Dynasty (2017) s02e17 Episode Script

How Two-Faced Can You Get?

Previously on Dynasty: I tried to buy his land for our stadium.
I sold the land to DiFiore Exports.
- - Well, I'm up for anything.
So if you need me, you know where to find me, boss.
There was a time when I thought I couldn't live without you.
Now I can't stand the sight of you.
I went ahead and bought NTNR Enterprises, the company that owns your Well, no, my publishing house.
There's an author here to see you.
Fallon, what the hell is going on? Wow.
Uh, I was I was just about to go anywhere else.
Well this is a surprise.
You look good.
- And you bought a publishing company.
- Crazy, right? - The company that's publishing my book.
- Yes.
It appears that way.
Can I get you a drink? Do you get some sort of perverse pleasure out of messing with me? Excuse me? Wreaking havoc on my personal life is despicable enough, but this is my career, Fallon.
No, no, no.
This is all just a horrible coincidence.
Like that time I went skiing with Ashley in Idaho - and you showed up at the same ski lodge? - Yes.
I mean, no.
Not like that, because this is a legit coincidence, okay? - I bought this - You're the same old Fallon.
I'm not the same old Fallon.
This is the new and improved Fallon.
I am doing something with my life, and I assure you I don't want Liam Ridley or John Southside to have any part in it.
Nice porn name, by the way.
To prove it to you, I will rip up whatever contract this company has with you.
You can't just tear up my contract, that You had it sitting right there? It was symbolic.
Although it did feel pretty good.
Look, Femperial is focused on female empowerment, and I don't really feel like you check that box.
- Maybe you should read my book first.
- I don't need to read your book because I have no interest in publishing it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to.
You can just mail me my penalty check.
Oh, yeah.
Per my contract, if you don't publish my book, I get a buyout of 6 million.
Well worth it.
Now get out of my office.
Atlanta is a big city.
There are other places to build your conservatory.
This is true, but Blake has to pay for what he's done.
Don't start, Jeff.
What happened to my enlightened brother that swore off feuding to turn over a new leaf? That leaf died after I reached out to Mom and she rejected my offer to come home.
Silver lining, as co-owner of Blake's soccer team, you profit from his dirty deeds.
You more than anyone should know it's not about the money.
- I hate to be the one defending Blake.
- Then don't.
He did keep his promise and start the Kick the Habit campaign.
Although their poster child, PJ Reed, might have fell off the wagon.
- What? - I had to kick him out of the club last week after he was snorting God knows what in the bathroom.
Let's hope his habit doesn't tank the entire program, - or worse, the team.
- Yeah.
Here's hoping.
Blake! Sorry about that noise, Miss Flores.
The Rolls backfired again.
- I'll take it in for service next week.
- What happened? Are you okay? I need air.
I'm freaking out.
Ever since your brother left, you've been on edge.
What really happened between you two? Hmm? Tell me the truth because I'm up to my eyeballs in all the deceit.
Beto was here on behalf of my father.
He was the one who helped Blake and I secure the land for the Atlantix Stadium.
But then he wanted a favor in return.
I'm guessing it wasn't a "can you drive me to the airport" kind of favor.
He wanted me to hire a ringer for the team.
A player to throw games, so he could profit off gambling.
- You didn't do it, did you? - No.
Of course I didn't.
Which is why now he's aiming his wrath - at this entire family.
- Including me? Does he know I'm in the process of a divorce? Sam, we are all in danger.
But knowing Papa, he'll target Blake first.
- I don't know what to do.
- I do.
You need to tell Blake immediately.
I need a report from the crew on the field status.
- Jen.
- Yes, Mr.
Carrington? Make sure the mayor gets an invitation to join me in my suite on opening day.
I need everybody on top of things.
We got two weeks.
- Right away.
- There he is.
- Hey.
- The future of the Carrington empire.
Not exactly, but Atlantix's head physician has a nice ring to it.
Let me show you to your office.
I'm proud to have my son working in the family business.
- Well, that means a lot.
- Blake.
This is an unpleasant surprise.
You didn't think I'd stay away once I discovered your little scheme involving my land, did you? There's no scheme.
You sold it, I bought it.
Makes me smart.
You put your selfish needs ahead of the community once again - and that ends now.
- Is that a threat? Call it a, uh, co-owner's right.
The days of my silent partnership in this club are over.
From now on, I'm gonna be very vocal, to ensure the needs of this community are met.
Needs can only be met if the team is a success.
I think we all agree on that, right, Jeff? Cute trick, Blake.
You made your condescending voice come out of Junior's mouth.
I didn't even see your lips move.
But, uh, yeah, we all want the team to be a success, which is why to show my support, I plan to host a preseason kickoff party for everyone at Club Colby.
How generous of you.
Gosh, it is, isn't it? Now, if you'll just show me to my office, I won't take up any more of your time.
That's unfortunate.
There are no free offices.
Your arrival here was so unexpected.
I'll tell you what, I'll give you a day to come up with something.
After all, I am a team player.
Go Atlantix.
- Hey, he's up to something.
- Yeah, you think so? He's a Colby.
No matter how much I bend over backwards for that family, they'll never respect us.
Well, somebody should do something about that.
Glo? Did you just say that with a straight face? Gloria Collins.
She's a hugely popular feminist on social.
She grew her fan base through her podcast, Finding Your Inner Glo, which featured discussions about finding your authentic female self in a patriarchal world.
Well, Glo sounds like my soulmate and the perfect first author for our rebranding.
I've been stalking her on Instagram, she writes at a coffee shop here.
- I'll turn on my Carrington charm.
- Actually, don't do that.
She's cool.
So, just keep it chill.
Glo? Oh, my God.
I can't believe it's you.
We are big fans.
Your call for women to reclaim symbols traditionally used to objectify us made me feel more confident about being myself.
That's enough.
Can we sit? Please.
Have a seat.
It's always nice to hear I'm having an effect on the front lines.
Well, we would like you to have even more of an effect.
We heard you're writing a book, and we'd love to bring it to the market with my company, Femperial Publishing.
Fallon Carrington? Since when are you in publishing? I haven't made the public announcement yet.
I wanted to build my arsenal up first.
But after a disastrous experience with my own book, I realized we need more women in power giving other women the opportunity to tell their stories.
- So, that's my mission.
- Very cool.
But I've already got offers from other publishers, big publishers.
It's my first book, you know, and I want it to be big.
Femperial is young and hungry.
We can do big.
Your launch would be our main priority.
I would work with you personally on its promotion.
You'd never get that kind of attention with a big publishing house.
I will pass your offer over to my agent, but just to warn you, bidding for my book is already at 6 million.
Well, we will match the 6 million.
Give us 48 hours to show you what else we can do for you.
I'm wide open to being impressed.
But, for now, I've got to go someplace quieter to finish this book.
Looking forward to hearing your ideas.
- We'll be in touch.
- Bye, ladies.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Not yet, and never that.
Femperial cannot afford to pay both Liam and Gloria.
You only have to pay Liam if you don't publish him, right? So, just publish his book.
I am not working with Liam, Kirby.
You were in Sun Valley.
Where you made a mockery of your dignity, self-esteem, and feminism in general? Yes, I was there.
So, you see how I can't get emotionally entangled again, okay? But it's fine.
I just need to focus on the future.
But if I can get Liam to back out of his contract, - then we won't have to pay his fee.
- You can charm him into quitting? Oh, I can get him to quit, but I sure as hell won't be charming.
Hey, Kirby.
Hey, stranger.
Isn't this a pleasant surprise? I was just dropping off some extra Atlantix merch for Blake.
Never pegged you as a kale sort of gal.
Well, technically, you've never pegged me at all.
And exactly what kind of girl did you see me as? The kind that would call me out for a dumbass comment like that.
- I had no choice.
- Yeah.
Well, seeing as how you're saving my ass with the Kick the Habit campaign, you are forgiven.
I owe you bigtime.
Um, about that.
I took a gig working for Fallon, which means I'm gonna have less free time for you.
Well, less free time for business, I mean.
- Congrats.
- I'm not abandoning you.
I'm compiling a list of rehab centers you can partner with in Atlanta.
I'm almost done.
Um I can bring it by your office later if you want.
That will be great.
And I can't tell you how much I appreciate this and you.
The doctors say you're ahead of schedule.
We should have you out of those bandages in a few days.
- I think that's fantastic news, don't you? - Mm-hm.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
I just wanted to see how you were doing, Alexis.
I'll leave these right here.
It's It's kind of you to come.
- I hope you can stay.
- Do you? We got started off on the wrong foot, and I'm sorry about that.
It's a complicated family, as you know, and I'm still finding my way around.
- Mm-hm.
I understand.
- I know.
You and Blake have had your differences in the past, - but if I can help in any way - Thank you.
A healthy team needs a healthy community, right? And I was thinking maybe we could do localhealth fairs, flu shot drives.
I was thinking about youth sports leagues, but I like the idea of a healthy families push.
See? Great minds.
- We must be related.
- Mm.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Just some team medical business.
Mind if I head out? Sure.
Let me know if I can help.
He did what? He wanted me to hire Carlos Aguirre to throw games.
Don't worry, I didn't comply.
But now we are all at risk because of it.
Papa makes demands, and if you don't give in to them, you suffer the consequences.
I see.
I know I should have told you right away, but I thought I could handle him on my own.
I'm worried, Blake.
Honey, there's a saying amongst billionaires: If nobody wants you dead, you're not screwing the right people.
No, no, no.
Blake, this is different.
- My father is a vengeful person.
- Yeah? So am I.
And I am certainly not afraid of him.
His threats are serious.
It's easy to make idle threats from 2,000 miles away.
I have just as much power and influence as he does.
It's not about that.
This is personal.
Freddie is not just my driver.
He's also a security guard.
- I'll be fine.
- No, mi amor Trust me, you're overreacting.
Nothing is gonna happen.
Welcome to Carrington Cottage.
Oh, my God.
That's incredible.
And the views.
We know how much you love a good flat white with single-origin espresso beans and organic non-GMO almond milk.
That is why we got you your very own barista who will make one for you any time you want.
Hi, Shane.
We thought the serenity of the space would help you focus on finishing your book.
Also, a personal massage therapist will be available for you daily.
Hi, Blaine.
Self-care is important, especially if you're gonna have enough energy to overthrow the patriarchy.
That's why we got you a meditation guide, an accountability coach, and an emotional support dog.
All just a text away, and all on us of course.
And I haven't even signed with you.
But if you do choose Femperial to be your home, then all of these perks will be permanent.
Thank you.
I mean I could get used to this.
I think you should.
We'll leave you to write.
- How did it go with Jeff? - Great.
He's starting to trust me.
Good work.
But I think we have a bigger problem.
I just got word they're sending an NSF league rep to administer drug tests today on certain players.
PJ Reed's on that list.
It's a bit of a surprise, but it shouldn't be a problem.
When I met with the players earlier, I ran some prelim drugs tests, and I just got the results.
PJ failed, which means he'll fail his official test in an hour.
If drugs are found in his system, he's out for the season.
That son of a bitch.
We went out on a limb for him.
We started an entire anti-drug campaign based on his comeback-kid story.
Ticket holders bought in because of him.
It'd be a huge embarrassment.
A suspension would be a black eye on the team's image and standing.
He has to play.
And he has to pass that drug test.
You understand? Perfectly.
Goodness sake.
You need to learn to control those high kicks, Sam.
This is tae kwon do, not a Royal Rumble at the WWE.
It's not easy harnessing all this power.
What happened to the flowers? Sensei Anders is teaching me some martial arts.
- The correct title is Sabum Anders.
- Mm, whatever.
Just as long as you turn my hands and feet into lethal weapons.
Well, your feet already killed these tulips, I suggest your hands are better served dialing 911.
If you'll excuse me.
What's up, Sam? Well, after our talk, it seemed like a good time to brush up on my self-defense skills.
Like you said, we don't know when your family might pay a visit.
Speaking of Did you talk to Blake? How soon can he up security around here? I tried, but he refuses to accept he's not in control.
That's not good.
We have to remain vigilant, and hope Roberto convinces my dad to stand down.
- You could have just mailed me my check.
- About that.
Change of plans.
I'm publishing your book after all.
- Oh.
So you read it? - Don't flatter yourself.
Less than zero interest in reading it.
Now, the truth is, we don't have the money to pay your penalty, meaning it'll actually be cheaper to publish your book.
But don't worry.
I'm still thinking a small first-print run of 3,000 copies.
- Is that a joke? - No, it's not a joke.
We're a startup.
Money is very tight.
Most of our budget gets spent on signing new authors, not old hacky ones.
And in that vein, we had to make a few tweaks to your upcoming press tour.
So, instead of going to New York, L.
, and the big markets, I'm now going to Poughkeepsie, Topeka Fallon, where in the hell is Frankenmuth? It's a quaint little town somewhere south of Canada that you'll love, and it'll love you right back.
Be sure to dress warmly.
Oh, and one more thing.
We do not have a social media strategist, - so, we won't be able to handle your - I get it.
You're trying to make this deal so terrible that I quit the contract? No.
I'm simply being honest about what we have to offer.
I completely understand if you feel your book would be better served elsewhere.
Looks like ruthless Fallon is back.
I'm not quitting.
- So, if you want me gone, cut me a check.
- Not possible.
Then I'm staying on your roster.
And you're following through with my press event tonight.
As we were planning to.
- Must have been too late to cancel.
- Non-refundable deposit.
- Don't bother showing up tonight.
- Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it.
Knock, knock.
Special delivery.
As promised, a list of rehab centers the campaign can work with.
Finished already? My hero.
- Oh! - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I'm such a klutz.
You are human, and a fine one at that.
Why don't I take you to lunch? As a thank you.
Lunch? Today? As in now? You know what? I actually I should get back to work.
- You know, it's first week and all that.
- Yeah.
I get it.
You know, a girl's got to hustle.
Culhane? Oh.
I'm sorry.
I have the player development reports you requested.
I will take those.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Sorry about that.
- Maybe it was for the best.
- I mean, it was nice.
It's just - Yeah.
If this is gonna go any further, then we should probably talk to Fallon.
Not that we need her permission, but being her ex-fiancé I think I should be the one to tell her.
You know, girl code.
Sisters before misters, and all that.
Have it your way.
I'm sure Fallon will be fine with everything.
- Oh, Fallon? Yeah.
- Yeah.
I saw in your Insta story that you're working here again.
Something wrong with the cottage? I mean, we can move you to our Buckhead penthouse, if you'd prefer.
- Shane travels.
- No.
It's not that.
Was it the masseuse? Because, you know, I pegged you for a shiatsu person, - and I should have listened to my gut.
- The masseuse is not the problem.
Or Shane.
I shouldn't be making decisions based on superficial perks.
They're not superficial if the perks motivate you to write.
What motivates me to write is being here in the real world with real people.
We can hire real people to hang out at the cottage.
How many do you want? Fifty? A hundred? I'll get a bus.
I'm not sure you get my philosophy or me, Fallon.
The women whose voices I'm trying to amplify, most of them don't get perks.
I mean, if my grandma saw me in that curated ivory tower, I'd never hear the end of it.
So, it's a no to the bus? Look, you're right.
I did exactly what my dad would have done to win you over, or any middle-aged man trying to get you into bed.
Tell your grandma I'm sorry.
My grandma is a feminist and a writer.
She grew up with no money and few opportunities.
She would tell me to stay true and grounded.
Look, I got to warn you, my agent's really pushing me to take Doubleday's offer.
No, no, no.
Just, please, I am positive that we can get your message out there.
Just give me one more chance to explain our strategy.
You said you'd give me two days.
- I still have one day left.
- I am a woman of my word.
All right.
I got to go.
Blake, you got a second? - I got a small budget question for you.
- It's not a good time.
I've been reviewing the overall budget and there seems to be a discrepancy between the expenses and the account balance, to the tune of $10 million.
That money is set aside for investors.
You didn't think to share any of that information with the co-owner and head of Player Development? It was a deal that was put into place long before you entered the game.
Well, I'm in the game now.
I think maybe we should sit down so you can catch me up to speed.
You should sit down and start acting grateful for this opportunity, an opportunity that you seem hell-bent on sabotaging.
I've got 30 years' experience in corporate America.
You've got three weeks.
I'm doing you a favor.
You're gonna crash and burn as fast as you ascended if you don't let me do my business my way.
Any questions? Now, that's better.
Well, that should about do it for the signatures.
We'll turn the samples around in less than 24 hours.
Sounds great.
Hey, next time you come, we might be in our new training facility.
Have you seen our plans? - No, I really should get going - You're a tech guy.
Let me show you.
Everything in the building, from toilets to the trash cans, is gonna be state of the art.
We're gonna get everything our players need - to keep the competitive edge.
- Pretty impressive.
Got acupuncturists, cryotherapy chambers, we even have a GyroStim.
- I don't know what that is.
- A chair they strap you in, they spin you around, it helps you get over head injuries.
- Sounds counterintuitive.
- It does.
But it helped Sidney Crosby get over his chronic concussion symptoms.
You should read about it.
Doctor Khan.
They told me you were in a meeting.
I was.
But I didn't wanna miss you.
- Good to see you.
- How you been? I guess this is where all the action happens.
You can't turn your back for a second around here.
Who knows what you might miss.
Well, I need to get these samples in.
Enjoy your coffee.
- Hey, I need to talk to you.
- Glo hasn't signed yet.
But I have a plan.
We're taking her to dinner at Chops, - which means you can't wear that.
- You got Liam to quit? Not yet, but I'm hoping we can swap authors by the end of the night.
I am really amazed at how well you've handled all this Liam stuff.
As long as he doesn't take his shirt off or look at me with his eyes, I should be able to stay focused.
Shirtless men, especially with eyes, are totally my weakness, too.
It was hard enough getting Culhane out of my orbit, and then working together at the Atlantix office.
It was a disaster.
I can't make that same mistake again.
Anyway, wear this.
You're representing Femperial.
You can't look like a peasant.
No offense, peasant.
I didn't think I was allowed to wear your clothes.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you liked me.
I don't hate you.
But that does not mean we're gonna start dressing alike.
Like when we were kids and worked at the tennis club as ball girls? If memory serves, you only lasted a day.
Squatting in a short skirt always felt demeaning to me.
Although I did save money to buy penny stocks.
Maybe if I had invested my money instead of blowing it on Barbies, I'd be a millionaire, too.
Now I feel bad for stealing them and then selling them back to you.
You offered discounts.
You were fair.
You know, Kirby, I, uh I'm sorry I haven't always been a perfect friend.
I'll get better.
I promise.
Is something on your mind? Or are you still just mad about what happened to the Dreamhouse? I'm just, um thinking about how far we've come.
I'm glad.
Thanks for this.
Why did you have to invite that loser? I ought to kick his ass out.
Trust me, I want you to.
But he's a co-owner like me.
It'd look petty not inviting him.
I can rock petty.
Moni, club looks amazing.
All right? Have some fun.
Why aren't any of these players hot? - What are you doing in here? - I asked Freddie to stay close.
I know you don't think Papa is a risk, but trust me.
- He's not gonna let this go.
- You're being ridiculous.
Kim K got robbed and held at gunpoint in Paris.
So what? So, if the Kardashians aren't safe from lunatics, no one is.
I don't need a bodyguard at my own party.
Freddie, get yourself a snack and go wait in the car.
Since when does coffee after dinner include a blindfold? It's worth the wait.
We promise.
Welcome to Glo Fest.
This is incredible.
How did you? Well, you said you wanted to be near your fans.
Well, here they are.
"Time to Glo Up.
" We know it's not finished yet, but we thought we'd put a spin on your "finding your inner Glo" mantra for the title of the book.
Especially since you'll be the face of our company once you sign with us.
We believe in you.
You are being live-streamed right now to over a hundred coffee shops around the world.
And we flew in your biggest fan from Miami.
- Glo.
- Grandma.
We're so proud of you, sweetheart.
We even convinced her to come out of retirement and write the foreword for your book.
I can't believe you guys did this.
I mean, what if I don't sign with you? Well, consider it free publicity for a voice that deserves to be heard over all the chatter.
But just know, this is only part of what we can do for you, if you choose Femperial.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
Let's go get a drink.
Hi, everybody.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much for coming.
How'd everything go with the drug test this afternoon? No news.
Which is good news.
Everyone passed with flying colors? You were expecting otherwise? No, no, I, uh, figured as much.
Despite the fact that PJ's been partying his ass off.
So as a concerned owner, I tipped off the league.
- That's why they tested him.
- You did what? I knew Blake would pull something out of his bag of tricks to ensure PJ passed the test.
Cute theory.
PJ's clean and you have no proof.
Except for the footage of you swapping out PJ's urine sample behind Dr.
Khan's back.
I installed cameras in the offices, including the conference rooms.
For security, of course.
That's a gross invasion of privacy.
And a new low, even for you.
Is that any way to treat family? Who do you think I learned it from? It's classic Carrington.
I'm sure you'll catch on.
I'm gonna love hearing you explain this to Commissioner Mills when he gets here in a few minutes.
I sent him a copy of the video.
The league is gonna force you out.
And I'll be here to make sure this team actually does something for the community.
Enjoy the party while you can.
Drinks on me.
Fallon, what the hell did you do? You hijacked my book event to publicize another author? Well, it wasn't hard to notify your fans.
Both of them.
And as far as the press is concerned, they're here to cover a Femperial book, which hopefully hers will be very soon.
- You are deplorable, Fallon.
- Thanks.
you can write about my savage business tactics in your next book.
But I won't publish that one either.
Commissioner Mills.
You know Atlantix majority owner, Blake Carrington.
Thought you might wanna have a little chat with him.
Yes, I do.
Blake, I love what you're doing with the team.
So impressed.
I wish you all the best on your inaugural season.
Hold on.
Did you not see the video I sent you? Oh, that.
Jeff, I appreciate your concerns, but we just didn't find sufficient evidence of wrongdoing on the video without something more concrete.
He was tampering with an official league drug test.
How much more concrete can you get? The video was blurry at best and open to interpretation.
The league knows that Blake is an upstanding owner.
Hey, Jeff.
You met Roger's son? This is Aiden.
He's gonna be interning at the Atlantix in the training room, and he's interested in sports medicine after he finishes school.
It's beautiful when the next generation finds its calling.
You really are a piece of work, Blake.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
But I do owe Roger here a drink.
So, excuse us.
Didn't know if you saw me switch the samples, so I thought it couldn't hurt to get ahead of things.
But you might think you're the favorite son now, but you're really just Blake's new bitch.
Either way, we still win.
Game's not over yet, cousin.
By the way, I just figured out whose office I'm gonna take.
There's no reason for you to be on the same floor with the owners.
It seems like a small price to pay, right? It is the height of unprofessionalism that you used money and manpower meant for me to promote her.
Glo has a huge following.
With limited resources, we needed to impress her in the biggest way possible.
By taking a giant dump on my career? Oh, it's just business.
You expect me to believe that with our history? You are going light years out of your way to hurt me.
It is obvious that this is just all payback - for what that happened in Sun Valley.
- No.
To say that it is payback would mean I still care about us and I don't.
I have moved on.
Why can't your staggering ego do the same? I wish you had the decency to at least read my book first before you buried it.
Oh, I read the book.
Cover to cover.
And it's trash.
Not even fun trash, just garbage person trash.
Got it.
If you hate the book that much, you don't have to publish it.
Does that mean you're quitting? Yeah.
Forget the book.
Forget the money.
You'll never have to see my face ever again.
You know, it's just I just really thought that you That you of all people would've loved reading it.
I think Glo Fest did the trick.
Here's to another voice on the team concerned about the community.
You're lucky I even let you past the bouncer.
As far as the team, what does it even matter? Blake's already greased every palm in the city.
The man can snake his way out of anything.
I know firsthand how hard it is for Blake to see anybody in a new light, but he gave me a shot with this team.
And I leveraged it and turned it into a better position for myself.
Is that what you think? I'm not his driver anymore.
I got a seat at the big boy table now.
I have a say in what direction this team goes.
You're still doing his bidding.
Just at a slightly higher level.
- Didn't you help him win this bid? - Yeah.
After our car accident, I offered to help him as long as he helped me get revenge on you.
But then I had a change of heart.
I told Blake to call the whole thing off, but no, he refused.
He still had his goons steal that 5 million from your mom's house.
He plows through everyone.
He uses who he wants.
And at some point, you're gonna have to stop letting him use you.
- Where's Freddie? It's cold out here.
- I called him 15 minutes ago.
Isn't that your car? Freddie.
What's wrong with you? Are you okay? What happened? I don't know.
One minute I was up, and the next, I just blacked out.
What the hell is that? Oh, no.
It's my family crest.
- It's a warning.
- Do you think they drugged him? So, how did tonight go? It depends on who you ask.
Oh, so, not a success.
I'm sorry.
Blake is never gonna take me seriously no matter how hard I work.
I don't know how much longer I can play by his rules.
It's time to start breaking the rules then.
Did you talk to Fallon? I couldn't.
We're in a really good place right now.
Like, letting-me-borrow-clothes good place.
- I thought we were in a good place.
- I thought we were, too.
Maybe we're making a mistake.
By breaking the girl code? Maybe it's time you start breaking some rules.
Oh, my God.
Liam's book is about me.
It's about us.
And it's nice and it's sweet and it's clever and it's amazing.
And I should've gone after him when I had the chance.
You think I still have time to win him back? Mom? Are you kidding me? How two-faced can you get? I want this place fortified like Fort Knox on steroids.
Footstep detectors, fog blasts, bullet and bomb-proof windows.
Hell, bullet and bomb-proof everything.
I'll make the arrangements immediately.
Not a waft of wind will get by that gate without me knowing about it.
I am sorry that I doubted you.
But you have nothing to worry about.
I will do everything in my power to protect our family from yours.
- Well, that worked better than I thought.
- Okay.
Family crests are more of a Spanish thing, not Mexican.
- And that wasn't part of the plan.
- Yeah.
I wanted to add dramatic flair.
Blake doesn't know the difference between Mexico and Spain anyway.
I do feel bad that I had to drug Freddie with sleeping pills.
Ay, no.
Whatever, he caught up on his rest.
He'll be fine.
At least Blake feels the threat now.
Let's just hope it's enough.
- Kirby here yet? No? - She's When she gets here, remind me that my anger's at an eight.
You might wanna dial it down to a four because Glo's in your office.
- How do I seem now? - Like a seven? - No one asked you.
- You just Gloria.
Oh, so nice to see you.
Would you like some Zen tea? I like to start my morning off with a little Zen Okay, that is not tea.
Can I please have two Zen teas, hot? I just wanted to tell you in person what a great time I had with my GiGi.
We talked for hours, and that is all thanks to you.
Well, that makes me very happy.
You two have a beautiful connection.
She told me that it's always been a dream of hers to see me as a published author.
Last night, she got to see it happen, kind of.
You mean because you're not actually published yet? But I'm about to be.
Where do I sign? I belong here, Fallon, with your support and vision.
Oh, my God.
Oh, to the birth of a new fempire! Exactly.
Us ladies need to stick together.
I was on my way to the office.
I'm glad I caught you here instead.
I can't stop thinking about how Blake is playing both of us.
Well, the difference between us is I'm gonna do something about it.
I'm sending that video to every media outlet in the country.
If the team goes down, it's just an empty stadium and zero jobs where your school's supposed to be.
I asked Blake about a ten-million-dollar gap in our development budget, which he said went to "investors.
" There are no investors.
It's a sham.
Like that company he sold the stadium land to belonged to Cristal's father.
I think he could be laundering money through the team.
And if he is, we can take that bastard down together.
I might have underestimated you.
And Blake definitely underestimated the two of us.
I heard the good news about Glo.
Is it too early for rosé? Close the door.
We need to talk.
Is everything all right? You're freaking me out.
You wanna explain this? I promise I was gonna tell you, Fallon.
I'm not mad.
I have every right to be, but I am not.
I am hurt that you didn't tell me the truth.
I thought we had evolved into something resembling friends.
We did.
I really, truly wanted to tell you, Fallon.
I lost my nerve, which is unacceptable, but hopefully not unforgivable.
Our friendship means a lot to me.
- Really? - Yes.
I should never have started anything with Culhane and I will absolutely stop seeing him.
I don't want anyone getting in the way of us.
Kirby, you can date whoever you wanna date.
Not Liam.
But if we're gonna be friends, you have to be honest with me.
- Deal? - Deal.
If we're being honest I think I should be the one to go on the book tour with Glo.
I found her, and, uh I should be the one to see her through the finish line.
I guess you have a right to build your own fempire, too.
I was gonna go with Atlantix Yellow, but I decided to upgrade to Imperial Gold.
- What do you think? - That's above my pay grade.
Don't let me slow down your packing.
I told the painters to get started on my new office in an hour.
- Should be out of your hair by then.
- Good.
I'll be sure to sage the place as soon as you're gone.
Let me guess.
You woke up in the middle of the night and remembered something else you hated about me? I lied when I said I'd read it.
I hadn't.
And then I did and I loved it, every page, every word.
It turns out you're a very talented writer.
I had some pretty great inspiration.
And now I want to publish it.
- Really? - Really.
Then I don't wanna use my pen name.
If you really like it, I wanna put my name on it.
- I'm proud of it.
- As long as no one knows I'm publisher.
- Until it's a success, of course.
- Deal.
We'll be working together.
Ashley will be okay with that? I don't know.
I haven't spoken to her in weeks.
I'm, uh, glad you came around.
At least now we can be civil and professional and the rest of the process can be smooth.
I do have notes.
Of course.
That's part of the process.
Hit me.
Your heroine, Farrah, she needs to be toned.
She's a little wishy-washy.
She should know exactly what she wants.
The deeper I got into the story, I wasn't I wasn't certain if she knew what she wanted.
I think she knows.
What about the ending? Let's just say I like where it's going.
Oh, my God.
I love it.
I look so much younger.
I'll have to get Dr.
Bronson a gift.
Don't tell me I missed the big reveal.
All right.
Turn around.
Let's get a look at the new you.
You look wonderful, Mother.
One of a kind.