Dynasty (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Crazy Lady

1 - Previously on Dynasty - This is all the blackmail on Fallon and Jeff Colby.
You can walk away from me for good or keep doing what you're so good at.
- MAN: Fire! - (screams) - Monica! - (alarm blaring) - What was your name again? - Manuel.
- MANUEL: I babysit a lot.
- How'd you like to stick around, Manny? Everyone, this is Manuel, the new manny.
I just looked in your room.
LB's not there.
Where did you take Matthew? Where is my son?! Don't worry, baby.
Mommy's coming to find you.
ALEXIS: I was coming up to the main house for a nightcap of milk when I learned that he was missing.
- I hope you have all of your men on the case.
- Of course.
- The child is a Carrington.
- We understand.
Fallon and I didn't see or hear anything unusual last night.
We were in bed.
ANDERS: It was after hours.
I had no idea the child had been left unattended.
I'd never have left my post if I had been in charge.
Christmas Are ringing in song Christmas Full of happy sounds This is Little Blake.
I took it just a few days ago.
FALLON: And now that nutjob - Claudia Blaisdel kidnapped him.
- And that's the person you believe is the mother? - I know, you can't write this stuff.
- Who's the father? Our son.
He left the baby on the doorstep, along with a note telling us how dangerous Claudia is.
Sam and my other son were planning on adopting him.
Agent Harper, you should know, this woman has a vendetta against my family.
It's true.
I found a photo of her crashing our wedding.
In a hideous coat.
I think she targeted my son.
And I think she was the one that shot my wife Cristal.
- Not Hank, like we first thought.
- KIRBY: I don't know this chick, but she's obviously not a great mom.
She left behind his favorite things his pacifier and his teddy.
- I think you should put that in your report.
- Thank you, Nancy Drew, but we'll take it from here.
Look, respect to your windbreaker and everything, but you have to trust us.
Claudia has a case of the crazies, and this baby is - in serious jeopardy.
- WOMAN: Hey, Harper.
- Yeah? - Former nanny just arrived.
Wilcox is handling it.
Manny? I'm so glad he's here.
(clears throat) I should probably go say hi.
You know that this is an investigation, not a mixer, right? Do what you need to do.
Just find this woman.
- And find my grandson.
- Oh, don't worry, Mr.
Carrington, I have a unit setting up checkpoints around the city perimeter, so likely Mrs.
Blaisdel hasn't been able to get very far.
(whispering): Shh, shh, shh.
You're safe now, Matthew.
Mommy's got you.
I promise you, those evil Carringtons are never gonna take you away from me again.
But, uh, I've only worked here for two days.
- Thank you for coming back.
- Of course.
I was just explaining that, um, after you released me, I, uh, I checked on LB and I went straight home.
So you didn't see anyone strange - when you were leaving? - Just the usual staff.
Manny, I don't know what I'm going to do.
Steven's flying in from Paraguay tonight, - and if anything has happened to LB, I just - Hey, hey.
Don't talk like that.
- Everything's gonna be fine.
- You must think I'm crazy.
He's not even my baby, and I've barely gotten to know him Not crazy at all.
I-I studied family psych for a semester.
The bond between father and son can form quickly.
Maybe I should go up to your room and talk with the investigators.
- Something might jog my memory.
- I'll take you.
It's really sweet of you to do this, Manny.
Felt kind of useless down there.
Wish I could have been more help, but I didn't hear anything last night.
Well, we were both a little distracted.
A lot distracted.
Multiple times.
Had to get in some more practice - before the honeymoon.
- Can you believe in two weeks we're gonna be Mr.
and Mrs.
Fallon Carrington? I'm-I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
Although, some men do choose to take the woman's name.
No? Okay, fine.
I'm still kidding.
You know, maybe I should skip work today.
Be here for the family, help out with the investigation.
No, no, no, no, no.
You worked too hard to get this job.
I'm not having you jeopardize it by skipping day two.
- But this is important.
- That's why the FBI is here.
Claudia's probably just out on the street trying to sell the kid for a hot dog.
They will find her.
(sighs): Okay.
I'll be home in time for dinner.
You better be.
It's our first Christmas Eve as an official couple.
I don't want anything to spoil it.
You know, except the usual stuff that ruins every holiday here.
(chuckles softly) FALLON: I can't believe you never told us that this baby was left here by Hank.
Yes, Alexis, I'm curious.
Why lie about something like that? Does she really need to be here? This is a family matter.
You said there was a note.
What exactly did it say again? Something to the effect of, "My name is Matthew, Claudia's my mother, and she's crazy.
" You march into this house ten times a day telling us useless things, but that you keep to yourself.
Well, I didn't know who Claudia was.
Look, when Hank left the baby outside my trailer, I I kept it a secret because I knew that Blake would send him away.
And I couldn't bear the thought of losing my grandson.
Now I find out - it wasn't even Hank's baby.
It's Matthew's.
So why did you lie to the FBI? The FBI is not gonna go looking for a woman who's just taken her own baby, especially when - we don't have any blood ties.
- I'm sorry, why wouldn't they look for the woman who tried to kill all of you last Thanksgiving? Oh.
Daddy didn't tell you? He didn't report it to the cops.
Instead, he paid to lock her up in a loony bin.
- Don't worry, they had a craft room.
- SAM: I can't believe it.
The child that I was planning on raising belongs to Claudia.
He belongs to you and Steven.
Claudia is not equipped to raise a child.
She's a murderer.
You don't know for sure that she killed Cristal.
Makes sense, doesn't it? Cristal was killed with a gun taken from my gun room, and Claudia's broken in there before.
You'd think we'd change the locks.
Who knows, maybe Claudia and Hank are in cahoots.
Well, she's not gonna get away with it I'm gonna hire my own security team, I'm gonna go on TV and offer a reward.
No! You are not.
You are gonna let the FBI do their job.
I mean, you're kind of an emotional wreck right now.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I have a plan Oh, really? Because not too long ago, I was kidnapped from this joint, and, if my memory serves me correctly, it was OG Cristal that had me found, because she defied your plan and the police were able to do their job.
So, I will go see if Claudia's had any communication with Matthew's family.
I will get cops to cover security at the gate.
I mean, you never know if that lunatic is gonna show back up and try to kill us all again.
And nobody does anything without going through me first.
Got it? (door opening) Follow me.
Happy holidays! Yeah.
Well, I-I figured it was a long shot.
Well, if you hear from her, will you let us know? Thank you.
Well, I tracked down Matthew's parents, but they haven't heard from their beloved - daughter-in-law in over a year.
- Well, I made a few phone calls myself, one in particular to the mental health facility where Claudia was being held.
- Don't tell me she checked back in? - Turns out you were the last visitor she had just before she escaped.
- That.
- Yeah.
What the hell were you doing there? Uh well, I was gathering information on you, actually, some of your dirty deals.
I needed it to force you out of C.
You are unbelievable, you know that? - How could you go there - Wait.
Claudia told me that Matthew owned an apartment and it's where he kept all his files.
- Did you get an address? - No, better I went there.
It's by the airport.
Maybe Claudia's been hiding out there.
- I'm calling my security team.
- No! I am calling Agent Harper and telling him to have his team meet us there.
We are doing this the right way, for once.
Remember? Legally.
And filled with holiday spirit.
JEFF: Not too early to celebrate a moment like this, am I right? I'm glad you came through.
- Told you to trust me.
- Yeah, yeah.
You sure she didn't make more copies? No, we're good.
I got every piece of blackmail that Ada had on us, including that escort's false testimony that Fallon put her up to Max's death.
- Well, I guess your plan worked.
- Which means you don't have to call your cousin Bobbi after all.
The cops don't need to know anything about this.
I'm not sure how you were able to pull this off, my friend.
I'm just glad you did.
Consider it your Christmas gift.
To the death of your alias, Mike Jones.
Oh, God.
May he rest in peace.
I didn't think Scrooge gave gifts.
Oh, good.
I was just about to call the house to ask them to send over a maid, but you'll do.
Come on in.
I need a finger to help with the bow for Steven's gift.
Not that finger.
Cute, though.
You must be looking forward to having your entire family back together for Christmas.
I am.
We Carringtons have many, many traditions.
I just hope that it won't make you feel like - too much of an interloper.
- I'll just remind myself that I have many more Christmases ahead with Blake.
You know, some people tie a string around their finger so they won't forget.
I have ten karats.
(chuckles) I assume you popped by for a reason? Just making sure you told the FBI everything you know about that baby.
- Well, of course I did.
- Are you sure? Seems there's more to the story of his arrival than you're letting on.
What on earth are you blathering on about now? It's just you mentioned Hank left the baby in your trailer.
But how would he know you were staying in a trailer in the first place? Any chance you spoke to each other before then? You know, I really don't have time for this nonsense.
You just call next time, and I'll make sure I don't pick up the phone.
Are you upset? Maybe because I'm getting close to the truth? Or maybe because now that we know that Claudia is tied to Hank, and the FBI is looking for her, whatever secrets you're hiding are bound to come out.
(drops scissors) No need to buy me anything for Christmas.
I can't imagine a better gift than watching the police take you away.
Send a card signed: "Ho, ho, ho.
" I'll know it's you.
We're gonna need you both to stay back.
We have no idea if she's armed and dangerous.
Remember, there's a baby in there, team.
Proceed with caution.
On my count, okay? One, two, now! FBI! OFFICER: Clear! OFFICER 2: Clear! OFFICER 3: That's a negative, sir.
OFFICER 4: You can stand down.
OFFICER 3: Personal belongings are intact.
OFFICER 4: That's a negative.
Let 'em know we're clearing out.
What the hell? - I was sure she would - If she was here, she's gone now.
Let's fall back, team.
- False alarm here.
- Copy.
Place is empty.
You happy now? Hmm? Because of these buffoons, we lost her.
- My team would've been here in half the time.
- You don't know.
- They could have just - What I know is, because of you, Claudia's in the wind.
(sighs) (plane departing in distance) (sighs) Here you go, doll.
But if that kid starts screaming, you're out.
No refunds.
Don't worry.
He's sleep-trained.
And we're not gonna be staying very long.
Come on.
Oh, stunning, aren't they? Yeah, I try not to look too close.
Easier to pretend I don't know what truck they fell off of.
Pleading ignorant is always wise, Michael.
I must admit, it's nice to have someone I really trust by my side.
To think, it was all just dumb luck, how you entered my life.
Not exactly how I saw it.
I wanted revenge on Max Van Kirk for screwing me over, while you were trying to protect Fallon from being blamed for Max's death.
Funny how things work out, isn't it? Mm-hmm.
This is the last of the crates.
My first shipment out of Atlanta.
Things must go smoothly, Michael.
I'm counting on you.
You just tell me who and where, and I'll get it done.
You are to deliver all this to my shipping contact, Nico, at this address.
And, in turn, he will hand you a very large sum of cash.
As in $10 million large.
This guy's handing me millions in cash? What if he tries to short me? I'm not worried.
You've proven you know how to handle yourself.
This is a little something for you.
- What's this? - Your cut of the deal.
Call it a token of good faith.
You're giving me my take up front? I trust you, Michael.
After all, you saved my life.
Plus, you have a wedding to plan.
This will help cover the bar tab and then some.
Nothing too big, of course.
We don't want Fallon knowing you're the one wearing the pants now.
Thanks for the trust.
I know the money makes you feel good.
You know, there's something else that might make you feel good, too.
Let's keep things business.
For now.
I do love a good tease.
What the devil are you doing here? I'm just trying to get LB's things in order.
Have you seen his pacifier? I could have sworn it was in here before.
You're worried about his pacifier? Well, yeah, he's gonna want it when he gets home.
- It's the only thing that helps him sleep.
- Don't touch anything.
This room is still a crime scene, and you're disturbing it.
I'm just trying to find his pacifier.
Don't tell me to relax.
- There's a child's life at stake.
- Yeah, and you're not the only one that cares about him.
I care, too.
I find that very hard to believe.
Especially having watched you - fawning all over Manuel this morning.
- Fawning? God, you're making a way bigger deal out of it - than it needs to be.
- Clearly, you have no idea the severity of what could happen to that child.
If you're not helping the situation, you're hurting it.
So, please, stay out of the way and let the professionals handle it.
SAM: I'll do whatever the FBI says.
But going on TV? Fallon said it was a bad idea.
Sam, I'm telling you, it's the right thing to do.
If there's a chance that someone out there has seen her, - I want to know about it.
- It's just Look, I'm worried about the baby's safety.
If Claudia feels hunted, - she may take LB and run from Atlanta for good.
- Sam - Or worse.
- Sam, just try to understand Yes, do try, Sam.
I, for one, think it's a wonderful idea, Blake.
When you get to know Blake as well as I do, you'll learn that he has great instincts about these things.
Thank you, Alexis.
In fact, I should join you on TV.
After all, we are appealing to the public for help.
And, well, what would look better than LB's grandparents united in their grief? MONICA: You're still here? I thought you were picking up Dad for Christmas Eve services tonight.
(sighs) I am.
Just taking care of a few things before we close for the holidays.
What are you doing here? I came to pick up the damage report from the smoke bomb incident.
Bobbi wanted a copy for the police file.
You spoke to Bobbi? They have any leads on who might have done this? Nothing helpful.
Apparently, they were able to track the serial numbers on some of the smoke bombs.
They were ordered by some guy named Mike Jones.
Mike Jones? - Are you sure about that? - Yeah.
But she said it's a common alias.
It might as well be John Doe.
Apparently, people don't use their real names when ordering illegal weapons.
- Right.
- All right, I got to run.
You coming? Yeah.
- Uh, just need a few more minutes.
- Fine.
But don't be late.
It's Dad's first Christmas since he got home, and I want us together, as a family.
Of course.
We're here at the Carrington Manor, where the holiday season has been interrupted by tragedy.
With us today are Blake Carrington, along with the energy tycoon's first wife, Alexis Carrington.
Both are in a deep state of shock over the disappearance of their grandson, which the FBI is calling a kidnapping.
Thank you.
This is Little Blake, Blake Carrington Jr.
, our grandchild.
He's only a few months old.
And we believe that, last night, he was kidnapped from his crib by this woman.
Claudia Blaisdel has serious mental health issues, and, therefore, she is a danger to our child and to herself.
All that we want is for her to get the proper care that she needs and for our grandson to be returned home safely.
If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please contact us immediately.
I beg of you, help us find our grandson.
- We just want him - We Well, Blake and I are-are no strangers to this kind of tragedy.
You see, almost 30 years ago, we lost our firstborn son.
His name was Adam.
And, uh, we may have failed to get him back then, but we will not let history repeat itself.
We will never give up, Claudia.
We will find you, together.
REPORTER: Our thoughts and prayers are with the Carrington family during this time of crisis.
Reporting live from the Carrington Manor.
- Back to you in the studio.
- (sighs) All I'm asking is that you confirm this prescription belonged to a Claudia Blaisdel.
You see, Crazy Pants was smart enough to scratch her name off the bottle.
Ma'am, it's policy and the law not to give out patient information.
Listen C.
Smith, is it? That's a beautiful name.
You ever notice the plaque at the end of the hallway that says "Carrington Family Wing"? I'm guessing you haven't, but that's me.
You should get a name tag.
Look, this is a matter of life and death.
Time is of the essence.
- Then call the police.
- I would call the police, but I'm thinking I need a more credible lead before I call them again.
So I am just kindly asking that you be my credible lead.
Will you? Please? (scoffs) Fine.
Can I at least have a phone number? which is why I'm offering a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to her arrest.
If you have seen this woman or know where she is, please contact us immediately.
Help me find my grandson.
Our grandson.
I'm gonna kill him.
- What the hell were you thinking? - That I was done listening to you.
You mean done listening to reason? Claudia is probably crossing state lines as we speak, - thanks to your primetime publicity stunt.
- Or she'll be caught that much sooner because the whole country is looking for her.
And did you even think to run your plan past the FBI? Your 15 minutes of infamy could have jeopardized - their investigation.
- Fallon, when Adam was kidnapped, I stayed quiet, because that's what they told me to do.
And it cost us.
I wasn't gonna make that mistake again.
But you are not negotiating with kidnappers.
This is Benzoholic Claudia.
She has no intention of handing her baby back.
And if she makes it out of Atlanta, then that kid's blood is on your hands.
My hands? How dare you point your finger at me when you were the one that started this whole mess.
- Excuse me? - If you hadn't gone to visit Claudia in the psych ward and riled her up Whatever you said to her, she broke out the next day.
And then she came here, and then she killed Cristal.
You think I have blood on my hands? You certainly have Cristal's blood on yours! (door slams) (exhales) Kirby.
Wh-What are you, um I'm sorry.
I didn't have anyone else to talk to.
Most of the people I know are in Australia.
And the ones here, I've already slept with and are no longer interested in me.
Kirby, I'm-I'm in the middle of Here's the sitch: you took a semester of family psych, and I have some daddy issues I need to work on, which is also what the people I've slept with would say.
The truth is, my dad keeps treating me like I'm an immature, bratty child.
And, uh, why do you think that is? I have no idea.
But I'm tired of trying to prove him wrong, when I shouldn't.
I should just embrace it.
Screw it, right? If he doesn't think I'm an adult, then why act like one? (footsteps approaching) Hey.
What are you doing home? I-I, um came to get a bottle of wine from, uh for the new boss.
Uh, couldn't think of what else to get him for a Christmas gift.
So I thought I'd just slip in and out of the servants' entrance.
And miss out on being questioned by the Feds again? - How's that going? Any news on LB? - Not yet.
The only news is that Daddy accused me of Cristal's murder.
- What? - Well, he's not totally wrong.
I mean, I opened up Pandora's box when I went to see Claudia, and then she killed Cristal.
- That's a bit of a reach.
- No, but it's true.
And now she has LB, and if anything happens to him, I will never forgive myself.
Are you done spinning? No, not even close.
I mean, what if I'm a horrible person, Michael? I mean, what if my constant need to prove myself and to take over my dad's company is what got us into this mess in the first place? This is your father we're talking about here.
He's in a dark place.
He's desperate.
People say and do terrible things when they're desperate.
You are not a horrible person.
You know, I grew up in a family where if you don't stab someone in the back before dinner, you don't get dessert, so I forget sometimes that there are decent people in this world.
Thank you for being one of them.
Don't worry, it's a short walk, Matthew.
Mommy just needs to pick up her happy pills.
Which is why I'm offering a $100,000 reward for any information leading to her arrest.
- BLAKE: If you have seen this woman - Hello? - or know where she is - Yeah, I'm calling from the Hotel Clermont.
- please contact us immediately.
- I think that lady you're looking for is here.
You must be Ada's new guy.
Welcome to the fold.
I assume you got the full shipment? MICHAEL: It's all there.
I assume you got the cash? What does she have for us? The Mona Lisa, perhaps? Seems like you can get this stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond, but what do I know? So, where are you shipping all this stuff? That's usually on a need-to-know basis, and trust me you don't need to know.
I'll get your payment.
Wait a minute.
You work for VKI? Serving all your shipping needs since 1908.
Least, that's how the jingle in the crappy commercial goes.
- What's it to you? - Now, what's going on here? Hold on.
What is she up to? What the hell?! I don't carry black market antique insurance, buddy.
You're gonna have to pay What the hell is this? Either antique heroin or just heroin.
You're trying to slip drugs in with the shipment? What? No, not me.
I had no idea what Ada was shipping.
- I just saw the VKI logo and - Th-That's a load of crap.
You knew all about this.
This is next-level illegal.
No way.
Deal's off.
Unload everything.
- This is not what we signed up for.
- Well, no, no, - I didn't know anything about any of this.
- Save it.
We got a problem here.
I'm Blake Carrington.
Did you call my hotline? You the one with $100,000? Yeah, you'll get your money if it's her.
Oh, it's her, all right.
So, are you gonna write me a check? 'Cause I prefer cash.
- Oh, my God.
- Sir, we have a visual on her.
- What room? - She's not in a room.
She's on the roof.
- DONNA: Elevator's broken.
- Of course it is.
SAM: Claudia! No, what are you doing? What? No.
Why can't you people just leave me alone? You just want to take him away from me, don't you? Like you took my husband.
But you can't! He's my baby! Claudia, please give me LB.
His name is Matthew.
Claudia, we want to help you and Matthew.
No, you don't.
You just want to shoot me.
Just take a step back, okay? (wind whistling) Don't you come any closer! Hey, Dad, why don't you tell Santa's little helpers to stand down.
She's right.
They're scaring her.
Okay, back up.
Back up.
Claudia, listen to me.
- We can talk this through.
- You should have tried talking to me before you locked me in a padded cell for six months.
- (sighs) - That does crazy things to a person.
It is a miracle that I even had this baby and that it was okay after the hell that you and your wife put me through.
May she rest in peace.
It was you, wasn't it? You killed my aunt.
And I would do it again if it would bring Matthew back, but it won't.
Claudia we've both lost someone.
- (crying) - I know how that feels.
You're scared.
And you're alone.
And you don't know what the future holds.
You don't even know if there is a future.
But there is.
Who the hell are you? And sure, there's a future for Blake Carrington.
He can buy any future that he wants.
But what about me? - And what about baby Matthew? - FALLON: But that's just it, Claudia.
He is your future.
He is the last part of Matthew that lives on.
The only part.
And he would want what's best for him.
I know you want that, too, don't you? (sniffles) (crying) - I just love him so much.
- Of course.
- (siren wailing) - And the best thing for him right now is for you to come with us.
Okay? So just come here.
Give me the baby.
No! No, you're lying to me! - No! - No, no, no! - You're all lying! - No! No! (screams) - SAM: No! - (crying) No! No! (sobbing): No They fade in time What? Are you sure? Mr.
Carrington, it wasn't a baby.
Repeat, it wasn't a real baby.
She was carrying a doll.
The day gets bright Close your eyes - (sobbing) - Sam.
- No! - Sam, hey.
Hey, hey! It wasn't a real baby.
It was a doll.
W-What? - It was a doll.
- No.
(panting) The outside Thank God.
But wait.
If Claudia doesn't have the baby, then Then who the hell does? The outside, the outside.
(siren wailing) When I was ten I told my dad I had to stay home from school because I had chicken pox, and he swore I drew them on.
I mean, I did.
But he didn't know that.
Am I boring you? Uh, no.
Um, actually, I have a job interview, which I kind of need since you guys, you know, fired me.
Well, this has been like a therapy session for me, so how about I write you a check? Unless you accept other forms of payment.
Kirby, I You're no fun.
Can I get, like, a soda or something before I leave? Of course.
(fussing) Don't worry, little guy.
Auntie Kirby's gonna take you home.
(Kirby gasps) - Shh.
You woke the baby.
- (Little Blake crying) - How did you figure it out? - Pacifier was missing.
But only after you came to talk to the police.
You knew how much LB loved it.
It's what made you a good nanny in a Hand That Rocks the Cradle kind of way.
- You're smarter than you look.
- Wish I could say the same.
Why would you do this? - Just because Sam fired you? - No.
It's because of why he fired me.
Because he wasn't sure if he could keep it in his pants, so he put his needs ahead of the baby's, which is something I would never do.
Don't you see? LB is better off with me.
Sam was gonna ruin that poor kid's life.
Of course.
Because you seem like a truly responsible kidnapper.
Shut up! You have no idea what negligence can do to a child.
Rather than kill me in front of the baby and traumatize him for life, why don't you just give me the knife, and I'll take him home.
I promise, I won't tell anyone what you did.
(knock on door) Kirby, you in there? Open the door! (Little Blake crying) (Kirby screams) (glass breaks) (panting) Took you long enough.
Ada, where are you? What is going on? Drugs? VKI? I mean, what the? Let me guess.
She's not taking your calls? What the hell are you doing here? Triangulated your phone.
Glad to see you moving up the ladder, Mike Jones.
You set off the smoke bomb at the club.
You're the reason my sister got trampled.
- You don't need to be here, Jeff.
- Yeah, and neither do you.
You're still working for her? Even after you got the blackmail back? - Who the hell is this? - MICHAEL: Nobody.
I can explain.
Yeah, like you could explain the drugs? (siren wailing) Son of a bitch.
This guy called the Feds on us.
No, no, it wasn't me, all right? I - It was all a setup! - Look out, Jeff! Let's get out of here! (yells) (sirens approaching) (groaning) Come on.
I got you.
Go, go, go, go! (tires screech) AGENT: FBI! Stop right there! Hands in the air! Don't move! The FBI, a trained security team and our entire family all after this baby and yet it was Kirby who figured it out.
- This is a low point for me.
- Are the police on their way? Mr.
Carrington's on the phone to the FBI, and the authorities will be here shortly.
Yes, and that psycho is in the study being watched by security.
Well, I guess this is a big win for Team Downstairs, huh? As much as it pains me to say this, - thank you.
- Kind words from Fallon Carrington.
Does this mean we're friends now? Calm down.
I'll go get his teddy.
(Little Blake fussing) Kirby.
Thank goodness you texted me when you did.
You sure you're all right? I'm fine, Dad.
In fact, I've been fine for a while now.
Yes, I can see that.
I guess I missed the part of your growing up where you became an adult.
I'm still not used to it.
That's my fault, not yours.
I promise you I will get there.
Thank you.
- It means a lot.
- Besides, if I don't, I'm sure you'll find a way to knock me out cold.
ALEXIS: Could I have a moment alone with Lizzie Borden? That was quite a stunt you pulled off today.
You're all liars.
You took my baby from me.
Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.
Alexis Carrington.
Oh, I'd shake your hand, but (whispers): no.
You're Hank's mother.
Or should I say lover? Partner in crime? (chuckles) He told me everything.
You're the biggest liar of them all, aren't you? Who's Hank, dear? Another doll of yours? What? No.
He's Hank.
I do have a son, but his name's Adam, not Hank.
Clearly, you must be confused.
- I hear that that happens to you a lot.
- That's not true.
He-he he told me his name was Hank.
Is he here with you now? Oh, I see, Claudia, that's what the pills are for.
You are taking your pills, right? Poor little thing.
Once you get back on those meds I'm sure that you'll see things more clearly.
Police have arrived, Mrs.
They're here to take Ms.
Blaisdel into custody.
(exhales) You really are a crazy lady still, in or out of that place where they locked you up.
Where are you where where are you taking me? You said you were gonna help me.
And you said you killed my wife.
Everyone up there heard it.
(quietly): Look, I am helping you.
I'm helping you understand the pain you caused me and my family by taking away what you love.
- (breath trembling) - I know it's cruel he's only a baby.
Will it make things equal? I don't know.
But it's a hell of a start.
No, no, you can't do this to me.
You can't keep my baby! You're gonna pay for this! You hear me? I'll be back! (door slams) SAM: Claudia's right.
Words that have never been spoken before.
We can't keep this baby.
The thought of giving him up is killing me, but he's not ours to keep.
Well, I don't think that they have day care in jail.
He was never Hank's baby he was Matthew's.
And Fallon found his parents.
- But, Sam - We've had our own share of Christmas miracles.
Now it's their chance to be with the one piece of Matthew that still lives on.
He needs to be with his real family.
And that's not us.
- - (Little Blake fussing) (panting) I need a hospital.
Look, we're almost there, man.
- (phone vibrates) - I'm going as fast as I can.
You set me up! If it makes you feel better, I also set up VKI.
You see, you delivered heroin to their head of shipping, and once the FBI looks deeper into Van Kirk Industries, they'll find a fascinating string of illegal shipments in progress, enough to take down the entire company.
So this was your plan all along, and I was just collateral damage? I was gonna say "pawn," but "collateral damage" sounds more heroic.
I could only imagine what our friend Nico is telling the Feds about your role as we speak.
Nico can I.
me! I could go to prison, Ada! "Could" is a very glass-half-full way of looking at it.
Oh, and I wouldn't stop anytime soon.
The FBI may have gotten a tip as to your getaway car.
- (engine idling) - (panting) Wh-Why are we stopping? You are not gonna get away with this.
I already have.
I'm a ghost, remember? (phone beeps) (labored breathing): Please you got to get me to the hospital.
I'm gonna drop you off, man.
All right? After that, we're both on our own.
- - (gasps weakly) Jeff? Jeff, you okay? Look, I'm-I'm gonna get you to the hospital.
Just stay with me, Jeff.
- (truck horn blowing) - Aah! - Father, Father - (all sighing) - Let me love - Ta-da! You Saw you wandering In my dream Last night singing Wonder, wonder what you Might do You can't simply hide our This is our first and last Christmas together, little man.
Your new family's picking you up tomorrow.
Now, I know you're thinking, "How is this handsome man going to cope without me?" Well I won't.
But you you are going to be happier with your grandparents than you'd ever be here with us.
Now, don't get me wrong.
The food, the shoes the turndown service.
(exhales) All amazing.
But this family wouldn't be able to move past who your parents were.
And that's not fair to you.
So I'm giving you a clean slate.
That's that's the fatherly thing to do.
(Little Blake cooing) Even though I won't get to be a father anymore.
(Little Blake crying quietly) Amazing.
Thank you.
You know, I loved that dress the first time I saw it.
I'm just amazed that it lasted for five seasons.
I'm talking about you.
I don't know how you did it, but Claudia didn't seem to have much to say about Hank.
It seems like you managed to get out of another lie.
I certainly have no idea what you're talking about.
I think you might be going a little heavy on the eggnog.
But Merry Christmas.
Let me love you Let me love You (groans) Is this your way of, uh apologizing? Don't know.
Never had to.
- Ah.
- Fine.
I am sorry.
You were right.
The only reason we found Claudia is because of you.
Your charm and wit on TV won over America's heart.
You should host a daytime talk show.
Thank you.
But I wasn't right about everything.
You're not responsible for Cristal's death.
It was a low blow, and I never should have said that.
I was angry well, about a lot of things.
Are you still mad that I sold C.
? Because if tonight has taught me anything, it's that I am not always right.
I don't know, maybe selling the company was a huge mistake.
Actually, that you were right about.
A Christmas gift I didn't even need to unwrap.
I always said the family and the company were the same thing.
Well, it took me losing the company to realize that was never the case.
Losing Carrington Atlantic was the best thing that ever happened to this family.
It allowed me to get my priorities straight.
So thank you.
Is that your way of apologizing? I wouldn't know.
I never had to.
(laughs) You know, Steven asked me to try to keep the family together while he was gone.
- I think I've done a pretty good job.
- Yeah, it only took a baby being kidnapped by a crazy lady for you to do so.
Well, you know what they say: "You want to make a purse, you got to kill some pythons.
" I guess now that Steven's coming back, you can hand over those reins to him.
He should be here now, shouldn't he? Yeah, and Culhane, too.
He told me he would - be back for dinner.
He promised.
- Well, I'm sure he's just out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.
(footsteps approaching) Anders, is everything all right? Sir, I just had this very disturbing conversation with the head of Steven's foundation in Paraguay.
Apparently, Steven didn't get onto the flight back to Atlanta.
He's missing.
(phone vibrating) Maybe this is him calling.
Steven? (panting) Blake I'm gonna need your help.
Father, Father, why you let me go, Father.