Dynasty (2017) s02e22 Episode Script

Deception, Jealousy, and Lies

Previously on Dynasty: - [MAN.]
Nobody move.
- [BLAKE.]
What's going on? Blake Carrington, you're under arrest for blackmail and coercion.
What's this? - Five million dollars Blake stole from you.
Michael, I'm leaving him.
- Culhane was our best play.
- And the e-mail? - Adam got into the Atlantix server? - [BLAKE.]
Without a hitch.
Your son turned me in to the feds.
You want your money? Get your son off my back.
You hear about the guy who painted here? He's been in the hospital since he finished.
The paint made you sick? We take Adam down and put Blake in jail, where he belongs.
- Are you sure you're in? - Try keeping me out.
Ow! I want you to make nice with your brother.
Haven't I done enough for your dynasty? - It's our dynasty.
- No, it's not.
You don't know the first thing about running a business.
You can find your own way out.
Whoo! You should take a dip.
The water feels great.
Sure, if you're a water person.
I'm just here for the view.
It's nice to see you smiling again.
- It's nice to be back on top.
- That's what she said.
- Last night, in fact.
- She did.
But I was talking about Femperial and how I have made this company a serious contender by signing my first real author.
- Thanks, babe.
- JC Remington.
Oh, ouch.
Okay, well, can JC Remington write a sweeping romantic saga and look this good in boy shorts? I doubt it, but I can ask.
I meant how her clout has the ability to turn this brand into a global empire.
Even on top, she's never satisfied.
Aren't you still running the Atlantix for your family? Just until the FBI drops the charges against my dad and I sell the team back to him.
We're finally in a good place.
We've established our boundaries, I'm doing well in business, and he's finally trusting me over my brand new brother.
I'd keep an eye on that guy.
You're so sweet and so alpha.
I can handle him, too.
You don't need to worry your pretty little head about Adam Von Death Trapp.
These secret rendezvous are hot.
I feel like a teenager again.
Funny, I feel like I'm breaking the law.
Yeah, and getting away with it.
It's the greatest aphrodisiac of them all.
- You know what's the best aphrodisiac? - Mm.
If we could stop pretending we're not together anymore.
I hate lying to people, especially to Fallon.
Well, if Fallon had any clue, she'd go straight to Culhane.
We just have to wait for the FBI to make a move.
I gave the FBI everything they needed to build a case against Culhane.
What's taking them so long? Relax.
As soon as they find the e-mail that Adam planted on the Atlantix server, it'll lead them to documents linking Culhane to Ada Stone.
They'll see that she's been paying him to do her dirty deeds.
And the money you returned will prove it.
We have to be patient.
Oh, Daddy.
Oh, thank God.
The doctor's gonna check on you soon.
- Do you need anything? - Anders, this is all my fault.
If I wouldn't have fought with you at the hotel, you wouldn't have had a heart attack.
I almost killed you.
No, no.
Both of you stop fussing, would you? - I'm gonna be fine.
- Yeah, but are you still you? Answer this question.
Who's the prime minister of New Zealand? Jacinda Ardern.
Okay, I should've asked something I knew the answer to.
Hey, Siri, who is the prime minister of New Zealand? Jacinda Ardern.
I need that, please.
I have to call Mr.
Carrington and apologize for my absence.
Putting the Carringtons' needs before your own.
See? He's himself.
He's gonna be fine.
- Okay if the enemy pays a visit? - Nonsense.
- Good of you to come, Michael.
- Hey, baby.
That's a little unexpected.
A recent development.
- Don't they make a sexy couple? - You should see us naked.
Probably an overshare.
Somewhat, yes.
But I'm pleased that you two are seeing each other, and it'll be good to have you around again, Michael.
That means a lot, and I am glad that you're okay.
Don't get used to having him around.
Blake banned him from the manor.
- Unless, of course - I'm not taking sides, Kirby.
I assure you that Blake always puts family first.
And we are family.
Whoa, what are you doing? I appreciate all the support I've had, but I really must get back to work.
Are you insane? You were clutching your chest in pain 12 hours ago.
Well, then I owe Mr.
Carrington 12 hours, don't I? He needs me, and I need things to get back to normal.
- Yeah, I'm gonna get the doctor.
- Nurse.
Nurse! Ah.
Are you sleeping in the crawl space under the stairs now? Of course not.
I was right outside your door.
So, I have your schedule, your purse and a banana for the road.
- No.
- Would you like to carpool to the office? We could, or I could go alone and you could run along the side of the car.
I get it.
A team owner walking in with an intern would be weird.
Oh, right.
I keep forgetting you're an intern.
I always remember disgraced team doctor, but I will work on it.
- I'll see you tonight? - And every night.
As much as I like uncomfortable situations, I should probably go.
And you should, too.
Interns shouldn't arrive at the office after their boss.
Thanks for the tip.
You're awfully business savvy for a romance novelist.
Hey, look, about that whole dustup we had last night? Can we put it behind us and move forward? After all, if you're important to Fallon, you're important to me.
So, why do I feel like I've been marked for death? Don't be silly.
I would never kill you.
So? Did that painter Skip and I have the same symptoms? [SIGHS.]
Colby, I would normally never betray doctor-patient confidentiality Look, I need to know right now if Skip and I were poisoned by the same substance so I can track it and connect it to our culprit.
Where the poison came from is not your biggest problem.
What it's doing to your nervous system is.
- What? - Please, sit down.
Do you know what neurotoxicity is? No, but I don't like the way it sounds.
Your brain cells are turning against one another, causing significant cognitive dysfunction.
Well, I don't need anything messing with my brain, okay? So, let's just get going with the treatment and knock it the hell out of me.
There is no treatment.
All I can do is help you manage your symptoms.
- Which are? - You may likely have trouble with verbal recall, delayed motor skills, perhaps a significant drop in attention span.
You'll still be able to function.
Wait, wait, wait, how is that functioning? It may be a difficult adjustment.
If you'd like to bring your family in, I can explain to them Wait, no, no, no.
You can't say a word about this to anyone.
Understood? I'll deal with this my own way.
Poor Anders.
Are you sure he's okay? I'll get him something.
Does Chanel make a defibrillator? Well, if they do, send it to the manor.
He was fighting the doctor to leave when you picked me up.
And this all happened just after he went Sam's hotel? - PS.
Have we discussed that insanity yet? - [PHONE BUZZES.]
Uh, no, and forget about Sam.
We need to get to Femperial right now.
My phone is blowing up with messages from our office.
They're not happy about Blake's latest scandal.
Oh, well, tell them to get in line.
They're upset that you're the face of his company and the face of your company.
Guess they're having a hard time seeing the difference between your two faces.
Comic relief.
Not a good look on you.
JC just texted.
She said, "If Fallon is afraid to take a stand against her father "and everything he represents, "I'll have no choice but to take my own stand and leave Femperial, effective immediately"? It was just a few bribery charges.
It's not like he went full Madoff.
It's not about the bribery scandal.
It's about his violent behavior toward women.
That door slam on Cristal is blowing up on social media, and you're still representing him at the Atlantix.
I can't give up the team until the charges against my father are dropped.
And I refuse to give up Femperial.
Fallon, you're gonna have to choose between the two.
You have to distance yourself from him and give up Atlantix or you're gonna lose Femperial.
I think you're making too much of this.
Trust me, I can handle the situation.
Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! What the hell? Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! You sure this won't be a problem? Ah.
I may have underestimated it a little bit.
- Excuse me.
- Boycott Femperial! - Hi.
- Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! Okay, I underestimated this a lot.
Boycott Femperial! Boycott Femperial! [FALLON.]
You left without saying goodbye.
The least you could've done is left me a bottle of whatever miracle-grow shampoo you use.
Things ended quickly between your father and I.
Yes, and now I have to either defend or denounce him in the court of public opinion.
Why? This isn't about you.
Oh, but it is.
The Femperial authors are threatening to walk unless I can prove that Blake isn't the monster that people think he is.
Okay, the car door was an accident.
- Is that what you wanted to hear? - Yes.
And God help me, but has he ever touched you in a not-so-friendly Big Little Lies sort of way? No, Fallon, your father was never abusive.
Would you mind stating that on the record at a press conference I'm holding later today? No, I can't.
I won't defend Blake when I know what he's trying to do to my father.
Well, I figured that might be your answer, and I don't blame you.
I'll just put on my most proletarian-looking Miu Mius and I'll do it myself.
I am sorry.
I was actually looking forward to having you as a step-mom.
And if the next one is also named Cristal, then I might have to throw myself down a flight of stairs.
If they're letting him go, that's gotta be a good thing, right? Relax, Kirby.
You'll take care of him, I'll take care of you.
All right, how about dinner tonight, my house, I'll see you at 7? All right, it's a date.
You're not seriously dating Kirby.
If it was any of your business, which it isn't, you said she could date whoever she wanted.
That was before I knew you were gonna Fredo my father to the FBI.
So, you love Blake again this week? Not everyone agrees with you.
Even Cristal came to me confessing all the horrible things he did.
- He's getting what he deserves.
- But Kirby isn't.
She's too young and naive to realize the mistake she's making.
But I'm not.
End it, now.
Whoa, whoa, dial it down, Don Corleone.
Kirby's a big girl.
She can date whoever she wants.
She doesn't know what she wants.
Really? Well, she certainly did last night.
What the hell are you doing in here? I brought you your mail and a fresh cup of coffee.
Too soon? I'm this close to hurling it at your head.
I hope it's hot.
The press is gathered in the conference room.
They're waiting for a statement from Cristal.
Cristal is a no-show.
You can tell everybody I'll be standing in with Blake.
- Copy that, boss.
- Get out.
Oh, good, you're home.
How was your checkup? Jeff? Did you get any evidence that Adam was behind this? What happened, Jeff? Talk to us.
What did the doctor say? Can we go to the cops now? What's the use? I could spend the rest of my life trying to prove Adam poisoned me.
Even if I did, Blake would just find some way to cover it up.
I don't understand.
Does this mean you're giving up? It means that, uh that I'm changing tactics.
Adam thinks he can come at me and walk away clean? Not even Blake Carrington's all-powerful.
He and his bastard son are gonna get what's coming to them.
Even if it kills me.
- I just talked to my agent.
Heard the female contingent at Femperial wants to walk.
- Hey, look, don't worry.
I wouldn't.
- Worried? Me? No.
No, never.
But this is funny.
Isn't it? - I don't get it.
- It's a letter about you.
I thought that maybe it was from your agent or maybe it was a fan, but no, it turns out it's way better than that.
Because, apparently, you have a 10-year-old child out in the world? - That's crazy, huh? - Fallon, I Could you just please tell me that whoever wrote this "I know who you did last summer" is just playing a sick prank? Please? It's true.
Look, I was in high school studying abroad.
We were not ready to be parents, so my family decided the best thing to do was to have the baby and put it up for adoption.
Why didn't you tell me this before? 'Cause I never had any ties to the mother or child since.
And over time, it was just something that I buried in my mind.
Fallon, I am sorry.
I should've told you.
But it's not a part of my life in any way.
- Yes, but it is a part of mine now.
- Okay, I get that.
- So, let's talk.
- No, I can't talk.
I have a press conference to run and a soccer team to run and a publishing company to run.
This is the last thing I have time to deal with right now.
Good afternoon.
I am here to address recent rumors involving my father, Blake Carrington, and Cristal Jennings.
I just spoke to Cristal, and she assured me that the incident under question was an accident and not a case of abuse.
Why isn't Ms.
Jennings here to speak for herself? Well, she asks that we respect her privacy but urged me to set the record straight.
Blake Carrington is not and has never been a violent man.
Personally, his admiration and respect for women has played a large role in shaping the person I am today.
Thank you for support during this ordeal.
And thank you to my daughter Fallon.
There's nothing more important than family How do you explain a report released moments ago that three former Carrington Atlantic employees have come forward accusing you of physical assault in the workplace? - Excuse me? - Were you aware of these allegations? Have you sought treatment for your anger issues? Uh, thank you.
We have no more time for questions.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Do you have a comment about these allegations? Oh.
Surprised you're still here.
I mean, after that epic fail of a press conference, I figured you'd be busy helping Daddy lick his wounds.
I'm a little busy for your brand of pettiness today, so Busy? Busy doing what? Fetching coffee? I mean, from golden boy to intern.
It's quite the fall from grace.
But turns out you haven't hit rock bottom yet.
I just, uh, rounded up all the owners currently at the office, and we took a vote.
- You're fired.
- Oh, Jeff.
Are you sick and feeling delusional again? Now that your crook of a father is no longer in charge, the board is reevaluating his previous decisions.
Given your outburst on opening day, we feel it's best that you no longer work for the team.
We'll see about that.
My family still has majority ownership.
No, no, see, Fallon has majority ownership, and she hates you, too.
Your only ally is about to go to prison.
You're kinda helpless without Daddy Warbucks by your side, ready to wipe your a Hey.
You watch your mouth.
I do hope you enjoy your weekly visits to him in the slammer.
Maybe you can be his intern.
Bring him his cigarettes, maybe a shiv.
Don't touch me.
You ungrateful son of a bitch.
My father did everything for you.
Your threats mean nothing to me, Adam.
You're still fired.
You let me publicly defend you when it turns out you're just another misogynistic monster.
I have a temper.
You know that.
But throwing a stapler at a wall a time or two is not equal to abuse.
You made me look like a liar and, worse, an abuser sympathizer.
My company, my entire brand, is specifically about giving women a voice after they've been silenced.
Here I am, the daughter of a man who is trying to silence them.
All right.
What do you want me to say? I want you to say, "It's a deal," when I tell you I am selling my Atlantix stake back to you.
You can't do that.
The league won't allow me ownership until the feds drop the charges.
- I'd lose the team.
You know that.
- That's your problem.
My problem is saving Femperial, which I can do once I sell the team back to you.
My back is up against the wall here.
I'm about to lose everything.
I lost Carrington Atlantic because of you.
I lost my dad and then Celia and Steven.
This team has helped me rebuild my life.
It's not just a business.
It's a purpose.
Now with Cristal leaving, I don't have anyone else to turn to.
What am I supposed to do? Sacrifice my dreams to protect you from growing another beard? No, I want you to protect this family from burning to the ground.
Come work with me again.
This time, we'll build our legacy as a true team, equal partners creating our dynasty.
What are you doing here? I'm not familiar with that song.
It's called "Ode to a Hot Mess.
" - Mozart, I think.
- I heard about the press conference.
Yes, my other terrible performance.
That's actually the least of my worries, right now.
Blake asked me to give up Femperial to come work with him.
How quickly did you say no? - I haven't.
- Why would you go back to working for him? Because we would be working together.
He wants me to be his partner.
Fallon, is it really that different? I mean, hey, look, I get it.
Family's family.
When mine's, you know, trying to ruin my life, I still wanna please them.
So, you're not helping me decide.
I think whatever you decide will be the right decision.
And I will be by your side watching you no matter what.
'Cause I love you, no matter what.
I really hope you mean that.
Since yesterday, I can't stop thinking about I messed up.
Okay, I'm sorry No, no, no.
It's not that.
If you're gonna be honest with me then there's something I need to tell you.
Something that happened to me when I was in high school.
When I was 16 I got into a fight with one of my friends, Beatrice Tate.
She made all of us call her Trixie.
Anyway it was really late, and we were both really, really drunk.
- Come on.
You don't have to go.
- No.
I don't remember what we were fighting about.
It was all a blur.
- Hey.
- Let go of me.
Trixie! - Stop.
You can't drive home.
- Let go of me.
No, you can't go.
I'm not letting you go.
You're too drunk.
You're too drunk.
I'm not letting [SCREAMS.]
It was an accident, but sometimes I don't know.
I went to Anders for help, and he told me he would take care of it.
I never really knew what that meant.
I didn't ask.
I don't think I wanted to know.
I just buried it.
And then the next day, the whole world just thought that Trixie ran away.
And that was it.
It's so bad, and I totally don't blame you if you wanna walk away and never look back.
No, no, no.
Hey, hey.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm here for you, remember? No matter what.
Where did you go so early? - You're supposed to be in bed, resting.
- I appreciate your concern, but Blake had some business he needed me to attend to.
I know you call that loyalty, but I call that stupidity.
It is loyalty.
And it goes both ways.
Who do you think provides the lifestyle we enjoy? Blake has been taking care of me for decades.
Now he's taking care of you.
Don't you forget it.
If he cares about you so much, why didn't he visit you in the hospital? We have no idea the pressure and responsibilities he has.
He doesn't have the luxury of dropping everything for a sick call.
It's not about luxury.
It's about being a considerate human being.
Both Sam and I came to see you because we actually care about you.
Blake needs you.
Don't kid yourself that he cares.
Excuse me.
Um, I'm looking for my son, Jeff Colby? Have you seen him? He didn't come home last night.
I've been calling, but he isn't answering.
He hasn't come in today.
He and Adam Carrington, they got into a nasty fight about something.
I need to report a missing person.
My son hasn't come home, hasn't been responding to calls.
Something's wrong.
I can feel it.
Oh, God.
Can you stop rowing for a second? Oh, sure thing, captain.
I just wanna take it all in.
- Yeah? What part? - All of it.
But mostly you.
All this forced introspection has made me look at us, too, and everything we've survived.
A fake marriage, a fake divorce, our moms, your pervy uncle, a basic ex-girlfriend, Twitter trolls and now the scariest test of all: our pasts.
But I think that if we can survive that, we can do anything together.
It has been one wild ride, there's no doubt about that.
But I wouldn't change any of it.
It would take me a lifetime to repay you for everything that you've done for me.
And I'd like the chance to try.
If you'll let me.
Jack Liam Ridley Lowden Van Kirk Southside That's close enough.
- Is that my dad's ring? How did you? - Mm-hm.
I might have paid a maid to steal it from your mom's house, but let's save the Q and A for after.
I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Liam marry me.
For real this time.
Is that a question? - Is that a yes? - No.
It's a hell, yes.
How nice.
My baby sister and her boyfriend, happy again.
I don't see a boyfriend, but I do see a fiancé.
We'd invite you to the wedding, but we have to keep the guest list under 800.
Oh, don't be sad, Adam.
If you play nice, we'll consider you for ring bearer.
- You know, once you're potty trained.
So, I'm gonna have a new brother-in-law.
One who'll make sure you keep the inappropriate kissing to yourself.
So, where's the ring? - Uh - Is the writing career not taking off? Don't worry, it's 2019.
Women can be breadwinners.
Yes, and they can propose.
Not that it's any of your business, but I, um I lost the ring.
But I promise I will get it back somehow, okay? I'm very, very, very sorry.
It's okay.
Just make sure the next one floats.
I think I'm gonna go change.
I worked up a sweat with all that rowing.
Adam, why don't you take the day off? Hell, take the week.
Nobody'll miss you.
My room was supposed to be ready 20 minutes ago.
- What's the problem? - Please hold.
Ma'am, I know, but Housekeeping's running a little bit behind.
If you give me one minute, I can sort it out for you.
Excuse me.
- If I may? - Anders.
Apologies, ma'am, for the delay, but our suites take a little longer to prepare than the rooms, and you've been upgraded as a valued guest.
- A suite.
Well, that does sound nice.
- Mm-hm.
If you'd please enjoy a complimentary drink at the bar while we get the room ready.
- And thank you for your patience.
- Thank you.
No, thank you.
You're a genius.
Thanks, Anders.
Diego was a no-show.
I didn't think running a hotel was gonna be this hard, which I know sounds ridiculous.
Well, I'm proud of you for taking a chance on yourself, for stepping outside your comfort zone.
Well, I wish I had your mad skills.
I think I need to get myself an Anders.
Well, what a coincidence.
This one's available.
Uh for the right price.
But what about the Carringtons? And your health? And the Carringtons? Well, I appreciate your concern, but I am fine.
And for the Carringtons, well, maybe it's time I stepped out of my comfort zone.
Would you be the hotel's majordomo? Or does that only apply in mansions? - I'm sure we can come up with a new title.
- Mm.
One favor.
Let's not tell Mr.
Carrington just yet.
I need to find my successor so there's a smooth transition.
And I want to leave the mansion on good terms.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Reverend Doyle.
Wow, what a surprise.
I haven't seen you since Grandpa's funeral.
- Yes, it has been a while.
- Why the special house visit? Is Daddy in need of some extra prayers? Um Well, it's, um You look like you'd rather be swallowed up by the gates of hell.
Tell me why you're here.
And don't lie to me.
It's not the Christian thing to do.
Reverend, we go all the way back to my confirmation, remember? I'm here to marry your father and Cristal.
What? Well, that can't be.
Blake and Cristal split up.
I just spoke to her yesterday.
She's probably on her way to Mexico right now.
Or she could have found forgiveness.
It's the foundation of a lasting union.
Yes, I can see how a bed of lies can provide a solid foundation.
Here to take a swing at my other cheek? 'Cause I'm not turning it.
Oh, I'd love to, but we have a situation here.
Yesterday you told me Cristal came to see you? - Right.
Before you slapped me.
- Yes, I remember.
So, you said that she confessed to all the horrible things Blake did? Yeah.
She was mad at him for turning against her father.
That's exactly what she said to me, except I just found out they are getting married, in secret.
That doesn't make any sense.
Cristal even went to the FBI to corroborate their case against Blake.
Unless that's just what she wanted you to think.
Did she say anything else? No, but she did return the money Ada gave me, whole 5 million that Blake stole.
Blake would've never kept that money from Ada.
If they wanted to hurt me, then why'd they give me the money? The best way to prove his innocence is to find another suspect.
They're trying to frame me.
Son of a bitch.
Michael, you need to burn that cash before the FBI raids this place and catches you with it.
Never thought I'd burn through money so quick.
Well, roast some marshmallows while you're at it.
Now I have to go deal with my wretched father.
And, Michael I really am sorry.
For everything.
Uh I think it's near the center.
Sorry, I know I'm not being specific.
I'm a little bit nautically challenged.
Don't worry.
We'll find it.
We got two other guys on the way.
With our sonar, we can find anything.
Thank you so much.
This ring means so much to me and my family, so What's going on? You looking for buried treasure? Kind of.
I hired these guys to find Fallon's ring that she dropped in the lake.
- Consider it a wedding gift.
- Oh, Adam, that is too generous.
Especially since you already sent Fallon a gift.
That anonymous letter? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You should write it down.
You're clearer on the page.
At first I thought my mom sent it.
I mean, after all, she's the only one who knew about the baby, and she can be vindictive.
So I called and told her if she tried something like that again, I'd cut her out of my life completely.
She panicked.
She told me the truth.
She didn't send the letter, but she did tell you about the kid during one of your, uh one of your trysts.
Maybe she's confused.
She is getting up there in years.
She also told me how you forged her medical results to show she had cancer.
Man, it would be such a shame to have your license revoked for a second time.
And Blake, he went to such lengths to get it back for you.
I guess there's no question as to which child he should side with now.
It's gonna be okay, right? - It's all going as planned.
- Are you sure this will work? Framing Adam for my murder? They'll never see it coming.
It's a big sacrifice.
Giving up your entire life here? It's what I've always wanted, Monny.
What we've always wanted.
To make the Carringtons pay for everything they've done to us.
And it will work.
You ungrateful son of a bitch.
My father did everything for you.
Your threats mean nothing to me, Adam.
You're still fired.
- What are you doing here? - I didn't want you to have to do it alone.
And with a surprise assist from Mom, we staged my disappearance.
Once the police investigate, they'll find evidence that Adam was involved in my disappearance.
Thanks for calling 911.
So, the only thing left to do is for Jeff Colby to disappear.
But not forever, right? As soon as Adam is behind bars, we're coming to visit.
That's right.
It'll be a family reunion in the Bahamas.
Get over here.
Take care of one another, all right? This better be worth it.
I'll make sure of it.
I need to report a missing person.
My son hasn't come home, hasn't been responding to calls.
Something's wrong.
I can feel it.
Oh, God.
Jeff won't be a problem anymore.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
I assume the payments will resume immediately? Well, of course, sis.
We share the same blood.
That means we look out for one another.
Related by blood, yes.
But what you and I share is deception, jealousy and lies.
You and I need to talk now.
Make an appointment.
I have way bigger issues to deal with.
That went well.
Where's that backstabbing father of ours? Let's turn that frown upside down.
You're just in time for a wedding.
Don't gloat.
I know all about Blake's secret wedding.
- You know about the charges being dropped? - We'll see about that.
I know he's trying to frame Culhane.
Well, it wasn't all by himself.
I mean, I played a small important role.
Your ID badge was very helpful.
And don't worry, I had your clothes dry-cleaned after I wore them.
Do you have any idea what they're talking about? No, but we're gonna find out.
Soon as my son arrives, we can begin, Reverend.
Yes, of course.
This is completely deranged, even for you.
Fallon, listen, we decided not to invite any family because we wanted more of a private Save it.
I want no part of this wedding.
Blake time is over.
- Would you excuse us, Reverend? - Yes.
Of course.
- What's wrong with you? - Where do I start? How about having a father that pretends to break up with his fiancée just so they can frame an innocent man? That's right, Sid and Nancy, I figured it out.
But Culhane got rid of the bag of money.
You won't get away with this.
Wait? Did you say "bag" or "bags"? Yup, that's what I thought.
So, when the FBI finds the other bag of cash we planted in his apartment, they'll still think it came from Ada.
Especially with the incriminating evidence in his office tying the cash back to her.
It'll look like she paid him to blackmail Blake, forcing our poor father into extorting the senator.
Oh, my God.
Michael Culhane, we're placing you under arrest.
And we have a warrant to search your apartment.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
And you.
You went along with this? Fallon, if you'll calm down, we can explain everything.
Don't tell me to calm down, lady.
I thought you were a friend, but it turns out you're as awful as he is.
You two deserve each other.
What you don't deserve is that hair.
Hey! Can anyone hear me? - I think we got something.
- The ring? No.
Definitely not the ring.
Fallon, this is not the time or place for this.
You used me, your own daughter, just so Adam could get his foot back in the door at the Atlantix and do your dirty work because you knew I wouldn't frame Culhane.
Culhane went to the FBI and ratted out this family.
He's getting exactly what he deserves.
I'm trying to protect our dynasty.
You don't have a dynasty to protect, because I'm selling all of my shares of the Atlantix team to Culhane.
Don't be ridiculous, Fallon.
He'll be in federal prison.
Not if I have anything to do with it.
Fallon! So, this was your big plan, huh? You cause me to lose the Atlantix, you sell Femperial, and we both end up with nothing.
I learned from you, Daddy.
I sold Femperial, all right, to Kirby, for $1.
And she's gonna sell it back to me, so, actually I've lost nothing.
- Actually, I'm not selling.
- What? - Wow.
- You wanna talk betrayal? You went behind my back and told Culhane to dump me.
Is that what you mean by female empowerment? I'm keeping Femperial, and I'm giving it the attention it deserves.
We had a deal, Kirby.
Wait a minute, Blake screwed over Fallon and Culhane? It would appear that loyalty's overrated.
Anders, would you please tell the Reverend that we are ready? I would, sir, but and I'm sorry about the timing I'm out.
Effective immediately.
What? No.
You can't quit now.
I Are those divers in the lake? What are they doing? I hired them to find Fallon's ring.
She dropped it in the water.
Could you be any weirder? I swear.
Enough of this fantasy.
From now on [GRUNTS.]
Is that? Is that a dead body? Mr.
Carrington, we need to call the police.
What? Who is it? Male.
By the looks of things, he's been in there a few weeks.
get some shelter Walt! You're not gonna believe this, but we got a second body.
What? What are you? This is insane.
I had nothing to do with that one.
It's just a shot away Not much to go by.
Probably been here for years.
It's a young female.
Children It's just a shot away It's just a shot away Fallon never talked about it.
I think that was one of the things that really screwed me up, you know? You were so young to witness something like that.
I didn't see the accident itself.
Just what he did.
What who did? My father.
War, children It's just a shot away Wonder who that could be.
There's still a gold bracelet around the wrist with a name on it.
I think it says I tell you love, sister - Trixie.
- Trixie.
It's just a kiss away It's just a kiss away It's just a kiss away It's just a kiss away It's just a kiss away Kiss away, kiss away