Dynasty (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Snowflakes in Hell

1 - Previously on Dynasty - I don't want to lose you.
- Would you please stay? - I don't think that would be a good idea.
We are selling C.
to her husband's family, the Van Kirks.
Max propositioned me, so I had an escort pretend to be me and sleep with him to get the contract, but then he died.
Max's head attorney Vance has the executed contract.
I require the executed sale of Carrington Atlantic, the only copy Max Van Kirk signed before his untimely death.
Take your contract.
You're gonna be my new consultant.
Say no and I go public with the photos.
You were the one responsible for sending Kirby away.
- ALEXIS: This is absurd.
- ANDERS: You wanted her gone.
You and Alexis had an affair and a child.
Kirby is telling the truth, but Fallon isn't my child.
- Steven is.
- What? No! No! (shouting) You can shove your lying, skanking ways - back into that garbage can - Stop! - that you crawled out of! - No! Just stop, please.
Let me talk to Steven.
Oh, I am not letting you anywhere near him.
And on behalf of my too kind, too easily forgiving brother, I hereby banish you from the manor! SAM: There goes the wig collection.
That's got to hurt.
And acrylic nails right in the face.
- I'm putting a stop to this.
- Oh, come on.
Alexis lied to you about your real dad.
Someone should kick her ass.
Believe me, I'm pissed.
But I can't just let my sister kill my mom.
- ALEXIS: Oh! Please, just stop.
- FALLON: You know you're junk! Nobody wants to see your face.
Oh, Steven.
You've finally come out of your room.
Someone has to handle those two.
How are you? Nothing that two fingers or two bottles of Scotch won't cure.
Besides, not like anything's changed.
Takes me back to high school when their squabbling was my morning alarm.
You meant us.
- Well - No, you're still my dad.
You got to admit, it does explain a bit.
You and I were never really on the same page.
Or the same book.
If anything, I think it's a testament to nurture over nature.
Well, I mean, Anders did do a lot of the nurturing.
ALEXIS (in distance): No! Anders.
ALEXIS: Please! Just let me talk Let's talk later? What about those two outside? Eventually, they'll run out of things to throw at each other.
(Alexis yelping) SAM: Where's Steven? What's wrong? Even your hair looks mad.
FALLON: Oh, I almost forgot.
I have your insurance check from the loft fire.
$200,000? It was supposed to be over a million.
I wanted to rip it up, but Daddy insisted you have it so we never have to hear from you again.
You won't let me explain.
Do you really think your mother's such a slut that she couldn't keep her hands off the help? It was a dark time.
Adam had just been kidnapped.
Yes, yes, we all know.
- Adam was the lucky one.
- Fallon, - just hear me out.
- ANDERS: I was the one watching Baby Adam when he was taken.
And in the somber weeks that followed, I was drowning in the guilt of having failed my duties.
I was also drowning in Scotch.
I was wasted.
The booze gave me more comfort than your father ever did.
BLAKE: I could barely stand to look at her.
I was grieving the loss of my only child.
I don't remember how Anders and I ended up together.
I tried my best to forget how we ended up together.
I can't even picture them together.
And the next thing I knew, we were having Relations.
If you have to define it.
Oh, I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.
I fudged the conception date.
How dumb was I? I asked Alexis.
She always denied it.
It was for Steven's own good.
It's like Downton Abbey After Dark.
And poor Anders, not getting to be a real dad to his son.
What? You're defending him? That snake my family brought in? Smiling and nodding while he took my money, my wife and my child? Well, he's gonna pay for all of it.
Why didn't you ask for a paternity test? I didn't know what would happen if I was right.
There couldn't have been a better outcome.
I'd always loved you as if you were my own.
I raised you as much as he did.
I used to tell my friends I had two fathers.
Didn't realize how right I was.
Even though the Anders are not the Carringtons, you have excellent genes.
So no inherited traits or mutations I need to know about.
Only Kirby.
So much to process.
I just don't know if I can be here right now.
You don't have to be.
Just focus on yourself.
And Sam.
ALEXIS: I need to explain everything to him.
Or you could spare Steven your tale of sadness and seduction that just made me vom in my mouth.
- Oh! - (grunts) (sighs) Oh.
Sir? Sir, park this pile of rust by the stables.
- That land is hers.
And until I figure out a way to flood it, - (knocking) - she'll stay there.
- I want to talk to Steven! Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, an interruption.
That's what you're apologizing for? We need to talk.
I didn't sleep a wink all night Well, that makes sense.
- The devil never sleeps.
- knowing that I need to hand in my resignation.
Before I do, I beg of you, please hear me out, sir.
I need to explain my side of the story.
Is that what you need? Well, I am sorry I can't accommodate you.
I have a meeting I have to get to.
And I will accept your resignation.
After you find a suitable replacement.
Preferably one who understands the meaning of loyalty.
FALLON: I'm sorry everyone is so late.
It's complete pandemonium at our house.
Kirby told me.
Of course.
I'm sure she sold the story to TMZ, too.
Let's get this over with.
So you're not gonna deny Steven his shares? Wow, you've really grown, Blake.
I, for one, am looking forward to the multibillion-dollar payout.
I think I'll buy some more toy cars.
Okay, back off, Jeff.
My dad's had a rough 24 hours.
Save the hypocritical sympathy, Fallon.
You destroyed my company, just like your cheating whore of a mother destroyed my family.
I saved your company to keep you from running it into the ground.
And while you've been impotently stewing, I've been purging: closing the deal, exiling Mom.
It's called rising from the ashes.
You should try it.
- Wait, you threw your own mother out? - Yes.
She was clinging to her trash more desperately than a basic bitch at a Barneys warehouse sale.
Anyway, I think this could be good for Steven, you know? Once we both get our payout, then he and I can start our new legacy.
Have you noticed that he's not here? I can bring him his contract.
And Monica authorized me to sign for her.
So let's bust this piñata.
As per prior notice, the primary shareholders of Carrington Atlantic are here to finalize the sale of your company to Van Kirk Industries.
Upon signing, your share of the payout will be directly deposited into your bank accounts and C.
will cease to exist.
- (chime sounds) - Oh.
Every time a transaction rings, - an angel gets her billions.
- (chimes) Good-bye, C.
- Hello, new dynasty.
- (chimes) You can jump just before you walk If you know where to go Can you see the fringe? What to do That's good.
Thank you.
You need to find Come and join me inside.
Sam, if this is for your Insta account, we need to have a little talk.
I'm renewing my passport.
Takes a village, right? - Hey.
- Hey.
I was worried about you.
You missed the shareholders meeting.
Sorry, I was on the phone - to some people from my foundation - Don't worry.
Just sign these.
And once you do, you'll be free of the company, free of Dad, and we can finally start our new chapter.
It's funny you should say that.
I was actually on the phone organizing a trip.
See, Sam and I always talked about traveling after we got married.
You're not going on your honeymoon now.
This is going to be more extensive.
I have to get back to doing what I love, so I've decided to invest my portion of the payout into my foundation.
I want to get back to building houses and bringing clean water to developing countries.
We're starting our lives as the new activist power couple of the world.
Someone has to fill that void now that the Jolie-Pitts split up.
Oh, God, you're running away.
We're moving.
To Paraguay.
What? Not another Friday night in the social jungle - She's got the link, he's got the whip - Mmm.
- To take her where she wants to go - Ugh.
Somehow, it doesn't taste as good as I thought it would.
When you snatch billions of dollars from the Carringtons, you can buy your own champagne.
You weren't kidding about the mess they're in.
Especially Alexis.
Fallon kicked her out of the manor and back into her trailer.
Trailer meet trash.
I don't know.
I feel for her.
There's no way Monica and I would've gotten our share of the sale without Alexis.
Well, I can't imagine her family will ever forgive her.
- Especially Steven.
- (scoffs) You don't know him, then.
He's always had a soft spot for his mom.
If it weren't for Steven, Alexis would've been long gone.
FALLON: Why can't Steven be a normal nouveau billionaire and just move to Connecticut? Now I have to put the C.
transition on hold.
All this just because Steven's moving to Paraguay? Besides, aren't we leaving for New York soon? Irrelevant.
When Steven leaves, he goes completely off the grid.
And I just sold the company that held our family together.
I can't lose my anchor, too.
Who's gonna remind me not to turn into my parents? Well, I could help you with that.
You help me with other things, not that.
(phone buzzing) - I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
(door opens, closes) - Hello? - Michael.
Hope I'm catching you at a bad time.
Yeah, I got your package.
Yet you didn't call to let me know.
You're better than that.
What is this? Am I going undercover at an antiques auction? No, I got you into an underground billionaires poker game.
That should cover your buy-in.
Why is someone in the antiques business interested in poker? Oh, I have an affinity for high-risk, high-reward people who find themselves in vulnerable positions.
Look, I'm not that great at poker.
If I wanted to win, I'd go myself.
You just need to wear that earpiece.
Oh, and if you don't follow my instructions, you'll have to explain to your girlfriend how someone like me ended up with enough ammo to reverse her multibillion-dollar sale and send her to jail.
Then again, jail's nothing compared to what the Van Kirks would unleash on her.
SAM: So I did a quick Paraguay real estate search, and I found the most gorgeous farmhouse in San Bernardino.
"San Ber" to the locals.
We're gonna have to drive farther out for the nightlife in Asunción, but then again there's no traffic.
Or roads, really.
We're not going for the nightlife.
I want to enjoy our expat marriage, but I know that this is about what you need right now.
Thank you for giving this a shot.
- You're welcome.
- Speaking of shots, you're gonna need a few before we go.
Definitely yellow fever, malaria Isn't that just if you're camping? The volunteers all live together in a tent city.
It's the best part.
Just think of it like Burning Man, without the drugs.
How is that the best part? Time to go.
We don't want to be late.
I thought we were having a "let's talk sense - into Steven" lunch? - Who has time to eat? I need your help figuring out how to invest my new money before you go.
The bonus? Bonding time with new half-brother.
Come on.
ANDERS: Sir, if you've got a moment, I have a potential replacement I'd like you to meet.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Did Anders tell you the job comes with many benefits? Including banging my wife? And we keep the knives over there.
That's for stabbing me in the back.
You're not gonna get the position.
But it's not your fault, it's his.
Anders thought I was gonna be easy to please.
But I'm not my wife.
Bo took a dump, and I stepped in it.
(whimpers) - (squishes) - Make sure you clean all the little grooves.
FALLON: What can you tell me about this $72 million lot located outside Cabbagetown? I mean, it looks like the perfect spot to convert to an eco-friendly park for Atlanta's youth.
Kids need parks.
You heard the man.
We'll take it.
Wait! Go back.
Is that a horse sanctuary? (gasps) "In the bucolic Georgia mountains, find the ideal location for race horses to retire.
" Steven, do you remember how much time we spent together riding horses when we were kids? We should do more of that.
There are horses in Paraguay We'll take the sanctuary, too.
- Excellent choice.
- See? There are good things we can do right here.
You don't need to go all the way to South America.
I do have a farmhouse in Paraguay Your input is no longer needed.
Thank you so much.
Well, I didn't want to have to do this, but do you remember this contract? From elementary school? "I hereby declare that Fallon and Steven are partners for life, "and will go on all adventures together forever, "even when we're old and fat.
Sincerely, Steven and Fallon.
" I'm pretty sure this isn't legally binding Well, it is signed and dated.
I don't remember this, but you know I love you, so maybe we can postpone the move.
Yay! Is that ink on your arm from this? No.
You made this today.
And '95 was the year I changed my name to Sven.
Oh, God.
I forgot.
You are so self-serving.
No! No.
Because we could have made a contract like this.
I mean, you and I have definitely said those things to each other, at some point.
Anyway, this is exactly why I need you here, so you can stop me from doing insane things like this.
How have you managed to make my identity crisis all about you? The whole reason I can't stay here and do good things is because no one in my family understands how to be good.
Not even you.
If that's what it means to be a Carrington, thank God I'm not one.
(sighs) - (phone beeps) - SAM: Mrs.
Gunnerson, can you please send out a Gruyère panini? Yes, I know there will be no room service in Paraguay.
Thank you.
(sighs) Have you tired of creature comforts? It does add character, living in the great outdoors.
Take it from me.
It's none of your business, but I'm practicing for Paraguay.
Hmm? Steven and I are moving.
What? Well, you can't let him leave.
Not when our relationship is so fractured.
You come from a broken family.
I mean, surely you can relate.
It's what he wants to do.
And as a loyal spouse, I support him.
I could drop dead tomorrow, and then he would have to live with the fact that he never made amends with his mother.
- Please, Sam.
- Please, Alexis.
Get out of my yurt.
Don't forget to pack a snakebite kit.
Oh, and the shrieking Bullet Ant, one bite and you'll wish you were shot by a bullet.
And as far as plumbing issues, there won't be any 'cause there's no plumbing.
ANDERS: I need three pairs, size ten-and-a-half.
And I'll need those today.
Yeah, thanks.
There you are.
I, uh just popped by to see how you were doing after that major fail of a baby shower.
And somehow you still work for Blake? Well, I offered to resign.
But I sense that Blake needs me to atone first.
He certainly hasn't forgiven me.
Well, he's not alone there.
Well, you might've stood up for me at the baby shower, but how do you think I feel, realizing you sent your daughter away, only to stay for your son? That's not why I stayed, Kirby.
And I will keep apologizing to you until you forgive me.
And what about Alexis? Has she managed to worm her way back into good graces yet? That's neither your problem nor mine.
TONY: Yeah, you called for me? Oh, hi, Tony.
Um, yes, I wanted to discuss a promotion with you.
My position needs to be filled from within.
It needs to be somebody who's fully versed in Carrington.
It's kind of a big step up from gardener.
Is this 'cause you did it with the boss's wife? Sorry, the boss's ex-wife.
We need to talk.
What's that? It's trash.
What's up? Well, we need to talk about this Paraguay thing.
Yes, we do.
Thank you.
I was just gonna go look for you.
I've been thinking that Well we need to move up the departure date.
(glass breaking) Watch out.
He just threw a glass at me.
And the interview went? I'm bleeding.
Take a guess.
Sir, no offense, but your behavior is making it very difficult for me to find my replacement.
Sounds like your problem, Anders.
Not mine.
My problem is that our relationship has reached a toxic level that is increasingly difficult to tolerate.
See if you can tolerate this.
(phone beeps, line rings) JENNINGS (on phone): Blake? No, no, it's Joseph Anders.
I need your help.
Where's Steven? Gone already.
Sam woke me at 4:00 a.
, begging me to pack him a trunk load of snacks.
As if they don't have food in South America.
Can you hear me? ADA (over comms): Loud and clear.
Steven left without saying good-bye.
They weren't supposed to leave for another week.
I like the Bond thing you have going on, but you need to abort mission, this is all hands on deck.
- Now? - (scoffs) Uh, the head of communications at Bentley is in town.
He wants to meet about the job.
Th-this is is a big part of me getting us to New York.
Okay, okay.
But Steven compared me to my mother and my father, said none of us know how to do good, which is true, but I need to prove him wrong.
I just need to make sure everyone else puts all their differences aside, even if it kills them.
And this really might kill them.
(male singer singing in Spanish) (sighs) We've been here for hours, and I'm still nauseous from the three crop dusters it took to get here.
Or the three Bloody Marys before we left.
You know, I should tell you, I require hourly 30-minute breaks.
And you can't say I'm not trying.
What are you doing? And how did you even get here? Private planes.
Just don't ask.
We're here to prove that there's nothing you can do here that you can't do at home in Atlanta.
- Together, with us.
- We're here for you, son.
I'm not sure why he's here taking advantage of a free vacation? Ah! This is not a vacation, this is work.
It's fun work for Steven.
I give you a week before you're back on that air-conditioned plane.
A week? I thought the whole point of this group operation was to build something in, like, a day.
(vehicle engine rumbling) (woman whooping) (whooping) (whoops) Thank you.
- This is a nightmare.
- How did you even find us? Maternal instinct.
And Sam's Instagram.
Steven, you can't run away from me.
No matter what it takes, I will be here for you in your time of need.
Now, who's ready to build some houses? You need to give Steven space.
I can't imagine that you're allowed to feed the wild animals here.
Don't worry, Alexis.
They won't let you starve.
Or she could just go straight home.
I'm sure none of us appreciate the constant reminder - of who got us into this mess.
- I know what you're doing.
But the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.
ANDERS: If we could just have a conversation.
Why are you so afraid of the truth? The day that I'm afraid of your truths there will be snowflakes in hell.
- Here we are.
- (alpaca vocalizing) Okay, everyone, settle down, you're upsetting Alfie.
The alpaca, he's my first friend here.
Look at them.
They don't belong here.
But we belong with you.
And you're here.
The foundation this work means a lot to me.
And we don't? No.
Our family isn't exactly sensitive, and you brought them to a place where most people have less to their name than the Prada boots on your feet.
Thank you for noticing.
But we're not here to embarrass you, Steven.
We're here to be with you, doing what you love.
And if you seeing us in a different light changes your mind about coming home, then I won't say no.
We'll stay as long as it takes.
(scoffs) Bet they won't last a day.
Flip it inside out (whistle blows) Attention, Team Carrington-Anders.
Let's roll up our sleeves and build this house for a villager in need.
Hard hats on, everyone.
Except for me.
I'm not doing that.
Let's go.
Wait a minute, toss away my collar Clean myself off with grits and water Hey, babe, won't you braid my hair? I got all the time in the world to spare Flip it inside out It sure is hot.
Turn it upside down (camera clicks) - Alfie.
- (hums) Turn it upside down Turn it inside out.
Uh, whoa.
Did you rob a bank? Or break into Fallon's closet again? Either way, I'd love a heads-up if the cops are coming back for you.
It's not for me.
It's special delivery for Alexis.
Just a prank between us girls.
Well, Alexis isn't even home.
I loaned her the jet so she could get to Entre Rios, Paraguay to help Steven with his new gig.
Entre Rios, you say? I can work with that.
Okay, Ada.
I'm in.
Now what? ADA: Find the game runner, Keith.
He's usually tailed by armed guards.
- Keith.
Mike Jones.
- Welcome.
I hear you're a shark.
I vet all my players.
Can't be too careful, you know? Hmm.
(chuckles) This is Mike Jones, everyone.
What's up, Jones? ADA: Don't screw this up before it even begins.
I didn't want Fallon finding out about this.
Since I'm marrying into money, figured I'd make my own millions.
Wait, you two are getting married? Well, respect.
And here's to another black man making the Forbes list.
Mike Jones.
ADA: Your melodrama is making me very sleepy, Michael.
Listen, Keith keeps a coded ledger tracking how much each game brings in, player debts and his personal cut.
I need photos of its contents.
And you are gonna take them for me.
(Cockney accent): Please, sir, may I have some gazpacho? (normal voice): Is this what you normally eat when you come here? Yeah, it's a local delicacy.
- Guinea pig.
- Ew.
Well, it tastes just like guinea chicken to me.
ANDERS: Guinea pigs, I understand, are very environmentally friendly to raise.
Just like the squirrels that you hunt and cook in your trailer, - Alexis.
- FALLON: As much as I would love to discuss rodents all night, I think we should celebrate.
No one was injured or backstabbed, - so I consider today a wild success.
- SAM: No.
I was injured.
That dumb alpaca bit me.
I want to thank you for allowing us into your world.
The people are warm.
Countryside is lovely.
It's actually really nice to share it with family.
I need your help with something, Anders.
It's urgent.
Fetch me some water.
Sweep my tent for any bugs.
ANDERS: Sir, if you're going to continue to punish me, I insist that we clear the air first.
Is there a problem here? Or can we pretend neither of you slept with my mother and get back to the meal? I'm going to bed.
I think I'm gonna retire, too.
If someone could just point me in the direction of a hotel? Yeah, there's one 30 miles north of here.
You can take an alpaca.
Is there one without teeth? We're all staying in the tents, just like Steven and the rest of the volunteers so we can wake up tomorrow together as a family.
Come on, Mother.
I will show you to your lodgings.
ALEXIS: This is ridiculous.
How is our suffering gonna convince Steven to come back home? I thought that maybe (screams) Don't let the Chagas beetles bite.
(indistinct chatter) I got nothing.
I'm out.
(sighs) Ugh.
Was this tequila aged in a barrel or a gasoline can? Dive bar swill.
Uh, can you get me another one, please? - Mm-mm.
- Oh.
- (camera clicking) - I will send those pics when I get out of here, which is right now.
You're not going anywhere.
Stay until the game is over, and alert me when it wraps.
Hey, I was looking for the bathroom.
There's one right out there.
I must've missed it.
You know, I meaning to ask you about this jacket.
This leather? It feels like lambskin, but it could be calf - Hey! - Oh, um Sorry.
So sorry.
So sorry.
I will Let's get back to the game.
Got it.
Keep your eye on him.
(rooster crows) Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
- Have you seen Mom? - Oh, God.
I hope she's not bothering the breakfast crew.
No, the volunteers love her.
- She's like a live-action Miss Piggy.
- (laughs) - You have to admit, this hasn't been a complete disaster.
- Not yet.
I mean, you did get them to stay through the night somehow.
Hey, have you been in there? It's crazy.
STEVEN: Oh, my God.
Now, this is a humanitarian relief effort I can get behind.
This has Carrington written all over it.
You guys already wasted a tanker of fuel taking multiple private jets, - and then - I told everyone we were here to work and live modestly.
(Alexis moaning) Yes.
Oh, deeper.
Oh, Fallon, Steven.
You both need to do this, especially after spending that long, awful night on the hard ground.
- Seriously? Is this a joke to all of you? - (moaning) You couldn't even last a day.
Oh, yes.
Thanks for the terrible night.
The poker gods were not smiling on me.
Was that supposed to be code for "the game is over"? - Who's left? - It's just Keith and his guards and two servers cleaning up.
It's Keith that I want.
You should get going.
You've got two minutes to make your exit.
Calmly, without tipping off Keith.
(sighs) Looks like I'm out.
Well, welcome back any time.
- Especially if you keep losing.
- (laughs) (door opens) - It's all about you.
- (chuckles) Hey, uh, Jeff.
I was getting ready to head out.
Maybe you should, too.
You know, looks like they're trying to clean up.
Think I'm gonna hang out for a little bit.
Why don't you fix me another drink, huh? Ticktock, Culhane.
You've got 60 seconds.
Hey, baby, how about you fix me another drink? You know, don't waste any more time on this poser here.
Uh, why don't you watch your mouth, Mike Jones? - Don't you have someone to go home to? - See what I mean? So why don't you and I You are making a grave error in judgment, my friend.
ADA: What are you doing, Michael? If you put your hand on me one more time, I will put my fist through your soul.
Man, I whupped your little moody ass once, - and I will do it again.
- ADA: Get out of there! Now! Hey, hey! Not in my place.
These guys are cut off.
Get them out of here.
It's cool.
No worries.
- Out.
Get out.
Go home.
- It's cool.
It's cool.
- Man, what the hell is wrong with you? - We got to go.
Oh, we're gonna do this right here? Cool.
FBI! Move, move, move! (indistinct shouting) This is exactly why I left.
And it's why I didn't want any of you here.
- Well, I don't even know who would do this.
- Steven Carrington? I need you to sign here, please, for the tent and for all the services we arranged.
No, I'm not paying for their order.
This is your order.
Your family assistant called and made an order on behalf of Steven Carrington.
Your credit card was used to guarantee everything.
And I have a special delivery for Alexis Carrington? Hmm? Oh! How generous.
Is this a thank-you for volunteering? Oh, my God.
You stole his credit card.
What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, dear.
You think I ordered this? Just like when you you ran up my credit line after the divorce.
Don't try to deny it.
I saw the desperation in your eyes when you didn't get a bigger insurance check.
Oh, good.
So you can pay for this.
I don't have the insurance money anymore.
I had expenses.
- I mean, clearly there's been some misunderstanding.
- What? I will call the credit card company.
Don't bother.
You're not talking your way - out of this one.
- Oh! ALEXIS: What are you doing? STEVEN: You act like you care, but all you do is use us.
You used me from the day I was born when you lied about who my father was.
It was just so that you could keep enjoying - the perks of being a Carrington.
- No, Steven, that's not true.
- I did it for you.
- Oh.
I love you.
ANDERS: Well, at least it puts everything else in perspective Save your dollar-store advice, Anders.
No wants to hear what you think.
I made a big mistake! - Oh, ho.
- My silence was my sacrifice.
I saw how your life was falling apart and how Steven, the baby, was the glue holding it together.
I don't want to discuss this.
We'll never get past it if we don't - talk about it! - (whistle blows) Oh, that's it! Back to work.
Everyone outside, now! (Steven scoffs) FALLON: I am the one trying to keep the peace among these jackals.
So, suddenly, you're the peacekeeper? Whenever you've needed me, I've dropped everything for you.
Just like last year when you called me back from Haiti because you didn't want to face Dad alone.
Or when you made me sleep on the floor of your room for six months after Mom left.
Well, that's why I'm here for you now! You're here for you, Fallon! Everyone, get on board.
Dad, Anders, 50 feet apart at all times.
Sam, no more breaks, and Mother No, no, no, no, no.
Mother, I see you trying to break for the tent! (groans) (laughs) Oh.
(grunts) - (Alexis gasps) - I am going to finish building this house if it kills me.
(grunting) (grunting continues) Oh.
(soft, wooden creaking) I'm sorry.
You were right.
"All adventures together, forever, even when we're old and fat.
" - (wood creaking) - Oh, oh.
(Alexis gasps) Let's just go home.
Hey, now Know you've got a lot to do But stay now Things just starting getting good and Another, please.
- Of course.
- Don't you let me walk away You'd be begging me to stay Here you are, sir.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You'd be calling out my name There you are.
Oh, calling out my name There's someone waiting for Mr.
Carrington in the study.
Thank you.
Whoa, calling out my name Cristal.
What are you doing here? I heard you might need me.
Look, I did what you wanted.
You nearly blew my operation attempting to rescue Jeff Colby.
- You and I are done.
- ADA: Really? You just broke the law.
You should be grateful I even gave you time to escape.
Yeah, well, what if I go to the Feds about you? That will require you knowing how to find me.
I'm like a ghost.
In Gucci.
Well, I'm leaving Atlanta.
For that New York job you've been mooning over? W-What? What? H-How? I was listening in on the mic when you were talking to Fallon, silly.
I made a call to a friend in a very high place, and kind of took you out of the running.
Sorry, Michael.
You work for me now, and you're going all in.
- (phone beeps off) - (knocking) - WOMAN: Ms.
Carrington? - FALLON: Yes? - You have a call.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- (phone beeps) - (door closes) Hello? Was Paraguay the family vacation you'd hoped for? What do you want, Kirby? Well, I didn't see any photos.
You know, people love to share every minor details of their travels these days.
"Look at me!" "Look at my new bag!" "I'm rich!" It's sick.
You little bitch.
You're the one that set me up.
Do you have any idea of the destruction that you caused? No, but I was hoping.
This sounds like a challenge, and I adore a challenge.
I got rid of you once before, and I'll do it again.
FALLON: It was a disaster, and then we built a house, and then it was a disaster again.
You're all caught up.
(laughs) Well, I'm sorry I missed it.
Well, it turns out I could have been there.
I didn't get the job.
What? No! I'm sorry.
I can make some calls.
I'll have meetings set up by tomorrow.
Oh, no, no, no, that's okay.
I don't want to force it.
I got to accept some things are just out of my control.
I heard about everything that happened, your son.
I'm so sorry, Blake.
You're strong.
Strong people have a hard time accepting help when it's offered.
Celia was like that? Yeah, she could be stubborn.
It's part of why we were attracted to each other.
If it wasn't for you, I never would have met her, and then I never would have met you.
I feel fate brought me back here.
Yeah, maybe the first time, but I'm not convinced it was fate that brought you back.
Did you call Cristal? (clicking) Sir, please.
I'm just trying to help.
Oh, did? (laughing): Did you think? I was just polishing the guns, trying to take a few things off your plate.
I know you care about me, about all of us, and that your intentions were good, in the past and now.
Not like I was a saint back then.
I did my fair share of cheating.
It was a difficult time, and I'm pleased we had this talk.
But I'm all packed, ready to hit the road.
You're not going anywhere.
And we have a son together now.
I think we make a pretty good team.
Names aren't what make a family.
People do.
STEVEN: The thrill of being sheltered In your arms Of course I do But I get along without you very well - (stops singing) - You should sing more often.
I'm always accompanying you.
- Can't sleep? - I guess I miss that polyester sack.
You mean a sleeping bag? - Yeah, sure.
- (laughs) Anders was right.
The only thing that trip proved was that you are the glue that holds everyone in this family together.
That trip proved that this family should stick to building dynasties, not houses.
Not you.
You could do anything.
And instead, you do everything for everyone else.
And you can't do it anymore.
I won't let you.
You need to go.
I don't want you to, but you know it's what you have to do.
Okay, please, can you say something before I take it back? Thank you, Fallon.
You are the strongest person I know.
You don't need anyone, certainly not me.
I hope you know that.
While you're in a generous mood, - there's something else I need you to do.
- What? Reconcile with Mom.
No, no.
I'd rather build an entire village.
I know.
For me.
Okay, sure.
Fine, I'll do it.
On one condition.
- What? - Finish the song.
Well, fine.
(plays piano) - You take the harmonies.
- Uh.
I've forgotten you just like I should (in harmony): What a guy What a fool am I To think my breaking heart Could kid the moon What's in store - Should I phone once more? - (indistinct chatter) No, it's best that I stick - To my tune - (door opens, closes) Oh.
WOMAN: I get along without you very well (phone buzzes, chimes) Ugh.
I'll never take for granted our Frette linens ever again.
I love them.
Almost as much as I love you.
- I love you, too, Sam.
- For that would surely break my heart in two But I need to go to back to Paraguay.
Oh, please.
No, I can't.
No, I know.
I need to go alone.
I need to figure out who I am before we spend the rest of our lives together.
No, I'll-I'll go with you.
I'll find a way to be happy there.
I Sam, that's why I love you.
But I can't take you away from your life, and all the things that make you happy, for my own issues.
I'll be back for Christmas, fully present.
For you.
I get along without you very well.
(song ends)