Dynasty (2017) s02e19 Episode Script

This Illness of Mine

1 Previously on Dynasty GEORGE: Mom, it looks very different.
SAM: Wow.
She's made herself Fallon.
We've been trying to nail Blake Carrington for a long time.
There's nothing here that connects Silvio Flores.
I don't think I fully appreciated how lucrative the gambling business could be.
I went to the FBI.
The FBI who wants to send me to jail? They're trying to put Mike Jones in jail.
(yells) You always do exactly the wrong thing.
Your son doesn't fight back, because he's protective of you.
I told the painters they could get started on my new office in an hour.
- You okay? - (exhales) "Liam Ridley writes book about romance with It girl"? People think this character is supposed to be Ashley? LIAM: I just think it's weird you want me to parade around with my ex-girlfriend.
What would people say? Your publisher putting out a book about herself, written by her ex? Not great optics.
I started writing that book to get over you.
It turned out to be the best way to tell you how I feel.
I have a photo that might interest your readers.
- - FALLON: You, me, warm sands, strong drinks, maybe an afternoon skinny dip under a waterfall? I have bad memories of Bora Bora.
Okay, well, how about a safari? Meghan and Prince Harry did it for their second date.
We could top them and do it for our first.
Are you sure you're not just trying to run away from your mother's face? No.
Copycat Freakshow hasn't left the loft since the great reveal, so I'm hoping she stays there.
The point is, we are finally doing this, and I want to make sure we do it right.
Plus, we've been working so hard on the launch of your book, we deserve a little break.
Have I ever told you how sexy you are - when you talk about my book? - Oh, well sales are on an upward thrust, and you've been rocking hard with the reviews.
But in the interest of doing things right, maybe our first time shouldn't be here, you know, with my dad down the hall.
So we'll wait, then.
(cell phone buzzing) No.
- What? - What? My God, over a dozen bookstores have backed out of their orders of The Biggest Payday.
They're dropping like flies.
- (cell phone ringing) - I thought we were getting good buzz.
Hello? What's-what's going on? I mean, we're losing money by the second.
What do you mean, check TMZ? Oh, my God.
Someone leaked a photo of us kissing at the masquerade party.
And now they're saying that the book is about you, - not Ashley.
- Wow.
"Is this book really so bad that they had to fake a relationship just to get people to buy it?" "Fallon Carrington thinks she can dupe the public.
"Boycott Femperial books.
#liar, #narcissist.
" I mean, I should've known better.
Kissing in public? It's almost as bad as leaking your own sex tape.
We screwed up, and now we're screwed.
Well, I'm not gonna let these Internet trolls tank our project or drag our relationship through the mud.
Yeah, but you can't stop it.
It's too late.
If I can stop us from having sex, then I can stop anything.
- Are we celebrating something? - BLAKE: Mm-hmm.
Peace between the Flores and the Carrington families.
I'm honestly surprised how easily you and Papa took to the truce.
Well, Silvio and I found some common ground.
(chuckles) What? Cigars? You.
Neither one of us wants to see you get hurt, and we both want to build a legacy, a legacy that includes you.
So, in the spirit of that, we have decided to pursue a joint venture.
Mm, okay, mi amor, we've been over this.
He's not to be trusted, especially not in business.
Honey, I wasn't born yesterday, okay? This is mutually beneficial to both families.
We're bringing sports betting to Georgia.
With your family's business and their infrastructure, we should be ready to launch by the Atlantix opening day.
Isn't gambling illegal in Georgia? Mm-hmm, but the state senate is voting on a bill to legalize sports betting in a few days.
It's down to one swing vote, Senator Braden.
I just need to apply the right pressure to the right people so the vote goes our way.
Growing up with my father, I know a thing or two about "applying pressure.
" - Are you offering to help me? - (clicks tongue) We could have some fun playing Bonnie and Clyde.
As long as I get to be Bonnie.
- You're no fun.
- (laughs) (reporters clamoring, Fallon sighs) As the CEO of Femperial, I am here today to address allegations that we misled the public in promoting our book, The Biggest Payday.
Oh, I can confirm that those allegations are true.
I do have a personal relationship with the author, and the book is about me, not Ashley Cunningham.
I saw an opportunity in the public's misconception, and I do regret employing deceptive marketing to promote a book that can easily stand on its own merits.
Please do not punish the author or our Femperial team for a mistake that I made as a first-time publisher.
- Thank you.
- (reporters clamoring) Where the hell have you been? - I've been calling you.
- I'm not at your beck and call, Jeff.
And I actually have work to do for the team.
Well, there won't be a team if we let Blake drag it down with him.
Anyways, I've figured it out.
That list of names we got from Blake's hard drive, they're all Georgia state politicians.
And? And I-I need you to figure out how these politicians are linked to him or Silvio Flores.
We can force Blake out of the owners' box with the money-laundering evidence we already have.
Why put everything that I that you have built in the hands of the feds? The FBI is the only way to make sure we pull all of Blake's hooks, including the Flores family, out of the team.
Anyway, it doesn't exactly matter what you like.
What? You're gonna pull the Mike Jones, Ada Stone card again? Sell me out to the FBI? I don't want to.
Just figure out what these names mean.
Please, do not punish the author Overall, I think it worked out better than I expected it to.
Oh, really? Because you were bragging all morning about how your plan was such a sure thing.
Well, the boycott is off, and now my open call for accountability is trending.
You're a meme now.
Someone took your head and pasted it over Britney's face in the "Work Bitch" video.
Great, just what I need.
- My face on yet another broken woman.
- Oh, look at the bright side.
She's doing great.
She has a Vegas show, great abs.
Oh, speaking of abs, you and me, - off to the Maldives? - Not yet.
First, we need to celebrate the book, and then we can celebrate us.
Plus, you should be working on your speech for the launch party.
Perhaps you'd like to make a dedication.
But there's also a slimeball out there who leaked our photo to the press, upon whom I need to exact sweet, delicious revenge.
Sam, it was your party.
You want me to figure out who took the photo? There were hundreds of people at the masquerade.
(sighs) Anders! You're also pretty sexy when you're out for revenge.
Go figure.
Aw! You kiss so beautifully.
Uh, I saw your photo broke the Internet this morning.
You must feel violated.
That photo is nothing I can't handle.
In fact, I already have.
(knocking on door) Hi.
Can I help you? - I need to speak to my son.
- Uh Oh, God, Liam, get your tongue out of that girl's throat.
- Mom? - I read your book.
My dear friend, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning critic, Michiko Kakutani, she slipped me her advanced copy, and I must say I'm offended.
Not only by your subpar writing, but by your slanderous portrayal of me.
So I have filed a lawsuit.
It's fiction, Mom.
That book will never see the light of day, and I will tie up your little vagina power company with so many lawsuits that you will never sign another author again.
Are you really that sad? What's sad is this little folly.
So I will give you a choice.
I will give up the lawsuit if you give up my son.
Oh, sorry, Jeff, didn't mean to startle you.
I just wanted to see what you did with my office that you commandeered, and it's so stylish.
Way nicer than my new one.
Yeah, that-that was the plan.
All right, can you Damn it.
Whoa, Jeff, you-you seem worked up, and your eyes look a bit glassy.
- Can I check your - I'm-I'm fine, okay? Just All right, look, I know we have bad blood, what with you being my father's adversary, but let's forget that right now.
I'm concerned about you, as a doctor.
See, your hands are shaking, you're sweating, and your pulse is racing.
Just Come sit down.
Yeah, all right.
Sit back.
Now, you want to take some deep breaths.
In out.
There we go.
You just need to get some rest.
All right? All right, everyone, the staff will provide all the bone broth and B12 shots you need, but remember, nobody leaves until we've figured this out, so think fast.
All right.
- Hi.
- I assume this has to do with my mother.
She wants a legal battle, she's going to get one.
We have civil and corporate litigation right here, family law in the drawing room, and a couple from immigration, you know, just in case we find something juicy.
I don't know about all this, Fallon.
Going nuclear on my mom is definitely not the best way to handle her.
Well, she went nuclear first.
I mean, I know she hates me, but using your book your blood, sweat, and tears against us? It's low, even by my standards.
Yeah, but this is just gonna make things even uglier.
What do you suggest, Father Teresa? I suggest dinner, okay, with lots of wine.
It is the WASP way.
Yes, there'll be some verbal sparring, but in the end, I will talk her off the ledge, as a loving son.
I've already made reservations.
- Great, let me know how it goes.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
For the three of us.
You're coming.
(laughs) You are not going to believe the photo I just found.
Look, you'll love this.
It's a photo of us just after Fallon was born.
I mean, look at Fallon.
Oh, such a bundle of joy, you know, before she could talk, and you, mm, you were so handsome.
We were so madly in love.
Oh, I miss those days.
Don't you? Yeah, I don't know why we're taking this trip down memory lane.
I know you've been through a lot, but I'm in the middle of something.
Blake, I need your honest opinion, and I know you won't spare me.
Is this what I look like now? Like a younger version of me? Or do I I mean, would you say that I look more like Fallon? Really look.
(sighs) Uh (laughs softly) Well, you are Fallon's mother.
Wait, you are Fallon's mother, aren't you? It's getting hard to tell around here - these days.
- Blake! I'm serious.
Well, it's a little late to worry about it now, isn't it? And you look fantastic for someone who just face-planted into a fireplace.
Alexis, I really have to get some work done.
I do, too.
(camera clicking) (car lock beeps) JENNINGS: Ow.
- Ow, ow.
- Ma'am? Are you okay? What happened? Is it broken? - It feels broken.
- I can call 911.
Oh, no, I was talking about my shoe.
- Oh.
- It got stuck in the grate.
Can-can you help me unlace it? Yeah, sure.
I think I twisted my ankle.
You know what? I think it's loose enough for me to Oh.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
I thought I'd be stuck there all night.
Can I, um can I walk you to your car? No.
No, no.
It's just around the corner.
Thank you.
That performance put Faye Dunaway to shame.
And Beatty's got nothing on you, baby.
LAURA: You are looking well, Fallon.
Candlelight does wonders.
I was about to say the same to you.
Have you had work done recently? LIAM: See? This is nice, c-civilized.
It's almost as civil as civil court.
- Although I hear it's bring your own candles.
- Okay, can we get through at least one more bottle before diving into all that, please? The wine won't make any difference, Liam.
You might as well accept that this relationship is going to end, and I'm just trying to save you the pain of another divorce.
All right, you know what, Mom? Just stop.
We're together, and your lawsuit isn't gonna work, so if you want to stay in my life, you're gonna have to accept that Fallon is a part of it, too.
Well, she has clearly wasted no time in rotting your brain with this new - disrespectful attitude.
- I have just lost my appetite.
Laura, you go ahead and file your lawsuit.
It has zero legal merit, and I will slap you with so many countersuits that you will not see the outside of a courthouse for years.
I don't have years.
It's this illness of mine.
It has made me overly emotional, and everything that is happening is my fault.
What? I was just trying to get you to myself, and spend the few months that I have left with my son.
Liam, I have cancer.
- Oh! There you are.
- (exhales) Take a look.
- At what? - I'm trying a few tweaks.
You see, now we barely even look related.
Do you need new eyes, too? Darling, please.
You never wear a dark lip.
Hmm? Okay, come here.
Let's compare, shall we? You are the one on the right, in case you're confused.
And if you think a pair of sunglasses and a dark lip will be enough for me to let this go, then your face isn't the problem, Mother; your brain is.
But, Fallon Until you stop lying to yourself, we are done.
I already have enough on my plate with manipulative Mommy Van Kirk.
I don't need your crazy, too.
So you and I will never be seen in public together again.
- (sighs) - FALLON: No, tell them no plus-ones.
No exceptions.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I missed you last night.
Ah, sorry.
I just wanted to stay with my mom after, - you know, the news.
- Of course.
Did she tell you any more about her diagnosis? Well, apparently she's been doing chemo for a couple weeks, but it, I don't know, hasn't been going well.
So the future is is murky.
Look, I might have to go back to New York - for a little while.
- Without me? Hey, look, we can we can long-distance it.
When has that ever worked? Look, if she really has cancer, - then we should just - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What do you mean, if? - I mean, I don't know, I just think the timing is a little convenient.
Are you hearing yourself right now? Fallon, my mom might be difficult, but she's still human.
All right? Even she's not cruel enough to lie - about something like that.
- No, no, no.
You're you are right.
I get that you're upset.
Okay? I am, too.
I want to figure out something.
I am willing to do whatever it takes.
In fact, why don't I take her out for a day at the spa? Maybe a little pampering will make her feel better.
You're actually offering to spend a day with my mom? I would rather take painting lessons from John Wayne Gacy, but, yeah, if you and I are headed for endgame, then I have to at least try and win her over.
SAM: That's totally Derek.
Isn't it? I mean, he did let himself go after his ex got engaged.
Those are some tight pants.
Okay, three down, 477 to go.
Are you conferring with Bo? No.
He's actually useless.
I'm trying to match all the guests with their masks, so I can identify and eliminate everyone in the photo as suspects.
If they're in the photo, they couldn't have taken it.
By the time you're done, Fallon could be three or four scandals past this one.
No one likes a hater, Anders.
Well, I could call a contact at TMZ and find out who leaked the picture.
Well, that's basic.
Some might say "elementary.
" Fine, it is a good idea.
But if we're playing roles, you are Watson.
(whimpers) Okay.
- What is this? - Alpha-wave stimulator.
You'll sleep like a baby tonight.
When you said spa treatments, I was thinking body wraps, not science experiments.
In my condition Your condition is exactly why I booked the Diamond Healing packages.
L-stim bed, cryo body wrap, oxygen infusion, PRP, - microneedling.
- Sounds deadly.
- Are you trying to hasten my departure? - This is cutting-edge, and really only available to elite circles.
I know what you're doing.
You're trying to suck up.
Which wouldn't be necessary unless Liam was seriously considering coming back to New York with me.
No, quite the opposite, actually.
I was just feeling sorry for you, and since time is so precious, why not try to develop a meaningful relationship between a dying mother and an ex-wife/girlfriend? GWEN: All right, ladies, we're gonna go ahead and get started with our plasma-rich platelet procedure.
We're gonna start by drawing your blood, spin it to oxygenate, and inject the healthy blood cells back into your system or wherever you need healing the most.
FALLON: Ooh, fun.
- Who wants to go first? - Oh.
Sick past and future mother-in-laws first.
CULHANE: I got it.
This is all about the sports betting bill.
These senators are all key voters, including one who was publicly undecided (quietly): And-and Blake is somehow tied to all of this.
- It's just, they're partnering.
- Jeff.
What is all this? Well, if it isn't Mike Jones.
Well, did you find that missing piece? Because the clock is ticking.
- I'm still working on it.
- I need that link.
Okay? I-I just can't see it, but it goes right here, with-with the Flores family - and-and the kiosks.
- Wh-What? The kiosks.
The kiosks.
Are you feeling okay? Maybe you need to sit down for a minute.
- It's all good.
- No, no, you don't seem all good.
If Blake sees you, or the FBI, y-you seem a little loose, man.
Well, help me, then.
Okay? Find out about those senators or the feds will be seeing you tomorrow, bright and early.
(door opens) Got it? A Carrington always pays her debts.
Thank you.
Uh, short of breath? Yeah, I just, uh I just need some some water.
(snaps fingers) Good idea.
Severe dehydration can lead to disorientation.
You know, Jeff, like all doctors, I took the Hippocratic oath.
You know, do no harm.
But you're not really my patient.
And is it really doing harm if you're not doing anything at all? It's a real philosophical question, isn't it? I was always better at chemistry.
Now, if you come at Blake and me like that again, next time, I won't make this phone call.
I just found my colleague passed out on his office floor, and he's not moving.
Please hurry.
BLAKE: I should know any time.
Our meeting's in a few minutes.
I'll speak to you after.
Adiós, Silvio.
Oh, I didn't realize anyone was still here.
I'm glad I caught you.
We need to talk.
It's important.
(sighs) What'd you screw up this time? It's not my screwup.
Well, whoever did, and whatever it is, I don't have time to clean it up right now.
I have an important meeting, so why don't you just man up and deal with it? You're right.
- I'll handle it myself.
- Good.
- (elevator bell dings) - JENNINGS: Blake, this is Senator Braden.
It's so nice to meet you.
- It's a pleasure to see you.
- (camera clicks) - Thank you.
- Shall we speak? It looks like everything is healing quite nicely.
- How do you feel? - Well, actually, I was hoping that I could make a few tweaks.
You know, maybe a-a brow lift or a little lip injection.
It's too risky, Mrs.
You're still healing.
I'm happy to pay extra.
Unless, perhaps, there's something else that you might like.
(giggles) I think what's happening is that you're having an adrenaline withdrawal from surgery.
It can be addictive.
You think I enjoy getting all of this painful work done? No.
It's just that I don't know, this face, it's not working for me.
I I look like someone else.
I think our team did a tremendous job giving you exactly what you asked for.
What I asked for? I When? I know it can be difficult to recall everything, given all the pain meds we had you on, but, um, this was given to us as a basis for your reconstructive surgery.
Because you had so much difficulty speaking, your son passed it along.
(piano music playing, quiet chatter) With reviews calling him the next Jonathan Safran Foer and the statement I released yesterday, we are very close to cracking The New York Times Best Seller list.
Will you excuse me for just one second.
What are you doing here? You're not on the guest list.
Just want to celebrate your big night, be a supportive brother.
Oh, yeah, okay.
Well, please try not to roofie anyone, and keep the creep factor minimal.
Hey! Hi! There's the man of the hour.
Fallon, this this is incredible.
I mean, better than anything I could've imagined.
LAURA: Really? All of the guests look like they've stumbled out of an episode of The Real Housewives.
- So tacky.
- Laura, well, I'm surprised that you're feeling up to joining us tonight.
That PRP treatment did wonders.
Anything to make you a little bit more comfortable before your early flight tomorrow.
Well, Liam will be traveling with me, so he'll make sure that I'm plenty comfortable.
What? You're leaving, too? Can I borrow him for just a second? Yeah.
So you're leaving, but you're coming back, right? As soon as I'm able to, yes.
You mean as soon as she lets you.
Look, Fallon, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't try to develop a meaningful relationship with my mother while I still can.
Uh, we actually had a great talk on the way here, and she wants to clear the slate and make new memories.
I mean, she will really just say anything to keep us apart.
You have to stop with these conspiracies, okay? She's sick and just wants to spend time with her son.
My contact at TMZ couldn't confirm the source of the photo.
It came from an anonymous address.
This guy's good, or girl.
At least we have the big picture.
Big picture? We hardly know anything.
No, no, I mean, he literally sent a bigger picture.
- They cropped it for publication.
- Oh.
I'm forwarding it to you now.
Okay, got it.
Well, there's a lot more people in this one.
We can at least rule out more guests.
- ANDERS: I think we can do better than that.
- Oh! I'd recognize that French tailoring anywhere.
It's iconic.
- It's me.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I'm taking a selfie.
- What a surprise.
The good news for us is that that selfie is the reverse angle of this photograph.
If we can find the selfie, we'll know who did it.
Okay, no problem.
- I'll go through my photos.
- All five million of them? I like taking photos of myself, okay? I'm photogenic.
In fact take a picture of me while going through my pictures.
Okay, looking.
Hello, everybody.
Thank you so much for coming out to support Femperial's inaugural book with us tonight.
And without further ado, I would like to introduce its brilliant author.
A man that I am simply mad about, Liam Ridley.
(murmuring, applause) LIAM: Uh, first off, I just want to say that I truly appreciate all of-of your support.
And I'm so happy to have found a home with Femperial.
Now, there's someone that I would especially like to acknowledge tonight because, without her, well, none of this would've been possible.
So, uh, I'm dedicating my book to a very special woman in my life.
- My mother, Laura.
- CROWD: Aw! Uh, she's here this evening, and I'm I'm just so happy that I could share this moment with her.
- Thank you.
- (applause) Wow, I really thought he was gonna dedicate the book to you.
But I suppose the bond between mother and son is undeniable.
Can't you go find a dark corner to lurk in? (cell phone buzzing) (sighs) Hmm.
Hey, Laura.
We need to have a little chat.
(sighs) How many more selfies do you have? I could've finished binge-watching the entire series of Neighbours by now.
- Oh, my God.
- You found something? My new profile picture.
The old one doesn't reflect the new me anymore.
Here it is.
Found it.
I remember that mask.
I had nightmares about it.
That's Adam.
Before we start pointing fingers at our own family, we need to be certain.
We need to prove that he leaked that photo.
Look at us, detectiving.
Should document this with a selfie.
Okay, ready? (cell phone camera clicks) Love it.
(piano music playing, quiet chatter) You.
How could you be so cruel? Mother, what are you Burning me was terrifying, yes, but I've almost learned to justify my son lashing out after years of abandonment, but then I find out that you were the one that made me look like this.
- I-I didn't.
- I got this from the surgeon.
All right, this was this was supposed to be a gift.
You-you looked so much like Fallon when you were younger, I-I-I was just trying to do something nice for you.
I was trying to make up for the-the fire incident.
Stop lying, Adam! You have been trying to destroy my relationship with Fallon, and now I can't help but feel that maybe it would've been better if you had never come at all.
Please don't say that.
(stammers) I-I got jealous, I-I admit.
You see, all all I've ever wanted was your love, and-and you and Fallon are so close, when-when all she ever is to me is-is mean and callous.
Well, that doesn't mean that you can do this, Adam.
I know, and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the way I am, but you have no idea how hard it was being brought up by some sick addict as a mother.
Then I learned about you, and-and I finally had hope.
H-Hope that I-I would I would get the love that I-I'd always craved.
So please don't (crying): Please don't push me away, not when I just found you.
What is this all about, Fallon? People are praising my son, and I would like to be there to hear it while I still can.
You can drop the Big C act.
- I know it's all fake.
- Excuse me? That PRP treatment? You didn't think I was trying to be nice, did you? No.
I had some vials of your blood tested for traces of chemo, and it came back as clean as a newborn's.
You stole my blood? And you are the one accusing me of doing something so utterly loathsome as pretending to be terminally ill? Okay, stop making a scene at your own son's book launch.
Making a scene? I'll show you a scene.
Excuse me.
Hello, everyone.
As mother of the author I'd like to say a few words.
This is a bittersweet evening because this could be the last book launch of my son's that I may be able to attend.
You see, I was just recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.
- (crowd murmuring) - I know.
And if that weren't awful enough, my son's girlfriend Fallon Carrington, is actually accusing me of lying about my diagnosis.
All right.
(chuckles) Let's hear it for Laura, everyone.
I got it.
- Thank you.
- (microphone feedback squeals) Well, I'm sorry for, uh, that interruption.
Let's get back to the party, shall we? Okay.
I would like to say one thing.
Laura, here, is a liar.
I have test results that prove there is no trace of chemo in her body, even though she claims that she is undergoing treatment, okay? Right here.
Take a look.
It says it right there.
She is a manipulative liar, and she's only doing it to break Liam and I apart because she is a monster.
- (crowd gasping, murmuring) - She's a monster who I'm the monster? She stole my blood.
- She stole my blood.
- I That's And, yes, it is clean, but that's only because I have stopped chemo therapy.
I was having a-a bad reaction.
- Wow.
- And you know what? Would you like to see the CT scan, hmm? There.
- Ah.
- (chuckles, stammers) - No.
- Uh-huh.
Does this look fake to you? (cries) - She could've pulled that from anywhere, guys.
- Hey, hey.
- Liam? - You know what, Fallon? Don't.
- You've said enough.
- Come on.
I'm sorry.
(crowd murmuring) WOMAN: Do you have any comment, Ms.
Carrington? - MAN: Fallon, is this true? - (camera shutters clicking) Gambling is inherently immoral, and I didn't come to the state capitol to encourage it.
Well, Senator, I-I hear your concerns.
And I'm familiar with your moral crusade at the capitol.
You ran on an anti-gun platform as well, - if I'm not mistaken.
- That's right.
So it would be, uh quite the scandal if the Georgia State Troopers were tipped off about your husband tonight and then found a firearm with an illegal silencer - in his glove box? - Excuse me? - Is this some kind of game? - Mm, sort of.
Except we can both win here.
You can go home, take that gun out of his car and bury it in the backyard, and then you can go and vote in favor of the gambling bill tomorrow.
You don't want to find the other Easter eggs we've hidden for you.
At your law firm, in your mother's garden.
Her roses are coming in so nicely.
I've never been able to grow them myself.
- No? - Mm-mm.
So should we discuss that vote again? There you are.
Are you okay? - Did someone die? - No, just my pride, my relationship and maybe Laura Van Kirk, soon.
Man, I really did miss a good party, didn't I? Yeah, where were you? I've never known you to skip out on anything, not even Tony the gardener's cat quinceañera.
Sam and I were busy looking for proof before we shared our findings.
You are not going to believe this.
Actually, you probably will, 'cause you think the worst of people.
He took and leaked the photo of you and Liam kissing.
- Boy, Interrupted? - Mm.
Well, he is annoying and weird.
And he stares at you unblinkingly, which I heard is a psychopathic trait.
All personality assessments aside, we do have actual evidence.
Sam borrowed Adam's laptop while he was at the party.
I had a discreet tech service give us full access, and as you can see, he's the one who e-mailed the photo to TMZ.
Brother dearest is so dead.
I don't want to encourage fratricide, but it does get worse.
We found some interesting texts.
You're not gonna like who he's been cozying up to.
(both sighing, grunting) That was very pleasant.
And illegal in some states, I think.
Yeah, teaming up was a game changer.
I am so glad that you reached out when you did.
Yeah? - That cancer idea we came up with.
- That was genius.
You pulled those medical records - practically out of thin air.
- (quietly): Poof.
Old patient records come in handy every now and then.
You are very resourceful, aren't you? You are not gonna be able to guess what just happened.
Something tells me I won't have to.
Fallon paid me.
For sleuthing.
I mean, she didn't pay me, pay me, like, with money.
But she paid me with a trip to the Maldives.
She was supposed to go with Liam, but now he's mad at her, and she has to deal with Adam, so, since I saved the day, she said I deserve a vacation.
You saved the day? Okay.
Of course.
Yes, we saved the day.
And that's exactly why you're coming with me.
I mean, you deserve a vacation just as much as I do.
Did someone say boys' trip? Yeah.
There she is.
With her tail between her legs.
- Liam's not here.
- I know.
He always goes to yoga before a flight.
I wanted to talk to you.
Woman to woman.
Well, make it fast, because my son and I have a plane to catch.
I know you lied.
- What are you talking about? - I have proof.
Text exchanges with my brother, who provided the faux CT scan.
So you caught me.
I only did it because I am trying to protect my weakling son, who is too weak to fend off trash.
- You are not good enough for him.
- No, no, no.
I am not good enough for you, and there is a difference.
But I'm not afraid of you, and I don't care what you think.
And you know that.
And you hate it, because it rubs off on Liam, which gives you even less control over him.
Let's cut the bad therapy crap.
What do you want? I am going to give you a choice, Laura.
Either I can go tell Liam the truth, which would destroy your already fragile relationship with him, or you can generate goodwill by choosing to come clean on your own.
Just tell him that you were desperate for his love and affection, make up some excuse that will help him forgive you eventually.
Why? Why aren't you using this to make Liam resent me more? Because I know what it's like to hate your mother, and I don't want that for Liam.
But hey.
One silver lining: At least you're cancer-free.
I was told that you're desperate to chat.
What the hell do you want now, a wig made out of my hair? Thank you for being willing to talk.
Especially with all this.
Maybe don't highlight it.
I know that this face has caused you a lot of trouble, but I'm going to make this right.
The world's best plastic surgeon will be reconstructing a new face for me.
I leave for Europe immediately.
So you've finally come to your senses? I'll be gone a while, but before I go, I was hoping I could talk to you about your brother.
Quit while you're ahead.
He's worse than you know, Fallon.
He's the reason that I have your face.
- He gave the surgeon your photo.
- He what? Just promise me that you won't cross him.
I love you too much to see you get hurt.
I won't get hurt.
Adam, on the other hand Fallon, he might be disturbed and unbalanced, but I mean, he's my son, and I blame myself.
I never should've stopped looking for him.
Just promise me that you will stay away from him, and do not tell him that I'm gone.
Of course, Mother.
You go get a new face.
Everything's gonna be fine.
(champagne cork pops) I just got word.
Sports betting is now legal in the state of Georgia.
Your father's gambling kiosks will be installed before our opening game.
And I just got a text from Papa.
He never reaches out.
He wanted to say he's happy with us.
Thumbs-up emoji.
That's a first.
The emoji or the happy? Both.
Mmm, mmm.
Let's get to the part of Bonnie and Clyde they don't show on television.
Mm, that's my favorite part.
Can I help you? I think you've been looking for me.
In the Ada Stone case.
I'm Mike Jones.
Mike Jones? And you're just waltzing in here? That's bold.
It's not bold.
It's smart.
I've realized I've got to do things my way and my way only.
So I'm here to make an immunity deal.
- (scoffs) - I've got everything you need to catch a much bigger fish than me or Ada Stone.
What kind of fish are you talking about? Blake Carrington.
LIAM: Fallon? So, I just spoke to my mother.
She confessed to everything.
She lied about the cancer.
No way.
Oh, no.
Don't act so surprised.
My mom doesn't usually own up to things or apologize.
So I got the sense that someone gave her a not-so-subtle nudge.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm sorry.
I should've believed you from the beginning.
But, Fallon, I'm so grateful that you tried to make everything okay between me and my mom, even if she was just completely and unacceptably awful.
Well, you shouldn't judge her too harshly.
She did have help from the devil himself.
What does that mean? Don't worry about it.
Right now, I think you and I deserve to take a beat and just focus on us.
Pretend we're in the Maldives, order up a couple rum cocktails, and take a PG-13 skinny dip in my thousand-thread-count sheets.
- PG-13, hmm? - Yeah.
It's tickling my fancy Speak up, I can't hear you I just have to take care of one little thing first.
I got some wild, wild life - Brother dearest.
- Hmm.
How uncharacteristically sweet.
Want some cake? I'll share.
Actually, I just came from the loft.
I had a real heart-to-heart with Mom.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I know she was really troubled by your strong reaction to her surgery.
Well, we're putting all of that behind us.
And in the spirit of family and fresh starts, I think we should try again, too.
Consider it a truce, of sorts for Mom.
I didn't know we were at war.
But, of course, we can start fresh.
There's no victory more important than family.
I couldn't agree more.
And do you know what? I would actually love some cake.
Thanks, bro.
Oh, oh Living wild, wild, wild, wild Life.