Dynasty (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

A Real Instinct for the Jugular

1 Previously on Dynasty We have news to celebrate.
Last night, I asked Cristal to marry me and she said yes.
ALEXIS: Where are you, Hank? I don't know who the hell this Claudia is or why I have her baby, but you need to come and get it right now.
I'm folding Done.
You're not going anywhere.
I'll let go of the club and your blackmail, if you do one last thing.
I need you to pick something up for me.
- Oh, my God.
- ALEXIS: Sam found a baby in the manger.
JENNINGS: I have a favor to ask.
Could you pop by Alexis's trailer and check her size for me? What the hell? What was your name again? Manuel.
I babysit a lot.
How'd you like to stick around, Manny? I want us to get married as soon as we can so I never have to be scared of losing you again.
I don't ever want to lose you, either.
PLANNER: The fairytale bride is a walking dream.
The epitome of happily ever after.
Feels a little too damsel-in-distress-y for me.
Unless she's wearing mesh and lace garters under there.
Is she? No? She's not? Next.
The glam rock bride dazzles, never fades.
A bright star with a lust for life.
I love the fur, but the glitter is way too Tonya Harding.
What is all of this? Hey, there you are.
I've had our wedding planner put together some human Pinterest boards, so we can visualize our big day.
It's a little bit over-the-top.
Do we need such an extravagant wedding? Well, it's a celebration of us.
And how much we'll spend to celebrate us.
But don't worry.
I can afford it.
SAM: These are not items you typically find in someone's trailer, Alexis.
You obviously had something to do with Little Blake's arrival.
You caught me, Sam.
It was Hank who left the baby at my doorstep.
He was here? You're telling me my precious baby is that murdering pyro's child? Hank apparently knocked up this woman who was an unfit mother, and Well, that's a gene pool that should be contained.
No offense.
I know he's your grandson.
You must understand.
Your father was a murderer.
But Blake? He'll never look at LB the same.
I'll keep it between us.
So it's agreed.
Not a word.
Not a word to Blake or Cristal or, or Child Protective Services.
- But didn't you call them? - Well, I couldn't.
I-I couldn't risk them tracing the baby back to Hank, and putting the spotlight on the family.
I Please.
You have to keep pretending that they're on their way.
Whatever it takes to keep Little Blake happy and safe and with me.
The whole antebellum theme is giving me Get Out vibes.
Ooh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Since you're in the process of planning your wedding, I'd like to request that I give the last toast after your brother.
We should skip your mother altogether.
Also, I was thinking, in the spirit of new beginnings, you should make Cristal a bridesmaid.
Are we discussing the wedding? Well, I've been working on my guest list, and I've whittled my "must" invites down to 350.
Everyone, this is Manuel, the new manny.
Manny the manny? That can't be real.
Can you make sure he gets a seat at the adult table? And also, I'd really appreciate it if you could ban other guests from wearing leopard print.
That's kind of my aesthetic.
To everyone.
Your job will be to simply show up and shut up.
In that order.
(overlapping protests) CRISTAL: Fallon is right.
It's her special day and we should do whatever she wants.
Thank you, new Cristal.
Everybody out.
Except for Culhane.
We need to find our iconic venue.
- Hi, you.
- Aw.
Look, he's smiling for Grandma.
You'll meet Mrs.
She's good.
She'll help you with anything you need.
- She's - Sam.
Did you manage to get Alexis' sweater size from her trailer? - - Ah.
Was there anything else you need? No.
Thank you.
You've been really helpful.
This is cute.
(Sam and Manuel speak indistinctly) What did you do to Sam? They should tie a bell around your furry little neck.
He said nothing about finding the baby Jesus in your RV.
I can tell he's lying.
Maybe I should tell Blake.
(scoffs) Without proof? He'll think you're an insecure lunatic that's got it out for his stunning ex-wife.
(chuckles) We're still engaged.
Even after you told him everything I did.
You know, Blake's pantalones may tighten at the thought of you now, but in time, they're gonna deflate.
And since you're not gonna be here for long, don't bother sucking up to my daughter.
What are you talking about? I saw the way you smooch her ass.
And if there's one thing that I will never allow, it's for you to get close to my children.
Oh, I get it.
Your kids are all you have left.
You've lost your husband, your friends, your place in society.
You're practically a leper.
Enjoy the caviar.
I can always get you more.
PLANNER: The Hildebrand just remodeled.
They have a rotating restaurant.
That's nice if I want to get married on a merry-go-round.
- (phone chimes) - Ugh.
- Ugly.
- Is that the Swan House? PLANNER: Built in 1928.
It's one of Atlanta's most historic estates.
Grandma Carrington got married there.
It's so beautiful.
Oh, you were close to her, weren't you? That would be special, to get married where she did.
Special and deeply personal.
It's the only option.
Unfortunately, there's another wedding booked that evening.
Would you consider moving the date? No.
Absolutely not.
And we've already sent out save-the-dates, and it would cause way too much speculation, what with my recent divorce well, divorces and the accelerated engagement no.
Who booked it? Mimi Rose Prescott.
Mimi Rose.
(scoffs) She's an insipid Southern socialite who's been married like, what, five times? Maybe I can convince her to skip this one.
Do you even know her? No, but I know someone who does.
Not to interrupt your paint by numbers: the deceased series, but I want the Swan House for my wedding venue, and guess who has it booked for their wedding on the very same day? It's not me.
I swear.
Mimi Rose Prescott.
I vaguely recall her being part of your cabal of blonde, big-haired head cases that you used to slither with.
I do know Mimi.
Well, yay.
Maybe you can set up a face-off, and we can convince her that she doesn't need to get married there.
Do you remember just a couple of hours ago, you said you did not want any family involvement? Because it surely seems like you're asking me for help.
I'm not gonna beg you.
I should get back to my painting.
Please, Mother, I need your help.
Well, that's not great, but it'll do.
Look at us.
Joining forces.
- The two of us riding into battle together.
- Relax.
We're meeting with a woman, not overthrowing the Lannisters.
It's ungentlemanly of you to keep me waiting.
- I was busy.
- With wedding planning? It's the talk of the town.
Aren't you glad I rescued you from that sleep-inducing lace and tulle talk? Look, I'm only doing this job because you promised me the blackmail on Fallon and the video of Jeff's poker game.
I'm not letting another disaster like the one that happened at the club happen again.
The disaster you caused? Surely, you're a man who takes responsibility for his actions.
Or have years of being Fallon's errand boy worn your ass down? My ass is doing just fine, - thank you very much.
- I like you, Michael.
That's why I want to help you.
All you need to do is pick up a shipment of antiques for me, and then you're done.
A "shipment of antiques"? That doesn't sound shady at all.
Everything's taken care of.
The only thing you need to do is drive.
As long as that's all I'm doing, then we're good.
You deliver for me and I deliver for you, your freedom.
MIMI ROSE: It's been so long, Alexis.
I remember Fallon as just a sweet little thing.
Oh, no.
Must've been a different Fallon.
When did we last talk? Aspen? No the yacht in Majorca.
We pushed old Savannah Gates - overboard.
(laughs) - Oh, my God.
She would've drowned if her implants hadn't kept her afloat.
I would have called on you sooner, but I have been overwhelmed with my charities.
I remember those lovely galas.
I almost invited you to the last one.
Then I thought it might be awkward for you to be out in society, being between homes and single.
Oh, I've been preoccupied, renovating my loft and well, planning Fallon's wedding.
I'm getting married, too.
Oh, look at that.
It's gonna be at the Swan House.
That old place? Oh, dear.
What's wrong? Well, you've always been so avant-garde, and, well, that old house is well-trafficked like a drive-through wedding chapel these days.
And so over-filmed.
In The Hunger Games, it was a mass-murdering dictator's home.
I just see you somewhere more lavish Unexpected.
Do you still have that friend over at Hildebrand? Yes, and I can get you an unbelievable deal.
(laughs) Bless your hearts.
You two are more transparent than Savannah's implants.
- I did not get to my perch - (sighs) in Atlanta society without my spies.
I know you want the Swan House.
Well, I'll cut right to the chase.
What will it take to get you to switch venues? Sweet little Fallon.
What is it? Your third wedding? Isn't it all an old hat by now? Says the woman on her sixth.
FALLON: You can play hardball all you want, but just know you will lose.
I'm Fallon Carrington.
I run this town, I make the rules and I always win, sometimes gracefully.
Your daughter is quite an adversary.
A real instinct for the jugular.
You should have warned me.
She's a modern woman.
She knows what she wants and how to get it.
Well, finish your tiny sandwiches, Mimi.
This bitch has moves to make.
Soon, I'll be enjoying the wedding of the decade in a venue of a lifetime.
I've missed your feistiness, old friend.
Sit back down.
We have so much to discuss.
- (static) - (footsteps approaching) ANDERS: Ms.
Jennings, sorry for the intrusion.
But now that you're Blake's fiancée, I thought we should get to know each other so that I can tailor the manor to your wants and needs.
I'm not really a fussy person.
Just standard protocol.
Where are you from originally? And how is that related to the manor? Oh, just so Mrs.
Gunnerson can prepare meals from your home region.
I'm happy with her menus now.
And what about your family? So that we can add them to the-the house contacts.
We don't need to do that.
What about your close friends? You can put down the names of some of my coworkers from the PT clinic.
Well, speaking of employment history, where did you work prior? Just in case you have any special interests.
We can provide items and activities to suit.
The only thing I need right now is getting this TV on the mirror to work so I can watch Club Azteca play their match in La Liga Mexicana de Fútbol.
Of course.
- (commentator speaking Spanish) - (Jennings gasps) Gracias.
FALLON: I understand that the president of the historical society is a busy man.
I need you to tell him that Fallon Carrington, a busy woman, has an urgent offer to present.
I heard a frightening rumor that you had tea with Alexis.
You'll make up with the devil, but you won't give Cristal a chance? I try to limit myself to one good deed a day.
(sighs) Look, I'm just asking you to include her in your plans, for me.
I will consider it if you agree - to shorten your wedding speech.
- Oh.
My speech is five minutes.
I'm willing to trim it down to four minutes.
Mm - Two minutes.
- Okay, let's jump ahead to no minutes.
No Blake Time gets you Fallon and Cristal Time.
(line ringing) - (fussing) - (sighs) Please stop crying.
Daddy's trying to reach other Daddy.
Hey, this is Steven Carrington.
Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you.
- (beeps) - Voicemail again? Steven, you're killing me.
- (beeps) - (sighs) (knocking at door) - Shh.
- He's still going at it, huh? - (crying) - Yeah.
You know what, let me try something.
Uh, not that I don't appreciate the view, but why are you stripping around my child? May I? - (crying intensifies) - Yeah.
Come here.
(shushing) So, skin-on-skin contact's the closest a baby can come to being back in the womb.
- It relaxes them.
- (gurgling) Come here, little guy.
You really have a way with him.
Honestly, this little guy's easy.
(clears throat) Um, Manuel, I've been looking for you.
Would you mind taking a look at my tattoo? See how it's healing? Yeah.
Looking good, huh? - It's perfect.
- (fussing) Okay, well, I should probably take care of this little guy.
Don't be a stranger.
Look, stamped tramp, Manuel is here to take care of the baby, - not the fire in your skirt.
- Okay, well, ever since Steven left, you've been sex-starved and cranky.
I think you're the one that needs to go have a long, cold shower.
(footsteps approaching) Wonderful news.
I am this close to breaking Mimi.
So you don't have to do a thing.
Mama's got you.
Actually, I have been trading calls with the president of the historical society.
He owns the Swan House, and once I make him an offer, he won't be able to resist.
Wait a minute.
You're going to buy the estate? Well, once I own it, I can do whatever I want with it, including ousting that monogram-loving, Lilly Pulitzer-wearing dye job.
But I'm so close.
Why don't you let your mother do this one thing for you, Fallon? After all I've missed, I (sighs) well, it would just mean the world to me if you'd let me play a small part in the most important day of your life.
(exhales) Fine.
You haven't ruined anything yet.
And since you're taking care of the second most important part of my wedding, why don't you come help me with the first? (soft chatter) Wedding dress shopping.
- (chuckles) - You know, I am thrilled to be sharing this mother-daughter bonding moment.
I don't know if I ever told you, but when I was getting married, I Well, my mother was the most militant bitch about my bridal gown.
You won't be militant, will you? Fallon.
Thank you for inviting me.
(chuckles softly) What in the hell is she doing here? I had to strike a little deal with Dad.
I mean, you know how difficult family can be.
How awful that Blake would impose her upon us.
Well, you don't have to stay if you don't want to.
I wouldn't dream of missing the greatest decision of my daughter's life.
Well, I'm not sure I would say that, but okay.
The ground rules are as follows: your opinion is not as important as mine, I look amazing in wedding gowns, and if you take any photos, I get approvals.
Now, help me say yes to a dress.
And let's go hard on the bubbles.
("White Wedding" playing) - (gasps) - Ooh.
You look like an absolutely divine toilet brush.
2001: A Slut Odyssey.
Big Bird dipped in bleach.
Still seeing toilet brush.
Under a mosquito net.
(wolf-whistles) That is gorgeous.
Just not on you.
Then maybe I don't know, maybe I'm not dressable.
I can't think of anything worse.
Fallon, you're stunning.
Don't worry about it.
Sometimes you have to try on, like, 50 different gowns to find the right one.
Personally, I love this one.
(imitating Jennings' accent): Well, if you love it so much, - why don't you wear it? - Actually, would you mind? Why not? Wedding bells are ringing for you, too.
There you are.
How dare she hijack your moment? I'm the mother of the bride, and if she can try on dresses, I should be allowed to as well.
But these are all wedding gowns.
They're white.
- (door opens) - It's trendy for the bridal party to wear the same color as the bride.
- Look at Pippa Middleton.
- (door closes) Ooh.
I should invite her.
- WOMAN: Excuse me, ma'am.
- Oh, Mom.
You should wear that.
A live telegram for Alexis Carrington.
Ooh, I love these.
I'll pay you $1 million not to sing.
Hear ye, hear ye.
The historic Peachtree Preservation Society welcomes Ms.
Alexis Morell Carrington as member and hereby nominate her to the committee of the annual Peachtree Jubilee.
Signed, Mimi Rose Prescott, President.
Mimi Rose Prescott? - Why would she want - Well, this is a surprise.
Mimi must know that I'm back in the Carrington fold and about to make a splash reentering the social scene.
Clearly, she's trying to cull my favor.
Is it clear? Well, I'm flattered, of course.
But that does not mean that I'll waver from my quest to get you your dream venue.
- Hmm.
- Always and forever Team Fallon.
Now, I need a dress.
(FaceTime line ringing) (beeping) (sighs) Baby.
Hey, my little baby.
What's wrong? Hey.
My wedding album was finally delivered.
Um, it's silly, but I was hoping I'd look it over for the first time with my husband.
Oh, come on.
That's not silly.
It's sweet.
(chuckles softly) We haven't been able to chat much.
He's in South America, doing good for the world or whatever, but I just wanted to hear his voice.
You want to hear if he misses you as much as you miss him.
And now everything's happening without him.
The album, the baby, just passing through the Steven-shaped hole in my life.
I know what that emptiness feels like, Sam.
My baby brother passed away when I was just a kid.
It's been over 20 years, but, uh, I miss him every day.
I'm so sorry.
Enough sad stuff.
Mopey isn't really a good look for me.
At least you got this little guy.
Babies make everything better.
I just hope he turns out to be a daddy's boy.
So we can be disgustingly inseparable.
(gurgling) MICHAEL: So, what's Ada's deal? Only thing I know about her is she had ties with Max Van Kirk.
She helped Van Kirk Industries with imports, exports, that sort of thing, until she went to Max and asked for a bigger piece of the pie.
He said no.
So she went out on her own, took the whole damn pie.
- Ballsy.
- Stupid.
You see, the Van Kirks might look all Park Avenue on the outside, but, on the inside, they're absolute savages.
See, Max, he couldn't stand being hustled.
So he got someone to try to take Ada out.
When everything went sideways, her six-year-old daughter got caught in the crossfire and died.
Yeah, I know.
It blows.
But I wouldn't feel too sorry for her, 'cause she was evil long before that ever went down.
(turns off engine) Oh.
Here you go, Officer.
Paperwork's incomplete.
I'm gonna need to inspect the contents of your vehicle.
Paperwork's supposed to let us pass right through.
We've done this a million times.
Customs has the authority to conduct random inspections.
I'm gonna need you to step out of your vehicle, open up the back of your truck.
Maybe we should just call Ada and get her to straighten out whatever paperwork she needs for these antiques.
Too late for that.
Those things aren't exactly obtained legally.
If they look too close, our asses are gonna wind up in jail.
Unless Ada gets to us first.
(cork pops) You know, maybe I should make a cut-out.
I've been working so hard on my obliques, it's a sin to hide them.
(chuckles) Add it to the account.
So, while you were stuffing yourself into that dress, I was thinking, I should just buy the Swan House after all.
Why? But I thought we agreed I should take some time and gently mold Mimi.
But there is no time to be gentle, and there is no reason to care what Mimi thinks.
Well, just let me talk to her one more time.
Okay, great.
Call her right now.
Well, I'm not gonna ambush her with a call.
I mean, she is the gatekeeper of society.
Look, I'll e-mail her later, and I'll set up a definite time to chat.
See, now, that really eases my mind.
For a second there I was starting to spin out, thinking that you were trying to join forces with Mimi to get back into society.
That is absurd.
Is it? Because earlier today, you were trying to convince me not to buy the Swan House.
And suddenly you're a member of the most exclusive social society in Atlanta that Mimi happens to be the president of.
But I'm just spinning out, right? More like Alexis spinning her web.
Stay out of this, she-devil.
Look, that would be crazy, Fallon.
So crazy.
Because we're Carringtons.
We are society.
We don't need those harpies.
Oh, but wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're not a Carrington.
Not like me, and not like Cristal.
I will be very soon.
Yes, you will.
Welcome to the family, by the way.
Oh, thank you.
That's so sweet.
You know, I cannot wait to have another maternal figure around here.
- Fallon.
- (chuckles) Think of all the fun stepmom and stepdaughter spa trips, - shopping sprees - I warned you - about my children! - (gasps) Don't you ever, ever touch my hair.
(shrieks) Get her off me! Fallon, why aren't you helping me? Ow! Oh, I don't know.
Maybe because you manipulated me into giving up my epic venue in exchange for a membership to Mimi's society of peach douche-lettes! No! Aah! - (grunts) - (screams) And what's worse, you won't admit it.
Fine, I I did it because I didn't think it would matter.
I mean, you can get married anywhere and be happy.
I have nothing.
It was my well, my one chance to get my old life back.
The one time I ask you for help to make up for all of the moments we have missed, you sold me out for a step up on the social ladder.
It's gonna be the society wedding of the season.
It's a shame you're no longer invited.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
- (grunts) - (gasps) Before they rot.
Man, what are we gonna do? We can't let him check those crates.
I got a line of trucks waiting to get in.
Need you to open it up.
Let's go.
I got this.
- What the hell are you doing? - (door opens) Just get ready to drive like your life depends on it.
'Cause it might.
(door opens) Let's open these boxes.
Let's go.
I will open these boxes.
- Every last one of them.
- What are you doing? I saw the way you looked at me, Officer Rogers.
What the hell are you talking about? I watched you wave three vehicles through, no problem, but my van needs a search? Unbelievable.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you saying? It has nothing to do with that.
It's your paperwork.
You don't have to explain it to me.
You can explain it to my lawyers, the ACLU, the news media, your friends, your family.
Will you please help me open these damn boxes? I got calls to make.
You are gonna find yourself famous - for all the wrong reasons, Officer.
- Wait.
Hold on.
(sighs) Think you gentlemen are good here.
Just move it along.
Dude, that was kind of screwed up.
Maybe I was just playing the cards that life dealt me.
It's a hell of a lot better than the hand you were about to throw down.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Everything okay with the baby? - The baby, yeah.
Me eh.
Oh, you still haven't connected with Steven, huh? Nope.
But I'm glad someone is enjoying themselves around here.
I just wish there was some way I could think of to cheer you up, you know? (chuckles softly) You're sweet.
Not always.
I'd love to show you that side of me.
(sighs) FALLON: That's not a counteroffer.
That's an insult.
Look, I hate to use the "C" word, but I am a Carrington, and, uh, I will buy you your own private island.
You can build 50 replicas of that same house, maybe even make one just for swans.
I'm sorry, are you laughing at my proposal? (line disconnects) - (gasps) - Oh, no.
That croissant did nothing to you.
Well, I will make it up to that croissant by not eating it.
No luck with that venue you wanted? It just guts me that I can't have it.
Keep thinking about my grandma getting married there and Michael and I standing in the same spot.
There's only one thing that matters - when you're getting married.
- Yes.
A photographer with soft lenses.
Already booked.
If you deeply, fully love the person you're marrying and you're surrounded by love and support, it doesn't matter where you get married.
It could be in a barn.
Mm, you had me up until barn.
It's not the place, Fallon.
It's the people that matter.
(sighs) Fine.
I guess I have been a bit of a bridezilla about this whole thing.
You know, I can see why my dad likes you.
Aside from your annoyingly perfect hair.
(door opens) What's with the 50 texts? You won't believe what happened last night.
Manuel came on to me.
And I know it's insane, but it happened, and now my body is spinning, and I don't know what to do.
First of all, you need to calm yourself.
And second, he's clearly playing for both teams, 'cause he was about to come on to me before you shut his fine ass down.
Can you please not be jealous right now? - We need to focus on my needs.
- How do you even know he was hitting on you? You're old and married.
First of all, rude.
It's just that he used the same night swimming move that I used on Steven, and it was just as hot as when I did it.
You need to behave yourself, and I'm not saying that because I want him.
I don't think.
You need to look through your wedding album and remind yourself who your heart belongs to.
Keep it zipped.
Is that you? Are we so similar that we shop at the same place, same time? (laughs) I'm not happy, Alexis.
No, I'm not happy, either.
Your daughter is still trying to buy the Swan House.
Believe me, I feel your pain.
Just be grateful that that irascible Fallon isn't your child.
I am incapable of raising a hellcat like that.
Now you did assure me that you would handle her.
I just came up with the perfect solution.
- Did you, now? - Why don't you change your wedding to another day? And I will pay for it.
(laughs): What? That way my daughter gets her dream venue, you get a free wedding, I get into the Peachtree Society, and everyone's a winner.
Let me pray on that.
No! As long as I am standing, I am getting married on that day at my venue as planned.
So call your daughter off or kiss the Peachtree Preservation Society good-bye.
I'm on it.
Love those shoes.
- (moaning) - (indistinct chatter) Pray on that, bitch.
- Ma'am, are you all right? - Are you okay? (moaning continues) ALEXIS: Oh, my God! Mimi! Somebody call an ambulance! - (speaking Spanish) - (announcer speaking Spanish on TV) - (sighs) - Are you okay? I'd be better if the refs weren't blind or being paid by Los Reyes Rojos.
So, uh, I was thinking about buying Fallon a dream car for a wedding present, you know, for her.
Any car, any color, any year.
- How about jewelry? A horse? - (chuckles) - What do you think? - You're pathetic, Blake.
I know what you're doing.
You're worse than Anders, which is not easy.
I have no clue what you're talking about.
You're the sweetest man in the world for wanting to buy me an engagement gift.
It was supposed to be a surprise.
- (sighs) - How about a Rolls-Royce? Convertible.
Your hair would look amazing blowing in the wind.
- Uh-uh.
- No wind.
Okay, the hardtop.
Or the convertible and a hat.
I want nothing material, mi amor.
I want quality time with you.
Enjoying each other's company, watching soccer, just like I did with my family growing up.
(speaking Spanish) (knocking at door) I just, um um, I Hi.
(chuckles) - You want to come in? - Yeah.
Glad you came by.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, Sam.
Like, as your employer, or? I think you've been thinking about me, too.
Haven't you? With and without pants.
- Wow.
Was that out loud? - (laughs) What, you mean like this? What is happening? (bottle shatters) - (sighs) - (chuckles) Uh I can't do this.
- I'm sorry.
- Why not? - It's what we both want.
- It's not right.
I can't do this to Steven I love him.
In fact, I don't think we can be under the same roof, Manny.
I'm sorry.
- Sam, you you don't have - I have to let you go.
I'm sorry if I pushed too far, Sam.
MICHAEL: Ada? Where the hell are you? Man, will you chill? It all worked out.
We did what we needed to do.
Congratulations, gentlemen.
That was one of our most lucrative shipments.
Things got a little intense, - but we pulled it off.
- Yes, there was a little miscommunication with the paperwork, but you improvised.
KEITH: A little miscommunication? Your screwup could have gotten us thrown in jail, or killed.
You done throwing your little tantrum, Mr.
Hayes? I strongly suggest you reassess your status here.
You are a replaceable meathead, especially with Mr.
Culhane stepping up so nicely.
And before you do anything stupid, which is entirely in your wheelhouse, ask yourself, how'd it go the last time you crossed me? Oh, that's right.
You wound up in prison.
I'm sure that could be arranged again.
I don't think so.
K-Keith - what are you doing? - Doing something I should've done a long time ago.
I'm taking over.
Put the gun down before somebody gets shot.
I'd listen to him, Mr.
He is the intelligent one here.
Shut up.
She's playing you, Michael, just like she once played me.
But we don't need her anymore.
This is our way out.
ADA: Listen to a rational voice, Michael.
We can run our operation much smoother without this loose cannon, you know that.
I've had enough, Ada.
I'm sick of you manipulating me like a puppet.
KEITH: My man! Tie this shrew up, get her out of here.
(grunting) (exhales) (snapping fingers) Baby? Right here.
- (Little Blake cooing) - Daddy 1 and Daddy 2 are gonna have wedding album time.
Okay? So no crying and no spitting up.
Okay? (phone chimes) (Sam chuckles softly) Well, that's a brutal reward for not giving in to temptation.
(sighs heavily) I think I'm just gonna crack open the album without Steven.
I need a reminder of why I love this man so much.
(Little Blake cooing) You are such a good listener, Little Blake.
Hello there.
What happened to you? Don't ask.
My little angel.
Oh! Oh, the trauma.
Whatcha looking at? Wedding album.
- SAM: What the hell? - Who's the whale? SAM: Trouble.
She was Matthew's wife, the man my aunt had an affair with.
You invited her to the wedding? That's a social faux pas and a truly stupid move.
No, I didn't invite her.
She's violent and crazy-pants.
But I thought she was supposed to be locked up in a mental health institution.
I'm gonna call them and figure out how the hell Claudia was at my wedding.
Oh, my God.
(fussing) Hank, you idiot! Did you forget how to pick up the phone? Where did you take Matthew? Where is my son? Don't worry, baby.
Mommy's coming to find you.
(panting) I need you to close your eyes.
I like where this is going.
Please don't tie me up, Mr.
Just close your eyes.
(laughs): Okay.
Now, I know you didn't want an engagement gift, but I got you something simple and meaningful that I think you'll appreciate.
- Blake.
- Open.
(groans) Okay, I don't recognize the colors, but I'm sure it's for a great team, - and I'll happily wear it.
Thank you.
- They will be a great team.
It's the new National Soccer Federation expansion team in Atlanta, and I just purchased it.
You bought a soccer team? I may have paid $10 or $40 million too much for it.
I meant what I said.
I didn't want anything material from you.
You said all you cared about was quality time together and soccer, and I'm giving it to you the Blake Carrington way.
We're gonna run this team together, Cristal.
It's our family's team.
FALLON: I just heard the most interesting news about Mimi getting hit by a car.
And I'm guessing, from that fashion statement around your neck, that you were the car.
Oh it was truly horrifying.
(groaning): Poor Mimi and I are both victims here.
What a coincidence that the accident forced her to delay her wedding date, and now the Swan House is conveniently available.
Oh, well, that's Mimi for you.
Even she couldn't pull off walking down the aisle - in heels and crutches.
(chuckles) - And knowing that, you ran her over.
(laughs): You are unbelievable.
I mean, how dark is your soul that you could conjure up and carry out something so twisted? Any selfless mother would have done the same.
I just want you to have the perfect day, Fallon, even if I'm not invited.
You're insane.
And I love you, even though you're insane.
(sighs): And with that I would like to re-extend the invitation to my wedding, if your neck heals in time.
Oh, it would be my great honor to attend.
Though you should know I've decided not to get married in that old birdhouse.
I'm gonna get married here, - at the Manor.
- What? When my dream venue seemed impossible, it got me thinking.
I mean, what's more special and more personal than home? Grandma, Grandpa, our entire family, we all shared our most important memories right here.
Fallon, I did this at great personal sacrifice.
And Mimi has banned me for life from the Peachtree Preservation Society.
I can't even go there when it's open to the public.
I greatly appreciate your sacrifice.
I know it's a first for you.
But a wise woman once told me that if you deeply love the person you're going to marry, which I do, and you're surrounded by family, which I will be, then it doesn't matter where you get married.
You could even get married in a barn.
Well, not this barn, but you know what I mean.
(sighs heavily) They say tequila's the only alcohol that's a stimulant.
It's a myth, of course, created by men who have never been stimulated.
(chuckles) Thank you.
Thank you for the way you handled the Keith situation.
Tell me something.
Why didn't you let him kill me? Is it because doing this gets your engine running? You do like it, don't you? Keith told me about the Van Kirk situation and about your daughter.
You delivered for me, so I'm going to give you your reward.
This is all the blackmail on Fallon and Jeff Colby.
And as a bonus for saving my life, a third of the shipping loot.
$5 million cash.
But I'm gonna offer you a choice.
You can walk away from me for good, or stay, be your own man, make a lot more money, keep doing what you're so good at.
(gasps) Oh, that could work.
(panting) Whatever's gotten into you, don't stop.
(whispers): No.
(gasps) (panting) Stars were falling I BLAKE: Cristal? Let's go to bed.
ALEXIS: Oh, thank you, but today's about my beautiful daughter.
Oh, my special day will be upon us soon.
(chuckles) Uh, hello, Melania.
SAM: I spoke to the private mental institution where Claudia was kept.
She escaped right before the wedding, and she hasn't been seen since.
Well, how is it that nobody's alerted anyone? Well, I guess they wanted to keep cashing those Carrington checks.
Some people.
But I can't stop wondering why she'd be at our wedding, and I have this terrifying thought that maybe she was there because she wanted to kill us all.
She held us all at gunpoint last Thanksgiving.
And maybe it wasn't Hank who killed my aunt.
Maybe it was crazy Claudia.
She has more motives.
Matthew, us locking her up in that facility.
So you're saying that she's so crazy she could shoot any one of us on sight? And she's on the loose? Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you.
Uh, who has the baby? Oh, I just checked on him a little while ago.
He was sleeping like a baby.
That's where the expression comes from.
I just looked in your room, and LB's not there.