Dynasty (2017) s02e21 Episode Script

Thicker Than Money

1 [NARRATOR] Previously on Dynasty: Mommy's home.
- I don't want to cause trouble.
- What's family without trouble? Adam needs to know that if he messes with fire, he's going to get torched.
Stay out of my office.
And you stay away from my relationship with Father.
I swayed the vote to get Braden to push the bill through.
I've spoken to the FBI.
They know I'm Mike Jones.
- I wouldn't be shocked if they see you.
- FBI, nobody moves.
Blake Carrington, you're under arrest for blackmail and coercion.
I cannot believe that Culhane is trying to set me up.
My sources tell me the FBI has been in touch with Michael Culhane and Jeff Colby.
Oh, of course it's the two of them.
They'll pay for this, I promise you.
[HENRY] Hold the threats until we clear the building.
If Michael Culhane and Jeff Colby are in a position to pass along anything damning, I need to know.
- Yeah, well, I need a stiff drink.
- Mi amor, it's bad outside.
Oh, I told you not to come.
Like that would stop me.
I'm glad you did.
Let's go home.
We'll sort all this out.
Jeff and Culhane called an emergency Atlantix owners' meeting - with the league today.
- This is all a play for the team.
They're trying to get me out of the way for some hostile takeover.
- Not if I have anything to say.
- Go out the back.
Carringtons don't go out the back.
Let them see me.
Carrington, you spent the night in custody.
What is your reaction to the charges against you? Mr.
Carrington! Mr.
Carrington, are you worried about how this will affect your team? Don't you have an office? Well, things have been a little crazy lately, with my brother slapping me in public, my mother getting another facial reassignment surgery, and my dad getting arrested, so I'd say I deserve to skip traffic.
- Welcome home.
- Mm.
JC Remington is writing a new adventure series, and she is looking for a publisher.
From what I hear, it is perfect for Femperial.
It's basically The Hunger Games meets Me Too meets AOC.
What does that mean? It means movie rights, TV series, music tie-ins, merchandise.
But this deal could finally be the start of my new dynasty.
Thought Femperial was.
Femperial is a cute, regional boutique publishing house.
What I'm thinking of is an international media empire, on par with Carrington Atlantic.
But I want my father standing in my shadow, and JC Remington is our way to get there.
I mean, I worked hard enough getting this pitch together.
We need to make sure she knows Femperial is the perfect home for her new books.
- I get why you called me back.
- Remington is meeting people today, in person, three-minute windows.
You go over, you're out.
So this pitch has to be smart, it has to be visual Like mock-up posters for the inevitable blockbuster movies? - I got it.
- Yes.
- How quickly can you laminate these? - Yesterday.
No time to chat.
Building an international media empire.
I wanna build an international media empire.
Do you by any chance know JC Remington's favorite color? I'm sure she likes green.
Oh, well, trust me, I am backing up the truck.
But everybody has money.
I need edge.
- Whoa, that's a big truck.
- Hey.
Don't be jealous.
I compensate you in other ways.
Speaking of, I think you're still due for your final payment.
I take Venmo.
No, I was thinking of something else.
- Tonight? - I'll clear my schedule.
I can't.
Blake Carrington after a night in federal custody? [CHUCKLES] Oh, this is definitely my new favorite show.
Oh, Mommy.
It's all happening.
[DOMINIQUE] I haven't seen this man since he had your father thrown in prison.
It's a lot to process.
I don't wanna get my hopes up just to see him walk scot-free.
Oh, don't worry.
His freedom is not the only thing he'll lose by the time I'm done.
Can we have a hand? These guys are so squirmy.
What's all this? Are you making a coat? Anders, they can hear you.
Don't listen to him.
They're not for me.
They're for the staff.
I bought out the shelter.
There's enough for everyone.
Why? My settlement from Steven just arrived, and it's way more than I expected.
Like, way, way more.
So I've decided to use my windfall for good.
I'm like Oprah.
Oh, hi.
Can you please give them water? Filtered.
Have you considered that not everybody might want a puppy? They're a lot of work, not that you'd know.
Of course I have.
Leftovers will be adopted into loving homes.
The staff just gets dibs.
Though I might not be able to part with you.
- We need to talk about this.
- I need Fallon here now.
Blake Alexander Carrington, you really wanna put this on Papa? I am fighting for my life here, Cristal.
He flew here two weeks ago to make peace with you, and this is how you repay him? By saying he forced you into blackmailing a senator? I don't think you comprehend the gravity of the situation.
Oh, I know, mi amor.
I understand just fine.
- Should I come back or? - [BLAKE] No, I need your help.
You should let her simmer down and then work yourself up to a champagne, roses, jet-to-an-island apology.
Did they give you an ankle bracelet? Can I see it? Don't worry about Cristal.
This is about the Atlantix.
Jeff and Culhane are making a play for control of the team.
What? How? They'll say I can't run it, given the nature of the charges.
The FBI has seized my computers and frozen my assets.
Oh, so you need money? Funny.
I imagined your rock bottom to be a bit messier and more drug-fueled.
It's bigger than that.
I need a surrogate.
Someone who's not mixed up in any of this, somebody to step in on my behalf, take control of my shares, and reassure everyone that it's business as usual until this thing is cleared up.
- And there's a meeting today.
- No, no, no.
You lost me there.
I have a meeting.
A huge one, for my business, remember? This isn't just business, Fallon.
This is family.
I'd go to Cristal, but she's not blood, and it's beginning to show.
- And your brother - Who got fired for slapping me in public? That's why I need you.
You know how to run a business.
You understand the Carrington way.
- I'm not a creepy psycho.
- You're the only one I can trust.
I will go to your meeting, I will plead your case.
Do not expect me to wine and dine anyone.
- I am on a very tight schedule.
- Thank you.
Your brother could take a lesson from you.
- No kidding.
- I want you - to take him along with you today.
- What? No.
No way.
Did you not hear the crazy psycho part? I'll be on my best behavior.
This is the exact kind of thing I'm talking about.
He just needs to learn.
And who better to teach him than his sister? - We need to stick together.
- Don't worry, sis, I won't bite.
And I'm very much looking forward to working underneath you.
Did you double-check the numbers? - Twice.
So that's four checks.
- And you sent me the address? It's already in your GPS.
But you have to go downtown.
- You're cutting it close.
- Oh, I can cover here.
Haven't you already done enough to embarrass this family? You can't even get past security without me.
Maybe I should go to JC.
I mean, I can take this with me and if you're late, I can pitch.
I know all the talking points.
I appreciate the offer, but we're a dark horse.
- I can't send in my, uh - Director of millennial content? I thought it was "consultant"? You can't be in two places at once.
I'm just trying to help.
Start by not gawking at the traitor who sold my father out.
And you, you keep your hands to yourself and keep your mouth shut during this meeting, okay? I need to get in, get out, and get downtown.
You won't even know I'm here.
- Back up.
- Okay.
- Mr Commissioner.
- [SIGHS] Wish you would've given me more of a heads up on what's the play.
Just let me do the talking.
- Should we get started? - Well, if it isn't Rizzoli and Isles.
The FBI give you badges and guns, or what? - You're not an owner of the team.
- Weren't you fired? [FALLON] I'm here on behalf of Blake Carrington, to represent his interests in the business of the Atlantix, of which he is the majority owner.
- And I'm here to - To silently observe.
Did you really think you could slide in and steal this team from behind Blake's back? Nobody's stealing anything.
Michael and I have ownership stakes and a concern about Blake's fitness to run this team - while facing federal charges.
- He's innocent till proven guilty.
Which he will be.
And in the meantime, his assets have been frozen by the FBI.
How does he, uh, expect to cover operating expenses or payroll? My father will sign over his ownership stake to me.
I will cover all debts and expenses myself.
I have assets too, if you remember.
Day-to-day operations? - You're not familiar with the team.
- I am.
- You are a PR liability.
- Is this about the office? The office you stole while I was hospitalized? So Blake could give you a better one.
You're welcome.
- What did we just talk about? - Yeah, what are we talking about? A better plan, which would mean me covering the team's financial obligations, and Michael assuming responsibility for all operations management, - effective immediately.
- What? We just want what's best for the team.
Continuity, stability, and ethics.
Ethics? Wow, I did not know that word was in your vocabulary.
Commissioner, at the end of the day, this team is a business, and I know how to run a business.
A hostile takeover is not in the best interest of the Atlantix, and playing judge, jury, and executioner of my father is not in the best interest of the league.
I'll consider both of your arguments.
Thank you.
I'm confident you'll make the right choice.
- As am I.
- Shut it.
You want me to run the team? Unless of course, I mean, you're not ready for it.
- Born ready.
- That's what I thought.
[SIGHS] So, what does your father have to do for you to stop covering for him? - Murder someone? - Why? Gonna set him up for that too? No one set him up, Fallon.
He just finally got caught.
And you didn't even wait for the dust to settle before you two tried to steal his team from him.
Do you really think you have the moral high ground here? I know I do.
- Fallon, wait! You forgot something.
- What? What is it? I'm late.
[GASPS] - Oh, I'm so sorry.
- What the hell is the matter with you? - It was an accident.
- Look what you did - to my presentation! - Here.
It's ruined.
What is this? Directions for setting up your Atlantix voicemail? - No, it's, um - That's what you thought I forgot? I must've misread.
You probably should get to know this.
Like hell, you misread.
You did this on purpose.
You are trying to make me late! Why would I do that? Let me help you clean up.
No! Stay away from me, Flowers in the Attic.
[ADAM] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going? The elevator's right here.
I'll take the stairs.
- [ANDERS] Is this really necessary? - Just open it.
I've got an army of lawyers out there wanting to be fed, security to take care of, and seven wiggly puppies that I need to curb.
I think you've earned a 10-minute vacation.
- I already had a vacation with you.
- That was barely an afternoon.
- And Blake got arrested.
- That was bound to happen eventually.
Remember how pumped you were to go sailing in the Maldives? "Pumped" might be a little extreme.
You were wearing shorts.
Now you can go sailing whenever you want because you have your own boat.
[LAUGHS] I wanted to park it on the lake, but it wasn't deep enough.
That's very kind, but I don't need a boat.
No one needs a boat, Anders.
But I want you to have it.
And I want you to have some savings.
I'd like you to consider opening a savings account.
If you're not working, your money will be.
- Savings accounts don't spark joy.
- I don't have time for joy.
I've got a household to run.
Right now, in fact.
Savings account.
I needed to talk to someone.
Hard to believe I was your first choice.
- If this is about Blake - You might have been right.
I didn't wanna believe you.
- Blake is trying to pin this on my dad.
- How? He's on tape with the senator.
He's going to say Papa made him do it.
I called Papa, he's not picking up.
I don't know what to do.
This is a conversation that you should be having with the FBI.
- Excuse me.
- Michael, I still love him.
He knows that.
And he'll take you right down with him.
Maybe I made my bed, and now I have to lie in it.
But my family, they've done a lot of things, but not this.
It's not too late.
And take it from me.
I've been right where you are, caught between Jeff, the FBI, and Blake.
I did what I had to do.
I looked out for me.
You should too.
Special Agent Tarkoff, Atlanta field office.
Freshly pressed, sir.
And I asked them to bring the car around.
- And the lawyers? - Already at the federal building, sir.
- Where have you been? - Getting some air.
What's going on? We're meeting with the U.
attorney in an hour.
We're trying to convince him Culhane's cowboy wire won't fly in court.
- Are you ready? - You still bringing Papa into this? Your father is in this whether you like it or not.
- Do you really wanna see me go to jail? - Of course not.
Leaving in ten.
Colby? You're [DOMINIQUE] More stunning than ever? I'm flattered, Anders.
But I'd like to see my brother.
We saw Hamilton in the second row.
And the food, oh, my God.
We went to this amazing Italian place so deep in Brooklyn, it was practically Queens.
Ever had babka? There's a place on the Lower East Side that does the best.
- Why would you come back to Atlanta? - Fallon asked me to.
I thought she needed special help with this huge bid, but she's had me cutting and pasting, like a glorified intern.
I mean, no offense to the interns, but I'm just hanging around.
- Going to power lunches.
- Yeah, and trying to avoid Culhane.
- What happened? - Three weeks in New York? We basically didn't speak aside from a few texts that were just, "Hope you're well.
" The worst.
But I thought Fallon said she was okay with it? And that was, uh, before he tried to put her dad in prison.
- Mm.
- I thought she was gonna punch him.
- How'd he look? - So hot.
The abs are aspirational.
- Yeah.
- I'm sure he's glad you're back.
And so am I.
For different reasons.
- I missed you too.
- I need you to talk to your dad.
What did you do now? - I bought him a boat.
- What? Why? Because he deserves it.
All he does is work.
We were gone for half a day and he's been running around the manor like we were gone for weeks.
- Poor guy deserves a break.
- Some people find meaning in work, Sam.
Which actually reminds me, um, can we get the check? - Thank you.
- No, I'll get it.
No, no, no.
I'll get it.
It's fine.
Kirby, I'm rich.
You're hourly.
Give me.
I'm salary.
Even if Her Royal Highness doesn't treat me like it.
Why can't anyone in your family just accept a gift? Yeah.
Another round, please? Another one.
Oh, you're back.
That was fast, how did it go? It didn't.
I missed the meeting because my idiot brother spilled coffee all over me because I was forced to bring him to stop my idiot cousin and idiot ex-fiancé from taking my dad's idiot soccer team.
The soccer team can't be an idiot.
Yeah, I know.
It was a rhetorical device.
- Right.
- Sorry.
Oh, yeah.
That sounded sincere.
Hate to be the person to say "I told you so," but I told you so.
- I offered to go.
- And I told you, it had to be me.
Why'd you even ask me to come back? To make copies? You have plenty of people for that.
And they're a lot happier about it too.
Maybe you have a point, Kirby.
Maybe you don't need to be here.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Seriously, I do not have time to manage your feelings.
I have a pitch to save, an empire to build, so if you wanna go, then please go.
[DOMINIQUE] I don't remember the last time I was here.
It's nice to see what you haven't done with the place.
Millie, Millie, what are you doing here, Millie? Or do I have to call you Dominique? After all these years, that's how you greet your sister? Half-sister.
I know you have a very full plate, and I'm sorry to stop by unannounced, but I wanted to make sure you were all right.
Come on, drop the concerned-sister crap.
Cut to the chase.
I am concerned.
That in all your drama, our agreement has been forgotten.
I held up my end.
All those years I've known of this relationship, I never said a word.
Not to the press, not to the kids, not to the courts.
And for all those years, you did happily cash all my checks.
Month after month, like clockwork.
Except the clock stopped two months ago.
I thought you were concerned about your brother.
And I thought we were raised to believe that blood is thicker than money.
We weren't raised together.
And you know that's not true on either side of the family tree.
I'm sure your interruption is just a clerical oversight.
You said yourself, my plate's very full.
Or you were trying to send me a message.
But I'll take your word for it.
You can just write me a check for all that I'm owed, fix the oversight.
Or what? You gonna sue me? I told you I'd bankrupt you.
Or tell your children that you lied to them too for years.
Wait, worse than lying to them, you didn't have to because you abandoned them.
I'm guessing they won't rush to pay your bills.
Keep the kids out of this.
It's between you and me.
Your children are in it.
Your son turned me in to the feds.
He's trying to take my soccer team, my freedom.
Jeff didn't make you break the law.
Nobody made you run away, so save the sanctimony.
You want your money? Get your son off my back before I tell him who the biggest liar of us all is.
Now, excuse me.
I have to go to court.
Do you deny? [MAN] the arrest followed a public altercation between [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Cristal? You don't look as thrilled as I'd hoped.
I'm just surprised.
When a woman takes a work trip and basically ghosts you, you don't expect her to show up at your apartment.
Okay, I deserved that.
I was just worried a relationship with you would ruin my relationship with Fallon.
- You could've told me that.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
That's over now.
I thought I was more of her friend than her assistant, and now I know I'm not really either.
- Mm, the Fallon special.
- Mm-hm.
Well, take it from me.
Fallon's issues are Fallon's issues.
Not a reflection of your worth.
Thanks for letting me barge in and vent.
I guess I just needed someone to talk to.
I'm glad you barged in.
Not that I want our whole relationship to be about Fallon.
Neither do I.
[SIGHS] - Hi.
- Hey.
Between the soccer stuff and your big pitch, I figured you didn't have much time to eat.
- Was that, uh? - Yeah.
The league commissioner calling to approve me as the interim CEO for the Atlantix organization.
- So you won.
- I won.
My dad will be thrilled.
- But you're not.
- It's not really my win.
It's my dad's, but apparently those are the only wins I'm gonna get.
What do you mean? Fallon, you're sitting in your own publishing house.
That will never be a real empire because I am too busy putting out my dad's fires.
And every time I think I have gotten a breath of fresh air, I end up choking on his smoke.
- What about JC? - I didn't get it.
- Greenswell did.
Led by Stuart.
- Michael Culhane on Line 2.
- Death threat? - It's about the Atlantix.
Oh, same thing.
Want me to make him sweat it for a while? That's a team player.
But no, it's all right.
Better deal with it now.
Give me a second, then put him through.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] Uh Oh, and now my dad is texting me about ditching Adam.
Well, so much for a romantic lunch.
I know what it's like to be pulled in two directions.
Or more.
So how about you deal with the team stuff, let me help with Femperial? - No way, that's not your job.
- I know it's not.
But it's important to you.
And besides, business talk is kind of sexy.
[CROWD MURMURING] I know that you're scared.
But everything's gonna work out.
I promise.
Are you ready? Come on.
Come on.
- Cristal.
- I can't.
You're making a scene.
- I can't choose between you and my family.
- Damn it.
Cristal, this is not the time.
- Get out of the car.
- Blake, I'm sorry.
I can't.
Ow! Are you guilty? How did you plead? Are you guilty? [WOMAN] this is a criminal case, not a pop culture flashpoint.
And in a world where perception is everything, "the slam heard round the world" - isn't helping - You see this? Blake is finally on the wrong end of the tabloid spin cycle.
Yeah, I wouldn't break out the champagne yet.
We lost a bid for the team, and Blake is still in control via Fallon.
Par for the course.
I guess privilege still has its privileges.
But it's a small battle, not the war.
Unless the battle's Little Bighorn and we're Custer.
You know how I got from having your kind of money to having my kind of money? By not being afraid to fail.
You can't let the fear of failure control you.
I've always seen failure as just a bump in the road.
I'm not quitting, if that's what you're saying.
I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Blake pays for everything, your school, Clark County, my father Then eyes on the prize.
The bigger picture is that Blake is on the defensive.
He's losing allies, left and right.
Starting with his own fiancée.
This is what we set in motion.
Fallon's little win delays the inevitable, but nothing can prevent it.
You just gotta be patient.
Don't get shy, everything's on me tonight, so grab your drinks and have fun, all right? Cheers.
[ALL CHEERING] What's up? Seventy-five margaritas? I thought it would've been more.
Well, I gave you a little discount for ordering tequila in bulk.
Well, then your tip is going to reflect that.
Thank you, buddy.
Grab a drink.
It's not the service you need to worry about.
Hey, man.
You know, usually, when they push you away, it means that they're not into you.
This is a company matter.
But thank you for your business.
Please come again.
You can't touch people unless they want you to.
It's a new thing called consent.
You've had one too many.
Somebody should've cut you off.
Know what? I'm not dealing with you.
I wanna talk to the manager.
I am the manager.
And this is private property.
I have to ask you to leave.
But only because I'm gonna make a call.
- What's your name again? - Diego.
Diego, hang tight, buddy, all right? Manager.
Congratulations, you're a meme.
It was an accident, damn it.
I hope you didn't call me in here to try and fix it because we both know once the Internet starts dragging you, - there's no coming back.
- Just insult to injury.
The good news, I saved your little soccer team.
All but served up orange wedges to kiddies at halftime.
But you shirked your responsibility with your brother.
Are you kidding me? I just saved your ass.
A little gratitude would look good on you.
Thank you.
But you only did half your job.
You told me were gonna take Adam under your wing.
I agreed to let him shadow me, not breathe on my neck, and stare at me without blinking.
- He's your brother.
- He ruined my business, and my brand new suit.
I wish you would try to get along.
The two of you may be the only thing I have left in this world - after this witch hunt is over.
- Don't be dramatic.
I'm sure Cristal is just licking her wounds with your credit card.
I want you to make nice with your brother.
Haven't I done enough for your dynasty? - It's our dynasty.
- No, it's not.
Femperial is mine.
But do I ever get a chance to work on it? No, because I am too busy covering for your malfeasance.
- And all you care about is Adam.
- Oh.
Perfect timing.
Fallon was just about to say she's sorry.
- No, I wasn't.
- Apology accepted.
I know you're under a lot of stress.
I forgive you.
- Hug it out? - We don't say that anymore.
Oh, Fallon.
As long as there's minimal bodily contact.
All right.
- Come on.
- [FALLON] It's a hug, not the eighth grade winter formal.
Stop swaying.
Here you go.
This isn't, like, where the boss is afraid to give you bad news, so they send in someone else to fire you, is it? Because I might've already quit.
It was a little murky.
Don't worry, I don't wanna know.
I just wanted to I wanted to ask if you could help me help Fallon.
Why would I do that? Fallon made it abundantly clear she doesn't want or need my help.
You know that's not true.
She made a huge mistake by letting you walk out of Femperial.
- She practically pushed me out the door.
- And she's sorry about that.
Then why am I hearing it from you and not her? Does she even know you're doing this? Sometimes, Fallon doesn't know exactly what she wants.
All right? Trust me.
Even when she does, she's too proud to ask for it.
But she's got more on her plate than she can handle.
She needs help.
So I'm asking for her.
Because if we're being completely honest here, you're probably the bigger person, Kirby.
Wait, aren't you? Kirby Anders.
Fallon Carrington's director of millennial content.
Is this about, uh, JC? Hmm? I was planning on gloating to Fallon, not her little employee.
I'm not here to make a case for Fallon.
She fired me as unceremoniously as she fired you.
I'm sure mine's worse.
She gave me kidney stones.
But I thought she was my friend.
And you know what they say about friends and enemies.
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
" But also, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
" I can tell you all her secrets if you hire me.
Let me get your start paperwork.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] [CULHANE] Cristal? What the hell is this? I came to return what Blake stole from you.
Five million dollars.
From Ada Stone? Trust me, I'm grateful.
But does Blake know you took this? By the time he finds out, I'll be gone.
- Where are you gonna go? - Mexico.
Back to my family.
I don't blame you for wanting to get out.
But if you wanna finish this, to protect your family, you're gonna have to tell the FBI.
There's no other way to make sure none of this comes back to haunt you.
Michael, I'm leaving him.
You want me to betray him too? Do you think he would extend the same kindness to you? That bruise on your knee says otherwise.
[SIGHS] Chuck.
Hey, man, I thought we were cool.
How could you let Adam take my office? Mr.
Carrington said to.
I'm really sorry.
I'm kidding.
And the corner office is much better.
I think I'm finally settled in.
But the look on your face was priceless.
It's too bad Skip wasn't here to see it.
You didn't hear? Skip's been out a couple weeks.
- What's wrong? - He's sick.
He had trouble breathing, had these terrible headaches, he couldn't see straight.
- He almost passed out a couple times.
- Did he go to the hospital? No insurance.
He's trying to tough it out.
- Tell him I'll pay for whatever it costs.
- All right.
- When did all this start? - Tuesday, maybe.
The day he painted your office might've been the last time he was in.
He's got pretty much the same symptoms I had.
Maybe you both caught the same bug.
[KIRBY] Apparently, Stuart sold her on this whole feminist angle.
Women's empowerment, equal pay, the whole shebang.
And JC is the highest-paid author at the company, male or female.
I checked.
Unfortunately, that commitment doesn't apply to the little people.
There seems to be a huge disparity between the men and women working the same jobs throughout the company.
When women even get hired.
- Exactly.
- Unlike Femperial.
Although admittedly, I haven't exactly been the boss of the year.
Oh, no, I know.
Um But let's just say, someone helped translate.
- You should really keep him around.
- I told you I'd help.
But corporate espionage isn't normally your lane.
We go the extra mile for the people we really care about, right? [FALLON] Hey, Kirby.
My mother was wrong about you being a troublemaker.
And so was I.
I think you have a lot to offer as director of millennial content.
And, you know, as a person too.
I'm just gonna let that sink in for a minute because it's probably as close to an apology as I'm gonna get.
And you're probably right.
And you, well, I will thank you tonight.
Marlon, right? You know, the first thing you learn when you become a billionaire is that everything and everyone has a price.
So I made a few calls and made them an offer they couldn't refuse and now this is my private property.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Hope you're in the market for a promotion, because you are the new manager.
Effective immediately.
- Are you serious? [CHUCKLES] - Yeah.
What happened to you yesterday is a perfect example of what I don't want ever to happen at this hotel.
From here on, we have a new mission, a new attitude, and new rules.
- Well, I can't wait to hear them.
- And I can't wait to write them.
- Maybe you can help me? - Yeah.
Whatever you need.
I'm not worried about running this place.
I dated an assistant manager once.
And that's what the Internet's for.
But if we want a proper rebrand, we need to take big swings.
We don't accept pets, which a lot of people complain about.
So maybe let dogs in? Why stop there? We can have pet adoptions in the lobby.
- Maybe other charity events.
- What about a woke lounge? To highlight humanitarian causes around the globe.
So you could be politically active and party at the same time.
- There you go.
- Speaking of which, complementary appetizers for the homeless on Fridays.
- Give back a little.
- What the hell? Complementary drinks too.
You're thinking generously, and I like it.
Just following your lead, boss.
Standing up for me was a big deal.
I really appreciate it.
Where I come from, people on the bottom just keep getting stepped on.
Well, I appreciate being appreciated.
Interesting color you chose for my office.
It's real cutting edge.
Right? I mean, it's no imperial gold, but I guess that's the difference between someone trying to be a team player and somebody who's trying to steal the spotlight for himself.
Oh, speaking of paint, did you hear about the guy - who painted in here? - What do you mean? He's been in the hospital since he finished.
A lot of the same symptoms as I had.
Well, that's awful.
You might wanna check on whoever painted yours.
- You think the paint made you sick? - You're the doctor.
Anyhow, you just might wanna check on that.
I'd hate for the same thing to happen to you too.
I will.
[JEFF] Mm-hm.
How can I help you? It's Ms.
And I'm here to talk about Blake Carrington.
[BEEPS] I brought dessert.
Ice cream.
- We celebrating something? - I made up with Fallon.
Well, that's good.
For you.
And I'm gonna keep working at Femperial, which means that we're celebrating that I can still afford to buy ice cream.
Does this making up with Fallon mean there's no moving forward for us? No, it means that I'm free to do whatever I want.
All Fallon asked is that I'm honest and up front with her.
- So you told her? - Not yet.
There's nothing to tell if we're not back together.
Which is why I'm here.
To see if we were.
Oh, we can be.
If that's a conversation that you wanna have with Fallon.
I think it's a conversation worth having.
I think the ice cream's gonna melt.
It's okay, I ate most of it on the way over.
Please make sure to come see us again.
Okay? - What on earth are you doing? - Just wrapping up happy hour, but if you're here to say you've reconsidered the boat, - I can go get the keys.
- That won't be necessary.
I'm here to see with my own eyes.
When I heard you'd bought a hotel, I thought even you couldn't be that careless.
Careless? I'm all about caring.
I actually bought this hotel to help someone.
And now we're gonna help a lot of people.
Sam, just because you can afford to buy a jet doesn't mean you have any business leaping behind the controls at 40,000 feet.
That's what pilots and parachutes are for.
I'm not joking, Sam.
You don't know the first thing about hospitality, serving people, running a business.
You came down here just to insult me? I'm trying to snap you out of it.
Ever since you got the money, you've been on a rampage.
A rampage of love.
All I've tried to do is share it with other people.
And I understand that's not the Carrington way, but I'm not a Carrington anymore.
There it is.
You came here with your aunt, then you had Steven.
And now you're trying to figure out how you fit in without them.
- Trying to prove yourself.
- I don't need your psychoanalysis.
Just because you've never had money before doesn't mean you should rush around giving it away as fast as possible, - or throwing it away, as the case may be.
- How do you know? The Carringtons are your whole life.
I'm sorry I wanna do something more with mine than being a butler.
Speaking of which, I'm sure you can find your own way out.
[LIAM WHISTLING] [ADAM WHISTLING] What the hell are you doing here? I was just returning Fallon's clothes I had dry-cleaned.
- Why are you here when she's not? - I'm surprising her.
How quaint.
Let me know how it goes.
Maybe you've fooled Blake and some of the others, but, for the record, I don't trust you.
- I don't care about your trust.
- You should.
Because as long as I'm in the picture, I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you.
If you come after Fallon, I'm coming after you.
And what makes you so sure you're gonna stay in the picture? You watch all you want.
I'm not afraid, but maybe you should be.
[SNIFFS] Nice.
And you're sure about this? As sure as I can be without Adam walking up and saying, "Hey, Jeff, I poisoned you with toxic paint.
" Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
They're all snakes, that family.
Wait, you think Blake knew? I don't care if he did or not, he's still responsible.
It's his blood doing it to my blood.
It's not right.
He'll pay.
- You sure you wanna get involved? - I missed key years in your life, and for that, I am sorry.
But Mother is back now.
And I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect my children from all enemies.
Right now, Adam Carrington's on top of that list, and the bonus is he's the shiny new object Blake seems to be enamored with.
So we take Adam down and put Blake in jail where he belongs.
Sometimes you gotta cut out the rots to let the new growth flourish.
But are you sure you're in? Try keeping me out.
[ALUNAGEORGE'S "CHAMPAGNE EYES" PLAYING] I'm already searching Lookin' for the exit All I see is champagne eyes Watching me Well, this is a pleasant surprise.
- Long day? - Yes, and besides my toes and these stilettos needing some time apart, I'd say it's been fruitful.
Once JC found out that the average salary for a woman at Stuart's company was 37 percent less than the men's, she decided to reopen the bidding.
Once she saw that the Femperial actually walked the walk Backwards and in heels.
it didn't even take me three minutes to convince her.
It turns out, I'm very hard to say no to.
Don't have to convince this guy.
But I do have one more surprise for you.
Bo! [LIAM LAUGHS] Just to be clear, this was not the plan that I had in mind.
I know you wanted our first time to be special.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
Special's overrated.
Really? When I hit the party I'm already searching Lookin' for the exit All I see is champagne eyes Watching me When I hit the party Now I'm mixed With brown and the guest list All I see is champagne eyes Watching me When I hit the party I'm already searching Lookin' for the exit All I see is champagne eyes Watching me [KNOCKING ON DOOR] So how did it go with the FBI? The agent bought the whole thing.
[BOTH LAUGHING] How's your knee? They're saying I hurt you on the news.
I'm not as delicate as I look.
Are you sure this is the right thing? With Culhane? Someone had to go down for this.
Culhane was our best play.
Connecting him to Ada, making me look like I was just another unfortunate victim of their criminal empire? Making the FBI think he's been lying to them the whole time? It's catnip.
And the e-mail? - Adam got into the Atlantix server? - Without a hitch.
What about Fallon? When she finds out you kept her in the dark, brought Adam in She'll be furious.
But she'll get over it.
Her history with Culhane was too much of a liability.
Same with Anders.
We couldn't risk anyone tipping him off.
I hope it works.
I just wanna make sure you never set foot in prison.
You and me both.
Thank you for doing this for me.
For us.
[GROANING] Maybe we should call an ambulance.
He needs help.
- Stay with us, all right? - He's not breathing.