Dynasty (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Caution Never Won a War

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Marry me again.
- Hell yes.
- (SHOUTS) All the Carrington money and influence in the world cannot change the fact that I am innocent.
BLAKE: For some insane reason, you hired divers to find Fallon's ring.
I didn't know there were two bodies in the lake.
BLAKE: Figure out some way to make sure that my DNA is not all over Mack's dead body.
To a fruitful partnership.
I really am glad you're here, though.
What's going on? I'm getting kicked out? ADAM: Obviously, I had nothing to do with Liam's accident.
(GRUNTS) You know, not everything's my fault.
I don't forget things.
And you will pay.
You are under arrest for the murder of Nathan Macintosh.
- Ashley? - Laura called me.
- That's Liam's mom.
- Yes, I know who Laura is.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? What? ("ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER" BY THE FIXX PLAYING) Do what they say, say what they mean Baby, one thing leads to another You tell me something wrong, I know I listen too long But then one thing leads to another Your sentencing hearing is in 48 hours.
Judge Anson is tough.
Well, shouldn't he be lenient? I mean, I told the police the truth about what happened the night Trixie died.
I mean, yes, I lied about it ten years ago.
And again the other day.
But if it's the same lie, does it technically count twice? We're kind of having a meeting.
I'll chew softly.
The judge's decision could go either way.
What, you mean, like, the death penalty or life without parole? Not helpful.
And could you please close your robe and put the judge back in chambers? As you were saying? Best-case scenario, you get a slap on the wrist and some probation, but if the judge wants to make an example of a spoiled rich kid who's always gotten away with everything, you could be looking at five years or more.
No offense.
I'm not sure there's a way that's not offensive.
I'll see you in a few days.
Why aren't you more freaked out? I mean, if there's even a chance you're going to jail, you should be getting a hard-core mani-pedi and facial.
Or you could flee the country, but in that case, I would wax everything.
I am accepting the consequences of my actions, remember? And I am not painting or waxing anything in the next 48 hours.
I need to use that time to smack the amnesia out of Liam and to make him remember that he loves me and not Trashley.
And that way, if I do go to jail, I'll have my fiancé waiting for me when I get out.
- It'll be a love story for the ages.
- Right.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Did Fallon just say that Liam has amnesia? Good morning to you Adam.
You know, you shouldn't walk into rooms asking questions like that.
- It makes you seem weird er.
- Huh.
(POWER TOOLS WHIRRING, CAMERA CLICKING) What's going on? Breaking ground.
You are aware that construction has begun? Yes, but I want to document the beginning of the new hotel, so we're faking it.
It's called creative license.
And that explains the camera.
Also renovation progress kills on social media, so, incoming.
(GRUNTS) (PANTING) Oh, my God, did we just find treasure? ANDERS: It could be Al Capone's vault.
Unfamiliar with the reference.
ANDERS: There's a painting here.
"Bernard McCarty, 1923.
" Someone you grew up with? Hilarious.
Let's pile it all up, and I'll have the dumpster wheeled in.
Sam, hang on.
This-this could be a significant find.
This Bernard McCarty could be an important figure.
I'm going to call the Atlanta Historic Alliance.
They're going to want to investigate this.
Well, that investigation cannot delay construction.
I've already sent out all the invites for our grand reopening, and I can't push it back.
I booked Hootie & the Blowfish.
And if I have to settle for a cover band, then it basically becomes a quinceañera, and then we might as well just burn the whole thing down.
It won't be an issue.
Trust me, you're doing the right thing.
How are they treating you? What do you need? Tell me.
I'll get it for you immediately.
I've been in here, like, an hour.
All right? Relax, both of you.
This will be over soon.
Right now we need to focus on business.
The board of Blue Belt Vineyards received a substantial offer last week, and I know they're considering accepting it because of my temporary incapacitation.
They can't sell it without you.
They can if I'm not there to vote against it.
Blue Belt Vineyards was the first company I ever acquired.
It has a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me.
I farmed her land, I nurtured her grapes.
Really? No! I paid people to do that.
But every time I acquired another company, I toasted myself from her oaky barrels.
That company is in my blood.
Also, it's my last major holding.
(DOOR OPENS) So I need both of you to represent me to that board and put a cork in that sale.
I have been on the phone screaming at the district attorney.
Your bail hearing won't be for two days.
He has to stay here - for two more days? - Not ideal.
MITCHELL: You should also know that your DNA was found inside Mack's body bag.
Adam, I thought you took care of that! Bag? What bag? Th-There wasn't a bag.
Uh, it-it wasn't in that room.
Should I really be hearing this? I'll do everything I can, but this is a murder case.
The stakes are higher.
This is unbelievable.
Oh, you think I'm happy about this? Both of you need to keep a low profile if you want to help Blake.
The less press, the better.
But I heard someone in your family has lined up an interview already.
What? Who? Dominique.
Ah, Cristal.
I was literally about to call you.
I've been so worried about Blake.
I didn't come to talk about Blake.
I came to talk about you.
My favorite topic.
I heard you scheduled an interview with TMZ to talk about the case.
Really more to talk about Jeff.
I want you to cancel it.
Do you? The less publicity about this, the better.
Blake needs to look like a Boy Scout right now.
Cristal, you know I would never say anything to hurt my family.
Here's what I know, Dominique.
You are not the family spokesperson.
In fact, you're barely family at all.
Says the girlfriend.
You will cancel the interview? Otherwise, those secret payoffs that Blake's been giving you may stop arriving.
I suppose the police are doing everything they can for Jeff.
I knew we'd come to an agreement.
It's Dominique Deveraux.
I need to cancel my interview.
I'm going to get you something even juicier on my half-brother.
Kirby? Oh.
Hi, Dad.
Um, I'm just here to use the gym.
I'm working on my fitness and all that.
Well, as you probably guessed, the-the gym's closed for renovations.
And since when have you been a fitness junkie? Okay, fine.
I hate fitness.
I just need a place to shower, because I've been sleeping at Femperial since I got kicked out of the manor, which is totally chill, but a-a janitor walked in on me giving myself a sponge bath.
Not one word you just said sounds "chill.
" Oh, it's-it's fine.
It's all great fodder for the memoir I'm gonna write one day and publish myself.
(LAUGHS) I was under the impression that you had somewhere to stay.
What happened? Um, yeah, I did plan on going to Culhane's.
Um, that didn't really work out.
Of course it didn't.
It was a spectacularly bad idea.
Excuse me? You know how fond I am of Michael, but he's in jail, Kirby.
Does your life really need that sort of complication? Might I remind you that I'm dating that complication? It's my prerogative to move in with him.
You're going to come and live with me.
My new place has an excellent spare room.
I'm not a child.
I don't need to live with my father.
In fact, I think Culhane's will work out just fine.
FALLON: And you have to remember this day.
I mean, our tennis match was a little intense, but then we had the most intimate pillow fort conversation.
It was actually one of the best days we ever had.
- And this one you and I were - Fallon.
All right, I believe we had a relationship.
I do.
I mean, how else do you explain that? Who even took that? Not important.
So you're saying you remember we had a relationship? Because we did, and it was it was magical, and it was true love.
It-it is true love.
I also know that when we broke up, you went a little crazy when you heard me and Ashley were dating again.
Ashley told you that? Is she here? Because I'd just I'd like to have a word with her, or maybe a heated argument.
Ashley didn't tell me anything.
She went back to New York to grab some of her stuff to bring back.
Well, maybe she should bring back the truth, because I never went crazy, and you and Ashley never dated again.
I mean, you don't remember it that way, do you? Where would you even get an idea like that? Fallon.
What a treat.
Lovely to see you again.
I assume that you're here to prod Liam into remembering you, huh? So, is it working? Well, he remembers that I'm not a psycho, despite your best efforts to paint me as one.
Did you show him a picture of the time that you followed him to Sun Valley and bludgeoned Ashley in an effort to steal him back? Or the time that you bought the entire publishing company and tried to quash the release of his beautiful book? No, I'm guessing you did not bring pictures of those less touching memories.
I thought I'd just keep it to the greatest hits.
Liam, I'm going.
I will be back when Mother Superior is gone.
Well, I'm not wild about the decor, but I appreciate the single cell.
Give my thanks to the warden.
Of all the prison cells in all the towns in all the world, you walk into mine.
That is where you're wrong, Blake.
You just walked into mine.
I guess there are no singles in jail.
Except solitary confinement, which seems less fun.
How fitting is this? A lifetime of cheating, treachery and backstabbing finally lands you where you belong.
Suddenly, solitary confinement doesn't seem so bad.
There's a whole lot of angry people in here.
Most of them feel like they've been screwed over by a system that favors the one percent.
You, you're the one percent of the one percent.
Which means they hate the Carringtons most of all.
Might be too early to vote for Most Likely to Be Shivved, but I'm willing to bet you will run away with it.
You know, you can badmouth me all you want, but as soon as I get bail, I'll be out of this prison suit and into my Tom Ford pinstripe suit like that.
But don't you worry.
I'll be happy to send you a selfie of my fabulous life on the outside.
You just found all this here, behind the wall? Yes.
We haven't touched a thing.
How much do you think we can get for it? Oh, no.
From here on out, this is all under the purview of the Atlanta Historical Alliance.
This hotel is a Real McCarty.
Yeah, I'm not following.
Well, it appears this building was designed by Bernard McCarty.
Who, as you must know, helped put the city of Atlanta on the map.
A prolific architect who later became a city planner.
And honestly, there's even something ruggedly dashing about him.
(GIGGLES) Assuming this all checks out, your building will be designated a historical landmark, with a plaque and all the commemorative fixings we have available.
Uh, I don't mean to pooh-pooh your fixings, but I paid an enormous amount of money for this place.
You can't just turn it into a museum.
Oh, oh, they're not gonna turn it into a museum, Sam.
They just want to mark the spot as an important place in history.
Well, in order to authorize landmark status, we need to bring in conservationists and authenticators, which means you cannot touch anything until then.
(SIGHS) You're saying a lot of words, and all I'm hearing is "delay, delay, delay," so let's move this thing along, okay, honey? And now this is how I spin it into gold: What if we set up a huge media day and a public dedication? Everyone should know what we found here.
And then we can get back to work.
I need to call my boss.
You see? Good things come to those who respect the past.
(SIGHS) Sorry I'm late.
Traffic was horrible, and for some reason, my driver kept getting lost, but if we leave right now, we can get to the board meeting on time.
Oh, you must not have got my texts.
Uh, they moved the meeting up.
I actually just got back.
What? Well, I figured you weren't interested or had a hair appointment or something.
Which looks fabulous, by the way.
Did you get it colored? This is crazy.
I was supposed to be there for Blake.
I know.
That's what I told the board.
But, you know, it all worked out in the end.
They named me acting CEO of the winery, which isn't being sold to anyone.
So, Father will be pleased about that.
You rescheduled the board meeting, right? Don't be so paranoid.
I'm not in charge of scheduling board meetings.
And look, let's be honest.
There's really not much you could have done there, you know, considering you're not a Carrington.
(SIGHS) Hey, Doctor.
I'm sorry, I don't remember, are you, uh Are you from, uh, psych or neurology? Yes.
Do you remember me from before? Uh, no, I don't.
(LAUGHS) My memory's, uh Well, you tell me.
Because this gap in my life is insanely frustrating.
So I know we've already been through this, but one more time.
What do you remember about the day of the accident? Every detail.
Uh, easy.
That's great.
I mean, that's great that you don't remember the pain.
So, what's the last thing you do remember? How far back? Shouldn't you already know this? Yes, but this is how we continually test your memory.
Well, uh, from what Dave told me, the last thing I remember is from around two years ago.
That's right.
Well done.
Is this normal amnesia protocol? It's more post-protocol banter.
Good morning, Doctor.
Oh, it's you.
Lovely to see you again.
Van Kirk.
You know my doctor? Yes, I do.
Very well.
Actually, could I see you outside for a sec? Uh, I'm an adult.
I'd rather you talk about me in front of me.
Don't be silly.
I don't keep secrets from my boy.
I promise I'll fill you in on everything.
Well, maybe not everything.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I heard something about you, Blake Carrington.
Well that doesn't mean it's true.
Yeah, well, I heard is that you're the man responsible for the porterhouse steaks we had for dinner.
Best steak I ever had in my life.
(CHUCKLES) Well, no problem, gentlemen.
Just made a phone call to a friend.
Seemed like the right thing to do.
We're all in here together.
No reason to live like animals.
Very kind of you, sir.
You have a nice evening.
You're even better looking than your profile pic.
Thank you.
I could say the same about you.
Which is unheard of on a dating app these days.
So I guess this is where you offer to buy me a drink.
I'll have an old-fashioned.
My tab.
Let me ask you a question, Rick.
Hmm? You ever find yourself in the mood you don't want to be alone? You're looking for someone special to keep you company? I'm in one of those moods right now.
Look at us.
Two special souls.
I wonder what else we have in common.
Did someone order the pan-seared Chilean sea bass? Fallon? Whoa, what? I mean, I didn't.
Well, that's the charm of my service.
I deliver it before you even know you want it.
You really shouldn't have done all this.
Full confession, I've basically taken a micro-course in retrograde amnesia over the past few days, and stimulating sense memory is supposed to be the best cure.
Does this mean I don't get to eat it? No, no, no, not yet.
Just smell.
Chilean sea bass is the first meal you cooked for me.
You know? That's right.
Breathe it in.
- That smells amazing.
- Yeah.
It was very sweet.
You came over to the manor and cooked it for me.
It was very romantic.
Sorry, I'm not really remembering anything.
Other than being hungry.
So can I eat this now? No, no, no, no, no.
Uh, not yet.
- First, phase two.
- Whoa.
Is this like some sort of Dracula fetish? No, it's-it's rose water.
It's your favorite.
Come on, just sniff.
Sniff my neck.
- Seriously? - Yes.
It's science.
Hey, okay.
(SNIFFS) No, I'm still picking up sea bass.
- Now? - (CHUCKLES) (SNIFFS) Yeah.
It's actually quite nice.
So it's working? Something's working.
- LAURA: Oh, what on earth? - (CLEARS THROAT) It smells like a fish brothel in here.
Okay, you just insulted everyone in here, including the bass.
Take your bass and leave.
Ooh, I could do that, or I could stay.
I'm torn, Laura, but I think I'm gonna stay.
I see.
I need security in here immediately! Security! Okay, don't pay attention to that, okay? We were engaged, okay? I mean remember, I proposed to you? In a rowboat on Lake Carrington.
I even used your father's ring.
LAURA: Oh, you mean this ring that I have worn around my neck every day since Liam's father died? You just have to make things up, don't you? Liam, Liam, please, okay? We were, we were married, and then divorced.
And then engaged, with that ring, okay.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but how could I make something like that up? I am not that creative.
Please, you have to trust me.
I-I don't know what to say.
Would you please escort - this madwoman out? - No, no, no.
You don't have to do that, because today, everybody makes their own choices.
This is family-only visiting hours, and she is definitely not family.
No, don't come near me.
No, get away.
Get away from me.
Away, away.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Ah! Oh! Inhale, Liam, okay? Let the rose water bring you back.
Do something, do something.
I want her out! - (LAURA COUGHING) - Come on, ma'am.
LAURA: Out! Get out! Okay, okay.
Here, just eat the fish, okay? Eat the bass.
It'll bring you back, okay? - The fish will work.
- Let's go.
Come on.
- (GRUNTS) - Good night, dear.
FALLON: Laura! Kiss my bass.
Kirby? Funny seeing you here.
(SCOFFS) Funny? I think maybe something got lost in translation.
- (DOOR BUZZES) - Hey, are you good? No.
I'm angry.
Because of Kirby? You got nothing to worry about.
Not Kirby.
I'm angry about this.
You and I have sacrificed so much.
And for what? For your son to come in behind my back and take charge? - Adam? - After everything we discussed, he shut me out of the board meeting for the winery.
He's the new CEO.
Really? Are you kidding me right now? You're happy about this? No, no.
I'm not happy that he excluded you.
But I am proud that he's finally showing a little Carrington blood.
I was beginning to think he was a little too soft.
- You don't get it.
- No.
I don't care.
Because at the end of the day, I'm in charge.
I need to get out of here, so when is that gonna happen? I talked to a few people about the bail hearing.
And it looks good, but you may end up owing a lot of favors.
Just hold on for one more night.
Can you? Hey.
Don't worry.
I'm fine.
The people in here like me.
What can I say? I'm always the most popular man wherever I end up, huh? It's a curse, really.
Look, I'm sorry for shutting you down when you tried to help bail me out.
(MAN LAUGHING NEARBY) Hello? Are you even listening to me or would you rather go visit Blake? I'm sorry.
I just, um, I hate what they did to you.
And, uh, I haven't really been sleeping well, so Yeah, me, neither.
Never thought I'd miss my pillow this much.
Well if, uh, if you wanted, I could go and check on it, make sure it's okay.
They kicked me out of the manor.
So, you don't have a place to live? Mm-hmm.
That's, um, partly why I'm here.
Kirby, you can crash at my place.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm not using it.
Oh, my God, thank you.
I'll take care of everything.
I mean, I'll water your plants.
Do you even have plants? 'Cause if you don't, I'll get plants, and then I'll water them.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I swear, the universe is playing some sick, karmic joke on me as punishment.
I mean, the Trixie stuff was bad, and then I had to deal with Ashley, but saddling me with Laura Van Kirk? I mean, really? It's just too much.
And I know that Adam gave her that ring back, and I know I can't get her to admit it and I know I won't be able to prove it.
Have you thought about maybe just giving up, and trying things fresh in, like, three to five years? Aren't you being sentenced soon? I-I'm just trying to remind you of the time factor.
Yes, I am well aware of the time factor.
It's just that I keep looking into Liam's eyes and searching for some glimmer of us, and there is nothing.
And I-I don't know what to do.
Well, maybe you have to think outside the box.
This is not your everyday "amnesia boy meets rich girl for the second time" story, this is Fallon and Liam we're talking about.
Your relationship has always been epic.
Epic is a strong word.
Fine, let's call it crazy, then.
I mean, you-you married the guy when he was a total stranger to avoid marrying your cousin.
To be fair, I did not know that Jeff was my cousin at the time.
Look, all I'm saying is, if you want to make Liam remember you, you're gonna have to be as unconventional as your relationship was.
Sorry, "is.
" You are totally right.
I'm a Carrington.
Of course I'm gonna do something epic.
(CHUCKLES): Hey - Is there a problem? - Oh, there's a big problem.
You think one steak is gonna make you part of a crew? You think that gets you set in here? All right, let me make some calls.
You got any allergies to shellfish? Culhane was right about you, and everybody in here knows it.
Is your life so pathetic that you have to work this hard to manipulate everyone in here to hating me? I didn't have to try very hard at all.
Just had to tell them who you really are.
That you see me, them and every other human being as pawns you can buy or sell.
See, now, that's spoken like a true pawn who wishes he had the power of a king.
Mm, I don't want to be a king if it makes me anything like you.
I'd rather be a man.
You'll never be a man, Culhane.
Because no matter how many times I ruin your life, you just keep crawling back for more.
Now, you would've thought that my poisoning your father would've done the trick, but no.
Nah, I guess not, huh? (MEN SHOUTING) (GRUNTING) Get Hey.
Touch me again and I'll destroy you.
What are you gonna do? Bring Anders in here to beat me up? (SCOFFS) We both know you don't have the guts to do anything yourself.
You just keep pushing me, Culhane.
You'll find out.
You talk tough like a man, but we both know you're just a little boy who inherited everything he ever got.
A little boy afraid to get his hands dirty.
Oh, no, they're plenty dirty.
I'd tell you to ask Mack, but see, these hands, they took care of that problem.
So unless you want to end up at the bottom of the lake, your better shut your mouth.
I want it to look authentic, but make sure my shoulders are rippling under the jacket.
People in the future should know I worked out, a lot.
Before you say anything judgmental, or even think anything judgmental Thoughts are already forming.
If I'm going to capitalize on the history of this place, I got to, well, party like McCarty.
I admire your enthusiasm.
Uhp, just wait.
For media day, I'm planning to unveil this portrait of me right next to that portrait of Bernard in our newly named McCarty's Lounge.
Is there anything else I ought to know as your number two? Uh, yes.
I'm also having the McCarty insignia printed everywhere.
Napkins, umbrellas, toast.
Your ingenuity is admirable.
But? There's always a but with you.
Well, there is this curious RSVP we received to your media day from a member of the McCarty family.
Uh bah-bah, blah, blah, blah "surprised to get your invite.
"I am shocked you are celebrating my horr "my horrible great-grandfather, and wouldn't be caught dead there.
" So she sounds nice.
Nothing about this feels right.
I know.
Just give me one hour to prove to you that I'm not an insane person.
Well, you're kidnapping me from a hospital, so The hour doesn't start until we cross the street.
Even when we get bail, this case isn't going away.
They may ask you to testify against Blake.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Okay, let's move this along.
On the charge of murder, how do you plead? Oh, uh, not guilty, Your Honor.
Very well.
Due to additional evidence that has come to the court's attention, your request for bail is denied.
(PEOPLE GASPING) I'm remanding you back into custody.
Evidentiary hearing dates will be set next week.
We're adjourned.
- What the hell? - That's impossible.
You can't let them take him back there! Mitchell, do something.
It's okay.
(HANDCUFFS CLICKING) So glad I could be here for this.
(CHUCKLES) Did I forget to mention that Joey is an undercover agent? You see, I made a little deal with the Feds.
"Get Blake to admit his guilt, we'll let you walk.
" You talked, so I'm walking.
You just made a huge mistake.
We'll see about that.
You were standing right there, carrying a motorcycle helmet.
I rode a motorcycle? Yeah.
I kind of remember that.
And? That's it? I mean, you totally started to flirt with me.
One thing led to another, and then before you know it, we were in there in that courthouse, about to sign on the dotted line.
Oh, and one more thing.
I am wearing the exact same dress, which is a huge fashion risk, since it's two seasons old.
I like it.
Well, of course you do.
Because we belong together, Liam.
And we have ever since we met, at this spot.
(SIGHS) I wish you knew how much this was killing me right now, because I really, really, really miss you.
Were you wearing a different color hat? Yes.
Yes, I was.
It was white.
Do you remember that? LAURA: Unbelievable.
Kidnapping? Truly? Is there any line that you won't cross? Do you have a tracker on me? Don't be ridiculous.
I have a tracker on him.
What on earth compelled you to take Liam out of that safe and-and clean hospital room into this filthy street? Honestly, Fallon, from this stunt to that hat, you're a poor decision maker.
Liam never shared with you the details of the night we met? That's funny, I thought you two were close.
Well, I guess he didn't think it was a significant event.
- We're leaving.
- No, no, no, no.
Not so fast.
(GRUNTS) (GASPS) You! FALLON: I got it.
- No, no.
- Yes, I got it.
(STAMMERING) - No! - No! - No.
Oh! - No.
(GASPS) - LAURA: Stop it.
- Give it to me.
Leave him alone! - Stop it.
- No.
You stop it.
- You let go! - You let go! - Stop it! Stop it! - Leave him alone.
(BOTH GRUNTING) - Stop! - Oh Both of you! Liam, will you please tell your mother that you remember something about the night we met.
Maybe I did.
I don't know.
I believe what you're saying, I do.
But sitting here watching you fight with my mother isn't gonna bring my memory back any faster.
Don't beat yourself up too badly, Fallon.
Just enough! I can tell it's important to you that I remember our relationship.
I'm afraid my memory might never come back.
And the pressure you're putting on me is kind of freaking me out.
So can you please just stop? SAM: So, the media day I have planned is to celebrate my connection to your great-grandfather's legacy.
And I was hoping that you could set aside your personal differences with him and be a part of the festivities.
Did he kick you out of the will or something? This is not about money.
I can't believe you, of all people, are honoring him.
I mean I follow you on Instagram, and I assumed you'd be all about gay rights.
What are you talking about? I am all about gay rights.
Every day is Pride for me.
My great-grandfather Bernard was an advocate for gay conversion therapy.
He refused to serve or hire gay people at any of his hotels.
An "abomination," he called us.
Uh I'm so sorry.
I I obviously had no idea about any of this.
Yeah, well, it's not on his Wikipedia page.
So you're telling me that the whole city is invited to my hotel to commemorate a famous homophobe? Pretty much.
Well, that's not great.
(SIGHS) FALLON: I have made many bad choices in my life, Your Honor.
I really can't say which consequences are fair or just, but I am ready to atone.
Carrington, you are a woman of exceptional means and what many people believe is extreme influence in certain parts of this county.
But rather than lock those assets up, I'm gonna make an example of you and put them to use.
I'm sentencing you to 100 hours of community service.
I strongly suggest you use your means and influence for the good of this community and not for yourself.
You're dismissed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
That's unbelievable.
You got off easy, to say the least.
Easy? I am off to the hospital to visit my fiancé, who almost died, has no memory of me, and now thinks he's in love with another woman.
Nothing is easy for me right now.
(DOOR BUZZES) Carrington, come with me.
Blake Carrington, will you marry me? I get to love you It's the best thing that I'll ever do - I do.
- I get to love you I do.
It's a promise I'm making to you Whatever may come, your heart I will choose Forever I'm yours, forever I do.
Okay, now, wrap it up so I can return you to your cell and get to the women's jail.
Back-to-back ceremonies.
And lose the boutonniere.
I mean, unless you want someone to stab you with it in your sleep.
And the ring.
BLAKE: I got to get out of here.
Have Mitchell appeal that joke of a bail hearing and figure something out.
I will.
I will do whatever it takes to get you out.
You killed Mack for me.
I'll never forget that.
I understand this sounds extreme, but in light of learning that Bernard McCarty was a major homophobe, our only option is to cancel media day.
Some things are better left in the past.
Well, I-I am sympathetic to your plight, but the president of the Historical Alliance has made this her grand event of the year, and you do not want to mess with the president.
I don't think you understand how deeply I oppose honoring this man.
And if the president has a heart, I'm sure I can persuade her to cancel.
She doesn't, and you won't.
I came right away.
Why? I didn't ask you to.
There's a leaked photo of Blake.
- It's everywhere.
- What? Where is it? I just so happen to have it.
Oh, this is bad.
Yes, dear, I know.
It's a PR nightmare.
Can you imagine all of the potential jurors seeing this? It's going to take forever to find a jury who's not biased.
The great news is I will happily take the reins and handle the media, as a Carrington.
That is so thoughtful of you, Dominique, but since Blake and I just got married, that makes me a Carrington, too.
And a much more powerful one than you.
So, thank you for your offer, but I've got it from here.
Oh, my God, hi! Welcome home.
I'm not sure whose home.
Oh, oh, everything can be rearranged.
I promise.
It's just I needed, um, more room for my stuff, so I had to rearrange some things.
And redecorate.
Yeah, I-I got you a cactus, 'cause I-I didn't know how long you'd be staying in jail for.
Oh, and-and this.
MICHAEL: That chessboard, - isn't it from Blake's study? - Mm-hmm.
I stole it.
Like an-an eye-for-an-eye thing.
For you.
I'm not sure that taking his chessboard is the same as him getting me arrested, but I appreciate the effort.
(CLEARS THROAT) Should we play? Don't really know how.
(CHUCKLES) Me neither.
Kirby, listen Don't say it.
I'm really sorry.
Making yourself right at home.
Well, in my father's absence, which I do hope will be brief, I feel quite confident and comfortable steering the ship.
That's so interesting, because I feel quite confident that my husband wants his brand-new wife to steer the ship.
Well, I guess congratulations are in order.
Still, he hasn't told me, his son, what his wishes are, so until then, I guess we should keep things the way they are? For now.
Oh, and, um, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you don't have to call me "Mommy.
" Ah, Fallon, I've been expecting you.
I have a gift.
Ah, let me guess.
A restraining order? Did you peek? Seriously? Your outbursts against me have become violent.
And I don't feel safe.
And apparently, the court agrees.
Does the court know you are insane? And you are legally prohibited from coming within 50 feet of me, or Liam, whenever I'm with him, which will be constantly.
No, no, no, no, no.
You can't do this.
This gentleman has a digital measuring device that determines exactly 50 feet.
So, whenever he activates it, if you're within that range, - it will beep.
- (DEVICE BEEPS) Like that.
Wait, it beeps just for me, or if anyone is within 50 feet? Well, it's-it's not foolproof.
The point is, when he sees you, he'll activate it.
And if it beeps, then I have no choice but to report that to Judge Anson.
And that will surely lead to your community service being revoked, and then jail time.
So, back it up, dear.
- Okay.
- Further.
- (BEEPING CONTINUES) All right, turn it off.
- It's giving me a headache.
- (SIGHS) Get used to the distance, dear.
You may have won the battle, Laura, but I will win the war.
No, dear, you're losing everything.
It may take Liam a while to remember that he loves me, but it will only take him a second to recall how fiercely he hates you.
Which pales in comparison to how much I hate you right now.
Beep you, bitch.