Dynasty (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

A Temporary Infestation

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Life is too short to wait for what you want.
- Marry me.
- FALLON: I can't do this anymore.
I love Culhane.
I'm sorry, Liam, but it's over.
ANDERS: I'd like you - to come and live here.
- Really? I'd like that.
That recording of Jeff running an illegal card game in his innocent sister's club is my insurance you'll behave.
Leave Monica out of this.
I'm not the one who put her club in my sights.
For you, Sam.
This card means new life.
- (baby crying) - HANK: You'll never have to see me again.
I'm taking the money, and I'm hitting the road like a lonesome wolf.
It's been a pleasure.
(baby crying) (knocking at door) ALEXIS: Hold on, I'm coming! Randy, uh, did something happen at the loft? We were supposed to meet at 9:00? To go over the final punch list.
- Oh, what time is it now? - It's 11:30.
- Look, I can come in now if - (baby fusses) Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize you had a A guest.
Yes, it's been a very long night.
Uh, just give me 30 minutes, and I'll freshen up.
(baby crying) No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, none of that.
You've got to be very, very quiet.
Yeah, that's it.
Shh, shh, shh.
HANK: You've reached Hank.
I mean, you haven't, because I can't come to the phone, - but you've reached my voice mail and - (beeps) Where are you, Hank? I don't know who the hell this Claudia is or why I have her baby, - but you need to come and get it right now! - (baby crying) Shh, shh.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm trying, okay? I need you to work with me.
Look, I don't want to get the authorities involved, Hank.
But if they trace this baby to you, they trace you to me, and we both end up in handcuffs.
I can't take care of this infant.
Oh, is this how people without night nurses live? Oh, God.
(sighs) You still want to get married? And do that every morning? I'm in.
Let's get a ring on that finger.
- I want the whole world to know you're mine.
- (chuckles) Maybe we should start with the whole family? - (sighs) - (chuckles) FALLON: What are we waiting for? Doesn't Dad know we all have things to do? Yeah, I have a massage in 30.
The first of the Christmas decorations will be here in a few minutes.
It's a little early, isn't it? Thanksgiving's over.
What's this even about? Maybe a Welcome Wagon for your new neighbor? - (door opens) - Me.
Oh, finally.
What's going on here? Those bags under your eyes are impressive, Alexis.
Not getting enough rest out in that tin can of yours? Kirby, that's enough.
- (sighs) - Definitely a welcome addition.
I really can't stay.
I have things to do.
Good, you're all here.
I hope you all got champagne.
We have news to celebrate.
Last night I asked Cristal to marry me.
And she said yes.
What? You're engaged? Is she pregnant? SAM: Oh, my God.
What if that's the baby the psychic meant and I just wanted to believe it was for me? - I'm not pregnant.
- Thank God for that.
This is not some shotgun wedding, although I wouldn't mind a few little feet running around here.
- Oh - Then what's the rush? I mean, the last one's barely cold.
- Seriously, Fallon.
- BLAKE: There's no rush.
I promise, your wedding will be first.
That's not what I meant.
If there's anything the last year taught me, it's that life is precious.
And short.
And I'm not gonna waste any of it.
It's time for a new chapter around here.
KIRBY: Guess that means yours is officially closing.
Too bad.
It's been a real page-turner.
- (sighs) - ANDERS: Not even a comment about the latest Mrs.
Carrington? - You must be in a hurry.
- Clearly, I'm not the only one.
But I have more pressing concerns right now.
Blake's whims tend to work themselves out.
Until he reproduces with them.
(donkey brays) Already? Well, how tacky.
Van Kirk Industries, huh? Oh, I was just catching up on some news.
You hang onto some shares in the C.
sale, or just keeping tabs on Liam? Well, just because I sold the company doesn't mean I forgot about it.
And it's still a part of my family's legacy.
Someone has to care, and it's clearly not my dad.
Well, maybe he has the right idea.
Seriously? I mean, he's known this Cristal even shorter than the last one.
There's something to be said for seizing the moment.
- (sighs) - You know what, and he still said that we could go first.
Okay, well, I'm not having my wedding date dictated by my dad's whims.
Been there, done that.
So what do you want to do? Not get married? No, no.
I just want to do it on my own terms.
Our terms.
But right now I have to go.
I'm having lunch with Monica.
- Bye.
- (phone buzzing) Bye.
JEFF: There you are.
My guys want to know if we're on for the game Tuesday.
Yeah, we're good.
All right.
You are an angel for helping me.
I just can't decide on this accent wall, and you have got such a great eye.
Just as long as I don't have to paint it.
- Olga just worked the knots out of my shoulder.
- (baby cooing) What's that? Is that a baby? Sound effects? A little extra.
Oh, my God.
It's real.
- You must be joking.
- Hey, buddy.
Where'd you come from? You're okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
You're good, buddy.
Oh, look, there's a note.
"I deserve more than my mother can give.
Please take good care of me.
" - Oh, my God.
- FALLON: What the hell is that? - What's what? - ALEXIS: Sam found - a baby in the manger.
- Whose baby? What baby? Oh, sweet Mary and Joseph.
- Who would leave a baby in the driveway? - I'll canvass the staff, see if anyone's misplaced their offspring.
Maybe we should call the police.
I just got off the phone with Child Services.
What? You read the note.
Well, we don't know who wrote the note, Sam.
What if somebody took him? Like they did Adam.
Well, they had no missing children reported, so they said they'd send somebody as soon as they can, but you know how underfunded these agencies are.
It could take days.
Days? What are we supposed to do with it until then? Keep it? He's better off here than in some orphanage.
They have foster homes.
No one's gonna take better care of him than we are.
I think God put him here for me to find.
- You'd think God would know better.
- SAM: I'm serious.
I've been praying for a baby, and he needs a family.
It's like a textbook miracle.
Let's not get carried away.
Well, he's probably better off here than in a foster home.
And he does even look a little bit like you, Blake.
Are you just a little Blake? - Huh? - BLAKE: Let me see him.
(baby fusses) Yeah.
Oh! And that's my cue to leave.
It'll come out in the wash.
Yeah, not my first rodeo.
Those were good days, weren't they? When the kids were babies.
Yeah, before they could talk.
You know, maybe Sam's right.
This is a sign, this baby, for us, too.
I mean, as the psychic said, you and I share a destiny.
Nobody wants Steven and Sam to have a family more than I do, and if this is their baby, no one would be happier.
I knew you felt it.
Somewhere in there But us becoming grandparents to that kid or any other doesn't mean we'd be doing it together.
Because if there is such a thing as destiny, mine is with Cristal.
Move on, Alexis.
And every time I close my eyes it's you and me I feel your energy In all these lucid dreams I really wanted you to stay Ever since you went away.
You don't even need the sound system, but I'll have my best mixer here on Tuesday night.
Can I come, too? I might be able to pull a few strings, get you on the list.
Isis, Alexe, this is Fallon Carrington.
This is - St.
I'm a fan.
- Isis is a friend - from way back.
- You're lucky you can still book us.
I first saw them at a showcase.
Then they get signed by Wondaland, suddenly they are too cool for me.
Monica, you should do a showcase here.
With your club.
I mean, you've always had an eye for talent, and there's plenty in Atlanta waiting to be signed.
Except I don't have a record label.
- Why not? - Okay, I'm still figuring out this business.
Speaking of which, I'll see you guys Tuesday? We'll be here.
Good to meet you, Fallon.
You, too.
I can help you.
I know how to start a company ask your brother and I know how to run one, too.
Don't ask your brother.
Are you really suggesting that we start a record label? Together? We can use this as a launchpad.
We bring the artists directly to the audience.
Can be independent, female-run.
You know I love you, but I don't think working together is the best idea for us.
Did you already forget the drama we had over this place? Oh, that was different.
You just finished selling a company.
Why don't you take a minute to just do you? But this is me.
I work.
And I need something to focus on.
Wow, you really don't want to plan a wedding, do you? But I'm not trying to be someone's project, Fallon.
I'm sure you'll find another one.
Can you wait ten more minutes to eat? I need to go check inventory.
What a lovely coat.
Is that a polyblend? It's cashmere, actually.
But thank you.
Pretty flowers.
Weren't those in the dining room this morning? Just borrowing a few odds and ends for my place until I have time to go shopping.
Is the loft finished already? Things move fast around here.
You don't have to tell me.
And now we have a baby here, too.
I just can't wait to put down new roots.
We've been through a lot as a family, but that's what family is: people with a shared history.
And Blake and I have a long one.
I'm just looking forward to a long future here.
Make sure you don't overwater that dracaena.
Roots can rot, you know? (laughs) How sweet of you.
You know, if I were you, I'd get out now, while that pure little heart is still in one piece.
This may seem like a big house, but there's only so much room.
I know this is moving fast but I love Blake, and I think he loves me, too.
Since we're about to go to look at rings.
(chuckles): Oh.
I'm surprised that jeweler hasn't given him a punch card by now.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I got it.
Don't worry.
(door closes) ANDERS: So, seam on the outside, - and fold on the inside.
- Thank you.
(groans) Has that dog ever been on a leash? - We'll have to work on that.
- As wonderful as it is that you want to take Bo under your wing, and as glad as I am to have you staying here, um, has it ever occurred to you to perhaps get a job? I mean, outside of the home? That's very feminist of you, Daddy.
Don't forget you still owe a heavy sum to Steven for that stunt you pulled in Paraguay using his credit card.
I'll fill out some applications.
Is this thing on right? Where did you even get that? The baby shower.
At least some good came out of it.
We have almost everything we need.
Just like it was meant to be.
Until Child Services arrive.
And when they come, they'll see Little Blake has everything here.
Obviously, I'm gonna need some help.
At least until Steven's back.
I can help.
- At least until I get a job.
- You realize that a nanny is responsible for another human being? Yeah, and she could barely handle Bo.
But you could be, like, my assistant.
I'd pay you, of course.
I already owe you and Steven, so why don't we just call it even? Sold.
First order of business: finding an actual nanny.
ANDERS: If you insist, we might as well do it right.
I'll pull some résumés.
(sniffs) Kirby, can you run point? Someone needs a new diaper.
How about this one? It's beautiful.
See? I have good taste in the important things.
(laughs) Yes.
Alexis mentioned.
She made sure to remind me that you've done this before.
And that doesn't matter.
I know.
I know.
But I don't think she likes me.
- What did she say? - That she didn't like me.
- (chuckles) - And how the two of you have a long history together, and I should get out - before my heart gets broken.
- Hey, hey, Alexis is delusional.
It was that damn psychic, I swear.
Apparently, she told Alexis that we were meant to be together, and Alexis ate it up.
- Adriana has a strong intuition.
- So do I.
I don't need a psychic to tell me how I feel about you.
And I sure as hell don't need Alexis.
And I'm relieved to hear that.
- Do you have any more? - MAN: Of course, sir.
What is that? Well, obviously, nothing is set in stone; this is just to give you an idea of what I'm thinking.
- Did you seriously just make that in the last 20 minutes? - Mm-hmm.
I should have known.
Once you have something in your head What I have is the technical experience and strategic vision to make this company viable.
You have the real estate.
You have the creative judgment.
We both have the capital.
We could be equal partners, 50-50.
- You gonna put that in writing? - Sure.
Okay, is something wrong? Is this about Culhane, or? No.
No, no, no.
This is not about my wedding.
This is about me.
I told you I work.
What I'm thinking is we build on what you already have.
People come to see St.
Beauty, and they get to see some of the greatest up-and-coming talent in Atlanta.
A showcase.
Now that you mention it, there's a utility room upstairs that could be a greenroom.
Does that mean you're in? Let's just start with Tuesday and see how it goes.
I'll have Jeff get his poker tables out of there.
Poker? I let him have a game up there the other week while you were busy getting divorced from Liam.
Well, maybe he'll invite me to the next one.
ALEXIS: Please be gentle with those.
There are antiques in there that are worth more than your car.
- Yes, Ms.
- Actually, put them right over there in the corner; I'll empty it myself.
I'm also gonna need to borrow a few things from the main house: the good silver trays, Lalique decanters I think Mr.
Anders might notice.
Well, they're not for me, dear.
I want to have everyone over for a little family housewarming.
Blake needs to know that I'm here to stay before he puts a diamond on another Cristal.
This is my new chapter, too.
My flowers what what happened here? Even the cactus is dead.
It's like a plant Holocaust.
What evil spirits did you piss off? I mean, someone did die in here.
Oh, did Monica make you a promoter? Actually, it was my idea.
Welcome to Broken Glass Recording Artists, bringing the next generation of women into the spotlight.
Oh, you are just full of secrets.
Didn't know you were trying to break into the music business.
I wasn't.
Sometimes you just see an opportunity and you have to take a leap.
And if I know you, you'll be the female Clive Davis by 30.
And it all starts Tuesday night, when we bring the most promising artists in Atlanta to Club Colby.
MONICA: So, you're gonna have to have those tables out of there by Tuesday morning.
(sighs) But we're playing that night.
Doesn't St.
Beauty already have a record deal? Until I make them a better one.
Let me be clear.
Your game's over.
And you and your friends should be coming - to the showcase to support your sister.
- Are you sure this is even a good idea? Going into business with another Colby? You were the one who warned me against it, and look what happened.
There were some extenuating circumstances.
Like the fact that you slept with her and that she was our secret cousin? FALLON: I'm just saying, this time is different.
MONICA: I'm going into this eyes open.
And the showcase will be a good test.
- And unless you have a problem - Is there a problem? - No.
- Nope.
- Good.
- Good.
(knocking at door) I'll get it.
You carry on.
What are you doing here? I've been thinking about what you said earlier, and you're right; you and Blake have so much history.
And with a grandchild, especially, you're not going anywhere.
Well, I'm glad you understand.
- So I really want us to get off on the right foot.
- (chuckles) You really think I'm that gullible? I'm just trying to be friendly.
We're not friends, and you know it.
You don't like me, and I don't buy your act of kindness unless you're trying to kill me.
Are they laced? Oh.
I hope not, because I had one on the way over.
You're right, we're not friends.
The truth is - you're kind of scary.
- Hmm.
Oh, my God, is that the fern from the house? None of them are looking too good, are they? They're all dead.
It's spooky.
It is strange.
And it seems fine everywhere else.
- I mean - I'm sure that there's a logical explanation.
The place is not haunted.
You're a sensitive person, Alexis; I'm sure you can feel it, too.
I mean, after what happened to Celia, I can only imagine the bad energy that must be swirling around here.
How could anything live? And neither of us wants Celia's spirit unsettled.
I have some sage in the house.
Let me go get it.
We can clear this place together.
Mm, I suppose there's no harm in a little sage.
Here are the top 25 candidates, all eminently qualified, carefully vetted, and handpicked by me.
(scoffs): Prudence? What is this, 1700? Well, she didn't name herself.
She kind of looks like someone who would name herself Prudence.
You haven't even considered her experience, her skills.
Oh, you're right.
I can't make this decision off a piece of paper I need to see them in action.
Well, why don't I arrange to have them come in person? Then you can vet them.
And they can vet you.
(Little Blake fussing) CULHANE: You really think this record label's a permanent thing? You know these girls, when they get their hearts and their wallets set on something.
(exhales) We'll just have to tell Ada something came up.
You want to tell her that? Then I should tell Monica.
I'm not cool keeping this from her.
What if Ada finds out they know? I don't want to drag them into this.
It's a little late for that.
Fallon's the one she has dirt on.
- And it's Monica's club.
- What are they gonna do? I know you want to be the hero, but shouldn't you get the secrets out of the way now? I can handle my own relationship.
Have you done this before? Um, can't say that I have.
Energy is a little bit like perfume.
Once it's there, it tends to linger until you wash it away.
Sage is kind of a spiritual shower.
- Oh.
- Before we burn anything, we'll open the window to make sure the energy we're trying to get rid of has someplace to go.
Now we light the sage.
Just be careful.
(exhales): Mmm - (coughing) - Any energy not of the highest or greatest good, we respectfully ask that you leave this place.
You can use a feather to fan the smoke.
Like this.
Smells like a hippie's armpit.
But if it works (fire alarm beeping) Oh, no.
(screaming) (both screaming) - What have you done?! - I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry! Do you have any towels? Not the painting! Oh! You've done enough damage already! Get out! I'm sorry.
- (door opens) - ALEXIS: Ooh! Did that little chupacabra of a fiancée tell you what she did? If you mean Cristal, she told me that while she was trying to help you, she accidentally That was no accident! She wasn't trying to help.
She was trying to ruin my loft so I couldn't move in.
And I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one that killed all of my plants in the first place.
Do you hear yourself right now? I'm sure it was an honest mistake.
There is nothing honest about her.
She is not the angel that you think she is, Blake.
Not everyone is like you, Alexis thank God.
I will show you exactly who she is! (whistles blowing) All right, scalawags, stand tall and listen up.
This isn't just any baby.
This is a Carrington baby, and as such, you're about to go through a rigorous vetting process designed by the best us.
I need to know what you're capable of and how far you're willing to go for my baby.
And me.
Let's make it an even 40/60.
Ah, push it Any questions? Wrong! No questions.
That's a demerit.
Anyone else? Okay, then.
Time to show us what you've got.
(whistle blows) Faster! The Carrington jet is about to take off, and we can't have Little Blake at 40,000 feet with a full diaper.
Think of the smell! - Make the shot! We're boarding! - (people grunting) You hit the rim! Demerit! I need multitaskers! I need champions! - (grunts) - (baby doll squeaks) Disqualified! (whirring) Plum and a hint of truffle? What the hell's all the noise? Oh, just What to Expect When You're Expecting meets American Ninja Warrior.
I need someone with energy.
Someone with style.
Someone who will impress Bey when we do play dates with Rumi and Sir.
This is no way to hire a professional.
With all due respect, Anders, your ways are a little bit old-fashioned.
Well, my old-fashioned ways served Steven and Fallon just fine.
Steven and Fallon are two of the most messed-up people I know.
And I say that with love.
Well, at least get them some water.
- I think we're killing it.
- Totally.
- (door closes) - Who knew we'd make such a great team? Should we get matching T-shirts? Or tattoos.
Oh, my God, that would be hard-core.
We're hard-core.
Maybe we don't even need a nanny.
We got this, don't we? Mm.
I'm gonna put this girl Kira Watson last, right before St.
Look, I love Kira and her voice, but I mean, why a Whitney cover? Why set her up to fail? I've heard her.
She's got it.
And I've got this.
I'm the creative judgment, remember? - You put it on the napkin.
- JEFF: Hey.
- Be careful with that.
Just watch the wall.
- Oh.
Jeff? Jeff? You're an objective third party.
Where do you stand on Whitney covers? Is this a trap? No, no.
We're just trying to settle an argument.
No argument.
It's my jurisdiction, and she's doing the song.
You just know that he's gonna agree with me.
I know it can be hard to admit when you're wrong.
You would know better than anyone.
(scoffs) How long have you been working together? Huh? 24 hours? Trouble in paradise already? You know, it's not too late to call this thing off.
You can still save face.
You're right.
Not you.
I told you you were in charge of talent.
You get to choose what they play.
I'm sorry.
Whitney is risky, though.
Thank you, Jeff.
We're good.
(phone clicking) Fallon? So what is this really about? I just need to keep my head in something other than my head.
I love Culhane, so much so that I told Liam I couldn't talk to him anymore.
I just wish that meant I didn't think about him, either.
Does Culhane know about this? Of course not, and he doesn't need to.
I'm moving forward.
And I hope we can, too.
JENNINGS: If this is about the damage, I'll pay for it.
I don't care about the sprinklers right now.
There is something else happening in there.
It's bad energy.
(whooshing, creaking, both gasping) Ooh.
It must be 100 degrees in here.
And I have the thermostat turned all the way down.
It doesn't matter.
And then there's that.
It won't stop! Look, I don't know what you did last night, but that dark spirit that killed my plants is - (soft rumbling, clanking) - angry.
Maybe the sage didn't have a chance to work.
Look, I need more than burnt leaves! If I have to raze this place down to the ground, - I will.
- Maybe that's the only way.
(loud clanking) (Jennings yelps, rapid clanking) Mm.
Is that for us? I'm starving.
It's for the applicants.
I noticed that you two didn't seem to be particularly exerting yourselves.
It was exhausting to watch.
Those nannies did everything wrong.
Total carnage.
Well, now that I know your criteria, perhaps I could pull some more suitable candidates.
Thanks, but I think we're good.
If Kirby and I can manage to organize all of this by ourselves, then I think - we can definitely handle a baby.
- Yeah.
It's been 24 hours.
I don't need that negativity around him, Anders.
Only love.
Well, since you seem to have this whole thing in hand, if you'll excuse me, I'll go and find somebody else to burden with my negativity.
Come on, man.
(horn toots) (distant siren blaring, train whistle blowing) Your money for this week's game.
- It's all in there.
- That's impressive since this week's game hasn't happened yet.
We got double booked, an event at the club.
But we'll have everything back on track by next week.
- We're-we're gonna find another venue.
- Are we? You think this is just about cash? I think you'd be upset if you didn't get yours.
You're right about that.
Who's the problem here? It's not you.
Is it your friend, Mr.
Colby, or his sister? - Whoever it is, I may have to send a little message.
- Whoa! I told you, this was just a temporary hiccup.
I gave you one job, so do it.
Get the game back on track for next week, or I will, by whatever means necessary.
Take me to the water To be baptized.
(applause and cheering) Thank you.
(whooping) - She's got a voice.
- Mm-hmm.
It's a pretty good crowd, too.
Beauty's on in five.
Let me get my drinks now, then.
Where have you been? I texted you.
Fallon asked me to help out with some last-minute errands for tonight, - so I got busy.
- You make that delivery yet? - Yup.
It's done.
We're cool.
- Really? Yeah.
I told Ada that we'd get things sorted out for next week.
We'll get them sorted out for next week.
I'm gonna go get Fallon a drink.
Bar's nuts.
- I'm going straight to the source.
- All right.
Hey, there you are.
Michael, this is Cindy.
She is in A&R at Capitol.
Cindy, this is my fiancé Michael.
- Michael, it's a pleasure.
- All mine.
- Have you seen Monica? - I think she was looking for you.
She's my business partner.
- Will you excuse me for a sec? - Yes, of course.
Be right back.
What are you doing here? I told you I would handle it.
And what do you want with Fallon? Nothing, Michael.
I'm here to watch you.
And make sure the game is still on.
(electrical buzzing, Little Blake cooing) This is so amazing.
I'm feeling the love, literally.
I'm feeling bee stings, but it's worth it.
Oh, God, don't tell me you're tattooing the baby.
Just the Carrington crest on his ankle.
It's tiny.
Come on, Anders.
Have a little faith.
He's just here for moral support.
(Little Blake cries) I thought you said you needed me.
We do.
Sam's almost done.
- You're up next.
- What? You expect me to get a tattoo? You're part of the team, Daddy.
Even if - Sam and I got a little carried away earlier.
- A little? Let's not get hung up on details.
The point is, we're family.
And if this baby's gonna make it out of here even a little bit normal, - he need us.
- (Little Blake coos) All of us.
(Little Blake cries) Come on, man.
It's not a good time.
We're having a moment.
Let me try.
All right.
(crying continues) Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Turn him on his left side? And maybe rub his back a little.
It helps with digestion.
(crying stops, Little Blake coos) I baby-sit a lot.
(Little Blake cooing) Hey, uh, what was your name again? Manuel.
Seriously? How'd you like to stick around, Manny? (screams) (gasps) Oh, my God! Cristal?! Are you okay? What is this? JENNINGS: It says I'm a liar.
That I disgraced the spirits, and I brought a curse upon this house.
Oh, my God.
I mean, who would have done this? I mean, this can't be real.
It is real, and they're right.
I lied.
I'm so sorry.
Lied about what? I killed your plants! I paid one of the staff to spray your plants with bleach, and the sprinklers it was me.
You were right.
I did it on purpose.
- What on earth - I felt you were gunning for me.
I thought I could beat you to it, drive you out first.
(speaking Spanish) - Cristal.
- (exhales) Smile for the camera.
- What? - You tried to play my game in my house, but you failed.
So now I have this pathetic episode of Ghost Hunters so that I can prove it to Blake.
Please don't.
We just got engaged.
What if he breaks it off? I am counting on exactly that.
- (sighs) - Mm.
Fruit punch and gelatin.
It's quite sticky.
- (scoffs) - I will have the cleaning fees added to your bill when you leave.
Oh And every time I close my eyes It's you and me I feel your energy in all These lucid dreams I really wanted you to stay Ever since you went away Time goes slowly You're the only You'll come And go - Till tomorrow - Hey.
Culhane said you were looking for me.
I haven't seen him.
That's weird.
Well, I was looking for you.
I have someone I want you to meet.
- She works at Capitol - MAN: Fire! - (alarm beeping) - Hey! (screaming) - (bone cracks) - (Monica shouts) (screaming) Monica! Michael! MAN: Move, move, move! What the hell? Moni? Monica? (shouting, screaming) Fallon! Monica?! (groaning, grunting) - (alarm continues beeping) - (shouting, screaming) - I lied.
I'm so sorry.
- Lied about what? I killed your plants.
You should know what you're going to bed with every night.
Told you Cristal was a liar.
(sighs) She's right.
- I'm so sorry, Blake.
- ALEXIS: I wish I hated to say I told you so.
BLAKE: Would you, uh, give us a moment, please? I was going to give you a ring today I totally understand if you want to call off the engagement, but if you will just give me the chance to explain Instead, I'm gonna give you this.
You're right.
We haven't known each other very long at all.
But that just means we have a chance to grow together.
(chuckles softly) What is this? There's a diamond in there.
We can find it and polish it and make a ring.
And don't worry about Alexis.
She's the thorn that just keeps on pricking.
It'll work itself out.
I know it will.
(exhales) - Here.
- Thank you.
You scared the hell out of me, Mon.
When I couldn't find you in there, when I didn't know what had happened to you Hey.
Except for a broken ankle and some broken shoes, I'm fine.
Though they were expensive.
(chuckles) It wasn't your fault, Jeff.
Actually, it kind of was.
I've been lying to you, Moni.
And I was just trying to protect you, and Lying about what? (shuddering exhale) (footsteps approaching) Hey.
You okay? I can't believe I am.
I can't believe Monica got out of there with just a broken ankle.
I mean, we're lucky nobody was killed.
Yeah, just the showcase.
And the label, for now.
Monica's spooked.
Not that I can blame her.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Me too.
But, you know, when everything was happening, that was the last thing on my mind.
All I could think about was you.
I just wanted to find you.
I wanted to have you with me.
I'm right here.
Michael, I have to tell you something.
I kissed Liam at the divorce party.
And he convinced me to do this last kiss thing, but it was me.
And it scared me, that I might still have feelings for him.
I know.
I heard you on the phone.
Why didn't you say anything? You didn't.
You're right.
But I don't have feelings for him, Michael.
I know that now.
And I am all-in on us.
I want us to get married as soon as we can, so I never have to be scared of losing you again.
I don't ever want to lose you either.
(birds chirping) JENNINGS: Sam.
I'm glad I caught you.
I have a favor to ask.
- Yes? - This might sound odd, but could you pop by Alexis' trailer and check her size for me? Her clothes got ruined the other night, and I want to replace them.
A peace offering, if you will.
Well, the best way to her heart is probably presents.
(chuckles) My thoughts exactly.
I'd go myself, but I wanted it to be a surprise.
- Gracias.
- De nada.
ADA: I'm impressed by your ingenuity.
And I don't give out compliments easily.
Screw you.
You once told me not to bluff against the dominant hand.
Well, I'm folding.
You're calling me out on my hand? Trust me, you don't want me to play it.
Everything that happened last night that was you.
You're here, exactly where you are, because of a series of decisions that you made.
You're not going anywhere.
I have a very important client I was hoping to host at the game.
Hence my disappointment.
But it's not too late for you to redeem yourself.
I'll let go of the club and your blackmail if you do one last thing.
Let me guess, you want me to deal the cards now.
But no.
I need you to pick something up for me.
I'll be in touch.
(knocking) Who is it? Oh, my God.
Don't tell me you're still here.
- (chuckles) - I thought you were just a temporary infestation.
I thought you could use some help cleaning up.
Well, the floors are still a bit damp, and I am having a housewarming this evening.
- Oh.
- You could probably hold a blow dryer without burning the place down.
Just don't hold it too close, and keep it moving.
Mm, some towels might help.
What are you doing? Don't open that.
Why? Were you hiding something in here? Oh, that's right.
You were.
I didn't mean to! I'm sorry! Do you have any towels?! You've done enough damage already! Imagine my surprise when I went, the other night, looking for towels and found the Baby Jesus instead.
The same one that's been missing from the nativity scene since Little Blake showed up.
Obviously, you are desperate to keep Blake.
- (chuckles) - But this is a whole new level, accusing me of (stammers) I don't even know what.
Of course you'd think this was about Blake.
- You admitted it.
- I said what you wanted to hear.
I knew what you thought.
That I was weak, naive.
That you could bully me out of here.
You know, if I were you, I'd get out now, while that pure little heart is still in one piece.
This may seem like a big house, but JENNINGS: "There's only so much room.
" Right? So you didn't kill my plants? Oh, I did.
To give you a taste of your own medicine.
And I set off those sprinklers, too.
Because if one of us had to go, it wasn't gonna be me.
- (beeping) - Oh, no.
Clearly, that wasn't a permanent solution.
Water dries.
So when I saw the Baby Jesus, I realized it was better than anything I could come up with to drive you out.
And when you came running in to show me all the flickering lights and the banging pipes It must be 100 degrees in here.
I realized you were trying to call my bluff, daring me to fold.
Going bigger and bigger to scare me into a confession.
And it worked.
But if you knew, why'd you play along? No, because it couldn't be too easy.
I needed you to believe it was genuine I will have the cleaning fees added to your bill when you leave.
Really? Google Translate? Bitch.
so when I finally gave it up, you'd run right to Blake.
That was all the time I needed.
I told you Cristal was a liar.
(sighs) She's right.
And where is this Baby Jesus? Did you give him to Blake? I thought of it.
But I knew if I was the one to discover it, you might just say that I framed you.
I needed someone else to find it.
So I asked Sam to do me a little favor.
Hello? What the hell? JENNINGS: What is he going to think when he finds the Baby Jesus in an old car seat - in your trailer, Alexis? - You put it there.
When he realizes that you're the one who put the baby in that manger.
That you've been lying to him.
To the whole family.
Preying on their emotions, just so you can get your claws back into Blake.
Oy, that's positively Shakespearean.
What's the phrase, "hoisted on your own petard"? I can explain.
Maybe you should start with where the hell you got that baby.