Dynasty (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Twenty-Three Skidoo

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Hello, Daddy.
- ANDERS: Kirby.
- You have an older brother.
You're the only one that knows I'm not the real deal.
- Is that a threat? - Maybe.
Steven, I'm pregnant.
You're going to be a father.
You're a Carrington, Jeff.
We're Carringtons.
We're here for what's ours.
I motion that we put the sale of the company to a vote.
- I'm gonna contest the sale.
- Well, I'm switching my vote.
Turns out, Liam's uncle has connections in Big Oil.
I'm in love with you, Fallon.
Claudia, don't! (coughing) - Fallon! - Culhane! - Alexis! - Blake, take Fallon! ALEXIS: Oh, my God.
Cristal! - Steven! - Culhane! You should see me in a crown - (cameras clicking) - Fallon, can we get a comment? Can we get a comment? Any more information on the fire? Any update on the investigation? REPORTER: Any word on the sale of Carrington Atlantic and your stake in the company? Do you consider yourself to be part - of the Carrington family now? - No.
My sister and I do not consider ourselves Carringtons.
Hell no.
Rumors of Mr.
Carrington's mental breakdown and drug-fueled Parisian bender are exactly that: rumors.
Tell me which one is worse Living or dying first Sleeping inside a hearse Watch me make 'em bow One by one by, one One by one by You should see me in a crown You should see me, see me Your silence is my favorite sound You should see me, see me, watch me make 'em bow - One by one by, one - One by one by, one.
Ah, so that is what a $50 billion deal memo looks like.
I got it from legal this morning.
I'm meeting with Liam's uncle today to negotiate details, and our hope is that we can announce the transition at C.
's anniversary party.
And that is why I love you.
You talk about selling a hundred-year-old empire like a kid selling lemonade.
You should've seen me sell lemonade.
(chuckles) I bet.
Uh, before I got understandably distracted, I did come up here to tell you that your father is on his way home.
Of course.
He abandons his family while everything's going to hell, but when it comes to the company, he'll be there.
You know, he's the very reason C.
became so toxic.
He raised us to fight each other for it.
I would never want to do that to my kids.
Don't worry, I'm not pregnant.
(exhales) Baby.
I'm proud of you.
Even if Blake isn't.
Well, he lost his opinion when he left me to pick up the pieces for a month.
As if he was the only one who lost Cristal.
NEWSWOMAN: The nationwide manhunt continues for Hank Sullivan, person of interest in Cristal Carrington's homicide.
Investigators on the case question whether the suspect acted alone.
Guess what I have? Your discharge papers.
What? No.
Well, you've made a full recovery from your smoke inhalation two weeks ago.
I'm really not sure why you're still here.
What if I get worse? I can't afford a relapse.
I think you've milked the Carrington tab long enough.
How about I send someone to help you carry all the flowers that you sent yourself? - NEWSWOMAN: Last week, I spoke to his mother, Alexis Carrington - Shh, shh.
It's my interview.
It's on.
Out, out, out.
ALEXIS (over TV): Police think that Cristal learned of his plan to take out the Carrington Atlantic shareholders.
And, well, he reacted.
Hank, if you're seeing this, please call me.
We will get through this, together.
I'd do it all over again if I could save poor Celia.
You mean Cristal Flores.
Well, who is she, really? A tortured soul with a hard life, a stolen identity.
But as Mother Teresa said, "Do things for people not because of who they are, but because of who you are.
" Whether or not you accept you're the father, Steven, I'm starting to show.
And with my divorce being finalized, you know, people might ask whose kid it is, and I-I'm not gonna lie.
It's not fair to the baby.
It's not that I don't believe you.
Well, now that you have medical evidence.
- (sighs) - It's just I don't know how to tell Sam.
After all he's been through? Well, I am sympathetic to Sam's loss.
Don't get me wrong.
But think of it this way: the longer you lie to him, it's gonna be much worse when the truth comes out.
And it will come out.
- Hi.
- Hi.
(laughs) And I was worried this was gonna be awkward.
Liam, I really appreciate everything you're doing - to help broker this deal.
- Nah Despite my decision.
To not be with me.
See? It's much less awkward now.
(chuckles) This place is popular.
Uh, my uncle bought it out.
He's doesn't like to eat with other people.
There's one little hang-up.
Just a small miscommunication I just found out about, myself.
Well, don't tell me he's getting cold feet.
- I really need this to work out.
- Liam.
Uncle Max.
- How's my nephew? (chuckles) - Good.
Good to see you.
- And this must be Fallon.
- Yeah.
- The legend.
- (chuckles) I'm sorry what's happened to your family.
I'm glad I could help.
Oh, thank you.
Is this your first time to Atlanta? Oh, no, no, no.
I have developments up and down the Eastern seaboard.
Imports, exports, that sort of thing.
Oh, and this isn't the first time I dipped a toe into Big Oil, either.
I didn't know that.
Well, I mean, the last seller completely screwed me over.
I'm sure Liam mentioned that once you get on my bad side, you'll wish you never heard of the Van Kirks.
Well, I'm lucky to have Liam's help, then.
You kidding me? He's lucky he has a wife who's heir to an empire I want to buy.
I'm famished.
Let's eat.
(quietly): Your wife? (clasps hands) (phone vibrating) Hello? HANK: I saw your message on TV.
Uh, could you get me a toiletries bag? And some toiletries.
And shut that door on the way out.
(sighs) Finally, you idiot.
Why didn't you call me sooner? What in the hell happened that night? Look, I didn't kill her.
The news said she died of a gunshot wound.
That wasn't me.
I just torched the place.
Oh, my God.
You said to take care of it, Alexis.
No, I said watch her and make sure that she keeps quiet.
You're gonna have to stay in hiding until this blows over.
And they cannot find out that we were working together.
They could.
I mean, I could tell the police everything.
How we met, what our plan was.
I can even take a DNA test to prove I'm not your son, and that you switched the first one.
What do you want? My money.
$5 billion.
(laughs) Where in the hell am I gonna get that? Okay, fine.
A million.
I don't have anything.
You burnt down my home with everything in it.
You get my money, or I'm going to the cops.
You have 38 hours.
You mean 48.
I mean two days.
Starting now.
- (grunts) - STEVEN: You don't think Liam misled him on purpose, do you? He seemed just as flustered as I was.
And his uncle is such a bulldozer, I get how it happened in the first place.
Liam told his uncle how we used to be married, he latched onto that.
And now if we correct it, we might blow the deal.
Well, we're so close to signing.
How long do you have to pretend to be married? Again.
Through the weekend, I guess.
Or at least until the ink is dry.
But if that's all it takes to be free of the company, isn't it worth it? What about Culhane? I'm gonna tell him.
Obviously, I can't keep him in the dark about something so important.
I'm not a monster.
Children, it feels so great to be home.
Oh, whoops, I've got it.
Don't worry.
Do you need a wheelchair after a facelift? I mean, I'm just assuming that's why you were in the hospital so long.
No, Fallon.
They finally released me and I have no place to stay.
And considering my home burnt down, and the suspect is still at large, surely you wouldn't kick your own mother to the curb.
You're right.
Dad's on his way from the airport.
He'll do it then.
STEVEN: I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad we're all here.
Who's been redecorating? That's Cristal.
Well, it's not Waterford.
You mean the person? W-What in the hell is she doing in the foyer? SAM: Hey! I saw your interview.
What was with you smack-talking my aunt? Steven, what is he referring to? Nothing, Mom.
Sam, just calm down.
No, don't tell me to calm down.
Didn't you see her TV interview? - FALLON: Would you just - Yeah, I know - (overlapping arguing) - They're fighting because of you! What is going on out here? - No, I'm on your side.
I'm just saying - Quiet! - (arguing continues) - Gentlemen, please! No, don't talk to your mother like that! Dad? Blake.
- SAM: No.
- (Fallon gasps) Oops.
FALLON: Well, if you want me to, I can call it off.
Why? I already survived your fake husband once.
I really don't deserve you.
- I know.
Look, it's just - (chuckles) the one weekend.
Right? One party? I'd rather suffer through that than another year of you working at C.
So just close the deal, - and we can move on with our lives.
- But even if we're on board with this whole mock marriage thing, there's my dad and his Joaquin Phoenix beard.
- (chuckles) - And I'm not sure whether to be worried about him or worried that he's back to sabotage the deal.
I wouldn't put anything past him.
But you, you need to follow your instincts.
Trust yourself.
Got that champagne, papi on the replay Oh, oh Can't take it easy, you're too fresh-fresh on my brain Hey.
Can you get us some ice? - Fresh on my brazzain - Fresh - Fresh on my brazzain - Fresh Fresh on my brazzain like you on the replay Who is it, Jasper? Oh.
Come to join us? A little late for a party, Kirby.
Mm, considering it started last night.
- Fresh on my brazzain - Fresh.
- (music stops) - Everybody out! (sighs) Those pills would be the reason the manager called me.
I swear, they're not mine.
A friend of mine got them from housekeeping, so if anything, you should be having a word with management about their drug-addicted staff.
That's enough, Kirby.
Housekeeping actually is kind of crap, though.
You should complain.
This is hardly laying low.
There are only so many hotels in this city.
There's always the Manor.
Can't hide me forever, Daddy.
Just until they arrest a suspect.
Remember, the last time the Carringtons saw you, you were trying to light their house on fire.
How many times have I told you? Fallon framed me.
That little bitch ruined my life.
You know what? Not the point.
I came here to move on because I thought that's what you wanted me to do.
But the longer I'm here, the more it seems like you're not protecting me from them.
You're protecting them from me.
Uh, Blake is prepping for an event this weekend.
As soon as the time is right, I will speak to him about you moving to the Manor.
(door opens) - (sighs) - (snoring softly) Welcome back.
Did you not go to bed last night? - I was up working.
- Well, that's what happens when you turn your back on reality for a month.
What Fallon means to say is that we missed you.
I, for one, think a little liquor is necessary at times like these.
You mean morning? Blake, I-I'm not gonna beat around the bush.
I have nowhere to go.
No money.
Surely the stables were insured.
And technically, the deed is in my name.
Perhaps you'd consider giving me the insurance money.
You know, to compensate for my loss.
Your loss? Are you hearing yourself? That seems fair.
Considering it's your property.
I thought this meeting was just us, Dad.
It's a family meeting.
What is it you wanted to tell me? Well, it's just, uh there's been a few complications.
Like the lawsuits from the fire.
Wedding guests trying to take advantage.
I'll take care of the lawsuits with my lawyers.
Anything else? No.
I mean pretty much.
I may have gotten someone pregnant.
- You what? - A woman? Yes, a woman.
Before I was committed to Sam.
Look, the point is, surely you knocked someone up pre- or post-Mom.
What's fair in this situation, child support-wise? Does Sam know about it? No.
With everything he's going through I'm working on it.
This is our estate planner.
Contact her about setting up a trust.
But if I were you, I would tell Sam first.
Speaking of poor decisions, what do you know about Max Van Kirk? I'm sure you're still pissed about me selling, but it's a foregone conclusion.
What I need you to do is get on board.
Do a little song and dance for Max at the party, who one slight hitch still thinks I'm married to Liam.
Fallon, did you do any research on this family that you're about to get into bed with? Whoever they are, they couldn't be crazier than mine.
Sir, there's a woman here to see you.
Who is it? Well, I don't know how to tell you this.
It's Cristal Flores.
- The license checks out.
- I told you.
I'm the real Cristal Flores.
Your late wife's real name was Celia Machado.
Clearly, she saw Mother's interview.
The one where she outed Cristal as a criminal? In my defense, I was on Ambien.
Look, I'm sorry, but my life has been nothing but misery since my identity was stolen.
SAM: How many years ago was that? I don't know.
Uh, it's been so long.
Ten, maybe 12 years? And where were you when it happened? All I know is I was in Florida, minding my business My aunt didn't steal your identity.
She got it from a woman in a hospital in Mexico.
But nice try.
Maybe that's what she told you.
But I'm the victim here.
Anders, cut her a check.
That's not a good precedent to set, sir.
Give a gold digger a cookie $500,000 so we can be done with this.
- Oh, my God.
You're so - Just take the check and go.
Thank you so much.
You're doing the right thing.
You want to turn some rando into a lottery winner, go ahead.
Just stay inside.
Uncle Max will be here soon, and I don't want you two meeting until you cut that cat off your face.
MAX: Does my nephew - often keep you waiting? - FALLON: Oh! I'm sure he'll be here any minute.
And your father, is he here? Uh, he's still a little jet-lagged after his sabbatical.
But you'll get to meet him at the party, though.
Best to let his charms sink in over cocktails.
- Hey.
- Hey.
This is Liam's Uncle Max.
Culhane is an old friend who's just staying with us - for a while.
- Michael Culhane.
A friend of hers is family to me.
- Uncle Max.
- Liam.
You kidding me? Is that it? I mean, I've seen you hug your Aunt Mora with more affection.
Come on.
You're newlyweds.
Oh, great.
Now you kiss her like she's your mother.
Can you give her a real kiss, please? Come on.
Now, that's more like it.
And trust me, you will have plenty of time to cultivate a sex-starved marriage.
Just ask my wife.
(chuckles) Michael.
Will you be at the celebration tomorrow? I was, but, uh something came up.
It's hot.
Guess I'll be seeing you two lovebirds later.
FALLON: I'm so sorry, Michael.
I never should have kissed Liam like that.
The last thing I want is for this to hurt you.
Whatever you need to do is cool with me.
LIAM: That's right, Fallon.
Like Michael said, whatever you need is totally cool.
(gasps) What are you doing awake? Drowning my sorrows in chamomile.
So you haven't told Sam yet? I tried.
Sort of.
He's not in a good place right now, and I'm scared that more bad news might totally break him.
- What about you? - Let's just say Culhane may be down with the marriage charade, but my subconscious isn't.
Well, like you said, it's just till the ink's dry.
Actually, it's six months.
- What? - Liam's creepy Uncle Max wants me to stay on as a transition consultant.
But Culhane and I have talked about going to New York, starting a real life together.
And I'm scared that if I'm stuck in this lie for six months, then it might confuse my true feelings.
I would suggest getting in bed with someone else.
Business bed.
What about that Russian oligarch that made the first offer? I know it means getting in touch with someone you'd rather not see, but what else is family for? (indistinct chatter) (phone vibrates) - And all the people know you're artificial - Can keep her round, it's gonna be bad for business I can get the dope a lot cheaper Dope a lot cheaper, dope a lot cheaper, dope a lot cheaper - (knock at door) - (dog whines) (door opens, closes) Good morning, sir.
We have a slight issue at the front gate.
- Get out of here.
- I warned you that handing out that check to the Floridian Cristal Flores was setting a dangerous precedent.
- Go home.
- They're all claiming to be Cristal or relatives thereof.
And they, too, would like to be compensated for their trouble.
We're in mourning.
My aunt got murdered, and you show up here looking for handouts? You heartless, greedy liars.
Your aunt used a fake identity to get ahead.
She was the real gold digger.
- What did you say? - Hey, hey.
That's enough.
Pay them what they want.
Get them out of here.
Carrington was a fraud, what does that make her nephew? Just another illegal, scamming hardworking Americans for money? Are you serious? You're a pap.
You're a literal leech, you son of a bitch.
That's what they do.
He's just trying to get a reaction out of you.
Wake up, Carrington.
You got played by your wife, and now your son's being played by this idiot.
You didn't need to jump in and defend me like that.
It just kills me, you know? Seeing all those women trying to score a payday off Cristal's death.
Cristal deserves better than that.
She certainly deserved better than me.
Things might not have been great at the end between the two of you, but I know you loved her.
And she loved you.
At one point she did.
Guess I'll go get ready for the party.
You sure you're okay? Yeah, it's just bruised.
No, I mean you.
Are you okay? My own kids didn't even ask me that.
I guess it goes with the territory of being a father.
Kids don't appreciate their parents until they become one themselves.
Or until they lose one.
(lively jazz music plays) FALLON: Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees And pray, waiting for that final moment You say the words that I can't say Every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray Waiting for that final moment You say the words that I can't say Oh, oh, say those words that I can't say Oh, oh Oh I get down On my knees and Pray (cheers and applause) Wow, that was amazing.
Just don't ask me to do the Charleston.
So what's your favorite drink? In case my uncle inquires.
You don't remember? You Carringtons know how to throw a party.
Listen, if this is typical with Carrington Atlantic, we might have to find you a permanent position as party planner and performer.
(laughter) I was on the CEO track, but it's nice to know I have a backup.
Uh, Liam, why don't you show your Uncle Max where the bar is? Let's do it.
Southside, extra mint? Aw.
You must be Nikolai Dimitrov.
A pleasure, Ms.
I had no idea birds were big in the roaring twenties.
And I found out on the ride over it talks a lot.
I look forward to discussing a potential deal for our companies.
Well, I actually have a draft - After a cocktail, of course.
- Of course.
(squawks) Of course.
Are you sure about this? The numbers Nikolai was throwing around seem like less than the Van Kirk deal.
Well, that offer is not without caveats.
I mean, it's practically quicksand.
Monica and I just want the sale to go through.
(sighs) (quiet, indistinct chatter) Mrs.
I didn't know you were here tonight.
Well, I never miss a good party, - and I was filling Sam in on my news.
- Mm.
I see.
Uh, what news is that? Hello? The woman's having a baby, Steven.
- (Melissa laughs) - SAM: He's not the most observant, but he sure is handsome.
Thank you.
I got to go hit the dessert table.
Why can't I be eating for two? Aw.
(laughs) What are you doing talking to Sam? Well, somebody should be talking to him.
You're lucky he still thinks I'm together with Paul.
I told you, Sam is in a bad place right now Yes, and you just forced me to lie to him, which I'm not gonna do again.
Listen, Nik, surely you know we could get a higher offer elsewhere.
If you could get a better deal, I wouldn't be here, would I? You're hungrier than my little Rocky.
I hope you mean your parrot.
- Hmm.
- (laughs) Obviously, it's not all about money.
I want to make sure C.
finds a home that's a good fit.
And Olekov Corp is just that.
Only one condition.
The CEO remains with the company for one year.
I'd consider three months.
I was referring to your father.
(squawks) I'd like to think anything is possible.
What fresh hell is this?! You have no business being in Fallon's bedroom.
I got lost.
What about you? Did you talk to Blake about me staying? Mr.
Carrington denied my request.
You didn't even ask him, did you? (scoffs) Once again, you choose this family over me.
I'm doing this to protect you, Kirby.
With your history, and the arson investigation I had nothing to do with that fire, back then or last month! You're the only one who suspects me.
My own father doesn't even trust me.
You've never given me reason to! I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
The reason I sent you away was because I thought you would be better off in Australia with your mother.
I'm sorry.
I I still think that's the case.
(phone chiming) This is Alexis.
Hello? ALEXIS (recorded): No, I said watch her and make sure that she keeps quiet! They cannot find out that we were working together.
(phone beeps) They cannot find out that we were working together.
Great party.
You set me up to say those things.
You have some nerve showing up here! What if somebody sees you? Where's my money? I don't have it.
Not even close.
I'll give you three more days, and then I'm going to the cops with it.
- (groans softly) - Understood? Mm.
(gasps) (cork pops) (cheering) Welcome back to the land of the living.
Happy anniversary.
I know how much this company meant to you, Dad, and I was just thinking about what a value you bring to C.
- Were you now? - Of course, which is why I think you should consider staying on.
Is that Nikolai Dimitrov? Good.
You know him.
That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.
Daddy? Hey, Fallon, can I steal you? Everything okay? Who's the Russian dude you were talking to? No one important.
The bird and the bling would imply otherwise.
Look, Liam, you should know that we are fielding other offers for the company.
What? Uncle Max is ready to sign.
Well, I'm sorry.
It's just business.
He's paying above market value because of us.
And this ridiculous newlywed game? You're not my husband, Liam.
You're not even my boyfriend, and thank God, because I have one who I'm in love with.
Can I tell you what I think is going on here? I saw the way you looked at me earlier when you were singing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
And that kiss yesterday.
I felt it, and so did you.
I think the only reason you're looking for another offer is because you don't trust yourself around me, because you know you made the wrong decision.
Don't flatter yourself.
Why take a lesser deal then? I mean, the Fallon I know is all about the deal.
So why back out now? Because Because I need to go get some air.
Nikolai Dimitrov.
Still palling around with that pea-brain? I'm talking to the bird, of course.
Oh, you must miss him.
Do you still have the dog, or did you lose that in a poker game, as well? Oh, I didn't lose Rocky.
He was stolen from me by a cheat.
Like how your wife cheated on you with me? Ex-wife.
Now why don't you take that disease-infested pet of yours and get the hell out of my house? Well, I can't leave.
I've come to buy your company out from underneath you.
Oh, too late.
We're selling to the Van Kirks.
Oh, didn't you know? Well, Fallon changed her mind and agreed to sell to me.
And, uh, who told you that? The bird? Don't worry.
She made a good deal.
You stay with the company for one year.
To be my bitch.
- (laughs) - (squawks): My bitch.
Blake, I need to talk to you.
- It's about the insur - (shushing) Wait.
Let me guess.
You need money.
- Well - You should have a T-shirt made.
Dad, did you know Mrs.
Daniels is here? You got Senator Daniels' wife pregnant? They're divorcing, but I Yeah.
Well, did you at least man up and tell Sam the truth like I told you to? Look, I just need you to get rid of her.
You are not the son I raised.
BLAKE: Did you offer me up on a platter to Nikolai Dimitrov? - I - No.
I am not letting my family's company fall into the hands of that Russian rat.
Well, technically, you have no say in the matter.
You were outvoted.
You and I both know that Nikolai doesn't have the resources to match the Van Kirks' offer.
So, how'd you screw this one up? You have no idea what I have been through the last month.
While you were off God knows where in some sort of childish fugue state, I had to be the adult around here, holding this family together.
Yeah, and I needed to figure things out.
Well, I have figured things out.
And for the first time in my life, I am actually happy.
And in love, with Culhane, by the way.
And I want out of C.
It has always been your company, not mine.
And if you care about me at all, you will do this one thing for me.
This one thing? Are you serious? I've spent my life doing things for you, not that you would notice.
You have never done anything that hasn't helped Blake Carrington! Don't you raise your voice to me.
I am still your father.
Then act like one! (microphone feedback) Greetings, everyone.
Can you believe it? 100 years.
(applause) - Excuse me.
- You know, this company has always been like family to me, which is why it was so comforting when so many of you reached out to see how I was doing after the passing of my wife.
Thank you.
Yeah, I also want to thank my son-in-law Sam.
He is a good person with a kind heart, and his aunt would be very proud of him.
Thank you.
(applause) Sometimes, I think that he's too good for this family.
- (laughter) - After all, not everyone would choose a husband with a baby on the way.
(people murmuring) And, Steven, maybe now you'll appreciate all the things I've done for you as a father.
Am I right, folks? (soft laughter) I also want to thank my lovely daughter Fallon, for keeping the company running while I was gone.
You see, I was, uh, visiting all the places that my late wife and I wanted to travel to, where I set up charitable foundations in her name.
While I was gone, Fallon finally realized, after all these years, what's most important.
Yeah, she is in love.
Well, Fallon, you reap what you sow.
Couldn't make me happier to announce that we are selling C.
to her husband's family, the Van Kirks.
(applause) Two family dynasties merging into one.
- But all good things must come to an end.
- (glass shatters) And that includes my time with the company.
That's right.
23 skidoo.
I'm getting the hell out.
Because the next chapter of my life is gonna be about me.
Blake time.
- (laughter) - Let me tell you something.
I intend to spend every dime I have before they put me in the ground, 'cause you can't take it with you, and God knows, my spoiled children don't need any more.
So, happy anniversary, everyone.
Bite me.
So, congratulations? The silence is killing me here.
Can you at least yell at me or something? It's not that I'm not pissed.
I am.
But I can't help but feel like maybe this baby is exactly what I need.
Wait, what? Pull me out of this dark place.
My aunt said the woman that gave her her identity, the real Cristal she met at the hospital, told her that new life blooms from death.
It just feels like a sign.
Maybe this baby needs us to be his parents, to help raise him.
Like I needed Cristal to help raise me.
I want to do this.
With you.
You're unbelievable, Sam.
I'm gonna call Melissa.
(chuckles softly) (sighs) I'll tell you what's unbelievable.
The fact that a pre-menopausal woman got knocked up by a gay man she slept with once.
What do you want? FALLON: Max found out I was entertaining another offer, and now he needs more time to assess.
Wants me to meet with the other shareholders.
So I'm stuck in this nightmare with Liam for even longer now, which I know you hate, whether or not you admit it.
- I just don't want to lose you.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- What? Relax.
Everything's gonna be okay.
All right? I promise.
What's going on? ("White Lights" by JOYNER playing) Oh Oh, my God.
Oh Fallon Carrington, you're not gonna lose me.
Oh Because I'm never letting go of you ever again.
Oh, oh, oh Can we turn back, start it on the right side Will you finally do me the honor of being my wife? Oh, oh, oh Oh, no.
I mean, not no.
But you're not doing this because of the whole Liam thing, right? - (sighs) - And how can you afford that ring? Not that it matters.
I just Actually, your father gave it to me.
Before he disappeared, I asked him for your hand.
Well, I didn't ask him as much as I told him.
I was gonna propose once we got to New York, but I know how unsure you've been about us.
I've been bad So now you don't have to be.
Are you sure? As you know, I have a long list of flaws.
Unlike this diamond.
I seen 'em.
And I love 'em.
I've been bad But never this bad before I've been bad but never this bad before I've been bad but never this bad before - Take me down - Take me down Take me down Take me down Down (keypad beeping) What are you doing? (gasps) I, uh (sighs) Look, I've asked politely and repeatedly.
I need money.
To live.
So, being the thirsty whore that you are, you thought you'd come up here and take what you want? How dare you call me that.
How dare you come into this room.
This is my wife's room.
Her room? I'm the one who picked this wallpaper, that bed, that You have no respect for her.
She's dead, Blake.
And I'm not.
But I'm still here.
Do you know how it feels to know that you wish that I was the one that died in that fire - instead of her? - That is not true.
You're still the mother of my children.
Even if the only thing you ever loved was the money.
That is the only way that you knew how to show your love.
That's how you cared for us.
You'd just throw money at all your little problems.
You know what, you're right.
- That's exactly what I do.
- (sighs) Here.
Take it.
Just take it.
Take it.
Blake, stop! What are you doing? This is what you came here for, isn't it? It was never about this.
Well, what do you want, hmm, Alexis? What do you really want? ("Once in a Lifetime" by Talking Heads playing) Letting the days go by Let the water hold me down Letting the days go by Water flowing underground And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful house And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful wife Letting the days go by Let the water hold me down Letting the days go by Water flowing underground Into the blue again After the money's gone Once in a lifetime Water flowing underground You may ask yourself What is that beautiful house? Kirby Anders.
All grown up.
Thanks for letting me crash.
Am I right? Am I wrong? And you may say to yourself "My God, what have I done?" Letting the days go by Let the water hold me FALLON: I thought we were going to a meeting.
LIAM: We are.
In New York.
Into the blue again In to the silent water Uncle Max is flying us to see the rest of my family.
They can't wait to meet my wife.
Does your uncle always travel with his own battalion? Let's just say he has his enemies.
Into the blue again After the money's gone PAPARAZZO: Wake up, Carrington.
Got played by your wife, and now your son's being played by this idiot.
Same as it ever was You're so obsessed with that family.
I feel like I know them.
(chuckles) Well, maybe you should claim to be the real Cristal Flores.
I mean, you already have half the name.
Who knows? Maybe you'll meet Blake Carrington, fall in love, and live happily ever after.
Weirder things have happened.
(chuckles) Into the blue again In to the silent water ASSISTANT: Your next appointment is here.
There is water underground Letting the days go by Let the water hold me down Letting the days go by Water flowing underground Into the blue again In to the silent water.