Dynasty (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Queen Of Cups

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Fallon isn't my child.
Steven is.
STEVEN: I need to go back - to Paraguay.
- I-I'll go with you.
I need to go alone.
But I'm all packed, ready to hit the road.
You're not going anywhere.
Names aren't what make a family.
People do.
Cristal, what are you doing here? I heard you might need me.
I got you into an underground billionaires poker game.
Mike Jones.
What's up, Jones? Move, move, move! (indistinct shouting) I was thinking you could stay on for the transition team.
I'll see you at the office, boss.
This painting is collateral.
So I'm not selling it? No! ("You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates playing) (indistinct chatter) What I want, you've got And it might be hard to handle But like the flame that burns the candle - The candle feeds the flame - (door opens, bells jingle) Yeah, yeah, what I got Full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter And you pull them all together - And how? - You buy art, right? Oh, yeah, well, well, you Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh You make my dreams come true.
I want a rematch.
Why's that? You think I was cheating? These past few days have been wonderful.
I am starting to fall in love with Atlanta.
(chuckles) What about Arizona? Your job? I have a lot of vacation time saved up.
A month.
Maybe even two.
Anyways, the point is, Celia was there for me when I needed her most, and I want to do the same thing for you.
For as long as you need me.
(phone ringing, vibrating) I'm very needy.
Excuse me.
This is Blake.
LIAM: I've been staring at this all day.
It's literally corporate gibberish.
Give me this.
Okay, these are bilateral C-suite feedback reports discussing the immediate trajectory of the next Hmm? Are you even listening to me? I'll try harder.
- Um - (phone chimes) That's not good.
What, your favorite porn site crashed? Well, at least that outfit worked.
My writer friend just sent me this, along with an article his mag is printing about our failing marriage.
Well, pay him to quash it.
Well, he's not that good a friend.
Well, I don't know how long you think this charade can continue.
This deal was based on our marriage.
- So the merger - The merger is fine.
The deal is done.
Everyone got their money.
Your family has their money.
But mine could lose billions.
And if that happens because my wife is cheating on me, they're gonna come after you, Fallon.
And I won't be able to protect you.
Look, you really don't need to do this.
Hey, you pulled me from Keith's game in the nick of time.
I owe you.
Just can't believe you clocked that raid before I did.
- I got lucky.
- Well, let's hope you stay lucky.
'Cause, as another thank you, I'm offering you a permanent seat at my poker game.
Tuesday night, here at the club.
You sure about this? After last night? I've been playing for years.
Never seen anything like that.
You never know who you can trust with millions on the table.
What's that supposed to mean? If there's something I need to know, you better say it.
The raid at Keith's I set it up.
ALEXIS: Cristal, I thought you were gone.
And then you came right back.
(chuckles) Like a stubborn case of the clap.
I did, yes.
Blake needs a healthy support system right now.
After everything he's been through, a sensitive person might recognize that now is not the time for an outsider to be here.
I'm sure he doesn't see you that way.
Join me, so we outsiders can get to know each other.
(Spanish accent): Something's getting lost in translation.
- (chuckles) - BLAKE: This is unbelievable.
Is everything okay? Apparently, a painting of mine that I didn't know was missing popped up at a Midtown gallery.
And the person attempting to sell it matches Hank's description.
Well, I can't believe that Hank would show up here out of the blue with a stolen painting.
The timing makes sense.
He waited for the investigation to die down before he tried to sell it.
How do they know it's him? They don't! But this is the first lead we've had since the fire.
I am not gonna let him get away again.
Son or no, he killed my wife.
So she's using the photo of me paying the escort as blackmail, then having me jump through hoops, like setting up the poker raid.
Then she kills the job in New York, and now she says I work for her.
And Fallon doesn't know? No.
I don't want her involved.
Ada could ruin her and you, too, if you host this poker game.
I'm not afraid of some crazy antiques dealer.
She's connected.
And untouchable.
I don't even know where to find the lady.
What if I host this game to lure her down here? We deal with her face-to-face.
I at least owe you that.
- Eh, it's too risky.
- Hey, I'm not letting anyone stop me from doing my thing in my city or control you.
(playing random notes) Sona bien, - ÿno? - (chuckles) No, I don't really play.
Steven does.
You miss him.
More than I thought I would.
I mean, we FaceTime, but it's not the same.
And the one person I'd like to talk to about it isn't here.
You mean your tía.
Okay, I don't want you to think I'm crazy, but I might have a strange suggestion.
Oh, that's my favorite kind.
If you're feeling lost, there are ways to know what's meant to be by looking inside yourself or out into the universe.
Are you talking about psychedelics? Because the last time I did drugs, I put on a one-man musical at my engagement party.
(chuckles) No.
I follow this psychic online, Adriana.
She helps you face the past or look into the future.
She's done amazing things for people by long-distance, including me.
She told you your future? She gave me guidance about what was next for me.
If you're already feeling lost, what do you have to lose? (chuckles) I thought this was Fallon's office.
It is.
She's having me help her with some some files.
I thought you were a writer.
I guess she thought I'd be a valuable addition to her team.
Or maybe she couldn't bear to see me go.
I guess it's good that both of you are here, since the three of us are about to be the talk of the town.
The article just broke.
Since I'm me, I have a plan.
We can't marry until we divorce.
You're not really married.
LIAM: And announcing a divorce would take a tiny piece of gossip chum and turn it into a feeding frenzy.
Not if we have a divorce party.
It's called conscious uncoupling, and it's all the rage.
Gwyneth started it, then Jack White, and I'm sure J.
Lo will be sending out "save the end dates" soon.
We'll have an amicable celebration of our separation Tuesday night at the manor.
- Tuesday is tough for me.
- Well, it shouldn't be, considering it's our date night.
You know what, I'll be there.
This divorce will be like the wedding we never had.
ALEXIS: I told you specifically not to sell that painting.
And I tried calling you, but you never answered.
Because I lost my phone in Paraguay.
I don't know what that means.
And I'm done listening to you.
That art lady said this painting is worth millions.
Hank, please, they will throw you in jail, and then you will end up with nothing.
If I get caught, this entire fake son scam of yours is exposed.
Laying low is for suckers.
This is Hank's big payback.
And he's finally gonna get what he's owed.
What I'm owed.
(line beeps) (grunts) - Hi.
I'm okay, thank you.
- FALLON: What says "I'm done with you" more, Alimony Punch or Banana Splitini? And yet I've seen actual brides less invested.
It's almost like you're trying to make up for the fact we never had a real wedding.
Like maybe you're feeling something - you weren't anticipating? - The only thing I'm feeling is clearing my path for a spring wedding with Culhane.
So, then, uh, why all the, uh, attention to detail? Because, just like our fake-ass marriage, this has to feel real.
You're right.
It should.
For the shareholders.
Which is why I've done my research.
And, evidently, there's rituals that some people do at these things.
Like? Well, there's the untying the knot.
The parting vows.
I'm even game for a last kiss.
What? It's like you said it has to feel real.
I've given you everything you've asked of me during this relationship.
You call, I'm there.
So, for this one night, all I ask is that you give me the chance - to say good-bye my own way.
- Fine.
But no last kiss.
(chuckles) Keith, thanks for meeting me.
Well, thanks for helping me make bail.
I don't know how that bitch Ada Stone got dirt on me, but I'm gonna bury her for busting up my game.
She is a scary person.
How do I know you didn't set me up? Would I be seeking you out if I did? I almost got taken down, too.
I don't want to be next.
Listen, Jeff Colby is hosting a game, and we need all the real names and contacts - from your guest list.
- (laughs) You guys are trying to take a game away from me and you want me to help you out? Come on.
What are you, insane? (scoffs) Your game is done, Keith.
But if Ada thinks that Jeff's taking over, she's gonna want to take a cut, just like she did you.
That's how we lure her in.
Once she's here, we get the dirt we need to take her down.
Your voice mail cut me off, Thurston.
This is Blake again.
So whenever the hell you decide to call me back, I need the other dealer's number, so FEMALE VOICE: If you're satisfied with your message, press pound or hang up.
I'm looking for the Blake I played croquet with yesterday.
Any idea when he's coming back? Well, yesterday his ex wasn't defending his wife's killer, and justice wasn't slipping through his through my fingers.
You say you want justice, but it sounds like you want revenge.
Yeah, I want Hank to pay.
And I want to confront him before the cops do.
But taking this into your own hands will only create more toxic energy.
You don't need it, and I refuse to be around it.
Do you consider yourself a control freak? I wouldn't use the word "freak.
" I wouldn't rule it out.
You are the king of an empire.
- Was.
- Maybe you got used to the control, but you can't control how people act.
Not Hank, not Alexis, not anyone.
You can only control how you react.
We all want inner peace, Blake.
But you have to open your heart and let me in.
I need you to intercept - that Rembrandt.
- There's a reason I went with Blake in the divorce, Alexis.
He's my most important client, and I can't keep ignoring his calls.
Might I remind you that that Rembrandt is a forgery, one of many that you sold to Blake throughout the years to pay for your vacation home in Nice.
I recall our little arrangement benefited you, also.
A few unsanctioned shopping sprees, some elective surgeries here and there.
And there.
If this comes out, my reputation can't fall any further.
But yours? In the art world? They're always looking for someone to hock prints of Dogs Playing Poker at the flea market.
Pay off the seller, get the painting back, and leave the past in the past.
We'll all sleep much better.
Oh, and by the way, this isn't one of your forgeries.
This is a masterpiece.
These past few months have been chaotic at best, but me hosting these dinners is my way to try to reestablish normalcy.
And of course, I would never have done any of this if it weren't for Steven.
And I certainly wouldn't have invited Mother, who graced us by not showing up.
So cheers to family.
JENNINGS: I think that was beautiful, Fallon, and that's exactly the kind of healing - this family needs.
- (phone vibrates) I'm sorry.
- Who is she again? Please save - your cheesy, inspirational quotes for your Instagram, and don't tag me.
I got to go.
Seriously? You're gonna leave me in this family-run torture chamber by myself? Big brother duty.
Evie's got some millennial drama.
I'm sorry.
- (door opens) - Well, I guess we have an extra seat.
- SAM: Perfect.
- (door closes) Because thanks to some inspiration from Cristal, I flew in a very special guest all the way from Paris who's gonna tell us what the future holds for this family.
So please welcome - Adriana the psychic.
- Adriana.
You used the jet for this? - I'm Cristal.
- Don't you know that we have plenty of homegrown scam artists right here in Georgia? Oh, don't tell me.
You knew I was gonna say that.
I did.
Adriana's given me readings over the phone that have literally changed my life.
And you wonder why poor people aren't rich.
If you keep your hearts and minds open, I can connect you with the past, present and future through my cards.
They give me guidance on the fates of everyone in this room, including you.
- This is so exciting.
- FALLON: Sam.
- Really? - ALEXIS: Sorry I'm late.
I, uh Oh.
Oh, what sort of dinner is this, Fallon? Ah, the matriarch.
Join us.
The circle must be complete.
I'd like to see credentials.
FALLON: She's a con artist, Mother.
You two speak the same language.
The cards are a map of your lives.
They answer all questions.
Like how long we're fated to sit here? 'Cause dinner's getting cold.
Shh! For you love, passion.
Oh, you noticed my engagement ring.
Well, your psychic ability knows no bounds.
A man, strong, bare-chested.
SAM: Wait, are you sure that's not my card? 'Cause that could be Steven.
Get your own card.
Go on.
A warning.
A powerful betrayal around this bare-chested man.
Only the ultimate kiss will tell you whose love is true.
Sorry, Sam.
The only thing in the cards for me tonight is some Netflix and chill.
- Try not to wake the dead.
- SAM: Okay.
Do me.
Now, remember who's paying your fee, so give me a good one.
For you, Sam, this card means the promise of growth.
- I'm not getting fat, am I? - Growth, as in new life.
And this same card points to you.
You have a grand role to play in his journey.
I do have his dry cleaning picked up for him every week.
New life.
Well, I hope you got the answers you were looking for, Sam.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm good.
The Nine of Swords.
Such loss.
A wife, a son two sons.
She's right.
ALEXIS: Just means that she reads the newspaper, dear.
(chuckles): Not exactly Nostradamus.
Blake, don't be afraid.
Trust me, this can be really good for you.
Go on, Adriana.
Three of Swords.
Grief, guilt, and now confusion.
Really, this is not necessary.
But look, a path forward.
The dead knows what's in your heart.
She's talking about Celia.
And finally there is peace, forgiveness, a new chapter.
I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
All the guilt, all the pain you've been feeling, you can let it go now.
Let it go, and you, too, can fall for these parlor tricks.
I mean, clearly this Cristal 2.
0 has told this snake oil peddler our family business so that she can sink her hooks into you even deeper.
Well, I don't want to But wait, there's more.
Five of Cups.
The hooded figure a past mistake, deeply regretted, returns back to haunt you.
He is a danger to you.
To all Carringtons.
(bell tolling) (dish breaks) - (chuckles) - (sighs) ANDERS: Bo's right.
Let's eat, shall we? KIRBY: Hey.
- Want to grab a bite? - Rain check.
I got a lot going on.
Uh, yeah, I see that.
(chuckles) These are some nice poker tables.
I, uh, may or may not have run a strip poker game back in high school.
I'm just hosting a few friends, that's all.
A few of your billionaire friends? - When do we start? - Not sure you can afford the buy-in.
(scoffs) I don't want a seat at the table.
I need a job.
And I know how these underground poker games work.
I wear a tight skirt, keep the alcohol flowing - for you and your rich friends.
- The last time you tried to work in here, you made the headlines on TMZ Look, my bills are stacking up, and any tips I could score from these crazy rich Americans would really help me out.
Pretty please? There you are, - my strong, bare-chested fiancé.
- (laughs) I thought we'd grab some morning we-time.
I'm about to hop in the shower.
I'm short on time.
Oh maybe I'll join you.
(chuckles) Hey.
You're not upset that Liam was in the office, right? I just needed him to do some transition work.
No, b-but about that whole divorce party thing You're not weaseling out of it.
Liam wants to do some sort of "untying the knot" thing, and I chose you to cut it.
I'm sure you two can handle it.
Well, if you won't go for me, maybe you'll go for Jim Clark.
- Who is Jim Clark? - A bigwig over at Aston Martin here in Atlanta.
I arranged for the two of you to meet at the party.
Fine, I will be there.
And thank you.
But, um, you know, I'd rather not host the whole Liam party thing here where we live, downstairs from our bedroom, so why not move it to the Colbys' club? Monica isn't exactly my biggest fan at the moment.
I will talk to her.
You just get the party planning moved to the club.
I'll take care of the rest.
Alexis, dear, I've good news.
You have the painting? The seller has the money, and Blake's none the wiser? No, no, and no.
The seller's bringing the painting, and Blake is going to apprehend him.
I won't have to spend a dime.
I told you not to pick up the phone.
Blake being involved ruins everything.
It exposes me.
Being exposed was never a problem for the Alexis I knew.
This is the best-case scenario.
Blake will never trace the forgery back to us or even question its authenticity.
If he gets caught, I promise you, you will have more luck getting a Chick-fil-A on Sunday than you will ever selling a piece of art in this town again.
And you'll have better luck convincing Vidal Sassoon you're a natural blonde than ever getting me to betray Blake Carrington.
Now get your tired masterpiece out of my office.
- (shower running) - (phone vibrating) Oh, Culhane! Your phone.
It might be Jim Clark.
I gave him your number.
Culhane's phone.
ADA: I'm looking for Michael.
Who's this? This is his fiancée.
Who is this? Tell him a close friend called.
He'll know who it is.
(line beeps) - (doorbell rings) - Anders.
I figured out Adriana's prediction about growth and new life.
My baby with Steven.
That's what I'm meant to focus on.
Well, it's always wise to heed the words of a prognosticator.
I've already spoken to Steven, and I put out word online for a surrogate.
The response has been insane.
How are you planning on vetting your candidates? I was hoping you could help since she did say you'd have a grand role.
Thank you for coming.
What attracted you to the idea of surrogacy? My guidance counselor said that I should stay away from math.
Do you have any questions? Do I get to live in here? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Convicted? No.
What would you do with the $5 million? I would do it for free.
Just as long as I could do it the old-fashioned way.
(indistinct chatter) FALLON: Wow.
This place looks amazing.
Don't try to butter me up.
Oh, come on.
I'm sorry that Crazy Kirby picked a fight with me at your opening, but we both know it only got you more buzz.
Well, just don't go ripping people's clothes off tonight, okay? And congratulations on your engagement.
Although I guess you have to get divorced first.
(sighs) You just don't do normal, do ya? I would kill for normal.
I think he's cheating on me, Monica.
Culhane? Why would you say that? Did you ask him? Call it a premonition.
Anyway, I just need your support tonight.
Will you be my official maid of dishonor? If that means I'm responsible for getting us shots, I'm in.
LIAM: Fallon.
My lovely soon-to-be ex, I'd like you to meet Craig Thompson, one of Van Kirk Industries' major shareholders.
- Hi.
- Craig's always had a love-hate relationship with my family.
He could've predicted you'd get sick of us.
- (chuckles) - But as you can see, Craig, we are still making "happily ever after" work on the business front.
Yes, we are.
Well, I have to say that I'm relieved.
If you're gonna head this transition, - then I think that we - You know, um, I'm so sorry.
Excuse me one sec.
Looks like Liam's having the night of his life.
When you were in the shower, some woman called your phone.
She didn't leave her name, but she sounded pretty familiar.
That's weird.
But you know how solicitors are nowadays.
I don't think it was a solicitor.
Is there something you need to tell me? Of course not.
Maybe you're just projecting 'cause it's your divorce party.
Or maybe the psychic was right.
- (phone vibrates) - Psychic, Fallon? Seriously? Isn't there, like, a bouquet you need to re-catch or something? Don't go far.
Jim Clark from Aston Martin should be here any second.
Okay, well, tell Jim to wait for me by the bar.
ALEXIS: There you are.
The hooded man.
(Michael clears throat) How's Fallon doing? More suspicious than I'd like, but hopefully I can show my face out there enough to keep her calm.
And Ada? Just tried her again.
I still can't get her on the phone.
So the plan may not be working? (phone vibrating) What the hell do you think you're doing, talking to my fiancée? ADA: What the hell do you think you're doing throwing a poker game without me? Consider this my RSVP.
Actually, I think I'm already here.
Jeff Colby, Ada Stone.
Colby, I heard you were flashy, and your outfit doesn't disappoint.
- (chuckles) - I imagine there'll be books written on your levels of conspicuous consumption.
Well, if you got it, flaunt it, right? Well, our interpretations of that phrase may vary.
But we do have business to discuss.
I'm always looking for new opportunities.
Let me check in a few players, and I'll be right back.
I'm-a let you witness me, I'm going for the glory (cheering) Oh, you see his heart I'm-a let you witness me, I'm going for the glory Hey, ah (cheering in distance) ADA: Mr.
Colby, I heard you were flashy, and your outfit doesn't disappoint.
- (chuckles) - I imagine there'll be books written about your levels of conspicuous consumption.
Well, if you got it, flaunt it, right? Well, our interpretations of that phrase may vary.
Hey, ah Uh, are you loving me now? I'm-a let you witness me, I'm going for the glory THURSTON: Ah, the Rembrandt.
(clears throat) The Rembrandt! (grunting) BLAKE: All right, Hank.
Don't make us do this the hard way.
(grunts) Hey Ah Oh, I was desperate.
I have nothing.
And I thought that, well, nobody would miss the painting, so I so I borrowed it.
Then why did the gallerist's description fit Hank to a tee? Well, um, the guy I hired did look similar.
- Stupid on my part, I admit.
- Mm.
But that's why I wanted to discourage you from pursuing the thief.
Look, I'm so sorry, Blake.
I (sighs) I've never been good at looking after myself.
You know that.
And after we got back together, - I thought - Got back? We slept together one time.
And then Substitute Cristal came along, and you turned your back on me again.
Really, it's your fault that I had to go to such lengths.
- My fault? - Well, yes.
Did I force you - to steal? - Wh? (sighs) (exhales) No.
You're right.
I should have been more considerate of you.
We all make mistakes, and I forgive you yours.
(exhales) (door opens, bells jingle) (indistinct chatter) (cheering) Why the hell is Culhane leaving again? I mean, it takes more than a handshake to schmooze a job out of a heavyweight like Jim Clark.
I'm gonna get you some coffee, okay? Thank you.
I didn't know if they could wrap their heads around it, but the suits are eating it up.
You ready to officially end this thing? Yes, please.
Where's, uh, where's Culhane? I thought he was doing the honors.
Sam'll fill in.
Let's close this deal.
The divorce party's in full swing.
You haven't had any chance to talk business yet? Good.
I'm sure Michael's told you.
I'm now the one who controls the tables in this town.
If you intend on keeping your game going, I expect a proper payout.
Well, unfortunately, I can't think of any percentage of my game, besides zero, that I'm willing to give up.
Colby, you remember the man who ran the last game, Keith.
He's out of business and facing a very unfortunate accident as we speak.
And I actually liked him.
You, I have no feelings for.
(chuckles) Oh.
- Is that a threat? - Come on.
If I wanted to threaten you, I'd mention your sister getting hit by a delivery truck.
(gasps) Or your father going back to jail for drugs he didn't know were - in his possession.
- Okay.
What do you want? 40%.
That's my cut of the game.
Each week, Michael will come to collect.
- Are we clear? - (laughing) Is there something you find funny - or possibly don't understand? - No, I I understand.
But the funny part is, with all your posturing and pretentiousness, you just confessed to extortion, racketeering, and probably two or three other felonies.
Have you recently been deputized - as officers of the law? - MICHAEL: No.
But with what you just said, we do have enough evidence for them to make a case against you.
But it's your word against mine.
JEFF: Unless, of course, we have proof.
- (laughing): Did you see her face? - Smile, bitch.
You're on camera.
- (chuckles) - What the hell? Your security room needs better security.
It's cute you thought you could out-gangster a gangster.
Whatever she's offering, I'll pay you triple.
You can't protect me from her.
And you thought you were gonna get dirt on her with this video.
Unfortunately, the only footage left on here is you checking players in to an illegal poker game.
It's like I was never here.
- Give me that damn video.
- Whoa, whoa.
It's already been uploaded.
So, without further fanfare or pageantry, it's over.
You lost.
Collect my 40% from tonight's game.
Meet me in the VIP.
Five minutes.
I hope you're making that doggie bag to go, sweetie.
I am actually fixing Blake a snack.
I see you've discovered the way to a man's heart isn't only through the hole in his boxers.
I should really give Blake more credit for dealing with you for all these years.
He's more of a saint than I thought.
And you are more of a gold digger than I imagined.
You may think that you're replacing me, but, if you haven't noticed, Cristals come and go around here.
I'm here to support Blake and be his friend.
Not everyone has an agenda.
Then why didn't you tell him that you lost your job? That's right.
I did some digging on you.
And it turns out you're not this hippy-dippy cult leader that I suspected.
You're just a rub-and-tug specialist, whose clinic closed last week, just around the same time that you showed up here again.
That has nothing to do with anything.
We'll see if your good friend Blake agrees.
- (cheering) - Okay, so, the last conscious uncoupling tradition of the night is the parting vows.
Fallon? Oh, that's a hard no.
(scattered laughter) I mean, I mean, why say something that's already been said? (soft chatter) Well, I'd like to say something.
And I have prepared a slide show.
Of course you have.
(soft piano music playing) What is this? I'm never gonna stop fighting for you, Fallon.
I was the one who leaked that picture of you and Culhane to put you guys on ice, but you came up with all of this.
(laughing): You are too clever.
And that's why I love you.
(microphone feedback) Yeah, five photos.
I know.
Uh, I guess we were too busy having fun to take pictures.
That, or Fallon cropped me out of all her selfies.
(laughter) People ask me how on earth I could divorce this woman.
Well let me count the ways.
The only thing greater than her IQ is her - hat collection.
- (laughter) I hate how she reads the last page of a book first, and then spoils it for me, yet she's never bothered to read a word I've written.
(laughter) I hate how I can smell her perfume on my clothes after she's been gone for hours.
I hate how she's a million times smarter than I am, and she's never wrong.
And most of all, I hate that I'll never have chemistry with anyone else like I have with her.
(people murmuring) But fate is fate.
Who are we to stop it, right? It's been real, Fallon.
At least for me.
That was, uh, rude, yet beautiful.
(laughs) But by the power vested in me by these scissors, I now pronounce you single.
(applause and cheering) Don't worry.
I'm not gonna ask for that last kiss.
(people gasping) For the shareholders.
(sighs) Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What was that back there? It was a mistake.
I'm with Culhane.
Is that what your heart is saying? I mean, I'm supposed to We're engaged.
So where is he, Fallon? (Fallon exhales) You've been very, very naughty, and surely you know I'm gonna punish you for it.
(panting) FALLON: Wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who the hell is that? The damn psychic was right.
She told me Culhane would betray me.
Oh, my God.
But you're the strong, bare-chested (gasps) And I kissed (gasps) No.
No, no, no, no, no, no! I had it all backwards.
I had it all backwards.
I betrayed him.
No, no, Fallon, it's okay.
You need to go.
You need to get away from here.
Oh kay.
Uh, I just need to grab my disc.
- Excuse me.
- Jeff, I know what that looks like, but I promise you that it's (sighs heavily) Forget it.
Just don't tell Culhane, please, because I just I got a little too drunk, and I got a little too mad, and it all added up to a big mistake.
I won't say anything.
But only because you need to tell him yourself.
Well, I should, but I think he's having an affair, too, so - Well, not-not "too.
" - Fallon, Culhane is doing right by you.
More right than what was just happening here.
(sighs heavily) 50 bucks.
I worked my ass off for the richest bastards in Atlanta, and all I got was 50 bucks.
Well, that's enough to buy your brother-in-law a drink, and the least you could do after ruining my baby shower.
Not that it was your baby to shower.
And it may never be.
That sounds ominous.
A psychic predicted that I'd have a baby, but it looks like it's not gonna come true.
Does the psychic know that you're a dude? We were going to use a surrogate, and I was hoping finding one would get Steven home sooner, - but they were all trash.
- Maybe your standards - are too high.
- Well, yeah, my standard is Steven.
His smile, his sweetness.
Even if the mom were just tall - so the kid would feel like both of ours, you know? - Yeah.
And more than looks.
Steven's kind.
Well, he was the nicest Carrington to me, anyway, and that was before he even knew he was my brother.
Maybe it's you.
What's me? The perfect surrogate.
You're Steven's half sister.
It'll practically be like a little Steven.
How much did you say it paid again? (sighs heavily) We need to talk about your ex-wife.
Yes, we do.
I just had what could have been a stroke-inducing throw-down with her, but, thanks to you, for the first time in 40 years, Alexis didn't get under my skin.
I wish I could say the same.
Then practice what you preach.
You're showing me how to be real.
It's changing my life.
I'm happy for that, Blake, but I haven't exactly been real with you.
I lost my job in Arizona a week ago.
Yeah, Alexis told me that.
Was it because you were here for me? They closed the clinic.
I stayed for you.
I mean, I I wanted to, but, um the truth is, I had nowhere else to go.
I'm sorry you lost your job.
You're not angry that I lied? Well, how could I be? It was fate, and you have nowhere else to be, because this is where you belong.
I guess that Zen thing is really working out.
(laughing): I guess so.
I know my destiny when I see it.
(gasps softly) (indistinct chatter) Your cut.
Don't be discouraged.
Keith screwed you because he knew doing so would prove his loyalty to me.
So, like the prodigal son, I welcomed him back to the fold.
And until I'm certain of your loyalty, that recording of Jeff running an illegal card game in his innocent sister's club is my insurance you'll behave.
Leave Monica out of this.
I'm not the one who put her club in my sites.
Oh, and what a pretty club it is, too.
It should make me an even prettier penny.
ALEXIS: Tell me.
How did you know about the hooded figure? It was so specific.
I only know what the fates reveal.
And I want to know more.
(laughs) I like this.
The Two of Cups over the Six of Cups.
I like this very much.
And why do you like it? A man, an old friend.
Well, he's more than that.
He's, uh, my ex-husband.
I see here you still want him very much.
Go on.
He, too, is-is full of passion, but no fulfillment.
Is-is that possible? Well, we did share passion, if that's what you mean.
Actually, not that long ago.
Tell me about the future.
- What do you see? - Deceit.
What kind of deceit? A man, very frightened.
Very stupid! It could be worse, right? Blake could have caught me, and who knows what he would have done? Thank God Alexis warned me.
- (crying) - Oh.
I know just what your mother would say.
That I'm an idiot, and Alexis was protecting herself, not me.
- (baby crying) - What could I do, Matthew? (crying) Running out of time (door opens, closes) CLAUDIA: Get that filthy finger out of his mouth! I'm sorry, Claudia.
Where's the money? And the painting? Idiot.
I gave you three shots to get that money your way.
Now it's my turn.
Can you go back to the cards? I prefer them.
Queen of Cups.
See? Very wise, very calm, very sensitive.
A woman very connected to this man.
You think she would have stayed if I hadn't bought her clinic and shut it down? Why worry? It's done.
I suppose all's well that ends well.
Particularly if you have the money to write your own ending.
ALEXIS: So tell me more about this powerful man who's very attracted to me, who may or may not be Blake.
He's going to ask you to marry him.
- And will I? - Yes.
Only Only what? I always do this He will expire.
What do you mean, "expire"? He will expire.
Like death.
Out of time.