Dynasty (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Guilt Trip to Alaska

1 Previously on Dynasty There doesn't seem to be any friction.
- Well, we've known each other our entire lives.
- Yeah.
I've always had a crush on him.
- Marry me again.
- Hell yes.
Are you sure this will work? Framing Adam for my murder? They'll never see it coming.
The police will find evidence that Adam was involved in my disappearance.
Jeff won't be a problem anymore.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
When I heard you'd bought a hotel, I thought even you couldn't be that careless.
Careless? I'm all about caring.
When I was 16, I got into a fight.
We were both really drunk.
It was all a blur.
I hired these guys to find Fallon's ring that she dropped in the lake.
She told me the truth.
I guess there's no question as to which child he should side with now.
I figured it out.
Culhane already got rid of the bag of money, so you won't be getting away with this.
Michael Culhane.
We're placing you under arrest.
I sold Femperial to Kirby for one dollar.
And she's gonna sell it back to me.
Actually, I'm not selling.
- What? - I'm sorry about the timing.
I'm out, effective immediately.
You're not gonna believe this, but we got a second body.
Not much to go by.
It's a young female.
Wonder who that could be.
There's still a gold bracelet around the wrist.
- Trixie! - Trixie.
Another day in the life of Carrington craziness as scenes of drama and trauma are unfolding at Carrington Manor in Atlanta today.
Sources tell me not one but two bodies have been pulled from the lake on the family's property, including that of a teenage girl.
Fallon Carrington's on-again, off-again boy toy, Liam Ridley, aka author Johnny Southside, aka Jack Lowden, is in critical condition after a narrow escape from drowning.
Ex-Carrington chauffeur Michael Culhane was arrested just hours ago for bribing a senator.
Plus, Carrington cousin Jeff Colby has been reported missing, possibly the victim of foul play.
The scrutiny couldn't come at a worse time, with the Carrington Foundation fund-raiser tomorrow night at the Georgia Aquarium.
Talk about sleeping with the fishes.
Will someone please get this jackass away from our gate? - Fallon, I - Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Save it, Cristal.
You've already apologized twice.
You think the third time's a charm? - I hope so.
- Not today, lady.
- Who is he on the phone with? - His lawyer.
Where did Sam and Kirby go? Kirby went to visit Culhane after you and Blake had him arrested.
Sam is tending to his hotel.
Perhaps next time you consider dredging the lake, you'll speak - to your father first.
- I didn't dredge the lake.
I hired two divers The lawyers are on their way over, which means so are the detectives, which means we need to talk fast.
Oh, I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
I just watched my friend's corpse get dragged out of our lake and found out that my fiancé drowned and would have died if Tony the gardener hadn't taken his fourth break of the day and found him in time.
And I still don't know how he is, but by all means, let's have a family meeting.
I know, you had a bad day.
We all did.
But the police are gonna want to interview all of us, and we need to get our stories straight.
I don't have a story.
Trixie fell, and I went to Anders for help.
I was 16.
He told me he would take care of it.
I didn't know that meant throwing her body in the lake.
You did it? You said you had nothing to do with that one.
- I didn't think it was the best time to explain.
- You know what? I'm not even surprised.
I did what I had to do.
And I'm curious, what did you think happened to Trixie, huh? Think she just ran off to Spain? No.
I-I just I just figured she got hurt really badly and, I don't know, was recovering in a secret hospital of ours.
I don't know.
I tried not to think about it.
What do we say about the other body? Mack? We say nothing.
Nobody knows how he got there.
Officially, he did work for us as a security consultant.
Some of the staff might remember.
Oh, it was ten years ago.
But there could be DNA evidence on him.
Why don't we tell the police Mack attacked you and it was self-defense? You're responsible for Mack, too? How many bodies are in that lake? I'm responsible for nothing.
Mack was an ex-con who probably had more enemies than I do.
And as far as Trixie goes, we stick with the original story.
- Does everybody got that? - Yes.
We were close friends who went to high school together.
Trixie visited the manor quite often, but I didn't know her well.
I just found out who she was.
Such a tragedy.
Her name was Trixie? She came over that night to hang out and watch TV, but As far as I can recall, she only stayed a few hours.
Carrington was out at a business meeting most of the night.
And then she got tired and said she was going home.
By the time I got back, she had already left for the evening, and that was the last time I ever saw her.
Mack? Yes, he may have done a few odd jobs, but He hadn't worked here in about ten years.
His name was Mack? I'm not familiar with it.
No, I've never heard that name before.
But I just got here.
Thank you, Detective.
We appreciate all your hard work.
Not just today, but always.
You've been good friends.
Which is why we so generously donate to the policemen's fund.
Blake Carrington set me up.
All I need is five minutes to talk to Agent Tarkoff - or anyone at the FBI.
- Tell the detective.
I already did.
And everyone else.
All the Carrington money and influence in the world cannot change the fact that I am innocent.
You believe me, right? Doesn't matter what I believe.
I think it went pretty well.
If everybody stayed with the same story, you should be in the clear.
Look, I'm not saying I didn't make a mistake, but I A mistake? Is that what you're calling this? - Father, let me explain.
- Explain what? For some insane reason, you hired divers to find Fallon's ring.
I didn't know there were two bodies in the lake.
Yeah? Well, maybe next time, ask first.
And I'm not in the clear until that autopsy on Mack is done.
I can fix it.
I promise.
Just give me a chance to make it right.
Absolutely not.
You have done enough.
You stand down while I figure out some way to make sure that my DNA is not all over Mack's dead body.
I told you the investigators wouldn't suspect we had anything to do with it.
That's the problem.
They don't suspect anything.
Or anyone.
We gave them every piece of the puzzle to prove that Adam killed Jeff.
When are they gonna bring him in? It hasn't even been 24 hours.
They may have found the cuff link and heard about the fight between Jeff and Adam, but they need time to make a case.
Colby, have the police opened an official investigation into your son's disappearance? Do they think he's still alive? I'm out of here.
It's Ms.
Dominique Deveraux.
And I'm sorry, I can't discuss it.
Not now.
At least, not yet.
I mean, it's all just so horrific.
Losing a child is a mother's worst nightmare.
If whoever hurt my son is watching, just know that I, Dominique Deveraux, will do everything in my power to find him to find you and then make sure you get the punishment you deserve.
I'm sorry, no more questions.
I can't.
What exactly was your plan? - I'm just curious.
- Plan? What are you talking about? Well, you somehow knew that Trixie was in the lake, and you wanted them to find her.
Did you want them to arrest me for murder? I was just trying to find your ring.
Oh, no one believes that.
At least Blake hates you now.
I heard him screaming from across the house.
Well, scream therapy can be very effective for anxiety.
- Where are you going? Ooh, can I drive? - No.
Gonna see Liam? Is he awake yet? I don't know.
That's why I'm going to the hospital.
You know, somehow, it wouldn't surprise me if you were involved with what happened to him, too.
Fallon, I was standing by the lake the entire time with you.
Obviously, I had nothing to do with Liam's accident.
You know, not everything's my fault.
Just know I don't forget things.
And you will pay, eventually.
For everything.
Give him a big kiss for me.
I had to tell them the same thing I said ten years ago.
Nothing good ever happens when you change your story.
Listen, if you can hear me, I know you are probably very sick of hearing me talk about Trixie.
But it's not like there's anything I could've done.
You know? Even if I knew what Blake did.
I just wish he would've told me so I wouldn't have wondered all these years.
Coconut? I hate it when they don't give you the little chocolate chart.
I just want you to wake up so we can be together again.
I'll be back in the morning.
Trixie? You can tell me the truth, and I won't say a word.
You swear you didn't push her? Because 16-year-olds can be really bitchy sometimes.
She was one of my closest friends.
And it's been very traumatic for me, you know, having all these feelings bubbling back up.
- So to speak.
- And as if things couldn't get any worse, I saw her when I was leaving Liam's hospital room.
- Saw who? - Trixie.
What? Are you serious? Like, what, back from the dead? No, no.
Like a ghost.
Except not, because she was just sitting there and not really doing anything.
She was never very athletic.
You know, may she rest in peace.
Do you think she was trying to talk to you? No.
I said, "like a ghost," not an actual ghost.
Well, I guess when you feel guilty about something, your brain can, you know, mess with you.
Whoa Who said anything about guilt? No.
The only person who should feel guilty is Blake.
And I hope that not-ghost Trixie is haunting him, too.
Maybe she came to me to try and find him.
I just keep thinking of how painful this must be for her family.
They must be going through a lot.
I know.
I wish there was something I could do to help them.
Maybe that's why she showed up.
So you can help her parents.
I mean, can you imagine how painful this whole thing must have been for them? And now that they've finally got past it, they have to relive it? Well, you're not exactly making me feel better.
And the press is probably hounding them.
It just must be awful Sam! Please! Stop talking.
Okay, I am gonna go before you make me feel any worse.
And please don't demean yourself by choosing the one on the left.
Well, it's my hotel and Well, that was my backup.
I need to know that you're on top of this.
I pay you a lot of money to be my lawyer.
Make sure that I'm protected.
I'll call you later.
I need to lock that door more often.
Adam's safe.
You're welcome.
Well, don't act like you're doing this purely out of kindness.
Unless you don't want the money.
- And Jeff? - The less you know, the better.
But I do have a favor to ask.
Other than the seven-figure check I just handed you? That was a transaction.
- Ah.
- Not a favor.
- And this won't cost you a thing.
- Mm, somehow I doubt that.
It's been a while since I left Atlanta.
I'd like for you to use tonight's event to reintroduce me to society.
Sort of my new debut.
Oh, I don't know how to break this to you, Dominique.
You haven't been 16 in a long time.
But I've been a Carrington all of my life.
I'm not interested in making tonight all about you.
I don't trust you, Dominique, so I'd rather keep as much distance between us as possible.
I think we're done here.
I promise you we're not.
You know that I'm innocent, right? Yes.
Of course.
Blake basically confessed what he did with the hidden money and the fake e-mails to frame you.
- Fallon and I heard.
- That's Blake Carrington for you.
Always proud of his work.
Well, Fallon and I could go to the FBI and tell them what we heard.
Even though she's not speaking to me.
Will a blazer make me seem like a credible witness? Unless you magically recorded everything that you heard, it won't matter.
It's all hearsay.
Don't even waste your time.
Well, what can I do, Michael? Please, I really want to help.
Can I talk to your lawyer? I already have.
The judge set bail.
And with my assets tied up in the Atlantix, I can't afford it.
Okay, well how much is it? A million.
I don't think I can put that on my card.
But we will figure this out.
When I set my sights on something, I get it.
Ask Fallon.
You're pretty cute when you're scrappy.
Oh, this is nothing yet.
We need to talk.
I'm a bit busy right now, but maybe later.
I think now is better.
Look, I'm really enjoying this whole new tough Cristal vibe, but can we make this quick? 'Cause I What is your plan to fix the problem you created? If you want your father to forgive you, I hope you're doing something about it.
Well, actually, Father specifically told me to stand down, so Well, I'm telling you to stand up.
And act before it's too late.
I don't think Blake would appreciate you threatening me.
I'm not.
I'm just reminding you that I am the first person your father talks to in the morning and the last one at night.
So he listens to me.
So, what do you want me to do? Mack's body has Blake's DNA on it.
And maybe mine.
You're a doctor.
Figure it out.
We should talk next steps.
Well, everything's underway, so I'm doing a full inventory so my replacement will have all the information he or she needs.
Hold on.
You were serious about leaving? I thought that was just a disgruntled employee, - heat-of-the-moment thing.
- It was.
But it's a moment I don't regret.
Well, you're just as involved in this as I am.
That body didn't get dumped in the lake by itself.
We need to find out what's going on here.
I'll reach out to our friends in the police and see what information they have and how they can be of service.
But when that's finished, so am I.
I'm going to work for Sam at the hotel.
If we don't take care of this, the only place you're going to be working is prison.
As a prisoner.
Yes, sir.
I got your meaning.
- Mm.
- Mrs.
Tate? Hi.
Fallon Carrington.
It's been a long time.
- I didn't know you were a churchgoer now.
- Oh, no, I'm sure that church would collapse into a cloud of bats if I stepped one foot inside.
And obviously, you were being sarcastic.
- I see that now.
- So, why are you here? Well, I remembered that this is where you would come with your family on Sundays, so I wanted to find you and offer my condolences.
About Trixie.
So I'm sorry.
I wish that were helpful.
- I'm sorry? - Trixie's been gone ten years.
Her disappearance destroyed our family.
Her father and I got divorced.
Her brother had a terrible time after.
And I'm still battling vicious depression.
So condolences don't really help.
Tate? Mrs.
Tate, are you okay? I think you should leave.
This isn't helping me, - and this certainly isn't helping Trixie.
- Mrs.
Tate - I'm-I'm fine.
- Y-You don't look fine.
You look like you're about to have a heart attack.
Tate! C-Can some can somebody call 911? Please? Help me.
Please don't die.
Please don't die.
I mean, she could have have just told me it was a panic attack.
Apparently, she gets them all the time.
But can you imagine how nervous I was, standing there, wondering if I had killed Trixie's mother? I do feel for you.
Oh, come on, you know what I mean.
I can't have another Tate death on my conscience.
Why is it on your conscience? No, it's just an expression.
Doesn't mean anything.
But it is weird that she was found in your lake.
I mean, it's not like she went for a swim.
She hated water.
Remember? Uh yes, Trixie's mom is fine, and I was just trying to help.
How are you doing with the whole Jeff situation? Have you heard anything from the police? We're hanging in there.
Oh, if it isn't my famous runaway half-aunt.
I heard you were back.
Yes, I am.
And it's been difficult, but we're still holding out hope that they'll find Jeff.
Were you holding out hope at Saks? 'Cause that coat looks expensive.
Listen, I would be grateful if you would let me do something to help really, anything at all.
Actually, we heard that Jeff got into a huge fight - earlier that day - Monica.
We don't need to involve Fallon.
We have a police chief in our family.
Remember? Okay, then.
Apparently, we're fine for now.
And what about Culhane? Can you believe it? Between Trixie's skeleton being found, Liam's injury and almost killing Mrs.
Tate, I honestly forgot.
Okay, okay.
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
I I am gonna go.
I will talk to you later.
What's wrong with pushing the investigation to move a little faster? The last thing we need is Fallon sniffing around trying to figure out what really happened.
But she could Trust me.
I just set up an interview to get the word out.
It will be okay.
What do you think? It's for the fund-raiser tonight.
You look amazing.
But I was actually wondering if, uh, you should consider canceling it.
You could still wear this to dinner, or not.
We can't cancel it.
It starts in five hours.
Well, maybe we shouldn't go.
Hmm? I mean, after what happened, we don't need to be seen in an aquarium with water.
Might seem insensitive.
It would be insensitive for Blake Carrington not to bother showing up.
The public needs to see that everything's okay.
You have nothing to hide.
Yeah? Have you got a moment, sir? I'll go change.
We need to be wrinkle-free for tonight.
Please tell me you have good news.
Well, only if you consider no news good news, sir.
Apparently, the police consider this case so serious it's need-to-know only.
Our contact has been left in the dark.
So you have nothing? The only thing I know is that the coroner's exam is tomorrow morning, and that they're watching you closely to see if you behave differently, so act normal.
Act normal? How am I supposed to act normal when there's a body in a morgue somewhere that could incriminate me?! Well, the first step would be not screaming the word "incriminate," sir.
That's why we pay lawyers.
They help make evidence disappear.
Well, you need to pay whoever you can in the Atlanta PD to find out what else they've discovered.
Ideally, something of actual value.
What's going on? Why is all my stuff and Montgomery out here? I'm getting kicked out? Hey.
Come back.
This is unacceptable.
Oh, I assume that this is your doing as payback for Femperial.
- Don't wave your rat at me.
- It's a wombat.
I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I have other things to do besides worry about your living arrangements.
Like helping Culhane with bail.
Well, let me take that off your plate.
Culhane doesn't want your help.
He doesn't want my help, or you don't want me to help him? Both.
And he knows you obviously forgot about him, so your name was left off the visitor list.
Look, I am not gonna sit here and trade insults with you like we're 12 again because, first of all, we're not 12, and second of all, I would win.
I just think it says a lot that you would treat me like this after everything I've done for you.
After all you've done for me? - Mm-hmm.
- Um, sorry, do you mean secretly trying to break up my relationship or your family getting Culhane arrested? I mean neither of those.
You went back on our deal with Femperial, which is hilarious, considering you have about as much of a chance of successfully running that company as I do of successfully running a marathon in heels.
Or ever.
Well, we'll see about that.
All right.
Femperial, not the marathon.
I see you two are as tight as ever.
- She kicked me out.
- Oh, I think that was Blake.
He's "circling the wagons," as he likes to say.
You got somewhere to stay until you find your own place? I know money's tight at the moment, but I'll be fine.
I own a publishing company now.
But, um, you don't seem very offended on my behalf.
Getting away from the manor will be the best thing that ever happened to you.
This place is toxic.
And yet you're still here doing Blake's bidding.
You must really love the taste of poison.
Oh, no.
I know you're not really there.
You're just in my mind.
No, I'm actually here, in the flesh.
Oh, God.
Ashley! What are you doing here? How did you even find out about this? Well, Laura called me.
That's Liam's mom.
- Yes, I know who Laura is.
- Well, anyway, she's in Europe, and she called me and asked if I would keep an eye on her baby for her - until she gets back.
- Why? Well, I guess because Liam and I have been through a lot and will always love each other.
We have a very special bond.
Yes, so do we.
It's called an engagement.
Oh, interesting.
I don't see any rings on any fingers, but I do know how you like to play with the truth and then trample on it.
Oh, okay.
I see what's going on here.
Laura couldn't make it in person to annoy me and make this traumatic experience even worse, so she sent her Mini-Me to do the job for her.
Look, I'm not here to annoy anyone.
I'm just worried.
The doctors say they don't know when he'll wake up.
Yes, I know what the doctors say.
I have been in touch with the doctors the entire time.
Um, Ashley, you are no longer needed here.
You may go.
Well, I was leaving anyway.
Oh, please.
I'll be right back.
I just need to show the nurses a photo of her so they can shoot on sight.
Just came to get my bag.
Hello? Doctor? What are you doing here? Oh, my God.
I knew you had something to do with this.
What were you gonna do? Smother him to death? Pull the plug? - Look - No, stay away from me.
Look, first of all, Liam is not on a ventilator.
Second of all, I was just checking on him.
I know how worried you are, and, um, I just wanted to make sure that he was being taken care of.
I am a doctor.
Well, maybe we should call security.
You know, just to be safe.
Uh Oh, it's just the lamp.
Hey, I'm worried about you.
Clearly, you've been through some serious trauma, and I'm concerned that you're letting your imagination run wild.
Just go.
Okay? And if I see you here again, I am going to call the police.
I really hope both of those glasses aren't for you.
Perfect timing.
My interview is about to start.
Why is this so important to you? It's not like we want anyone to actually find Jeff, and you said it'll take the police time to build a case against Adam.
And they will.
What better way to put pressure on them than a grieving mother doing an interview? Now, sit and have a drink with me.
Okay, it's time.
Tonight, we're going away from our usual programming so we can air a special investigative piece on the Carrington family.
- From the beginnings of the dynasty - Wait, what? You're kidding me.
to tonight's Carrington Gala.
Did they just bump you? For that "Drowning in the Lake Gala.
" The Carringtons are a big deal.
They always have been.
It's hard to steal the spotlight away from them.
tonight at the Georgia Aquarium.
See? This isn't so bad, right? Actually, it does feel good to be out in the world again.
I just wish Anders would get here with an update already.
Fascination with your presentation Making me feel like you're on my island - You're my permanent vacation - Over here.
Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch I could be your crush, crush, crush, crush, crush Oh, no.
I don't have time for you right now.
Pam, hello.
Anything? No.
I decided not to try.
- Excuse me? - I apologize, sir, but I told you I needed to move on, and I do.
In addition to which, you forced my daughter out of the manor.
That had nothing to do with you.
Even so, I'd be a hypocrite to stay.
I raised you.
I watched you grow.
But I'm done enabling you, for both our sakes.
If the police keep digging, we could all end up in jail.
I've decided to let the chips fall where they may.
Goodbye, sir, and good luck.
They just kicked me out with no warning.
I'm sorry.
Guess this means you're not going to the fund-raiser tonight? No, that would be weird, especially considering it's already started.
Well, me, neither, out of solidarity.
Aw, thank you.
Speaking of solidarity, um, I need somewhere to stay.
If only I knew someone who owned a building with, like, lots and lots of rooms, like a hotel.
We are obviously closed for renovations.
- Why do you think I'm still staying at the manor? - Yes.
- Sorry.
- Well, I'm not living with my father.
Why don't you just ask Culhane if you can stay at his place? I mean, you're supposedly his girlfriend, right? - Mm.
- And he's certainly not using it.
Yeah, maybe I will.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Hey, wait a second.
You already weren't going tonight before you knew I wasn't going.
You're not sticking up for me at all.
I have an irrational fear of fish.
Okay? I don't trust anything with eyes on both sides of their head.
It's a thing.
Look, I know it sounds a little crazy, but I think that you should just confess about Trixie.
I mean, it would be best for everyone.
What are they really gonna do to you? You're Blake Carrington.
Fallon, you've recently experienced a lot of trauma Why does everyone keep saying that? I mean, aside from the obvious reasons.
Look, anyway, this has nothing to do with that.
I mean, we could get caught at any minute.
Somebody could go to the police station and tell them what they saw that night.
I just have a really bad feeling.
Look, I understand your concerns, but you need to pull yourself together.
We can talk about this later.
Now is not the time.
Hey, Doc, I saw the lights on.
You gonna be here late? Hmm.
Didn't mean to scare you.
Did Blake send you in here to give me some words of wisdom about how we can't besmirch the Carrington name? Admit nothing, deny everything? - It was actually my idea.
- Ah.
You have to know your father was only trying to protect you.
- Oh, please.
- It's true.
He told me you were a little wild back then.
Well, yeah.
I mean, that's what happens when your mother abandons you and your dad's never home.
Otherwise, life can get pretty boring.
So, if the police had gotten involved in Trixie's death, your life would've been ruined.
You would've had no future.
It may not have been Blake's smartest move, but one family's life was already ruined.
He didn't think it would help Trixie's family to ruin yours.
What an honor to be here.
Especially since my son, Jeff Colby, was one of the first recipients of this grant.
He's missing now.
Please keep him in your prayers, Atlanta.
Thank you.
And thank you for supporting my brother, Blake.
Not only for the beautiful work he does, but for what he's going through.
I know it seems like he must be guilty of something.
But I don't think so, and I'm glad you don't, either.
That's true friendship.
When everything points to something nefarious, friends don't judge friends.
People have died Uh, that's enough, Dominique.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Thank you, Dominique.
On a lighter note, which isn't hard to hit after that performance, I would like to announce the formation of the Trixie Tate Scholarship, which will be given annually by this foundation.
It will be to honor my friend Trixie, who we lost ten years ago.
The award will be given to the student who best exemplifies all the wonderful traits we loved so much in Trixie.
It is my way of keeping my friend's memory alive.
And she's gone.
She's g She And rest in peace.
- And - Thank you.
Thank you, Fallon, for that-that lovely tribute.
But I think this crowd has heard enough from the Carringtons for one evening.
Don't you? Please enjoy yourselves.
What is wrong with you? I thought it was a nice gesture.
And it worked.
And you don't think it makes you look just a little bit guilty? No.
Actually, I feel great.
What the hell was that? I'm just grateful for all of the support.
I know exactly what you were doing.
And if you ever try to embarrass Blake like that again, you'll have to deal with me.
That sounds like a veiled threat.
I should clarify.
It's an explicit threat.
Trust me.
You don't want to mess with my family.
Come with me.
Is this about my bail? Doubtful.
Agent Tarkoff is here to talk with you.
- About what? - About your charges.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Well? - All taken care of.
Really? Yes.
Thanks to a clerical error I may have caused, a certain body is on its way to be cremated - as we speak.
- That's great news.
Should we toast? Maybe let's hold off on the public celebration of destroying evidence.
Fair enough.
Fallon Great.
Now fish are talking to me.
What? Seriously? I thought you were gone.
What do you want? Simple.
I want you to take responsibility for what you did.
Me? What did I do? I didn't even know that you were in the lake, which which I'm totally sorry about, by the way.
Stop blaming everyone else, Fallon.
You knew exactly what happened to me.
So, does this mean the scholarship thing did not work? The scholarship was for you.
Just like when you went to my mom, and just like when you tried to help Monica and Culhane.
You're just trying to make yourself feel better.
I liked you better when you were alive.
You know what needs to be done.
Fallon? Aw.
Need a hug? I'll use Femperial to leverage the money to pay for your bail.
I mean, I own it.
How weird is that? As long as you don't skip town before the trial and, uh, I mean, you're not gonna skip town, right? Also, I need to ask you a favor, which I know is kind of weird considering the circumstances, but Don't leverage Femperial, Kirby.
I don't want your money or your help.
What are you talking about? We spoke about this.
I said I wanted to help, - and you said to figure out bail.
- I I don't want to owe you anything.
You won't owe me anything, Michael.
If I do something nice for you, it's because I care about you.
Maybe you should care a little less.
- I got to go.
- No, Michael.
I-I'm just trying to make this better for you.
Have a great time doing prison stuff.
What's so urgent? What kind of story do you have for me? The story is I paid you a lot of money to interview me.
Why the hell didn't it air? You're kidding, right? I just report the news.
I don't program it.
That's above my pay grade.
So, who shall I call, then? Your boss? Tell them you took my payoff but failed to follow through? Look, you can have the money back if you want.
I just need a day.
If I wanted the money, I wouldn't have given it to you, Doug.
What do you want? Everything.
All of it.
The Carrington dynasty is changing.
Once it does, I'll be on top.
And you're going to help me get there.
No offense, but you're kind of freaking me out.
You want another interview? Fine.
Change of plans.
You're an investigative reporter.
Investigate Cristal Flores's family.
They're in dirty dealings.
Anything you can find that I can use against her.
What about Blake? Isn't he your brother? I'm bored with you.
We're done.
Joseph Anders, reporting for duty, sir.
Relax, Anders, this isn't the army.
And you can start tomorrow.
To new beginnings.
To a fruitful partnership.
Well, this isn't really a partnership.
You work for me, just so we're clear.
I really am glad you're here, though.
There's a lot of decisions to be made, like Which one do you like better for the bar? Well, that's clearly the choice.
I knew this was a great idea.
Thank you for taking care of everything tonight.
Of course.
You just have to trust me.
Oh, I do.
It was hot seeing you be such a badass.
It was late.
She had been drinking.
I tried to stop her from leaving.
But then But then she slipped, and she fell over the banister.
And it was an accident.
That's true.
But, um But I lied when I said that she had gone home.
How did Trixie get in the lake? Hey! Get out of here! Are you insane? Police.
They're here.
Fallon must have told them what you did to Trixie.
I did not know he was gonna throw her in the lake.
I didn't know what he was gonna do.
Blake Carrington, you are under arrest.
Yeah, I'm also naked.
He did it.
He is the one that put her in the lake.
For the murder of Nathan Macintosh, - also known as - Mack.
No one asked him to do it.
What? Murder? Mack did it on his own.
He told me years later.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney I just thought that telling the truth was the right thing to do.
It feels good.
Plus, you know, it's not like I murdered anyone.
And now Trixie's family can have some closure.
And I am ready to face the consequences.
Liam? Liam? Liam? Liam, Liam, Liam.
Can you hear me? I'm sorry, who are you? - What? - Where's my girlfriend? Ashley.
- Oh, that's very funny.
- Oh, my gosh.
- You woke up.
- Oh, Ashley, what-what am I doing here? What happened to me? Um, didn't she tell you? She won't tell me who she is.
Yeah, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
This is not happening.
I got it.
You know me.
Uh, intimately.
I'm sorry, I don't.
I'm really glad you're here.
Don't worry, sweetie.
I'm not going anywhere.
You got to be kidding me.