Why don't you go talk to your friends at the bar? (chanting): Hey! Hey! Yeah! Because they've already met your brother.
- Good heavens.
- I know.
Now what you were expecting? No, no.
But I am grateful that I wasn't greeted by a drag queen named Helluva Bottom Carter.
I'm sorry to disappoint, Dad, but Sammy Jo didn't plan this shindig.
Don't tell me, you decided to go honky-tonk? I couldn't if I tried.
No, the planning honors went to Hank.
- What, he's here? - STEVEN: Yeah.
He wanted to celebrate with his brother.
STEVEN: I'm tired of listening to you and Sam whine about him.
You both need to get on board or go home.
Well, I won't be staying long.
Otherwise, I'm in danger of choking our gracious host to death.
Listen, he's not on my favorites list, either, but why are you so sure that he's not Adam? I just am.
I mean, Steven did trek halfway across the country to find him you can at least give him - the benefit of the doubt.
- You don't get it.
No one knows this, but when Adam was taken from us, the kidnappers cut off one of his fingers.
I told the police, but I wanted to save Alexis the horror.
That's why I'm not outing him now.
BLAKE: Instead of causing more pain, I'll just wait for the DNA results to crush her hopes more gently.
Either way, it's not going to be fun.
You want to take these to your room? I know lilies are your favorite.
Is that your way of saying you forgive me for not doing anything wrong to you? Maybe.
I heard that Blake fired Culhane.
I was really hoping he could right some of the wrongs that I wasn't able to.
I'm sorry if it damaged your relationship with him even more.
admitting guilt in Clarke County was probably the only thing that could get us back on good terms.
Thanks to my shredder-happy father, now there's no proof - Daddy did anything wrong.
- You know, I think Thomas and Matthew were the only two people who could force Blake to do anything.
They knew where all the bodies were buried.
- Matthew? - Sure.
He was your dad's lead field engineer.
He knew everything.
ALEXIS: Who knew everything? Can't talk.
And for the love of God, try wearing an age-appropriate outfit for once.
Scared my daughter away, I see.
And I'm wondering why it doesn't work on you.
(chuckles) You know, I meant to ask, how did the photo shoot go this morning? I caught a glimpse of it.
The way you fawned all over Blake was a bit much.
I know genuine emotion is foreign to you, Alexis, but that's what it looks like, in case you ever need to fake it sometime.
(chuckles) My guess is you've been faking it with Blake for some time now.
It certainly would explain these photos.
I'm buying a condo for Steven and Sam as a wedding gift.
Not everyone wants to live under this roof their entire life.
What a convenient lie, you trashy little tramp.
Well, of course I know what it's like to feel your marriage to Blake Carrington dying on the vine nowhere to turn, feeling vulnerable and powerless.
I'll never give up my power.
Mm, silly Cristal, you already have.
You just don't know it yet.
MONICA: I actually think you're disappointed it's not true.
JEFF: You're right.
- I was kidding.
- I'm not.
I guess I thought that if the Carringtons really did do this to us, then maybe everything I tried doing to them was somehow justified, that maybe I hadn't gone too far with this whole mess.
But I did go too far.
(sighs) And my blind rage tore our family apart just as much as Blake did.
Jeff I am so sorry, Monica.
For everything.
And I should have known better than to trust Alexis.
Well, you always did have a mommy complex for her.
Guess we can only trust each other.
"What's vice today may be virtue tomorrow" BOTH: In bed.
(both chuckle) Granny? What are you doing here so late? By about 45 years.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
I realized that I have never flat-out lied to you before, and there's no reason to start now.
Ah! - Oh, honky-tonks and - (bull bellows) Oh, he'll stay on for a while.
- Trust me, I've taught him well.
- (laughter) Sure you're in the right place, princess? Excuse me? I said it ain't Pride Week, and your rainbow is showing.
You and the other gays might want to take off.
Oh, yeah? How would you like a gay fist in your face? - Give it your best shot.
- Oh, yeah? You got a problem with my brother? Is that a prosthetic finger? Yeah.
Makes for a good party trick every once in a while.
Good as new.
He's got nine fingers.
Hey, crazy.
Remember me? Daddy could have imprisoned you in worse places you know, like real prison for trying to kill all of us on Thanksgiving.
Next year, I'll make sure to pull the trigger before dinner.
Sounds like you're making great strides in therapy.
What do you want, Fallon? You looking for some sort of belated apology? Actually, I'm here for intel on my father.
A little Hispanic bird told me that Matthew held some of his darkest secrets.
Any chance Matthew shared some of those stories with you during one of your more lucid states? You mean like the Clarke County mess? Yeah, I saw Blake's little press conference.
You know, the one where he was pretending that he's not poisoning half of Atlanta.
There's no proof of any of that, of course.
Or is there? Matthew knew every bad deed that Blake ever did.
And he was smart enough to document all of it.
I see.
Well, you seem like a part-time hoarder.
Where might I find some of these documents? Gee, I don't remember, exactly.
Of course, I bet if I wasn't locked up here, it would help jog my memory.
- A negotiation.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, that's the kind of crazy I can appreciate.
You provide me the location of those files, and I will spring you from this joint in 24 hours.
Do we have a deal? I've never talked to anyone about it before, so when you asked me about Thomas, I panicked.
It was a different time, back then.
This whole "Me Too" thing would have never flown in the '70s at Carrington Atlantic.
And for a few reasons, Thomas didn't want me having the baby.
And I didn't want anybody thinking I was trying for some payday.
So I had my baby girl, and I never told anybody who the daddy was.
So our mom is Blake's sister.
Half sister.
Does she know? She does now.
I called Millie last night.
With Thomas gone now, it was time.
It's your birthright.
It's up to you what you want to do with it.
And I didn't tell you the truth when he was kidnapped because I knew it would have only upset you further.
You're right, it would have.
That was very compassionate of you, Blake.
I don't remember a thing, if it makes you feel any better.
- (chuckles) - ALEXIS: Hmm.
If this is some sort of intervention, I'm not quitting whatever it is I've been doing.
It's much better than that.
You've been sleuthing around for more siblings and found me a sister? Fallon, we're having a celebration.
It really is Adam.
You mean the DNA test? Better.
It involves a mechanical bull - and a removable finger.
- ALEXIS: The details aren't important.
What is important is that our family's whole again.
Well, you have Dad's hair, I'll give you that.
I think this is the appropriate time for a '59 DOM.
BLAKE: Leftovers and champagne it's perfect.
Allow me to be the first to make a toast.
To my son, Adam Carrington.
It's been a long time since you were in our lives.
When you went missing, there was a hole created in our hearts that was never filled.
(Blake sighs) I'm sorry.
I never wanted to give up hope in finding you, but I did.
I had assumed that Blake, it's okay.
Nobody needs to apologize for anything.
I had a great life with a great family.
Now I have all of you my birth parents, as well as a feisty sister.
And not one but two great brothers.
Here's to the Carringtons.
(phone chiming) Sorry.
Sorry, I would have called sooner, but, uh, turns out Alexis popped out another kid back in the day and forgot to tell Steven and I.
- What? - FALLON: It's a long story.
It's quite the family reunion here.
My dad has tear ducts after all.
CULHANE: For his own family, I guess.
Hey, this isn't going to affect what we're trying to do, is it? FALLON: I don't know.
Maybe this explains a lot.
My dad clearly went through a traumatic experience years ago, losing a child.
I mean what if that was the thing that made him such a d-bag, or why he shuts everyone out, or why he can't trust anyone? What if he was a different person before all that happened? What if he was the exact same person he is today? Michael, if I go through with this, my relationship with him will never be the same.
And my family is in an oddly great place right now.
And if I move on our plan, that all ends.
I don't know what to do.
Well, then, let me help you.
You've asked me over and over to choose you through all of this.
I did.
Now I'm asking you to choose me.
(phone beeps) (footsteps approaching) (knocking on door) Hey, there.
(laughs softly) I have the same photo.
Neither one of us ever really gave up hope of finding our son.
Do you remember the day Adam was born? Every minute of it.
Out he came, with that booming yell and trademark chin.
I had a boy.
A son.
We were happy, then.
You were happy, then.
We had everything.
A beautiful son, a new family.
I was in love.
With both my boys.
Then we lost Adam; ruined our marriage, didn't it? Do you ever think that well, if he hadn't been stolen from us, that we would still It doesn't matter now.
I know we can't go back in time, but maybe maybe we could go forward.
Please, stop.
Things are going well with Cristal again.
I love her, and I want my marriage to work.
(inhales) Oh, sweet, ignorant Blake.
You're always the last to know.
Your precious wife Cristal is cheating on you.
I saw it with my own eyes.
She was with a man at a condo in Brookhaven.
And it's time to face the facts, that you married a whore with decent cheekbones.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
Just wanted to stop by to say good night.
Hmm, what lovely manners.
It's as if I raised you myself.
You're really good.
Makes me miss that stupid little dog.
(chuckles) He always hated you.
Sorry to, uh, spoil your little Oedipus complex, but pretending to be your mother is, um, no aphrodisiac.
You can punish me like the night we first hooked up in Jamaica.
And what if someone caught us? I'm not about to blow our billion dollar plan over your carnal impulses.
Now, come on.
Be a good boy, run along to bed.
And don't forget to include Mommy in your prayers.
Your message sounded urgent.
Is everything all right? MONICA: You were right.
We spoke to our grandmother.
Don't worry, we didn't tell her where we heard it from.
Thank you.
But this means, all these years, Blake knew we should've had a seat at his table.
Instead, while we struggled, he threw us scraps.
Just to ease his conscience.
That's Blake.
- But I'm not innocent, either.
- No, you were afraid.
But we can protect you now.
It's him who needs protecting.
JEFF: We're gonna do whatever it takes - to make this right.
- Before you start another war, the battle might not be as tough as you think.
I saw Thomas Carrington's will.
He left equal shares of Carrington Atlantic to his "grandchildren.
" Which means you both have a legitimate claim to half of them.
You're kidding.
He worked his whole life to keep us out and then didn't read the fine print? Maybe.
Or, maybe, his lawyer is a friend of mine.
Why would you do that? It was the only way that I knew to repay you for what I did.
Now it's Blake's turn.
What do you mean, insufficient funds to cover a down payment? There's over two million dollars in that account.
Well, check again.
Call me back on this number.
Insufficient funds? Well, that must be embarrassing for you.
- What did you do? - What did I do? Well, that's funny, 'cause I was just gonna ask you the same thing.
Alexis thinks you're having an affair.
And you believe her? She's just trying to turn us against each other, Blake.
I know.
But I did some research myself, and I discovered you're trying to buy a condo.
- I wonder why.
- Let me explain.
Save it.
You've been playing me the whole time.
Did you ever love me? Well, you want out of this marriage? I got news for you.
You're not going anywhere.
- Excuse me? - I stood in front of the press, and I told them that you were stepping down to focus on our family.
Now, how would I look if my wife suddenly filed for divorce? Your credibility is not my problem.
It is now.
If they think I was lying about my wife, they'll think I was lying about Clarke County, and we can't have them thinking that, can we? So you're staying in this marriage, whether you want to or not.
You may own half of Georgia, Blake, but you don't own me.
Yes, I do.
You think about what I hold over you.
Grand theft.
Attempted murder.
And the whole identity fraud thing.
Do you think that you were the only one planning for this day? I'm pretty sure that this prison makes better chateaubriand than Georgia State Correctional, but obviously, the choice is yours.
I've been waiting for you.
Where have you been? I had to do a little business with Jeff Colby.
Why are you spending so much time with him? Aw.
Is my baby boy jealous? Jeff Colby and his sister are the other shiny facets of our multi-pronged plan.
Consider them insurance.
I don't get it.
Well, don't think too hard, sweetie.
Blake's not gonna hand over the reigns to C.
, so I'm gonna have to take them before he drives that company into the ground and my children end up with nothing.
(shoes clatter) What do the Colbys have to do with that? Well, like you, they're owed shares.
So together, you'll have close to controlling interest.
Just trust me.
Guess I just don't like sharing you with them.
Uh, and I don't mix business with mediocre pleasure.
And if you're looking for a larger cut, I've given up everything that I can afford.
You know, that finger didn't accidentally fall off last night.
All right? Blake isn't exactly warming up to me.
I thought he was gonna call me out for being a phony, so I paid off some yokel to take a punch.
Then I come home and tell that tearjerker of a toast.
It just seems to me you should literally be kissing my ass.
As tempting as that may be sound And this damn thing itches.
Quit being such a baby.
It healed so quickly.
I'm just glad I discovered that little tidbit last year in the police report about Adam's kidnapping, or Blake would've never been fooled.
I can't get a bigger cut, fine.
Can I still have you, Mother? Well, I suppose I do have a few spare fingers to keep you happy.
(indistinct chatter) Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me today.
Shall we get started? Where's Blake? Shouldn't we wait for him to get here? Actually, that's why I've gathered you here, away from C.
, and, sadly, away from the source of this company's problems.
A hundred million dollar donation to community outreach programs? A nice gesture, but I doubt it fools the press into thinking it isn't an admission of guilt for the Clarke County disaster.
Blake authorized that donation? He did.
And although he denied it in a hastily run press conference, new documents have surfaced from one of C.
's former engineers, proving that my father knew about the crisis for years, and did nothing about it.
And I'm not sure if you heard, but earlier today, he actually fired an employee who lived in Clarke County, because he was his words a "potential whistleblower.
" That's against policy.
If he reports that to OSHA, they could slap us with a wrongful termination suit.
The facts can't be denied.
My father is no longer fit to run this company.
It's your job, as Carrington Atlantic's board, to make a change.
It's time to vote Blake Carrington out and name me as your new CEO.
(murmuring) I can't stand it when you stay away so long.
I've told you, I have to be careful.
It isn't safe.
I had another visitor, yesterday.
Fallon Carrington was here.
She said she's gonna help me get released.
(exhales) And you believed her? Did-did you Did you tell her about me? No.
But don't be mad I-I told her about your storage locker.
That was my end of the deal.
And did she come back for you? - Well - Claudia.
Don't you know by now I'm the only one you can trust? (exhales) I'm an idiot.
I'm a stupid idiot.
Stop, stop.
That's no way to talk about the mother of my child.
You didn't do anything wrong, they did.
And you're right.
It's time we get you out of here.