Dynasty (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

That Witch

1 - Previously on Dynasty - I flew in a very special guest.
Try not to wake the dead.
A powerful betrayal around this bare-chested man.
He's going to ask you to marry him.
- And will I? - Yes.
Only - Only what? - He will expire.
FALLON: A divorce party, and it's all the rage.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask for a last kiss.
(crowd cheers) Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Who the hell is that? I am starting to fall in love.
Open your heart and let me in.
I lost my job in Arizona a week ago.
It was fate.
And you have nowhere else to be because this is where you belong.
Ooh Hyperfocus my attention On ya, baby Are we sure four turkeys is enough? Mr.
Carrington is insisting on keeping our Thanksgiving festivities small.
Because of last year? If a lunatic woman with a gun doesn't turn up tomorrow, it'll be a grand improvement.
Has anyone seen my baster? I think Sam took it.
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, don't stop.
I know we haven't worked out any of the details yet, but do you think I could get an advance on my baby fee? We haven't discussed any of the details.
But we'll subtract what you put on Steven's credit card - in Paraguay from your overall payment.
- Remember, they have to stick this up my down under.
Not that specific one.
I doubt it's BYOB.
Hmm? The second "B" is for "baster.
" KIRBY: Oh.
Hi, Daddy.
I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what exactly is going on? - We're having a baby.
- We're not having a baby.
Though, I guess technically we are, but it's for me and Steven.
It'll be my sperm, and Kirby will provide the egg and nine months of housing.
And Steven will be back before she gives birth, so we all go through the process together.
You're gonna be a grandfather.
Yes, well, clearly, - that's not going to happen.
- Why not? Because it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Of course you'd say that.
You've never supported - anything I do.
- Have you ever considered going back to university to find a purpose in life? Apart from spawning.
It's my belly.
My belly, my choice.
ANDERS: This conversation is not over.
Keep that baster away from the kitchen.
(sighs) - - MICHAEL: You know, with that storm coming, your dad's gonna have to cancel the annual football game tomorrow.
Too bad.
Speaking of which, I was thinking we should have your mother and your sister over for Thanksgiving.
You know, two families becoming one and all that.
Yeah, that's probably not a good idea.
You know, it's the first Thanksgiving without my dad, so it's gonna be a sensitive time.
- And topic.
- Why? Because they blame my family for your father's death? I'm sorry.
That was insensitive.
Well, they don't have to come here.
We can go there.
- I don't know, Fallon.
- Is there some kind of neutral territory we could meet up at? Perhaps the church soup line? Or I could rent out Falcons stadium? Or does Luella plan on ignoring her son's fiancée forever? My mom doesn't know that we're engaged.
What? You never told her? (sighs) Are you having second thoughts? About this? What? No, of course not.
Okay, well, I feel like we need to be honest here.
Not "lie by omission" honest.
100% truth.
Is there anything you need to tell me? No.
Fallon, there's nothing going on.
It just hasn't been the right time to tell her.
Well, no time like today, then.
I just have to gather some things to be messengered over to C.
well, I guess it's not C.
anymore and then we can go see your mom this afternoon.
Just be sure to duck if she reaches for her shoe.
If I could have the kitchen, please? Thank you.
Good morning.
Thanks for coming down.
- What are you up to? - Well, I thought I could make you breakfast - and we can get to know each other.
- Aren't you full of surprises? You know, uh I've got another surprise.
I don't want to have sex.
In the kitchen or with me? Obviously, I want to have sex with you.
Look at you.
I just want to do things differently than I normally do.
You know, my relationship track record isn't exactly - Well, you've met Alexis.
- (chuckles) Look, I knew very little about Cristal Celia and that caused a lot of problems for us.
And to avoid that, I want to know everything there is to know about Cristal Jennings.
Sounds good.
So what's for breakfast? Are you a good cook? Terrible.
But I make a great Bellini.
(laughs) You know that's a mimosa, right? (Anders clears throat) Excuse me, sir.
Sorry to interrupt.
Dixon is here to give you a physical for the life insurance update.
And a package arrived for you.
I've had it placed in your room.
To be continued.
ALEXIS: Oh! What are you cleaning with? Napalm? It's what I always use.
Oh, so Blake's been inhaling these toxins every day? I need you to get rid of any household product that is not organic.
Says the woman who's half synthetic.
Is this your new way of moving in on Dad? Taking the head housekeeping job? For your information, I am trying to save your father's life.
By nagging him to death yourself? No.
I Well, I saw that psychic, and she told me that Blake and I are meant to be together.
But she also said that he was gonna die.
And you believed her? I wouldn't be able to live with myself - if I ignored it and something awful happened.
- Oh, I get it.
You think if you can keep Dad alive, you two could still be together, reclaiming your throne and his money.
- This has nothing to do with money.
- Oh, please.
Even you don't believe your own lies anymore.
Besides, Blake is finally in a good place.
He seems to like replacement Cristal, and the last thing he needs is you following him around like some fairy godmother of death prevention.
And what about what the psychic said to you? About love, betrayal and the ultimate kiss? Was there any truth to that? No.
No, of course not.
Now who's lying? (chuckles softly) Severance pay? $500,000.
LIAM: Weird, isn't it? Yeah.
It's like Carrington Atlantic never existed.
I just came to drop off some things.
Some keys, badges, security cards.
Oh, because there's no one on your staff you could've sent? Can't you just admit - you wanted to see me? - I'd admit it if it were true.
But no, actually, I just came to to get this lamp.
So we're not gonna talk about our little divorce party make out session? Well, there's nothing to talk about.
It was a mistake.
Fallon, stop.
I mean, you've given me this song and dance before.
I know what you want.
You know what you want.
And just because you're afraid to say it doesn't make it any less true.
But I'm done being your backup, so here's the deal.
Try to go the whole weekend without thinking about me or that kiss.
And when you can't stop replaying it, then you'll know you should be with me and not Culhane.
- Oh, please.
- I'm serious, okay? I'm going on a four-week trip to Dubai, Paris, Vienna.
I'll be at the airport Monday morning.
Now, either I see you there, or this is good-bye.
(sighs) Since our breakfast was interrupted, how does lunch sound? You know, I've been craving some quiet, alone, but totally taking it slow time with you.
Well, what luck.
I think that's on today's menu.
Well, I hate to tell you this, but it just started raining.
Or can Blake Carrington control the clouds? I can fly you to better weather.
What about your family? It's Thanksgiving tomorrow.
I suppose, but given all the changes that have happened in this family in the last year, might be time for some new traditions.
If that's what you want.
But on one condition.
- Hmm? - No lobstertinis.
- How was the office? - Oh, it was fine.
They just needed me to come in to sign a bunch of paperwork in person.
It's no big deal.
Wow, you're usually a better liar than that.
No big deal? Leaving your family's company, C.
, has got to be like breaking up with your first love.
Well, as they say: when one door closes, another door opens to your future mother-in-law.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey.
Hello, Luella.
Are you two still seeing each other? Not only are we still seeing each other, but we're engaged.
(thunder rumbling) - I didn't see that coming.
- That's why we're here.
Seeing as it's our first Thanksgiving as a couple, I would be honored to invite you and Evie over for dinner tomorrow at my house.
Well, I-I'm sorry you came all this way, but as you already know, I'll be spending Thanksgiving the way I do every year: here, serving my community at my church with my family.
Now, please, excuse me.
Is that leak getting worse, Pastor? Mm-hmm.
Gonna need some more buckets.
You know, give her some time.
SAM: I talked to Steven, - and he's on board.
- With Kirby? I find that very hard to believe.
Well, I didn't say he's jumping up and down, but he agrees that it's better than a complete stranger.
The devil you know.
Not that she's the devil.
She's barely going to be the mom.
She's just gonna carry the little guy.
Or girl.
Or whatever gender they'll identify as.
And what about life after baby's born? Are you planning on telling the child who its mother is? Well, we haven't discussed that yet.
Of course you haven't.
I love you, mate, just like I love Kirby and Steven, and I can't bear the thought of the three of you making a mistake that's going to affect the rest of your lives, not to mention the life of an innocent child.
(rolling thunder, piano plays upbeat tune) Wait.
This is Blake's luggage.
(Sam sighs) Hey, how are you doing with all the rain? Steven told me about your weather phobia.
(sighs) As long as it's just rain, I'm fine.
What's with the sigh? Oh, I asked Kirby to carry our future baby, and "Carry" as in have it, or "carry" as in hold it? Either way, it's insane.
Oh, that's basically what Anders said.
Should I back out? I should back out, right? But I can't because she kind of terrifies me.
She should.
She's nuts.
And do you really want your kid inheriting those crazy genes? I would shut it down now.
- (loud thunderclap) - (sighs) Trust me.
The longer you let a problem simmer, the easier it is to get burned.
And are those pills to help with the storm scaries, or is there something else simmering on your mind? What? No.
Why? Well, I saw that kiss with Liam at the divorce party, and from where I stood, it looked more like a hello than a good-bye.
Well, yes, that kiss with Liam was confusing, but I am with Culhane and so not thinking about Liam.
So, let's not even bring up the "L" word, kay? What I'm more concerned about is Culhane's mother hating me.
I mean, how are he and I supposed to start a family if his family doesn't want me around? Just find a way to charm her.
I found you incredibly annoying at first, and look at how close we are now.
I'm really sorry, Mr.
We're having some mechanical issues.
We, unfortunately, won't be able to leave Of course we won't.
So we'll go in the morning.
Actually, with the big storm coming in, all flights are gonna be grounded.
- Of course they are.
- JENNINGS: Maybe a Thanksgiving - for two just isn't meant to be.
- No way.
Blake Carrington doesn't give up.
I said we're gonna do things differently.
We're gonna find some alone time if it kills me.
(thunder crashing) Thank you, Captain.
I'll, uh, see to it that your Christmas bonus is extra merry this year.
(rain pouring) (loud thunderclap) Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I'm sorry.
Confession is not a practice of the Protestant Church.
Or the Carrington family.
Good thing, too.
Now we can keep this little meeting between us.
Tell me, Pastor, where do you stand on divine intervention? (thunder crashing) (loud thunderclaps) Just tell Alexis that you'll meet her tomorrow night away from the Carrington property.
(baby crying) - Hmm.
- I told you I'm sleep-training him.
- But that's his hungry cry.
- So? And also, you're crazy to think I'm going out in this weather.
Don't you call me crazy! And I'm meeting her, not you, you dimwit! Don't call me dumb.
Dimwit's the same thing.
Isn't it? - Just set up the meeting.
- Why? So you can kill Alexis like you killed Cristal? So I can get the money and be done with you! (baby continues crying) And tell Alexis if she doesn't bring the cash, I'll do more than shoot up the turkey this year.
(baby crying, gun chamber clicks) (gentle, rolling thunder) Oh.
Anders? Anders.
I need to make a seating change for dinner.
Uh, Michael, his mother and little sister will be - joining us.
- What about his cousins? His dentist? Yeah? Well, your father and Cristal won't be attending.
They're heading on a road trip in the rain.
Sam doesn't want Kirby anywhere near the main table, and your mother is behaving like a lunatic.
So, yes, we do have room for a spare three.
Actually, the guest list has increased significantly, so we're gonna need twice as many chairs, tables, - and way more turkey.
- Of course we are.
(door opening) Oh! Wow.
Church has nothing on this place.
- Evie.
- Hi.
Luella, um, I'm so thrilled to hear you changed your minds.
Oh, I didn't change my mind.
I'm here because I have two stubborn kids.
EVIE: When Michael said he was splitting his time, I didn't want our family divided on Thanksgiving, even if it was just for half the day.
Well, I know this isn't your usual Thanksgiving, but this dinner is a chance for all of us to be together as one family, and I want you guys to feel at home, so, whatever you need, just let me know.
LUELLA: Well, I'd like to put down these pies before my arms fall off.
I usually put 'em in for 22 minutes to get 'em extra crisp.
I'll tell the chef.
Just show me which one of your kitchens I can use.
Mary? MARY: Right this way.
(sighs) Well, lucky how that worked out.
When I did go make a donation in your family's name, the pastor just happened to mention that the roof had seen better days, so I suggested that he put my donation towards, um (thunderclap) you know, fixing the leaks.
So, you basically bribed the pastor.
- He's getting a new roof.
- Fallon, another pill? We got a long day ahead of us.
I don't understand why the severance was so big.
LEIGH: I know.
A hundred grand? A hundred grand? Yeah.
I don't have to work for, like, two years.
Anyway, this Blue Belt Industries that bought it it's some sort of shell company.
All I could find was that they have a winery out west.
Why buy a small physical therapy clinic? However he did it, just think how huge Frank's payout must've been.
He's been avoiding my calls, and he sent a nasty text telling me to mind my own business and lose his number.
Seriously? What a jerk.
He needs to learn there are consequences to his actions.
Next time I see him, I swear, I'm gonna kill him.
(rolling thunder) Did you say something to Sam? He's been acting shady all of a sudden.
Well, Sam and I did have a discussion about your childbearing plans.
He wanted my approval, - which I, in all good conscience, couldn't give.
- Why exactly is that? Because I think it's important that both of you understand what carrying a baby realistically requires.
You're a little late to the parenting party, Pops.
I know where babies come from.
Are you aware that you won't be able to get turnt up or go full bender for nine months? Are you aware that I'm not 12 anymore? I don't need to be Dadsplained.
You don't even know me.
And you clearly don't even want to.
Kirby? Blake, stop! You can't leave.
Not with this black widow.
- What are you going on about now? - Evie, please talk to her.
- ALEXIS: I overheard her on the phone - Mom.
- The answer is no.
- Is everything okay over here? I'm obviously not wanted in this house, so I'll just do you a solid and leave.
- Kirby, don't.
- Hey, Kirby, can you? Can you please calm down? - I think she's trying to kill you.
- What are you talking about? - Mom, Mom, what are you doing? - SAM: Hold on.
Just listen to me.
Sam, Sam, Sam, just let her go.
Luella? Where are you going? Your chef said they had enough pies.
And I've had enough of all of this.
I did the best I could to put my feelings about your family aside for the sake of my own, but I can't do this.
- Mom, please.
- Today is supposed to be about helping others and giving thanks.
All these people do is help themselves.
We both know that you decided before you even got here that you weren't going to try, and you haven't.
That's it.
We're leaving.
Pastor, what are you doing here? Congregation.
Well, Fallon has generously offered to host our community dinner here.
That, on top of paying to fix the roof at the church.
She's a saint.
LUELLA: I'm sorry, Pastor.
I need to leave.
Amen to that.
- BLAKE: Let us show you the way.
- PASTOR: We can't.
We received a tornado warning on our way over here.
We barely made it in time.
All the other church buses have been rerouted to nearby shelters.
A tornado warning? Big guy upstairs must have some exciting plans for all of us this Thanksgiving.
(loud thunderclap, people gasping) - Champagne? - Uh, no, thank you.
Culhane, I'm sorry that I lost my temper earlier, but you should know that I have a weather phobia.
I'm not exactly myself tonight.
Bet those pills aren't helping.
I'm just here to help serve my people, and then go home after the storm is over.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
I can't keep apologizing.
First of all, I'm not very good at it, and second of all, it's not working.
Then stop.
We don't need her approval for a relationship.
But I want it.
It's important to me.
You have mine.
Why do you need anybody else's? A shrink once told me that I seek others' approval to fill the hole left by my mother's abandonment.
Clearly, I never went back to that guy.
Excuse me.
We need more yams.
- We try to do this every year, give back to the community.
- Thank you.
It's just too bad the other buses didn't make it.
You're a very generous man.
When we're done helping out the needy, why don't you meet me downstairs in the wine cellar? Aren't you afraid that I might kill you like Alexis said? I'll take my chances.
(piano plays discordant notes) This piano cost more than my last house, so maybe tell the kid to go easy on the keys? You're starting to sound like my dad.
- How much have you had to drink? - A lot.
No, no.
Don't be mad.
I'm being responsible.
Go get some dessert, kid.
And how exactly is this responsible? I'm not gonna be able to drink or do anything fun when I'm pregnant, right? So I figure why not squeeze nine months of partying into three days? See? Responsible and efficient.
Look, Kirby we Mm.
Just don't tell my dad.
Okay? He'll judge me more than he already does.
He doesn't judge you.
He just sounds that way because he's old and cranky.
- (keys tinkle) - Nice try, but he has sounded that way my entire life.
I think maybe we need to have a talk.
Fallon? Did you call me over here to serve you yams? Because that's not happening.
Actually, I called you over to see how you're doing with all this weather.
Oh, that's sweet, but I don't need your mothering.
I have pills that do a much better job of that.
You know, I never should have let the nanny read you The Wizard of Oz at such a young age.
Course, it was your father's idea.
Speaking of which do you know where he is? Oh, the last time I saw him, I think Cristal was just about to kill him.
You won't be laughing when he's dead.
And if it's isn't Cristal, it'll be one of those vagrants you invited.
I'm already missing my mother's favorite antique Staffordshire cow creamer.
Good timing as always, Mother.
I need to go eat.
(sighs) Peace, finally.
This was definitely one of my better ideas.
- It's very beautiful.
- You should see it from where I sit.
To us getting to know each other alone.
SAM: You were right.
This Kirby thing isn't gonna work.
Well, naturally, I'm delighted that you've come to your senses, but what changed your mind? Well, I didn't realize, but she really is kind of insane.
- That's a little extreme.
- Really? Last time I saw her she was showing the church kids how to do tequila shots.
I'm worried that she'll be teaching Sammy 2.
Jo how to set the manor on fire before he can walk.
That's enough, Sam.
Kirby's still my daughter.
And she has some wonderful qualities that sometimes get overlooked because of her wild nature.
She's has a rough life.
Deep down inside, she's a a caring, passionate girl.
- DIGITAL VOICE: This a tornado alert.
- (emergency alert alarm blares) Seek shelter immediately.
(phones buzzing) This is a tornado alert.
Seek shelter immediately.
Please listen up.
Uh, for safety's sake, will everyone please follow the staff to the butler's pantry? We need to move to the cellar.
This way.
Thank you.
DIGITAL VOICE: Seek shelter immediately.
Anders, where is Blake? DIGITAL VOICE: This is a tornado alert.
Seek shelter immediately.
(emergency alarm blaring) (door opening) Well, looks like someone's having a leg, a breast and a thigh.
Can you two put some clothes on? People need to take shelter.
(both laugh) - Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
Did your mother seriously call these people derelicts? Uh, well, technically, she said "vagrants," but, you know, I say vagrants, you say potato.
- I'm buzzed.
- Well, whatever she said, my mother wants to leave as soon as possible.
Well, I'm sorry, but she's stuck here.
I'm sure she blames me for the tornado, too.
Right, Evie? Yeah, probably.
See? So maybe if your mom had more of an open mind, we could be having a better time.
Maybe if your mother didn't trash my mom's church No.
My mom has been on her best behavior.
Trust me.
My whole family has.
Don't worry.
We're perfectly safe down here.
Make yourselves comfortable until the storm passes.
Look, I know she's being difficult, but maybe if you could just try to apologize one more time.
Oh, forget it.
- I can't be here right now.
- Fallon.
Where are you going? I got this.
What is going on with you? What's going on is that if you don't stand up to your mother we are never getting married, because you will never do it without her blessing.
- I never said that.
- Oh! So you're just gonna cut her out of your life? You have lost your mind.
You are not acting like yourself.
I'm not acting like myself? You have been a completely different person ever since you got back from New York.
You have been distant, you have been distracted, you're taking secret phone calls - Can we Can we please just get back downstairs? - (wind rumbling) As long as you tell me who the woman was that you were with.
What woman? I saw you at the divorce party.
I saw you and I-I gave you a chance to explain and you didn't.
H-Hold on.
Were you spying on me? No, no, no, no, no.
Don't you try to turn this around on me.
You are the one who's been keeping secrets.
Are you sure? Is this really about my mother or is something else going on here, Fallon? (wind gusts, glass shatters) (moos) - (grunts) - Fallon! How did I get up here? Hello? Oh, my.
(sighs) - (woman giggling) - Mom? Oh, no, my dear.
I am the Good Witch of the North.
Really? 'Cause that is not the witch I would have cast you as.
You can't even be nice to your own mother in your dream? - Mm.
- Well, I have come here to guide you on your journey.
- All you have to do is - Yes, I get it.
I know the story.
I have to find the wizard so I can get home, or in this case, wake up.
Just follow the yellow brick road.
Um Daddy? Wait.
My mom was right.
You did want to kill him.
I didn't do anything.
You killed him when you sold his company out from under him.
Poor Blake.
Don't listen to her.
That witch has got weapons she's never used.
I want to help Blake, not hurt him.
She's only here for one reason: Money.
(gasps) - And now they're yours.
- (gasps) And that wicked witch won't get her claws on them.
How dare you.
- (grunts) - (gasps) - Oh.
- (gasps) See, now I knew you couldn't stop thinking about me.
I wasn't thinking about you, you forced your way into this crazy dream.
I really need to get home.
And you want me to take you.
Why do you think I'm here? I have no idea why you're here.
I have no idea why you can't get it through your straw head that I am with Culhane.
- It's like you don't have any - Brains.
Well, if I don't it's because I've lost my mind for you.
And I've just lost my mind.
Look, I can take you to the wizard to get you home, but you need to free me.
- You seem perfectly free to me.
- It's a metaphor.
And the only way to do it is to give me a kiss.
Hey, I don't make the rules.
(sighs) (gasps) (exhales) What the hell was that? Michael? What are you doing here? Well, I've been down here for years.
It's just you're the only one who ever found me.
Can't seem to move, though.
I think I might need oil or something.
How about champagne? (sighs) That'll do.
What the hell is he doing here? - I thought you guys were officially fake divorced.
- We are.
He's just helping me get to the wizard so that I can get home.
You can come, too, if you want.
- If you're not too busy.
- What else would I be doing in your dream? I don't know.
You've been so secretive lately.
You didn't even tell your mom that we were engaged.
Oh, that is heartless.
No one's talking to you, Straw Man.
FALLON: You know what? I think I'll go find the wizard myself.
There's no way in hell I'm skipping.
Well, maybe the wizard is in the office.
Little mama fine Cognac on ice The way you move so fluid I've been catching the signs That woman bad She bad, for real.
(squeals) (sighs) How long have you been standing there? Of course you're the lion.
I'm loving the outfit you chose for me.
And I'm thrilled to help you with this triangle, but seriously, what's with the cowardly part? Well, have you told Kirby that you don't want her to have the baby? Let's get to the Emerald City already and find you the wizard.
LUELLA: Who dares enter? My mom's the wizard.
Be quiet, son! I am the great and terrible wizard.
Why are you here? Man, you grew up with that? Mrs.
Culhane? Your Wizardness? Um, I'm here, so could you please tell me how to get home? We came all this way to find you from the other room.
Getting home is very simple.
Just end your engagement to my son.
- What? - Huh? The wizard will never give you her blessing.
Or approve of this at all.
Are you listening, Michael? A boy should listen to his mother.
FALLON: Bo? LUELLA: Stay away from there.
Listen to me.
You're the wizard? I'm the wizard? We both know the only person you'll listen to is yourself.
So listen up.
The reason you've been working so hard for Luella's approval is because you know you're not gonna be able to get it.
- But that makes no sense.
- Doesn't it? If you don't get her approval, you won't have to make the hard choice between the road you're on with Culhane, or a new path with Liam.
Th-th-that, that's a good point.
Is anyone else freaking out that there are two Fallons? - Oh, yeah.
- This is all great, but could I please just go home now? I'm exhausted and I could really use a drink.
Well, that depends.
I mean, where is home? Who do you want to go home to? The choice is yours.
Oh, nice try.
You know, if you don't choose, we can just be alone together for the rest of our lives.
I'm into it.
CULHANE: Fallon.
- ALEXIS: Fallon.
- CULHANE: Fallon.
(sighs) How are you feeling? I'm confused.
Any my head hurts.
I'm so relieved you and your father are okay.
Would you see if you can find Anders and get an ETA on the medic? ANDERS: Yes, I know it's Thanksgiving, but we need someone here tonight.
Carrington will send his own chopper if need be.
It behooves you to remember who paid for the fourth floor clinic in the east wing of your hospital.
Thank you.
- (phone beeps) - The medic will be here shortly.
I'll just let Mr.
Carrington know.
Anders, does the name Blue Belt mean anything to you? Bye Bye Blue Belt? Mr.
Carrington's favorite racehorse.
The pride of the stables.
I guess you're looking at this picture of him.
A fine, fine specimen.
(chuckles) (sighs) I'm sorry we've been fighting.
But that woman was just business.
If we can just hit reset, I promise it'll get better.
I'm sorry, too.
(soft knocking) I don't mean to interrupt.
(exhales) I was just going to get Fallon some water.
Well, I'm glad to see you're okay.
I can also see how much my son cares for you.
But it worries me that, when it comes to you, Michael is defenseless.
- I love your son, Mrs.
- I know that.
I witnessed that love tonight.
I also saw you trying to do something for someone else.
Even if you did seem crazy.
Just don't you break my son's heart.
'Cause I can be terrible.
(creaking) Hello? Is somebody there? (sighs) What are you doing, creeping around? You've been acting like a lunatic, at least more than usual, lately.
I've been trying to protect you.
The psychic predicted that you were going to well, that (sighs) that you were going to expire.
And she also said that, well, we're meant to be together.
We're all gonna expire someday.
That doesn't mean I need you shadowing me everywhere.
Life's too short to deny your destiny.
I've been patient with you.
But you got to get it through your head.
You and I are done, forever.
And if you don't get your act together, you're gonna lose everyone, including your daughter.
(exhales) (grunts) - You don't have to clean that up.
- It's all good.
No, Kirby, it's not.
I've been treating you unfairly.
I-I'm sorry.
I should have supported you right from the start.
And instead of trying to block this pregnancy, I'd like to help you every step of the way.
And I'd like you to come and live here.
Really? I'd like that.
Except Sam decided it would be too complicated for me to carry the baby.
I'm sorry.
- It's probably for the best.
- Baby or no baby, I'd still like you to move in here.
I miss you.
(chuckles softly) Dad.
Good, then.
- (quietly): So? - Your plan worked.
(chuckles) You must have trash-talked me really good for him to come around like that.
Tried-and-true reverse psychology.
Just because you aren't the right candidate to help me start my family, I still wanted to help you with yours.
- Alexis knows where to meet me? - Yep.
A park about 45 minutes from here.
Just like we planned.
Good job.
For once.
All right, I'll be back in two hours, I'll have the money, and this will all be over.
(quietly): Unlike you, I actually know how to get things done.
And, remember, if Matthew wakes up, let him cry.
Sleep training.
(Matthew crying) (shushing) Shh.
Everything's gonna be fine.
- (crying loudly) - Everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
ALEXIS: Knock, knock.
You up for a visitor? If that's ginger tea, then yes.
I'm sorry about the last few days.
I let that crazy psychic get to me.
Or maybe I was just trying to convince myself that it was real so that I could be a hero to Blake.
I think you're forgetting what life with Daddy was like.
It wasn't exactly rainbows and munchkins.
(chuckles) I know.
But sometimes it's easier to have the perfect relationship when it stays in a fantasy world.
That's true.
And it's always good to know when to let go and face reality.
But, honestly, it's, um (sighs) it's quite daunting, having to figure it out alone.
You know, some days, I can't decide if you're the good witch or the bad witch.
Or one of those freaky flying monkeys.
And this may be the concussion talking, but you're still my mom.
Fallon Facing reality is more expensive than you think.
Or so I've heard.
There you are.
- Everything okay? - Blue Belt? Either it's really coincidental that the wine you drink, your favorite horse, and the shell company that bought the clinic all share the same name, or you're the reason I lost my job.
You're right.
I am.
I was in a dark place.
I had just found out my son wasn't mine.
And I didn't want to lose a chance to know you.
It was the best way I could think of to get you to stay.
Buying and then closing an entire clinic? Everyone that worked there was generously taken care of.
(grunts) I have very bad habits.
I always get what I want.
(chuckles softly) I understand how this sounds, but I've never cared for someone as intensely as I care for you.
So I can't stop myself, and I don't want to stop myself.
I find you incredibly sexy.
There's nothing more attractive than a man who knows what he wants and does what it takes to get it.
But for this to work and I do want it to, Blake you have to let me know you completely.
No matter what you fear my reaction might be.
You want to know me? I don't like to play games.
I don't like to waste time.
And I didn't believe in fate until I met you.
And today reminded me that life is too short to wait for what you want.
Marry me.
I did think about you.
- A lot.
- (chuckles) True care (sighs) And that kiss.
All of them.
And I made my decision.
What's that? You were right.
The other day in my office, that was good-bye.
I can't do this anymore.
I love Culhane, and what he and I have together is real.
So I'm sorry, Liam, but it's over.
Turn the lights off, carry me home Keep your head still and I'll be your thrill The night will go on Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na I'm surprised you wanted to meet here on the property, behind enemy lines.
But now that I have money, you'll never have to come here again.
Wait a couple days to cash it, but it's, um, all there.
I know - She left me roses - (chuckles) That'll do it.
And you're right.
You'll never have to see me again.
I'm taking the money and I'm hitting the road like a lonesome wolf.
It's been a pleasure.
More like a train wreck.
But, um, good luck to you and your adobe hunting ranch.
(chuckles) Your thrill The night will go on The night will go You know, you weren't such a bad mom after all.
Na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na, na.
(engine starts) (vehicle departing) (baby crying) (baby fussing) (cooing)