Dynasty (2017) s02e20 Episode Script

New Lady In Town

1 - Previously on Dynasty - I was hoping I could talk to you about your brother.
He's the reason that I have your face.
The world's best plastic surgeon will be reconstructing a new face for me.
I leave for Europe immediately.
Your publisher putting out a book about herself, written by her ex? Not great optics.
He took and leaked the photo of you and Liam kissing.
- That cancer idea we came up with.
- That was genius.
Mom called me back.
So I'm sending my plane to bring her home.
Don't you dare get on Jeff's plane.
There are other places to build your conservatory.
But Blake has to pay for what he's done.
ADAM: Now, if you come at me and Blake like that again, I won't make this phone call.
It's the top floor of the Atlantix building.
BLAKE: The state senate is voting on a bill to legalize sports betting in a few days.
It's down to one swing vote, Senator Braden.
WOMAN: This is Senator Braden.
Should we discuss that vote again? I've got everything you need to catch a much bigger fish than me.
Blake Carrington.
LIAM: So I've been thinking, you and I need to get away.
- FALLON: Hmm.
- Like, badly.
LIAM: From your family.
From mine.
We can literally jet anywhere in the world, just as long as we wind up, say, in the same bed.
(GASPS) Liam.
Are you suggesting that we go someplace exotic, where you'll rip off my clothes, and we'll finally have sex? Because I'll be wearing something sheer and expensive.
And you wouldn't want me to rip it? I just need to know if I should pack two.
I'll pack three.
Ooh, scheduling my jet to take us to this secluded island off of Thailand.
Sounds divine.
But I can't go anywhere until I expose my heinous brother for what he did at your book launch.
I'm trying to take you away from your family swamp, and you want to slither right back into it.
I don't want to, I have to.
Adam needs to know that if he messes with fire, he's gonna get torched, and pummeled and kicked and possibly bitten.
I realize I've veered away from the fire analogy.
- Same swamp.
- Look, I know a parent is supposed to love all of their children equally, but I have always been my father's favorite.
It's our thing.
And then Adam weasels his way in and he pushes me out, and I know it sounds corny, but I want my dad back, which means I have to ruin Adam in my dad's eyes.
How about, instead of retaliating like a savage, we take the high road.
(SIGHS) I don't know.
I mean, I'm proud to say - I've mastered the low road.
- Oh, no, you take the high road with Adam it'll be classy and you take the low road with me in Thailand.
Okay, but first, golden boy's ass is getting dragged straight to hell.
- Get excited.
- ANDERS: If this is another request for an 18-wheeler filled with cereal, Mr.
Carrington has said no.
He doesn't share your desire to swim in a pool full of sugary flakes.
A, his loss.
B, this is our itinerary to our boys' trip to the Maldives.
There are only two items on here, and look at the typos.
- It's a work in progress.
- (LAUGHS): It says here we leave tomorrow, which, of course, is out of the question.
My staff need at least two full days to train for measures in my absence.
And what would happen if, God forbid, there was an emergency? You mean, like, if brunch was late? Anders, your need of a vacation is an emergency.
I mean, look at how tense you are.
Your-your hands are about to wring themselves to death.
(SIGHS) It's my belief that a vacation is best when it's well-earned.
And at this juncture, I haven't earned it.
(WHISPERS): What? - We need to talk.
- No time.
Tomorrow is the Atlantix opening day, and I have a wealth of things to do.
I'll only be a minute, and I want you to note that I will be rising above the drama that I'm about to share.
It's called taking the high road, which no Carrington has ever done before, but I figured that if I start - Out with it.
- Okay.
Adam, who I love deeply, attempted to inflict harm upon me at Liam's book launch the other day by leaking this photo to the press.
Now, we both know that Carrington-on-Carrington crime is a capital offense, and he needs to be punished as soon Talking about me again, sis? You know, it's incredible how we have this sibling sense where we can feel the other person thinking about us.
That's funny.
I don't have it.
I guess my intuition has you blocked.
Adam, is this true? Leaking damaging photos of Fallon or any of us is unforgivable.
And it's reckless.
Can you tell what I'm thinking now? It is true, Father, and it was an honest mistake.
I sent dozens of photos of the event to TMZ.
I wanted to get us some good press.
I didn't realize that they would use one against my dear sister.
I am deeply sorry, and this naive mistake will never happen again.
Well, no damage done.
Lesson learned.
Now we have opening day work to do.
- Ride with me? - Shotgun.
Oh, think you're riding in back with me.
- Even better.
- Hey.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Adam also conspired with Liam's mother to fake a cancer scare.
Yeah, that doesn't sound like a naive mistake to me.
No, in fact, it's reckless, it's manipulative, grounds for malpractice, really.
Not a great look for your team doctor.
Your story's twisted, sister.
Laura Van Kirk came to me for medical advice, which I provided, out of a courtesy to Liam, - who I adore.
- Oh, please.
And the inference that I knew that she was faking cancer is outrageous.
- And unprovable.
- Daddy? Daddy.
You have known me my whole life.
You have known him an hour.
You know that I would never make up an accusation like this.
High road, remember? - I see what's going on here.
- Hallelujah.
You're competing with your brother, and it needs to stop.
- Hallelujah.
- I will not tolerate juvenile behavior from either one of you, and I will certainly not tolerate lying.
Now I'm gonna go give Cristal a kiss good-bye, and we are going to work.
Donuts on the way? Mm-hmm.
(EXHALES) Oh, it's got to hurt, knowing that Father loves me more.
But I'm a doctor.
Can I do anything for the pain? I'm fine.
Daddy, on the other hand, should get an optometrist, so he can better see what a loathsome monster you are.
I mean, I see it clear as day.
I'm not a monster, Fallon.
Yes, you are, Adam, but that's all right.
Daddy will see it.
And I cannot wait until he punishes and then banishes your demented ass.
Well, that's never gonna happen, 'cause Father loves me, and so, by the way, does your boyfriend's mother.
Oh, no.
Did I just kiss and tell? HEAD NURSE: The home-care staff has set up inside already.
MONICA: Maybe we shouldn't have gotten him out this soon, Dad.
He's still so weak.
CECIL: He would've found a way to leave one way or another.
You know how your brother gets when things don't go his way.
JEFF: I don't need anyone fussing over me, okay? I'll be fine.
As long as we continue to monitor his vitals and he remains stable, he'll be fine here.
And in the meanwhile, let's get Mr.
Colby into bed.
Should we be concerned? The test results still haven't come back.
Mitchell wants to be thorough.
- He's running every test.
- JEFF: I know the results.
Not to be dramatic, but I'm dying.
MONICA: Jeff, please.
Get some rest.
- He's not, right? - HEAD NURSE: The doctor wouldn't have released him if he wasn't stable.
We'll know more when the tests come back.
He'll need to fill these.
Most importantly, let him rest.
No work, no visitors.
Nothing that can add any stress.
This is ridiculous.
I have given you Blake's head on a silver platter.
Evidence that he blackmailed a senator, forcing her to pass legislation that now, in turn, gives the Flores family and that greedy bastard free rein over Georgia's gambling game.
A photo of Blake and the senator and e-mails saying that he bought betting kiosks with the Flores family is circumstantial.
Nothing that leaves the smoking gun in Blake's hand, yet.
I have given you everything that I got.
It's not like I'm holding anything back.
Wear this wire, get Blake talking.
We need him explicitly implicating himself, revealing how he forced the senator's vote.
It's not happening.
If Blake caught me, - he would kill me.
Or worse.
- Let's be clear.
The FBI is going to arrest someone.
Ideally, it's Blake Carrington.
But if not, it will be Mike Jones, who committed a felony.
Your head is already on a platter.
- You have - Cancel it.
I don't care if Oprah wants to select Liam's book for her book club with Liam sitting on her lap.
I cannot be bothered.
I am not happy.
- The high road went well? - Blake refuses to see what Adam is doing, which kills me.
But I will dust myself off and I will come roaring back, on the low road, where I will bury Adam and make sure he gets screwed.
- Or - I already hate it.
you let go of all this Adam drama, and we escape to Thailand, where they have floating beds.
Adam slept with your mother.
Yeah, let's bury the bastard.
I have never wanted you more.
- I love that.
- Eyes on the prize, Liam.
We are taking down my brother.
No, those stay in that room.
That's not what the lady told us.
She said she needed the space? What? Which lady? The lady in the living room? JEFF: Is everything okay? Mom.
It's been a second, darlings.
I assume you have a spare bedroom.
Or maybe two.
Mommy's home.
FALLON: Okay, listen.
Here's the plan.
Once I get Adam out of his office, you swoop in and find the confidential team medical report.
Then we'll leak it to the media, which will be a disaster for the Atlantix, and then Blake will rain holy hell on his sloppy doctor son.
- I've never swooped in before.
- Yes, I'm sure there's lots of things you've never done, but we'll get to all of them.
- (KNOCKING) - I need your help.
ADAM: I'd love to believe that, but I don't, and I have a lot of work to do before opening day.
I have an idea for a crossover promotion with Femperial and the Atlantix that I think our father will love.
But the truth is, I know he'll only go along with it if he has your blessing.
Because he loves me more? Fine.
Now will you please come with me to his office and encourage him to go along with my brilliant plan? I'll accompany you, but I can't promise that we'll sign off on your idea.
I mean, Father and I are very particular about who we partner up with.
Look at us, a united brother and sister.
I mean, can you imagine all the delicious mischief you and I would have gotten up to if we'd have grown up in the same house? I'd like to think one of us would be dead.
Oh, uh, I forgot something in the office.
Oh, hey, you know Blake's busy schedule.
He'll probably only give us five minutes, and whatever it is I'm sure it'll certainly be there when we get back.
You're right.
Let's go.
- No, gotta go now.
- No, no, no, no, no.
How about, um, I go grab it, and then I'll meet you in Daddy's office, giving you two more time to drool over each other.
Uh, mayday.
Mayday! - Can I help you find something? - Uh Did you not hear me say "mayday"? - That was for me? - Yes.
It's a signal that people use.
It's a good thing that I installed security cameras in the office.
You never know who's out to get you in the professional soccer racket.
FALLON: You know, I did not think it was possible for me to hate you more, but I was wrong.
So Stay out of my office, and you stay away from my relationship with Father.
- You stay away from my mother.
- Oh, you heard about that? Sweet woman.
We're a good fit.
Well, a tight fit.
What did you say? Say it again.
How about I go screw your mother? Don't you dare talk about my mother that way, ever! Do you hear me? Now, get out of my office! No hugs? - Did you call her here? - How? Between the time you almost died and our way back from the hospital, I had time to make a phone call to the devil? Don't mind me, I'll just wait here until you're both ready to talk.
How long, Dominique? Over a decade? Because that's how long we've been waiting.
God, it must have been one hell of a pack of cigarettes.
Forget the last decade.
What about last month, Mom? You said you'd come.
I sent a plane for you.
I had a last-minute invite to perform at Swing 46.
They offered me a residency.
I couldn't say no.
And I thought you would ask me again.
- But you didn't.
- Do not put this on him.
He can't take the stress right now, he's Weak.
He's been in the hospital for some mystery illness.
Why do you think I came? I had to take care of my baby.
- How did you even know that? - Your grandmother told me.
I reached out to her.
- I always have.
To ask about you.
- MONICA: Really? Did you pack your "Mother of the Year" trophies? I'll shine them with my ass.
- JEFF: Moni - MONICA: What? I'm being hard on her because you don't have the balls to.
Look who's putting it on him now.
Okay, look, both of you just stop, all right.
I might have almost died twice, but I can still make my own choices.
Mom, please, take whatever room or rooms you need.
I'll talk to Dad.
We should all have dinner tonight.
What now? Can we please just focus on the present here? Sure.
At the present moment, I have plans.
We haven't seen her in years, Moni.
I'm sure you can make tonight work.
I have plans.
I'm sorry that was such a phenomenal bust.
It absolutely wasn't.
Yes, Adam outsmarted me and foiled our plan, but we just learned his weak spot.
What, that he's a complete lunatic? That he's a complete lunatic about Alexis.
Even better, he doesn't know she left the country.
I'm incredibly turned on by you right now.
And a little terrified.
That's my sweet spot.
Is that all you're taking for a ten-day trip? Correct.
One carry-on bag.
I have a system when going through security.
- Security? - Mm.
We're taking the Carrington jet.
The jet is for business purposes or Carrington vacations only.
Well, this is a Carrington vacation, by proxy.
The point is, we're doing this in style.
Oh, and I already booked on-flight massages to rid you of your manor-separation anxiety.
- Ready? - FALLON: Oh, Anders.
- Are you free? - Of course.
How may I assist? Okay, something is going on with you two, and I am dying to know what it is.
No, I'm just kidding.
I don't care.
But I do need you.
It's a very important, very sensitive and highly private matter.
You're not getting out of this, Anders.
If I have to stuff you in a bag and carry you on myself, we're going on vacation.
BLAKE: Trust me, sports betting in Georgia is gonna be more popular than peaches.
More profitable for us.
AXFC! That was a master class in salesmanship.
Now everybody's on board with these damn kiosks.
Hell, even I'm coming around to the idea.
Easy to make a sale when you actually believe in the product.
Having Lady Luck on your side helps a little bit, too.
You got to admit, the timing of that gaming bill was clutch.
Luck is for the lazy.
Our one of a kind, in-stadium betting experience - is made possible by my planning and preparation.
- How so? Because I'm behind every decision and every choice.
Okay, well, if you're behind every move, then how'd you sway the vote? Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.
I made a unilateral decision.
- Like I said, I am the maestro.
- I mean, come on.
How'd you do it? Did you get Senator Braden to push the bill through? - Or - Senator Braden? Yeah.
I mean, I saw her here the other night, so I assumed that Well, you assumed wrong.
She loves soccer, she wanted to see behind the scenes at the city's latest and greatest franchise.
I've had enough of this fanboying.
Plenty of time to pick my brain after tomorrow.
Back to work.
(EXHALES) Ah, there you are, Master Adam.
I've just been, uh, in the loft.
Alexis needs to see you right away.
Uh, is it something I've done? Well, I wouldn't know anything about that, sir.
But, uh, she does seem to be in a lot of pain.
What? Oh, my God.
They got troubles piling up And maybe I'm just not ready And afraid to grow up Oh, mama Oh, mama mama Oh, mama, I need you here (EXHALES) Hmm! (DOMINIQUE CLEARS THROAT, RAPS NAILS) MONICA: It was only a matter of time before you showed up here.
Jeff told me you owned this place.
- It's magnificent, sweetheart.
- Thanks, Dom.
You are still going by that tacky stage name, Dominique Devereax? You know, I thought you'd be a bit more appreciative after what I did.
Covering up my lie to Jeff doesn't make up for 13 years of abandonment.
I know.
One or two, give or take? - I'm trying, Monica.
- I don't need you to.
I'm willing to wait until you do.
I'd rather you do what you do best.
- Split.
- (PHONE BEEPS) Oh, my God.
- What? - Jeff is crashing.
My Lamborghini is getting detailed.
I'm calling an Uber right now.
Come on, I'm driving.
You can stay here and be right, or you can come with me and do right by your brother.
What's it going to be? - Mother! Are you all right? - (WHIMPERING) Anders said you were in pain.
(WHIMPERING) Why are you wearing an ice mask? Why do you think? My face is killing me! Ooh it's clearly from the surgery.
I never should have listened to you when you pushed me - to have it done! - Okay, here.
Let me check No, don't touch me! (GASPS) Oh, the pain is too grave.
Oh, I-I want to help.
Please, tell me, what can I do? Well, the least you can do is prescribe me with some pain medication to ease my suffering, which you caused! A-All right, all right.
We'll-we'll start with some over-the-counter acetaminophen No, that's ridiculous! I will need something much, much stronger.
Oh, God! Oh, Mother, I'm sorry.
I'm so I'm so, so sorry.
No! Stay away from me.
I am suffering, and it is all your fault.
(CRYING): Just leave Go.
Sandy Springs.
I don't understand why the ambulance isn't already outside.
Jeff? Never mind.
Bill us for the trouble.
Dad's making dinner.
We are having a family meal whether you two like it or not.
It was the only way to get you both to come, okay? I got to admit, it worked like a charm.
DOMINIQUE: Don't ever scare your mother like that again.
(CHUCKLES) - What makes you think I'm staying around for this? - JEFF: Because you taking off is gonna stress me the hell out.
A-And then who knows what may happen? You're low.
Wonder where you got that from.
JENNINGS: Don't stay too late, mi amor.
Tomorrow is a big day.
- Bye.
I love you.
- Catching you at a bad time? Michael.
- I'm sorry, Blake's still at the office.
- I know.
I came here to talk to you.
Crazy things are happening, Cristal.
I've spoken to the FBI, and they know that I'm Mike Jones.
And they're threatening to put me away for a long time if I don't give them dirt on Blake and his whole deal with the new gambling legislation - and Senator Braden.
- Oh, my God.
It gets worse.
I wouldn't be shocked if they came to see you.
I think I'm going down no matter what happens.
Which is why I've chosen to create my own way out and disappear.
Why are you telling me all of this? Because I think you should disappear, too.
They know about your involvement.
You have big cajones coming to me with this.
Do you really think there's a chance I won't go right to Blake, the man I love, and warn him about you and the FBI? You and I are similar, Cristal.
We've both been enamored with Blake and pulled into his orbit, and we've both done illegal things for him that could get us put away for decades.
Blake wouldn't let that happen to me.
- He'd protect me.
- I understand why you think that.
But a part of you knows that he will protect himself and his blood above all else.
- ALL: Salud.
- Mm-hmm.
- To us.
- To us.
You know, I can't remember the last time we were all together like this.
We had a party to celebrate Jeff's scholarship.
Just before Cecil was Incarcerated.
It's all right, you can say it.
Dad, we don't have to talk about it.
Well, I don't feel ashamed, but I do have some regrets.
I'm thinking there's plenty of those to go around.
Moni, we're not doing this, okay? There's been enough pain, not enough healing.
CECIL: Don't blame this all on your mother, baby girl.
If I would've trusted her when she said she hadn't been with Blake, maybe she wouldn't have left, and you wouldn't have been raised by your grandmother.
DOMINIQUE: Maybe it was for the best, Cecil.
You know, I kept up with them while I was in New York.
Every article, every photograph your grandmother sent.
I mean, I think you turned out much better than you would've had we raised you.
I don't know, it made me realize I did the right thing.
I left to pursue my dreams, it gave you the freedom to do the same.
Is that how you sleep at night? Oh, that's one of my tricks.
Ask your father about the others.
- How was having your freedom? - It was good.
I've been very successful.
Performed in every lounge you can think of, toured many wonderful places.
I just got a residency at the 40/40 Club.
CECIL: Hey! So I think we should all come and see you there some time, or even better, maybe when Jeff's recovered, you can come and perform at Club Colby.
- You are a Colby.
- Dad.
That's very kind of you, Cecil, but I agree with Monica.
My focus, our focus, should be on Jeff's healing.
("THE LOVECATS" BY THE CURE PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) How much crushed hyrdocodone should I put in? I mean, I need Adam loopy enough in front of Blake so the optics are humiliating, but I don't want to kill him, I don't think.
I appreciate you thinking I have experience dosing lobster toast, but this is my maiden voyage.
Okay, fine.
Let's go for it.
We couldn't get closer than this Yeah, that feels right to me.
- Maybe more.
- Ooh, naughty Liam.
I love it.
Yeah? Why don't we slip in the owners' box and Yes, yes, absolutely, but we have to dose my brother first.
- Okay.
(EXCLAIMS) - Push it in.
Oh, yeah.
I need you to go serve this lobster toast to the gentleman - right over there.
- I'll leave it open.
Silly me, I forgot to mention I am the best tipper in the history of the universe.
All right, off you go.
- The lovecats - Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah - "We missed you," hissed - Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah The lovecats Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah Bah, bah, bah Oh.
Come back.
Come here.
Wonderfully pretty Oh, you know that I'd do anything for you We should have each other to tea, huh? We should have each other with cream Then curl up near the fire and sleep for a while It's the grooviest thing, it's the perfect dream Into the sea, you and me, all the years And no one heard, I'll show you in spring - Ah! - It's a treacherous thing "We missed you," hissed the lovecats "We missed you," hissed the lovecats The lovecats Mmm.
Cristal? I thought we were meeting at the stadium? We need a pre-game pep talk.
Our blackmail caper? The one that convinced Senator Braden to vote in favor of legalized gambling? The FBI knows about it.
How do they know? They found a weak link in our organization.
He confessed everything to me.
They threatened to arrest him on the Ada Stone scandal unless he informs against you.
I'm gonna throttle him until he begs me to kill him.
No, mi amor.
You can't go near him.
The Feds are watching him.
Well, I'm not just gonna sit here with my thumb up my ass and wait for the FBI to pounce.
If they had enough to pounce, you'd be in jail already.
Michael said they're gonna go after Senator Braden.
She's the one that can put us away.
Then I need to get to her first.
Tell me this isn't the only way to fly.
Ah, Leonard, a little bit softer.
My arches are very sensitive today.
I must admit, it is very nice.
One doesn't typically find a man having his bare feet massaged on a commercial flight.
Aren't you a party.
Well, as long as you're finally on vacay mode.
I just hope the manor is running efficiently without my guidance, but Mr.
Carrington's suits have still not been re-pressed.
Re-pressed? That's a thing? - I don't get it.
- It's, like, when the material gets sort of scrunched, you get an iron No, I mean, what do you even like about your job? You barely have a life of your own.
All you do is clean up after everyone else.
The Carringtons are so needy.
Who was it that called me last night because they'd forgotten to close their own bedroom door? I was very tired and already in bed.
In answer to your question, I like helping people.
It's my purpose in life.
It's what fulfills me the most.
Yeah, that's fine, but you need to make time for yourself.
Even Gandhi enjoyed the occasional beach vacation with Speedos and caviar.
I'm sure that's not true.
Can you prove it? - Okay.
- No, no, that's about the suits.
Anders, I respect what you do.
Your efficiency and passion for work are unmatched, but you have to be able to disengage every now and then.
I know you love helping people, so can you please give me a chance to help you? Fine.
Just let me track one more delivery.
(SIGHS) From now forward, you're officially on vacation.
So you might as well take off your shoes and let Leonard rub your feet up good because this is happening.
Leonard, I'm good.
Can you start on him, please? (WATER RUNNING) You know we have people that do that for us now.
I've always liked doing dishes.
There's something very meditative about it.
Some things don't change, right? But some things do.
Like your story.
- I beg your pardon? - You said you have a residency at Swing 46, but then you said it was Club 40/40.
Which one is it then? I've played many places.
New York is a big city.
Seriously? I'd think you'd had plenty of time to get your story straight by now.
I was really rooting for this.
And to think you made me doubt my sister.
The only person who's stood by my side - this whole time.
- Jeff.
- She's lying.
- Yeah, I know she is.
Which is why I'm telling her to No.
She's lying to protect me.
I called her when you sent the plane.
I told her not to come, that we were better off without her.
And I still think that part is true.
But this? I can't let her break your heart over something I did.
Unbelievable, Moni.
That doesn't excuse the fact that I didn't come back for all those years.
I was embarrassed.
Embarrassed that I left.
Embarrassed that you were better off without me.
I was struggling to afford a crappy apartment in an even crappier part of the South Bronx.
I didn't make it, not even close.
I left to pursue my career, and when it didn't pan out eight years ago, I stayed because I didn't have the strength to come back.
So I failed as a performer, as a wife and most unforgivably, as your mother.
And then you made it big, and I couldn't come back.
I didn't want you guys to think I wanted the money.
And I didn't want you to see me like I am.
Jeff, don't walk away, or do.
I deserve it.
What are you doing? I'm writing you a check for a million dollars.
(TEARS OUT CHECK) Life didn't serve us right, but that doesn't mean we can't turn it around.
Plus, it's what you're owed, Dominique Carrington.
I don't know what to say.
Say you'll stay.
And please let our people finish doing these dishes.
- Jeff.
- She's back in our lives, Moni.
Now let's just make sure she has no reason to leave.
You just gave her one.
(LOUD CHATTER) It looks like he's about to face-plant in front of the league commissioner.
If he could just tumble into those special needs kids, we'd be home free.
There's Blake.
Time to bury the little prince.
(LAUGHTER) There's the senator.
Perfect time for you to have - your little chat with her.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.
- Hate to interrupt - Well, then don't.
Ah, but it's a pressing family matter.
Hey, have your guests had a chance to take a penalty kick on a celebrity goalie? - I hear Taylor Swift is getting in the net.
- I want to take the first kick.
Follow me, señores.
Hey, I'm in.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - This better be good.
- It's not.
It's tragic.
Adam is acting really weird, and I think he might be on drugs, which is terrible at any time, but at work? Daddy, it's unforgivable.
If it was my company, Blake, I'd drug test him on the spot.
(GASPS) Great idea, Liam.
We could probably get one from Adam, if he wasn't high as a billy goat.
I don't know what the hell's going on here, but I'm certain that Adam is not on drugs.
Okay? He is simply tired from all the long hours he's been putting in to help launch this team.
So why don't you grow up, get off his case, and let us enjoy this important day.
Now I've got to go blast soccer balls at T-Swift.
(GROANS) Well, I don't know what to say.
My dad and I, we've always had our battles, but nothing and no one has ever come between us, and now this limb of Satan has taken my place and it is killing me.
It's like he's bulletproof in your father's eyes.
You know what? I might just have a silver bullet that not even Blake can stop.
Okay, why is your phone going to voice mail? Listen, I don't care if you need to emergency land on top of a goalie, you need to turn that plane around and get your ass back here now.
(SNIFFS) It's Fallon.
It's a little more floral than I'm used to, but, um, it's soft against the skin.
Wait until the ladies get a load of Vacation Anders.
And now you've ruined it.
I'll change.
No, no, no, no.
Anders, Anders.
You look amazing.
And it's not even about that, it's about feeling good.
(PLAYING "DOWN UNDER" BY MEN AT WORK) - She said - (SINGING ALONG): Do you come from a land Down under? Where women blow And men plunder? Thank you.
Can't you hear Can't you hear the thunder? You better run - You better take cover - (ANDERS LAUGHS) How perfect is this? A song to make you feel right at home.
Men At Work are an Australian band.
I'm from New Zealand.
Well, it's not like bands from New Zealand roll of the tongue.
- Split Enz? - (MUSIC STOPS) I'm sure they were very popular in your village.
Sam, this private jet, the curated music, your overzealous attempts to make me happy.
- I must admit - You're sick of me? - I'm having fun.
- Well You deserve it.
Let's take a selfie.
To make everyone jealous.
All right, ready? - (PHONE DINGING, VIBRATING) - Uh, on second thought live in the moment.
You're a good friend.
And a terrible liar.
Carrington? I see.
- We'll be back as soon as possible.
- What? - Sorry, Sam.
Duty calls.
- (SIGHS) Well, duty blows.
(PHONE RINGING, VIBRATING) Look at what the cat's dragging out.
I was feeling badly that I set that trap.
Worse that you took the bait.
So glad you accepted my invitation.
I felt I had to publicly show support for your sports gambling.
Considering I was forced to give my support.
Yeah, about that.
Seems there's been a breach in my camp.
What kind of breach? The kind that involves the FBI.
You bastard.
You promised me.
There's nothing to worry about as long as you keep your mouth shut.
What do we do? Let's have a private chat.
So we get our stories straight.
So your sick son welcomes you home with open arms and you go right for his open wallet.
You may be Blake's sister, but you remind me a lot more of Alexis.
- Are you finished? - MONICA: No.
- But you are.
- Check the trash, Monica.
- What kind of insult is that? - Check the actual trash.
- You don't want my money? - I want what I just watched.
You two having each other's backs.
Don't you worry about that.
- We're solid.
- Oh, you were until I came back.
I know I screwed up.
And I'll have to live with those consequences, but when I stepped out, I created something good.
I created a team.
You two.
And it would kill me to destroy that.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have come.
JEFF: Why don't you stay? Please.
I don't want to cause any trouble.
Oh, what's family without trouble? I'm open to the idea of a trial period.
We'll see how it goes.
I hope you can find a way to love me again.
I'm sure we will.
I'm hoping we can find a way to trust you again.
The U.
doesn't have the best soccer players in the world yet, but I have a vision of the Carrington/Atlantix soccer academy.
(CLEARS THROAT) I need a minute.
You're serious? Uh, they're giving away free season tickets to whoever can score a goal against Jimmy Carter.
Go, go, go.
I just came from there, it was fun.
- This had better not be about Adam.
- Okay.
Okay, but, Daddy, he is not tired; he is on drugs.
- Enough of this nonsense.
- I can prove it.
Anders? I thought you two were on your way to the Maldives.
You and me both, brother.
ANDERS: Sir, I found this bottle of hydrocodone in Master Adam's room.
He prescribed this to Alexis.
Even though she's out of the country.
And if you count the number of tablets, you'll see he's taken quite a few.
Isn't it just like the story Adam told you? About the woman who raised him? Why yes, it is, Liam.
Good point, only this time they are for himself.
Adam? Hey.
(PILLS RATTLE) What's up with these pills, huh? Are you high? Hey, Adam? If you're too out of it, you can just nod your head.
I'm perfectly straight, Father.
But I think my jealous sister has been plotting against me.
We came for this drama? (SCOFFS) Guys, I mean, he's clearly Fallon pretended to be Mom yesterday.
You look just like her, by the way, but I could tell that wasn't my mother's fragrant scent, just so I would write a prescription.
And then she and Romeo van Romeo over here picked up the pills, have been dosing me, but they're not pain meds.
- They're salt pills.
- Is this true? Don't lie to me.
Well, I mean, it's mostly yeah, it's all true.
You've done a lot of low things, Fallon.
But this? On this day? - Is egregiously low.
- ADAM: Yeah, and all to drive a wedge between you, me and Mom? It-it breaks my heart.
And, I-I pity this - juvenile insecurity.
- Okay, well, you can save your pity, psycho boy; I mean, your mommy issues are so disturbing, even Norman Bates - would be creeped out.
- Don't you talk about me and Mother, Fallon.
Our connection is beautiful and sacred - and forever.
- Okay, well, then I must be missing something, because the last time I checked, your mommy dearest had to flee the country - just to get away from you.
- That's a lie.
She had to get away from her crazy son - who made her change her face.
- Stop it.
Her crazy-ass, deranged son.
- Shut your mouth! - Hey.
- (GUESTS GASPING) - Don't touch me.
No! (BOTH SHOUTING) Ow! (GUESTS GASP) - That is unacceptable.
- But she pushed me first Zero buts.
You're fired.
Ow Oof, ouch, looks like golden boy is getting his golden ass spanked.
- You sure you're okay? - Hmm? Oh, yes.
You're sweet to ask.
I am fine, although I hope you're not too disappointed in me for taking the low road.
Oh, excuse me, but you weren't exactly - slumming alone.
- That's true.
You were equally, deliciously despicable.
But you know what? It's all worth it because my creepster brother has finally been put in his place.
The next time you have an issue with your sister, you handle it privately.
We don't need the whole world seeing how we Carrington men - handle our business.
- I understand.
I'm sorry I had to fire you.
You still work for me, of course.
- Just discreetly.
- Thank you.
Hey, I'm I love you.
- I was just checking to see if you're - He's taking his meds? We're both on the same page, sweetie.
How nice is that? - I love this.
- This is everything I ever wanted.
- Come on, Monica, come on.
- JEFF: Come on, Moni.
Get over here.
- Come on, girl.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) Oh, I just remembered.
I bought you the most beautiful sweater and I'm going to go get it, I'll be right back.
- All right, so we have Monday.
- You're in trouble.
- What day is it? Hi, babe.
I only have a second.
Just as I was reaching for the door to leave, the phone rang.
Jeff and Monica came running.
It was perfect.
How are the kids? Tell them Mommy misses them and I'll be there as soon as I can.
- Cristal.
- Michael.
I am surprised to see you.
I thought you'd be halfway to Australia by now.
And I thought you'd be somewhere in the middle of Mexico.
- You should go.
- Cristal, it is not too late for you.
BLAKE: It's too late for you.
- You're making a mistake.
- No.
You made a mistake.
Thinking that the love of my life would turn her back on me? Cristal's much too smart for that.
Clearly something you're not.
I was just trying to help her get away from you.
I wish someone had done the same for me years ago.
- Is that why you ratted me out to the FBI? - No.
They have me over the whole Ada Stone mess, so I did what I had to do.
You would have done the same thing.
No, 'cause I wouldn't have got caught in the first place.
- FBI, nobody moves.
- BLAKE: Look at that, perfect timing.
You should have disappeared when you had a chance.
I'm not going down.
You are.
Blake Carrington, you're under arrest - for blackmail and coercion.
- What's going on here? Oh, God, it's my confirmation party - all over again.
- JENNINGS: No, no, no.
You're making a mistake.
He's the one you're looking for.
- Ma'am, please.
- So, who would've thought Cristal would run right to you? Oh, yeah.
I would.
It's a good think I had that senator wear a wire.
So who's the smart one here? Everybody back up.
You're gonna pay for this, you son of a bitch.
(WHISTLE BLOWS) Too late, Blake.
Time's up.
- Daddy.
- I'm okay.
can and will be used against you in the court of law.
Esto no se acaba aquí.