Dynasty (2017) s01e22 Episode Script

Dead Scratch

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Matthew, I can't stand it when you stay away so long.
Told you I have to be careful.
It's time we get you out of here.
- You have an older brother.
- Long-lost what now? You might be even more shocked to know that I have a daughter.
Her name's Kirby.
ALEXIS: And what if someone caught us? I'm not about to blow our billion-dollar plan.
- So our mom is - Blake's sister.
It's up to you what you want to do with it.
Thomas Carrington's will left equal shares of Carrington Atlantic to his grandchildren.
My father is no longer fit to run this company.
It's your job as Carrington Atlantic's board to make a change.
Well, you want out of this marriage? - You're not going anywhere.
- You don't own me.
("Whip It" by Devo playing) (chain saw idling) Crack that whip Give the past a slip (chain saw revving) Step on a crack Break your mama's back Get straight Go forward, move ahead Try to detect it It's not too late To whip it Whip it good (bottle shatters) When a good time turns around You must whip it You will never live it down Unless you whip it No one gets away Until they whip it I say whip it Whip it good Oh, hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?! I think I'm finally getting into golf.
Whip it good You know what they say.
The couple that plays together stays together.
And you wanted to stay together, didn't you? - Oh, more than anything.
- Hmm.
Took me a little longer to get dressed this morning than usual.
Most of my suits have been shredded to bits.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
I hope we don't have moths.
Oh, only one.
But just know this.
If this toxic behavior is your little way of forcing me to let you go, I never will.
I love you too much.
Go forward, move ahead Celia Machado.
It's not to late To whip it, whip it good.
(Hank sighs softly) What time is it? Time for you to get going.
The last thing we need is for Blake to find his long-lost son in Mommy's bed.
Especially after everything is finally about to come to fruition.
Is that French? (laughs) Mon cher.
It means soon you'll get your money, and you can be on your merry way.
But for now, you keep sitting pretty.
And don't forget your finger.
(grunts) (sighs) I'd say go with the silver, and add tarnish.
We're going for rustic chic, so Nothing's chic about getting married in a barn.
The barn's the rustic.
I'm the chic.
Just surrender, Anders.
I've been trying to be a lot more patient with him, given what I learned last week.
Did you know that Anders has a daughter? Oh.
You mean Kirby? Well, that was anticlimactic.
She lived with us.
She was I'm not gonna say she was a psychopath, but Wait.
What? She mutilated all of Fallon's Barbies.
- Like, cut off their hair? - Their heads.
And then threw them into the fireplace.
The smell of burning plastic still reminds me of Christmas.
She stole from Dad, she terrorized my mother.
Anders didn't mention any of this? If he had, I wouldn't have invited her to the wedding.
Oh, my God.
Does Anders know? Do I know what? That you bought 25 antique spittoons for centerpieces? (chuckles) Carrington Atlantic isn't just a family business.
It's a company.
It's a growth engine for the city of Atlanta.
(knock on door) What are you doing here? I brought you something for good luck.
What is it? It's my father's ashes.
To keep on your desk and to remind you every day of what you're here to do.
I'm just kidding.
It's a candle.
(laughs) Thank you.
Are you ready to become the new CEO of Carrington Atlantic? There's nothing I've ever wanted more.
Well, almost nothing.
I was thinking, if the board promotes me, I'm gonna rehire you.
How does VP of Community Outreach sound? Sounds like it's not for me.
I get it.
Want to play hardball with the boss.
President of Community Outreach.
Fallon, I never wanted a career at C.
This was just about doing right by my father.
(elevator bell dings) BLAKE: Navy or black? He's here.
Go get it.
BLAKE: Well, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
No one told me there was a meeting.
It was a bit of an emergency.
Well, does anyone care to tell me what this is about? The executive members are here to discuss the future of Carrington Atlantic's CEO.
Or lack thereof.
Firing an employee for being a so-called whistle-blower, mishandling the Clarke County crisis, and then trying to cover it up by buying off the victims? - But that was your - Regardless.
Time's up, Daddy.
This is absurd.
I'm chairman of the board.
And you're listening to a child who's been COO for a week.
And the board will decide what's in the best interests of the shareholders.
Fallon? Many family companies are lost in three generations moneymaker, caretaker, undertaker.
As the fourth generation, I refuse to stand by and watch my father bury my legacy.
Carrington Atlantic is not just a family business.
It is a dynasty.
Time for your morning meds, Blaisdel.
You're almost done with your baby carrier, huh? - Yeah.
- Just goes to show you, with a little persistence, you can accomplish anything.
At least that's what my grandmother always told me.
(groaning): Oh! Oh, no.
Aah! Yeah.
Nice try.
You're still gonna have to take your meds.
(groans) I think my water just broke.
- (panting) - Oh.
Uh Okay, uh Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
No, it isn't.
The baby isn't supposed to come this soon.
- (crying) - Hey, hey, I'm here.
Why would I want you here?! A baby is about to rip itself out of my body! Get me a real doctor! Go! (banging on table) - Now! - Hey, hey, hey, you just hang tight.
- Go! - I'll-I'll be right back.
Help me! Good timing, Doctor.
Let's get my baby out of here.
The board of directors of Carrington Atlantic has concluded it's in the best interests of this company to shift attention to a more forward-thinking narrative.
You can't be serious.
MAN: Blake, you can continue as chairman of the board until a replacement is named.
Fallon, congratulations.
You're the first female CEO in company history.
I thought I heard the sound of glass breaking.
How could you do this? After everything I've done for you, you ingrate! I'm just doing what's best for the family.
Isn't that what you always say? Your father left controlling interest to me and Steven because he knew your days were numbered.
Grandpa always did know best.
Oh, that's debatable.
What the hell are you doing here? Settling your debt.
Still on the juice, Jeff? Hard to tell when you're not staggering like a geriatric toddler.
Come on, Fallon.
That's no way to talk to family.
JEFF: That's right.
We're Carringtons, and we're here for what's ours.
If Thomas left that trust for his grandchildren, then my sister and I are entitled to shares.
I know this must be a painful reckoning for you, Blake, but you had it coming.
Your family's been living the good life for decades while our deadbeat grandpa let my parents struggle to put food on our table.
And your father was no better.
I-I didn't have a choice.
Your silence was a choice.
Once we're added to the trust, we can liquidate this company, get our money, and bury the Carrington name once and for all.
Our lawyers will be in touch.
Don't blame me.
Why not? You lied to me my whole life, and you let me sleep with my cousin.
Look, I didn't even know you were together until the engagement.
By then, it was a little late to say anything.
At least you're not pregnant.
You're not pregnant, are you? You're really winning Father of the Year here.
Really? You just got me fired from my own company.
The fewer people that knew, the less likely the Colbys would find out and make a claim.
I was trying to safeguard your inheritance.
Well, bang-up job, Dad.
Jeff and Monica just hung a "for sale" sign on our front lawn.
And with the shares they're entitled to, they could actually lead a coup on this company.
Well, it's a good thing you're the CEO, then.
You wanted to steal the reins so bad.
Well, I'm looking forward to watching you get bucked off the horse.
Maybe Kirby will be a no-show, and we can pretend this never happened.
But if she does show, it might be an emotional ambush for Anders.
She used to catch lizards in the yard and put them under Fallon's pillow.
Well, that's kind of cute.
She'd suffocate them and leave a note that said, "You're next.
" You must be talking about Kirby.
He was telling me about Carrie.
I've never seen it.
Well, if you like horror movies, I've got a great one for you, in which the Colbys are actually Carringtons, somewhere around the second act, I bang my cousin, and by the end, we lose the family company.
- Wait.
Is that true? - Oh, my God.
Grandpa knocked up his secretary, and spent his entire life trying to keep the Colbys out of our coffers.
What did Dad have to say? "Good luck.
" I kind of got him fired.
But that makes me rising CEO of Carrington Atlantic, which might not last long if the Colbys try to force a sale.
Holy hell, Fallon.
Can we go back to the part where you bang your cousin? Let's not.
Do they really think they can force a sale? Well, if the Colbys join our trust, they'll dilute our shares and voting power.
Let's just be thankful the Colbys don't have another sibling, or our votes would be diluted even more.
Well, they don't, but you do.
Oh, my God.
I forgot about Hank.
Where are you going? It's our rehearsal dinner! (gunfire, explosions over TV) Uh, hate to interrupt your regression to childhood, but we're supposed to be having dinner.
Your son is getting married tomorrow.
And we'll celebrate Steven then.
Tonight, we're celebrating Hank.
I'll bite.
What's the occasion? I can only assume you're here to make him C.
's newest shareholder.
I had the paperwork drawn up for you before I left the office.
What are you trying to prove, Dad? Just that no matter how clever you think you are, I'm always two steps ahead of you.
It's called experience.
(Hank whoops) Ah, did you see that? I just powned that alien.
The look on Blake's face was priceless.
(phone vibrates, chimes) Priceless? Actually, it's a very specific dollar amount.
That Russian oligarch I mentioned rang me with an offer.
It was very generous.
I used to think I wanted away from all tlls excess.
Thank you.
But then I realized I really like money.
So you told him that you plan to push for a quick sale? We told him.
Well, Fallon, really.
Fallon was there? JEFF: Just before we walked in, the board moved to name her the new CEO.
I didn't realize.
Well, that changes things completely.
How so? I would have never brought you into this if I thought in any way it would have hurt Steven or Fallon.
Well, like you said, it's our birthright.
So it's not up to you anymore.
I love the smell of excess in the morning.
Can't say I'm happy to be back here.
I'm sure Blake won't be happy about it either.
So, upstairs, second door on the left.
I have to use the little girls' room.
Sure you'll be okay? I got us this far, didn't I? Just go.
That's good.
Thank you.
I'm pleased you decided against the snakeskin cowboy boots.
You decided against them.
But I wanted to thank you for talking me down after my wedding jitters the other day.
After hearing about your past, your marriage and your daughter, it sort of put things into perspective.
It's not an easy subject to discuss, but if it helped, maybe it was worth the discomfort.
Do you ever I don't know think about getting in touch with Kirby? Well, I tried phoning her on the day that we spoke about her.
- You did? - Mm.
But I hung up as soon as I heard her voice.
I sound like a terrible father, I know, but the truth is, I spent years in therapy trying to accept the fact that Kirby is troubled.
But this is supposed to be a celebration, so come on, let's focus on that.
Don't you look handsome.
(chuckles) What's a $450 rental when you're the "hair" to a Carrington fortune? It happened just like you said it would.
Blake was practically begging me to sign.
Now, how soon after the sale do I get my cut? Because there's this sick adobe hunting ranch - near Santa Fe and - About that.
We might have to wait a few months, possibly a year.
Fallon got named CEO yesterday.
And we stand to make a hell of a lot more money in the long run.
So I need you to vote against the sale.
Against it? The whole plan was to hit it and quit it.
That is your style, but this time, we need to not act so prematurely.
No, I want my money now.
What if that DNA test comes back? I'll handle it, just like I handle everything.
As for your money, I'll double the percentage.
To 20%? Yes, two times ten is 20.
Your math skills are improving.
Just imagine how much adobe hunting ranch that'll buy.
So what I told Blake I'd do wasn't a lie and our original plan is now the opposite? Just vote no.
Sir, the press are outside, here to cover Steven's wedding.
As they should be.
Yeah, except that's not what your wife is discussing.
CRISTAL: I will be stepping down from the company to focus on family, as will Blake.
He wrote this statement for me to read to you.
What the hell is this? As a wedding present to his son, Blake is going to take up Steven's mantle by going to visit the third-world, (bleep)hole countries Ooh, I should've read over this first.
So sorry.
Blake will tour Steven's disaster response charities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, uh, Mozambique Thank you, Cristal.
On a day honoring loyalty and love, I would be remiss not to credit my wife for her support.
I look forward to my world tour, and I feel blessed that she will be at my side.
- For all of it.
- (cameras clicking) REPORTER: How long do you anticipate this tour to last? REPORTER 2: Can others get involved in your cause? REPORTER 3: Will you be taking your PR team with you? Our legal team is sorting through the Colbys' claim, and as I've told all shareholders, this is no time to sell.
Let me call you back.
It's you.
Came for the wedding.
But I also came to let you know that I can't accept your job offer.
I get it.
You don't want to work for C.
Fallon, I get what you're trying to do.
Find some way to keep me in your life.
Well, you told me to choose you.
I meant choose the right thing.
And I'm glad you finally did.
You are going to make a great CEO.
But it's time for me to move on.
After Steven's wedding, I'm leaving Atlanta, and I just wanted you to know.
What, like like, leaving leaving? What about us? Michael, I love you.
I'm gonna go see if I can help set up.
I'll see you around.
What's this about? Today's the day, Blake.
It's my son's wedding day.
Isn't that how you godfathers operate? I'm sorry, is this inconvenient for you? 'Cause we would've preferred that it happened 12 years ago.
(chuckles) Or 45, but here we are.
We have a buyer, and we want a fair vote.
(sighs) I forgot how handsome you are.
Good thing you and Blake are the same size.
That bump's gonna make it hard to blend in.
I'm working on it.
Where did you get that? The gun room, goober.
(chuckles) You'd think they would've updated their security since the last time I was here.
Claudia, we talked about this.
We're just here to confront Blake in front of the press.
We need witnesses to hear our story.
Otherwise, they're just gonna have me arrested and you recommitted.
The man tried to kill you.
And I almost lost everything.
You our child.
But we aren't here to hurt Blake.
You understand? Not at his son's wedding.
Not in front of his wife.
(scoffs) Of course that's who you're concerned about.
None of this would've ever happened if it weren't for her.
This has nothing to do with Cristal.
Is that why you wanted to come here? So you could see her again? (laughs) Oh, my God! You sprung me from a loony bin so that I could have your baby and you could raise it with her! What?! Of course not.
Claudia, look, all I'm saying is she doesn't deserve to be hurt.
You said yourself how good she was to you - when you were staying here.
- Yeah, I was high on benzos.
(scoffs) I can't believe this.
You're still in love with her.
That's just crazy.
That's what you always used to call me when I would accuse you of having an affair.
- Claudia - But I wasn't crazy, was I? The whole point of all of this is so that we could finally be together.
But I guess we can't until she's gone.
Claudia Claudia! (lock clicks) Claudia! (banging on door) The ceremony will start in half an hour.
Family photos take place after that, in the trophy room, while the guests retire to the main house for the reception.
Now, just make sure that all of these lamps are fueled and placed around the property before nightfall.
Otherwise, it'll be complete chaos.
I'm sorry, what are we waiting on? Go ahead and have your lawyers vet the paperwork, but we have the legal right to vote.
HANK: Sorry I'm late.
The whole bow-tie thing was a disaster.
Who the hell is he? - I'm Hank.
- He's Hank.
Turns out you're not our only long-lost brother.
I He's our brother.
I didn't mean Hank is the fifth member of the grandkids' trust.
We added him last night.
So, even if you got the other shareholders to vote with you, we'd still have majority, making it impossible to force a sale.
But feel free to try anyway.
I think I will.
Hank, this deal would put billions with a "B" in each of our pockets, including yours.
Hank, sweetie, our company is worth much more than what they're offering.
They're low-balling.
I motion that we put the sale of the company to a vote.
Motion granted.
All in favor? Well, I know we just met, Hank, but I'm gonna bet your story's a lot closer to ours than theirs.
You didn't grow up in a house like this.
You've never known what it's like to have money.
I mean real money.
"Never worry again" money.
Those opposed? Hank this is where you vote with us.
Carringtons love to boss people around, Hank, but this is your decision, not hers.
I'm sorry, but when you come from nothing, you got nothing to lose.
I vote to sell.
STEVEN: How could he do that? Were all my children born traitors? Okay, uh, I trust you'll inform the board of the vote.
After the wedding, of course.
For once, it was actually nice doing business with you.
Look, before today, all I inherited were lies that shaped almost every choice I ever made.
I'm sorry I took that out on you, Fallon.
Maybe someday you can forgive me, and we can own this city.
Billionaire cousins, joining forces.
That sounds like a complete disaster.
Or maybe it's what we were born to do.
I spent my whole life preserving our family's empire.
You've been CEO for less than 24 hours, you already lost it all.
It's not over yet, Dad.
It sure as hell isn't.
I'm gonna contest the sale and the trust, and my lawyers will rip them apart.
Well as much as I'd like to stay and watch, I'm about to get married.
Maybe I'll see you there.
"When you come from nothing, you've got nothing to lose"? That's what Jeff used to say to me when we had Morell Corp.
You don't think he got to Hank before today, do you? Jeff Colby didn't come from nothing.
I did everything I could to help him.
It's just a melodramatic phrase.
Your mother used to say it all the time.
Who you love Have you seen Mom? Thankfully, no.
But Steven told me what happened.
I'm so sorry, Fallon.
We all underestimated Hank's normalcy.
Of course he voted to cash out.
Maybe we all should, too.
I think Mom might've swayed Hank's vote.
She probably convinced him to give her a cut.
I'm gonna go find that bitch.
No, I will.
The wedding's about to start.
We can't have you two ending up in the pool again.
Seriously, Fallon, I can't handle any more drama today.
May your marriage be the first to work out.
From her lips to God's ears.
What are you doing here? I came here to see you, of course.
You're looking very sexy, as always.
You do realize I'm about to walk down the aisle? (chuckles) Yes.
That's why I couldn't wait another moment to come see you.
I couldn't let you do this without knowing.
Without knowing what? Steven, I'm pregnant.
(chuckles) Now, I I don't expect you to call all this off.
I mean, I don't expect that.
Let's talk after, okay? You're going to be a father.
(squeals softly) ALEXIS: After all I've done for you, how dare you not do the one thing that I asked! The one thing? The one thing? I cut off my finger for you! Half a finger.
Do you really think I'm gonna let you walk away with millions of my children's inheritance in your pocket? It's billions.
With a "B.
" And an "S.
" And you don't have a choice.
You blow my cover, and I will tell everyone this was all your idea.
And who wins then, Hank? You're the only one that knows I'm not the real deal.
- Is that a threat? - Maybe.
My brother is about to get married.
So we're gonna go downstairs, and when it's over, then we'll talk.
Hmm? (grunts) I guess incest runs in the family.
W-We were just Get out, Hank.
Your mommy and I need to talk.
I think we should start.
Should I tell Anders? Sure.
No, definitely.
Are you nervous? Hey.
Let's just pretend no one else is in the room but us.
Just you and me, for the rest of our lives.
Cristal's leaving me, isn't she? Well, you know what they say.
If you love something, let it go.
Not threaten to commit it to an insane asylum.
Well, maybe I don't love her anymore.
(chuckles softly) You do.
You just hate losing.
She's gone to find Alexis.
After the wedding, I'll-I'll tell her she's free to leave.
I lost my company and my wife all in the same week.
Well, as you always say, sir, if anyone can start over from dead scratch, it's you.
Two minute warning.
Are you waiting for someone? Wow.
I know.
Pretty sure Sam forgot to uninvite me.
Think it's too late to request the chicken? You just waltz back in here with your mediocre jokes, and what, I'm supposed to forgive you? I've been thinking about you a lot.
While writing which chapters? I never wrote about you, Fallon.
You would know that if you bothered to read my manuscript.
What manuscript? The one I gave your mother.
That explains why I never heard from you.
I called it Life with the VanKirks.
That's an odd choice.
That's my family.
The VanKirks? Of New York? Well, I guess my mother never read your book, either, or she would've shown up with a meat hook to drag you and your family fortune back here.
I wish she had.
Well, are there any other secrets you'd like to get off your chest? Just one.
I didn't come here for the wedding.
I'm in love with you, Fallon.
Can't tell someone you love them at a wedding, when can you? How long are you gonna keep punishing yourself? And how am I doing that? By punishing her.
Fallon's not responsible for your father's death, Michael.
And if you truly do want to move on, you should.
Just make sure that you're moving in the right direction.
And quickly.
Now, if you'll excuse me, my role as Cupid is quite demanding today.
CRISTAL: I've heard all the stories about you, but falsely resurrecting a missing child to get back at Blake? How heartless can you be? What are you raving about? Adam is my son.
I think you're confusing the role of mother with sugar mama.
I don't know what you saw, but spare me your vulgar accusations.
You've done nothing but tear this family apart since the day you arrived.
You tried to drive a wedge between Steven and Sam.
You did your best to destroy my marriage with Blake.
You even pitted your own children against each other.
Honestly, I think you need to be medicated.
The truth is, Alexis, I'm a much better mother to your children than you ever were.
But then again, you set the bar pretty low.
("We Belong" by Pat Benatar playing) What do you know about being a mother? I don't need to listen to this.
My son's getting married.
Many times I cried alone (yells wildly) You crazy bitch! (shouts) Get off me! I've invested too much time To give you up that easy To the doubts that complicate your mind We belong to the light We belong to the thunder We belong to the sound of the words We've both fallen under Whatever we deny or embrace For worse or for better We belong (yells wildly) We belong together Maybe it's a sign of weakness When I don't know what to say (yells wildly) Do we distort the facts? Now there's no looking forward Now there's no turning back When you say we belong to the light We belong to the thunder We belong to the sound of the words Get off! Whatever we deny or embrace For worse or for better We belong, we belong (panting) No, Cristal.
(yelling) - You're gonna pay for this.
- Oh, I'm happy to.
My marriage to Blake may be over, but at least I'll have the satisfaction of telling him what a monster you are before I go.
Well, if I am, it's only because he turned me into one.
Just like he did you.
But the only difference is, it took me 20 years.
It only took you eight months.
(sighs) Maybe his third wife will break your record.
(gasps) I'll give your best to the grooms.
(yells) ANDERS: I now pronounce you Mr.
and Mr.
Carrington, partners for life.
We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder We belong to the sound of the words We've both fallen under Whatever we deny or embrace For worse or for better We belong We belong, we belong together We belong.
She knows.
I have her locked away upstairs until I can figure out what to do.
We're screwed, aren't we? - Oh, you mean you? - Yeah.
Oh, yes, you're screwed.
And if I were you, I'd hit the road, sooner rather than later.
ANDERS: The photographer is setting up for family photos in the trophy room.
She wants to start with the Carringtons.
Have you seen Cristal? No.
Well, I can't believe that she'd miss her nephew's wedding.
(sighs) Mrs.
Carrington? Cristal? Anders, thank God! I'm locked in.
I have a spare key up at the main house.
I'll be right back.
Well, at least one thing went right today.
You might say two.
Sorry to hear what you're dealing with, though.
Just another day in the life of my family.
I get why you left yours.
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Unless you're interested in buying a multibillion-dollar energy empire, there's not much to do.
(doorknob rattling) Anders, that was fast.
Everybody must be wondering where I've been.
- (banging on lock) - Anders? Did you not find the key? I didn't.
But I did find you.
(scoffs) I guess if you knew I was coming, you would have tidied up a little.
How did you get out of the health facility? You mean the nuthouse that you and your husband locked me away in? Good news.
They said that I'm cured.
Okay, whatever it is you want, we can talk about it, Claudia.
There's no need to do anything crazy.
Call me that again, and I swear it'll be the last word you ever say.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
I just wanted to tell you that I'm here to help you.
Blake drove you to this.
I know that now.
Because that's what men do, isn't it? When they don't like being seen for who they really are.
Try to control us and lock us in cages.
Yes, that's right.
I'm serving a life sentence in his prison.
Then you have to break out, Cristal.
That's what I did.
What you give power to has power over you.
That's actually the sanest thing I've heard in a while.
If I just tell the truth to the world, even if I go to jail, I'll be freer than if I stay here living with him.
I'm gonna go tell Blake that it's over.
Sorry, I can't let you Go by myself? Of course not.
You're gonna come with me.
We can do this, Claudia, together.
STEVEN: Where's Cristal? She went to find you before the ceremony, Mom.
- Didn't you see her? - No.
Maybe she needed to take a nap after that War of the Roses bender.
I thought we were doing photos on the grand staircase in the manor.
Yeah, we're not Kardashians.
Trust me, this is way more on theme.
(chain saw revving faintly) Oh, I love what Cristal's done with the place.
It's so Boho-Bobbitt.
Parents of the groom, please.
I guess that's you guys.
You okay? What? Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'm I'm sorry.
Don't tell me you're already having regrets.
You're not, are you? No.
Uh (sighs) Sam, there's something I have to tell you.
Hope you already shot the happy family portrait, 'cause everything's about to go to hell.
Will you excuse us? BLAKE: What's going on, Fallon? You could ask Mom, though I doubt you'd get an honest answer.
I'm sorry to do this in front of you, Sam, but you might as well learn what you married into.
Starting with your new bitch-in-law.
What have I done now? Guess who I just found out isn't who I thought he was.
I have no idea.
Liam Ridley.
He's not a trashy biographer.
He's a billionaire.
- Oh.
- Twist.
Had you known, maybe you would've gone after his money, instead of wooing Hank to sell the company.
I don't know how you convinced him to do it, but the timing was pretty convenient.
You told Jeff and Monica, too, didn't you? You set this whole thing up.
You're just as much to blame as she is, Dad.
If it weren't for your lying, everything you've done to keep the Colbys away, we wouldn't have lost the company.
We haven't lost yet.
I'm gonna contest the sale.
Well, I'm switching my vote.
Steven is, too.
To another buyer at a higher price.
Turns out Liam's uncle has connections in big oil.
You'd know that if you read his book.
You know, I always dreamed of being you, of running this company.
But now, after all the damage you've done, the only way to save our legacy is to start over.
Fallon, you're being reckless.
This is how dynasties are ruined.
No, this is how new dynasties are born.
Well, way to ruin my exit.
It's locked.
I won't let you go back.
We can leave now, together, and I will make sure that you and your baby are safe.
No, they're gonna take my baby away.
No, I'll protect you.
I know you don't have anyone else, after you lost Matthew.
- Just shut up! - Okay.
Of course, the two of you.
We should never have left you alone.
I should have stood up to Blake, - and I will now.
- Just back off! - Okay.
- I-I knew it! Nothing can keep you from her, can it? It was always her.
You were always gonna choose her! - Claudia, don't! - (gunshot) CLAUDIA (whispers): Matthew, don't go.
I'm so sorry.
I'm pretty sure that was a gunshot.
The lock seems jammed.
Should we start praying or something? Someone call Anders.
I don't have a signal.
- Oh, my God.
- FALLON: Now we should start praying.
(fire crackling) Hello, Daddy.
From the ashes Fire burns (clears throat) I, uh (sighs) Is this your car? No.
(chuckles) But I can help you with that if you give me a ride.
(chuckles) I don't usually do these kinds of things, but it's an emergency, crazy as that sounds.
(electricity crackling) (engine starts) Not crazy at all.
Rise (Cristal coughing) Rise (coughing) Rise Sam, help me over here! Rise It's stuck! (grunting) From the shadows (coughing) Come on, help me.
- Fallon! - Culhane! I got you.
Alexis! (coughing) Rise Steven, let's go! From the shadows Blake, I did a bad thing.
- Alexis! - Blake, take Fallon! Get her out of here! Sam! Are you all right? Can you walk? (coughing) Steven! Wait! ALEXIS (in distance): Oh, my God! Cristal! Cristal! From the shadows Steven! Steven! Culhane! (alarmed shouting) Oh, my God.