Dynasty (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

Wild Ghost Chase

1 - Previously on Dynasty - Mr.
Carrington, on the charge - of murder, how do you plead? - Not guilty, Your Honor.
Your request for bail is denied.
I'm remanding you back into custody.
- STEVEN: Melissa.
- You're not the father, Steven.
- My gyno is.
- JEFF: Police will find evidence that Adam was involved - in my disappearance.
- DOMINIQUE: Jeff won't be a problem anymore.
DAPHNE: Your building will be designated a historical landmark.
GENIE: My great-grandfather Bernard was an advocate for gay conversion therapy.
SAM: Our only option is to cancel Media Day.
You do not want to mess with the president of the Historical Alliance.
FALLON: I have made many bad choices in my life, but I am ready to atone.
I'm sentencing you to 100 hours of community service.
- I was supposed to be there for Blake.
- They made me acting CEO of the winery.
Considering you're not a Carrington.
Blake Carrington, will you marry me? Want you to feel my cry, ooh-ow Want you to feel my cry, ooh-ow Want you to feel it.
Buenos dias, Mrs.
Mm, has a nice ring to it.
Actually, it makes me think of Alexis.
I may have to stick with Cristal.
But, speaking of rings, you need a welder's mask to look at that thing.
Thank you.
Feels a little strange wearing it while Blake's still in jail.
Honey, you don't buy ten karats to keep it in the box.
Blake would want you to wear it, trust me.
In fact, we should celebrate this good news.
It would feel even stranger to have a party while he's in jail.
Totally agree.
But it wouldn't be strange for me to host a small, intimate Halloween hang tomorrow night, would it? How small and intimate? - Oh, 300 of my nearest and dearest.
- Yeah.
Count me out.
I'm definitely not partying - while Blake is in jail.
- Really? Seems like the perfect time to me.
Don't go all wicked stepmother on me now.
Fallon, do you want to help me plan? 'Cause I have a lot of things to do at the hotel.
Not interested.
I find it's best to let the gays handle this holiday on their own.
The only thing I'll be prepping for are my days of atonement.
- What, you're fasting? - No, not the Jewish kind.
I'm going to visit Annie Tate later to apologize again.
Hopefully we won't need paramedics this time.
And then there's the whole Culhane situation to deal with.
But first I have to go start community service.
- What? - Are you really gonna do that? I thought it was just symbolic.
Don't you have lawyers to get you out of that? I don't want to get out of it.
I want to do it.
That's why I confessed.
To pay my debts to society.
Not to have some lawyer get rid of it for me.
Are you sure you're cut out for that kind of work? I'm going to the rec center.
At worst, I'll be teaching some kids how to swing a tennis racket.
ADAM: Ugh I guess it's the kids we should be worried about.
Or I could grab my racket right now and show you my forehand, up close.
Ooh, such a temper.
I see now why Laura Van Kirk needed a restraining order.
- What? - Not surprised.
Is that supposed to be a secret? Oops.
My bad.
You know, I also heard that Laura had to put a bed in the hospital room, which means you're not even able to see Liam.
Tough break.
Well, don't worry, okay? 'Cause it's temporary.
And Liam will be discharged from the hospital soon, and I will be at his doorstep the moment he gets home.
I'm gonna go.
Enjoy your meal.
Or choke on it.
And on that note, I'm already late for a meeting at the hotel.
I see you're having entitlement for breakfast.
Didn't take you long to get comfortable in my father's chair.
Don't be jealous.
I'm sure we can find you a high chair somewhere.
(SNORING) (GRUNTING) (GASPING) Your snoring kept me up all night.
Next time you won't come up for air.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Carrington.
You got a visitor.
(LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) DOMINIQUE: I want power of attorney over Jeff's accounts - so I can access his money.
- That won't be easy.
I know.
That's why I called you.
There's not a lot I can do without a signature.
You're a lawyer.
Draft something that will fly in court.
If a signature is our biggest problem, we have nothing to worry about.
You know this is going to cost you, right? You'll get paid once I get paid.
(LOCK BUZZES) (GROANS) Why is there no glass? I always wanted to use one of those phones, you know? And then put my hand up on the window, like we were in a Lifetime movie.
You know, the father who abandons his daughter, then gets arrested for murder? - What do you want, Fallon? - I need a favor.
Do I look like I'm handing out favors right now? Well, you owe me.
I saved your ass.
When I went to the police and I told the truth about Trixie, I told them that Mack dumped her body in the lake and not you? Oh, thank you.
Y-You deserve a billion dollars.
Oh, wait, I already gave you that.
I want Adam out of the house.
- Fallon, I don't have time.
- Seems like you've got nothing but time, unless there's an escape meeting you're late to.
He is messing with my life.
I admit that Adam has made mistakes.
But he's helping me now.
As acting CEO of the winery.
Because in case you haven't noticed, I'm in jail! Hey, take it easy, Shawshank.
Listen, we all have to pay for our sins, okay? For instance, I start community service today, which is basically the same thing - without the communal showers.
- Really? Because I know you're just gonna pay your supervisor to say you did your hours; I know how you operate.
Why does everybody think that I can't do this? I turned myself in because I want to atone.
And that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
You'll see.
You'll all see.
I am gonna deal with Adam on my own.
Thanks for nothing! - (BANGS ON TABLE) - (LOCK BUZZES) ANDERS: Sam, have you seen this invoice from our contractor? - Sounds like your department.
- It is.
And now, thanks in no small part to items like the Zellige tile that you shipped all the way from Morocco, we're way over budget.
Can you really put a price on beauty? Yes, you can, actually.
It's right there.
We can't keep spending like this.
You're gonna have to scale back the renovations.
Anders, I don't have time for budget issues right now.
The president of the Historical Alliance is due any minute now, and I need to get my charm game on if I'm going to convince her to revoke landmark status - and cancel the media event for the homophobe.
- MELISSA: Sam? So our paths cross yet again.
Isn't this a hoot? Well, now you can call me Madam President.
(TILE SHATTERING) Excuse me? Hi.
Is this the community service check-in? I'm sorry I'm late.
I didn't realize there would be no valet, and I had to park so far away, which is annoying, because I left my racket in the car.
The name's Frank.
And you are? Oh, Fallon Carrington.
Reporting for duty.
Got it.
Follow me.
Uh, Frank? Isn't the rec center that way? Aren't those underprivileged kids in need of some physical fitness? Must've been a change.
They got you working out in the community garden.
Not a problem.
I would have upped my SPF, but Look, you need to complete a certain number of hours per week to fulfill your service.
Non-completion can result in jail time.
Now, you have two days to fix this area up before I sign the weekly hours for your judge.
I can trim a few roses and plant a few daisies.
(CLEARS THROAT) Oh, my God, what is that? This is your home for the next two days.
Oh, no, no.
Orange isn't really my palate.
Well, we all have our crosses to bear, don't we? This is bull Well, I'm sorry to hear that you and Steven split up, but don't worry I put on a few pounds after my divorce as well.
(CHUCKLES) Well, thankfully my settlement provided some comfort.
I hear you had to move out of Buckhead? Well, what's important is, I came out the other side - better than ever.
- Yes.
President of the Historical Alliance.
Do you get Secret Service with that? Perhaps we could e-mail each other the insults later.
And that way I could multitask and continue the wonderful work that the A.
It's not all so wonderful.
This hotel, the one you want to give landmark status to, do you know who designed and built it? Yes, of course.
Bernard McCarty.
He did a lot of wonderful things for this city.
He also opened several gay conversion camps.
It's not exactly someone I want to celebrate or honor in my hotel.
Well, I certainly don't agree with his personal beliefs.
But I have a job to do, and that job entails recognizing the historical significance of this hotel.
Significant because of a bigot.
- You have to cancel.
- Cancel? Don't be ridiculous.
Dozens of media outlets are covering the event.
Distinguished guests have been invited.
The mayor is planning to attend.
We simply cannot cancel.
We could.
You just don't want to.
(SIGHS) My crew is already hanging the plaque.
As much as I love gay people, and Lord knows I have slept with my share of them, this building is now a designated historic landmark.
Please don't be a dead squirrel.
Please don't be a dead squirrel.
Ooh! Oh.
That's actually helpful.
(UP-TEMPO POP MUSIC PLAYING) Because the rules gotta go Are you ready to go? Oh, yeah Oh, yeah And, no, I'm not gonna stop till I've taken control Oh, yeah Oh, yeah You know, you're playin' with fire When you're playin' with me And I'll be jumpin' on fire if you pour gasoline And now I'm done bein' good because everyone knows That, that bad girls go to heaven.
This is impressive.
(CHUCKLES) You know, I didn't think you'd last five minutes, let alone be half done.
Yeah, well, I really wanted to create - Did you say half done? - This plot's looking great, but you do know you're in charge of both plots, right? Yeah.
I see the method to your madness, Franklin.
Don't show the worker bees what's really in store so as not to break them too fast.
But I'll tell you what I shall not break.
In fact, I will clean that garden, I will till that soil, and as God is my witness, I will create the best damn garden the great state of Georgia has ever seen.
But not today.
I have a meeting.
So much to atone for, so little time.
I got to get out of here before someone actually tries to kill me.
I have a plan.
I did some digging on your judge, and I think we have a great case for bias.
We'll get you a new bail hearing with a more lenient judge.
That could take weeks.
He has to get out of here now.
Cristal, I think it's best you let me handle this.
Because you've handled everything so well up to now.
If it wasn't for your bizarre obsession with Fallon, Blake wouldn't be here in the first place.
I was simply getting a sentimental ring out of the lake for my sister.
Even Fallon understands.
Really? Then why was she here earlier, demanding that I throw you out of the manor? Stop pretending that your problems with her haven't led to more problems for all of us.
If you'd stayed out of the lake, I'd be in Vail, not prison.
Don't worry, Blake, I have a plan to keep you safe.
Trust me.
FALLON: Excuse me? Hi.
I am looking for the grief counseling meeting.
Right in there.
Fallon Carrington? Evan Tate.
Trixie's big brother.
Evan? Wow.
I'm sorry, I barely recognized you.
I mean, you look great, it's just it's been a while.
Yeah, I guess it has.
Uh, what are you doing here? Well, I know that your mom comes to this group, and I just wanted to see how she was doing.
I mean, the last time I saw her, she had a raging panic attack, - which I might have caused, so - No, she's better.
Still panics, but that's mostly about me never finding a girlfriend.
(CHUCKLES) So, are you living in Atlanta again? Moved back a few years ago.
Still doing the corporate lawyer thing.
So how was the meeting? It was fine.
You know, after they, uh, found Trixie, well, some bad memories came up for me.
I get it, and, Evan, I'm so sorry about - It's okay, Fallon, you don't have to - No, no, no, no.
It's not okay, Evan.
I really screwed up.
You were probably pretty scared that night.
You were young.
It was an accident.
And hating you isn't gonna bring my sister back.
That's definitely a different reaction than I got from your mother.
- I, uh, heard about your community service.
- Yes, I'm, uh, paying my penance in hopes of putting this in the past.
I see.
Well, good luck.
I hope you get the closure you need.
It was nice to see you, Fallon.
You look great, too.
Is this some sort of Halloween prank? Sam, what the hell happened to my plaque? Oh, dear, that's unfortunate.
Unfortunate? Do you mind telling me what's going on? Well, it, um, looks like a clumsy mistake from the painters.
Good help is so hard to find.
A clumsy mistake? Who are you kidding with this? I don't have time to get a new plaque by tomorrow.
I guess this means you'll have to cancel, huh? Shame.
This isn't gonna stop me.
I'll find a way to reschedule.
And I'll find a way to destroy every plaque you try putting up.
Don't mess with me, Sam.
I don't stop until I get what I want.
Just ask your ex-husband.
Get the hell out of my hotel.
(DOOR CLOSES) MONICA: You are not gonna believe this.
What's wrong? What happened? I just had a chat with Cousin Bobbi down at the police station.
Oh, did she find new information on Jeff's case? I got her to show me the evidence report from Jeff's crime scene.
On the DL, obviously.
Adam's cuff link isn't on the list.
- Are you sure? - I know how to read.
Without that cuff link, there's nothing connecting Adam to Jeff's disappearance.
The whole plan blows up.
Well, maybe they just overlooked something.
We can't just give up.
I'm not giving up.
I'm gonna find out who took that evidence.
It's me.
Are we good to go? NAOMI: Not exactly.
Do you know anything about Jeff moving all of his assets - into a trust account? - No, and I don't care.
- Just tell me the paperwork is done.
- It's not.
I need the name and tax ID of the trust to create the power of attorney.
Can you get a copy of it? I don't know where Jeff kept things like that.
Well, you better figure it out, because without that information, there's no POA, there's no money.
(CLATTERS) Heard about your visit with Father.
(CHUCKLES) Don't be jealous.
It wasn't conjugal.
So, why would you ask him to throw me out of the manor? Because I hate you.
And thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
- Goodbye.
- You really need to stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong in your life.
Oh, no, no, no.
I am taking responsibility for my actions and only blaming you for things I know you did.
You know nothing because you have no proof.
Oh, yeah.
That sounds like an innocent person.
You will regret trying to separate me from Blake.
He named me - CEO of the winery.
- Oh, yes.
I heard about that.
Good luck with that bathwater.
Why do you think we drink so much champagne around here? The vineyard's the most important asset that Father has left.
So while I'm working to secure Father's future, might not be best for you to come after me.
Or I'll come right back after you.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You want to come after me? Bring it on.
SAM: Why is it so quiet? Where's the crew? We can't fall behind.
They just stopped work.
Some sort of a permit problem.
I'm on hold with the city.
- Yes.
Yes, I'm still here.
- What What kind of permit issue? The kind where they've all been revoked.
I do have sway in certain circles.
No permits means no working and, therefore, no clumsy mistakes.
- This is unacceptable.
- Well, accept it.
I've had the mayor's schedule rearranged, the press rebooked for tomorrow, and there's a new plaque going up.
Problem solved.
I always blamed your horrible personality on the hormones because you were pregnant, but now I realize that's just who you are.
Well, you better tone down the bitchiness for the dedication.
Why do you care so much about this plaque? History is the backbone of society.
You can't hide the truth, - no matter how painful it may be.
- Please.
You were literally going to let your child be raised by a rich power gay with a fancy last name, so don't talk to me about truth.
That was different.
Oh, was it? Because your lies started a downward spiral for Steven that led to our divorce and left me with a void in my life and no purpose, which is exactly why this hotel is so important to me right now.
Well, the A.
is important to me, too.
And I'm not gonna let you or anyone else destroy it.
When people figure out who this guy really was, they might boycott.
It could ruin my grand opening and hurt business for years, Melissa.
Well, it's not my problem.
If you so much as get a fingerprint on that new plaque, I'll make sure that your permits are never approved.
This place will be nothing but a graveyard for your money.
Or Steven's money, I guess.
(GRUNTS) I thought I smelled sulfur and brimstone.
Is she behind the permit situation? Yes.
But if she can use her power for evil, I can use my money for good.
Tell the crew I'll pay them double to work without permits.
I'm afraid that won't be possible.
After further review of our finances, our cash flow is down to a trickle.
I am not gonna have my name associated with a dead, homophobic architect/city planner, Anders.
You may not have much of a choice.
You know what? I do, actually.
I'm selling the hotel.
Find me a buyer.
I'm out.
This shade works much better with my complexion.
No wonder you're handling this community service thing so well.
Actually, it's harder than I thought, but that's only because I came unprepared.
Today, I have a plan: imported Dutch soil, a Buddhist monk to bless the Zen garden, and a crop-maximizing plan designed by Atlanta's top landscape architect.
Bringing the one percent to the 99%.
- Heroic.
- If everything goes as planned, I should have a version of my garden done by tonight and dodge another court date.
Ooh, don't say "court date.
" Even with Blake in jail, I'm a little nervous coming back in this place.
FALLON: Oh, relax.
You're not trespassing.
I called you.
And here's why.
Here you go.
- What's this? - Well, it's an upgrade to your portfolio.
It's my shares of the Atlantix.
I want you to know how sorry I am for my part in unwittingly helping Blake frame you.
So you're now the majority owner of the team.
(CHUCKLES): Apology accepted.
Jeff would have given you his shares, too.
He'd be happy you're in charge.
Any update? - I've been praying for your family.
- Nothing yet.
But thanks.
I'll keep on praying.
And I'm sorry things got so bad between us.
Fresh start? Fresh start.
Uh, I guess I got a team to run.
I can't thank you enough for this.
It's all a part of my atonement tour.
(LOCK BUZZES) What's this all about? Where are you taking me? Cristal.
What are you? Shh.
I reached out to your friend.
Warden Aldrich? Convinced him to grant us a little alone time.
- (SIGHS) - In a place with no guards and no cameras.
This should help you make it through the night.
(EXHALES) Oh, you're a genius.
Money still pays for some things.
You can put that away later.
Unless you were planning to keep those pants on.
- Here you go.
- Appreciate it.
What the? Frank! Frank.
What the hell happened here? You tell me, Little Miss Fancy Plants.
No, n-n-no.
When I left last night, my vertical garden was actually vertical, not some mangled heap of soggy trash.
- Guess it fell apart.
- Oh, you think? Leaving the hose running all night didn't help much either.
Are you sure you closed that gate? I'm guessing the raccoons got in - and had their way with the trash bins.
- Okay.
Well, it's not my fault raccoons are garbage people.
- You're still gonna sign my form, right? - Sure, yeah.
- Soon as you fix everything.
- What, like redo it? There is no way I can finish this before it gets dark, and I need my form signed in the morning for the judge, - or I could go to jail.
- Sorry.
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
I can't find it anywhere.
NAOMI: Even if it takes a few days, you'll still get your money.
You don't get it.
Monica is snooping around, and if she figures out that that cuff link was missing before the cops got there, she'll know I'm to blame.
Okay? We need to get this file before then.
Once I have the money, the cuff links won't matter.
Try his office.
If you can get me a copy of the trust tonight, I can file with the court first thing in the morning.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Oh, I got to go.
- I'll call you later.
You're back.
I've talked to every cop who was at Jeff's crime scene, except for one.
- And? - No one saw a cuff link, but I still need to talk to the first one on the scene.
- That should give me a definitive answer.
- Calm down.
Let me fix you a drink.
All right? You've got a lot going on.
You've been going nonstop.
I'm worried about you.
You look exhausted.
MONICA: Of course I'm tired, but I still have work to do.
But you have to take care of yourself, too.
And haven't you done enough for today? I guess one drink couldn't hurt.
It will definitely help, quite a lot.
- FALLON: Happy Halloween, Tony! - (GASPS) Maybe, uh, drop the knife for a sec.
I come bearing gifts of opportunity and cash.
I have a tiny little favor to ask that pays big should you choose to accept it.
I'm still pretty traumatized from the favors your mom foisted on me.
You did favors for my? I don't want to know.
I just need you to work your green thumb magic on my community garden.
It was tragically destroyed by animals, and it needs some serious TLC tonight.
Sure, b-but as long as I get to trick-or-treat first.
Aren't you a little old for that? With my kids.
Another piece of the puzzle.
No, that's fine.
You can't go there till late anyway because your involvement in this must be top secret.
Okay? No one can see you.
Undercover landscaping mission? Your whole life has been leading up to this.
The moment this is over, the cash better hit my account.
(SCREAMING) (GROANS) Guard! Secure left, secure right.
We got a 10-53 in 14D.
10-53 in 14D.
Inmate Carrington is down.
Can I help you? Oh.
You scared me.
I didn't know anyone else was here.
Well, neither did I.
- I'm - Michael Culhane.
I know.
Jeff has told me all about you.
Although he didn't tell me you look like this.
I'm Dominique Deveraux.
Looks like our reputations precede us.
So, what are you doing in here? Well, grasping at straws.
Jeff has been missing for a few weeks, and the police have no leads, so I thought they may have missed something and I was retracing all of his steps.
- Find anything helpful? - Sadly, just another dead end.
I won't take up any more of your time.
Sorry to bother you.
Listen, I'm here at the Atlantix office, and I just ran into your mom.
- Wait, hold on.
My mother? - She said she was searching for clues on Jeff's whereabouts, but it turns out she pulled up information on some kind of financial trust he had.
A trust? Yeah, I'm not sure what it's about.
I thought you'd want to know.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I came as soon as I heard.
You could have been killed.
I'm okay.
I promise.
Would you give us a moment? So? It worked.
Due to this unfortunate incident, plus Culhane attacking you, the judge has agreed to grant bail on the condition of house arrest, for your own safety, of course.
Yes, and I have you to thank for it.
(MOANS) Oh! I think Billy enjoyed that just a little too much.
I was out printing missing person posters to put around town.
I didn't want to wake you when I left.
Guess I was more tired than I thought.
Unfortunately, I missed my police meeting.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's probably for the best.
You clearly needed to get some rest.
Well, luckily, I'm rested enough to go to the Carringtons' Halloween party.
Halloween? Oh, that's great.
You'll be able to let off some steam.
Actually, Fallon called to offer a moment of silence for Jeff during the party.
And I figure, if we're gonna keep up the ruse, we need to play concerned sister and mother in public.
Right? Well, actually, uh, I have a meeting tonight and it's time-sensitive, so you can represent the both of us.
Right? Absolutely not.
We're a team, Mom.
("DEAD MAN'S PARTY" BY OINGO BOINGO PLAYING) It's a dead man's party Who could ask for more? Everybody's coming I may have some uplifting news to share.
What, you killed Melissa Daniels and made it seem like an accident? I fear she'll outlast us all.
Actually, I found a buyer for the hotel.
Oh, wow.
That was fast.
You think I'm making a mistake, don't you? Do you think you're making a mistake? You seem a bit uncertain.
No, it's just You know, what are you gonna do? Because of me, you lost the manor and the hotel.
You don't have to worry about me.
There's always a new adventure.
You'll see.
Of what you can't see You got to be kidding.
I know this isn't the most conventional of meeting places, but much like our wine, I really wanted you to see how spectacularly we Carringtons do things.
Carrington spectacle is the very thing we're worried about.
Instability within your family presents a risk for sellers.
Well, allow me to show you how stable this family really is.
What a wild coincidence.
You're dressed as Marie Antoinette, and you are Louis XVI, her far less famous husband.
You do know that Louis was killed way before Marie, right? Yeah, but you know the French beheaded Marie Antoinette for incest, right? How unfair is that? Oh, my God.
You look how I feel.
You feel like a sad, pathetic loser that wishes candy corn was sold year-round? Well, not exactly.
(SIGHS) For some reason, I thought I could handle whatever the court threw at me, especially when it was community service.
And I really believed that I could do it, but turns out I couldn't even plant a few flowers without totally screwing it up, which feels like a cosmic message.
Does that mean you're going to jail? Nope.
I'm taking the easy way out, just like everyone said I would.
We all do what we got to, right? Yeah, maybe.
But look at you.
I mean, you're totally killing it with your hotel.
You chose something meaningful, and even though we all doubted you like, seriously, we all talked about it behind your back - you made it work.
- Well, actually, - I, um - Sam, Sam, Sam.
- I'm proud of you.
- You really think that? I haven't had nearly enough champagne to blame it on the alcohol, so, yes.
Speaking of, this is a 2010.
I'm gonna need the good stuff to get through tonight.
Anders always kept a secret stash in the pantry.
Who do these boots belong to? They're Adam's.
He left them there when he came in late last night.
That bastard.
Raccoons didn't destroy my garden.
It was one particular rat.
Like I said, the cost-to-quality ratio is unparalleled.
We're ready to prove to you that the Carrington name is still as valuable as ever.
Perhaps we were quick to judge you and your family.
You slimy little snake! When does the meddling stop? And if the answer is "never," we should head down to the gun room and settle this with a duel.
- What are you going on about now? - You hired the divers that started this whole Trixie nightmare.
Then you had Laura Van Kirk take out a restraining order against me.
And now you're sabotaging my garden? In hopes of what sending me to jail? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, really? Huh.
Your muddy boots are even filthier than your despicable morals.
As always, you're not nearly as clever as you are loud.
My shoes got muddy yesterday after I took a trip to the vineyard.
Oh, yeah.
You expect me to believe that? It was you.
Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe your little garden project failed because you're a selfish, spoiled little princess who's never endured a single day of hard work in her life?! Excuse me a moment.
I hate you! (GRUNTING) Get off me! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) I haven't even had a drink yet, and people are already covered in cake.
Have you lost what's left of your mind? Those are business clients over there! FALLON: I don't care.
Let them eat cake! No! Oh.
(GROANING) What the hell is going on in here?! Stop it! Both of you! Daddy, he is deranged.
- I am telling you.
- No.
And wait.
Why are you home? Did you break out of jail or something? I am home one minute only to find the two of you at each other's throats.
And in front of potential distributors, no less.
- I was - Hey, no, no.
No! Go clean yourself up.
Now! And you (GROANS) MELISSA: What is this? The remains of your construction crew? It's the closest thing I could find to an olive branch.
Oh, please.
I didn't leave my other party to come here and be besties.
Why did you call me? I called the Historical Alliance.
I thought if I couldn't reason with you, maybe the other members of the board would listen to me, and it turns out you're up for reelection, and neck and neck with your opposing candidate.
A great find like the McCarty would give you the edge, but if it slips through your fingers Is that a sad attempt at a threat? Well, you said it yourself: the A.
is all you've got.
So what? You're just gonna destroy us both? (SCOFFS) No.
We're going to compromise.
I won't fight that stupid plaque any longer, and the Alliance is going to list my hotel as the number one Must-Visit location in Atlanta.
Well, aren't you clever.
If you're going to force me to commemorate a bigot on my property, I'm going to leverage it into enough bookings to pay my bills.
Well, you know, I have to admit, I have never seen you this confident.
It's unbecoming.
What do you say? Rumor has it you were stabbed? Mm, yeah.
It was a vicious attack.
Oh, yeah.
Vicious enough to grant you house arrest and bail.
- How serendipitous.
- (SIGHS) Fallon, I'm really not in any mood.
I'm just looking for some peace and quiet until that party dies down.
We need to talk about Adam.
(SIGHS) Well, at least you're consistent.
He's out of control.
I am not throwing him out of the manor.
- (SCOFFS) - All right, but I agree with you.
What? Adam is He's obsessed with sabotaging you.
I don't know why, but I can't deny that anymore.
Wait, is this really happening? I'll do my best to keep the two of you apart.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
I'm proud of you for tackling that gardening thing.
Path of least resistance is very seductive, and you didn't take it.
(INDISTINCT PARTY CHATTER) Tony, I need you to stand down.
I repeat, stand down.
Again, I am so sorry about what happened.
Please know this is not a true representation of who we are.
I'm afraid, if the brand name is poison, the wine never leaves the shelf.
We've lost confidence in Adam.
What if I stepped in to handle your account? Adam is clearly distracted.
He's really more of an interim CEO, but his time is running out and I'm looking to take the company in a new direction.
One I think you'll be much happier with.
Have some champagne.
I will not take the easy way out.
I will not take the easy way out.
(GRUNTS) Rot in hell, Adam.
(RUSTLING NEARBY) Hello? Is someone there? Evan? Hey.
What are you doing here? I, uh, you know, I thought I'd check out the garden, see if there was a tribute to Trixie in any way.
Why are you holding? Oh, my God.
It wasn't Adam.
It was you.
I don't think our moment of silence is ever coming.
It's been two hours, and all we've gotten is some bizarre interpretive reenactment of the French Revolution.
I've got a better idea.
- Hmm? - If we want people to believe Adam is a viable suspect, we have to push the narrative ourselves.
We need to accuse him of murdering Jeff, and we need to do it now.
But we have to be strategic.
This is not the right place.
Seems like a perfect place to me.
Why don't you want to confront Adam? Why are you protecting him? I'm not.
It's just Just what? What are you hiding? MAN: Yeah, Dom.
Is there something you'd like to tell us? Boo.
- Why did you do this to me? - Because this wasn't enough.
- I don't understand.
- No, you wouldn't understand, would you? The mighty Carringtons are never held responsible for their actions.
That's not true.
I am taking responsibility for my part in this.
I am trying to make good on my past by accepting my punishment.
Yeah, but the punishment didn't fit the crime.
- According to who? - According to me! Look, my family was torn apart by this.
I was torn apart by this.
I lost my sister all those years ago.
Don't you get it? This wasn't enough.
(SIGHS) You're right.
It wasn't enough.
I mean, nothing I ever do will be enough.
Nothing I ever do will bring Trixie back.
I just thought that maybe by doing this it would cleanse my soul or take away a little tiny part of the guilt that I feel every second of every day, but no.
I mean, I was just kidding myself.
I guess I didn't realize just how hurt you've been by all this.
I thought it was just me, but, uh, I was wrong.
Can you forgive me? Yeah.
(SIGHS) Look at us.
Both asking forgiveness from each other, and neither one of us is even Catholic.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry, I can't.
I have, um I have a fiancé.
He doesn't remember that at the moment, but he is my fiancé.
Um maybe we can be friends again.
And, uh, my first act of friendship will be helping you clean up this mess.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
I mean, it really is the least you could do.
Please, just give me a chance to explain.
JEFF: What's to explain? You were snooping around my trust.
You looking to cash in somehow? I would never do that.
But you would drug your own daughter? I You were distraught.
I gave you one of my sleeping pills because you were exhausted, you needed to rest.
How maternal of you.
Don't worry.
I still spoke to the last cop at Jeff's crime scene.
No one saw a cuff link.
Seems it was missing before the police even showed up.
JEFF: Which means you took it.
After all, you're the only other person who knew it was there.
That's ridiculous.
I would never You know what? Just save it, all right? The second Moni called me, I knew you were up to your old tricks again.
And I'm not having it.
I want you out now.
MONICA: Uh-uh.
You may have given up on me, but I will never give up on the both of you.
That's a promise.
(GROANS) Where do you think you're going? Ooh.
(CHUCKLES) Work, baby.
Yeah, I may not be able to leave the manor because of this thing, but I have to call our wine distributors and smooth things over after Adam's meltdown last night.
No need.
I handled it.
In fact, I even convinced Mr.
Han to carry our wines in all his Shanghai properties.
How'd you do that? I can be very persuasive.
I am impressed.
I had no idea you were such a shark.
And I can do more if given the chance.
What'd you have in mind? The winery.
I want the same level of authority as Adam.
- Hmm.
- As your wife, I should have a say in the family business.
Give me power, and I promise our dynasty will flourish.
Well, then, congrats on your promotion, Mrs.
MELISSA: And even though he was a controversial man, today we are here to celebrate one of his positive contributions to this great city.
In addition, we at the Atlanta Historic Alliance are adding this hotel to our Must-Visit list.
So we encourage you all to book a room at this marvelous property.
- (LAUGHS) - (APPLAUSE) Thank you so much.
I guess we should rename it the Homophobic Stairway.
It's a smart business decision.
And now that our permits have been approved again, we can get back on track.
This is a good thing, Sam, you'll see.
But right now all I see is a sacrifice I'm not sure I can live with.
(CHUCKLES) Looks like someone had quite a night.
You can wipe that gleeful look off your face because I finished my garden.
So your request of seeing me in jail has been denied.
Well, that's not why I'm smiling.
I spoke to Laura.
Liam's been discharged from the hospital.
He has? However, I did feel compelled to suggest that she take him back to her place.
You know, so she can care for him 24-7.
You did what? Oh, oh, oh.
That's-that's right.
Um, if he's with her, you can't be with him.
Just a little payback for last night's party foul.
That's not gonna stop me.
Mark my words, I will find a way to see Liam.
And did I also mention that Laura said that wedding bells weren't too far off for Liam and Ashley? So you better find a way quickly.