Dynasty (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

The Butler Did It

1 - Previously on Dynasty - I'd like to speak to Mr.
Blake Carrington.
My name is Cristal Jennings.
I was a friend of your late wife, Cristal Flores.
I think she wanted me to come here and help you.
Well, you remember me, don't you? - Kirby? - (shrieks) To the marriage of the Van Kirks and the Carringtons.
If you really want to thank me, come to my penthouse tomorrow night.
- How did you get into the - Escort business? I have a date tonight and I need somebody who can fill in.
LEAH: Something bad happened and I didn't know what to do.
He started freaking out and he couldn't breathe.
He said he was having a heart attack.
He's dead.
JENNINGS: So she went from head of PR to COO in four years.
BLAKE: I know how to pick them.
Well, I'm not surprised.
I mean, Celia was everyone's favorite back at the hospital.
Hospital? She volunteered at a hospital in Mexico.
That's how we met.
I was a patient, and when she told me what she had been through in Venezuela and how her dream was to come to America, I gave her my identity to start a new life since I thought mine was over.
You really didn't know any of this? Forever was haunted by Okay.
Relax for a second.
Don't move.
Face down.
Uh, what are you doing? - (neck cracks) - (grunts) There you go.
I'm a healer.
That was our deal.
Trust me, your hand will heal faster.
You have a lot of tension in your back.
It's from an entire family riding on my coattails.
- (chuckles) - Yeah, I'm fine.
You know, what really hurts is learning that I did a miserable job getting to know my wife.
What do you want to know about her? Ask me anything.
Would you go to dinner with me? So you can tell me more about her.
Someplace where it's acceptable to wear jeans because that's all I brought.
I have an idea.
I'll be wheels up by noon.
So, good news.
Max's head attorney, Vance, has the executed contract we need to complete the sale of C.
Bad news: he wants me to fly to New York to get it.
Can't you just ask him to FedEx it to you? So, worse news: Max propositioned me, so I sort of had an escort pretend to be me and sleep with him to get the contract, but then he died.
I'm sorry, you did what? Look, it was an accident.
I'm just scared that Vance might know something and try to blackmail me.
And while you're giving me that look, which guts me, just know that I know it was wrong, morally and professionally, maybe even spiritually.
Please say something.
Just seems like every time we get close to starting over, the world just keeps trying to screw us.
Are you sure you still want to be engaged to this? Can you believe it? So your plan is to fly to New York to get the contract.
Yes, and to handle the escort.
Let's just pray she likes leather suitcases - stuffed with cash.
- (knock at door) Miss Carrington? Liam Ridley is waiting downstairs for you.
They found him naked in his penthouse.
They said he died of a heart attack.
Nobody saw it coming.
Well, I'm so shocked and sorry.
I mean, I know how much Max meant to you.
(sighs) Yeah, well, there's more.
All of our family in New York, they'll be throwing a memorial.
- Oh, well, we can go to New York.
- I can't.
See, my mom wasn't close with her brother, but she knew I was, so she's flying over from Capri to see how I'm doing and to meet my wife.
- What? - I'm sorry, but she's gonna be the one taking over the company now, - which means she's gonna have to sign off on the sale.
- Of course she is.
Unless Uncle Max signed the contract before he died, but I don't think he did.
I called his lawyers this morning and they couldn't find the executed copy.
(scoffs) Listen, I'll leave you two alone, but can I talk to you first, please, Fallon? (whispering): Oh, I don't know what to do.
I do.
You're staying here and I'm going to New York.
We're gonna do whatever it takes to get you the hell away from these people.
Then it's just us.
So, are you here to apologize or just violate my Dolce? No, I came because I wanted to put our differences aside for Steven's sake.
Oh, and the baby's, who is innocent in all of this.
Well, every despicable human was once an innocent baby.
Would you let us host a baby shower? It would mean the world to Steven.
Was that an apology? An invitation.
Don't push it.
I am sorry for doubting your pregnancy and for exposing your naked body to all those strangers.
Now can we host the shower? Well, that depends.
What do you want everyone to call you from now on? Nana Alexis or Mimaw or something more classic like Granny? Listen, you low-level vaginal climber, we can have a judge take that kid from you faster than you removed your diaphragm.
Don't be jealous, Alexis.
It's an even worse look than that suit.
- (laughing): "Jealous"? - Well, you will be once your grandchild is the heir to the Carrington fortune and won't have to settle like you did for whatever scraps a two-bit divorce lawyer can get.
But yes, you can host the shower.
Steven texted me earlier.
Of course he did.
- Where is she? - Calm down, Kirby.
Fallon! Come out, come out wherever you're coiled up.
What is happening? Oh.
Glad to see you looking so well, Mrs.
Carrington, after all you've been through.
You don't seem very happy to see me.
Such a surprise.
I would've expected more tattoos, perhaps the names of other families you've tormented.
Just yours, Alexis.
Right across my ass.
What's she doing here? I'm looking for your spawn who pressed charges against me so now I have to go to a week of court-ordered anger management therapy just because I wanted to have a few words with her.
I believe those words were assault and battery.
And I believe Fallon paid off a judge to say that.
- I want her out.
- Let's just give her a chance.
The situation is only worsening.
She set fire to Fallon's room.
I told you a million times, you cow, I didn't do it! Sorry to interrupt, but U.
Customs is calling about a $400,000 shipment.
A bit busy, Gunnerson.
KIRBY: I'm fine, Dad.
You can go.
- I promise.
- ALEXIS: Not far, in case she decides to manhandle me again.
Do you understand what it does to a little girl to be ripped from a parent, to be shipped halfway around the world for no reason? No reason? (chuckles) Are you off your meds? We both know I didn't start that fire.
You were always a dramatic brat.
I was a kid and you thought you got rid of me.
You told everyone I was the problem child.
Well, I'm back, bitch.
And I'm your problem now.
They've had a long flight in from Japan and any additional stress can affect their tenderness.
I've heard that music's quite good for treating stress.
Should I sing to them? These are no ordinary baby back ribs, Anders.
These are Kurobuta.
They're from pigs that have not only been fed Japanese beer, but they've had Japanese beer massaged into them.
I want their life.
Except for the slaughtered part.
I'm concerned that your baby-tacular shower seems to be over over the top, even by Carrington standards.
Don't be.
I need to make this an event Steven cherishes forever.
And wait till you see the baby giraffes and baby elephants.
Totes adorbs.
Baby animals are totes adorbs, but their fecal business, not so much.
Not in this house.
You can have your ribs, but that's it.
LAURA: Miguel, you know that I like my black-eyed Susans to have more space.
These are strangling each other - and they cannot breathe.
- LIAM: Hi, Mom.
I do not love this haircut on you.
You must be Fallon.
My God.
You are stunning.
- You're too kind.
(chuckles) - I'm so thrilled to finally meet you.
And George and I, we would have rushed right down here to Atlanta for your wedding, but Jack or Liam, whatever it is he's going by these days, he neglected to even have one or even tell us about you until afterwards.
(gasps) Ooh.
We can get to know each other now.
And I'm truly sorry for the loss of your brother.
It's so tragic.
Yes, the tragedy of Max's passing.
It's that I could not be there to be with him on his deathbed to give him the finger one last time.
Why am I always late to the party? Hey.
- How are you? - All right.
- Fallon, this is my stepfather George.
- Hi.
- Wouldn't you have made the most gorgeous bride ever? - Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
- Would you be on my team? I hope you like to swing.
(laughter) Oh, my God, this is like a Barneys catalog in 3-D.
You like the Dior.
They're all stunning, Blake.
But I think I'd feel a little weird trying on my friend's clothes.
My dead friend's clothes.
Cristal would want you to.
The Carrington style team will make sure that everything fits you perfectly.
("Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode playing) When I'm with you, baby I go out of my head And I just can't get enough I just can't get enough All the things you do to me, and everything you said I just can't get enough Liam.
Maybe guard the alley for once.
Or do you want her to get it past you for the seventh time? Huh? Sorry, but tennis is a blood sport around here.
People have been executed for missing a backhand.
(shouts) Liam.
Are you okay? Oh, he blocked my shot.
And that would've been a winner.
You always do exactly the wrong thing, Liam.
We're gonna play that point over.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
- LAURA: Unbelievable.
It's getting hotter KIRBY: How many of these ridiculous, court-appointed sessions do I have to sit through, Dr.
Toscanni? It would help me get to the root of your anger issues with the Carringtons if I knew your history with them.
Tell me some of your earlier memories before you left.
You mean before I was banished? They blamed me for setting fire to Fallon's room - and they kicked me out of the house.
- That sounds painful.
I spent a lifetime trying to forget the rest of my memories.
That makes me smart, not crazy.
Look, there's something I don't typically do with my clients.
Don't even think about it.
- Hypnosis.
- Oh.
Would you be open to me unblocking some of those memories? Only weak minds can be hypnotized.
I may be a lot of things, but weak-minded is not one of them.
I have to agree, but focus on my fist like it's a magnet, pulling those memories out of your mind.
Just focus on the magnet.
And tell me, what do you remember before the Carringtons accused you of starting that fire? I am seeing something.
A man.
A man who thinks his fist is a bloody magnet, and I'm the one who needs therapy.
(scoffs) Ugh, I'm so spent.
(laughs) LIAM: You killed it out there, George.
I'm impressed with Fallon.
Your competitive spirit is almost as intense as mine.
Oh, no.
You wiped the court with us.
And I had to carry Liam's ass, as usual.
- (sighs) - (phone vibrating) Who's that? Oh, just a business call.
Well, this has been a blast, but I have to run.
I'll see you tomorrow? - Oh - Well, this is disappointing.
We were just getting to know you, and now, I want to know everything.
I want that, too, obviously, but we'll have several days to connect before you and George leave Atlanta.
GEORGE: Atlanta rocks.
We need to come more often.
Miguel, I love the flowers.
This is so strange, Fallon.
Liam is staying here, so why would you want to leave instead of being here to sleep with your husband? (slurping) Her first session was more unpleasant for me than it was for her.
Kirby is a hardheaded woman.
Hardheaded little bitch is more like it.
So what'd she tell you? All I got is she remembers being blamed for the fire.
Damn it, Nick, I didn't bribe you onto the case to hear what I already know.
I need you to find out exactly what Kirby remembers.
She's a woman now.
It's gonna be a hell of a lot harder to take her ass down.
I can't wait till Alexis finds out she's no longer the most conniving mother in Atlanta.
I should set up a cage match.
The bed's all yours.
I'll take the couch.
That's sweet, but that would still be disrespectful to my fiancé, so I'll just slip into another bedroom once Mommie Dearest goes to sleep.
LAURA: Knock, knock.
FALLON: Oh, I guess I've been doing it wrong, knocking before I enter.
Yes, you think I would've learned by now after walking in on Liam doing so many lonely things.
I wanted you to have something noticeable to sleep in.
How very considerate.
Oh, that's the front.
- (chuckles) - Mm-hmm.
- (door squeaks closed) - (chuckles) Once she takes her sleepy pills, - you'll be able to sneak out - (door opens) Oh, and I almost forgot to say, please, to keep your nighttime activities quiet.
My bedroom's right across the hall, and, well, I can hear everything.
(door squeaks closed) Thank you for coming, Mr.
Ada Stone.
I'm sorry, there must be a mistake.
I'm meeting Vance.
You like my new baby? A 2,000-year-old black granite sarcophagus discovered 16 feet underground in Alexandria, fully sealed.
He's still in there.
How such a significant object managed to slip out of Egypt and into my possession is an excellent question, but one thing I've learned in business is: it's best not to ask questions.
I've recently acquired another valuable possession.
The executed sale of Carrington Atlantic.
The only copy Max Van Kirk signed before his untimely death.
You look like a serious man, so I'll cut to the chase.
You give me a million dollars and I'll give you the contract.
Where's Vance? And how'd you acquire this? Two questions.
You know Vance is Max Van Kirk's attorney was his attorney but he also does consulting work for me.
I have high-level consultants in many places, Mr.
Culhane, and I suggest those be your last questions.
Now, do we have a deal? I have no interest in doing business with you, Miss Stone.
Thank you.
Take care, homie.
Thanks for letting me crash.
You're the only person in my life who hasn't tried to kick me out yet.
You know what? You are crazy.
What? You escaped the Carrington psycho ward and now you're trying to bust back in? That's certifiable.
Personally, I'm happy you're back, but if they're not treating you right, if not even your own dad is standing up for you, then what are you doing here? Kirby? What are you doing here? JEFF: Kirby? Hey.
Are you okay? What if I did set fire to Fallon's room, Jeff? I worry about that sometimes.
Did I block it out? What if I'm the monster they say that I am? Don't go there, okay? That's exactly what they want you to think.
Lucky for you, you are in excellent company of people the Carringtons have screwed over.
JENNINGS: I'll admit, when you said you were taking me out for Japanese food, I thought you meant in Atlanta.
Well, why stay at home? The best Japanese restaurant in the country is just a jaunt away in Miami.
(chuckles) Well, this is by far the nicest living room that I've ever been in that's moving 600 miles an hour.
Marlow, you read my mind.
What do you have for us tonight? In addition to our full bar, Mr.
Carrington, we have the Nocturno features a house-made squid ink syrup; and our classic cabin special, the Maine Lobstertini.
Oh, well, they all sound delicious.
I think I'll go with the Nocturno.
You should try the Lobstertini.
It sounds great, too, but I really want to try squid ink.
I think you'd like the Lobstertini.
Maybe on the way back.
Cristal loved the Lobstertini.
I'll have the Lobstertini, and the Nocturno.
- (chuckling) - It's a two-hour flight.
Thank you.
Why are we getting another piano? This is a Fazioli Brunei.
Handmade in Italy.
It's a baby grand for a baby shower for my baby daddy.
Sam, we already have a baby grand.
Not in the nursery.
(scoffs) I think we have a problem.
Don't tell me you ordered one, too.
You are the problem, Sam.
What are you talking about? I know I screwed up, and now I'm killing myself to make you a baby shower that'll be the envy of all future baby showers.
You're overcompensating on a party instead of just connecting with me emotionally about having a baby.
I wanted to experience this journey together, but this just makes me want to be alone.
- Classic Steven.
- Classic what now? You're running away from reality, your go-to.
Okay, reality police, illuminate me.
My pleasure.
You're projecting your baby issues onto me and avoiding the real truth that you're not ready to be a father.
What? That's outrageous Just admit it, you don't want this baby either.
No (sighs) (sighs) - (line ringing) - MICHAEL: Hey.
Please tell me you got the contract from Vance - so I can be done with the Van Cuckoos.
- I wish.
His people are not who we want to be doing business with.
- Crap.
- Trust me, Fallon.
- I got a bad vibe.
- Of course I trust you, but don't worry, I'm winning Liam's mom over somehow, so the sale will go through even without the contract.
And then we can ditch Atlanta and start "Falhane" together.
You don't know how badly I want that.
Listen, just pay off the escort to keep her quiet, and then get your killer ass home.
(whispering): I can't wait to see you, love.
- No knock this time? - I thought I left the light on.
Can't wait to see who, love? Oh, my brother.
I can't wait to see him at his baby shower tomorrow.
Oh, you and George, you must come.
George would love Steven.
They have so much in common.
I didn't want the, uh, the phone call to wake Liam.
He's such a light sleeper.
So can I help you find your room? - Oh - It's a big house, wouldn't want you to lose your way.
I know this is all very overwhelming, but I really appreciate what you're doing for me.
Is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable? - There's one thing.
- Name it.
I got to take these shoes off.
I know they cost a fortune, but they're killing my feet.
- Shall I? - Please.
(clears throat) Thank you.
Oh, and the earrings, too heavy.
- Don't do that.
- Do what? - Would you put them back on? - Why? You said I should be comfortable.
Just put the damn earrings back on.
Cristal would never have done that.
(scoffs, mutters in Spanish) I want to go back to Atlanta.
- You can't just - This was a mistake.
You said you wanted to know more about Celia, but all you want is a date with your dead wife.
Turn the plane around.
ANDERS: There will be one baby giraffe outside.
- That's a compromise, so smile.
- Steven was right.
This is way too much, and we're not even close to making up.
Surely you didn't think that this was going to make Steven forgive you.
It would've worked for me, and I'm the one making the sacrifice here.
I know what it's like to raise a child that isn't yours, but this isn't about me and it's not about you.
It's about Steven.
This was a gift from Steven's baby shower.
The theme was "Golden Spoon.
" Damn it, I should've thought of that.
He got lots of extravagant gifts and one very simple one, from me ended up being his favorite.
(chuckles) Steven was never into excess.
He just wanted people to be there for him.
That's still the same today.
He's terrified of fatherhood, Sam.
He assumes you'll be there for the baby, but what he needs is for you to be there for him.
A pillow wall? I-I could just sleep on the couch.
Your mom is already suspicious.
Who's to say she's not gonna drop by in the middle of the night? Besides, my mom used to build a wall on Steven's bed every time he brought a girl home, and it always worked.
I wonder why.
I used to do this to my sister's bed whenever my high school friends would visit.
They only really ever wanted to be around her.
Or on her.
Well, better a sister than a mom.
High school pool parties at the manor, all the boys would come to my yard for Alexis's milkshakes.
You want to make this an emotional scar-off? 'Cause I'll win.
Bring it.
My mom forgot me in Aspen.
Left me alone on a mountain for 12 hours.
I was eight.
My dad sent his assistant to my middle school musical.
I was the lead, and it wasn't even his first assistant, it was a temp.
2005 hunting season.
Dad shot Layla, my Dachshund, 'cause he thought she was a fox.
You win.
Did you ever forgive him? Uh, he wasn't his best at the time.
He died a few months later.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Right after that, my mom had a mental breakdown.
I've been scared to hurt her ever since.
Which is why I just sit there and say nothing rather than telling her to shove it.
It's just easier.
Well, sometimes it's good to stand up for yourself.
Yeah? How's that working out with you and Blake? Ha.
You're like the Steven of the Van Kirks.
Both of you turned your backs on the business, walked away from the family Both of us protected by pillow walls.
Then why aren't you walking away now? I don't want to mess up your deal.
I don't know.
(laughs softly) For some crazy reason, I still want her approval.
It's pretty stupid, right? It's not stupid at all.
I'm pleasantly surprised you're open to trying this again.
As long as you don't try that amateur magnetic hand crap.
Let's just give it a shot.
Close your eyes.
Begin to let go.
(clock ticking) Just relax.
So much so that you won't mind (echoing): going to sleep for a little bit.
(crying): Don't let them take me away! Don't! (gasps softly) No.
I don't want to do this anymore.
- It was working.
- Let's go back to the hand.
We can't stop now, Kirby.
All right? Facing it is the best way to get the answers we're looking for.
Okay? (echoing): You're going to find it hard to keep your eyes open.
(echoing): Blake called his divorce lawyer.
ANDERS: Oh, it's just a bump in the road.
You'll-you'll get past it.
You always do.
Yes, he said he'd destroy me, and I would get nothing.
And if he ever found out about us, I So that's what you're worried about? That was years ago, Alexis.
A night I will regret for the rest of my life.
FALLON: Have you seen Kirby? That little bitch let Mr.
Hoppy out of his cage again.
- I can't find him.
- Well, Fallon, I'm sorry.
I'll help you find him.
(clattering nearby) Kirby? What are you doing? You shouldn't be here.
You shouldn't have done this.
(echoes): You shouldn't have done this.
What did you see? I got to go.
You're not allowed to leave, Kirby.
This is court-ordered therapy.
Good morning, everyone.
These hydrangeas look wilty.
I should probably get a hold of Miguel.
Aren't you going to ask your wife what she wants? Forgive my son, Fallon.
Fallon, can I please see your plate? You're sweet.
But I am an independent woman, fully capable of serving myself salmon.
Well, of course you're an independent woman.
God knows, you wouldn't want to have to rely on my eunuch son.
Which is why after being married to you for an hour, Liam, she already has someone on the side.
Y-You, you have no idea what you're talking about Don't think that I didn't notice all those calls to "Michael"? But there's nothing to be ashamed of.
My son, on the other hand (scoffs) Weakness, that is an inexcusable trait.
Sadly, you have married the king of it.
Listen up, you Joan Crawford psycho shrew.
Your son doesn't fight back not because he's weak, but because he's protective of you, or are you too much of a self-absorbed witch to even notice? Ever since I met him, he's asked nothing of me and he's given me everything.
I mean, anyone could see his strength.
But you have to look close to see his soul.
So, open your eyes, if you still can, because you have no clue what you're missing.
KIRBY: You had an affair with Alexis? Are you out of your mind? Don't.
Don't deny it.
(sighs) Alexis is right.
You need to leave.
I remember now.
I watched you and Alexis have a fight because she was afraid that Blake would find out you two had an affair.
She saw me hiding and then, a few days later, Fallon's bedroom mysteriously caught on fire, and guess who got blamed? I always thought spoiled brat Fallon did it because she wanted me gone, but it wasn't her, it was Alexis.
She needed to get rid of me in case I let something slip.
I was 12 years old, Dad.
I had no idea what that conversation meant, but I still paid the price when it was all your fault.
Kirby, please, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Stop it.
Stop protecting them and taking their side over and over again.
Your affair is the reason I was sent away.
You are the reason I grew up without a father.
I was never crazy, but this family told everyone that I was, and you chose to believe them.
All is good with the escort.
Falhane for the win.
We'll celebrate with a case of champagne when I get back.
I hate to be the one to burst our bubbly, but I screwed up.
I sort of told Liam's mom to shove it.
- What? Why-why did you do that? - She was being rude to the staff.
Look, I'll win her back, it's just gonna take a little longer.
And you'll still be married to Liam.
I am sorry, Michael, but what do you want me to do? This is the last chance we have to get the contract back.
ADA: Well, well, well.
Knew you'd be back, Michael.
People don't usually turn me down.
I can wire you the money in an hour.
I want to show you something first.
Nice escort.
Killer cheekbones.
Not a great negotiator.
I gave her double what you offered.
She should have held out for more, but I do have her story.
I think your Carrington friend's in deep trouble.
How much more do you want? I wonder if Fallon's career would be over if she went to prison for fraud? Manslaughter? Ooh.
(laughs) That sounds bad.
But maybe it would be good for her.
Cervantes went to prison right before Don Quixote was published, and it was only a hit because of it.
Take your contract.
I don't want your money.
What do you want? You're gonna be my new consultant.
It just so happens, I need someone in Atlanta.
Say no, and I go public with the photos.
And the escort's testimony.
The one she and I agreed on, with a few embellishments, of course.
See, I don't just bargain for antiques, sweetheart.
I bargain for power.
My baby don't care for shows (whining) Thank you.
Well, you look positively matronly.
(laughs) And how is that little lottery ticket of yours? Feeling quite at home.
And you must promise to come and visit us.
A word? Oh, excuse me.
My baby don't care for It's ridiculous, right? Sam went tragically overboard.
It's nice.
Thank you for lying.
I'm glad you're here, though.
Despite your whole Blake being Blake thing.
Actually, it's "Blake-Time.
" Oh, I know.
And I'm thankful for it.
Made me realize that I owe you an apology.
I've been critical of you, as a father, as a Republican, as a gun nut This is a terrible apology.
But you were the one who stayed.
You were the one who accepted me, and always welcomed me back every time I left, no questions asked.
- No, there were some questions.
- Dad.
What if I can't be that? What if I am a terrible father, and end up running away just like I always do? After we lost Adam, I was scared to have another child.
I didn't know if I could ever love again.
It wasn't until the day that you were born that I realized how wrong I was.
These things just come.
You can't force it.
Sam is trying to show you how on board he is with it; he's not even the father.
That's something, isn't it? As for you, you will feel it when your baby's born, son, trust me.
Am I interrupting? We're literally in the middle of a hug.
Listen, I know it's another gift, and you're into this socialist no-luxury agenda thing, but Sam.
I should have appreciated everything you've been doing.
It's not what I would've done.
I mean, not even close.
You were right.
I am scared.
But I still want to go on this journey with you.
Thank you? It was yours.
It's humble and solid.
It gave you support and comfort when you needed it.
And that's my job now.
So why don't we rock this horse together.
(chuckles): No, that was weird.
I meant If you knew how to handle that hellion, we wouldn't have this issue, would we? I refuse to have this discussion right now, Anders.
I have Melissa's thunder to steal.
You were the one responsible for sending Kirby away.
This is absurd.
It makes perfect sense.
You wanted her gone, so you did the most despicable I did what I had to do.
She was 12.
She didn't have a clue what was going on! She could have exposed us then.
And who knows? She could expose us now.
We slept together once, Alexis.
And to think that that's why you sent Kirby away, when you didn't even know what she heard.
You set fire to Fallon's bedroom, you destroyed my daughter's life, and for what? To protect your reputation? Unless there was something else.
I once asked you about this and you said no.
Alexis? Joseph, please.
Am I the father? Yes.
Don't let them take me away, please! I didn't do it, I promise.
Don't let them take me away! Please! Fallon? My mind is crazy Whenever you come around - My view is hazy - Too subtle? - I think I got it.
- Scale of one to ten, how much does your mom hate me? Well, do you know how much she hates me? - Mm-hmm.
- It's times that by a thousand.
(sighs) God.
I buried myself.
You said some surprising things about me.
It's almost as if you were saying It was a tense situation.
I didn't know what I was saying.
Say it now, Fallon.
Do you have feelings for me? Hey, hey, hey.
Special delivery.
Is this the contract? I hate to see any marriage fall apart; I'm afraid yours is over.
Didn't know you guys had a plan B.
Actually, we had a plan A.
I hope you get what you truly want.
You okay? Yeah.
Um, what happened to Vance's creepy people? They were all bark and no bite.
Now you don't need anybody else.
I never did.
To slow down (phone ringing) Uh, give me two seconds to find us some baby champagne to celebrate.
Now is not a good time to talk.
Oh, I get it.
You're in a tough spot.
What would Fallon think if she found out you put her existence in grave jeopardy? Oh, well.
Not my problem.
Now, ready to talk? All right, I'm listening.
I-I was thinking you could stay on for the transition team.
You know, as a way to earn your mom's approval? I'll see you at the office boss.
(sighs) Fallon.
I'm so happy you're here.
How's therapy treating you, babe? Seventh time's the charm? Oh, come on.
That's no way to talk to your sister.
Crazy, right? Sister? Isn't that a slap in the face? Another one.
When we meet inside the fire Oh, we'll just watch it burn Okay, I'm wigging out here.
Kirby just got up in my face and called me her sister.
I mean, what is that? So a crazy person said something crazy to you, and you're accepting it as gospel.
Do you think I'm drop dead? (laughs softly) Thank you guys for coming.
Gun to the head STEVEN: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love our weird family.
Gun to the head Come here, crazy.
Do you think I'm drop dead? Uh, oh, oh, oh, gun to the head JENNINGS: Sam.
I came back to say good-bye.
What? - - The way I'm praying over you Don't blame me now - - Don't, don't blame me now Cristal? We're in the middle of a hug here.
(Jennings laughs softly) (speaks Spanish) Uh, oh, oh, oh Gun to the head Hi.
I didn't think I'd see you again, but I'm glad you're here.
I wanted to return these.
Oh It didn't feel right keeping them.
Hope you find peace, Blake.
I thought I could give you closure, but I made it worse.
Are you kidding me? I did.
My behavior was unacceptable.
You showed up, this ray of light after all the darkness.
I don't deserve a second chance, but I don't want to lose you.
Would you please stay? I don't think that would be a good idea, for either of us.
(exhales) (glass clinking) I want to thank you all for coming to this event, which has so much meaning to me because it's a celebration of family, and a new arrival in our family, and I couldn't be happier, boy or girl.
I would especially like to thank Sam, my love, for making this spectacular event happen.
Well, thank Melissa.
She really made it happen.
(laughter) Now let's do this gender reveal.
It's, uh, pink for boy, right? WOMAN (over video): Is it a boy? MAN: Is it a girl? WOMAN (distorts): Is it a boy ALEXIS (over video): If you knew how to handle that hellion, we wouldn't have this issue, would we? I refuse to discuss this now, Anders.
I have Melissa's thunder to steal.
ANDERS: You are the one responsible for sending Kirby away.
ALEXIS: This is absurd.
ANDERS: It makes perfect sense.
You wanted her gone, so you did the most despicable ALEXIS: I did what I had to do.
ANDERS: She was 12.
She didn't have a clue what was going on! ALEXIS: She could have exposed us then.
And who knows (people gasping) Uh, I am so sorry about the confusion.
Video wires must have gotten crossed.
Well, the security camera footage is just a menial household matter.
Let's get back to what's really important, and that is revealing the sex of my grandchild.
You all need to know the whole story! - The truth.
- ANDERS: This is neither the time nor the place.
When is the time or the place to tell everyone that you and Alexis had an affair? - (people gasping) - An affair and a child? - What? - Fallon.
That's no.
You have been a troubled child since you stepped foot in this manor.
You're a filthy liar, Alexis, and everyone here knows it.
I am a liar? I am sorry, but well, I think you all should know that the court ordered Kirby to see a therapist, and he diagnosed her as a sociopath.
- That's not true.
- He was required to report it to me because she is a threat to my daughter.
I am not.
Kirby, we have tried to be discreet about this, but I am going to make sure that you get the best care in a secured facility.
I heard it.
She had an affair with my father.
And a child, Fallon.
- You have to believe me - ANDERS: Enough.
Kirby is telling the truth.
(people gasping) Anders, don't.
She's right about the affair.
But Fallon isn't my child.
(exhales) Oh, thank God.
Steven is.
Okay, wait, so, my son wouldn't be a Carrington heir? I can't do this anymore.
I mean, I can just see the headlines now: "The butler did it.
" You're not the father, Steven.
My gyno is.
(crying): What?