Dynasty (2017) s02e18 Episode Script

Life is a Masquerade Party

1 [narrator] Previously on Dynasty: - What the hell is that? - It's my family crest.
It's a warning.
You look wonderful, Mother.
One of a kind.
I'll keep your secret if you keep mine.
You hijacked my book event to publicize another author? - Liam's book is about me.
- I'm proud to have my son working - alongside me in the family business.
- The days of my silent partnership - in this club are over.
- Sounds like someone should do something about that.
I told the painters they can get started on my new office in an hour.
You can't turn your back for a second around here.
I can't believe that breakfast is this extravagant every morning.
I still can't believe you're here every morning.
You know we're thrilled to have you here, son.
I've always said family is the most important currency in life.
You've always said that money is the most important currency.
- Ahem.
- Speaking of family Steven and my divorce is finally official.
- I'm so sorry, Sam.
- It's a new chapter.
My reinvention.
But, um, I couldn't have survived this without you guys.
Well, maybe without you.
So, to say thank you and to debut the new me, I thought I could throw a party here.
If that's okay with you guys.
Uh, just one question.
Who's the new you and does he work for a living? That's two questions, Daddy.
Sam, is there any way that you can thank me by not inviting me? Only because I'm very busy, and this way we can skip the awkwardness of me walking in on you and some rando again.
- You're coming.
- Wouldn't miss it.
- Theme? - I was thinking something sexy, like animal prints or under the sea.
Do you think we can turn the living room into an aquarium? Right.
Because nothing says sexy like fish.
What about a masquerade party? - Cliché.
- No.
To honor your reinvention and reveal your new identity.
- I love that.
- Wait, does this mean that we'll have to wear masks that touch our skin? It's also a security nightmare.
That's true, yeah.
I hadn't thought about that.
And you're right, Fallon.
It is a bit cliché.
I mean, I haven't been to one before, uh, but I didn't grow up in this house - We're doing it.
Saturday night.
- [George] You know, it's just a shame that Mom won't be released from the hospital in time.
Oh, and before you ask, no.
- She isn't seeing visitors yet.
- No one's asking.
[sighs] - You were up early this morning.
- Yeah.
I hope I didn't wake you.
I got a call.
David Etz was injured in a car accident.
The goalie? Is he okay? We'll know more after his MRI.
I'm more concerned about how it happened.
Now, I don't have all the details, but something doesn't add up.
The roads were clear, his toxicology tests come back negative.
Well, maybe he can't control that sports car he bought.
- I don't think it was his fault.
- You think someone caused the accident - on purpose? - Not just someone.
Your family.
I don't have any proof, but first, Freddie's drugged.
Then my beverage license at the stadium is delayed a week before opening day? I find it hard to believe that's a coincidence.
Especially after you told me your father was out to get us.
And let's not forget, my new Koons outdoor sculpture, bulldozed in the backyard? The neighbors apologized.
- I'm right about this.
You know it.
- Mi amor sometimes an accident is just an accident.
Atlanta drivers are the worst.
Everyone knows it.
Besides, what else are you going to do for security? The only thing you forgot is snipers on the roof.
Well, I can make a call.
[Alexis] I really still can't believe it.
I look just like [gasps] I look just like I did five years ago.
I'm sure you do.
You look amazing.
The surgeon did an excellent job.
Does this mean I can finally get out of here and show the world the new me? Patience, Mother.
Even though you look amazing, the doctors suggest you stay here a few extra days - just so you can completely heal.
- Oh, but I am healed.
I mean, between you and me, this isn't the first time I've had work done.
I said just a few more days.
- I just thought because I - No.
Besides, I have come up with the perfect way to reintroduce you to the world.
What are your feelings about masquerade parties? Whatever this Player Development Fund is, it's getting 10 million in team money.
And it doesn't seem to be developing much of anything.
Blake Carrington is laundering money through the Atlantix organization? I think that's just the tip of the iceberg, and I don't think it's his money.
Why would he be doing someone else's laundry? The Atlantix recently closed a deal on land for their new stadium.
Land that I owned.
I would have never sold to Blake Carrington.
That's why he used a shell company.
Owned by Silvio Flores.
The Flores in Mexico? - Who owns the Club Azteca soccer team? - That's the one.
He helps Blake get that land, Blake helps him clean his dirty money, I lose my community center.
Sounds like you're upset about the stadium deal.
You think I would make all this up just because Blake hurt my feelings? Do you need me to list all the illegal things he's done over the years? All I'm saying is that there's nothing here that connects Silvio Flores.
Man, except the fact that Blake's engaged to his daughter.
But Cristal has been estranged from her family for years.
We've been trying to nail Blake Carrington for a long time.
In order to build a case, we need a whole paper trail.
Well, I might be able to help with that.
I assume you've seen this.
If it's a tasteful modeling photo of you in a mask, - I have not.
- It's not.
Though that's not a bad idea.
Anyway, I was looking to find some single, famous and fabulous people to invite to the party when, uh, this article popped up.
"Liam Ridley, heir to Van Kirk fortune, writes book about romance with 'it' girl Ashley Cunningham"? Wait, people think this character is supposed to be Ashley? Yeah.
All the gossip magazines do.
- But why do people care about Ashley? - Because apparently, she's like the Meghan Markle of the Upper East Side.
Something I wish I'd known before I shaved off her eyebrows.
It's two powerful New York families coming together.
Their social media hashtag is "super couple.
" Well, first of all, they are not a couple anymore.
And second of all, the character is me.
Okay? Her name is Farrah, which is basically Fallon, without the L's.
I think I'd know.
I'm the publisher.
So, are you upset as a publisher or as the fake ex-wife? I'm not upset, okay? Not at all.
It's better that people don't find out, honestly.
Because it would be a giant conflict of interest.
This is all business? You have no feelings for Liam? Honestly, I don't know what I feel.
And I'm not sure Liam does either.
But I do know that the book had a slight increase in presales this week.
I mean, I thought it was just a computer glitch, - but I bet it's all this Ashley gossip.
- Oh, it definitely is.
I'm just saying, a few public appearances to keep the book in the news until the official release.
I understand what you're suggesting, but I'm gonna have to decline.
Okay, look.
For some reason people are interested in you and Ashley as though you're New York royalty.
We haven't seen this kind of momentum in presales since the book was announced.
The fact that it's not the truth that the character is not about Ashley - doesn't bother you? - The only thing that bothers me - is that your presales - Yeah, they're terrible, I get it.
I think it's weird you want me to parade around with my ex-girlfriend.
You couldn't parade around with me even if you wanted to.
Not that I'm saying you want to.
I mean, what would people say? Your publisher putting out a book about herself, written by her ex? Not great optics.
I just thought we were on the same page.
Well, I'm just focusing on what's best for you.
Also, how would you even get Ashley to agree to this? Ask her yourself.
Come on in.
[chuckles] Hi, Liam.
So, what, you two are friends now? - I wouldn't say friends.
- No.
But we did bury the hatchet.
You know, I'm all about female empowerment, and two girls fighting over the same guy, it's so My Best Friend's Wedding.
- And what are you getting out of this? - Nothing.
I'm doing it for you.
I feel bad about how I ended things.
So, when Fallon said this would really help with book sales, I figured it was a sign.
And it is nice to see you again.
[chuckles] Aw.
Going in for a hug.
That's nice.
So, I set up your first interview.
You guys let me know if you need any talking points I think we'll be okay.
We've handled the press before when we co-chaired a gala for the Bronx Zoo.
So, shall we? - Go.
- Let's do it.
[scoffs] Yes.
You are aware of how grating that constant chirping is, correct? - [cell phone beeping] - I can't help it.
The RSVPs are coming in fast and furious.
Could they come in fast and silent? Unless, of course, you're almost done? Although I notice that you've invited almost the entire population of Atlanta.
They're just friends.
Friends of friends.
Good-looking strangers.
- I need advice.
- Lose the jacket.
I mean about something specific.
I have a delivery I need to attend to.
Sam, keep that list to under a hundred of your closest friends of friends.
So, how's Project Ashliam going? It's good.
They have their first interview this afternoon and they're coming to the masquerade party.
- So, you're totally comfortable with that? - Of course.
I haven't done anything except be a smart businesswoman and capitalize on a great marketing opportunity.
I meant are you comfortable throwing your ex together with his ex? A woman you hated, last time I checked.
I don't hate her anymore.
Plus, I mean, it's not like they're actually dating.
- Are you guys getting back together? - Getting back together? We were never a real couple.
Unless you count that fake relationship for his family.
Not to mention, I am now his boss, which brings a whole other set of problems.
So, no.
And plus, I don't even know what the book means anymore.
Which brings me back to the advice.
- What is this? - It's Liam's book.
I need you to read and analyze it.
This Farrah character.
Is it a love letter to her? Is it a farewell? I don't know.
But I'm heading back to the office and I expect a full report when I get back.
Is there a Wiki page I can read instead? Because this looks like a lot of words.
I'll read it.
I minored in American literature.
Did you major in being creepy? Because it's sort of weird how you just pop up out of nowhere.
Look, I'm heading to the hospital to check on the Atlantix goalie, but after that, I've got nothing but free time.
I can be very insightful.
Sam's got it.
You're late.
- You a slow reader? - I didn't wanna miss anything.
People like Blake move millions around all the time, okay? I wanted to make sure it was actually missing.
And? It's gone, right? So, we take it to Blake, tell him it goes public unless he resigns from the team.
It's not enough.
We have one chance to make a move.
Blake has to believe that there's a smoking gun.
- Like what? - Like the whole paper trail.
Okay? We trace the dirty money coming in and the clean money going back out.
I've been thinking about this.
I was at the manor the other day, and when I got there, Anders was outside signing for a delivery.
Like two or three pallets of wine.
I've worked there for years.
Anders doesn't handle routine deliveries.
But he does handle Blake's dirty work.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying I think a lot of cash can fit in those pallets.
Okay, so get back in there and see.
All right, I'll, uh, hack into the team network and I'll see if I can pull some more financials.
If we can close this loop, Blake will finally get what he deserves when we take him down.
How's Mexico treating you? Still got a corner on the energy market down there? Good.
I need a favor.
I was hoping, given our long history together, I had earned the right to call one in.
It's a little bit of an ask, but, um, I will make it worth your while.
Let's talk soccer, or as you guys call it, football.
[Debra] What's amazing to me is how well you seem to get along as exes.
You come from two well-connected families who frequently socialize, yet there doesn't seem to be any friction.
We've known each other - our entire lives, Debra.
- Yeah.
I mean, in the rarefied air we grew up in No.
It could be hard to meet people, so you hold on to the good ones.
I think that's what makes people so excited about the book.
A love story about people connecting for real.
I always had a crush on him.
[Liam chuckles] When we were 9, I tripped him on the playground during PE so he would fall into a mud puddle.
But I only did it so that I could clean him up.
[chuckles] That's gross.
- [Ashley] Remember that? - [Liam] I do.
- [Ashley] Yeah.
- My mother made me take three showers in the pool house before she let me back inside, - so thank you for that.
- You're welcome.
[Debra] Ashley, you're known as a bit of a social animal.
Clubs, parties, fashion shows.
Did you two hook up at one of those places? Our first kiss was actually at the sixth grade dance.
- Were there fireworks? - It was more awkward.
Kind of like this.
[groans] - Skank.
- [Ashley] Sorry.
- That's great.
- Did it get on me? Just a little bit.
- You two are adorbs.
- Oh, thank you.
[Debra] So, any tidbits from the book you'd like to share? Not really.
It's a work of fiction, remember.
So, I just want people to buy it and read it for themselves.
[Debra] Aren't you the savvy businessman.
I know you've dated a number of A-list celebs before Liam, so are you seeing anyone now? No.
No, I'm not.
Um I'm actually starting to wonder if we made a mistake ending things when we did.
Allison, I'm gonna need a new muffin, and if you could please set up appointment with Liam tomorrow.
Make sure he comes alone.
[Debra] It's a love story about people connecting for real.
Well, I have always had a crush on him.
- [knocking on door] - When we were 9, I Does this say sexy and mysterious? No.
That says Mardi Gras, not masquerade.
What about this? Hey, will you look at this? Please? Okay.
When Ashley takes Liam's hand, does he look at her in an adoring sort of way or a "How was I ever with you" kind of way? No.
We're not doing this.
Between that interview and the dinner date, - you're gonna go crazy.
- You're right.
It is beneath me.
What dinner date? No.
No, no, no.
You are not leaving here until I hear every detail, up to and including what Ashley ate for dinner.
What? I did not authorize this date.
Right there.
That is the look of two people falling back in love.
Oh, God, Sam.
- I created a monster.
- What did you think would happen? Haven't you seen a romantic comedy? On the plus side, I've read the book.
- Oh, really? - No.
Just the first and last chapters.
- Sam.
- Back off.
I have a party to plan.
But seriously, do you think he wrote that about you and not Ashley? There are direct quotes, private conversations I had with Liam.
He just created a different love story for us.
If you say so.
She just seems so nice.
But I guess it is a work of fiction.
In that case, I do think Liam still has feelings for you.
Especially on page 525.
His feelings could be slipping away.
He did write that a while ago.
So, you should figure out what you want before he figures out he wants someone else.
Oh, and, uh, she was eating a fig and arugula salad.
Two known aphrodisiacs.
[cell phone buzzing] Beto Beto, no - - [grunting] I recommend the pinot.
- [laughing] - [laughs] Hey.
You snuck up on me.
I just, uh I came to get some wine and here you are.
I was gonna pull some bottles for opening day.
I figured maybe I can put some of Blake's favorites in the luxury boxes, maybe even some from his vineyard.
That's such a thoughtful touch.
- The team's lucky to have you, Michael.
- Thank you.
Speaking of the team, I've been taking to Jeff about collaborating on some outreach projects, but they haven't really been gaining any traction.
I know you're invested in the community, too.
- Do you have any advice? - About the outreach or about Jeff? Well, I know you guys go way back, and I admire a friendship that stood the test of time, but I can imagine that this whole Carrington-Colby feud must have been, you know, complicated for you.
[chuckles] Honestly, I try to stay out of it.
I mean, Blake may have made some mistakes with the Colbys, but he also gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.
Well said.
- Didn't you come down here for some wine? - Changed my mind.
You're creating a spectacle.
I mean, there is such a thing as too much publicity.
I don't know, I thought your date last night was a bit much.
Isn't this what you asked for? Me and Ashley out in the world? To a point.
I just I don't want the public to get sick of the perfect couple that breaks up and then still manages to be a perfect couple.
Okay, well, until that happens, why do you care if we had dinner together? I Because I am your publisher and it is my job to care.
Besides, I heard her say something like she made a mistake, so what, are you guys gonna give it another go? Not that I care.
I don't know.
Okay, what's best for book sales? Again, this was your idea.
So, if you think you made a mistake I didn't think you would be so happy to run with it.
I mean, considering the character isn't even based on Ashley.
Right? So, maybe the ending is just not what I thought it was.
I'm sorry, but I told my story the way I needed to tell it, Fallon.
In a way that allowed me to move on.
Liam, why did you want me to read this book? Well, I don't know.
[sighs] I guess I thought you'd have a different reaction.
Ashley and I will see you at the masquerade party.
[sighs] - I talked to my brother last night.
- That's nice.
- How's he doing? - Not good.
There was a power failure at the Azteca game last night.
Now, that's a shame, but I'm sure they will bounce back.
I have to ask, did you have anything to do with it? And please be honest with me.
I did what I needed to do to show I won't be trifled with.
So, you caused a blackout? What were you thinking? I was thinking that I needed to protect my interests.
I need to tell you something and you're not gonna be happy.
My family didn't drug Freddie.
I did.
- Why? - Because I was worried about the safety of everyone here.
And framing my family seemed like the only way to make you realize the danger.
But I went too far.
Someone could have been hurt.
We're supposed to be a team, and you manipulated me.
We're gonna get hurt.
Your father is going to strike back after what happened last night.
You can count on that.
You started a war, Cristal.
- Adam? Are you sure this is a good idea? - Of course it is.
You're perfectly healthy and you look great.
You are ready to face the world.
I don't mean leaving the hospital, dear.
I mean the whole surprise reveal tonight.
You? I thought you would have loved to be the center of attention.
Oh, well, I do enjoy that.
I don't know.
I'm a bit nervous, is all.
I mean, what if I look too young? I mean, what if it's too much? People might think that I'm vainer than usual.
I mean, what if they think I fell into the fireplace just to get a new face? Then I'll set them straight.
You look exactly like yourself.
Your best self.
Everyone's gonna go crazy for it.
You'll see.
[knocking on door] - Yeah? - There you are.
I've been trying to reach you.
Are you okay? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
I just I've just been in it.
His network security is no joke.
I thought you could hack into anything.
- I guess I'm a little rusty.
- Mm-hm.
Did you, uh? Did you stop by the house? Yeah.
I made it down to the wine cellar, but I only got through one pallet before Adam walked in.
- You think he knows something? - I don't know.
But if he does, Blake will, too.
I think we need to act before Blake can.
If we go public, we've got enough for a headline, and in this climate, headlines should force Blake out.
Which is all I really care about.
- Let's not be hasty.
- I don't wanna lose our window.
We have to act before Blake can.
I already did.
- You did what? - I went to the FBI.
- What? - If Blake is tangled up with the Flores family, you think a resignation is gonna be enough? They'll still have the hooks in the team.
Look, if we're gonna get a clean slate, we have to root them out to win, - and we cannot do that alone.
- You involved the FBI.
The same FBI that wants to send me to jail for the Ada deal.
No, they're trying to put Mike Jones in jail.
Michael Culhane is helping them catch an even bigger fish.
Right? I got your back here, man.
To what? Put a knife in it? - I thought we were on the same team.
- No, we are.
We are.
["Sympathy for the Devil" playing] Do we really need the security muscle in here, Anders? Everyone's being checked at the front gate.
Carrington's only condition on having the masquerade ball here was extra surveillance.
And this is his house, last time I checked.
Well, you're being a downer.
I'm not gonna let you rain on my mask parade.
I deserve this.
Looking good.
Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name Hi.
Do I know you? Liam? [chuckles] Liam? Okay.
Who the hell are you? That dress looks amazing.
- It really highlights your finer points.
- Oh, my God.
What is wrong with you? It's so gross.
You're my brother.
- What, so siblings can't slow-dance? - No.
No, they can't.
[George] I read Liam's book.
Now, all I can say is I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone who feels that way about me.
You should probably start with nonrelatives.
Here you go.
Do you really think that about the book? I think this guy adores you.
No one can write like that about someone they're not in love with.
Why are you telling me this? What's your angle? There's no angle.
Truth is, as weird as it sounds, reading the book made me a little relieved that I didn't grow up with you.
Well, being compared to my perfect sister would have been difficult.
You're obviously something special.
Hey, how did you even get the book? You know what? I don't wanna know.
[Sam speaking in Spanish] [Sam] Hello, everyone.
Well, even though I don't know who half of you are, I just wanted to thank you for coming to my official coming-out party.
[crowd chattering] Well, not as a gay man.
As a single man.
[crowd laughing] Some would even say rich and good-looking and I'd let them.
I've been fortunate enough to have been embraced by the Carringtons even though Steven and I are divorced.
Even in dark times, I never felt alone because of my new family.
They've shown me loyalty.
I'm lucky to have them.
Because we never know what life is going to throw at us.
I figured I better enjoy it while I still look good.
And before I meet someone, remarry and Steven stops paying alimony.
[all laughing] That's a joke.
Just kidding.
So, cheers.
- To single life.
- [all] Hear, hear.
- Yes.
- Hear, hear.
I'm riding in your car You turn on the radio I deceived you, and I'm sorry.
I wasn't acting like a wife or a partner.
Can you please forgive me? Because I don't wanna give back this ring.
Only if you forgive me.
For putting you in the middle.
Your loyalty to this family is one of the things I love about you most.
I want peace between you and Papa, and I'm working on making that happen.
And that starts tonight.
[speaking in Spanish] You're taking me home You say you won't stay I'm guessing by the prom king and queen dancing that you and Liam didn't exactly have a breakthrough.
But we did have a fight.
So, now you've become a matchmaker.
I told you, there are several reasons why this isn't that simple.
There are mitigating factors.
Look, I may not know what mitigating means, but I know what's simple.
And I know it takes two to tango.
I don't know why you expect Liam to be honest with you when you are not honest with him.
- What are you talking about? - For someone who hates masks, you are the biggest mask wearer of all.
I mean, you're totally unwilling to let anyone see the true Fallon.
Romeo and Juliet Wait.
Are you mad at me? Excuse me.
I'm gonna need to cut in here.
- Excuse me? - Well, our work together is complete.
Why don't you go get a drink and enjoy the rest of the party? - [scoffs] - Thank you.
- Fallon - No, don't speak.
I have thought of about a hundred different reasons why you and I should not be together.
But the truth is, I was just afraid that I was gonna get my heart broken.
- I tried to tell you earlier today Shh.
- Look, I totally Still me talking.
We had a fake marriage, a fake divorce, a fake relationship.
- Fallon.
- And I just feel - Fallon - I think I'm in love with you, Liam.
- Okay, now you can talk.
- Okay.
Look, I was doing the same thing.
I was protecting myself.
And the truth is, I started writing that book to get over you.
But it turned out to be the best way to tell you how I feel.
I know I'm in love with you.
I have been.
- For a while.
- Okay, good.
Touching me, burning me Take me home Oh, no, no, mi amor.
- It's not what you think.
- We're gonna have masked make-up sex? - Uh - I like this side of you.
Blake, I need to tell you something.
- [knocking on door] - No, no, no.
No, go away.
Come in.
Hola, Papa.
1937 whiskey from Blake's private collection.
- What are we drinking to? - To truce.
Let's not forget you did give me a shot, but I also didn't think the Ada Stone connection through before I went to the FBI.
And that could have gone bad for me, real fast.
I promise, okay? I'm gonna keep your name out of it when we take Blake down.
So, are we good? Is something going on with you? I'm fine, man.
Okay? Just back off and enjoy your drink.
I've arranged this meeting because both of you mean a lot to me.
Blake, I hope you can appreciate the effort my dad made coming here.
Papa, there was a time in my life when you meant the world to me.
Blake is my world now, and it would destroy me if anything happens to him.
- I thought he'd be taller.
- [laughs] It must be difficult knowing that your own flesh and blood despises you.
Okay, stop.
This fight, all of this is my fault.
If someone should pay the price, it's me.
So, Papa if you're gonna kill someone, kill me.
Are you insane? Do you see what you're doing to your daughter? It's my job to protect you, honey.
And you can be sure I'm gonna do that even if it kills me.
I don't want anything bad to happen to you.
No matter what our history holds, I'm still your father.
I love you, Cristal.
It looks like we're all willing to put the past behind us where it belongs? It looks like.
Then let's end this war.
Before we hurt someone we both love.
Let's see about getting you home.
Could I have the Carrington family? And Liam.
I want to tell you all that Mom has been released from the hospital.
Thank you for the update, but I'm not sure you get the concept of the family meeting yet.
Plus, we are headed upstairs.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
No, no, no.
You're misunderstanding me.
What I mean is she is here right now.
- What's going on? - Okay, okay, okay.
Mother, we are ready.
She's always so dramatic.
- Ready? - Yeah.
You're with family here.
Oh Wow.
Good Lord.
Well? That's not Alexis.
That's No.
No, don't say it.
I think she's lost her mind.
And apparently her face.
- Adam, I - No, it's okay.
It's okay.
Everyone, calm down.
This hasn't been easy on her.
Mother? What have you done to yourself? She's made herself Fallon.
That is some dark Shut up! Everyone, just shut up.
I don't even know what to say.
I I mean, I've been through some weird situations with my mother before, but nothing like this.
I mean, this is Hey.
I'm sorry.
Can I get you anything? I mean, something like vodka or champagne.
I mean, someone in this house has to have painkillers on them.
Can you get me a new face for my mother? I always knew she was a nutjob.
But this this is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.
Oh I've always liked my face.
On me.
Look at me.
It's a beautiful face.
I mean, look, I'd be weirded out if my dad came home and looked completely different, but he'd still be my dad on the inside.
But Alexis isn't even that great on the inside.
And it's not just that she looks different, - it's that she looks like me.
- I'm not defending her, but she's your mom, Fallon.
And she almost died.
From what you told me, she's been through a very traumatic experience, so Maybe you should try talking to her.
As long as you're here when I get back.
- Well, this is very generous, Blake.
- It's nothing.
We're in business together now.
- You consider this your corporate jet.
- And when you come to Mexico, - you can use my yacht.
- I look forward to that.
You know, I don't think I fully appreciated how lucrative the gambling business could be.
Last year, the industry made more than the world's largest carmaker.
- And that's just the legal profits.
- Hopefully, we'll have a syndicate strong enough to generate revenue worldwide.
I have many people in Mexico.
And connections all over Asia.
You just have to pay off the right people to look the other way.
Well, I don't anticipate that being a problem.
I'll make some phone calls and keep you in the loop.
Wheels up in a few minutes.
[both speaking in Spanish] Great minds drink alike.
May I join you for a nightcap? Please do.
It's virgin.
Seeing Bizarro Fallon totally killed my party drive.
[chuckles] Well, I was just relieved that it didn't kill me outright.
- Mm.
- It's a shock to the system, as they say.
I still don't know quite what to make of it.
But I do know that I owe you an apology.
I reacted poorly to this whole brand-new you idea.
You see, you have now officially said goodbye to Steven.
And while I understood your need to move forward, - I wasn't quite ready to do the same.
- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have been throwing this divorce in your face.
I I know how much you love Steven.
I do.
But listening to you tonight, I realized I have no choice but to move on for now.
Steven is getting the help he needs, and I have people here I need to take care of.
You're family as well.
Maybe I haven't made that clear enough.
[sighs] But emotional transparency - is not my strong suit.
- Preach.
I finally got into one of Blake's files, and I found this.
This is just a list of names.
- Who are these people? - That I don't know yet.
But I was able to track where this e-mail was sent.
To this server.
In Mexico.
What are the odds this has something to do with Silvio Flores? If it does, it's something illegal.
Cristal told me he fixes games all over the world.
We just need to figure out what this list is.
I can guarantee you it'll lead us to something good.
Yo, are you hearing me? Yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
I'm just really, really tired.
But at least we have something to work with now, right? [Emily King's "Look At Me Now" playing] How you dealing without me? Well, I just don't get it.
I guess people only see what they want to see.
- You can say that again.
- I'm being serious, dear.
I know that it's different, but I mean, I think I look just like I did five years ago.
You look just like I did five years ago.
Well, now you're just being mean to your mother.
As usual.
Look, my initial reaction to your face was not my finest moment.
But you have to understand that this is a bit of a shock.
Well, Fallon, I would never wanna make you uncomfortable.
And I'd rather die than hurt you, but I'm sure you'll get used to it.
Get used to it? You're not doing anything about this? You think life is a masquerade party? Well, it's not.
I know, but this is my face.
I can't just take it off like it's some mask.
[clearing throat] And I would appreciate it if you, of all people, would try to embrace it.
That's not gonna happen.
You try to hurt me But you'll never do it again Look at me now, oh, look at me Did you hear about me? I got a new love Somebody I can count on A love I can trust Oh, look at me now, oh, look at me Did you hear about me? I'm living the dream Everything is better Since you walked out on me Look at me now, oh, look at me I have a photo that might interest your readers.
It'll go to the highest bidder, naturally, but it's worth every cent.
I'm taking opening offers.
How you dealing without me? Hello