Dynasty (2017) s02e14 Episode Script

Parisian Legend Has It…

[narrator] Previously on Dynasty: Look what your lies did to Steven, he's run off to find himself, hasn't come back.
Steven, we're coming to Paraguay to get you, okay? - I'm not in Paraguay, I'm in - [static] I'm not interested in what you've heard.
I'm interested in you leaving.
So, what's it gonna take? Mack, there's a certain gentleman staying with me.
I want you to remind him, no one crosses Blake Carrington.
Mack, hi.
Let's just abort mission.
- [gunshot, then horse neighing] - [screaming] [chattering] [Alexis] Where are those damn bullets? [dog barking] [officer] She's picked up something over here.
[Alexis panting] Hey.
Hi, sweetheart.
Where am I? You're in the hospital.
You had a fall.
Is the baby okay? The trauma caused the placenta to detach, something called a placental abruption.
We were able to stop the bleeding, but couldn't save the pregnancy.
[sighs] [doctor] I'm so sorry.
[sighs] Honey, hey.
We're lucky we still have you.
What about Mark? Honey, he didn't make it.
I'll give you some privacy.
Who would've done this? - Maybe it was an accident.
- What if it wasn't? What do you mean? My family they hurt Mark before.
What if they knew he was in Atlanta and finished the job? Whoever it is I promise you, there will be justice.
[phone buzzing] - Hello? - [man] Hello.
- May I speak to Fallon Carrington, please? - This is Fallon.
This is Arthur Breland.
I'm calling from the American embassy in Paris, France.
A man identifying himself as Steven Carrington is requesting a replacement passport.
How do I know this isn't a scam or a kidnapper? - Miss, this is the American embassy.
- Okay.
Well, if my brother is there, can I please speak to him? [scoffs] - [Steven] Hey, I'm sorry about this.
- Steven? Steven, what the hell is going on? Is this guy holding you hostage or something? Because if he is, remember the code word.
- Cheerio.
- Fallon Oh, wait, could he hear me? Okay.
We need to change the code word.
Fallon, I'm okay.
But somebody stole my jacket and I lost everything.
- Were you sober when that happened? - What do you mean was I sober? I Look, I'll fill you in later, but right now, I need you to talk to this guy so that he can get the passport paperwork started.
- Give the phone back to Frenchy.
- Love you.
Thank you.
- Don't worry about knocking.
- Really? You spent half the summer sprawled across a lawn chair in nothing but a Speedo.
- That's when I had my summer body.
- Okay.
You're gonna wanna pack a coat.
- We are going to Paris.
- Now? Well, I don't think it's a great time with Cristal, Mark, Steven.
Steven is in Paris.
What? - How do you know? - I got a call from him.
- He called you? - No.
The American embassy did.
He lost his passport, he lost his wallet, he lost everything.
- So, they're getting him a new one.
- Is he okay? He said he was, but you don't disappear for two weeks and then turn up with no passport and no wallet if everything's fine.
I don't know.
I think there was something he didn't wanna tell me or he couldn't.
Like a "cheerio" situation? He told you the code? That was our code.
Anyway, I asked him if he was sober and he did that thing where he gets all defensive without answering the question.
- "What do you mean, was I sober?" - Yeah, yeah.
But you haven't known Steven when he's been on one of his benders, not a bad one.
And I don't know what we're gonna find.
So, if it's too much, I will go alone.
What? No, of course I'm going, he's my husband, I'm worried.
- I've never been to Paris.
- You haven't? I wish we were going under better circumstances, but it is just divine.
I'll take us to all the best spots.
Assuming Steven's okay, of course.
Of course.
We're going to Paris.
[French music playing] Wow.
[Fallon] Sam? - What? - Is that your nose-print on the window? You keep talking to me in French like I know what you're saying.
[in English] Welcome to our home away from home.
- Well, one of them.
- Wow.
How do you say "wow" in French? Wow.
And you say you don't know the language.
Come on, let's go find Steven.
Tony, there you are.
My guys said you were looking for me this morning? Actually, I was looking for you yesterday, too, at around 4:30.
Where were you? I was out back wrapping the rose bushes all day.
Well, maybe one of your guys saw me dragging my own trash to the bins.
They didn't pick it up again.
- I'll talk to the crew.
- Good.
I wouldn't wanna have to tell Mr.
Anders that the groundskeeper was smoking behind the begonias again.
That was one time.
And Anders already came looking for me this morning, too.
Oh? They're getting everyone's alibis for the time of the shooting.
It sounds like you're looking for one.
[scoffs] That is absurd.
Well, then, what's going on, Alexis? Because I don't really think you were hauling trash yesterday.
You're right.
I was here.
- [chuckles] I knew it.
- I'm not a murderer, Tony.
I was just trying to not be a scapegoat.
[knock on door] You keep your mouth shut.
- What's going on? - Tony, what are you doing here? I needed to borrow a green thumb for my ficus.
I need some help, too, from you.
Would you excuse us a moment? Yes, sir.
What is it? Cristal's coming back from the hospital this morning.
She lost the baby.
Oh, my God.
Mark didn't make it either.
I I'm so sorry.
We've got police coming through.
We've got an investigation to deal with.
- Do they know what happened? - Well, it's too soon to say.
Would you do me a favor? While I'm tied up would you go see Cristal? You want me to sit with her? I know you've had your differences, we've had ours, too.
But at the end of the day, you're a mother who's lost her child.
You understand more what she's going through than I ever possibly could.
Of course.
I mean, I'll do anything I can to help.
Thank you.
I have no idea where the staff is.
You shouldn't have to carry your own bags.
- Well, you could've offered to help.
- That's true.
Oh, my God, the view.
I mean, wow.
[Steven] Oh, my God.
Fallon! What are you doing here? [in French] Pardon me? [in English] Shouldn't we be asking you that? There's so much to catch up on.
I'm really glad you're here.
Well, I'm glad you're doing okay.
Maybe "glad" is strong.
Why didn't you guys tell me you were coming? We wanted to surprise you.
You must be ready for a drink after that flight.
Hey, Steven, are you okay? Of course.
Well, your hair suggests otherwise.
I'll text Francois.
We were really worried about you.
I get how it looks.
And I'm really sorry, haven't handled this well.
- Understatement of the century.
- Steven, what happened in Paraguay? I had a bad trip, rougher than I let on.
I just came here to get away, and I'm already feeling much better.
You've said that before.
I really am this time.
I mean, now, I am.
Thanks to my friend George.
George? - And who is George exactly? - Sam, it's not like that.
I met him in Paraguay before the ayahuasca ceremony.
He pulled me out when I came unstuck, especially when I was spiraling about Dad.
It's just nice to have someone to talk to who didn't know me from before.
- No Carrington baggage.
- Right.
When I told him we had a flat in Paris, he suggested we come here for a change of scenery, and before - He suggested? - What? He's staying here? Are these his? Yes, Sam.
He wears pants.
So, this George guy hears that you have a flat in Paris, and suddenly, he weasels his way into it.
Things are starting to make more sense now.
You see, Steven has always been an easy target for gold diggers.
No offense.
This isn't that, Fallon.
Let me guess, he's a poor Paraguayan boy who'd never seen Paris? He's British.
And it's completely platonic.
I know it's our family's tendency to see the worst in people, but George looked out for me when I couldn't.
I wanna meet him.
Of course.
You will.
But right now, I need to go to the embassy to finalize some papers.
I'd say come with, but it always takes a bit and I can't bring anyone in with me.
So, why don't we all meet for dinner later? Fine.
But somewhere iconic, please.
I mean, we shouldn't waste a good meal.
I suppose I could eat.
How about Café Marly, 8:00? I'll call George.
You're gonna love him.
I really am glad you're here.
[sighs] [Sam] I always thought I'd walk along the banks of the Seine for the first time with Steven, not his sister.
Not that this isn't great.
It's my dream come true.
I feel for you, Sam.
I mean, you met my brother when he was at his most stable and then he had his whole identity crisis, wanting to go find himself, and now, well, you're seeing the full-tilt Carrington spiral.
I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and not be the jealous husband.
But why didn't he mention this George guy before now? Because I am right.
I mean, look, Steven probably realizes he's being grifted.
But right now, it's easier for him to be around someone who's fake than someone who's real.
George gets his free Parisian vacation, and my brother gets a vacay from reality.
So, same reason why you were so game to fly across the Atlantic and get away from Culhane after you slept with him again? Ah! Look.
A street artist in Paris, how novel.
[Alexis] Cristal? Blake asked me if I would come up.
I'm probably the last person you wanna see, and I'd understand if you didn't wanna see anyone.
Could you give us a moment? After Adam, I went to bed and wouldn't leave.
I closed the blinds, turned off all the lights, and locked the door.
When did it stop? The pain? It didn't.
Just moved behind other things instead of in front of them.
- Steven, Fallon.
- [exhales] They said I might not be able to have children.
And Mark will never get to do anything because of me.
Cristal, it's not your fault.
The guilt I felt after Adam, all the guilt in the world, it didn't bring him back.
I just hope that you don't spend 30 years trying to find some sort of closure.
I won't.
Once the investigation confirms who did this.
Confirms? Do they have a lead? They will find out.
Blake promised.
And if you can't trust family, who can you trust? - Mack? - Miss Carrington.
It's been a while.
Excuse me, Mr.
Carrington is expecting you.
[Anders] Please excuse us.
- [Blake] Get you a drink, Mack? - No, I never drink on the job.
And Anders said you had a new one for me.
Actually I wanna talk about the last one.
What happened yesterday? Yesterday? Mark Jennings.
Nothing happened.
Well, then, let's talk about what didn't happen, because they drove Mark's body off my property yesterday.
My wife was almost killed, and my child is gone.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I told you to rough him up.
Then you told me to stand down.
So I did.
You didn't get the message.
You came here to do the job and you screwed it up.
Remember who you're talking to, Blake.
You're the one who called me.
You went too far, and now you're lying to cover your tracks.
You be careful, and remember who you're talking to.
[chattering] [Sam] It's nice of you to join us.
So sorry.
The embassy always takes forever.
Thought George would've been here by now.
- You didn't bring him? - No.
He said was gonna meet us here.
Well, it sounds like Boy George doesn't wanna show his face to your family.
Nothing suspicious about that.
I chose this spot because he went to the Louvre this afternoon.
- Maybe he got lost.
- I sent him with a private docent.
Did you also buy him the Mona Lisa? Still pushing your grifter theory? The only thing you're proving right now is that I was right to have run away from our wildly paranoid, judgmental family.
Paranoid? Okay.
I'll play.
- What do we know about George? - What do you mean "what do we know"? - I mean, what's his last name? - Emerson.
- Dubious name.
- And where is he from? What does he do? London.
He's a philanthropist.
God, Fallon, would you just back off? Steven, take it easy.
I'm fine.
I just keep getting the third degree.
I'm sorry.
I only care because I love you.
If this George is such a good influence, why are you a glass ahead of us already? - Doesn't he know that you went to rehab? - I hate to admit it, but she has a point.
George has only looked after me.
And what better way to look after you than to keep you liquored up and isolated from the people who truly care about you? You're gonna realize how stupid this all sounds when you actually meet him.
In fact, I'm gonna go find him so we can clear this up once and for all.
Thanks for a gorgeous dinner.
[Sam] Really? At least we know something now about this George Emerson, philanthropist from London.
That's all we know, but I have a cousin who can help us find out more.
[Blake] No.
You killed him and now you're lying about it! [Mack] I didn't kill anyone, Blake! - I told you I wasn't anywhere near here.
- Then who was? [knock on door] Alexis.
[clears throat] - What's going on? - Well, I was just up with Cristal.
- Yeah.
Is she all right? - Under the circumstances, I suppose.
Thank you for trying, at least.
- I'm about to finish up this meeting, so - I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
- Thank you.
- But as I was coming down, I happened to notice the guy that was coming in to see you? That's Mack, right? - Yes.
- He used to work here.
Is he coming back? Well, it's just that I saw him around yesterday, too.
Where? - When? - Um At the stables around 3:30 or 4.
Excuse me, please.
[Juliette] Ah, Steven, the smile that [Fallon] emptied a thousand bottles of champagne at the Moulin Rouge.
Or so Parisian legend has it.
[Juliette] Tell him I'm disappointed.
He's been here for how many weeks in Paris and doesn't call his favorite cousin? Well, he didn't even call us, but you know Steven.
[in French] He is a loner, but still.
- What did she say? - Steven has always been a loner.
His alleged friend didn't even show up last night, when we went to leave this morning, Steven was still waiting for him, so, maybe us showing up was enough to scare him off.
I'll have Papa's security team look into this George person.
Don't worry.
How is Uncle Benjamin? In London, dieu merci.
Which means I'm having a little party tonight at the chateau.
You must come.
- - [in French] Sure.
She's the Frenchest person I've ever met.
Well, when her dad was disinherited by my grandfather, he married a French billionaire.
Crazy money, questionable sources.
So, if anyone can find dirt on George, it's them.
- Plus they can make him disappear.
- You mean kill him? I'm sure it won't come to that.
Unless it does.
Fallon, what if you're wrong? Maybe George isn't a grifter.
We don't know.
Sam, you have known Steven for, what, a year? I have known him for 26.
Trust me, this is his pattern.
I'm gonna head back to the flat.
I'm jet-lagged.
[Fallon on recording] Leave me a message and I'll consider it.
Hey, hate to interrupt your time in Paraguay, but I need to talk to you, Fallon.
Call me when you can.
If you're looking for Fallon, she isn't here.
I'm not.
You, uh, okay? Cristal's favorite.
Mint chip.
I didn't know what else to do for her.
With Sam and Fallon gone, I'm going a little stir crazy.
You wanna help run a community rehab and diversion initiative for the Atlantix? Oh, no.
I think "just sitting there" is probably closer to my skill set.
You're about as qualified as I am.
I handled everything I could, but I could use Blake to look over a couple things.
- You got this.
- Do I? I've never really talked to anyone about my own issues with substances, much less a room full of strangers.
Sounds to me like you're exactly the right man for the job.
How do you figure? Well, this program is for the community, right? The community you grew up in.
Blake hasn't lived it.
You have.
As long as you remember that, you'll know what to do.
You know, they have people who will literally buy that for you.
I know.
I like to do things for myself.
And for other people.
It's refreshing.
George, where have you been? What do you mean? You never showed up to dinner.
And then you were out all night.
I never showed up? I waited at Cafe Julien for an hour.
- I told you we were at Marly.
- No, you said Julien.
And I had plans late last night, friends in town.
We had a whole conversation about it.
Do you not remember any of this? No.
We Well, why didn't you answer when I called? Like, seven times? Honestly? I was over it.
I assumed you'd gotten drunk or high, bailed on dinner and forgot to tell me, or you changed your mind about introducing me to your family considering [doorbell buzzes] Who's that? - [beeps] - Hey, it's Sam.
Come on up.
Of course, I want you to meet my family.
Well, are you sure you want them to see you right now? Like this? What? I didn't go to rehab for a joint and a glass of wine.
You said yourself, Steven, you've got an addictive personality.
Seriously? You, too? Three days ago, it was you calling the dealer.
Guess as long as I'm paying, right? Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where did that come from? [buzzing] [Steven] Hey there.
Are you okay? Are you? Who are you yelling at? No one.
I mean, George.
We just It's not important.
I'm just glad you finally get to meet him.
- Yeah.
Me too.
- George? Does he smoke pot? Where'd he go? Please tell me this isn't another Ted Dinard situation.
I I don't know where he went.
- Did the embassy find your passport? - No.
They're mailing a new one.
I have no idea how, but he must have slipped out somehow.
Where did you find this? You were mugged, right? You didn't pretend to lose your passport so you wouldn't have to come home? What? No.
Steven, what's going on? Nothing.
Of course I wanna come home to you, Sam.
I was coming home, but then I got mugged and things just You can ask George.
I mean We, um We saw your cousin, Juliette.
She was surprised you were here in Paris.
Anyway, she's having a party tonight.
Maybe we can all go together.
That actually sounds really lovely.
I've missed you, Sam.
[elegant French music playing] - [in English] Where is Steven? - Riding with Sam.
My friends can't wait to see you.
It's Bo's favorite cousin.
Say "bonsoir," Belle.
[in French] Cheers.
[in English] Now, who can I introduce you to? You are single, are you not? Things are complicated.
I wish I could go back to a time when they weren't.
I wish we could be 16 again.
You know, Sam is right.
It's impossible for you to be more French.
- Where's Steven? - He's "picking up George.
" We need to talk.
Parlez-vous, now.
[grunting and panting] [Blake] You're just gonna keep denying it, aren't you? I know it was you! [Mack] I didn't do it.
[Mack coughing] This is crazy.
You're crazy.
I've been perfectly clear.
It doesn't have to be this way.
Just tell me the truth.
I wasn't here.
And whoever told you I was is lying to you.
Then who was here? Who hurt my wife? Who killed my child? Look, I'm sorry.
- You admit it.
- No.
I'm sorry for you and your wife, but I had nothing to do with it.
You're just gonna keep on denying it.
I know it was you.
Just tell the truth.
[door creaks open] Cristal.
Cristal? [dance music playing] Why would Steven lie about being mugged? The same reason he'd lie about all of it.
Steven took off after he learned he wasn't a Carrington, right? - Yeah.
- He was having an identity crisis.
- Stolen passport? Stolen identity? - What's your point? Well, maybe Steven did have a really bad trip on ayahuasca, like mental-break bad, and maybe George isn't real.
And that's why we haven't seen him.
Like you said, "It's harder to be with someone real than someone fake.
" I appreciate the pop-psychology, but have you completely lost it? Oh, Fallon, I just heard from my family's security team.
- They found nothing much on George.
- Well, that doesn't mean anything.
The closest match they found was in that novel, Room with a View.
- What about it? - George Emerson.
The love interest? Steven was obsessed with that book in college.
Probably why he named him George.
Look, hopefully, we're both wrong and George shows up, and he's a wealthy, super real, super platonic person.
Though I'll settle for real.
- [Juliette] I thought Steven was sober.
- [Fallon] He had a rough year.
If he needs to see someone, the best clinic in the world is in Paris.
You know my mother had her issues.
He said he and George got in an argument in the car on the way here.
And George took a cab home.
Well, that doesn't mean Actually, I don't know what that means.
Well, he wants a drink.
Cristal, you shouldn't be down here.
Just go back upstairs.
- No, please.
I didn't do this.
- Shut up.
Just shut up! - You gotta listen to me.
It wasn't me.
- Cristal.
Thank you.
Come on, Blake.
Blake, come on.
You gotta believe me.
Please! No! [Sam] Your drink.
Is this soda water? - It's important to stay hydrated.
- Just say you're cutting me off, Sam.
What is up with you? You know what's up.
We've been over this.
I left because I needed time.
But you won't give it to me.
Instead you and Fallon show up here without warning, judging me, trying to drag me home like a child.
We're just worried that with all the drinking, and the ayahuasca, and the fact that we can't seem to actually see George, that Is it possible that maybe he isn't real? - Are you kidding me? - You've been under a lot of pressure.
- It's understandable that - This is completely insane.
It is understandable that you made up George to protect you from the hard truths, like maybe you don't wanna come home.
Or be with me.
You think I'm more likely to make someone up than to have a real conversation? Considering all you do is run away from difficult situations Okay.
You wanna have a hard conversation, Sam? I hooked up with George.
Oh, my God.
I knew it.
- It was when we were on ayahuasca, and - No, you lied to me, Steven.
Tell me everything right now.
- Sam - Tell me! I can't.
I don't even remember it.
I blacked out more than once.
I've been really depressed, Sam.
I was practically suicidal over messing up with George.
But at the time, I'm sorry, he offered me something that you couldn't.
A clean break.
And that's why you sent the divorce papers.
I was wrong to.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
And George and I are just friends now.
You didn't get lonely at all while I was away? Not I mean not like that.
Say it.
Well, I did kiss one guy.
And I almost hooked up with the babysitter, but that's totally different.
I actually don't even wanna know.
I'm aware this has been so hard on you, Sam.
I just want us to move on.
Me, too.
I can't chase you around the world to try to convince you that I'm enough.
I'm done.
Steven! [French music playing] George? [Fallon] Steven.
What's wrong? Oh, my God.
What is that? - Steven, were you? - No.
No, I didn't.
- I It's not mine.
I wouldn't.
I - Whatever it is, you can tell us.
- George I thought I saw - No, no, no.
- No.
I think something's wrong.
I know.
- No.
I'm gonna call him.
[line ringing] [operator] We're sorry.
The number you have reached [Sam] Steven, give me the phone.
has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
Hey, listen.
It's going to be okay.
I take everything back.
We're gonna figure this out, all right? I don't know I don't know what's going on.
I mean, he's real, isn't he? We've been here for weeks.
Forget everything I said.
I was wrong.
Okay? And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
I - I need help.
- Okay.
- I think I wanna talk to someone.
- It's okay.
Okay? We're gonna get you help.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Okay? [sobbing] Everything is gonna be okay.
[Fallon] Yeah.
The doctor is gonna see him.
Thanks so much for everything.
That was Juliette.
I told her you're insisting on no visitors but she's just as stubborn as you are.
I still think we could find a comparable clinic in Atlanta.
I can't go back.
I mean, yes, sure.
I need time to dry out, but more than that going home, I I just can't deal with that.
With reality.
- What do I tell Dad? - Please don't.
We need to administer an IV.
It's normal procedure for hydration.
It's important to stay hydrated.
I'll give you guys a minute.
I love you, Steven.
I love you too, Fal.
- [in French] One moment, please.
- Of course.
I feel sick.
Everything I said at the party, I just wanna take it back.
I don't.
It needed to be said.
But you were wrong about one thing.
You are enough.
You're more than enough for the person who actually deserves you.
But that's not me.
What? Of course it is.
How could it be when I don't even know who I am? I mean, the person I was when we met he doesn't exist.
No more than George, I guess.
Steven My whole life has been nothing but pressure and expectations.
That's what I was running away from.
I needed a way out.
The best thing you can do for me right now is to give me one.
[Alexis] Cristal, how are you feeling? Better.
Thank you.
And thank you for yesterday.
It meant a lot to me.
To both of us.
Juliette said something I can't stop thinking about.
"In life and love, there's no going back.
" - What did she mean by that? - Well, she's French so, everything.
- It was about me and Culhane, but - I get it.
I love Steven but, uh I have to move on even if it hurts like hell.
- Does that make me a terrible person? - Of course not.
As long as moving on doesn't mean moving out.
Please stay at the manor.
I can't lose another brother.
Not right now.
[Culhane] Thanks for coming.
I guess you were expecting to see Mr.
Carrington up here instead of me [knocking] Fallon.
What are you doing here? I was on my way to your office.
I'm sorry I missed your call yesterday.
You didn't have to come here to tell me that.
You could've just called me back.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I was out of town dealing with some stuff.
Anyway, in the middle of all of that, my mind kept coming back to you, and us, and the other night.
And, um I don't wanna string you along.
I don't wanna hurt you.
So, I have to tell you that I need to move on, Culhane.
I thought we did.
Oh, I called you for some work advice.
But I figured it out.
Oh, okay.
Well great.
I got this meeting.
[phone buzzing] Hey, Kirby.
[George] Hate to see you like this, Steven.
He's not real.
He's not real.
You're right.
I'm not real.
Well, I'm not really George, anyway.
Didn't take too much digging to find that interview where you cited Room with a View as the book that most influenced you.
Influenced me, too.
George Emerson made for a great icebreaker, didn't it? I've so loved getting to know you.
You're so generous and so trusting you actually believed me when I said that we hooked up.
What? - You said - No.
I'm not even gay.
But you were so out of your mind on ayahuasca, you would've believed anything.
- Why would you lie about that? - I didn't want you running back to Sam.
But then you started feeling better, talking about going home.
I stole your passport, so you couldn't.
Little did I know that that would bring Sam and Fallon here.
- Bonjour.
- [Fallon] Bonjour.
This is Fallon Carrington.
We'll be wheels down in an hour.
I wanna make sure the staff is prepared for our arrival? [in French] Yes, of course.
[George] I knew then that I had to speed up the game.
[Steven] What game? - Hey there.
Are you okay? - [Sam] Are you? Who were you yelling at? - The one we've been playing, Steven.
- No one.
I mean George, we It's not important.
I'm glad you'll finally get to meet him.
See, all I had to do was convince Sam and Fallon that you'd lost the plot.
I couldn't have you telling them about me, or rather have them believe you.
And throw in your issues with drugs and alcohol, and the fact that you were in the middle of an identity crisis George? [operator] We're sorry I could've never imagined it to go so spectacularly well.
You [groans] You feeling drowsy? I gave you just a little something to help you relax.
Why would you? Why would you do? Better question, why would you walk away from such a perfect life? See, all this started as a sort of morbid curiosity.
You know, to see firsthand the life that I had been denied.
And you were the easiest way in.
This wounded bird, so far from home.
Away from the Carrington fortress.
But then the more I got to know you, the more I grew to resent you.
How ungrateful you are.
You had everything.
And you walked away from it.
And now I'm going to claim it.
Everything my father gave you.
You know, it's a real shame that you won't be there to welcome me home brother.
Adam? But we'll always have Paris.